I’ve dedicated my life to helping people “wake up”, to have the realization that they have absolute control over their experiences here, that life is about joy, and that they not only deserve but have the ability to be happy. I feel honored to be a part of this process, and I get to see it happening all around me – in the people I meet, in the blogs I read, in the emails I’m sent and in random conversations I have with strangers. I’m obviously looking for these moments of insight and I’m attracting them en masse. It’s a beautiful thing to behold.

But one thing I’ve noticed is that a lot of the time, once these individuals get over the initial euphoria of realizing their own power, they immediately begin to beat up on themselves. “Why didn’t I realize this before? How could I have been so blind?” And they begin to imagine how great their lives would’ve been if only they’d been insightful enough to have this realization years ago (preferably at birth). They see the preceding years as somehow wasted, as if they’ve failed to live up to their potential. Until now, of course. Now that they “get it”, a new era can begin. Things will be so different. They’ll be better, not the failure they once were.

Here’s the thing: if you’ve had an awakening, an insight, any kind of epiphany (spiritual or otherwise) that makes you view the years that came before as wasted, I want to clarify something for you. You could not have had that realization if it hadn’t been for all those “wasted” years. Every experience you’ve had in your life, every moment, everything you learned about yourself and how the world works, every person you interacted with, every meeting you had, every breath you took has led up to you being right here right now. You weren’t failing all that time, you were in the process of remembering and it took as long as it took. This isn’t a competition, so stop judging it as one.

I’ve had a lot of epiphanies in my life, but the biggest one, the one that made it all snap into place was listening to the teachings of Abraham Hicks. I’d been reading their books for years, but spent a couple of months really immersing myself in the material, and suddenly, it all just fell into place. And naturally, I began to think that if only I’d had this breakthrough years before, I would’ve spared myself a lot of suffering. I would’ve created a very different kind of life. Surely, I would’ve had different relationships, different jobs and work environments, a different body, etc. I would’ve been happier. But then, as I looked back on my life, I realized a couple of things:

  • If I’d been given an Abraham tape twenty years ago, I wouldn’t have been able to listen to it. I would’ve thought it was weird. It would’ve made me uncomfortable. Their vibration would’ve been way too high for me to handle, and I wouldn’t have been able to hear the message. I would not have had a breakthrough. I simply wasn’t ready for this information then.
  • I had a strong belief that in order to move forward, in order to “earn” any kind of growth or reward, I had to suffer first. And so, I created a lot of suffering in my life. But it was this suffering that caused me to ask for solutions with such intensity. I created so much pain in my life, that on several occasions I focused on nothing but finding a way to feel better. It was this intensity that led me to the knowledge I have today (and it keeps on coming.) In short, it was the suffering that drove me forward to finding the answers to my questions.
  • Every person I met, every relationship and experience I had, even the really shitty ones, gave me another piece of the puzzle. They were all an important and integral part of an ongoing process. If I were to take any one of them away, I wouldn’t be where I am today. I wouldn’t be here, in this spot, typing on this computer. I wouldn’t have had my breakthroughs and epiphanies, I wouldn’t know what I do, and I wouldn’t feel the way I feel. Each little event was part of getting me here, and since I love where I am and love where I’m going, I also have to love where I’ve been. I can’t change the past without completely wrecking the present.
  • That big breakthrough may have been an important one for me, but it wasn’t the first and it most certainly wasn’t the last. I’ve had many, many insights since then, helping me to understand the details of how it all fits together. And I continue to have more and more. I seek them out.

People who have had a big realization tend to see their lives in two parts – before the epiphany and after. But that’s not really how it works. That epiphany is part of the process, too, and that process will continue.

If you’ve had an awakening, know that you had many mini-awakenings before this that led you to this point, and you’ll have a ton more after this that will continue to drive you forward. This may have been the one that made it all click, but it was more like reaching a critical mass – one small event that, added to a ton of others, created a large reaction. You’re not done. You never will be. You’re always going to have more questions, ask for more insights and have more and more realizations. You’re on the right path, you can’t not be, and you always were. You’ve led yourself here, to this point, at this time, because it’s the perfect place for you to be.

None of your life has been wasted, not one single moment. You haven’t failed, not ever. You’ve been on your way here, and even though you might’ve taken a detour here and there, and the road got a bit rough at times, you were always on your way here, to this place, to this moment, and you made it. Just as you’re going to continue to make it. You never, ever got it wrong. You may have not known what you know now, but you were on your way to knowing. Just as you don’t now know what you’ll know tomorrow, but you’re on your way.

