It’s time for another installment of “Ask Melody”. You ask, I answer. One of my awesome readers, Derrek, sent me this amazing question. I’ve been pondering the answer for a couple of days, and have decided to push some other blog posts aside to upload this right away, because I think it’s so powerful. Here’s the question:

I believe in the Law of Attraction. I believe in the spirit, in the subconscious mind, in our boundless energy. But sometimes, just sometimes, the brain plays tricks on me and makes me question if this path is any better than any path at all. I guess my question is, how do I know what I’m doing is real? How do I know any of this will work, and if these laws are real, and if they mean anything? I’m confused, and I’d love to have an answer.

Here’s my answer:

We’ve been trained pretty well to look for validation outside of ourselves, so adopting a philosophy that builds on listening to our own inner guidance is a lot to ask. I’m fully aware of that. And believe it or not, we all go through this type of existential crisis every once in a while. Spiritual healers, energy workers, channelers, and spiritual seekers who have found some answers all have moments where we ask ourselves “Is this real?” There’s no physical proof, nothing we can replicate in a laboratory (yet, but we’re SO getting there). And if we can’t touch, taste, smell, hear or see it, is it real? How can we know for sure?

The Proof

There’s one piece of “proof” that most people in today’s world that have ever done ANY spiritual growth or personal development work do agree on: When you focus on the positive in your life instead of the negative, when you think thoughts of what you want instead of what you’re afraid of, it makes you feel better. In many cases, it makes you feel a lot better. Why is this important?

Everything we do or want, and I do mean EVERYTHING, is because we think it will make us feel better. Do you want more money? Why? Because you think you’ll be happier. Want to lose weight? Why? Because you think that you’ll be happier as a thin person. We want relationships, cars, clothes, other people to like and respect us, promotions at work, a bestselling novel, a Jacuzzi, etc., etc., because we think that if we get those things, we will feel – say it again – happier. So, what we really, truly want, what all of us want, is to feel better than we currently do. That’s what drives the human condition.

The Problem

The problem that a lot of people have with that answer is, well, that being happy doesn’t seem like it’s enough. It’s not tangible. You can’t show it to your friends, or post pictures of it on Facebook. “Sure, being happy is great”, you say, “but where’s my Ferrari?” And yet, the only reason you want that Ferrari is because you think it will make you happy. Freaking paradoxโ€ฆ

Now, even if the Law of Attraction doesn’t work, do we really want to dismiss a philosophy that actually brings us peace of mind, joy and happiness?

You have to find your own proof

I have proven to myself that this stuff is real. On countless occasions, I’ve deliberately shifted my energy and watched my reality follow suit. And I continue to do so. I write about many of these examples in painstaking detail on this blog. I can tell you my stories. I can explain the whole process to you over and over again. And yet, I can’t prove to you, beyond a shadow of a doubt that it works until you’ve experienced it yourself.

Manifest something

I’d suggest you manifest something. This is more about the manifestation of stuff, rather than the entire philosophy of the law of attraction (more on that below), but it works wonders for reminding you of who you really are.

Go for something small, something rather insignificant, something you have no resistance at all to, and something you don’t care all that much about. In other words, make sure there’s no pressure. You’re still learning the ropes, so start with something easy.

Then, spend 1-2 minutes (I’m not kidding, that’s all it takes if you have no resistance) focusing on this item. Think about all the positive traits of that item and talk about it. Why do you want it? How great will it be when you have it? Notice that you won’t feel a lot of emotion here. That’s ok, since you have no resistance, you won’t have anything to shift. But you’re still gathering the energy just by focusing on it. Just think and talk about it for a couple of minutes.

And then, forget it. Just let it go. You can expect it to come into your existence, but be careful not to place any pressure on it (as proof that LOA works, for example). Just look forward to it coming and go on about your day. The Universe will bend over backwards to bring you your manifestation in the most wonderful of ways.

I came across this exercise a couple of years ago. I decided to test it out, by thinking of a butterfly. I like butterflies and I have no resistance to them. They’ve become a frequent symbol for me when I’m trying out or developing new techniques. This was a day or two before I went off to spend a month in the Peruvian Rainforest. I kind of expected a butterfly to show up immediately, but when it didn’t, I let it go. After all, I wasn’t attached to the idea, it was just a little exercise. The second day I was in Peru, through a series of completely unplanned circumstances, I was taken to an animal reserve with, get this, a butterfly farm. The Universe hadn’t just brought me one measly butterfly, it had brought me thousands of them. They were swarming all around me. One even landed right on my hand. And when I recognized the manifestation, the rush of energy was amazing. To realize that I had that much power, that I had drawn these butterflies into my existence was immense.

Now, you can think that this was just one, huge giant coincidence (no such thing), but I’ve repeated this little experiment in small and larger ways many times before and since (that was a pretty good one, though). In short, I’ve proven it to myself. You can, too.

Pay attention to resonance

Again, ultimately, there is nothing I can say that will convince you that the law of attraction is real. And it’s not my job to do so. I present my truth, the information I’ve discovered in various ways that has allowed me to find happiness, peace, joy, a better life than I could’ve ever imagined (and getting better all the time), and a way to make sense of everything. All I do is lay it out. You have to know if you resonate with it, or not. You have to find your own, individual truth. You have to figure out what makes sense to you, what feels right to you.

Because this is about energy; energy that we can’t see or touch, at least not in the conventional way. It’s about learning to use something other than our five senses – our intuition. It’s about learning to listen to that little voice in the back of our minds, that’s always been there, but which we were taught to ignore. It’s about re-learning to use our innate skills, like our imaginations (which allow us to visualize) and our ability to have faith (so we can believe in something that isn’t yet present in our physical reality). It’s about de-programming ourselves and stepping out of the paradigm that tells us that we’re powerless little humans who, if left to our own devices, would all end up rioting in the streets and eating each other (how many movies and books have illustrated that in detail?), and so had better be controlled by something larger and wiser than us. It’s about remembering that we’re immensely powerful creative beings, that our natural state of being is pure love, and that we truly do create our own reality. Every second of it.

