I’ve written pretty extensively about the benefits of raising our vibration, releasing limiting beliefs, and working our way up the emotional scale. The idea is, that in order to align your energy with what you want, and therefore bring it into your reality, you have to find a way to think thoughts about that subject that feel good. If any resistance (negative beliefs and thoughts) still exist around the subject you’re trying to manifest, negative emotions will let you know. Negative emotion = resistance. So, in theory, all you have to do is change your thoughts to some that feel better. But that’s often easier said than done. Today, I’d like to offer a simple yet powerful technique on how to go from “Crap!” to “YAY!” in as little as a few minutes.

I’m calling this baby the Vibrational Ladder and I use it almost daily to release limiting thoughts or beliefs on one subject or another.

The basic concept

Imagine a ladder (didn’t see that coming, did you?) At the very bottom, is where you are right now on whatever subject you want to work on. You have some negative beliefs you’d like to release. Each rung on the ladder represents a slightly better feeling thought, evoking a slightly better feeling from you. And at the very top, you’ll find the goal: a thought about this subject that feels completely joyful. This is where total happiness lives.

The basic idea is to incrementally work your way up the ladder until you’ve completely released all negative emotion on any given subject.

Let’s look at an example

I’m going to use the example of weight loss here, because I know that many of you are eager for more information on this subject.

Jane Doe (cause I’m creative like that) wants to lose 20 pounds.

Step 1: Find your current place on the ladder.

Jane sits down and begins to evaluate her current thoughts and feelings around her weight and weight loss. There are generally many beliefs which need to be shifted when it comes to this issue, but it’s best to focus on one at a time.

One of her thoughts is: “I’m never going to lose weight. I’m going to be fat forever.” And she’s feeling fear.

Note: You don’t have to identify the exact emotion that your thoughts correspond to. This exercise only requires you to tell the difference between bad, better and good. In other words, it doesn’t matter where you’re at right now emotionally. Your only goal is to move upwards.

So Jane has identified her current thought and it feels awful. She draws a ladder on a piece of paper and writes “I’m afraid that I’ll be fat forever” at the bottom.

Step 2: Find a thought that feels a little bit better, regarding that same subject.

The problem with finding a better feeling thought is that we often try to make too big of a jump, or a quantum leap. In Jane’s case, if she tries to move from her current thought to “I love my thin and beautiful body”, or something along those lines, she’s going to get frustrated. Fast. This is what goes wrong with a lot of affirmations. If Jane stands in front of the mirror now, chanting “I’m thin! I’m thin!”, she’s going to feel like a fraud. It’s a fake statement that she’s nowhere near believing. The vibration of her current thought and the vibration of the joyful thought are too far apart.

We only have access to the frequencies that are somewhere in range of our current vibration. So, if Jane is currently vibrating at fear, she simply doesn’t have access to a thought that vibrates at enthusiasm or joy. If she tries, she’ll fail, and will then probably feel even worse for her efforts.

But Jane does have access to thoughts that feel a little bit better than her current ones, and this is exactly where the Vibrational Ladder comes in. We don’t want to try to jump from the bottom to the top rung. Instead, we’re going to move up one rung at a time.

So, Jane begins to feel around for a better feeling thought. Since she’s been focusing on this negative thought for a while, the Law of Attraction has been bringing her more thoughts like it. She’s going to have to extend a little bit of effort to find a more positive thought.

Attempt  #1: “I hate my big fat body”. That feels worse. Next!

Attempt #2: “Lots of people are fat. I’m not alone.” That doesn’t really feel any better. While it’s always nice to know that we’re not suffering alone, this thought only underscores Jane’s fear. If all those people are struggling with weight loss issues, what chance has she got?” Next!

Attempt #3: “Lots of people have lost weight. Some people have figured this out, so a solution does exist.” Whew! That thought does feel a bit better. If a solution exists, then not all hope is lost.

Step 3: Recognize the better feeling

Once Jane has found a slightly better feeling thought, she’ll want to recognize that it does, in fact, feel a little bit better. She has deliberately focused her way to a slightly better feeling place – a new, higher vibration. And if she can make this small shift, she can make another and another, until she feels not only slightly, but A LOT better.

This is what the Law of Attraction work is really all about. It comes down to our ability to make one tiny shift after another. We can move mountains with one small shift at a time. Let’s keep going.

Step 4: Incrementally work your way up the ladder.

Now that Jane is feeling the relief of a slightly better feeling thought, she can reach for the next rung on the ladder – a thought that feels even better than the last one.

