One of my awesome readers (don’t be jealous. You’re all awesome. I swear), recently shared one of her “Ah-Ha” moments with me and has graciously allowed me to publish it here.  I think this is a perfect example of how to easily line up your energy with a higher vibration. I’m going to break down exactly what happened, why it worked and how you can apply the same technique to your own life, no matter where you are in terms of emotions.

Cynthia wrote:

I was just watching an Abraham-Hicks DVD and Esther was describing searching for lost sunglasses. After futile searching, Jerry recommended she “ask Abraham”. Esther then proceeded to ask Abraham to allow her to find, and be the vibration of finding, her sunglasses. She then turned her head…and found her sunglasses!

This has led me to ask to find, be given the vibration of receiving my financial abundance (however it may choose to come). Immediately, my feeling became lighter, joyful and just plain…happy! I am now infused with such a vibrant (sorry for the pun!) and joyous feeling non-stop, not just a moment of feeling that way here and there.

What exactly did Cynthia do?

Cynthia set an intention to find a higher vibration – in this case, the vibration of financial abundance. The way she felt – happy and joyful – was her indication that she’d done so successfully. Higher vibration = better feeling. It really is that simple.

Now, the fact that she found the vibration of joy in one step, means that Cynthia was clearly already vibrating at a really high frequency before she started. If she’d been in depression, for example, the vibration of joy wouldn’t have been accessible to her.

So, does that mean this technique will only work if you’re already nearly where you want to be? Not at all. This isn’t about finding the frequency of joy or financial abundance in one go. This is simply about finding the next highest vibration from wherever you are.

Let’s break this baby down into the most important components:

Focus on the feeling, instead of the outcome.

Cynthia focused on finding a vibration (the vibration of financial abundance), instead of the physical evidence of abundance. She was looking for a feeling, not a manifestation.

When you stop looking for physical proof so that you can feel better, and go straight to the better feeling, you allow your energy to shift. By focusing on the physical environment, you keep activating the vibration of what’s already been created, which keeps recreating the same reality over and over again. But if you can ignore what is and focus on what you want, specifically the feeling of what you want, you line yourself up with a new vibration, one that will create a different reality for you. Instead of asking the world to change so that you can feel better, feel better so that the world can change.

Let go of the “how”

Cynthia clearly set the intention to receive the feeling of financial abundance “however it may choose to come”.

When you let go of the need to control HOW the things you want have to be delivered to you, you allow the Universe to do its job. This shifts your energy.  In Cynthia’s case, this shift was enough to align her with the vibration she was looking for.

But what if you’re not in as high a vibrational place as she was? The shift that letting go of the “how” creates will still be enough to allow you to rise to a better feeling place. It may not yet be joy, but it will feel better than where you were when you started. And when you feel better, you begin to create a reality that supports that new feeling.

Set the intention to simply feel better

There is a lot of power in intention. The simple intention to just feel better can move a lot of energy.

  • When you’re feeling stuck, and aren’t sure how to move forward
  • When you’re not sure what you want, but you don’t like where you are
  • When you know what you want but have no idea how you’ll get it
  • When you’re frustrated that your manifestations are taking too long

Simply wanting to feel better will align you with the highest vibration that you have access to from where you are. It’s a way of letting go, of giving up. The mere acknowledgment that you want to feel better, that a better feeling place exists, focuses you on the frequency of a higher vibration. Do so for any length of time, and the Law of Attraction will bring you more energy like that – it will make it easier for you to think better feeling thoughts. And, as Cynthia discovered, when you focus on the feeling of what you want, and tie no conditions to it, when you relax and allow yourself to rise up and align with the energy and emotion instead of looking for physical proof first, the feeling place becomes easy to find.

And in case you’re thinking “It’s all nice and well that she’s feeling good, but where’s her freaking money?”, I can tell you that I’ve had enough experiences in my own life to be absolutely convinced that if Cynthia holds that feeling for any length of time, financial abundance will find her quickly and easily. She’s about to be swimming in it. Unfortunately, this is the hardest part to prove to people who aren’t sure if the Law of Attraction works. So let me ask you this: Why not try it? If nothing else, you’ll feel better than you do right now. You might feel amazing. Wouldn’t that alone make it worth it to give it a shot?

If you found this blog post valuable, chances are that others will, too. So, please spread the joy on Facebook, Twitter or in whatever way you prefer. Huge hugs for you!

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  • Wowww, amazing blog with big A !!! Thank you Melody. Thank you for raising my high crazy vibes.You are gift to us.Keep on amazing work. Greetings from Serbia

  • Hey Melody!