We are meant to be happy. This is why we try so hard to get there. We’ve just been given the wrong map.

We are meant to love. This is why when we hate others or judge them, we feel so horrible. When we do hurt others, it’s from a dark place of powerlessness, and we only do so because we think it will make us feel better (getting power over another feels better than having no power at all.)

We are meant to remember, and we were born with all the tools we needed to do so.

And who “meant” all of that? We did. Because we’re not powerless. We’re not insignificant. We are love. We are freaking amazing. We are God, each of us and collectively. We’re not the side show, we’re the main attraction!

If any of this resonates with you, if you’ve felt that wonderful rush of recognition, then THAT’S your proof. But beware. Once you really get this stuff, you can’t go back. You can never look at the world the same way again. Once you realize how powerful you are (whether you know how to fully work that power or not) and that it’s all about you, you can never again blame anyone else for your unhappiness, judge others or yourself, or bitch about your day without knowing that doing so will just create more for you to bitch about. You’ll know unequivocally that nothing needs to happen for you to be happy and that if you’re not, it’s because you’ve chosen, inadvertently, not to be. Are you ready for that? If you are, buckle up. It’s gonna be one hell of a ride. ๐Ÿ™‚


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  • Hi melody. Great post. I want to ask u that if it is possible for someone to heal himself from any disease like cancer etc. M asking because i have read some experiences on website named the secret. I want to try this on me. My cholesterol ldl is 165 and I want to try visualization or loa. What’s the right way to do this. I mean should i try to meditate that my cholesterol are in good range now? Or something else? Thanx in advance…

  • I’m totally new to this LOA stuff. Tried the exercise. Lack of creativity, I decided to manifest a dragonfly. I noticed myself thinking about it every couple days, curious, even though I tried not to. About a week later I stumbled across a dragonfly on my Pinterest feed. This counts, right? Lol I must say, I was floored. It gave me my own little moment of excitement. Now i’m trying to move that into other things I’d like to manifest. Thanks for the lesson. ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Hi Melody,

    Pls. Tell me how to manifests my goals in life..

    – have my own food business
    – grow 6 ft taller
    – have my own house near a lake
    – be a professional football player
    – be a good pianist
    – and have a loving family

    please ma’am. Guide me on this. I want to learn more on this LOA. I believe everything is possible. but I want to improve my self and my life. I will wait for your reply ms. Melody. Thank you.

    – loa newbie

  • Ok, so I’ve been lurking around your site for a while and I decided to take your advice and manifest something small into my life to prove to myself that this stuff works. So I decided to manifest a blue butterfly with black edged wings – I imagined how beautiful it would be and how happy I would be when I saw it and I felt as though I already had the experience of the butterfly in my present life. Then – I let it go. It wasn’t really easy to do at first – I mean I did do some lurking on gardening websites just in case LOA decided to get frisky and show up but it didn’t. BUT then it did show up. And it did it in the most unexpected of ways. THIS MORNING – 2 days after the intention was set, I was sitting at my kitchen table thumbing through a Yellow pages (no idea why, it was there, I was there, looked interesting) and lo and behold a big a$$ blue butterfly shows up in a full page ad for — get this — a heating and air conditioning company. Now, I don’t know about your experience with HVAC companies, but most I’ve encountered aren’t really blue butterfly type of shops. But then here comes the kicker – the ad had a slogan and — get ready for it — (you are GOING TO DIE of giddiness) the slogan is “Lightning Speed – Heavenly Solutions”. I KID YOU NOT!!!!!!!!!!!!! Apparently it’s a spiritual HVAC company and they also have a Psalm reading on their ad: “God is our refuge and our strength, an ever-present help in time of trouble.” OK, so now I’m sold! Not only does LOA work, but Source has a sense of humor. Of course I thought, “Gee, not really lightening fast, given it took you 2 days to work” but whatevs, it worked and I’m a believer. Now I just have to figure out how to manifest the dream life I’ve been envisioning… One step at a time, but I’m very much on the path. THANK YOU MELODY!!

    • Hey Jessica!!

      Yay!!! That’s so awesome. BTW, LOA didn’t need two days, you did… ๐Ÿ˜‰

      But isn’t it wonderful when you see results off of just a little bit of focusing? And it wasn’t hard to follow the impulse to look at that page. you didn’t even know you were doing it. See how easy life can be?? Woooohooo!

      Happy shiny puppy hugs,


  • hie guys… Till now i have manifested many of the things… and many of the things not… so, sitting down under a big banyan tree in the early morning once i tried to find out the difference between the above two incidents….. And to my every experience, no matter how differently i tried to approached it(visualization,writing down,imagination,feeling,acting..watever…..) i came out with few selective answers : The easy thot u put on it… the easily it appears(equation : The easiness of thot is directly proportional to the hardcore belief of its existance in reality e.g ๐Ÿ™ we predict easily that the soil will be wet if it rains{she the easiness and hardcore belief of us here that the soil has to be wet})…. The amount of love you will hold for it with you, the more in harmony it would appear for you… so ending LOA is simplest terms : if you are enjoying doing it/ working for your dream(again enjoyment is nothing but reflection of easiness,love and harmony)… You are doing it right! (The answer ‘right’ itself would be felt in your heart and mind).
    That’s it… LOA is simple… Huge blogs makes it complicated!

    • Hey Vijay,

      LOL, you’re right. It is that simple. And I would never write a long, complicated blog post if everyone could just accept that. But they have questions… so I do my best to answer them. But in the end, it all boils down to just feeling good. ๐Ÿ™‚

      Huge hugs!