While everyone’s progression is going to be unique, I’m happy to provide you with an example of what Jane’s ladder might look like on this particular belief.

Remember to read from the bottom (starting point = negative belief) towards the top (better feeling beliefs).

Each time Jane shifts from one thought to a better feeling one, she’s actually raising her vibration on that subject. Now, she might be able to move from the bottom to the top in one go, or it could take several sessions over the course of a few days. It’s also quite possible that one “issue” could be tied to many different beliefs (the big, insidious issues generally are). But the beautiful thing is that as Jane does this exercise and begins to pay attention to how she feels, those other beliefs will become more apparent. She’ll notice them by the way they feel.

Also, as Jane works her way up the ladder on belief after belief, she’s going to raise her collective vibration, which will make it easier for her to access better feeling thoughts on any subject. And one by one, belief by belief, subject by subject, Jane can use the Vibrational Ladder to change her entire life in whichever way she wants.

Now, I have a question for you: Are these kinds of techniques helpful to you? What about the example ladder? Would you like to see more like this? Let me know in the comments! 🙂


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  • Thank you so much for this really great concept – it makes sense to all the mind sets, and by gradually stepping up the ladder – things are being resolved and you are only focusing on the task at hand allowing no resistance when it is time to move up – it is so hard for most of us to believe a thing when we full well know at the time that it is so – this way – it bridges the gap – I have been looking and looking – and now I found it – it just feels like a winner just looking at how Jane Doe came to the top – I just model it of course tweak it to my unique situation. Thank you dearly again!!!!! Glad I found this.

  • Yes absolutely I have struggled for quite a while and these tools are so powerfull just seeing this one makes me feel different thanks so much for sharing its exactly what I needed.

  • Wow. Glad i read your email out of 112 of them. Brought me here. This is really amazing about doing it step by step. Seems like singing ‘I am a millionare” to the song “love lifted me.” is doing little. LOL Quite a gap for me. The ladder looked long but 20 minutes sounds easy. I guess I need to say something less dramatic then go up that ladder? Find why my mind just wont help me out there. Being content is in my mind too. Sounds silly wanting to be rich but I just want to not help myself but others too. I am looking for some truth out here.

  • I’ve only just discovered your website and i must say, I think they all make perfect sense. I’m new at actively engaging on manifesting a positive joyfull life, but im hopefull with the help of your website i’ll be able to create a wonderfull life for myself. Your website has been a blessing in a difficult time.

    • Hey Frank!

      Welcome to Deliberate Receiving! Thanks for your wonderful comment. I’m so glad this blog and its community have been helpful to you. I look forward to seeing you around more. 🙂

      Huge hugs!

  • Hi Melody,

    I had an interesting insight on this post. I thought of the ladder in terms of manifestations instead of vibrations & it conjured up a question. I’ll explain: I’ve been focusing on a particular boat I want for a few weeks now & this week, many manifestations for it came about. I heard a conversation of guys talking about their boats in public, I was invited & went on a boat just yesterday, and I even passed what seemed to be the exact boat I want at a dock on the way home.

    In great appreciation, I thanked the universe for all of this. I don’t expect the boat to show up immediately & am grateful for the slightest of hints, but it got me thinking…is it right to correlate the magnitude of our manifestations or time it’s taking to our vibrational level? So if I made a ladder for the boat, the actual boat would be at the top & below it would be manifestations descending in magnitude/reality to actually having the boat (seeing it for sale somewhere, meeting an owner of one etc.). Would it be right to match these manifestations to vibrational levels? If I keep getting smaller manifestions is it right to say I’m on the right track, but am stuck at a certain vibration & need to up my level for a larger manifestation? Thanks Melody 🙂

    • Wow Mike. That’s really interesting. You could certainly make a ladder like that, and although it wouldn’t be applicable to anyone but you (your manifestations don’t correlate with anyone else’s, since everything comes to you through the path of YOUR least resistance), it may well give you some insight, yes.

      But Id’ caution against focusing too much on the physical manifestations and more on the emotions, because when we look only for the stuff, we tend to notice that it’s not there yet and and we actually offer a contradictory vibration. So, as always, if you do this, make sure it’s making you feel better as you do. 🙂

      Huge hugs!

  • Melody,

    Is this one of the reasons we gain weight when depressed or in the depths of despair? It makes sense. Raising our vibration and keeping it as steady as possible is the best thing to do for mind, body and spirit. Of course, we need to also experience contrast, but we also need to get out of such ruts, which, by the way, bring us closer to source for a time. Depression is a time of introspection and slowing down to actually think things out rather than being on the go and taking action. One slowly gets out of it as perspective and thought processes change and vibration is worked upon and raised. So, in a way, can depression of short duration be seen as what is down before it comes up?

