The world as we know it can be divided into two kinds of people: Those who go through the motions, merely existing, never making waves and content (at best) to live mediocre lives. These individuals have lost their spark. They wander through the streets, from home to job and home again, glassy eyed, listless, nearly unconscious and on auto-pilot. In short, they’re zombies.

Then, there are the others, the few, the surviving humans. These individuals don’t merely exist, they live. They deliberately choose to earn their money in ways that they’re passionate about. They engage with others, have deep, meaningful conversations and are always on the go, excited about their lives.

Zombies merely exist.

Humans really live.

Which one are you?

Check out the guest post I wrote for Justin at to find out.


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  • Thanks Melody! On the blog it has been discussed that there is no failure but a need for re-tweaking of vibrations, that is all. I totally agree with this.

    When we manifest professionals who think it is lame to pursue a dream even though it does not seem like it will manifest, this is a direct reflection of what we are feeling, our doubts and what the reactions of others are to what is going on, right? I hope I am making sense. Even though I wrap myself in a ball of light, I can’t help but feel awful when others do not believe in dreams coming true, no matter what the dream.

    So, I guess my vibration needs re-tweaking to stop coming across such people or, even when i do, to not pay any mind to their words, because like we said, feelings speak louder than words. Which goes to show me that my feelings still have some doubts, even though my heart is mostly clear. Just some additional thoughts.

    • Hey Kat,

      Yes, they are mirroring your own doubts back at you. Why do you need someone else to agree that your dream is possible? They don’t have the same perspective as you do. They are projecting their own fears onto yours. If you knew how to build a space ship and drew up plans to do it and some lawyer came along and said “Well, I don’t know how to build a spaceship, so I don’t think you can either”, would you let his opinion affect you? Just because someone is a professional doesn’t mean they understand energy and vibration. You do. Why are you listening to those who have no idea what they’re talking about? Eh?


      Huge hugs,

  • Hahaha! You had mentioned in a previous post that cats are indicators of what we don’t want, if I understood correctly. Do they show us what we don’t want? I wonder if you’d please elaborate on that and its meaning. They seem to prefer only our backyard.

    Yes, I clash with those who are way too slow and complacent in their actions. We are vibrationally mismatched. So, if I focus on white light, I only calm myself down, which I guess is the whole point?

    • Ah, right.

      Well, how do the cats feel to you? If they don’t feel good, they are showing you that you have some resistance to something. They are in your reality for a reason. I can’t tell you what that specific reason is… Your clue is not in what they do, but how their presence feels to you. What else is going on in your life that feels like that? Follow that train of thought.

      If you focus on white light, you go to a very general place. You stop activating the resistance. You allow your vibration to rise. So, you feel better and your reality calms down a bit. You calm down, then your reality calms down. The other way around doesn’t work. 🙂


      • Melody! Indeed, things were very intense on all levels and aspects of my life when they feral cats showed up. On the other hand, I feel like I understand them, in that they are fighters, survivors and strive to stay on top of things, no matter what the circumstances, like I am doing, while not giving up. Maybe they are showing me that even though I have struggles and obstacles, as fellow “kat”, can make it. Now, I see them more as an inspiration rather than a type of pest I have to watch out for.

        This is very moving, and I hope I upped my vibration by realizing this. I, like feral cats, do not just give up and lie there to die from my surrounding circumstances, but rather need to follow my dreams, even if I have to die doing so. This is most powerful. I have been at this a long time (even though I feel and look a decade younger while everyone else is aging around me), and my escrow has gotten huge and there is a lot there to deal with, I feel that one day I will get there.

  • Melody,

    Cats. How in the world do we attract them into our vibration and they just show up? What is up with that? Is it because my husband and I are more sensitive and intuitive than the others in our neighborhood and we take things to heart?

    People are really apathetic to things that go on around them and if they do notice something, they react to it by jumping to conclusions as we have discussed before such as “too much competition”, “things are hard”, “there are no possibilities”, etc . Which is better, being sensitive or an emotional dunce? I have read the former gets you farther in life, yet what I see around me is that the dunces lead calmer lives because nothing ever happens to them and they do not need to deal with anything like we do. Their life is so blank, yet calm. Ignorance is bliss. At least that is what I see.

    How can we get a dunce to respond to us and what we want? Sometimes we need to spell things out for them, because they just do not get it. Being patient takes forever; maybe, maybe not. I know you have touched upon this subject in many other posts and recordings, but all your input helps.

    • Hey Kat,

      Erm, not sure how you are attracting cats. But if you want to get rid of them, maybe get a dog? 😛

      I wouldn’t judge people who are leading calmer lives as dunces, lol. We get to decide how fast we want to move. If you don’t have strong desire, you’re not going to have a fast moving energy stream and you won’t be hitting your obstacles as hard. That’s what makes their lives seem calm to you. Although, honestly, you have no idea what it is that they’re really experiencing.

