When I launched this blog, I did so because I wanted a space where I could show how to actually apply the law of attraction. The rest of the site contains articles, audio and video about the principles of LOA, but this is where I get to share real world examples. And that’s what I’ve got for you today. In this particular case, however, I have to open up my psyche to you, neuroses and all, and really let you see inside my head. If you’re somehow under the illusion that I’m perfect and want to keep it that way, stop reading now. You have been disclaimered.

This is the story about a seemingly unimportant broken water heater, which caused me to learn an incredibly important lesson. My hope is that by sharing it with you, you’ll get some benefit from the experience, as well.

It all started one Friday night

So there I was, one Friday night. I was at home alone, having decided to have a nice, quiet evening for myself. With my cup of Cinnamon tea beside me, I was just settling into watching a movie, when I heard the unmistakable sound of a pipe bursting in the kitchen. I jumped up and ran into the other room, only to discover hot water running down the wall behind the water heater (I live in Spain, where it’s common to have water heaters mounted to the kitchen or bathroom wall.) The electric water heater had sprung a leak and was leaking hot water all over the counter and floor.

I stayed calm. I unplugged all electrical appliances and moved them out of the way. I turned off the main water (didn’t help, as the water heater was emptying itself all over the kitchen). I called the insurance company. I ran downstairs and begged my lovely neighbor, who’s much better at home emergencies than I am, to come and take a look. I was even proud of myself for not getting even a teensy bit upset.

I shifted my point of view by imagining that this may very well give me the opportunity to get that gas installation I’d been wanting (I only have electric). Yes, this was surely just a means to a fabulous end, even if the delivery was a bit inconvenient. I chalked that bit up to resistance. I kept myself in a happy space. So far so good.

Then, the problems started

The insurance company told me it wasn’t their problem and there was nothing they could do, which meant that I’d potentially have to pay hundreds of Euros to have this situation fixed. I had to wait until Monday morning to call the agency that manages my building, who then told me that I had to get the quotes for the repairs myself (say what?!) My mood dipped a little. Why wasn’t this going smoother? Why did it have to happen on a Friday night, when there was no one available?

The technician who showed up told me that the water heater couldn’t be repaired, but that it would be easy as pie to get gas installed. All I had to do was get the approval from the owner of the building and they’d do it the next day. Ah, there was the ease. Things were looking good again. Maybe all this hassle was down to some old resistance, but I could surely control my reaction and stay in my happy space. It had just been a little blip.

I called the agency, who contacted the owner. Then, I waited for two weeks. Two weeks without hot water. I did my best not to care too much, and even looked for the positives. My hair had never been shinier (apparently, rinsing with ice cold water makes your hair shiny). Cold showers are great for the circulation. My electric kettle made boiling water for washing the dishes a snap. But I couldn’t help get a little disgruntled. What was going on? I wanted things to be easy, and this was taking an awfully long time… The weather had turned cloudy the day I had to start taking cold showers, making it even more uncomfortable. And while I knew that my attention to how crappy this situation was would only make it crappier, it became harder and harder to be all cheery and happy about it as the days, then weeks, went by.

Finally, I was able to get an answer: the owner wouldn’t approve a gas installation. The agency told me to go and get a quote for a replacement water heater. Right. That was it. I could handle the inconvenience as long as I imagined that there was some kind of payoff at the end. If there was a greater reason for all of this, I could stay in my happy place. But once that reason was yanked out from under me, I couldn’t keep the annoyance at bay.

I wallowed in that space for about half a day and then came to my senses. Enough was enough. I made the necessary calls to get things going, but it was clear to me: I was stuck. There was something in my vibration that needed shifting. I was creating this situation (as we create everything in our reality) and I was the one who could change it.

I discovered the real issue

It took a bit of soul searching but here’s the buggy belief I discovered:

I am a teacher. I am supposed to know this stuff. I’m supposed to be a shining, perfect example of how to manifest everything you’ve ever wanted. After all, if I can’t pull it off perfectly at all times, who the hell would ever listen to me? It was my old, perfectionist belief system coming back to bite me in the ass.