    • Hey Kat,

      Not everyone gains weight in depression. But for many, food becomes a coping mechanism, if it represents love, for example. It can bring very temporary relief, just like drugs and alcohol, but ultimately, it doesn’t work.

      Depression isn’t a time of introspection. Depression is an almost complete pinching off of the energy of who you really are. Your perspective in that moment could not be more removed for that of who you really are. However, depression is also so painful that few are able to tolerate it for long before they’re willing to make some kind of change, to reach for something better. It’s the giving up that comes from not being able to take it any more. And when we give up, we don’t give up what we want, we give up on the reasons that we think we can’t have it. We give up on the resistance. And then, we start to feel better. More positive thoughts start to creep in and we notice them and start to breathe again.

      And, in the moment of depression, when you know more clearly than ever what you don’t want, as a result of that, you know more clearly than ever what you do want. You create some pretty strong desire when you’re depressed, causing the energy of who you really are to call you more loudly than ever, increasing the pressure on you to finally let go of the resistance and eventually, you let go and let the energy that’s pulling at you take you to a better feeling frequency. You ride the wave instead of fighting it. 🙂

      I hope all of that made sense.

      Huge hugs!

  • Melody I love the ladder though it’s so long. I have to admit doing the process quickly and getting over with it is very appealing, though the sinking feeling of being fake is just awful. I did the steps, typed them out felt like giving up around halfway through, was somehow frustrated with climb. However, I did listen to my gut feeling and finished the ladder and when I reached the top was just laughing. It felt wonderful and best of all I believed it. In total, I typed out 453 words of grueling mountain/ladder climbing. This process definitely works. Will now be using it on other issues in my life. I have to say nothing good comes easy. Thanks a lot for sharing this.

    • Hey Veeh!

      LOL. I’m sorry it was so grueling. It does get easier, I promise. 🙂 It also depends on the issue and how “stuck” you are in it. Issues that you’re really ready to let go of and that aren’t that big will often shift quickly. Bigger stuff that we’ve been holding on to for ages will shift more slowly. But, as you’ve seen, it totally works and it’s totally worth it.

      Congrats on your shift! Now that you know how, the next issue will be easier to release. Oh, and “nothing good comes easy” is kind of a horrible belief, chica. I’d let that one go. That will make all of this into really hard work. The truth is that when you let the Universe help you, when you stop fighting your gut, things come more easily than you could ever imagine. 🙂

      Huge hugs and thank you so much for sharing your experience here!!


      • You are not serious Melody, ooh my 🙁 I have believed that since I can remember. It’s almost connected to the guilty feeling that comes once in a while when life is going smoothly and others are having it rough. I like what you say about not fighting my gut. It has never mislead me, thank you so much for your kind words. Now its on to cooperating with the universe even more 🙂

  • Hi Melody,

    This makes complete sense. Thanks for sharing. Your advice to recognize the better feeling jumped out at me. Recognizing as we go would improve the process. I like your example of Jane’s ladder. That makes the process much more clear.

    • Hi Cathy,

      That’s a big step for me, too. When we take the time to recognize that we feel better, it helps us to feel more empowered. We’ve made a change. We’ve affected how we feel by doing this work. It can take us from a feeling of helplessness into one of positive hope. Things can change. There is something we can do. Also, it’s proof that this stuff works. 😉


  • very middle aged, and newly divorced … lets start there.

    first conflict/limiting belief: all my years are hitting me at once, or so it seems. i’m getting very stressed out about it, and having a hard time dealing with it. the more i stress the worse i feel. (shallow? maybe, but still a real feeling) for every positive affirmation i make, 2 or 3 negative ones pop up in my head.

    second conflict/limiting belief: all the negative things my ex would say to me, are creeping up from my subconscious. i am trying to start dating again but find it difficult to have a positive image of my self, and really think i am putting the wrong vibes out there.

    i have tried explaining this to some friends, they think i’m being silly … my kids think i’m being sappy or “emo” …
    i think the two feelings are linked. do you? what should i do? one ladder, or tackle both a little at a time? or what?? HELP, PLEASE!! :)))

    • Hey Ana,

      Ok, I don’t think the ladder is the best way to go for you. You’re trying to be too specific at the moment. Get general first. Hoo boy, I think I need to write a whole blog post about this…And I will, very soon.