  • Hi Melody,
    Thanks for the quick reply. It does make sense. In fact, it actually reminds me of what i read in ‘Ask and it is given’ but was obviously not ready to fully take on board. I thought the LOA books missed out the bit where a manifestations will not work if one has a conflicting belief to what they were trying to manifest. Now i understand that the LOA books were simply telling it straight. After all, why would they discuss beliefs when you can manifest what you want by raising your vibration and focus only on what you want. This is quite a biggy for me so many thanks for the clarity on this one. Shaun

  • hi melody
    So i start small and eventually build my belief up to the point of manifesting big stuff. So then i would have a belief that i can manifest big things. So if i tried to manifest, say… a certain partner ( big thing ) and had the belief that ‘i’m not lovable enough for a partner’, would this belief override the belief that i can manifest big stuff? or is it about which belief is the stronger one which will win the day. 0r will the two beliefs just cancel each other out?

    • Hey Shaun,

      It really depends on which belief is more active. If you are trying to manifest a partner, and you focus on the specifics of that, the specific resistance you have (not worthy) will be activated and will manifest.

      However, if you stay general and focus on manifesting what you want, without getting specific about the partner, you could actually align yourself with everything you wanted. The specific resistance would not get activated.

      The problem is that in order to do that, you’d have to stay off the subject of manifesting a partner completely. And a lot of people have trouble doing that. So, I offer other processes to help them shift. But, if you can stay in a general, pure, positive vibration, you will get everything you ever wanted, partner included.

      Does that make sense?

      Huge hugs!

  • As Abe always says, “Be happy and then…”; “I became happy and then…”. The prerequisite is actually happiness, then you join the flow of the universe, aka the stream, because is all about flow and faith after which things manifest. Anything lower than that on the emotional scale not only takes longer to manifest, but also, more importantly, causes us to go upstream, and paddle the hard way when we can just be flowing ever so smoothly. Just reviewing this most important topic.
    So, in order to party with the universe, you need to be in party mode.

    Definitely one of the best posts.

    • Thanks so much Kat! And you’re absolutely right (and so is Abe, he, he). We always want to work too hard at everything, when the actual key is to relax and let it flow. Ahhhh. Doesn’t that feel better? ๐Ÿ™‚

      Huge hugs!

  • I’ve reached the last blog for today.

    I’m going to choose something believable- a little red stone or rock-bright red.

    Again the concept of creating your reality is daunting. I mean if I attracted a person to be nasty to me there’s some plot holes there:

    a) That means they were capable of being nasty. They would bully someone regardless of who brought that side out of them. They are still a mean person doing the wrong thing.

    b) You are not a bully. You are nice. You don’t pick on the people with low vibrations on your website. They don’t bring out nastiness in you. They manifest negative things yet you are in their reality being nice.
    That’s because people can be good and they don’t have to be a bully even though the victim is standing right there.
    That says that the bully has a choice to be like you and ignore the low vibration- don’t attack it. But they choose to be a jerk instead.

    • Hey Alice,

      a.) Everyone has the ability to be nasty to a certain degree, given the right trigger.

      b.) Trust me, there was a time in my life when I was not always nice. I was never a raging bitch, but I could lash out at someone if I felt threatened. It’s much harder to trigger me now because I’ve gotten rid of a lot of triggers and I notice when I’m being triggered so I walk away, instead of taking it out on the other person. But I have a very high degree of self awareness. You can’t expect everyone to have that. Most people don’t. And so they are not choosing to be a jerk. If they say it as a real choice, they would not make it.

      Also, I have lined up my energy so that I don’t really manifest those who aren’t a match to my niceness. But they do exist. I once had a lady on a plane take against me. I still do not know to this day what the deal was, but this woman hated me and refused to let her husband hand me my bag. I had to wait for half the plane to empty before I could retrieve it. I was perfectly nice and smiley the whole time, but she was being triggered in a big way. She did not see me as nice. So her experience as very different, whatever it was.
      There are also those who perceive someone like me t be selfish or offensive. So, even though it seems like I don’t have it in me to be those things, people can still perceive me to be that way.

      this kind of thing happens all the time. One person says something and means one thing. Another person hears something completely different and assumes a very different meaning – often a very negative one. So, you may think someone’s being a jerk, when something else is going on. But your beliefs will make you a match to them seeming like a jerk and won’t let you see deeper. It’s all a matter of perspective.

      Huge hugs!

      • Hee-hee to grumpy bag woman. Well I guess I’ve been that person in the past but in my head there was a reason.
        I was buying something at an electronics store with my own hard earned money. I was with my man at the time.
        The store guy walked straight up to him, ignoring me. He assumed the man knew more on the topic & also had the spending power.
        I walked to another salesperson, leaving them standing there like fools so a more respectful, less sexist person would get the commission.
        He might have been a jerk or he might have simply thought the man was buying because he had the body language?
        Anyway I refused to let him ring up the sale.

        • That wasn’t the example I was thinking of when I wrote the comment. The bully did make a deliberate choice as I was crying and in obvious distress. They still choose to stand over me and pick me to pieces.
          People know when they are being mean but do it anyway. They get joy out of hurting others.
          That’s why I’ve seen people in authority literally get a boner (I know it’s crass) from harassing someone, making them cry, hurt etc.

          • Alice, I promise you, the person who is bullying another does not really see another option. They don’t know how to get what they want – relief from their own pain – in a way that’s different. Lashing out or bullying someone is the only thing they know how to do that will actually make them feel better. Now one who knows how to get relief in a different way chooses to bully someone.

            And yes, they can seem to enjoy it very much. They are, in that moment, feeling relief from their pain which is always considerable if it’s leading to this kind of behavior. No one is a bully by choice. It’s more like a wounded animal lashing out. You may know that if you applied medicine, it would feel better, but if you try to get near it, it’ll lash out. It doesn’t understand the choices it has. It’s like that.


