A lot of people are incredibly fascinated by the notion of having lived before. They want to know if they’ve been someone famous; Cleopatra is apparently a popular one. They want to know how their past experiences have shaped their current belief system. Are they paying for past life mistakes in this one? It’s a convenient way to explain all the suffering in the world. Are you poor in this life? Well, you were probably a bastard in the last one. Serves you right. And problems in your current life might not have anything to do with your here and now, but could be the result of unresolved issues from past incarnations. Your brother and you don’t get along because you’re still angry at him for having killed you a couple of lives ago. Your fear of water is most likely down to the fact that you once drowned. You can’t find love because a lover stabbed you in the Middle Ages. I apologize in advance to all past-life regressionists (I’m about to piss you off, but I will bring it back around and validate your point of view if you keep reading), but once again, I have to call bullshit.

It’s not that I don’t think we’ve lived before. I have no problem with that premise. But the idea that these lives are somehow connected, that we have to “pay” for mistakes made in former lives, or that issues somehow carry forward, just doesn’t fit with myΒ  understanding of how the Universe works and who we really are. When we are in the non-physical, the part of us that’s pure, positive spirit, we know everything. We drop all of our limiting, human beliefs, our grudges, our pettiness, our anger, jealousy, and resentment, and have unhindered access to all Universal Knowledge. And it’s from this perspective that we send forth the energy that creates the beginning of our next life. Our spirit selves don’t have to learn anything. That’s not why we’re here. We want to experience the physical, what it’s like to breathe, to run, to smell a rose, to sit in the sun, to taste strawberries, to caress a lover, in short, what it’s like to be in this physical reality. That’s it.

From this perspective, we would not drag “issues”, which we drop completely as soon as we pass from one life back into pure energy, over to the next life. Why would we? In our pure energy form, we don’t see them as issues. They are simply lower frequencies that we picked up along the way, which we didn’t deem important enough to release. We chose to focus on and prioritize other things, that’s all. And when we die, we don’t judge our experience as good or bad, we don’t look at every act to see where we went wrong. Like getting off a roller coaster, we appreciate the fantastic and diverse ride we just had, and queue up to go again.

So, what about all this past life malarkey? Do past life regressions work? Can we heal our current lives by healing past lives? Anecdotal evidence certainly seems to suggest that we can. Past live regressions do work. Sort of. You see, your current vibration – a mixture of all the thoughts you think – can be a match to a past life with the same basic vibration. That means that in a past life regression, you can connect with a life that mirrors many of the issues you now have. Notice I said A past life, not necessarily yours. The energy you’re matching up with is that of your current vibration, not that of your soul or spirit form.

So can past life regression and past life healing be helpful? Absolutely. You see, even if you’re not being shown YOUR past life, often what you are seeing is valuable in helping you to identify the negative vibrations you’re trying to release in this life. And a past life healing may not be working on the vibration of YOUR past life, but energy is energy. If you shift your vibration by looking at A past life, you are shifting your vibration. The method you’re using doesn’t really matter, if the shift has occurred.

Let’s say that you’re afraid of water. You’re not sure how you developed this fear, you might have picked it up energetically, or you might have made a decision based on an event in your life. In any case, you can’t go near the ocean, lakes or rivers. Even bathtubs make you nervous. So, you do a past life regression, and you are shown a person who drowned in a former life. Again, what you’re lining up with is a life that matches yours on this point – a person in the past who was afraid of water to a degree that they manifested a drowning. This may or may not have been you; it really makes no difference, you would not have carried this fear with you. Because we’ve all had an infinite number of lives, the chances are pretty good that you’ve experienced at least some of the same limiting beliefs before. So, whatever or whomever you’re connecting with, your and their vibrations match on this point.

And so, you do a past life healing – you heal the fear of water in this past person’s life. You try to shift the vibration of this past life around the subject of water. What you’re doing is shifting the vibration around water, period, and in so doing, you heal yourself. So can past life healing work? I think so, yes. But I don’t think you’re so much healing a past life, as your current one. Is it important to know that? Nope. Do whatever works for you, I say.

What is important to know is that you’re not being punished for or affected by any of your past incarnations. You’re not being shackled by forces beyond your control, and you don’t come into this life with some kind of bill to pay. You have perfect control over how you feel in every moment – RIGHT NOW. You can create your reality any way you want, unhindered by any events from your past, whether in this life or another. Blaming your limiting beliefs or unwanted manifestations on past lives is just an excuse to not take responsibility for what you’re creating. It’s easier to blame a past life for your empty bank account than to deliberately change the way you think about money. And if you like where you are right now and want to stay exactly where you are, keeping looking at the past. Keep thinking the same thoughts. Keep making excuses for why there’s simply nothing you can do.