Bless and be grateful for every experience you’ve ever had, every a-hole you’ve ever met, every bit of suffering you’ve ever created for yourself. They all brought you here, to this point, where perhaps you’re ready to realize that the exploring, the discovering, is the fun bit. We make it hard, because we humans decided at one point that it had to be. We make it complicated. But we don’t have to. Maybe, from now on, you’ll make your path a little easier, a little prettier (you don’t have to, but know that you can). Maybe from now on you’ll enjoy the process. Maybe you’re ready to look back on the road you’ve taken, not with regret, but with appreciation for bringing you here, and begin to look forward to what the road ahead might bring – rocky detours and all. Because if you think this place, where you are right now feels good, just wait until you see what you’ve got in store for yourself. πŸ™‚


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  • Thanks, Melody. This sure is a cutting edge topic worth looking further into. I totally understand how it works and agree with it as the natural process of how it should go. But, in the matrix, it is not believed to work that way, so there is a lot of negativity out there on careers and such and how competitive it is.

    I feel that if we know these basic principles of the universe, we do not have to fall into this trap the matrix has created in terms of job scarcity, etc. I feel that we can use the inner knowing as our compass and totally block out the negativity and doubt thrusted at us daily (it is everywhere, but as a happy shiny puppy, even the most strict bastards actually hope I get stuff and wish he best for me) to, shall I say, overcome this force and override it with shininess. I am trying to describe it as best I can even if it sounds lame.

    I am basically asking how the truly successsful go about it. How do masters even go about it. I undertstand that they let go of this imaginary noose set out by others and give the other direction their all- unflinchingly what they want, as you say.

    • Hey Kat,

      It doesn’t sound lame at all. And you’ve got it. You don’t have to wait for the world to get it to create that paradigm in your own reality. You get to choose if you buy into the scarcity model or not. I choose not to. I’ve never had trouble finding a job, even when everyone was lamenting that there weren’t any. I just KNEW that I could get a job, and I did. And that was before I understood energy… We can choose to buy into the fears of others or not. It’s all about deliberate focus. πŸ™‚

      Huge hugs!

      • Thanks, Mel. I do get offered jobs, but they are not the ones I want. The past two weeks there have been job offers without me looking, and for the ones that I am looking, I get no response. It is “funny” how these things work.

        I just read this very good post about job situations out there we should avoid, but make good learning experiences for happy shiny puppies:http://blogs.denverpost.com/personalinterest/2012/11/07/interview-amoeba/?doing_wp_cron=1352352432.0175750255584716796875

        Why can’t everyone embrace our shininess instead of considering us a threat? That is rather pathetic and it is their problem, not ours. OK, here I go again…they are irrelevant so who the heck cares?

        • Hmmm, I don’t totally agree with her assessment, but I agree with her advice – to go in and have fun and not worry about the intimidation game. Just don’t play. But, you will get the job you’re aligned with and if you attract this kind of a recruiter, then there’s a message there that you’ve still got some insecurities, too. It would be natural to get all defensive about it, but why not take the easy road and Let It Go? πŸ™‚

          So, you’re already attracting jobs! Yay! They’re not yet quite right for you, but there’s information there. Look at what’s not right, let it help you figure out what you still need to shift (by focusing on what you want instead in a way that feels good). Rinse and repeat! πŸ™‚

          Huge hugs,


          • Thanks, Melody. And these are merely mostly part-time jobs to pay bills while on my way to my dream job, which I have found, and it requires a certain test score. Ahhh!!! Exciting!!!! I am enjoying the process and am getting closer and closer to where I vibe to be, so I am practicing letting go and silly limiting beliefs daily.

  • Melody,

    This sure is one of the most powerful posts. “Religion is a comfort for the suffering” thay say and I had this posted up on my desk in high school, thinking that martyrdom was the way to go. I am, however, waking up to the real reality, so to speak and I actually understand this process now, so thank you for this.

    You say “This isn’t a competition, so stop judging it as one”. This point is less easy to understand, as we are constantly told that there are limited postions to be filled out there in the workforce and it sure feels like a competition even in private lives like who gets married first, who has children, and people are constatnly comparing themselves to others, which they should not, as we are all on such different paths, you just can’t compare!

    As far as competition goes, if you truly believe something will happen, it eventually will, right? Like, if you knock hard enough, the door will open, even if the one who opens the door is sick of the knocking? I am just trying to find an analogy so that I can understand this better. There are people who completely give something up because they are told it is too competative. However, Abe says if you give up on a dream, you never really had it. We should stick with our dreams, right, and learn from everything along the way.

    • Hey Kat,

      The concept that we can thrive through competition is a false one. The premise is that if we limit the resources, we will compete for them and will all be motivated to get better and better as individuals. But, this is individual expansion at the cost of the expansion of the whole.