I was looking at this water heater situation as a way to prove that I know what I’m doing. An easy resolution, with an even better outcome (i.e. the gas installation) would give me something I could show as evidence. I could brag about it. I could blog about it. I had visions of telling you all how my water heater broke and badabing badaboom, I had a new system installed 48 hours later, in a country where a gas installation can routinely take 3 months (yes, seriously). And of course my inability to manifest that fantabulous situation was proof that I was a total law of attraction failure. I was a fraud. If I couldn’t even fix a damn water heater, I might as well close up shop right now. The longer I waited for the resolution, the more that thought was activated and the worse I felt.

I knew I had to shift my vibration

These thoughts felt awful, which told me that my inner being, who I really am, didn’t agree. I had to shift these beliefs and turn to better feeling thoughts. So, after 3 weeks of taking cold showers, I sat myself down on a Saturday, and began to deliberately change my thoughts.

Original thought: The fact that I can’t get this water heater situation resolved quickly and easily is proof that I’m a failure at manifesting.

New thought: The fact that I can’t get this water heater situation resolved quickly and easily is proof that I’m a success at manifesting.

Here’s how I came to that conclusion:

  • I wasn’t a failure at manifesting. Failing at manifesting wasn’t possible. We are always creating. I was manifesting my reality perfectly according to my vibration. Hence, everything in my reality was proof that I manifested successfully. (Basically, I was missing the point a bit).
  • Since everything that manifests in my reality is a direct reflection of my vibration, the situation I was facing was nothing but an indicator that I was holding on to a frequency that wasn’t serving me.
  • The only way to fail at this game, if that was even possible, would be to not notice that I wasn’t feeling good about the situation. If I hadn’t made the correlation between an unwanted situation and my vibration, that could be considered a failure of sorts, I suppose.
  • But I had. It had taken me a bit of time, but I’d figured it out. So there.
  • I don’t have to be perfect. In fact, if I pretend to be perfect, y’all will either feel badly about yourselves for not also being perfect, or you’ll see right through my ruse (plus, I’ll sound like a pretentious bitch).
  • When I thought about blogging about this growth experience, I realized that my “failures” are probably much greater teaching opportunities than my easy successes. The idea that someone else could benefit from what I’d just put myself through made me feel so much better. There was tremendous value in what I’d just learned.
  • Being an LOA teacher does NOT mean that I can’t have any issues or beliefs to release anymore. I’m never going to be done with that. No matter how high my vibration gets, I will always have lower frequencies to release. So my success as a teacher lies in being able to explain the process and give good examples that others can benefit from, NOT in being some superhuman saint that no one can relate to.

As I began to think these thoughts, I began to feel better. And then I felt that rush of relief that comes when you shift some energy. I was flooded with warmth, with that wonderful, positive, tingly feeling you get when the energy is flowing freely again. I had let go of the need for the water heater to get fixed quickly. I had let go of the idea that its resolution had any bearing on my competence as a writer, teacher or human being (how much pressure was THAT to put on one event?!) And in that moment I KNEW that the situation would now be resolved quickly and easily.

The floodgates opened

As I said, I sat down and deliberately shifted my energy on Saturday. On Monday morning, my phone started to ring. The agency had somehow lost my new cell phone number. They’d been trying to get a hold of me for several days, but couldn’t (my energy wouldn’t let them). But that was all magically sorted now. They had received the quotes, gotten approval from the owner, and I’d be getting a call from the technician soon. Oh, and just by the by, I wouldn’t have to pay a dime (not normal). A few minutes later, the gas company called me. They hadn’t gotten the memo that gas could not be installed, but they wanted to help. About ten minutes after that, the electrician called. What time could he stop by tomorrow? Next day installations are unheard of here…

It was as if the floodgates of solutions had opened up and were showering their goodness all over me. My energy, my vibration had been blocking them from coming to me, and as soon as I got to the root of the problem, they swooshed right in. Booya!

