A few nights ago, I was lying in bed, just about to go to sleep, when my stomach began to act up. I was in pain and had some nausea. It wasn’t horrific, just some basic indigestion caused by having eaten some incompatible foods too close together (fruit after avocado), but it was supremely uncomfortable, and kept me awake. I realized that this was an opportunity to experiment a bit. I knew it was possible to get rid of pain using the principles of deliberate creation in theory. But would I be able to do it in practice? It turns out that yes, I would. Here’s how I did it:

Remember, we’re vibrational beings

If we remember that everything is energy, and that we’re vibrational beings just translating this energy through our senses, we begin to see that every experience we have is just an interpretation of energy. We’re focusing on or tuning into a certain frequency, and the more we focus on that particular energy, the more of it we get. So, in theory, if we want to stop having an experience, all we have to do is to stop focusing on that particular frequency.

The experiment

Because the pain and nausea weren’t scream-inducingly bad, I had a little leeway. I began to focus on the discomfort. I put all my attention on my pain and nausea, which is what we generally do when we’re physically ill. The result? The pain got worse, just as expected.

After a few minutes of this, I then began the process of putting my attention on something else, something “happy”. I knew that if I could just get a tiny foothold, just a glimpse of a different vibration, the law of attraction would make it easier and easier for me to focus on it. I ran through several images in my mind and finally settled on one that I have no resistance to (it doesn’t bring up any bad memories or negative emotion.) I chose the image of a beautiful butterfly slowly and delicately flapping its wings.

At first, it was quite hard to wrench my thoughts away from my pain. I’d get a glimpse of the outline of the butterfly, almost like it was made of smoke, and go right back to the pain. The pain was louder, bigger, more vivid than the butterfly. It was so much easier to go there. But I kept on trying. I persisted.

It took a considerable amount of effort, but I was able to keep bringing my focus back to the vision of the butterfly. And after a few minutes of this tug of war, I was able to hold a steady image of it in my mind. I really got into it. I saw its colors, the movement of the wings, the delicate legs. And as I did this, I noticed that the pain was subsiding. It was decreasing, I didn’t feel as nauseous anymore.

Of course, the second I thought of the pain, it returned. But this time, it wasn’t as difficult and didn’t take as long for me to go back to the picture of the butterfly. I’d amassed enough energy on that frequency to make it more compelling. The law of attraction had made it easier for me to access this better feeling thought. And when I did, the pain went away.

What really happened

As long as I was giving my attention, my focus, to the frequency of the pain, I continued to add to that energy. The law of attraction will bring more energy to whatever it is you’re focusing on. The key was to stop giving my focus to my discomfort. But you can’t really stop doing something you want to stop doing.

Just like if I tell you NOT to think of a pink elephant, you immediately picture a pink elephant, you can’t stop thinking of pain when you’re feeling it. But you can start thinking of something else, instead. So the solution is not to push against the pain, but to find something else to think about and focus all of your attention on that.

So, as soon as I was able to put more attention on the butterfly than my pain, the pain and nausea started to subside. If I returned my focus to my stomach, the pain came back. I went back and forth several times to test this and it worked every time.

Why a butterfly?

The image of the butterfly isn’t magical or special in any way. I chose it simply because I have no “issues” with butterflies. I think they’re beautiful, but it’s not like I’ve always wanted butterflies but couldn’t have them. I have very little emotion around them except for appreciation of their beauty.  In other words, the thought of butterflies carries no resistance – no lower frequencies are activated when I have that thought. This made it the perfect image of for me to use as a distraction.

I tried several other images before I settled on the butterfly, but they weren’t a good fit. I had to find something simple, something easy to lock onto. A complex idea didn’t work, because it required too much effort to get that first glimpse, the one that I needed to get that first foothold. It also had to be something that held very little possibility of activating negative thoughts. What do I mean by that?

I love to go the beach. The smell and sounds of the ocean, the feel of the warm sand underneath me and between my toes, the feel of the hot sun on my skin. I adore it. So you’d think that this would’ve been a perfect image for me to use to focus my attention away from my pain. You’d think that, but no. Because I was coming from a lower vibration, I had access to negative thoughts. Under other circumstances, when I’m in a good or even just neutral mood, thinking of the beach brings me joy. But being at the beach does have some potential downsides, and when I’m coming from a place of pain, guess which aspects of the beach I can most easily focus on?