      Here’s an example: If we’re all stuck on an island, and I invent a fishing pole, and I fish a bit, but keep all the knowledge of the pole to myself, I can feed myself and anyone who brings me stuff. I have benefited myself a lot and others a little, IF they also find a way to benefit me. Society as a whole advances a little, and I, the individual advance a lot. That’s the system we all use right now in our society.

      But, if I look for ways to benefit myself AND the whole, I may invent the fishing net, where we can catch as many fish as we want. Now, I, the individual advance (I have food) and society as a whole advances. When everyone has food, they are all free to advance us all further with their own inventions, instead of scrounging for their own food or something they can trade for it. If the PC had been invented for one person only, they may have advanced a little. But the true benefit for all came when we spread that technology to all. Not only is the network of PC’s causing much greater growth for us all than one PC could’ve ever done, but geniuses all over the world are expanding upon the idea to further us all even more.

      Competition does cause advancement. It’s just that cooperation causes WAY, WAY more. In order to make that truly work, though, we have to surpass the fear based mentality.

      I hope that all made sense. I’m still defining some of these thoughts (cutting edge stuff right here! Ha.)

      Huge hugs!

  • Ok, now THIS is what I needed. πŸ™‚ I am such a perfectionist (or what I’ve realized is really an unperfectionist) I have seriously beat myself up for not getting where I am much, much sooner.I am also plagued by this sense of urgency that I need to hurry up and learn everything before it’s too late. Yeah, I know it’s ridiculous, but my subconscious doesn’t yet (We’re working on it).

    It has only been very recently that I have been able to connect the dots backwards in a lot of places and say and go “Ooooh, I see!” It truly proves to me that there is a greater force in charge here. Five years ago I wouldn’t have been able to “get” this blog, because I just wasn’t there yet. Now I count it among one of my most important external learning tools. I just had to share! πŸ™‚

    • Thanks so much Jenapher! I’m so honored to be a little part of your journey. πŸ™‚

      You know, 5 years ago I wasn’t ready to write this blog. Isn’t it just perfect that we waited for each other? πŸ˜€

      Happy shiny puppy hugs!

  • Hey Melody,

    I just saw this post for the first time. How right you are. I experienced the very same thing. Somehow I just felt cheated over the last 25 years of my life, after we returned from Israel. When in Israel I stopped working just before the birth of my fourth child and I planned to get back to work after our return to Holland, which we had planned for the next year. Things turned out differently. My husband was already in his forties and had to accept any job he could get which was as a truck driver. This meant that he was never at home during the week, at least not when the children were awake, and dead tired during the weeken. I was more or less alone responsible for the children. And there were lots of problems, often with two or three of them at the same time and also my elderly parents moved to our town so I could be there to help them. My father died soon after they moved here and my mother developed dementia and it took years before there was a place for her in a nursing home. Of course once she could move there I still went to see her. I am an only child so there was no one else. So that was that as far as a carreer was concerned. This got even worse when I went to a school reunion and I met my classmates professor this and doctor that again and did not want to mention the fact that at the time I ‘only’ was a wife and mother. My health took a nose dive too and I got a burnout and depression more than once. But recently I started to think what it would have been like now if I had had a carreer after all. I would never have had the urge to look for deeper meanings of things, to study the essence of religion and spirituality and by now I have reached the stage that I can remember these years with fondness because of all the depth of feeling and insight they have brought me. I have already known that in theory for quite some years but now I am starting to experience it which feels great.



  • I really love to ready your messages, they are very easy to understand and so true what you talk about in them.


  • Yes..i heartily agree with ..Nicole! All,s well with this universe with a Melody Fletcher! Thank you..i enjoy reading your very -relevant-positive articles.your insights and and remarkable and so natural balance are evident and so beneficial! Much thanks,..Melody!

  • Melody,

    Thanks for another amazing post. I’m also a student of Abraham Hicks and I really like how you break these concepts down into something more manageable. They are sometimes a little bit too theoretical for me. I confess I don’t yet understand all your articles (but I will), but your blog really brings it home for me. Keep it up, please.


    • Hi Shelly,
      I’m really glad you find the blog valuable! This is exactly what I was going for. The articles explain the concepts (which can be a bit out there), for those that really want to know how it works on a technical level. The blog is designed to help people implement LOA into their actual lives. Thanks so much for your comment. πŸ™‚


  • I have been receiving your emails for the last 4 months. I am always amazed at how insightful you are on all levels of life. Since I came across your website, my life has been one amazing adventure after the other. And like you said, if I am feeling good about where I am right now. I can only imagine what’s next and I know it is going to be AMAZING!!!! I am going to blow my own mind. I already see it!

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