    Your site is like crack, just sayin! I found my way to this awesome blog and the Universe is slowly answering all of my questions through you! So thank you and thanks to the Universe! I’ve been working on my vibration but was feeling stuck, lost, exactly the 4 conditions you listed at the beginning of the post. Exactly. So….as I’m reading this my face keeps lighting up more and more and well…I feel amazing right now 🙂 so, the key is to continue to hold this feeling, is that right? Does that mean that eventually, when we realize Who We Really Are that our vibration will remain at a high frequency? Just trying to make sure I understand. A million thanks, love and hugs!!


    • Hey Marjorie!

      Thanks so much for your kind words! 🙂

      We always evolve higher ad higher, especially if we deliberately allow it. But, we will always have contrast, stuff that we don’t like so that we can always determine more of what we do like. So, if you’re asking if you’ll ever get to the point where you’re just happy and nothing ever bothers you, then no. That won’t happen. That would be boring as hell. But, you can get to the point where you’re almost always happy, and then you get annoyed from time to time, but you recognize the annoyance before it gets bigger and then shift your focus to what you want instead. 🙂

      Huge hugs!!


  • If what I want involves other folks changing their vibration as well, is it enough to just change mine? I would love for my kids to be financially stable an able to live on their own (not with me). I’m sure I’ve contributed to the vibration that’s keeping them there, but would think they both need to make some adjustments in their thoughts/vibrations as well (not sure either of them realizes this or would be open to a discussion at the moment). It doesn’t matter to me if they stay in the house (I do have a mortgage on it) and I am in a position to move elsewhere as long as all the bills get paid.

  • Thanks for sharing this. I have picked up a brand new perspective on focusing on the feelings first rather than the physical manifestation. I guess that has always been my problem. Even when I visualize for the things I want, I would see vivid details of the things first and try to feel the associated emotions second. Looks like I need to change.

    I also have great difficulty abandoning the ‘How to get it?’ I guess the big ego must be at work. In a simple way, is there a way to let go easier?


    • Hey Jimmy,

      It’s ALL about how you feel. That’s your main indication of where your vibration is at, so paying attention to our emotions is the best thing we can do.

      Ah, the letting go bit. That’s never easy, although it does get better with practice. Some things are simpler to let go of than others. That’s why I wrote the post about detachment (I’ll link to it with comment luv, for those who haven’t seen it.) What it comes down to is practicing a new way of thinking, and that takes as long as it takes. The “easiest” way is to surrender to the process, to stop fighting it, but since our ego often thinks that letting go of certain beliefs which are tied to our identity will threaten our very survival, it’s always going to be a process. Try to do it too quickly and there will be a backlash. Every time. So, for example, if you try to quit smoking cold turkey, you may have a very hard time and then fall off the wagon. But if you shift your energy, you can stop smoking without any problems (there is a book by Allen Carr that helps people to do just that).

      The easy way is to focus on the energy path, the path of how you feel, rather than the action path – trying to make things happen by doing something. It just doesn’t feel easy, because of all the doubts and fears that come up. We’re well outside our comfort zone with method and we need to respect that and take our time.


      • Melody,

        Thanks for the further explaining to me the process of trying to feel the emotions rather than think about the action. This morning I tried feeling my emotions after my run. Had always wanted to bring my whole family for a skiing trip. In my visualizations of this holiday, I have always focused on actions like taking the ski lifts, skiing downhill, taking the gondalas etc. This morning I tried to tune in to how I would feel seeing my kids fall down in the snow and having fun. I was able to feel the laughter and sense of happiness and fun in them. It was quite a different experience. So from now on, it will be more feelings and less action. Guess that is a nice motto to manifestation.


  • Hi Melody

    I agree with Marc and Kim about fav quote. The post is an excellent guideline, and especially so with current stress levels swirling about our planet. Thanks for the great share, and I too appreciate your ability to bring humour into the lessons. 🙂

    • Hi Antonia,

      Thanks so much for your feedback. I’ll do my best to keep the humor coming. 😉
      You’re going to think I’m lying, but I don’t really notice the stress. I refuse to notice and have been doing so for a long time. So stressful and doomsday people no longer have much access to me. I do spend time focusing on a whole, peaceful, enlightened world, because that’s what I want to create. I know I’ll see that world in my lifetime.


  • Hey Melody,

    I like the new addition of comedy to your posts. Always gives me a chuckle. Anyway, I agree in order to attract what we desire we need to put ourselves into those feelings as if the manifestation has already happened. One thing I’ve always pondered though, if we could hold those feelings indefinitely would it really matter if the desire never materialized?

    • Hi Todd,

      Thanks so much! I’m still developing my voice. I was really nervous about letting my sense of humor out on this site. I thought I might dilute the message… But the fact is, I have a sense of humor, and I love to use it. So, here it is. Plus, I realize that there aren’t that many funny personal development sites out there. This makes me a marketing genius. Clearly.

