Why are you here? What’s your purpose? What is it that you’re supposed to do? Chances are, you’ve asked yourself these or similar questions at some point in your life. We all have. We keep looking for that path, something pre-determined that we’re supposed to follow. And when we do, we’ll serve our purpose, we’ll do what we came here to do and we’ll feel happy.

But there’s a huge flaw in this way of thinking that doesn’t jive with the Law of Attraction. If we create our own reality, and are free to create any reality we want, then it doesn’t make sense that we’re supposed to follow some fixed course. Even if we laid out this path for ourselves, even if the plans were ours, it would still completely destroy the premise that we have free will in every given moment. If decisions have been made in advance, and conditions have been arranged beforehand, if we’re supposed to hit certain milestones, then we’re really not much more than puppets.

One could argue that we have free will to go against our destiny, we can choose to fulfill it or not. But what would be the point in that? This puts us in a kind of pass/fail scenario, a popular theme in many religions. What happens if we fail? Why set ourselves up for failure in the first place? If we, at our core, are pure positive energy – essentially love – it makes no sense that we would organize our experience around the chance to somehow mess it up. We wouldn’t test ourselves or teach ourselves lessons through suffering.

The truth is (at least the one that resonates with me), that there is no destiny. We’re not supposed to be anywhere or do anything or follow some road which will lead to salvation. We’re just supposed to experience joy, the physical environment, and creation. We’re supposed to be happy, and whatever path gets us there is our “destiny”.

So much for our individual free will, but what about the destiny of human kind, or the world? Is it really all just random? Is there no plan to any of this? Doesn’t it mean anything?

Although I don’t believe that there is ANY destiny, not even on a grand scale, I do believe in something else: evolution. I don’t mean this in the Darwinian sense, although that’s part of it, but more in an energy sense. The future builds upon the past.

Everything that we create, every bit of vibration we bring into existence, will be in existence forever. Every thought you’ve ever thought is still out there. Every thought that Einstein’s brain pondered is still accessible to all of us. Nothing ever goes away, and nothing is ever wasted. Ideas are eternal.

We, the physical beings on this planet, are getting better and better. And we always have been. Our ideas are getting grander, our understanding deeper and our readiness to accept new ways of thinking is ever expanding. Collectively, we’ve moved kind of slowly, although that’s speeding up, but we have always moved forward.

When Galileo first discovered that the Earth wasn’t flat, he was denounced. The world at large wasn’t ready for that idea. But they grew into it, and eventually accepted it as fact. In the Middle Ages, speaking your mind and voicing your opinion were punishable by death under the label of Heresy (especially if you were a woman). Now, for most of the world, voicing your opinion is a right we take for granted. And those who do not have this freedom, are starting to fight back in unprecedented ways.

When Napoleon Hill first wrote Think and Grow Rich, his publishers took out all reference to vibrations and energy (the original works included a great deal of description about how energy works). They didn’t believe that the people were ready for such knowledge. There were always pioneers, those who championed new ideas so the rest of the public could adapt. And adapt they did, even if they first fought the new premise. Eventually, the new vibrations always took hold and were accepted.

When children are born, they are born into a vibrational environment. They are subject to the global energy that surrounds them, as well as that of the region, the city and their family. Before they ever understand words, they understand how to read vibration (until we train them out of it). This is how you can pick up ideas and beliefs that you were never taught – positive as well as negative ones. In this way, each generation starts at a higher vibrational point than the last one. As the older generation passes over and the new one comes in, the vibrational pool, if you will, gets renewed, and the collective vibration gets a boost. This new generation then carries this energy forward, evolving it further. If and when they become tired, the next wave of new humans takes over.

Over time, the way we think has opened up, become more positive, and more empowering. Sure, it’s been a rocky road, progress is never smooth. But when seen from a larger perspective, we can see the ongoing progress – the vibration of the world has been slowly but steadily rising, thought by thought, idea by idea.

This isn’t a pre-determined path. This isn’t destiny. This is evolution. And while the road ahead isn’t laid out for us, we can safely assume that the pattern, the direction we’ve been moving toward all this time, will continue. Things will continue to get better and better, ideas will continue to get bigger, thoughts will continue to expand, our overall standard of living will continue to rise, minds will continue to open, people will continue to realize their own power in greater and greater numbers. We will continue to evolve. What an amazing time to be alive.

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  • Melody,

    I’m glad you find value in my comments. I might should offer a value meal deal or something.

    I guess what I’d ask you is–how is expansion differentiated from learning? I generally find that people are “weak” in certain areas and part of their “goal” here is to “master those areas” or at least balance them. That, in turn, causes expansion–but it is the expansion of wisdom which is learned through experience. How is your view of expansion not that?

    • This is a really excellent question. The main difference, for me, is that learning implies that we are missing something that we have yet to gain. That there’s some ideal we have to attain in order to become “finished”, like going to school and moving up in grades. Whereas expansion implies that we are already perfect, just the way we are, but are getting better and better. It’s the difference between being a student, learning to play the piano, and being Mozart, and moving to ever new heights of genius expression.

      • Ah, I see.

        I suspect there are people on the planet who probably are “finished”–those who carry the title “masters”. I would say, though, that while on one level we already are “perfect”–I think the mechanism of time is here so that we can “live out” certain matters in order to realize that perfection–that is to say as long as we have flesh we probably are “not perfect”. Spiritual/material divide.

        My experience thus far–which I reserve the right to revise in light of new experiences–is that most people “fall out” of some state of balance in their perfection state, and come here to try to re-achieve that balance–hence the duality and so forth.

        So let’s say from a spirit standpoint you got bogged down with too much responsibility–or you felt like you were on some level anyway. You come here in order to get a taste of “less responsibility” but your programming subconsciously is “responsibility, responsibility” even though you don’t really want it. Are you perfect on some level? Yeah. Do you expand? Yeah–but what you are expanding into is what you were at one time but got out of balance concerning. It might be that you get a taste of fun followed by “restriction or responsibility” in the form of a kid–or any number of things all of which put the question to you “What is fun, and what is responsibility where it is concerned?”

        I’m sure there are some folks who elect to come here just for the hell of it. I’ve never met one so far though, so I can’t say what that’d be like. It’d be interesting to meet someone like the Dali Lama.

        Anyway, from a spiritual standpoint alone, I see where you are coming from. From a ‘human with an ego and flesh” point of view, though, there is a sense of “coming into an ideal”–it’s just that the ideal happens to be you that you are coming into from my perspective.

  • Good post.

    I think “destiny” is a little different than “fate”. To me, “fate” doesn’t exist, but “destiny” in a broad sense does.

    It depends on which lens you want to use–from a God point of view, there is no time, therefore all possibilities are already known.

    From a non-infinite point of view–there is “intended energy” or “energy that is being worked on” where “lessons” tend to center. What you do with it, is of course, up to you–but still–if you are learning about something to do with say “responsibility” then most of your life lessons will tend to center around that and what you do with it. It’s kinda like a classroom–learning about astronomy is on the syllabus–how you GET there could be a million different ways.

    • Hi Joe,
      Thanks as always for your valuable comment. I guess that’s where our two philosophies differ the most: While you believe that we are often here to learn, I don’t. When we re-emerge into pure, positive energy, we fully realize all the expansion we and others like us have caused. And it’s from that perspective that we decide to come back. Basically, we take full advantage of our evolution and enter the game at the most current point, never looking back.
      It’s so interesting, though, how different philosophies take us to the same place, though (big picture, as always, LOL).


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