When talking about metaphysics and the law of attraction, we spend a great deal of time discussing our ability to use our intuitive senses. “Use your intuition” we’re told. But what exactly is intuition and how do we go about developing this sixth sense?

Let’s begin with the basics. Everything is energy vibrating at different frequencies. Our brains are translators, converting some of these frequencies into something we can see, hear, taste, touch and smell. We’re taught to use these 5 senses from an early age, and our society readily accepts our perceiving the world through them. If you see a tree and others see the tree, no one’s going to think you’re weird or tell you that you’re wrong. We’ve all learned to use our sense of sight (unless we’re blind, in which case our other senses can still confirm the presence of the object to the satisfaction of everyone else), and so we all agree that there’s a tree right there.

But our brains have the ability to translate many frequencies, not just the ones that can be interpreted with these 5 senses. We can read all kinds of energy. But we have to remember how. If a child “sees” something that the adults cannot detect, they tell that child that there’s nothing there. Over time, the child learns to shut down any frequencies that don’t meet with positive feedback. After all, the adults have been on this planet much longer than the child. They know how it’s done here. So if the child can interpret something that the adults can’t, it must be because there’s something wrong with the child, right?

Well, no. Children generally get this one right, while adults are generally in the dark. Until they are trained out of using their “other” senses, children still remember how to detect all sorts of energy. So do animals, by the way. Have you ever seen a dog who just doesn’t like someone? There’s no real reason; the dog just takes against the person. The dog is reading energy. It was never told not to, so it never forgot how.

So, how do we regain this ability to read energy of different frequencies? Use the following tips to get your started:

  1. Meditate. Meditating raises your vibration and when your vibration is higher, you automatically begin to perceive more energy. Remember that this is an innate ability, not really something you need to learn how to do, but rather something you need to remember how to do. As such, anytime you remove the barriers to who you really are, your true self with all its abilities comes forward.
  2. Listen and feel. When speaking with another person, and especially when meeting someone new, pay special attention to what you’re feeling about them. This is easiest when you’re able to observe rather than having to actively participate in the conversation. Don’t pay as much attention to how they look or sound, but rather what are you feeling about them? Are you drawn to them? Do you feel that maybe you’d like to get away? This will take some practice. We’re not used to paying attention to how we feel. We want to evaluate people rationally, justify our first impressions with perceived facts. We don’t want to ever say “I just don’t like him” without having some rational explanation to back it up. But that’s exactly what happens, even if we don’t want to admit it out loud. Don’t act on your feelings until you get the hang of this. As you practice, the signals you get will become stronger. You’ll also get validation. A person you had a “bad” feeling about ends up doing something that inconveniences you, for example. An employee who you had a fantastic feeling about in the interview, despite a less than stellar resume, turns out to be a total star.  
  3. Stop and feel before you speak. We have a saying: “Stop and think before you speak”. Well, I’d like to propose that you stop and feel before you speak. Think about what you’re going to say. How does it feel? Again, this will take some practice. It’s not always practical to stop in the middle of a conversation and feel it through, of course. This is why you can combine this technique with visualization. Let’s say you had a heated discussion with a colleague and you think you could’ve handled it better. You let yourself get upset, and you still feel badly about the whole thing. Replay the conversation in your head and feel your way through different responses to see which ones feel better to you. With a few run-throughs, you’ll figure out what your side of the conversation could’ve sounded like. You’ll know how to handle this kind of conversation better next time. This isn’t just a mental exercise – you are, in that moment, reconnecting to the other person’s energy. What you feel about your responses will be real. One important thing to ask yourself before you EVER respond to ANYTHING, both verbally or in an email for example is this: What do you want to achieve with your response? Then hold up everything to that standard. Does your response feel like it will achieve that? Does it feel good? Over time you’ll get faster at this and be able to use it in the moment. Your intuition will guide you.
  4. Pay attention to your dreams. Dreams are manifestations. When you dream about something, it means you’re a match to that vibration. It’s not quite physical yet, but it’s close. Now, I know that dreams can be quite nonsensical at times. If you dreamt about flying around like superman, I wouldn’t advise you to jump off your balcony, arms outstretched. The WHAT of your dream isn’t as important as the HOW – how it felt, that is. The feeling of your dream will point you towards the vibration that you’re a match to. So if you dreamt of flying and it was an exhilarating experience, your dreams are showing you that you’re a match to things that make you feel happy and joyous. If, however, you were terrified while “flying”, something in your life has activated the vibration of fear. It’s time to release some negative beliefs. While you’re dreaming, you are simply interpreting non-physical energy vibrations. Pay attention to these and your intuition will get stronger.  
  5. Pay attention to your hunches, no matter how small. Your intuition may be quite weak, especially in the beginning. Remembering how to use this sense means practice. And that means paying attention to every “hit” you get. Notice how you feel about the people you meet, how you feel about situations, books, movies, everything. Your intuition will tell you if you are a vibrational match. You’re not judging something to be right or wrong, you’re sensing if it’s right or wrong for you. You’re either a match to it or not. And the more you do it, the stronger the signals will get. You can keep track of your impressions in a journal. This way, you can go back and validate your hunches, and prove to yourself that it’s not just in your imagination. Your learning, or rather remembering how to interpret the signals you’re getting. Tracking your results will help to speed up this process.

Developing your intuition takes a little time and practice, however the effort is well worth it. When you go through life interpreting more than just physical energy, when you let your other senses guide you to the energies that are a match to you, your manifesting power will increase a thousand fold. You’ll always be in the right place at just the right time. Because your intuition told you to be there. You’ll never waste your time with people who you’ll realize later were just not right for you. Your intuition will guide you away from them, the very first time you meet. Remember that life is supposed to be easy. And it definitely can be if you use your innate sense of intuition.

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