      Until then: Don’t focus on dating right now. You’re not ready. Spend some time meditating (I know… that’s the answer to everything, but it really does wonders to support you in this work. Trust me on this). Meditate every day for 15-20 minutes. Spend some time with yourself, just being nice to yourself.
      As far as the self love, I’m posting a video today on How to Love yourself. How’s that for some LOA? Ha.

      You’re not being sappy or emo. You’re honoring your feelings and trying to feel better. Good for you. Whenever you try to do this work and you start to feel worse instead of better, you need to back off from the subject. Back off and go do something that already makes you feel good. The subject doesn’t matter. This will raise your vibration enough so that you can come back and start to shift the energy on the whole man subject.

      For the record, when you have two or more limiting beliefs, start with the easier one. Always. We have a tendency to tackle the hardest thing first, but that’ like trying to dig through a tangle of roots beneath a forest to yank you the most deeply buried one. Start with the ones on top and work down. Start with the issues that will shift easily, that you don’t feel nearly so badly about and then go from there. It will make everything easier. 🙂

      I hope that helped.

      Huge hugs!

  • i read this last night, and have been giving it a lot of thought since then. seems like a great idea. i realized i have two conflicting thoughts and they sort of tie in together (not sort of, totally tie in together) can i work on two ladders at the same time? or would it be better to do one at a time??
    would love to hear your thoughts.

  • Do you know what? You have something here. If you lack motivation you need to take things slowly and in steps (like the ladder shown). I was a personal Trainer for about 5 years and if I learnt anything it’s that people will change. But only when their minds are totally ready.

    • Hey there Ladders,

      You’re so right. People can absolutely change (most people want nothing more than to change something in their lives) but they cannot do so until they’re ready and able to do the work (and for me, the work is not going to the gym, but doing the mental and energy work.) Glad to have you here!


      • It’s good to be here. I not a big fan of the gym, but I realised that it was my life that needed to change. Not too quickly but in stages. Just like a ladder. It’s a great blog and I’m happy I found it.

  • Hmm, very interesting.

    I like this idea. Seems a lot like the process of recontextualization that Dr. David Hawkins endorses.

    I wonder, how do you reinforce the new energy/ideas once you’ve reached them? Is it simply a matter of doing the ladder exercise over and over until it sticks?

    • Hey Fred,

      That’s the beauty of energetic work. Once you’re shifted your energy, all you have to do is NOT fall back into the old pattern. LOA will bring you more thoughts that match the frequency that you’re on, so it becomes easier to think the better feeling thoughts than to go back to the old ones. The effort is only really required in order to make the change. Providing it’s a gradual change (small increments), you don’t have to do much to stabilize.


  • Melody,

    Thank you for this post. I have felt like a fraud in the past when trying to change some beliefs. I guess I was too far away from the beliefs for them to feel real. Changing beliefs incrementally makes so much sense.


  • Hello Melody,

    First, I always loved the NAME Melody. It is pretty awesome. I digress.

    The post is A-ma-Zing! I have a habit of wanting everything to immediately make sense. I take the most out of information that is given to me in a way where I can turn around and apply it the next moment. Your post does indeed fit this expectation. The concept of the ladder itself is genuis.Thanks for the enlightenment.

    • Hi Jermaine!

      I’m so glad you stopped by. My mother thanks you for the complement on the name. Ha, ha. And I thank you for your wonderful words. I’m so glad you got value from this post.


  • The ladder analogy is great. It’s actionable and allows us to easily see the simplicity in a concept that may otherwise seem complex: vibrations.

    I learned a lot from this melody. I learn best from sight. So, this post was perfect because it created the imagery that helps my mind wrap around the idea.

    Great job on this post!

  • I love you ladder metaphor, Melody. I’ve found that a necessary ingredient for successful living is humility. When overcoming old beliefs, I’ve learned to be wary of foolish pride – pride is always egocentric vanity and exists for the wrong reasons. Waste no energy protecting the ego-nature; use that energy to ascend up the next rung and the next rung of the ladder until we rise to the top – sweet ecstasy!

    • Thanks so much for your kind words, Rob! And I couldn’t agree more. I originally had a bit in there about figuring out where on the ladder you are. But I took it out, because 1.) it actually doesn’t matter and 2.) people begin to judge themselves. They don’t want to admit that they’re “low” on the ladder. So I reframed it so that wherever you are now is the first rung.