So, there you have it. It took three weeks of cold showers to finally get me to realize that I was on the wrong energetic track. I kept myself positive most of the time, which made the experience much less uncomfortable than it could’ve been, but even so, until I got to the root of the problem, nothing changed. But once I did, it all resolved itself quickly and easily. Oh, and just as an aside, the new water heater is more than twice the size of the old one. What I’d really wanted from the gas installation was to be able to take longer hot showers, and that’s exactly what I got. Damn it, I love this stuff!

Success is often the result of taking a misstep in the right direction. – Al Bernstein

Right on Mr. Bernstein. Right on.


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  • Hi Melody!
    It’s so nice to meet you in this blog. You and I resonate very similarly and I enjoy this.
    Thank you for being who you are, perfectly imperfect. You are awesome and I look forward to reading more of your stories.
    Your new friend, Nancy!

  • Ok this post was excellent. Thank you for bringing it to my attention. I absolutely adore your way of sharing yourself by sharing your process which results in my constantly feeling, “I love you” for being that way. In addition to the great insights and lots of things to feel and think about to learn and try and adjust and relate to regarding the account of the manifesting process was the feeling of you. Who you are. And that feeling is the feeling that most of all was shining and radiating and glowing something strong that I was feeling nourished by and enjoying while i read the post.

    The perfection part of the sharing brought to mind a tape I greatly benefited from in the Lazaris materials catalog let me go and get that link for you now, just a sec…

    ah yes, here it is:


    top notch that talk and meditation.

    And the Bernstein quote now appears on my own “quotes” page at:

    Reminds me of that Michael Jordan Nike commercial where he talks about all the times he failed at various things. Have you seen that?

    With Love Itself,
    JoreJj Z. Elprehzleinn

    • Hey JoreJj,

      Yep, I love that commercial. Thank you, as always, for your wonderful, loving words. I haven’t thought about this incident or post in a long time, but for some reason it popped right into my head as I was replying to you. That’s inspired action. 🙂

      The shift I made that day set me up for many changes that came since. I had to be willing to make mistakes, fall on my face and teach through the power of my example, even when that example showed me lying face down in the mud for a bit. There’s so much more value (for me) in being able to speak practically about how to change one’s circumstances, than to just talk about it theoretically. I’m a practical person and I attract practical people to me. People with lives and jobs and stuff that’s gotta get done. And learning to apply LOA in that environment, with these specifics is such a joy, such a challenge, such a joyful challenge. Yay!

      I’m going to go and appreciate my water heater now. 🙂

      Huge happy shiny puppy hugs!


  • Hi Melody,

    Here I am again on Friday night. You’ve mentioned this post several times, so I wanted to read it. Yeah! Thank you and DR for pointing me in this direction. Interesting that I resisted for several days, but tonight I was ready…

    Your example has given me an insight into a problem I have in my house. I can’t seem to work (sculpt) in my workshop. I’ve been trying to shift energy so I’ll want to work there, but it hasn’t happened. You’ve helped me see that I’m not asking the right question. I need to focus on how I feel when I sculpt, and the right situation will manifest. It may already have, as I attend a public workshop for a few hours every week. Maybe this is all my hands can handle. Now that I will get away from trying to force myself into what I thought I wanted, what I really want will show up. Whew!

    Giant Friday Night Hugs, (kind of like Friday Night Football but for the rest of us)

    Mary Carol

    • Hi Mary Carol,

      Nice to see someone going through the “old” stuff, LOL. My vision for the site was to create a massive resource that people could find and then browse through as needed/desired. It’s getting to be more and more like that. Yay!

      I’m so glad this post brought you some clarity. Whenever we’re trying to MAKE ourselves do something and it seems to be hard, we’re pushing in the wrong direction or coming from the wrong place. It’s always helpful to take a step back and just ask “What’s actually important to me here?”

      Ha, ha! Saturday afternoon hugs right back atcha!


      • Melody, your blog and website are indeed a massive resource. Thank you over and over! I keep sending people here, and know that when the timing is right, they’ll laugh and learn from your words and thoughts.


        Mary Carol

  • I always enjoy your real-world examples, and you always share in a pragmatic way.

    The way you frame things really does tee your world up for success flowing your way.