So, I focused on the beach and immediately got an image of sand in places that sand shouldn’t be. There was sunburn. The waves knocked me over and I got salt water in my mouth and nose. And so on. If I’d stayed on the subject of the beach, I might’ve ruined it for myself for good!

But when I thought of the butterfly, nothing negative came up. It was a simple image, but one I could build upon as I gathered more energy. For example, I started with just a simple, one dimensional picture, but as I focused more, I was able to imagine more details. In the end, I could see the butterfly moving. I even added flowers and other butterflies. Once I was able to hold an image that vivid, my pain and discomfort were completely gone.

How to focus yourself away from pain

So, if you’re experiencing physical pain or discomfort, you can decrease it or even make it go away by doing the following:

  • Find an image of something that brings up no resistance in you. It can be anything, but if you think of it and see a negative aspect of it, switch to a different image until you find the perfect one.
  • Make sure the image is something simple, like a picture, that you can build up as you get into it.
  • This is the hard part: Focus all of your attention on that image. The pain will be doing its best to regain your attention, and it’ll be easy to go back to it – physical pain is pretty much the hardest thing to ignore.
  • Notice how the pain gets a bit better every time you’re able to hold the alternative image for even a few seconds. Deliberately noticing this change, will be hugely empowering to you. It will give you a sense of control which we generally lose when we’re in physical discomfort.
  • Every time you switch back to the pain, and you will, it will get easier to go back to your positive image. Don’t consider the switch back to pain a failure. Just notice how much easier it gets to move away from it, and how you’re able to hold the new image a little longer each time.
  • The worse your pain is, the harder this will be, but once you’re able to get just a small glimpse of the image, you’re on your way. The law of attraction will help you build more and more momentum.

Have you been able to conquer pain or a physical condition using energy work? Share your experiences in the comments!


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  • Hey Thank you for taking the time to explain clearly and concisely how to manage pain using law of attraction. I have been searching for your explanation! Namaste x

  • Yup, I know this works, as I used Lamaze to naturally birth two babies. The less you focus on the pain, the less you feel the pain. To do this you have to shift your focus to something else. Lamaze has you pick an object ahead of the birthing process. Thanks Melody, for explaining what was going on energetically!

    • Hey Tina,

      Lamaze is a perfect example of this technique! They get you to focus on your breathing on a point in the room, anything but the cramps and contractions. And the more intensely you focus, the better it gets. Practicing that focus beforehand is a huge help as well. The more practiced a vibration, the more energy it has, and the easier it is to tune into it.

      Thanks for commenting here, sis!


  • Very nice! When I was doing ivf and had pains, I watched funny videos on youtube. Parodies of movies and real-life scenarios like the ones on Madtv really did the trick.

    I have been seeing monarch butterflies and dragonflies all summer. First time here in the big city. They usually do not make it to the city, so I take those as signs for good things to come.

    In reference to Alice’s example, heartache is a real pain to get over. You are not able to do much with a heavy heart. I had experienced that, but it slowly opened up with laughter, good friends who would hear me out, and of course, appreciation and places like this blog! It got lighter and lighter.

    • Hey Kat,

      I love monarch butterflies! I’ve only seen them in Peru, never in Europe, but that is, indeed, an amazing sign! Yay!

      We usually don’t want to focus on the body part that’s actually hurting in order to relieve the pain. So, I didn’t focus on my stomach, because that only would’ve activated how much it hurt. With a heavy heart, we don’t have to focus on the heart, but just on something that makes us feel better. Appreciation is a powerful tool. πŸ™‚

      Huge hugs!

  • Hi melody…

    wonderful post again…!! but I have one question for you..! I am not talking about physical pain here….but pain at emotional level..!!
    Melody…its said that if you suppress your emotions…or try to act that all is well…inspite of all not being well…it can harm you more internally. You are suppressing yourself here….And rather expressing is a more healthy way of dealing with emotions..!! may be because we have to finish off that frequency..?? your views on it..