  • Yeah, incremental is good stuff. I use similar processes, but I think there is an important piece in here for me and maybe others. The “top” of the ladder is a thin body, and that’s good–but it also attaches you to an outcome–hence if you don’t get the thin body, you feel like a failure not only at losing weight, but also at the law of attraction. Double suck!

    I’ve learned that it is wise to behave AS IF the outcome is what is going to happen, but not necessarily treat the “results” as the outcome. It’s sorta the serenity prayer version:

    “God grant me the serenity
    to accept the things I cannot change;
    courage to change the things I can;
    and wisdom to know the difference. ”

    You may “not” be able to change some things, but you can change your attitude towards them and sometimes, if you are really lucky, that might also change the thing in question. If not, then a positive attitude is definitely not a loss.

    • So true Joel. When we become too attached to an outcome, we actually end up blocking the energy of it. When we NEED something, we push it away. But we can want it and appreciate it. Thanks for the valuable contribution!


  • Excellent description here about how to look at the emotional scale as a ladder. The key is that to know what part of the ladder you are vibrating at and to consiously choose to raise up. Also the very last stage of completetion after working up that ladder always goes back to gratitude doesn’t it? The last stage being “loving and appreciating the new thin body” =)

    • Hi Baker,

      Actually, I don’t think it’s important to know exactly where on the scale you are. In fact, too much focus on that can be distracting (people go into denial about being in anger, for example). As long as you start moving in the right direction, it’s all good.

      Gratitude is near the top, certainly. Belief is at the very top. Getting into the feeling of gratitude will take you to happiness, joy and belief (I lump those three together, since once you’re happy, you’re just feeling so good, you no longer need to distinguish.)

      Thanks for the great comment.


  • I get the concept, but I think that the chain broke at steep “I do believe in the law of …”
    I have hoped for a good technique because I want to use it for my lower back pain.

    I know that my back is in a bad conditions because I have seen the x-rays so I can not tell my self that I got a strong back and everything is just fine.

    I need a lot of steeps between “my back is crap” and “my back is getting stronger every day”

    Can you help me out here?

    • Hi Martin,

      This is just an example. The idea is to find a thought at each step that feels better than the last.

      Yep, if you’re looking at X-rays, you’re nowhere near the belief that you have a strong back and everything is just fine. First, you’ll want recognize that your back pain is simply an indicator of some other resistance. You didn’t create back pain as a true manifestation. Some resistance in your vibration created it. How does it feel, emotionally to have a bad back? Whatever that emotion is, you have some belief in you, that was there before the pain started, that feels the same way. This is really hard for me to explain well in a comment, so if you like, just contact me through the “Get in Touch” button up in the menu, and I’ll give you a more detailed rundown.

      Anyway, you kind of have 2 issues now. The original problem, which is trying desperately to get your attention with back pain (hard to ignore that) and the back pain itself. Precisely because it’s so hard to ignore, you’ve now focused so much on that, that it might easily stick around even when you release the underlying problem. And it’s hard not to notice it. What you want to do is notice it but have a more positive emotional reaction to it. Thought like “my back pain is temporary” and “a solution does exist, I just haven’t quite figured it out yet” might get you started on the road to relief. These aren’t the thoughts you want to end up with, but they will get you going in the right direction. And once you get going in the right direction, the LOA will help you out.

      I suggest you go slowly with this. I know that I said it can happen in minutes, but you have a lot of evidence slapping you in the face with what you don’t want, so it’s best to stabilize at each step. Just focus on feeling better emotionally (try not to focus on the physical pain by focusing on something else. React to it differently). This is hard, I get that, I do. But it can be done.

      If I can help further, just let me know. I know you can do it, Martin.

      Huge hugs,


  • Melody,

    I love the ladder. From the bottom the top is not reachable with out taking the time to carefully step on each step along the way. Success will not always come overnight but is a continual progress of movement in the right direction. You have to take life one step at a time because if you don’t you might lose your balance and fall. And guess what? I am clumsy so I really have to be careful. 🙂 Great post!

    • Ooh! Limiting belief Frank! You can release the belief that you’re clumsy, you know… LOL.

      Thanks so much for your kind words. I’m really glad you found it helpful.


    • Hi Todd,

      Thanks for your kind words. It’s not just about being more obtainable (although that certainly helps to keep things from seeming overwhelming), but it’s actually much easier to shift your energy one step at a time. It’s gentler and much more doable. It’s like when you’re in a really crappy mood and someone comes along and goes “Cheer up!”. You just want to tell them to go somewhere and do things to themselves. 😉 Their bring cheeriness is just too far away from where you are. But a thought that’s just a little bit better is totally reachable. And from there, you move a little higher. And a little higher.