    • Hi J.D.,
      Thanks so much for your kind words. I learn best from real world examples. Theory is nice, but useless if you can’t apply it. So, I figure that’s what other people will appreciate as well. Thanks for your support!


  • Thanks Melody for you openness–I appreciate it. I learn a lot when people are willing to share their own learning process–what didn’t go so well, and what corrections were made to improve things. And isn’t it “funny” how reality presents us with opportunities to go deeper with our learning and growth? It’s frustrating at times but actually pretty cool.

    • Hi Sean,
      Thanks for being so supportive. It makes it easier to be vulnerable when people share that it’s valuable. And again, I’ve realized (again and again) that perfectionism or even implied perfectionism isn’t a beneficial goal. It’s not possible and would therefore just be fake. This, I think is one of my biggest issues. When something goes wrong, I get frustrated not because it went wrong, but because I think I should be better than that right now. This was one of those instances. Hopefully now that I’ve shared it publicly, it won’t happen again. 🙂


  • Hi Melody,
    I pay attention to people whose lives are heading in the right direction and then I want to know and understand better their sources of guidance, life influences etc. Obviously you have gain great benefit/wisdom from LOA. So I’m here to learn. Enjoy and appreciate the honesty of your posts.

  • That Quote is so true. My way to success was by accident. I invested my money into the wrong business and through the flames realized that i was a literary Phoenix. I think when you have the Idea to Be The GREATEST, the law of attraction will bring you through the exact events necessary for that internal genius to surface.

  • Hi Melody,

    It is so true about you said of manifesting all the time. We tend to think in only the positive, meaning if we aren’t manifesting positive desires then we must be doing something wrong. When in reality, we are always manifesting we just fail to see that we manifest the good with the bad. I’m glad it all worked out for you.

    • Thanks Todd. This realization, that we are manifesting everything (which I had to remember here. Again), was HUGE for me. It gives us back all this control and also makes sense of the world. LOA is always working. It’s not subjective and it’s completely logical. The rules are always the same. Your reality is always, ALWAYS a reflection of what’s going on in our vibration. How empowering is that?


  • hi,
    A very good blog.It helps me to understand how important is to feel good in every situation.
    I would like to suggest you to visit this website [link moved to URL field] for spiritual blogs.

    if u like.

  • Hey Melody,
    At least you were able to step back and assess the situation eventually. Many have to wait until they are on the other side to do that. 🙂

    I generally take a step back daily and shift my perspective on my life and myself. It’s as if I am looking at myself fro an outside POV. It’s like being and armchair quarterback.

    This takes some focus off of the present situation and allows me to calmly make the changes in my vibrations that I need to. Some days are easier than others though.

    • Hi Justin,
      That’s a great idea. I spend a lot of time analyzing my vibration. The problem is that often, when we’re in the middle of the turmoil (too strong a word for what I went through here, but you get the point), we don’t readily have access to the awareness and clarity. We’re in too deep to have any perspective. And that’s the challenge. To trust that the perspective exists, even though we can’t see it, and to let go so we can move into a better feeling place. Thanks for stopping by!


  • Wonderful! Melody, there have been numerous times when I have felt all is lost just to discover that because of the loss I was gaining much more. I know how the realization feels. It’s like a miracle every time.

  • Hi Melody,

    Loved your story this morning. It reminds me of my own home drama when a pipe burst and flooded half of our home. Let me just say that the pipe burst in November last year(damaging all flooring, dry walls from floor up, etc) and it the repairs were not complete until March this year. We had to walk on concrete floors and in the winter we had to walk outside to go to different parts of the house (thank God we live in California so although it was inconvenient, it wasn’t too cold). Now what the hell does that say about my family’s collective vibration…lol….my goodness, we’ve got work to do. 🙂

    Near the end, I realized that I personally have quite a few limiting beliefs that caused a seemingly 3 to 4 week repair to turn into a 4 month repair. I still can’t pinpoint the exact limiting beliefs but it would sum up to not feeling as though I deserve the best in life???