    • Hey Nupur,

      Emotional pain and physical pain are the same thing, only at different stages of the process. You feel emotional pain first. If you don’t detect it or just ignore it (or suppress it), the resistance will manifest in a bigger way, one that is designed to get your attention. So, it may well escalate to physical pain. But in either case, the “cure” is to figure out what it is that you’re really feeling and what thoughts are causing those feelings and then change those thoughts until you line up with a better feeling. The solution for emotional pain and physical pain is the same. It’s all in how you focus. Focus on something that feels better and the pain will subside. It has to. πŸ™‚

      Huge hugs!

  • Amazing Melody,

    I will keep reading and going through your blog as it’s facinating, enjoyable and just keeps coming up with thoughts and answers! It’s like that Deep & Meaningful I want more often with friends but they are too busy to have. It’s great to see deep thinkers. This is much better than television or other free-time activities right now. πŸ™‚

    Reading this gave me more insights. I realised I have resistance to SO MANY THINGS! Even certain types of flowers can make me both happy and sad because of memories tied to them.

    As I said before I’ve had depression and negativity in my life for about a decade and viewing life through this lense so many things have been sucked into the negative category.

    A certain flower is tied to sadness because of an argument with family, a lost love, a funeral… Thinking of a happy playing dog can also be a lost cause for people that recently lost a pet!
    Seemingly happy objects can be so sad! Amazing. I didn’t know I had such a long list of resistance.
    Even a butterfly or animal might be sad for me because a lost friend used to love this or that.. Wow!

    My neutral item might have to be something pretty uncanny. This is interesting. I’ll think about it tomorrow on the train into town.

    • Hey Alice,

      It could really be anything. The point is, it doesn’t have to be meaningful or even positive. It just can’t be negative. You could even pick a meaningless symbol and just focus on that if you like. The thing that makes it work is the focus and the emotion, not the object itself.

      Happy hunting!

      Huge hugs,

      • Does this apply to emotional pain too? I wake up everyday with a heavy heart. Painfully heavy. It’s often hard to get out of bed!

  • Hey Awesome Melody,

    I had read this blog almost 2 months back & I was successful applying this but, my back pain is such a thing that it comes back again & again (some time I attract also).

    My job profile force me to sit for longer time and whenever I am on leave I travel (within or outside city) where, again I have to sit & drive longer time and city roads add up to my pain.
    I am having this pain from almost 7 years now. It bounces back whenever I do excess travelling & longer seating.

    I understand what to do as per this blog but, as you rightly said; the worse your pain is, the harder this will be.

    Can you throw some more light on how should I focus more on daily exercises & things which will help me?

    To be very frank I know where I am going wrong but, if I see the solution from you I will follow that completely πŸ˜‰

    Thanks for being there and helping us with your super duper writings πŸ™‚

    Huge Hugs & Lots of Love,
    Sameer πŸ™‚

    • Hi Sameer,

      The technique described above will help to alleviate pain in the moment by deactivating the frequency which caused it. If you’ve had pain for 7 years, there’s a much, MUCH larger underlying cause which this technique will not be able to get rid of. There’s something you’re not paying attention to, some issue that’s causing negative emotion that you’ve been ignoring for a long time. And it probably gets triggered when you travel for work. Find this issue and release it and your back pain will get better.

      But as you said, you already knew that, didn’t you? πŸ™‚

      Huge hugs!

    • Hi Alexe,

      That’s absolutely fine. You don’t have to agree with everything I say. Just take the parts you resonate with and leave the rest (like eating at a buffet.) Thanks so much for your kind words.



  • Well done and good sharing. I have had headaches all my life and have used the smell of eucalyptus oil to focus on relief – Mentholatum ointments I Find very opening and relaxing. Also putting a bit in my nose for a plane trip totally makes me feel safe from getting a virus. If I feel a cold invading, I take a sweat bath and sleep – wow I haven’t had a full blown cold in years.

    I have gone to an energy healer that last couple of years for my knee pain and she can even help me over the phone now.

    but my best story happened just last night. About 4am a mosquito began buzzing my head and woke me up. I tried to shoo it away or bury my head under the blanket…no luck and I needed my sleep – an hour of irritation had passed. I started focusing on the quiet and how relaxed my body felt in the dark and the quiet. I stopped hearing the mosquito and awoke several hours later with no bite anywhere. !!!