      Also, I promise you, their lives would be boring to you. Notice how every time things seem too slow, you get totally impatient? There you go. You’d go nuts if everything just stopped moving. If you want an easier ride, focus on things getting easier. Back off and go really general. When I get overwhelmed, I meditate on a bright light. You can’t get much more general than that. It works. Things just soften. I’ll write about this in the future.

      You can’t get a dunce to respond to what you want. You can’t get anyone to do what you want. You can’t control them. You can only line up with what you want and then let LOA bring you those who are a match to that. Are you trying to action someone who isn’t a match into submission? Yeah.. you should totally stop that before you have a stroke or something. 😉

      Huge hugs!

  • Update:

    Hey Melody,

    I attended a concert last night where the vibration was high. I let go of the worry I had and had great dreams after the concert. I did not see any cats around today.

    Also, I found some money.

    The landlord had a heart to heart with my husband, wants to make it comfortable for us so if there is anything we want, we just give him a holler.

    Thanks again!

    Humongous Hugs!

  • Thanks Melody! Wow, I have some OCB tendancies to ease the anxiety I have in my life. I am working on that, though. My husband and I had a talk last night and concluded that we won’t be doing anything else to the place and just allowing things to get done without us putting energy into anything.

    I had no idea about the cats. I guess they are trying to tell me something about what I do not want. I definitely do not want cats, as I’ve never liked them, even after having one, but I will bless the creatures. We just let them be. I guess when the kittens grow up, they will roam about the neighborhood and not live in our backyard anymore.

    I’ll stop feeling bad and angry about the money my husband paid out of pocket when insurance covered the service at the doctor’s office and stop calling to remind them.

    After writing this response, I feel better.

  • Ooops! I totally forgot to add that, part of that abundance is the return of my health and well -being, for which I am deeply appreciative and will never take for granted again and always be thankful for! That is most definitely part of the abundance!

  • Perfect. Now perhaps some light can be shed into this. His apathy for our comfort made me react. We have done so much to take care if the place, I feel he does not appreciate it. Other tenants would not care so much for the place. Other landlirds bent over backwards for us. He just demanded this month’s rent.

    We had brought specialists in to look at a 50 year old leaky boiler for which several parts were replaced yet it continued to leak. We got a quote from the company for a new boiler, but the landlord does not wish to replace it and is bringing his guy tomorrow to check it out and see if, through further tinkering, it can be fixed.

    I just expect more respect and concern for our comfort. After all, the landlord is our freaking brother in law. If worse comes to worst, he will have to replace it once it breaks down, but it may be during the winter and we can prevent it by getting it over with now. I am not sure if these details were even necessary.

    The more I desire peace, the more stuff creeps into my reality. I also manifested feral cats in our backyard who are a new family and they just live our yard for some reason. My husband is allergic to cats and they carry diseases in our area. We just ignore the and scare them away, but they keep coming back.

    There is also a reimbursement from a doctor’s office I have been waiting for months now, and when I call to remind them to send us the check, I am given all sorts of excuses on how it is being processed, etc.

    I desire free, easy and abundance and see all these pesky things come up. Hmmmmm…

    • Sounds to me like you’re holding on to a belief that the peace you want is dependent on or could be limited by other people and animals and whatnot. And so you keep manifesting others who make your life difficult…

      Your resentment of your landlord/brother in law: Why are you expecting him to be grateful for something he didn’t ask you to do? Did you take care of the place because it brought you joy to do so, or because you had to (if we don’t, it won’t get done)? I’m guessing largely the second one, or you wouldn’t be resentful at all. You decided to make your manifestation happen (well repaired home) instead of lining up with it and allowing it to come to you.

      Take your landlord out of the equation for the boiler. Focus unflinchingly on what you want and stop worrying about the how. He is irrelevant to this process.

      Cats – focus on what you want instead. Stop pushing against them. Cats are great at showing you what you don’t want. Bless then and focus on what you want instead. Stop holding on to them by pushing against them.

      Take the doctor’s office out of the equation. Figure out what you’re feeling around that and focus on what it makes you want instead. You can manifest the money you want in many ways. It doesn’t have to come through them. But they can’t pay you as long as you’re pushing against them even a little bit.

      Stop making yourself and others responsible for your manifestations. Visualize what you want until it feels good and give no thought to the other side. 🙂

      See? All fixed. Next!