          • A thought just sprung up about the woman in the plane. I remember a time when I was further down the ladder and I couldn’t stand my employment consultant for no fair reason.
            She was just trying to help me get a job, but I instantly disliked her. That was BEFORE she even did a thing to me.
            I didn’t like her fancy suit, her job (she gets paid to find other people work instead of doing a job like everyone else) her optimism, her imaginary arrogance.
            I bet that woman was envious of you.

          • Snap! You got me lol! ๐Ÿ™‚ Well I guess you are right with the bully- I just have to get through some issues with that as I’ve met my fair share and I’m sure once my own pain dies down I’ll have a bit more compassion for them. Will Bowen says “those who hurt are hurting”
            I think it would be amazing for you to meet him and Rhonda Byrne. You could make a super LOA team with costumes and everything.

  • Hey Kat,

    I always like to say that these concepts are simple. But not necessarily easy… ๐Ÿ™‚

    I’m so glad this post was valuable to you. The only way we can really know if the LOA is real is to experience it for ourselves. And once you’ve felt the full extent of your own power, you can’t ever go back. The world is just different, and forever changed. And amazing. Oh, and awesome. Totally awesome.

    Huge happy shiny puppy hugs!


  • Wow, Melody, this was one of the most powerful blog posts. It resonated with me to so well. That inner voice is always nice and always right! It is never mean and speaks in very brief statements. Accompanied by this are gut feelings, sort of like the bottom of your stomach “moaning” or reacting, telling you information, like recognizing someone and it’s letting you know they are good. Just an example. In out society, we have made things so complicated, and the energies of other people are usually so low, at least the ones I run into (I’m working in changing this by making myself happy and not even attracting that stuff) that it is easy to fall in the depths of despair with all the rest. So simple, yet it needs work! Thank you!
    Many hugs

  • Brillant read Melody WOW. When you say No resistance to does this mean something that would make you feel incomfortable should it manifest itself ?.

    • Hey Andy,

      Resistance is any thought or belief that conflicts what you want. It’s a very personal thing. When resistance manifests, it’s going to be something that feels off, negative or downright painful (depending on how long you’ve been ignoring it). The longer you ignore it, the more painful it will get until it finally gets your attention. Manifestations of resistance serve an important purpose – to show us what resistance we have so that we can release it.

      So, in a nutshell, resistance is anything that will stand in the way of you manifesting what you want. It’s never outside of you, though.

      Does that answer your question?

      Huge hugs!

  • Hi Melody,

    I wonder, if I created something bad for me and realised it later when manifestation already happend, could I go back to that same thing/situation with positive vibration? Lets say I lost the job and realised it later it was something I needed (created) to change something about the way I think/live… Can I (now that I know things better) get exactly that job I lost?

    • Hi Raspberry,

      It’s possible, yes. I just had an email from a reader the other day who lost a job, and was then rehired to the same position just a few days later.

      I would strongly suggest, however, that you don’t limit yourself to HAVING TO get that specific job. Focus on what you want (awesome job) and leave the details to the Universe. That way, if something even better is available, you won’t miss out. ๐Ÿ™‚

      Huge hugs!

  • When each of us were born we got a beautiful gift from God, a gift of freedom. We are free to understand who we really are, to discover it and decide what feels good to us, what we want to use in creation of our lives. Imagine that God tells us ; there you go that is the path, those things are better than the others, choose this above that…that is no freedom, there is no choice in that. We have a choice given to us by our darling Father, like that we are truly powerful, we are allowed to choose what we want to believe, what works for us, fits us like a puzzle, what is so so so pure and natural, just beautiful!!!!! In the name of that freedom we will never have proofs. We just don’t need them!!! Enjoy yourself as the greatest designer and trust yourself you just know best what is good for you!!!!!!!!!! Lots of Love and blessings of happiness and more!!!!!!

  • Hi Melody and everyone,

    Fascinating post, thought-provoking comments. To rock the boat a bit…

    One of my quibbles with misinterpretations of karma (and potentially LOA) is that it can easily turn into “blame the victim.” You’re poor because you did something wrong in a past life or you’re sick because you aren’t manifesting a higher vibration, so why should I care? Yes, we are responsible for our own happiness, absolutely, but for me there’s a fuzzy zone too.

    Earthquakes and tsunamis happen. It can’t be that 200,000 people all at the same time were somehow vibrationally predisposed for death. There are some basic entitlements, like drinking water, and not everybody has them. How can they raise their vibrations? Getting basic resources to everyone (energetic focus, not necessarily going to Africa) seems to me like a really good use of intention. Ironically, some of the poorest people I’ve ever met are also some of the happiest, but that’s another topic.

    To me the LOA is about generosity and gratitude multiplied and multiplied and multiplied. It is less about getting things, and more about loving what you have. The fun part is that when you love what you have, you automatically have what you love, and more good stuff just keeps showing up. Hmmm…

    There’s a Taoist saying that I treasure: As long as you know what is enough, you will always have enough. One of my current manifestations is that my 1994 Chevy S10 keeps chugging along. Thank you! and I promise to keep changing the oil…

    My question is, why focus on manifesting stuff? It’s just stuff. What better proof is there than a joy-filled life?

