I get questions every week from people who want to know how to change their current reality. They don’t have as much money as they’d like, are looking for the perfect partner, or want to know how they can be happy when the world is in such horrible shape. Often what’s needed is a shift in perspective (the world isn’t in horrible shape, but we can make it seem that way, if we keep focusing only on the negative) and some releasing of negative beliefs. But what’s usually also missing is a fundamental understanding of what reality actually is, and how we can go about changing it. That’s what I’d like to write about today.

If you create your own reality (and you do), then everything you’re observing has been drawn to you by you. You can’t perceive anything in your world without being a vibrational match to it. If you’re wearing a pair of glasses that block out all colors except blue, then you’re only going to see blue. After a while, you may begin to think that the entire world is blue and all other colors have ceased to exist. If you put the glasses on at a very early age, you may not ever have known about the other colors. Your entire world is blue.

Your belief system, and the vibrations this results in, are your glasses. You see the entire world through the filters you’ve adopted and have been taught. So, if you have a belief about money, “You have to be born privileged to make a lot of money” for example, then you’re going to see the world through that filter. You’re only going to be able to perceive situations and people that support your belief. Anything that doesn’t support it, will be invisible to you, even if objectively there is a lot more evidence to dispute your belief system. It doesn’t matter how much evidence there actually is to support a belief. When we’re wearing our special glasses (and we all are), we can only see what our filters allow us to.

So, we have a belief, which causes us to see only what supports that belief, which causes our belief to get stronger. Let’s take it one step deeper: We have a belief, which causes us to offer a vibration that will attract all those things which support that belief into our reality. We then focus on that reality, which causes us to keep offering that vibration, which attracts more evidence of that vibration and so on.

Reality is always changing. Energy is constantly in motion. But what you are actually perceiving today, was created yesterday. So, yesterday, you emitted a vibration which caused you to create the reality you see around you today. You focus on that reality today and create the same one tomorrow. Tomorrow, you keep focusing on that reality, offering up the same vibration again and again, creating the same “reality” over and over again. This is how you become stuck in your current reality.

Here’s an example: Let’s say you’re 20 pounds overweight and you desperately want to be thinner. Every day, you look in the mirror and you observe what is: you see that your body is bigger than you want it to be. And you think “I’m fat. I’m overweight. I need to lose 20 pounds. I can’t wear the clothes that I want to wear. I’m not as attractive as I’d like to be,” etc. All of these thoughts are about what you’re perceiving. You look at what “is” – you’re fat – and you keep putting out a vibration of “I’m fat”. So, you keep creating that same situation – you’re fat – over and over again. The thoughts you had about your body yesterday created the 20 extra pounds you see today. And the thoughts you’re having about the pounds today will recreate them tomorrow.

What you see around you isn’t what “is”. It’s what “was”. You’re literally looking at your vibrational past. But by insisting that what you’re perceiving is how it is NOW, you keep creating the same reality over and over again.

Screw reality. Focus on what you really want. Offer up the vibration of what you’d like to experience, and you’ll be able to create that world. Limit your focus of your current world only to those things that make you happy – those things you want to keep around. If something doesn’t please you, stop looking at it. Figure out what you do want and use all of your creative power to focus on that.

This isn’t wishful thinking and it isn’t the same as being in denial. Denial would be trying to convince yourself that you don’t feel as badly as you do, while making no changes. You’re stuck in your current reality and ignoring the pain it’s causing. In the above example, you might decide that the extra weight doesn’t really bother you, while it actually does. Or you try to resign yourself to the fact that it’ll always be there, and make yourself feel better about it by telling everyone and yourself that it’s genetic or part of some condition. That’s denial. Wishful thinking is sitting around, focusing on the fact that you want to be thin, but not believing that you’re ever going to get there. You’re offering a vibration of “I want to be thin, but I can’t be”. Wishful thinking can be very painful.

Creating a different reality means being aware of your current situation to the degree that it clarifies what you actually want (I’m fat, which means I want to be thin), then focusing your way into that vibration (working your way to a place where you actually feel the way you would if you were thin). You’re aware that you want things to change, but you refuse to give any more energy to what you don’t like.

If you’re stuck in your current reality, if there’s a situation in your life that just won’t change, you’re simply creating the same reality over and over again. Stop looking at what is and begin to work your way into the vibration of what you’d like to see. Change the filter. Do this, line up with the new frequency, and your physical reality will change.

