I had an interesting experience last night that caused me to take a look at my money vibration. More to the point, I had to make a decision whether or not to spend a rather large amount of money (large enough to make me uncomfortable) on something that I thought I needed. This dilemma led me to remember a valuable lesson that I thought I’d share with you in today’s blog post. Specifically: How do you go shopping and spend money with an attitude of “I can have anything I want”, when your bank account isn’t unlimited?

When we go to clean up our money vibration, we try to work ourselves into a state where we feel the same way that we would if we had as much money as we’d like. I worded that sentence very carefully for a reason. The distinction is important: The goal is not to delude yourself into actually thinking that you’re a millionaire. It’s to be able to think about money and have the same emotional response as you would if you had unlimited funds. The first one might cause you to spend money that you don’t have, while the second is workable on any budget. It’s the emotional response that counts.

For example, I was out shopping for a new winter coat last year and wanted an ankle length, tailored camel hair coat. This proved to be a bit of a challenge, since this particular style isn’t very popular in Europe, where I live. But I didn’t give up (I have LOA on my side, after all…) The Universe delivered the perfect coat to me. It was in the window of Max Mara, and it was gorgeous. It also cost €3000. Did I buy the coat? Nope. But I didn’t feel badly about it. First, I saw it as an indicator that the perfect coat was on its way. The Universe was simply saying “Something like this one?” Second, I could totally see myself spending €3000 or even more on a coat. I’m not doing that right now, but that’s because I choose not to. Sure, when I look at the sacrifices I’d have to make to buy that coat, it would be easy to say “I can’t afford it.” But I don’t. I know that I could buy it, but I choose not to at this moment. This, again, is an important distinction to make in your own mind.

So, I appreciated the beautiful coat, told the Universe “Yes, one like that, only under €300 please”, and continued to shop happily, instead of feeling down about how I couldn’t afford the perfect coat I’d found. Incidentally, I found a really beautiful camel hair coat the very next day. It was the last one and on sale and an absolute bargain. Score!

The point is that if I had a million dollars (or Euros, even better!), I wouldn’t have felt badly about seeing that coat in that window. I might’ve gone in and bought it, or I might’ve chosen not to for some other reason. But I wouldn’t have had a negative emotional response to the idea of paying €3000 for a coat. So the fact that I didn’t, the fact that I felt good about the coat, was an indication of where my money vibration is. That realization made me dance all the way home.

Back to my dilemma from last night. I was interested in getting some training that would help me with my business. I found a great course that promised to be everything I was looking for. Only the cost was a lot higher than I was comfortable with. I hemmed and hawed about it for a bit (it’s always so much harder for me to see this stuff clearly when it comes to myself), and then decided to meditate on it, which brought some clarity. I wasn’t comfortable with the price. I didn’t feel the “Hell yes!” response that I always do when I’m really aligned with something. I was contemplating paying for this training because I thought I needed it. There was even some underlying fear there (if I don’t get the proper training, I might not succeed). There was no joy, no passion. This was not inspired action. So, I let it go.

If that particular course had really been right for me, if it had been in alignment with what I really want and who I really am, it would’ve come in a way that I felt fantastic about. It would’ve resonated with me, it would’ve felt right. And I would’ve been comfortable with the price. I didn’t buy the €3000 coat. I didn’t have to, just to prove to myself that my money vibration was ok. I just had to NOT feel badly about the money. And then I found a beautiful coat, that I immediately loved, for a price even lower than I had expected. I didn’t buy the training. I don’t have to spend more money on training than I’m comfortable with, just to prove to myself that my money vibration is ok. I just have to NOT feel badly about it and see it as an indication that the information I’m looking for is out there, and about to show up in a form that will be right for me.

You see, when you see an item that you want, with a price tag that’s too high for you and you feel badly about it, you’re feeling negative emotion because you just had the thought “I can’t have that.” And your inner being, who you really are, disagrees. So, you have to find a way to change that thought so that you can feel good about the item and the fact that you’re not buying it. You CAN have that. You can have anything you want. You’re just choosing not to purchase this particular item at this particular time. You’re choosing to see it as the Universe asking “Like this one? Is this one ok? Something similar? Anything you’d like us to change on the order before we deliver it?” (because that is generally exactly what it is), and a chance to give the Universe some feedback. You’re choosing to stay positive, to continue to feel good, and to stay open so that your real delivery can take place.

And as you shop, and you see things that you like, you appreciate them. You don’t think about how you can’t have this and can’t have that, you think about how that couch would look great in your living room, or if that watch goes with your wardrobe. You admire and appreciate beautiful things, just as you would if you had gobs of money. And shopping, even just window shopping, becomes fun. That’s how you shop like a law of attraction pro.

Oh, and incidentally, I found the exact training I was looking for, online this morning. For free. Hell yes! 🙂

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  • Hi Melody,

    I am totally new to LOA. I just saw the movie a month ago and “some how” found your blog. I don’t even remember how. I really started working on my vibrations a couple of months ago (didn’t even know they were called that) and then connected with the LOA movie and now your blog. So timely. And the moolah issue is the focus right now so your article is P E R F E C T. I have many a question and you may see an email from me but for now I am reading through you blog. Thank you!


  • Hi Melody,

    Your intelligent way of explaining things stands out from a lot of other blogs. I’ve read alot of them and rarely get some new, or further, insight. This is time I did :-)!

    It really cleared it up for me. Thanks a lot!