    Namaste and hugs to all,

    Mary Carol

    • Hi Mary Carol,

      You’re so right. Taking responsibility is not the same as taking the blame. Knowing that I can control what I draw into my reality should empower me. Now I can change it. It should not be used to make ourselves feel bad about how it’s all our own fault…
      That being said, everything that happens to us IS a result of our vibration. Now, when it comes to Tsunamis and the like, 200,000 people were a match to what happened. But we cannot possibly assume to know what it was in their vibration that caused them to match up with that. I personally believe that every one of those souls chose to line up with that event in order to push a much larger agenda – a vibrational one. Sometimes what seem like the worst crisis can actually turn out to be the greatest catalysts for positive change. We can’t judge what’s going on in someone else’s vibration. When we judge, we apply our own point of view to their situation, and it simply doesn’t apply. How can you know what others are experiencing? How can you know if, in that moment, they are not just about to have a breakthrough and that the pain they’ve created for themselves wasn’t the catalyst? This doesn’t mean that we can’t help others, of course we can. But not from a place of feeling sorry for them or by focusing on their pain. We can only help if we are willing to respect everyone as the powerful beings they are, and focus on who they really are.

      It isn’t really about the stuff, although the stuff is fun. I truly enjoy my stuff, I’m just not attached to it. We’re here to be physical, to enjoy the physical. Ultimately, it really is about the joy. But there are a lot of people out there that are attached to their material stuff, and if I try to tell them to just focus on the joy, period, they won’t want to even try it. They’ll think that I’m asking them to give up their stuff, which I’m not. But many other teachers do. You can keep your stuff. So, by telling them (truthfully) that the stuff will come if they focus on the joy, they’re much more apt to listen. Why isn’t the joy enough? I think because we’ve been taught that happiness always comes at a price and that if you want to be truly happy, you’ll have to be poor and crap. Not true. Losing our attachment to stuff doesn’t mean we have to give it up. It simply means we’ll no longer be afraid of losing it. Big difference. ๐Ÿ™‚

      Huge hugs,

      • Thanks for your thoughtful and thought-filled response, Melody. I absolutely agreed that there is no way any of us can see the big picture. We are here in our own lives and… here we are.

        A quick Taoist story: A man’s son is strong and helps him on the farm. The neighbors say, “How lucky you are to have a strong son.” The man replies, “What is, is.” The son falls off the roof and is crippled. The neighbors say, “Poor you, now your son can’t help you on the farm.” The man replies, “Who can say what is good or bad?What is, is.” The army comes and takes all the healthy sons, and the neighbors say, “Lucky you, that the army didn’t take your son.” And so on, and so on.

        I agree too about the utility of using stuff to get the point across, but I think that to over-focus on material things would be to underestimate the audience. I haven’t read much other LOA material, mostly because a lot of it seems to be about better cars, bigger houses, and more money. Thank you for your moderate approach! Like you, I enjoy stuff but mostly don’t attach to it, which is easy since I have “enough” (at least, enough to live comfortably in Mexico – the US was a monthly struggle).

        Thanks again for all your wonderful posts and articles,

        Mary Carol

  • your articles on LOA quite satisfied me and i am feeling positive since it inspired me to ask more I want to know that if we are feeling better,is it means our reality creating or we are nearby our goal? please tell me.
    thanks a lot.

    • Hi Vikas,

      Welcome to Deliberate Receiving. I’m so glad you’re getting value from this site. ๐Ÿ™‚

      Your emotions are your vibrational feedback system. The better you feel, the closer you are to the vibration of who you really are, and the closer you are to receiving what you want (same vibration). So yes, the better you’re feeling, the closer you are to achieving your goals. This is why it’s so beneficial to focus on how you feel instead of the goal itself.


  • Great recommendation for a LOA experiment. Focusing on something we have no emotions tied to is certainly a sure fire way to tell if you can manifest something or not. Here is a follow up question for you. Why does it seem so much more easier to attract the things we don’t want than the things we do want. What I mean is that I’ve noticed I can pretty easily manifest the negative things into my life but the positive things, the desires I really want are harder to manifest.

    • Hi Todd,

      It all comes down to focus. If you’re paying more attention to vibrations that allow those negative things, they will show up. The law of attraction will make it easy for you – it will bring you more and more thoughts like those you’re already thinking. It’s not easier to attract negative things from an energy perspective. But it might be easier for you to think those thoughts because that’s the habit you’ve formed. You may not be aware of this discord, if it’s been going on for a while, but your manifestations are going to always be a perfect reflection of your vibration. No exceptions. Hope that helps!


  • Hi melody,

    “Where is the law of attraction NOT?”.

    Look to any experience in your life.

    Investigate and ask yourself. Did I attracted it in any way?

    I have asked this question to many people and up until now I have not found any person who could say the contrary. NOBODY.

    If any person would be able to give me ONE example where he or she did not attracted the situation in life, than they can email to my personal email.

    But I’m very confident that nobody can.

    Thanks for sharing!


    • Hi Marc,

      You make a fantastic point. There’s not a shred of evidence anywhere that DISPROVES the law of attraction. Unfortunately, that’s not enough for many people. Although, it’s not our job to convince them. Figuring out the law of attraction is just one path of many that will lead to happiness. Some people like to know the nitty gritty of how things work (like me) and others take a different approach. It’s all good. ๐Ÿ™‚

      Thanks for your valuable insight!


  • Hi Melody! The Law of Attraction is one of those things that creep up on me as I’ve realized how stressed I was or how hurried or rushed I was. “Wow,” I would think. “Did I create this?” More often than not (and in the case of your words, Always), the answer was, “Yes, I created it.” Thanks for all your encouragement!

    • Hi Bryan,

      You make an excellent point. In fact, you can look at everything in your reality, the crap and the wonderful, and say “I created that.”

      You’re really welcome.


  • Hi Melody. Thank you so much for taking the time to answer my question. It’s a fantastic response and I feel lighter already. ๐Ÿ˜‰ I guess I’ve always known the answer to my own question, because I’ve felt it and experienced it, but like you said…we always look for external validation. Thanks again, Melody! Take care.

    • Hi Derrek,

      Thank YOU for giving me a chance to answer this publicly. I love great questions. They elicit the best answers! ๐Ÿ™‚
      And you’re really welcome. I’m happy to help you remember what you already know.