    • Wow, well done, Patricia! I’ve not been able to get rid of mosquitoes. Even in the rainforest, when I made a deal with all the bugs (some of them were HUGE) to please stay away from me in return for me not squishing them, everything complied, EXCEPT for the mosquitoes. That’s probably because I can see a use for every insect and animal (yes, even cockroaches, they are nature’s garbage men), except for the mosquito. Someone told me that they were there to spread disease and keep populations of certain animals in check, but I just haven’t yet gotten to the point where I can send them love and mean it. I get bitten very seldom now, and the bites only last half a day, so I know I’m close to releasing this, but I’m so proud of you for conquering that vibration!!! Yay Patricia!!!


  • Hi Melody,
    These are excellent tips you offer. I remember a time when I was on a vacation, and I caught a bit of a cold. I affirmed to myself over and again “thank you for my good health” and imagined myself free of any colds. That cold went away within a few days. I do believe in the power of our thoughts. I feel we are on the same wavelength in regards to how the law of attraction really operates. Nicely done post!

    • Thanks Baker. I agree. I like to take the practical approach. I mean, if you can’t use it in every day life, it’s just a philosophy. And the LOA is so much more to me…


  • Empowering advice, Melody. I love your real life example of putting it into action. The Electromagnetic Force of Harmonious Attraction can only make real that of which we make a mental big deal! There is no sense resisting this law, so it is best that we work with it.

  • Hi Melody,

    This is a good experience. πŸ˜‰ One of the ways that I get into a higher vibration is using emotional recall. I imagine a time when I was extremely happy and then begin to focus on what I want to attract. This helps to get rid of the negative thoughts and emotions and at the same time, it helps to raise our vibration. Focus plays a huge part in this process. Thanks for sharing Melody, great job πŸ™‚

    • Hi Dia,
      That’s an excellent technique, as well. Anytime you can feel good, for whatever reason, you’re going to be accessing a higher vibration. Thanks for sharing!


  • It is proven that the body feels pleasure over pain. This doesn’t have to be physical pleasure it can be mental just like the one you enduced.

    When you gave yourself emotional pleasure it took over from the pain and therefore you moved over too feeling it more powerfully.

    Well done though, that is difficult.

    • Hi Daniel,
      It’s true, we are always seeking to go towards pleasure and away from pain. But physical pain can be so distracting. It’s just so in your face.
      For me, it’s not so much about finding pleasure (that would be too far of a jump from pain), but rather finding a neutral subject that you can grab onto. You can then parlay that neutral subject into something more positive. For example, I like butterflies, but they’re not a huge source of joy for me. I just had no negative feelings about them whatsoever. They trigger almost nothing in me – hence they’re pretty neutral. But, I can parlay that into something more positive if I focus on their beauty, add some flowers, etc. The trick is to get your mind off of the pain (and all subjects that are causing it) and onto something that has no resistance. If you do that, your vibration will automatically rise and the pain will dissipate.


  • Hi Melody,

    I love your blog because you write about real world issues and how people can apply the LOA to bring about their desired intentions. I have a cousin who reads your blog, her name is Candy. She could certainly benefit from this post because she has chronic pain. I think the key to it all is like you brought up that we are vibrational beings. I feel that there is so much potential for each of us once we truly understand how to use that vibrational energy to accomplish what we want in life.

    • Hi Todd,
      Thank you so much for your wonderful comment. I totally agree. We’re just scratching the surface. But it’s “experiments” like these, that give us a glimpse of just how powerful we are. πŸ™‚


  • Hey Melody,
    Great technique for getting rid of pain. This is a better alternative to taking pain medication in my opinion.

    Using our imagination can definitely redirect our focus onto something else that will cause our vibration to shift to a better feeling place.

    • Thanks Justin. It was a great opportunity to experiment. I don’t really feel pain very often anymore, and I think all the pain meds I have at home expired long ago… πŸ™‚

      I’m going to be careful, though, I don’t want to end up manifesting pain just so I can experiment some more… LOL.


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