A few weeks ago, I was asked a poignant question: “Why don’t we remember this Law of Attraction stuff from birth? Why do we have to relearn it? If it’s so important, why isn’t it hard-wired into our brains?” I thought this was an excellent question, and one which deserved to be shared.

The short answer is: You don’t. You don’t HAVE TO remember this Law of Attraction stuff. You don’t have to understand how your microwave works, in order to use it. Science hasn’t figured out how to explain all the mysteries of the Universe, and yet the planets stay in orbit, birds keep flying, bodies keep functioning and we keep creating our individual realities. Our understanding of the Law of Attraction isn’t necessary to the process.

The purpose of life, in a nutshell, is joy. Plain and simple. And there are tons of people out there who are moving towards their joy, without any understanding of the mechanics of the creation process. Their inner being is guiding them towards happiness, just as yours is. Again, you don’t have to study physics to be affected by it.

So, why are we re-learning it now? Why are there more books, movies, speakers, and teachers out there than ever before? And is it even beneficial to understand LOA?

Even though we don’t need to understand the Law of Attraction in order to “use” it, for many of us, it is beneficial to study the process. We live in a logical, pragmatic, technological, scientific, cerebral world. We need our minds to live our daily lives. You can’t do your job, solve complex problems or make everyday choices without getting your mind involved. We are a mind-centered people, for the most part. And asking a mind-centered person to just accept something, to rely solely on faith, to allow themselves to be kept on a need-to-know basis (and not needing-to-know), will generally not end well. We want to know. Most of us have a need to know. We have a need to understand. We cannot accept a premise without at least some shred of explanation.

For example, I may not know the intricacies of how my Microwave works, but I don’t think it’s magic, either. I have a basic understanding that microwaves excite the water molecules in the food, causing them to speed up, and therefore increase their temperature. Could I build a microwave? No. But I don’t need to. This basic understanding is enough for me. I don’t think about it when I re-heat a cup of tea. My mind has accepted the explanation as a logical one. It makes sense to me. I can deal with the fact that I only “get it” to a certain degree, I only understand it to a certain level, but that’s enough for me. I don’t need to understand it ALL, I only need to understand enough so that my mind is satisfied. I only need to reach an acceptable level.

It’s no different with the Law of Attraction. We know that we create with our vibration, and that our vibration is a collection of the thoughts we think. Our minds are intricately involved in the process of thinking, and in consciously directing our thoughts. The idea for a mind-centered society such as ours isn’t to be of no-mind, which is a great goal but somewhat unrealistic for many of us, but rather to get our minds on board. If we can make peace with our minds, we can involve them in the process and use their considerable resources to help us on our journey.

To put it in simpler terms, if you’re a mind-centered person, you can’t just tell your mind to shut up. It won’t. But you can make peace with it by giving it a logical explanation, which it can accept, so that it gets out of the way. The explanation of the Law of Attraction which this site is dedicated to is designed to do just that. If we understand how the process works, we are no longer asking our minds to just have faith. If someone tells you that visualization helps with manifestation and just asks you to accept it, your mind will likely have a hard time with that. “Why does it work?”, “How does it work?”, “Does it work at all?” This chatter will distract you from your visualization. But if you know how and why it works, your mind can say “Oh, I get it! Ok, then. That makes sense. Carry on.” Just like you don’t worry about how your microwave works when you put in your baked potato, once your mind is satisfied, it gets out of the way.

So, why are there now more explanations than there have ever been? It’s simple cause and effect – it’s the Law of Attraction in action. There are now more answers than ever before, because there are now more questions than ever before. People are waking up, and as they do, they (in their mind-centeredness) have a huge desire to understand how our world works. They are asking more and more questions, and the Law of Attraction is bringing them more and more answers. And because people’s minds have vastly different levels of how much depth of information will appease them, there are innumerable and vastly different teachers out there.

I always say that this is an incredible time to be alive. Because of the technology we have available, the internet, smart phones, data storage devices, etc., we have access to a wealth of information and have an ability to share that information with each other on an unprecedented level. And someone like me, who can’t keep her mouth shut even when she tries, has a website rather than being stoned to death in the town square. This waking up, this asking of questions and receiving of answers, makes this such an amazing time! I look around me and see people reaching for their joy (and getting closer) everywhere. I’m having deep, spiritual conversations (sometimes blatantly spiritual, sometimes cloaked in a different discipline like psychology or sociology) with people that just a few years ago would’ve branded me a weirdo for openly declaring the things I do. Yep, I’m gushing a bit, and I don’t care. I’m so glad to be here, right now, in this time, and I hope you are, too.

