I’ve written a lot about our need to raise our vibrationhow other people’s vibrations can affect us, and our need to stabilize our vibration. Essentially, our vibration, which is a result of all the thoughts we think and beliefs we hold, can easily be affected by the energy around us if we haven’t stabilized it. A stable vibration is one that can’t be inadvertently changed without your conscious consent, in other words, one which you are deliberately holding in a higher place. Another way to look at this is to substitute the word “mood” for vibration. If you’re deliberately thinking good feeling thoughts that keep you in a great mood, and refuse to let some negative person next to you talk you into focusing on a bad feeling topic, you’re stable. If you feel like you’re being battered around by waves of different emotions, if your mood fluctuates easily based on who or what you’re around, you’re not stable.

People with unstable vibrations generally make statements like “Well, now my day is ruined!” or “He made me feel bad.” They see or hear something and they react to it, without ever realizing that they can choose not to let events dictate how they feel in each given moment.

There are many ways to stabilize your vibration. In this post, I’m going to offer a method I’ve been using quite successfully for some time. I don’t watch TV. I haven’t turned on my television in years. But I do watch movies and television shows from DVDs or online. As my vibration has changed, so have my viewing habits. Or rather, my tolerance for what I could watch while still feeling good has changed drastically.

I used to enjoy a wide variety of shows, including comedies, crime fighting shows and Sci-Fi/fantasy. But at one point, after a particularly large shift in my energy, I could no longer watch anything but the lightest of comedies. I could feel myself being dragged down by the graphic images of the crime shows (they often depict horrendous acts of violence). I got so uncomfortable, I’d actually start to feel a bit sick. I would empathize with the victims and their families, feel their fear, and actually felt low to medium levels of anxiety while watching these shows. So, of course, I stopped.

But it wasn’t just movies and television shows that affected me. Conversations with negative people left me depressed and going into crowds drained me to the degree that I’d actually get dizzy and weak. I began to stay home more, cocooning myself in the safety of my apartment where I could control circumstances. I refused to let anything near me that caused me any kind of discomfort. I knew that I didn’t want to stay this way, my goal wasn’t to become a hermit and meditate in seclusion all day long. But I wasn’t willing to feel the huge discomfort I felt every time I left the house.

I knew I had to stabilize my vibration and I used a variety of methods to do just that:

  • I meditated. A lot.
  • I visualized and spent a great deal of time deliberately focusing on good feeling thoughts. The more time you spend in a vibration the more stable it will get (the Law of Attraction will bring more energy of that frequency to you)
  • I was given the Munay-Ki rites (they stem from Peruvian Shamanism, a huge interest of mine, which I haven’t written much about yet), which include several energy stabilizing techniques.
  • I used TV shows and movies to train myself to be able to look at painful or fear-inducing events and not let them affect me.

Now, tons has been written about meditation and visualization (including by me), but I haven’t seen anyone really explore TV shows except to demonize them. Don’t get me wrong, I’m still not able to watch the news or actually watch TV with all the commercials and mind-numbing channel flipping without wanting to throw the whole thing out the window. But I can use select and deliberately chosen television shows and movies for training purposes as well as entertainment. Here’s how:

Raise Your Vibration

If you’re in a relatively low vibrational state (i.e. you’re kind of a miserable bastard most of the time), there’s no point in stabilizing that further. Check out the following article for tips:

Watch TV shows that support a higher Vibration

Before you begin your training regimen, start by subjecting yourself exclusively to entertainment that makes you feel good. This is not the time to start challenging yourself. Just bask in light, happy television shows, movies and books. You’re not going for intellectual stimulation, just something that makes you laugh. This category should really make up the majority of your entertainment choices.

Examples (note, these are totally subjective. My examples may make you feel very differently, so make sure to follow your intuition and make your own choices):

  • Psych
  • Big Bang Theory
  • Stand Up Comedians
  • Chuck
  • 30 Rock
  • Modern Family
  • Cougar Town
  • Family Guy and all its cousins (unless you’re easily offended)

Challenge Yourself Just a Little

Go for television shows that are a little bit difficult to watch. A dramedy, for example. Something that’s still light hearted but also deals with more serious subjects. When those serious subjects come up, practice looking at them in a way that you can feel good about. In the beginning, that might entail simply reminding yourself that these are just actors and this is just a show. I often do this when I see something that affects me. I focus on the acting, the script or the fact that they’re using a green screen, etc.

  • Desperate Housewives
  • House
  • Bored to Death
  • Grey’s Anatomy
  • Sanctuary
  • Supernatural (fantasy shows can be easier to watch even if they’re violent because it’s easier to keep your distance when what you’re seeing is obviously not real.)

While these shows can still be a bit campy, they do deal with real life issues which could easily affect you. Again, practice removing yourself from the situation or changing your perspective until you can see each situation in a way that doesn’t affect you. You might see a woman in the hospital who has a brain tumor. She was a total workaholic, but her illness now makes her realize that there’s more to life. At first, you might find a better feeling place by focusing on the acting and logistics, as I mentioned. Later, you could notice that the woman had a great deal of resistance (negative beliefs), and that she hadn’t been happy for a long time. But she’d ignored how she felt for so long and to such a degree that she kept manifesting bigger and bigger problems until she manifested one she couldn’t ignore: the brain tumor. Once she had the realization that her happiness was the most important thing to her, she shifted her energy and got better. You could acknowledge that while television shows often greatly simplify things, the whole story made sense from a vibrational point of view.

