There are a lot of books on the market that claim to be able to tell you what your dreams mean.  You can find whole “dream dictionaries”, that will tell you exactly what each object or vision you saw in your dreams will mean for you and your future. If you dreamt of clear water, for example, they say that it’s a sign of impending prosperity. If you dreamt of a marriage or wedding, it’s a sign of death. And while I do believe that symbols can be used to transmit certain frequencies, and can therefore be shared by different individuals (I’ll be doing a blog post on this in the near future), I have to call bullshit on the notion that the human mind, with all it complexities, infinite stores of images and interpretations, can be boiled down to the simplest of ciphers. In short, water or marriage does not hold the exact same meaning for me as it does for you. My brain, my dream, my meaning.

So, are dreams just irrelevant musings of our minds? Are they just visual representations of our brains, trying to process all the information they’ve taken in over the day? Not exactly. Your dreams do mean something, you just won’t find the interpretation in any book.

What happens in your dreams, particularly when they’re not very literal (you’re flying, etc.), isn’t nearly as important as how your dreams feel. Your emotional guidance system is always valid – awake or asleep. You see, your dreams are manifestations, just like your physical reality. They’re just a kind of pre-manifestation, an indication of what going on in you vibrationally.

Your vibration creates your reality [please read the free e-book 7 Steps of Manifestation, if this process isn’t clear to you. It explains all the basics].  Your vibration also creates your dreams. They are also a type of reality, if not a physical one. So, if something shows up in your dreams, it means that it’s a strong component of your vibration – something that’s active within you. How you felt in the dream will point you towards what the vibration is about and if it’s serving you – just like when you’re awake.

Let me give you an example. A few months ago, I had a terrifying dream about zombie-like creatures that were coming to get me. This is a bit surprising, since I actually quite like zombie movies. I think they’re really fun. But in the dream, I was terrified and woke up with a huge case of the heebie jeebies. I very rarely have nightmares, so when I do, I really pay attention. The dream was an indication that I’d activated a frequency of vulnerability. In fact, I was about to be hit with a huge, ugly son of a belief that I’d held onto since early childhood; one that caused me to feel incredibly vulnerable. I do a great deal of work to raise my vibration, which will cause lower frequencies to be brought up. As generally happens, when you go poking about in your psyche, a negative belief will manifest in a particularly ugly way right before you release it – almost as though it’s fighting for its little life. That dream was an indication of what was going on in my vibration. I basically manifested a dream that matched the feeling of the belief I was about to release.

Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to identify the belief from the dream alone, so I had to wait until it manifested physically as several days of severe anxiety. Once I figured out what it was all about, however, I was able to release it.

Several nights ago, I had another zombie dream. These were full on zombies, just like you see in the movies, and I was running and hiding from them with a group of irrelevant background players. The interesting and cool thing was, that I wasn’t the least bit scared. I was watching myself running and hiding, but I had no fear inside of me, and when I woke up, I felt just fine. Clearly (to me, anyway), I’ve been given an indication that the vulnerability vibe has been released rather successfully, or has at least been neutralized.

The point is that even though my dream was about zombies, it could’ve been about Jack the Ripper, or murderous thugs or sharks or whatever. And yet they all would’ve meant the same thing, as long as the feeling was the same. It was the feeling that mattered.

If you’re dreaming of flying and it’s an exhilarating experience, you’ve got some pretty cool things going on in your vibration. But if you’re dreaming of flying and you’re terrified, there’s something going on in your world, something you’ve been paying attention to (or that your subconscious has been paying attention to) that scares you in some way. You were flying in both scenarios, but the feeling changed, and therefore, so did the meaning.

If you want to know what your dreams mean, pay attention to how they feel, then compare that feeling to what you’re experiencing in your waking life. If you have a particularly intense dream, there’s something you really need to pay attention to. But don’t worry. If you can’t figure it out, and if you inadvertently continue to give that issue energy, it will manifest into the physical so you can deal with it. Sleep tight! πŸ™‚

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  • Thank you for this article. It really helps. I dream a lot sometimes movie-like. I have left some of these dreams on the shelf, as it consumes an entire day to try and decipher them. I just couldn’t keep up:-)

  • i have an experience id like to share.
    well, i had a break up with someone many months back. now it dosent hurt so much, but a while back i was hysterical. two night back i dreamt that he was with me and we were in a bus travelling somewhere, holding hands and making silly jokes and laughing.
    well, when i woke up, i had this sense of peace. which is strange, cuz i thought dreaming about my ex would trigger a lot of pain, and id wake up dissapointed to realize it was only a dream (in a way if course, i was dissapointed, but there was no sharp stab of pain !)
    how do you explain that?!
    thanks for your time melody !

    • Hey Avery,

      It sounds to me like you’re in a really good place when it comes to your ex. That’s what the dream was showing you. You even had a small expectation of more intense pain, but the dream showed you that you’ve healed more than you thought you had. Bravo. πŸ™‚

      Huge hugs,

  • Last night part of my dream was watching this woman that was kneeling and couldn’t get up.
    We were in a typical horror-story farmhouse which was in the middle of the jungle for some reason. I came there with friends including the person that is helping me right now. We were having a reasonable time until the farm house.

    The psycho wife had broken glass on the floor and was creepily sweeping them into the eyes and mouth of the trapped woman that couldn’t get up.

    Every time the poor thing tried to pull the shards out the evil woman just slowly sweep more into her eyes….

    The feeling I had was weird as I wasn’t noticed until “reality” set in and I was no longer a fly on the wall and the husband came at me… following your zombie theme..wearing a mask and overalls.
    I was able to fight him off. The thing was the dream didn’t have much fear in comparison to the situation.