  • Hey Melody,
    I find that my biggest obstacle to manifesting is my mind. I have had many experiences of manifesting a desire and most of them came effortlessly. My observance is that the mind likes to be in control and the mind has it’s own beliefs about how things can come to us.

    I’ve been following Abe Hicks for about 5 years and I know what they say works but consciously manifesting can sometimes be resisted by the mind.

    Example; we must work long hard hours to become financially independent. Yet there are many people that have become wealthy through lottery winnings, inheritance, someone gifting the money and so on.

    What do you think about what Joe Bill said? I have also read about if we didn’t come here to experience being famous or wealthy relatively speaking that we will not experience it no matter how much we use the LOA.

    • Hi Justin,

      Our minds do like to get in the way. This is why I use the approach I do: By explaining the workings of LOA, we can get the mind on board. If the mind understands what’s happening, it will get out of the way. Kind of like pre-emptively giving all the details to your micromanaging boss, so he’ll get off your back. ๐Ÿ˜‰

      I do believe that we set forth some energy before we’re born, that create the circumstances that we’re born into. We have certain intentions. For example, I’ve always been a teacher, even when I was a little girl. That intention was always strong within me. But that’s an essence. The details of that are up to me. And whether I teach or not is up to me. I also have a lot of other passions that I’ve developed through my life experiences. I wasn’t born with them, but I’ve developed them by seeing things I liked and seeing things I didn’t like. There’s nothing I HAVE TO do here. If I truly want to be famous, and I align with that energy, I can be famous. That wouldn’t change the essence of the intention I set before I came. I can be an unknown teacher and I can be a famous teacher. The essence of that remains the same. It’s all down to what I do with my energy while I’m here, and there are no limitations other than those I place on myself with my limiting beliefs.

      I think that’s one of the most important points for me: We’ve grown up believing in limitations. God made rules which limit us, other people made rules that limit us. It’s only natural to take some of that and apply it to our spiritual philosophy. Surely, there must still be limits? Perhaps we placed them on ourselves. But what that does is diminish our power, even if we blame our pre-birth selves for that limitation. “I’m not rich because I determined that I shouldn’t be before I got here…” will keep us stuck in poverty. But it’s the belief that keeps us stuck, not our inner being. Our inner being wants us to be abundant.


  • hi melody,
    Perfect answer to the question.
    Its my experience that before knowing about this energy(i mean before experiencing) i was feeling exhausted or hollow within inside.
    After knowing about this LOA or universal energy, many limitation of our mind r removed and i have started experiencing joy in life.That is I feel contented.

    • That’s fantastic Harsh!
      I’ve had the same experience. This is the main reason I’ve launched this blog and continue to share. I’ve found so much joy and peace, I want to share it. Mostly, I just want others to know it’s possible to feel good. So many people don’t know that…


  • I tried to attract a butterfly once. Exactly 3 hours later, I was stung by a bee. lol

    So even if you don’t see proof of manifestations, it’s not a bad way to live?

    • Hi Vishnu,

      LOL. Something in your vibration was tuned to that experience. Happens to all of us. The great thing is that if we’re not aware of our vibration, our manifestations will let us know for sure.

      And you’re right. Even without the manifestations, it’s a wonderful way to live. Although I never meant to imply that we can’t or shouldn’t want the stuff. The stuff is great. It’s just not a means to an end, or even the end itself. It’s an indicator of our energy, and a wonderful way to experience the physical. After all, without any physical stuff at all, life would be boring, no?


  • Hi Melody,

    One of my teachers (Andrea Hess) posits that once you get clear on what emotion having that stuff brings you (say, joy, for example) and you link the word joy with the dollar amount (or idea) you are manifesting, all you have to do is create action in the physical that goes along with that emotion. Since you’ve intentionally linked them, and you are bringing that energetic signature down into the physical, what you want to manifest will show up.

    I’ve done that many, many times and it works. Amazingly. The harder part is thinking of actions (outside your comfort zone) that embody that emotion. When I do this with mindful intent, things just show up.

    My husband says “I don’t really quite understand what it is you do but I do know that weird things just seem to show up around you.” We agreed that I would bank $6000 before I quit my day job to pursue my professional intuitive practice. I chose “Empowerment” as my word and tried for $3000 that month.

    He was STUNNED (and that’s an understatement) when $6000 just showed up for me. Out of the blue. Just showed up. I took that as affirmation that I was on the right path. He still shakes his head about it.

    So yeah. LoA works and you make a lot of good points in your post above. I enjoyed reading it!

    • Wow Lisa. Thank you so much for sharing your incredible experience. The technique you describe makes perfect sense. Find the vibration of what you want, by finding the feeling of it, and use a different activity to reach it. Perfect!!!

      I’m so glad you enjoyed the post. Thank you so much for your comment.


  • Sometimes the law of attractions works so well for me, that I find myself laughing when I see what I want manifest happen so quickly. What most people that doubt it works don’t seem to grasp is that a lot of times what you are asking for comes in the form of the essence of what you want, not necessarily the exact thing.
    It can come exactly, but the essence or that feeling is what you usually get. Isn’t the positive emotion feeling the most important part anyway?

    So I agree that the best proof is the personal experience that a person has when becoming more awake to this universal law. Nicely written post!

    • Hi Baker,
      You make an excellent point. That’s why it’s so useful to figure out what it is that you really want. For example, you might want reliable transportation, and a car that looks cool. You might think that it has to come in the form of a Mercedes, but the Universe brings you a Lexus, something you hadn’t even considered. It turns out that the Lexus is an even better match to all the details you wanted.
      It’s not that we can’t want specific things, but the best stance to take is: “This or something even better.”

      Thanks for your valuable comment.