  • Melody, help me through here – I”m at the bottom of the ladder trying to get to the top. You’re saying it’s going to take small shifts in vibrations to get there or I’ll feel like a fraud. Can I get from the bottom rung to the top quicker – how?

    Oh, and without hitting my head when I get to the top of course.

    • Hi Vishnu,

      If you try to make too big of a leap, you’ll feel fake, because you won’t be able to believe what you’re saying. It won’t resonate with you and no energy will shift – and that’s the whole goal.
      If you raise your energy by meditating regularly and/or switching to a different subject that already makes you feel good for a while, you will get access to higher vibrations. It will make it easier for you to think better feeling thoughts. This can speed up the process.
      But keep in mind, that you can work your way up this ladder in minutes. It really just depends on how disciplined you are about focusing on better feeling thoughts. If you dedicate 20 minutes to a ladder, you can shift a belief. Easy.
      If you need specific help on an issue, just send me a mail through my contact form, and perhaps I can take you through a ladder to show you how easy it is.


  • Hey Melody,
    You’re so on point with this concept. It’s like the moment you make the slightest decision to feel better you can FEEL the tides turn and momentum starts to work for you instead of against you.

    Just moving up to that second box on your chart “Lots of people have done it” creates incredible power. From that point on, it’s so much easier… you can go all the way to “I LOVE my thin, beautiful body!!!” in a matter of hours… choosing to change your vibrations is powerful stuff!

  • Melody,
    Feelings are an indicator of what we are thinking, I must have been having some bad thoughts when I had a regular job. 🙂

    Many don’t quite understand the whole how you feel and manifesting concept. Your post did a great job in explaining it.

  • This is fantastic! It’s a wonderful reminder for us all not to expect too much from ourselves right away. Baby steps are KEY! And making lists of those baby steps and then crossing each baby step off is a motivator as well!

    • Hi Lindsay,

      Thank you so much for your kind words. When we try to leap too far in one go, we generally end up blaming ourselves for the “failure”, which makes us feel so much worse. But once we figure out that we have the power to make ourselves feel better, not because circumstances changed but because we simply focused on some new thoughts, our whole world opens up.


  • Melody,
    It’s very exciting to learn more about a process that’s very effective in producing a positive outcome. A process that dictates the thoughts must FEEL good makes such good sense and I also think the incremental nature of the process honors reality. Cognitive behavioral therapy which to me is somewhat similar and in widespread use doesn’t emphasize these two points nearly enough.

    • Hi Riley,

      Thanks so much for your comment. I totally agree – most traditional therapies don’t focus nearly enough on emotions, or aligning energy (in whatever terms one wants to cloak that.) The good news is that many therapists are changing that. Even the ex-head of the American Psychiatric Association (could have gotten the name of that slightly wrong) came out with a statement that therapists have traditionally only focused on making sick people less sick (from depressed to functional), but not on actually making people happy. So, we should see a marked improvement in the psychiatric professions in the coming years. 🙂


  • wow this is just what I needed to read and I like the idea of making it into an exercise of steps….I do always try to jump the hurtles and I need to be reminded of baby steps, baby steps on nearly a daily basis…It has gotten worse as I have gotten older…maybe I should just take it as a positive sign that i am going to live longer so I can just take my time completing each rung.

    Thank you

    • Hi Patricia,

      I’m so glad this was helpful to you. It only gets worse as we get older, because we’ve accumulated more resistance, that’s all. That leads to more impatience, too…
      You have all the time in the Universe. But remember, each step doesn’t actually have to take a long time. You can do this whole ladder in a few minutes, or you can take more time. It all depends on how good you are at focusing and on how active that limiting belief is. In other words, if it’s a deeply entrenched habit to think the limiting thought, it will take a bit more discipline to change it than if it’s something you hardly ever think about.



  • Hi Melody,

    I think it’s a nicely thought out explanation of the process. Bringing awareness to what our minds are telling us, and consciously changing our thinking is so very important. Simplicity seems to work best for me. Looking in the mirror and declaring: “You are Beautiful! I Love you!” can be remarkably effective 🙂

    Thanks for the thoughtful post

    • Hi Antonia,

      Absolutely. It can be very powerful – IF you can believe it. If you’re close that that vibration, simply affirming the new thought can easily take you there. But if you’re not close, you won’t be able to really access that thought (you won’t be able to believe it).

      Sounds like you’re vibrating at a high frequency! Yay!


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