But if you don’t like where you are, if you do want to make some changes in your reality, then it’ll really help you to know that there really isn’t any kind of anchor from the past that is weighing you down. You can create your reality in every moment. Right Now. Right Now. Right Now.

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  • “Burden” being the operative word there. As a poster joked about somewhere in the corner of my eye some other post- it’s like you x-ray peoples’ heads (what a paraphrase!) Don’t know how you do it.. but that word is leftover from some bad times when I did try to take my own life one of the things I put in my explanation/goodbye letter was “burden” Well talk about superpowers..it’s really odd you see things deeper than the actual person can even see in themselves.
    Burden… Well that’s something I’m not ready to face right now..but that sure is one powerful word.

  • Thank you very much. I’m glad these big questions have all turned out to be pleasing. It’s a shot in the dark. One part of me is Alice the scardey cat (afriad of nearly everything!) I get knots in my stomach when I open up my email. I’m happy to see replies from people. I know you are a nice person. But I still get knots and a part of me goes (I’m using comical exaggeration but there’s some truth there!) “maybe you pushed it too hard this time. You commented too much and too long. You’re gonna get kicked off the site and called a maniac stalker. No-one likes you bwahahaha!”
    I know that’s not true. You would do things in a subtle way and not harsh at all. This is great and I look forward to that blog. πŸ™‚

    • Alice,
      I think that a part of you is assuming that I feel obligated to answer you and that you are somehow a burden. If I don’t feel like answering you, I won’t. I love to play on this blog and your excellent questions will be the basis for several blog posts in the near future. I have no trouble saying no or not answering for a while because I’ve become overwhelmed. So when you get an answer from me, you can rest assured that I wanted to give it.

      Also, you’re right. If you crossed the line, I would tell you and not in a nasty way. I’m not passive aggressive, I don’t make you guess how I feel, and I don’t get mad when people ask me for something I don’t want to give. I just say no. Easy as that. πŸ™‚

      Huge hugs,

  • Metaphysical Melody,

    Now this is the stuff. I have had discussions about with friends and not really sure where I sit. Once you hear someone talk about this out loud you find so many “plot holes” that rattle nearly every spiritual theory out there.

    You are at peace with the concept of death.

    I believe in reincarnation to an extent- but this doesn’t make me content with death- Why?

    Because even if you come back again and life is like a videogame where you get another life or “reset” you still lose many things.

    You come back again as a baby, have to go to school, learn everything again, learn all your skills and language and LOA. You lost all your original friends and family- your lover if you had one.
    If you died young it might be another 80 years before your lover is reincarnated with you and by then you’d be an adult and they’d be a little child and you can’t have a relationship with them. You lost them. You can’t just be a pedophile.

    It took years to build a set of friends, some money, all those days at the gym… What about all the time it took you to move out of pain into the great manifestor you are now? You’d have to learn it all again. Maybe go through worse stuff next time around.
    You’d lose all that self-acceptance.
    I’ve read spiritual stories about people with dark skin living in prejudice environments taking years to learn to love themselves for who they are. Bang! If they were reincarnated all that hard work might go back to zero. They might come back completely different in a different body, race or gender. What was the point?
    If we forget everything we “learnt” life to life ..It just seems so pointless.

    It also doesn’t make sense in terms of BIG you and little YOU. Well why have them at all? Why not be WHO YOU REALLY ARE all the time if we don’t have any lessons to learn?
    If we are just going to do that every life? Well I don’t like the idea of lessons one bit-but it’s the only way I have understood the point of being reborn and suffering.

    If it really is all about vibrations then low vibrations are useless. We should just be who we are are all the time and the little self doesn’t have to be so lost, in discord etc.

    Samsara would be blown out of the window.. Buddhism.. Some Wiccans… It would all be a false belief. Especially Hinduism with the focus of clearing out bad karma from past lives, redemption, Christianity/Islam heaven and hell…

    This concept isn’t just a blog. It challenges everything we know about spirituality and why we are here.

    And if it is to experience the physical… where were we before our bodies.. just floating in the air waiting to be born? But why??

    There’s much more to ask here… but it’s not my blog! πŸ™‚

    • I don’t even like resetting a videogame. It takes ages to “level up” a character, save up gold, get him/her strong etc (if playing RPG) or if playing a shooter you don’t have to develop your character- they already are strong, smart, great action heros.. but you still have to beat levels which opens up new levels..so resetting the game would be a disaster.

      Have you ever watched a hardcore videogamer. Imagine pulling the plug before they even got to a save spot. They’d want to strangle that person.
      If society can’t even let go of their level 100 character or die playing online games or really get attached to a simulated person.. real death isn’t going to sit well.