  • Hey Melody,
    This is one of those questions that’s can drive you crazy (I know because it happened to me :)) It’s impossible to prove empirically, because it’s so subjective. What happens if you intend something and someone else intends the opposite, who wins? It gets very deep, very quickly. Before long, you’re questioning whether anyone else exists at all, and down the rabbit hole you go.

    Like you said, just go out there and try it. Like most things in life, your own experience is the best proof.

  • Well said Melody! You know, I guess it really doesn’t matter whether or which universal laws, religions, etc are right. The end result is that we all just want to be at peace and be happy. Period. Whichever path gets you there and allows you to expand and reach the best version of yourself…so be it. I love that your blogs challenge us and make us think outside of the box. F the box…it’s overrated. Keep tearing ’em down Melody!

    I love the sincerity of the person asking the initial question. That reader has a true desire to learn and follow the path, a path, his path (as we all do). That’s cool! Just asking the question will bring awareness to his answer.


  • hums dussstt in the wind alll we are is dussttt in the windddddd. End emo moment.

    Why stop at the law of attraction being real? Pop up a bigger step–how do you know ANYTHING AT ALL IS REAL? When you emerge from therapy on that one, then move back down to things like the Law of Attraction. ๐Ÿ˜‰

    I hold the view that there are certain lesson plans in place for all of us–so the law of attraction works inasmuch as it is “on the plan”. If it isn’t on the plan, you get spiritually pimp slapped by yourself because you aren’t doing what you signed up for. So, you may want “many bitches and a Ferrari” but if what you signed up to learn about is “surviving on modest means” then try though as you might, you probably aren’t going to manifest your many bitches and Ferrari. Why? Because it isn’t ultimately what would make you happy. What would make you happy is learning your lesson about modest means.

    • Firstly, I have to thank Melody for her amazing answer. More on that below. As for you, Joe Bill, I get what you mean. I believe that life holds a guideline or a blueprint for us in order to teach us, to help us grow, and to make this life meaningful. I agree. And maybe in that sense, if we try to manifest something that isn’t right for us, no matter how right we think it is, it may not happen due to The Universe / God / Intelligence knowing better and seeing the bigger picture that we can’t yet perceive.

      BUT, I also have another (stronger) notion and I’d love to get your response. Going by your own belief that life has a plan for us and the Law Of Attraction is in that plan, doesn’t that mean it’s meant to work? If it isn’t meant to work, wouldn’t it NOT be there for us to use? What I’m saying is, those who are not meant to take this path may / will never find or come across the LOA. Those who do, will stumble upon it one way or another. It’s up to us to make use of it and its power, or see it as a passing cloud and move on.

      So in essence, if you’re here on Melody’s blog and I’m here, and we both know what the LOA is, doesn’t that mean that it will most definitely work for us if we harness it because after all, it’s part of the ‘big plan’? If it never was, we wouldn’t be talking about it here. What do you think?

      • Derrek,

        It’s not so simple as to say that it is a binary “work” “non work” in my view.

        Here’s an example. If you NEVER buy a lottery ticket, you don’t win a million dollars. It is necessary that you purchase a ticket in order to be “in the game” but it is not sufficient to “win the game”. The LOA to me is sorta like that. When you are “on path” it tends to work. When you are “off path” it tends not to work. Of course, when you are “on path” what might actually be working is that you are “on path”–that is to say what you want is consistent with “higher you”–not necessarily ego you.

        So, back to my bitches example–that’s more of an ego want in most instances. It’s not that there is anything WRONG with it exactly–Hugh Hefner seems to pull it off–but I can almost guarantee you that’s because living the life he is living is consistent more with whatever he came here to learn. If random dude X tries it, he may well find that the Hef model just doesn’t quite work for him.

    • Ahahaha. “where are my bitches and Ferrari?” Wish I’d thought of that. Brilliant. ๐Ÿ™‚

      Let me offer a slightly different perspective: We’re not here to learn any lessons. We’re meant to get everything we’ve ever wanted, exactly when we want it. The only one that ever gets in the way of that is us. The belief that you can’t be spiritual and also have material wealthy, that wanting “stuff” is somehow not enlightened, is pervasive. But it’s not true. We are meant to be abundant. And we always, ALWAYS have free will to create anything and everything we’ve ever wanted. Why would we place limits upon ourlelves? How is poverty more enlightened than wealth? The only lesson that eager means provide for us is that they make us want more. They help us to define our desire to be wealthier.
      The only real fallacy is that we think we have to get the bitches and Ferrari in order to be happy, when in fact, if we get happy, the bitches and Ferrari show up. Our reality will always mirror our vibration. Therefore, if we “fix” our vibration, and get happy (our emotions tell us where our vibration is at), our physical reality will begin to reflect that. We’ll have more and more experiences that support that happiness. Just as if you’re a miserable bastard, you have tons of physical evidence that “proves” to you that you’re justified in that stance. Basically, the Universe will always prove you right.
      The only one that can ever limit your potential to create is you.

      • Melody,

        Yeah, I don’t think that “not having stuff” is “more spiritual”.

        There’s an old zen story about a monk who kept giving away all his fish besides the bare minimum for himself–and then there was another rich monk who didn’t do that. The rich monk was questioned on his lifestyle and non-giving of his fish to the same extent as the poor monk, to which he answered that what he gave didn’t trouble him, whereas the other monk kept thinking about all the fish he gave away.

        Here’s a question for you, Melody. If your view is true, how is it that children attract abuse to themselves? I would tend to think that children should be the masters of the LOA if anyone can be. Now, let’s be clear, I’m not sermonizing on Mount Limitation here–I’m not implying that the opposite is true–that we have “no power”. I’m just curious how your view squares such matters.