Deliberately choose what to focus on

Once you’re able to handle shows of that caliber without letting them affect you, you may want to move on to the “stronger stuff”. Shows that are more graphic, or deal with human drama without any comic relief thrown in will be hardest to watch. But it is possible to shift your perspective to the point where you can view these shows without feeling bad. They may even become entertaining. You don’t have to be able to look at a murdering psychopath and empathize with him or condone his actions (although the show Dexter makes that easier…) The idea is to be able to see the whole situation, particularly the victims and not let it take you to a bad feeling place. This is hard, which is why I’m suggesting some training.

Shows like this can trigger our fears. They can help to underscore negative beliefs about society, good things happening to bad people for no reason and overall fears that none of us is safe anywhere. But when used deliberately and consciously (as well as sparingly), these shows can actually be of great help.

  • Criminal Minds
  • CSI or CSI NY (not CSI Miami. I can’t notice anything but the horrible acting and writing…)
  • NCIS
  • Dexter
  • Realistic horror movies, like Silence of the Lambs

Once again, I’m not saying that these shows will help you to shift your negative beliefs. You probably won’t find enlightenment by watching Criminal Minds. And it’s important to note that you don’t ever have to watch shows in this category to use this technique. Follow your intuition. But watching these shows can be a helpful tool that allows you to stabilize your vibration, so your mood cannot be affected by outside stimuli, before taking yourself out in the world, where anything can happen.

This technique isn’t for everyone

This isn’t for everyone, of course. If you don’t enjoy watching TV shows or movies, don’t try this at home. The idea is to use a fun experience for growth, not to torture yourself. Also, take it slowly with this. Don’t skip Steps 1 and 2 and go straight for the Slasher movies (unless you love them and they make you happy, in which case you kind of scare me a little bit). This isn’t hard core, do or die training. Ease yourself into each step. Remember, the goal is to feel good the entire time and to stop when it doesn’t. Over time, you’ll be able to feel good under more and more diverse circumstances.

More Tips:

  • If you begin to feel negative emotion, don’t be afraid to turn off the show. You have no obligation to “finish what you’ve started”.
  • Alternate shows. Don’t watch several category 3 shows in one evening. It’s better to watch one difficult one and then follow it up with a light and happy one, particularly if it’s right before bedtime.
  • Keep it light. This is supposed to be fun. Pushing yourself on this will only result in you lowering your vibration. If you want to benefit from this technique, take it slowly and use it sparingly (i.e. don’t necessarily train every day).


It can sometimes be quite difficult to hold on to our great mood when we’re out and about in the real world. Stuff happens and we react before we have a chance to catch ourselves and shift perspective. Using television shows and movies to train ourselves to stabilize our vibration, so that we no longer simply react to events but take a moment to decide how we want to look at and feel about whatever’s happening, can be effective and fun at the same time. Whatever helps us to stay in our happy place, I say. 🙂

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  • Hi, thanks for giving me the opportunity to ask my question.
    If I am watching tv and thinking about the show, does that effect my vibrations? Do I also need to think about, I am watching tv?
    Is this correct? And does it apply to books and podcasts as well?

    • Hey Sharon,
      Yes, it applies to all media and anything you engage with, really. The key is to notice how you feel when you’re doing so. If you are watching TV and you’re just zoning out, not really engaging, you may be distracting yourself from something you don’t want to deal with (or aren’t ready to deal with). This can be a kind of relief (vacation) from working on yourself, or it can be an escape, and it can help you get back to some stability. When you’re not feeling bad/stressed/etc., that’s already a step up.
      If what you’re watching makes you angry (as an example), so you’re having an emotional reaction, you can either choose to switch it off, or look at what has actually been triggered. Why are you angry? What about this scenario makes you angry? How is this a personal thing? This reaction could point to something deeper, or it may simply be challenging you to turn it off and choose something that feels better.

      You could also be watching something that makes you ugly cry. In that moment, this may be a way to release some stuck energy. The crying will feel good. Allow that.

      In short, is watching this thing making you feel better? Trust that. Is it triggering emotions? Are these emotions you’ve been trying to avoid? Feel them. Stop avoiding. Is it just bringing you down? You’d rather not watch it? Don’t force yourself to for some arbitrary reason, like being afraid you won’t be informed, or something. Give yourself permission to shut if off (set a boundary). Give yourself permission to enjoy that which you enjoy (no guilt or shame!). Be aware of how you feel and give yourself permission to do that which feels better. Be aware of what you’re watching and see if it’s actually serving you, or if it’s just making you feel like crap. Is what you’re watching serving the belief systems you want to activate more? Or is it confirming your limiting beliefs? These are good questions to ask.

      I hope that helps!

  • So grateful this post popped up when I googled “tv shows with high vibration”, and that someone else agrees with me! Since this original post was almost 10 years ago, here are some newer shows that you could add to a new list (for the high-vib list).