      I mean that’s why smart developers have developed an awesome feature some games- you can import characters from old games into the sequel.
      Even Pokemon even had that ability-you could trade pokemon with a friend via a link cable or these days with wireless or infrared. It’s amazing. You developed that character and now you share it. It takes its skills and moves on. You don’t reset some kids Pokemon game. They took a long time training that thing! πŸ™‚

      This idea of reincarnation without lessons means there’s no “lv 100” people out there- no “old souls” No one ready to “ascend”

      • Ah Alice,

        But you’re assuming that when you hit the reset button, you have to start from the beginning. You don’t. When you come back, you get to come back into the current energy. Yes, you’re a baby, but on a whole new level. The energy that’s present now is the highest it’s ever been. And that’s true for every moment. So every generation comes into a higher energy.

        There are no old souls. We are all ancient. There are those who, in their physical form, remember more of why they really are, that’s all.

        Huge hugs!

    • Ok, I’ll give you the short answer, because the long answer would be a book.

      We’re not here to learn lessons. Period.

      Oh screw it, I’ll write a blog post about this. There’s too much to say. There are so many false premises in your question, stuff that we all grew up with and that most people struggle with, and it’ll be so valuable to pick them apart, that I will write this up very soon. It’s a great, great question.


  • Your comment on my father’s energy lines up with what I’ve felt, Melody. Who knows if he’s been reborn or not, but for sure his energy still embraces me and vice versa.

    With the “possession” I was in a yoga class very close to where the boy had died in a car crash. I had reached up in tree pose and welcomed a connection with “whatever.” (was I naive!) He clearly wasn’t out to hurt me, but he wouldn’t leave, which freaked me out. When I finally called his father (who was barely an acquaintance; all I knew was that he had lost his son the year before and was distraught) and explained what I thought was going on, the spirit relaxed and left. The information about the car crash the father told me later. Maybe if I’d been able to control it, I wouldn’t have been so averse to the experience, but the boy was determined, and I couldn’t break loose. He took over my space for about six hours. Brrr…..

    You’re so right about being careful. I fell in love with a powerful shaman who also turned out to be a psychopath. Acckk. A friend pointed out that sometimes people who pursue alternate paths do so because of deep holes in their spirit that they are desperate to fill. Most are normal people like you and me and those here on the blog: curious, thoughtful, aware, and perfectly safe. But the dangerous ones are out there and can be particularly attracted to energy work.

    It’s cool that you have so many old posts to explore. Woohoo!

    Giant Rottweiler hugs! Don’t you just love Rotties!

    Mary Carol

    • Who you callin’ “normal”?? LOL.

      Yeah, I’ve had some run ins with practitioners and teachers that were, um, well, reacting from a rather dark place. Part of me wanted to freak out and warn people about the damage that they could do, especially if they got their hands on someone who wasn’t quite stable. But then I remembered that everything that happens only does so if a vibrational match exists. I had a run in with someone like this just recently – normally a respected therapist. But I elicited a psychotic, highly emotional, angry version from her. But it was perfect. She mirrored a fear I had back to me that I’d been digging up for 3 weeks and her willingness (on a soul level) to play with me allowed me to see the fear in great detail and release it a day later. I also mirrored a huge insecurity back to her (she felt very threatened by me. I didn’t have to do anything, she just did.) And I’m certain that, in time, she’ll evaluate what happened and realize what her manifestation showed her. Everything happens just as it should. So, if a shaman is really dark, those who are not a match to that in any way will never match up with him.

      We’re all on our own journey and we all have our crap. Just because someone is a shaman, healer or guru doesn’t mean that they’ve cleared all their crap out. This is why we should always listen to our intuition when choosing who we play with. Then, we’ll always find those who match our best intentions and highest possible path. πŸ™‚

      Thanks for playing with me Mary Carol.

      Golden Lab puppy Hugs (they are just so fuzzy!),

  • Hmmm. Interesting again, Melody, as always.

    My POV on this lines up pretty directly with yours, with one addition. There’s a Buddhist idea called Bardo that makes a lot of sense to me (explored in the novel Years of Rice and Salt). It’s that we more or less travel through these many lives with a cast of characters. For example, the energy of my father will show up in another life with mine. He could be a relative, a friend, even the love of that life. My best ever friend, who died many years ago, has been with me before and will join me again.

    Both with my father and with my friend, I had warm, loving, and convincing after-death connections. My father watched over me for a few months and then moved on. I have a sense lately that he has been reborn already, which would be awesome. I saw my friend healing in dreams for about a year after his death. He had made unhealthy choices in life, and in death over time he reclaimed the self he was meant to be.