  • Meoldy,

    I did get is, but today is really weird the way things are progressing. When I concentrated on what I wanted, manifestations started popping that I did not want, like confrontations with the landlord when all I want is free and easy and to live in abundance. This caused me to desire a new living situation in the near future because the landlord is being difficult and cheap. He can’t deprive us of anything, though. If so, I will suggest for us to move in with him, since he has it all in the form of huge space where we can easily fit in one of the large rooms- our little joke for today. At least we laughed this off.

    I am glad I am over my depression and just wanted peace, yet this conflict arose today, something that caused discord. Just an example of the fact that it takes time to get things back in vibrational finctionality.

    • If you focused on what you wanted and manifested discord, then that manifestation was there to get your attention. Your resistance manifested. How did the argument feel? What did he say that made you react? Why did you react? There’s something for you to clear there that is keeping you from the peace and ease you’re reaching for. This is a good thing! When resistance manifests, you can clear it! 🙂

      Huge hugs!

  • Man, Melody, this hits home because that is what I call the populace, too! All I see are zombies crawling everywhere. They just go through the motions, not caring about their fellow man or the true contribution they can make. The sit on their behind all day then go home and sit in front of the tv at night and that us life for them.

    I need to manifest other scenarios in my life and really need to get back to that Hugh school/college mode when I was in the vortex. It has been so tough though! I get glimpses of it, then I’m a downer again because I now know the reality of the situation, and that gets me down, but my inner being knows otherwise. I know we can’t go back, but not even when we where in the vortex? I look through books I read then and listen to music I listened to then to get into the vibe I was in, and I do at times, but then I’m kicked out.

    Like Dorothy, I’d like to go home. It is within me but a bit buried. The matrix does not suit me and I k ow there is somuch more, at a time when i knew little of the world. I don’t want to be so negatively influenced by the more I see and people I meet.

    • Hey Kat,

      First of all, you’re doing a whole lot better than you’re giving yourself credit for. No one stays in the Vortex all the time. If we did, we wouldn’t be here in the physical. Part of playing here is exploring contrast, and to do that, we have to see what we don’t want from time to time and that will take us out of the vortex. But so what? It’s not like you can’t get back in…

      I get a strong sense that maybe it’s time for you to update your vortex inducing media. There’s some discord about using the distant past to do it, because there’s this sense that there’s nothing in your NOW that will do as well. So, kind of like your best days are behind you. There is plenty in your NOW that you can focus on, and when you do, it’ll be more stable than if you use your past.

      And when you are negatively influenced, realize that this experience is causing you to create a new scenario, a new desire, something you didn’t want before, or didn’t want as clearly. What is it? What is this experience that currently doesn’t feel good causing you to want? What is this stupid negative person in front of you causing you to want instead? Figure that out and then focus on that. You do want to be influenced by the negative stuff. You want it to influence you to greater and greater heights! 🙂

      Huge hugs!


    My heart jumped a beat when I found this, I got so excited that my answer would be here. I read through everything under the “about us” & the two essays.

    Before reading anything else on the site I wanted to email/contact the author to talk about my situation and instead of reading every, single thing maybe she could direct me from there.

    (I know how time consuming it was to read all of your materials, I try to give a website the respect by reading the basics before asking a bunch of questions and getting accused of not taking initiative.)

    I just keep attracting people that can’t help me, are dead, left or I can’t afford….

    I read her farewell letter that states the site has no longer been a joy, so she has turned it over for people to read and take over.
    She said she used to have the time to answer everybody… I just missed a possible answer for me.

    All my fears have been coming true despite all my positive thinking they won. The worst possible scenario got activated yesterday with my benefactor threatening to stop helping me out.
    I have no where to go.
    The fear was further activated when upon asking for advice I got no answer or a horrible answer..
    Someone suggested that despite my health I could work enough as a cashier a food store… I just felt soul crushed.

    I didn’t go through all this health battle just to loss everything and do a job I hate.. what an anti-climax.
    That’s not what they were paying for. They were paying for me to find my passion, get healthy again and really shine.

    Not wind up like this. What makes it hard is it’s not just work, but everything health, lack of friends….

    I’ve been looking at business ideas, but can’t find an answer or something I’m really passionate about.

    I looked at your workbook–it feels exactly like so I am really at the end.

    If I don’t have an answer soon I’m going to lose everything. This is not an idle comment.

    The website is good..except for the mention of clay homes and shacks…. Combine these ideals with effective LOA I’m sure there’s a solution.

    I have considered ending my life over this now.

    • Kane,

      There is a ton of information on that site. What makes you think that none of that would be useful to you? It felt wonderful to you when you found it – that’s a manifestation. Just because the woman who created it is no longer working on it doesn’t mean that you can’t find a whole lot of clarity in what she did put out there. Do you refuse to read a book because the author is dead, even if it feels really great to you?