    The Good Place
    Glow (Netflix original)
    The Marvelous Mrs Maisel
    Downton Abbey
    Scrubs (first three seasons, struggles after that)
    Star Trek TNG (this might not be for everyone, but for me it resonates at a high frequency)
    Turn ( this can be dark, but if you are a patriotic American it is awesome)

  • Hi Melody,

    Very interesting post. I gotta’ say, though…I’m a TV and movie addict. Not to the extent of being a couch potato, but I just love the TV. I can channel-surf all day if I had the time, and one of my best things to do on a lazy Saturday night is to turn the lights off and relax by watching whatever’s on (except the news, I hate the news).

    I get where you’re coming, though. Some shows on TV are vile. The thing is, to me, the TV has always been another form of relaxation. Anytime I’m stressed or worried or just completely burnt out from working, I turn to the TV and voila! I’m thrown into a mix of programs from amazingly scenic HD documentaries to gripping shows like Lost to laugh-out-loud comedies like Family Guy. They’re my remedies, they get my mind off “real” issues for a while, and when I turn the TV off my mind is more at ease and more focused than before. Call these shows my stabilizers, if you will.

    My biggest challenge from a couple of years ago was feeling “okay” after watching a depressing show. What I did was to basically feel whatever I had to feel, from sadness to disgust to fear while watching the show, and then I made sure I faced them, diluted them with my logic, and in a while they would subside. Instead of resisting the emotions from the show, I absorbed them and diluted them. This practice led me to be able to build a barrier between the things I watch and the person I am. Now I enjoy the shows I watch, but I don’t let them tug my emotions in the wrong way. I still get goosebumps when watching my favorite movie scenes, I get touched by tragic sequences, and I get scared at the zombies in The Walking Dead. It’s just that, once the show is over, I’m back to being happy or normal, disallowing the show from really affecting my real life.

    Hope this made sense. Great post, Melody. Always a pleasure to read!

    • Hi Arvi,

      It sounds to me that you’ve got it all figured out. When you let go of the effect of a TV show, you are deliberately bringing your vibration back to where you want it. This is what I mean by stabilizing your vibration. And watching TV is a distraction – as long as you don’t let the effects linger (which you clearly don’t), it can serve you in releasing resistance. By allowing you to get into a space where you let go of thoughts that don’t feel good (stress, etc.), you are actually using TV to raise your vibration. Not everyone can do that, but you seem to have figured it out. Bravo!

      Thanks for the valuable comment!


  • I enjoyed your tips. These are really pragmatic way of learning how to project a positive vibration and continue to project that which we desire into the world.

  • Hi Melody,
    I get hung up on the cast-offs of American Idol! I cry sometimes when the good ones go home. Like their my own kids or something. LOL

    I’m currently giving up TV and after dinner I’m gong to teach myself photoshop. My new habit begins Monday.

  • Hi Melody,

    I’ve been enjoying your posts! I can relate to this one because I quit watching the news shortly after I had my first baby, I just couldn’t handle the negativity of it all. (Plus all the horrible stories about kids were sending my post partum self over the edge!)

    I also only watch certain shows and I tend to DVR them so that I don’t have to watch the commercials. Some that you mentioned are among my favorites, the ones that I watch!

    These are my favorites, I included the ones that we both like:
    -Desperate Housewives
    -Fringe (sci-fi drama)
    -Bones (dramedy)
    -The CSIs (sorry, I love Miami :))
    -The Haunted (I love to scare myself silly)
    -Body of Proof (dramedy)
    -Working Class (fun, cute comedy)
    -What Not to Wear
    -My Strange Addiction (the psychologist in me likes this one)

    Looking at this list I need more comedy!

    Take care,

  • I think a lot is taking control, understanding that we are in charge of our own life and if we give away that power, it is a concious choice we have made.

    When you do take control over your emotions we can channel them into what we need. Even with this control getting some help from outside is often great.

    When I listen to music it is almost always either very positive or classical, both lift me up.
    Movies I watch are either comedies or very thought provoking, but I know what I am watching before I start and so I know I am chosing the affect it will have on me and I chose to either cast the feelings off or let them in.

    • Exactly Daniel. It’s all about realizing that we have a choice in how we feel. I see the training as a kind of self defense. You don’t want to just read a book about martial arts and then walk into a dark alley. Practicing the moves (or practicing protecting your energy) before hand helps to get us ready. Then, when the negative co-worker comes along, we aren’t affected in the slightest.


  • Hi Melody,
    I don’t watch much television either and when I do it is recorded on my DVR so that I can fast-forward through the commercials.

    I find it difficult to watch television unless I am in the mood. There are too many things that I want to do besides TV.

    I remember as a kid loving horror movies and being “freaked-out” by them. Now I can watch them and not feel a thing.

    Stabalizing ourselves is so important especially with all of the energy shifting going on. These times will not be for the faint of heart.

    • Thanks for the comment Justin. I used to love scary movies when I was a teenager. Couldn’t get enough of them. Now, I can’t watch really bloody movies anymore. But that’s ok… truth be told, I don’t miss them. 🙂


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