But, let me get back to my point.  Do you have to understand this stuff in order to “succeed”, i.e. find your joy? Nope, not at all. But can it help you? I think so. You be the judge. If it makes you feel better to read this kind of information, if you have ah-ha moments which help keep your mind satisfied and allow you to train yourself into ever better feeling places, then yes, it’s beneficial for you. If it wasn’t, you probably wouldn’t still be reading this. 🙂

Does it help you to understand how the creation process works? Don’t forget to tell me in the comments.

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  • I completely agree we don’t need to remember this from birth. However, even if it is not called LOA or the terms used in this site, the knowledge that one is ready for, will come down to the person, one way or the other. Even without knowing this in the technical terms used here, I understood some part of it; it just came to me very easily. Hence, even if it is not called the terms used in this website, the knowledge one is ready for, will come anyways.

  • Are angels people that never got the choice to be a high or low vibration?

    They were made as WHO WE REALLY ARE and cemented into that, always happy, radiant vibration?

    Is that why in the scriptures and tales it says that Angels didn’t have the freedom humans have. They can’t defy God will. (The universe)
    If the do they would become expelled from heaven like Lucifer, the questioner.

    They say angels are jealous of that human choice. I don’t think an angel could feel the low vibration of jealousy.
    But maybe the high vibration of desire and curiosity?

    Or are Angels humans that remember who they are?

    • Also where do we find them?

      If we attract people within our vibrational range and the highest I can reach is Melody (pretty great achievement for depressed person!!!)

      That means you, shiney, happy puppy might be able to find those Angel people.

      Where are they?

    • Hey Alice,

      When you connect with a higher vibration (and this is relative, so you can connect with a vibration that is high for you), you have to translate that into something you can understand. There is energy all around you, and there is consciousness all around you. And you can connect with that consciousness and receive it at the highest level that you are ready for. As you translate this energy and information, you may get insights, you may have a dream, you may even “see” something with your third eye. Everyone translates the energy into their own terms.

      Some people see angels. Others see fairies. Yet others will see aliens. Personally, I see “guides”. It’s your translation and it’s all valid. The main question when connecting with “angels” is what was the message? What did you get from them? That’s the important thing. How you decided to see the messenger is not.

      The idea of fallen angels is all metaphorical. God does not get mad at you. And all non-physical can be focused in the physical, whether they decide to incarnate or not (and that’s always a choice). And no, the non-physical is not jealous of humans. Jealousy is a human emotion, borne of resistance.

      If you want to connect with the non-physical, I’d suggest meditating regularly. It’s the first and most effective step to opening yourself up to such experiences. And you can have them anytime. You don’t have to be a happy shiny puppy to do that. Again, you can reach for a vibration that’s high for you and the messages you get will be perfect for you. 🙂

      Huge hugs!

  • really interesting -with good points ..many ..so encouraging. you know, when i first encountered -loa-material, i many times ..very angry’ly.would rail this query out loud and in no kind words at the universe. i asked–why isn,t this automatic-“hardwired” in us being a natural part of our makeup. in my ..experience..i have at this point come to understand ..that actually –i did know ..indeed was fully aware of that faculty as a wee one. some of the stuff conjured up and brought “in” scared the bejesus out of me. i believe we all “knew” as it was -faculty- but this was systematically “clamped” down by ourselves. the “monsters” in the closet you know! Anyway iv,e realized for myself..i,ve come to accept –what an enormous and profound faculty this loa actually is! how wonderful to enjoy! i can compare albeit as an admittedly anemic example–a person that knows how to drive an ENORMOUS vehicle as opposed to one that is put in it with no driving experience at all. thanks,..Melody for another great post! best to you!.

    • Hiya Earl,

      I’m really glad you enjoyed this post. Children are always more connected – they haven’t been trained out of that connection with “realism” yet. No one had to explain it to us, it was just innate. It was when the explanations started that we began to forget. It’s amazing to see how the children being born now are so much more stubborn about their connection. They’re so much harder to train out of it, even when we try to medicate them. I’m sure in a couple of generations, this kind of knowledge will simply be a given. We’ll be having very different conversations then. 🙂


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