    Maybe it’s a flaw of reasoning, but I just can’t accept that the energy of these people is lost to my energy forever. I never got along with my mother, but I’m eager to see what we can work out better next time.

    Last thought is that I had one uncomfortable post-death experience with a spirit I had never met in life. He wasn’t a bad person, but so troubled by his father’s reaction to his death that he entered my body to try to reach his father, who I knew. I’m really careful now to shield against this kind of experience, but it did make me aware that there are energies out there beyond our five senses.

    One thing missing from my life here in Mexico, that I had in the US, is stimulating conversation about ideas. Thank you for providing a platform for exploring thoughts, as well as such clear guidelines for feeling.

    More hugs,

    Mary Carol

    • Hi Mary Carol,

      What interesting experiences! Here’s the thing: I don’t think it’s an either/or scenario. I don’t believe that we are either physical OR spirit. I think we’re both. So, even if your father has been reborn, that doesn’t mean that you can’t still access his spirit. It’s still around. πŸ™‚ And I agree, no one is ever lost to us, temporarily or permanent. It’s like their radio station is always broadcasting. We just have to tune into it to hear it.

      Your story of getting “taken over” is really interesting to me. When I started to learn how to connect to different non-physical frequencies (or what others might call “guides”) I sometimes connected with energy that didn’t feel good or even felt scary. Here’s what I learned: I control the connection. I could stop it (and refocus onto a different frequency) at any time. Also, my own vibration determines what I have access to. So, if I were to be depressed, I would be accessing very different information and could even get angry, vengeful and ugly thoughts. This is why, if one wants to see a medium or psychic, it’s really important that they make sure that practitioner is in a really good vibrational place. They don’t have access to what YOU have access to, they have access to what THEIR vibration allows. So, you must have been a match, on some level, to this consciousness (possibly due to a strong desire to help) and ALLOWED yourself to connect strongly with it. When you protect yourself, you simple ensure that you don’t inadvertently allow such a connection. You become more deliberate in what you connect with. Those are my two cents. πŸ™‚

      Isn’t the internet great? I’m loving how I get to connect with so many like minded people, no matter where they live. πŸ™‚ Awesomeness.

      Huge hugs,

  • I do not agree that when we leave the physical body we are instantly perfect and know all. As a medium I encounter many spirit beings who have much to learn and continue to hold onto their personalities which may still feel lost or sad or may be unpleasant. My belief is that we grow and progress eternally and at some point do reach these heights, but not instantly. ( Reference the Book : “To Dance with Angels” by Don and Linda Pendelton. I do agree however that the spirit is anxious to experience life in other forms in order to have experiences that will raise consciousness.

    I also believe in Karma, but not as a punishment of any kind. Karma gives us experiences which help us to understand our past actions and the effect they have had on others.

    And finally, as much as we think we know about how this all works, as humans we can only scratch the surface. That IS something we do not know until we shed this outer skin.

    • Hi Lynn,

      Thanks for offering your valuable perspective. It’s perfectly fine with me that you’ve had very different experiences and that your “truth” differs from mine. My perspective is what I resonate with and what my own experiences have led me to believe, just has yours have.

      All thoughts that that have ever been thought still exist, and we can tap into them, just as we can tap into pure positive spirit. To me, when we connect with a seemingly confused spirit (unless it’s immediately after death, there can be a transition period if the person who passed over was very disconnected), we’re not tapping into the frequency of their pure spirit, but of the thought forms that originated from their physical form. But again, this is the truth I happen to resonate with, and yours can be quite different and equally valid. The way I see it, we’re both looking at the same picture, but from different angles. And if we could see the whole picture from every point of view, see the whole, in other words, it would become clear that we’re both right. πŸ™‚

      I absolutely agree that we’re only scratching the surface. Our brains have the ability to comprehend much more than we’re aware of, but can we ever truly understand the vastness of all that is? I have my doubts. But then, I’m not sure we need to. There’s so much to explore in the energy world, and yet, we’re here to experience the physical and perhaps we shouldn’t lose sight of that.

      Thanks again for offering your point of view.


  • Hi,

    Past lives is something I’m extremely interested and yet have little knowledge of. From what I have read on another blog channelingerik when your soul returns to the spirit realm it doesn’t necessarily have access to complete universal knowledge.

    I have been trying to figure out my life path to this day and how it relates to any past lives. I suspect that in a past life I was a Native American. I won’t go into details how I determined this, I am still at the “trying to understand” stage. Great post.

    • Thanks for stopping by Todd! There’s an endless amount to understand (it’ll never get boring), but I think in the end, it always comes back to how are we feeling right now, in this moment. Anything that can make us feel better now, is worthwhile pursuing.


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