    • Wow. This discussion has reeeally gone philosophically deep now, hasn’t it? You know, Melody, I love how you say we’re meant to get anything and everything we want in this life. It’s something I love telling myself and it’s exactly how I’d like to live. But other factors are at play here, and I wonder how they fit in. I get how bad things happen to good people because once again it boils down to our vibrations. But what about bad people wanting bad things? What if someone manifests harm towards another person? How does that play out?

      And what about the laws of nature? While I’d love to live knowing I can have whatever whenever I want, what happens when tragedy strikes around us? We have families, friends, loved ones. If we could truly manifest anything, I’d manifest having them with me forever. Hehe. Unfortunately I doubt that’s the way nature works. We may not have limitations for ourselves, but surely we fall under certain laws that cannot be broken or bent…right? What do you think, Melody?

      • Derrek,

        Yeah, you raise a good point. Death happens sooner or later which is something most people would tend to probably “avoid”–unless there are some highlander people running around.

        To me, in astrological terms, what we are talking about is the difference between Jupiter and Saturn. Jupiter is about “good, fun, enjoyable stuff” Saturn is about “limitation, restriction” etc. So, as a kid you might get to have a lot of fun, but get spanked for being too hyper or something. Fun = Jupiter Discipline = Saturn.

      • Okie dokie, Derrek, let me take you further down the rabbit hole… ๐Ÿ˜‰
        There are no “bad” people and there is no evil force tempting us to do bad things. There are people who are stuck in horrible pain, who will do terrible things to others in an attempt to feel better. When you feel utterly powerless, gaining power over another will make you feel better. It’s the same concept behind the playground bully – usually bullied or utterly ignored at home.
        But, and it’s a big BUT, no one can create in another’s reality. You can only let things into your own, not force something into someone else’s. Let’s take a less extreme example for a moment: Abusive relationships.
        Abusers “choose” their victims, and they are invariably women (or men, but let’s keep it simple) who have low self esteem. They don’t feel that they deserve to be treated better, or feel that angry men are the norm, etc. Confident people who feel really good about themselves don’t get sucked into abusive relationships. There has to be a vibrational match. This doesn’t mean the person, as a whole has to be a mess. But if you dig down, you’ll find the chink in the armor that let the abuser in. You can look at it psychologically or energetically, it makes sense both ways. The victim had to allow the abuser in.
        The same principle applies to more horrible crimes, even though it’s not as obvious. We can’t always detect the vibration that allowed a person to get murdered, for example, but it had to be there. I try to simplify these matters as much as possible, but the truth is, that we’re complex beings, and it’s hard enough figuring out our own vibrations (in order to clean them up), let alone trying to play armchair quarterback to someone else’s, without knowing them or being able to talk to them.

        Generally, when people ask these kinds of questions, what they really want to know is: “Can something bad happen to me?” And the answer to that is: “Only if your vibration allows it.” How do you know what you’re vibrating? You can tell by the way you feel. The beautiful thing is that as the global vibration rises, not only will less people be a match to being violent, but less people will be a match to being the victim of a violent crime.

        Pay attention to how you feel, and you’ll be fine.


    • Hi Joe Bill and Melody, Iยดve read your discussion here with interest!
      Iยดd like to put my tardy oar in!

      To me the point in this is also not, if the LOA works or not, but if this “getting what you want” per se really is the issue for us in our lifes.
      For happiness is the issue in our lifes, and happiness is a function of our souls, not of our egos. It comes from alignment with our soul, from living the way of our soul, which we sense by feeling alive, which can involve pain as well.
      I find it rather awkward trying to eliminate painful feelings from our lifes, for they belong to us and give us our understanding of us and our relation to everything. Pain can be about deep happiness as well! Love can be experienced so deeply that it hurts; the truth can hurt, because the process of releasing our negativities reveals to us our self abuse; healing is painful and awesome at the same time.
      Whatยดs really painful in a negative, destructive way (and extremely energy absorbing), are those emotions which hold our resistances in place. We can distinguish between them by the degree of aliveness we they give us, not by the degree of pain they involve.

      And, as is said, we simply donยดt resonate with what wouldnยดt really make us happy on a soul level, whether we “want” it or not (and have a hard time to manifest it then, though it still works with some special effort, focusing on it long enough, releasing resistance deliberately).
      I believe that our souls have chosen certain lessons before incarnating (and in our rare moments of clarity we remember). So there is more to it, than our current wants.
      If you consider lifes challenges as lessons to equip you for your chosen task or as decision guidance to know what you want, both approaches lead the way to where you need to go in order to be fullfilled and happy. So what you both said rings true to me.
      In my experience we often (more often than we might believe) simply donยดt have a clue about what our soul desires are.
      And walking our way step by step by following our momentary excitments, wants one at a time is a delicious and satisfying way of living as well. Just donยดt try to control it like a mechanic, because unpleasant feelings cross your way – you might miss the message they supply for you, something crucial to get to a higher level of realization, something beyond current wants your soul is calling you forward to (and you have asked for in the first place).


      • Hi Sara,

        Wow. Thanks so much for sharing your insights. You’ve done a great job of meshing our philosophies together to find what makes sense for you.

        I would like to clarify my stance on thing, because I think it could lead to confusion. You wrote “we often (more often than we might believe) simply donยดt have a clue about what our soul desires are.” I think that’s true, sort of. Our soul desires what WE desire, only we often don’t really know what it is that WE desire. Our soul holds that space for us until we allow ourselves to remember. We have absolute free will – we are not subjected to anyone’s dominion, not even our own soul’s. We’re in charge, but vibrationally. So, when we desire something, we may not be consciously aware of why we desire it or what exactly it is that we desire, but our soul knows. This is why it can seem that we’re at odds, but we’re not. Our mind just often doesn’t dig deep enough to find the true essence of things. When it does, it finds out that the soul was in agreement all along. ๐Ÿ™‚

        Thank you so much for your valuable contribution.


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