    Anyway, great post and I’m glad you got what you truly wanted (not the gas water heater but the ability to take long hot showers. I love how our true wants surface in the face of not getting what we thought we wanted.


    • Thanks Kim! It was such an amazing experience to see so clearly how my thoughts were affecting my situation. The jaw dropping speed with which everything was resolved really cinched it. It’s not just the big stuff we should be paying attention to. A “little” water heater incident can make or break your day, too. 🙂


  • Thank you for another great post Melody. What you say is very helpful. Sometimes I think I have this stuff ‘down’, and sometimes not. I liked especially what you said about failure: “Failing at manifesting wasn’t possible. We are always creating.”.

    Also this point:: “As I began to think these thoughts, I began to feel better. And then I felt that rush of relief that comes when you shift some energy.”

    You remind me of the real measure of success at this, the feeling-sense of connection to Source.


    • Hi John,

      It IS absolutely about the feeling journey. That’s what we always truly want: to feel better. We just think that we need all this stuff to get there. The irony, of course, is that once we feel better, the stuff just shows up…

      Thanks for your lovely comment!

  • Hi Melody,
    Wow, a few weeks without hot water? That must’ve been a little rought.
    We are always learning and always encounter events and circumstances that we don’t desire. The key is to shift our focus and focus on the solutions when we encounter such issues. After all, 90% is in our attitude. 😉 Thanks for sharing Melody, great insights

    • Thank God it’s summer, is all I’m saying. It happened to a friend of mine in the winter (central heating is not common in these old buildings). It wasn’t so rough for me. 🙂
      You’re welcome Dia. Thanks for stopping by.


  • this is really -appreciated, as i was feeling negative over some issues and ..thank god ..saw your link. what an impact-also turning my situation around,so that i welcomed so much that “switch” that warm tingly suffusing sweeping through me. i love that! your candidness really helps! more than otherwise. absolutely. Melody -i know this is totally unrelated-subject-wise-. you mentioned you live in spain. Are -well ,younger generations of people-citizens .is there any protest /willingness to bring a cessation of the cruel spectacle of -bullfights-this has really bothered me as far as i can remember? thank you for being availabkle! bless you..earl.

    • Hi Earl,
      So good to hear from you again. I’m so glad you found this post helpful (that’s my goal, so Yay!)

      I live in Barcelona, which is part of Catalunya. They banned bullfighting in this region last year. Years ago, before I moved here, I was in Andalucia (where bullfighting is very much part of the culture), and tried to watch a fight on TV. It took me about 3 seconds before I had to run from the room. I couldn’t handle it. I’m not sure if I could now, but I have no desire to test it out. I give the subject very little thought. If I push against it, I’ll just make it worse – I’ll become more and more aware of the “issue” and how it makes me feel. I was happy to hear about the ban, but I don’t even give that much energy, because that takes me to the thought “I wish everyone would ban it”, which is a kind of pushing against. I soothe the issue by realizing that these bulls are also vibrational beings, with the power to create. And they come here, knowing what they’re in for. Animals don’t see death the same way that we do – they don’t fear it and they don’t mind it. It’s just a part of the cycle. And really, if you compare the lives of these bulls (aside from the fighting, they are VERY well taken care of) to that of a cow in a slaughter house, well, they’re much better off. I realized long ago that what I’m really pushing against are the issues of helplessness (the bull is helpless and must be “saved”) which is a false belief. Energetically, no one and nothing is helpless. Also, I was pushing against death (as a concept of finality, and thus to be avoided), which is just BS. I’ve come to terms with that one – death is a transition, not an ending. And the animals know that.
      So, what I want is not to STOP bullfighting or anything else, but to encourage a world where people are so happy, that witnessing the death of an animal no longer makes them feel better. A want a world where people and animals live in peace and harmony, where animals are treated with respect. Mind you, I have no problem with eating animals, but would like them to be treated well. Kind of like the Native Americans asked the spirit of an animal for permission to kill and eat it before the hunt. What I want is harmony and that’s what I give my attention to. And my personal reality is already getting quite close to that. 🙂

      Thanks again for your wonderful words.


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