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  • Melody,

    I was looking for another one of your “stuck” posts and came up on this one, thank God! I think this post is one of the most important I’ve read on Law of Attraction.

    And THE most important statements, ever, on manifesting are these: “What you see around you isn’t what “is”. It’s what “was”. You’re literally looking at your vibrational past.”

    I’ve never heard/read anyone express it quite like that before. THIS will help me a lot in a very immediate, in-the-moment way.

    Thank you.

  • #1 I appreciate your replies. 🙂 HA-HA! on appreciation, I have had this funny thought that I wish God was real as I want to drag my best friend onto a mountain with me and hold them up into the sun like Simba and say: “look at this!!! you made it!! thankyou!! I really love this person. My life is pretty sad but I’m happy about his person.” I’m holding them in the air and swinging them about excitedly. lol 🙂 More things like this please. That’s my feedback to you for today, God. And then just go home.

    We don’t understand unconditional love so we think we’d have to sacrifice something to get more good stuff. But really we just swing that friend around happily and get more things to swing around happily and don’t have to give “God anything back in return. Too good to be true for the human mind- that’s why I complicate things.

    • I love that, Alice! Keep going with that vision. Your appreciation for your friend is palpable here. You don’t have to physically do it. Just thinking of this fantasy is enough to get you into the feeling.

      And God is real, just not in the form that may have been presented to you (the angry, vengeful, petty God). God is everything. God is love. We are God. You can call it the Universe, your higher being, whatever. If you want to shove appreciation at it, it’ll work. 🙂

      Swing that friend around! LOL. 😆

      Huge hugs!

  • Dear Melody,

    What a journey!
    Ok so now I’ve read about 80% of your blog and that’s ALOT of archives considering there’s probrably 200-300 posts. (never good at the jelly bean guessing game)
    And after all that the ones I re-read or came back to were the ones I read first.

    So this is where it’s mostly at. “STUCK IN YOUR CURRENT REALITY” squaking basically the same thing in every comment, except being philosophical or asking a good question- but basically my vibration is the same.

    Well I know what’s gone wrong. There’s reading and there’s applying the principal.:

    A) I don’t like how LOA works. That’s right I’m questioning THE ENTIRE UNIVERSE. Not giving the sad person clarity. Attracting more crap to a person with enough crap. Not making the solution obvious. Making the application of LOA damn near impossible in emergency situations. Just being a pain in the butt to do.

    B) Doubting LOA works (despite my miserable life smacking of evidence)

    C) Reality smacks you in the face. You can’t ignore it. E.G. Illness, eviction, pressing situations, dire needs, things just begging for action…

    So now I’m pretty much running out of fuel. There was a surge and now that’s dying down.

    • Well, it sounds like you’re figuring out that you can’t just read about this stuff. You actually have to apply it. 🙂

      The sad person can get clarity. Just not ALL of it at once. That’s like saying that you should be able to understand advanced calculus when you’re taking your first math class. You get there incrementally. When you’re sad, you may not be able to see the root cause of the sadness right then, but you can get access to better feeling thoughts. And that’s what’s really important.

      Once you understand how the crap is attracted, then you can change that and attract something else. It doesn’t seem unfair anymore when you really get that you have the power to change what you attract.

      It feel like a pain in the butt because you’re not good at it yet. It does take practice, that’s all. But it gets easier as you go. This is the game of life. If it was too easy, it would be boring.

      Instead of focusing so much on the explanations, focus on actually feeling better. There’s nothing better you can do to help you truly understand LOA.

      Isn’t it good that your negative manifestations keep getting bigger until they smack you in the face? If you have a festering tumor, would you rather know about it or not? Me, I’d rather know…

      It’s time to start applying. Make a list of things you actually appreciate. Spend some time with it every day. See what happens. 🙂

      Huge hugs!

  • Hey Awesome Melody,

    Muuuuuuaaaaaah…. Lovely article.
    You help me various ways through your wisdom. Thank you so much for everything.

    HUGE Hugs & Love,

  • I’m so happy you added the archive feature to your website. I’m really enjoying reading your previous articles. This one is awesome! I am so yesterday that I am present in my future!!!! I love it!


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