      Don’t go and do a job you hate. That’s not the answer and it will just make your health problems worse. Instead, and I know that this is going to go against what most “realistic” people will tell you: Back off. Go into a freaking cocoon if you have to.

      Here’s my advice. Get super general. Don’t think in terms of jobs or what you could do to get money. Does that feel good? No? Then stop it.

      Think purely in terms of feelings. Look for arbitrary (neutral) things that evoke emotions of peace within you. Like looking at a sunset or the beach or puppies or whatever floats your boat. Focus on feeling neutral. Don’t go for happy and don’t reach for clarity right now.

      One think you can try – close your eyes and focus on seeing different colors. Notice how each color feels and focus on one color at a time. Does red feel different from blue? How about white? Which one brings you the most peace? The more you focus in this way, the less active all that other stuff will become.

      If you’re so depressed that you’re looking for ways out, it’s not about finding a happy thought. It’s about getting relief from the unhappy ones. Go neutral and general. It’s like when you’re driving your car backwards. You can’t switch from Reverse into first gear without stopping. Well, you can, but it’s not a good idea, is it. This is a way to stop the momentum. And yes, you will already feel better – you’ll feel less dark. Do this for three days and see how you feel.

      At that point, you can then look for very general more positive feelings. Stay general. Don’t look for jobs you could do. Figure out how you want the jobs to feel? You might even want to do the workbook then. It stays quite general. But get neutral first.

      I really hope this is helpful to you.

      I’m sending you huge hugs and love and light,


  • I’m a human that has the constant fear of being bit by a zombie….If that metaphor makes sense.

    They want me to get a job. Work conjures up horrible things. Further sickness, bullying, lack of time, stress, getting hospitalised from stress ulcers.
    I’m not lazy..I’m literally terrified of work! (first time publically admitted that!..There! I’m terrified of work!)

    I want to work but don’t know what is something that I can do while I’m getting my health on track.
    It needs to make me happy. I have enough hurdles to jump (health, depression etc) without having a job I hate on top of that or a mediocre job that doesn’t make me feel proud.

    The best option is to run my own business…then I could take sick days and work at 3am to catch up when I feel like it.

    I am not so well–last weekend was pretty bad.
    I had opportunity and great weather but was holed up in bed again.

    But what?

    I have no clue.

    I think I may be doomed to be a zombie for the financial security. I know nothing about money or business.

    I don’t know how to think of better things with this looming over me. They want me to get-a-fricken-job-or-else and it scares me to death.

    Looks like I’ll be a zombie soon enough.

    • Hey Kane,

      It sounds like you’ve equated getting a job with being a zombie. But it doesn’t have to be. Jobs can be fun. There are jobs with flexible work hours and cool bosses who are more interested in your contribution than how many hours you spend in your chair. There are nice and fun coworkers out there and projects that would actually inspire you. But right now, when you think of work, you seem to be imagining a 1984 scenario. Ok, I’m mixing metaphors now, but you get the idea.

      You’re not willing to feel horrible about your job and still go to work. Good for you! But it is possible to manifest a job that you don’t feel horrible about. Try imagining that for a little while until it’s not uncomfortable to do so anymore. 🙂

      Huge hugs!


  • I’ve been a Zombie before Melody… thankfully it only lasted a while. I am so glad I actually do feel alive … and enjoy almost every day! 🙂

    Today I might be a bit glassy eyed… first of all the Canucks sucked largely (Vancouver Canucks Hockey team) and lost the Stanley Cup (LOL)… then the idiots downtown caused a riot. (very embarrassing for Vancouverites).. then I went of a field trip (and have another tomorrow with my kids) LOL… went into town to buy a bike for my significant other for Fathers day… and I am so far behind I’m going backwards! How’s that for my excuse for being glassy eyed?

    I’m off the read your post over at Justins… just after I grab a coffee!


  • Hi Melody,

    To answer your question… I’m pretty much a human! I I believe we are creating the reality we choose and it is in this choosing that we can choose to make things happen for the best. Life is meant to be enjoyed and fulfilling. Part of that is the awakening to that idea, and the second part LIVING that idea. Excellent article!

  • I’m only a zombie when I fall in a rut. I felt like a zombie for two months after my mom passed away. And as normal and important as grieving is, I’d rather be out there living on the edge, taking risks and having fun.

    • Hi Tess,

      Grieving is totally allowed. But kudos to you for now staying stuck in that turmoil. When someone close to us dies, there’s a tendency to feel like we have to stay in grief – like we owe it to them. The longer we grieve, the more we loved them… And we feel guilty for daring to feel good again. But our loved ones (the dead ones) would never want us to suffer. Bravo for recognizing that and coming back to the human side, Tess!!

      Huge hugs,

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