    I’m very worried in real life and have no idea what that meant. In real life I’d also help that poor woman.

    • Hey Kane,

      Can you give me a bit more than “weird” regarding the feeling you had? Did you feel helpless? Courageous? You said you were able to fight him off. Did you hesitate first and then realize you could fight?

      It’s good that there wasn’t that much fear, but what did you feel exactly?


      • Yeah, great questions. I was just thinking that this dream also came after a period of not dreaming for a while (usually a huge dreamer, always dream) and wanting answers about my life crisis.

        I remember when we were walking through the jungle, even though that was meant to be adventure and mostly pleasant- I felt quite a bit of anxiety.
        I was anxious the person I like and an old friend were getting ahead of me and someone was swinging from the above cliff leading the way. Monkies were dancing with them, but I struggled to catch up and join the fun.
        In real life I am sick of being a loser. I’d love to be a winner, a leader etc

        In the farm house I felt annoyance as we passed a place that was serving hot food and we could have stopped there, but the other two decided to blunder into the house.
        There was fear when the man attacked me, but also “weird” because it felt like I was living someone elses’ life.
        It didn’t feel real. It’s like I was sort of aware that was a dream.

        When watching the woman there was a “fly on the wall” sensation. There was a little compassion for her, but mostly I felt the whole things was stupid and annoying.
        I was more annoyed at her helplessness and how the psycho was so relentless and didn’t leave her alone.
        I was also freaked out by the sheer strangeness of the image.

        • Hey Kane,

          Well, it sounds to me like this dream mirrored your overall sense of powerlessness. You were afraid to be vulnerable. When they got ahead of you, you felt more exposed. And the woman’s weakness, a mirror to how you often feel, annoyed you. I’m guessing that you have a real tendency to beat up on yourself. What a perfect dream. πŸ™‚

          I would start by looking at how you talk to yourself. You may be much meaner to yourself than you ever realized. Then, use this technique to become kinder. This exercise can have powerful repercussions, so I’d really urge you to give it a try.
          Here’s the technique:

          Huge hugs!

          • Thanks Melody,

            I have a new appreciation of you. Always have, but it’s a great reminder back in my life with other people they don’t give the same answers!
            It’s like a verbal slap in the face.
            You are always so nice, it’s a relief.. I know that was totally off topic!

            That’s a great blog on love.

            Well how would you feel impressed with yourself if you were not working, clueless person?
            Especially if it causes the people you love stress. How do I stop worrying about the strain I’m putting on them and losing people around me?

            I try to be kind to myself but when I see I am a strain on others and the system it’s … a kick in the guts.

            Oh, I’ve spent so long on this blog getting answers but also focusing on my problems when I ask you the questions!

            I have actually forgot what I was doing!

            I’ve gotten into the habit…ask question…get answer…doesn’t feel 100% right…ask for more clarity…get another great answer…
            don’t put it into practice/can’t
            try asking again/alternatives
            come back, argue the point, get frustrated with self…forget the answer! Ask again!

            It’s embarassing but I’ve forgotten!

            So what was it that I was doing?

            I’ll try to remember..LOA


            specific visualization…but that feels like a lie..was told to get general.

            get general…

            ah now I remember! I didn’t have the energy of feeling to get general. I have the thoughts but no feeling.

            So you tell people aim just one step up…just for soemthing like the colours or something neutral if in sad mode.

            from neutral angry into hope and finally good/happiness then success.

            Focusing on solutions not problems..

            That’s it..some things I didn’t even know what the soultion was and other thinsg the solution was too high up.

            Do we think of compromises or half-solution?

            What’s wrong with me, I’ve been here forever.

          • Hey Kane,

            I’m going to keep saying this until you hear me: Focus on the feeling. The solutions (the actual thoughts, the ideas) will manifest. Let them come. Don’t reach for them. If you can focus simply on the feeling, without needing anything to happen to make that feeling happen, then you’ll have it. It really is that simple.

            Remember that all the people around you are manifesting their realities, too. So, if you are truly putting a strain on them (which you may or may not be, you can’t know exactly what their experience is), it’s only because you are mirroring their own beliefs back to them. The thing that you’ll want to focus on is why your assumption of what they are feeling is making you feel so badly about yourself.

            Do you think you can damage them? Do you think you can create in their reality? Doyou think that Who They Really Are, their spirit, is so weak that you could somehow screw up their experience? Or, do you think it’s more likely that your limiting beliefs are a perfect match to what the others need to see about their beliefs, that the two of you fit together like puzzle pieces?

            If they are strained, then you are not causing the strain in their lives. You are in their lives because they are a match to feeling strained. If you’re not a cooperative component to that any longer, someone else will jump in. Your presence is not required for them to feel this way. You can’t control their experience. But you can control your own.

            Does that help? πŸ™‚
            And thank you for your kind words.

            Huge hugs!

  • Hey Melody,

    If someone on your dream is telling you not to worry, then I guess you should heed their advice πŸ™‚

  • Tabletki style β€œGreat info dude” hahahaha

    Awesome post, as you are πŸ™‚

    You know Melody, I get to see so many (sooooooo many of them) dreams, those are funny, out of the world, scary, difficult to understand, different but, the point is I enjoy having dreams whenever I sleep πŸ˜‰

    I love dreaming, especially day dreaming πŸ™‚

    Thanks for helping me to release few more beliefs today!

    HHUUGGEE Hugs & Love,

    • Hey Sameer!

      Ah yes! Daydreaming! I got reprimanded a lot as a child for daydreaming too much. Now, as an adult, I’ve re-learned that ability and love it. Yay!

      It’s great that you enjoy your dreams. It sounds like you’ve got some great vibes going! He, he.

      Huge hugs!

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