  • Hello Melody,

    A very interesting article . Surfing the web on a Saturday night I found this article which clarified my thoughts about Law of Attraction.

    I read the book a few years ago and practiced what it said. For a while everything went well but lately I am having a very difficult time in every angle of my life .
    Last week I started to clean and clear my house from old stuff , clothes and magazine that I did not need any more. The following day i had a phone call from a friend who wanted me to do a work design for him . That was the LFA. In this hard time, I decide no to worry about the money but to use them as catalyst to attract more of them and clear my negative thoughts.
    I used to go shopping and check the price’s item and say ” I cannot afford it “. Now I say , I wouldn’t buy it at the moment but I will put it on my list …
    Thinking and act differently , improving my state of mind really made me realise how powerful creature we are and in the meantime how fragile we can be.

    Thanks Melody for the post …


  • I had a thought about this whole process of tweaking my “order” with the Universe before it’s delivered.
    1. The Universe knows exactly what I want
    2. if something is presented to me that I want but I feel bad about it, it is still exactly what I wanted .. it’s just exaclty what I wanted within a certain vibration
    3. By choosing to wait and not have this paricular Perfect Item, I am really choosing to raise my vibration — I reject the attendant crap that would go along with making that too-expensive purchase and imagine having that item AND feeling great about it AND having my life work great after the purchase, which means that i have raised my vibration.

    I could choose to go ahead and have the first item (that costs too much but damn it’s exactly what I asked for!) and it would be everything that I ever wanted in that moment including the crappy mixed emotional vibe that goes along with it. “I want it! I deserve it! I can’t afford it! I’ll make it work! I’ll take from Peter to pay Paul in order to have this perfect manifestation of my desire!” and all the other emotional rubbish I would be accepting along with the Perfectly Too-Expensive Item.

    I’m thinking it’s not so much that the Universe is delivering a prototype or example, I think the Universe has delivered the exact emotional experience we are aligned with — and in the moment we say, “Hmmm… not this time. This time I’m going to wait/save/pay my electric bill first/etc and we let go of that kind of desperate need and decide to honor ourselves through self-restraint .. in that moment, we raise our vibration and re-shape reality to fit that new vibration.

    Free will = not having to accept what I asked for. 🙂 haha!

  • I LOVE this post. Your newsletter popped into my mailbox today, and I have had a few niggles around money the last few months, so this is just the sign I was looking for, thank you so much.

  • hi Melody,
    I also have a small success story. My old slow cooker broke a while ago. I did not want to pay a full price for a new one, but I did need one, since it is the best tool to make homemade chicken stock! So this morning, while running errands, I had a feeling that I need to stop at a nearby thrift store..and what do you think? a completely NEW slow cooker, with all the features I want, with a price tag still on it ($80), was waiting for me there…for $9.99!

    • Yay Marina! Awesome manifestation! Don’t you just love it when crap comes together like that? I had a similar experience a few weeks ago. I’d been wanting some odds and ends, but was just too busy to run around town to get everything on my list. Then one day, i was running an errand and just happened to be compelled to walk into a “thrift” store (that type anyway) that I’d walked by many times before but had always ignored. Not this time. And lo and behold, I found everything on my list for teensy amounts of money. Gotta love LOA!

      Huge hugs!

  • I LOVE this post, and your others on Raising Your Money Vibration! I Love the phrase, “I could buy that, but I choose not to right now.” I hope to implement this next time I am out shopping. Usually when I am shopping I do use quite a bit of discernment and listening to my inner voice, but this is a great positive reinforcement for when I see something I like but am getting a pretty clear “No” for whatever reason. Thanks Melody!

  • Hey as always Awesome Melody,

    Once, I was in dilemma, wanted to buy one coaching programme online. Felt like I am in desperately in need of it but, programme cost was not suiting me…

    To come out of the dilemma I wrote to you & you gave me that enlightenment. I followed you and done some meditation and I got what I wanted, that too free (it was there on your website, posted free)… hahaha (I am still amazed & happy)…

    LOA is Perfect & You are Awesome!

    BTW, my wifey likes Shopping this way & trust me she gets what is want 🙂

    Huge Hugs & Love,

    • Hey Sameer,

      I remember that email! Oops, now I’m going to have other coaches come after me, LOL. But all I did was make you aware of what you already knew – that you weren’t really resonating with that program, but were thinking of buying it because you were desperate for answers. If you had been resonating with the program, you wouldn’t have even asked me about it. 🙂

      Hugs to you and your wifey!


  • There is a quite wonderful passage, my favorite, in fact, in Thoreau’s “WALDEN:Where I Lived and What I Lived For /http://thoreau.eserver.org/walden02.html, where he describes the pleasures of “owning” his neighbors’ properties.

    He walks their bounds, eats their apples, puts his feet up at the best vantage point. “I am king of all I survey” is the idea. In his mind, he enjoys all the privileges of ownership without any of the responsibilities. How liberating.

    Interestingly, Thoreau writes that he began his “walk in the woods” on Independence Day, 1845.

    • I think you just elevated this page’s literary status, D.E.

      I like that. I am Queen of all I survey. Ha. The more free we become, the less we bog ourselves down with (mentally and physically) the better we can understand that statement, I think.

      Thanks for bringing a little culture to this dorkfest. 😛

      Huge hugs!

  • Thank you melody fletcher for sharing your experience. It’s really a very nice application of Law of attraction.

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