      I think it would matter, actually. Not because we need the stuff, but because it’s fun. We came here to have a physical experience and the stuff is part of that experience. We only got off track because we began to think it was all about the stuff. I tried to go all energy, doing meditations that were purely energetic. They felt great for a little while (high vibration) but then they got really boring. We like pictures and images and words and sensations and tastes and smells and sounds and tactile pleasures. I don’t believe that it’s our goal to surpass all physical pleasures. I think it’s our goal to surpass our NEED for them, and then to just enjoy the hell out of them. 🙂


  • Hi Melody, thanks for your post. “There is a lot of power in intention”–I agree. It really realigns our focus. This is probably a different way than you would say it with LOA–is it?

    And the whole idea of “letting go”–another powerful concept. Again, we may see it the same or different–I’m still learning about LOA. But what I do know is that client when I’ve worked with (and from my own personal experience) have let go and stopped trying to control things they COULDN’T (and at same time took ownership of what they COULD manage/control), paradigm-shifting change occurred.

    • Hi Sean,

      The core truth of what you’re saying and the core truth of what I’m saying is exactly the same. The rest is just semantics. Positive psychologists are now figuring out how to move people into actual happiness (instead of just going from unhappy to less unhappy). Holistic doctors are approaching the entire human being, emotions and all. They are figuring out these same principles. These are the laws of the universe and they underlie everything. What words you use to communicate them doesn’t matter.

      Ah yes, the old letting go of control paradigm shift. That’s a huge one, at least it was for me. Psychology or LOA, when you surrender, you make room for positive change.

      Thanks for adding your valuable perspective!


  • Hi Melody,
    I have been focusing on the “feeling” part of me for the past week. I have been doing less and being more and I noticed how my life was reflecting this being/vibration change in lighter and positive ways.

    State of being or vibration is all that matters, physical manifestations are a direct result of our vibrations. This is why I focus mainly, on how I am feeling, and what I am thinking.

  • Hey Melody, great story. I’ll admit, I was thinking “It’s all nice and well that she’s feeling good, but where’s her freaking money?” but you also have to remember, what’s the goal of wanting the money? To feel good. So essentially, she shortcut that extra step of having money, and just went straight to feeling good. So I agree, money can come so much more easily now that she already aligns with the good feelings of it.

    It’s interesting how you have to first do the hard work of finding the feelings of what you want and then the physical manifestations will show up. But if you’ve done it right, the physical manifestations will be almost secondary to the awesome feelings you’ve already created.

    • Hi Andrew,

      I think it’s funny how we humans never think that just feeling good is somehow enough. We want the manifestations that we think will make us feel good. And if I told people to just forget the stuff and focus only on the feeling, that they didn’t need the stuff at all, there would be tons of resistance to that. So I’m always careful to mention that the stuff will come. Then they can relax about that and focus on the feeling.

      But really, why isn’t feeling good a worthy goal on it’s own? I think it’s just so ingrained in us to think we need the stuff to feel good. So, turning it on its head, while leaving all the components in place (feelings and stuff) is going to be easier to change to than going straight for “no stuff, feelings only”. We’ll get there, though, eventually. I’m convinced of it. And I think it’ll be fairly soon.



  • I believe that to actually achieve what you want out of life, you MUST take the journey to get it. If you just happen to hit on it, what is the likelihood that you will even know what you have gained? Moreover, you end up with more by taking the journey because you are given bonuses along the way.

    • Hi Glynis,
      I would disagree slightly with your last sentence (no worries, that doesn’t make your point any less valid, just loving the discussion). While the fun is in the journey, it only ever lasts as long as it takes us to align our energy. So, a lengthy journey isn’t really any more beneficial than a short one. The key is that if we can enjoy the journey, it becomes shorter, while fighting the journey makes it longer and a whole lot less pleasant.

      But yes, we have to take the journey, no matter how long it is (it’s best not to judge). Even if things seemingly just happen, we took he journey, just a teeny tiny one (i.e. very little resistance). 🙂


  • Hi Melody,

    Nice post! Whenever we change our vibration from low to high, we are changing ourselves from the inside, which is why we start to attract similar events and circumstances in our lives. I agree with you 100% that if Cynthia keeps up that feeling of financial prosperity, God will help her attract all the money she needs. This is why changing herself internally and changing her vibration is so crucial. Thanks for sharing Melody, great post! 🙂

    • Thanks Dia!
      When we change our point of attraction (or vibration which receives our reality), our reality must change to match it. Focus on anything long enough, and it has to come into your world. We prove that all the time by focusing on the negative stuff (unintentionally).

      Thanks for the comment!

  • Awesome, awesome post Melody! THIS is the post I’ve been waiting for for a while now. I love this one sentence in particular : “When you’re not sure what you want, but you don’t like where you are”. To me that sums-up the general psyche of the human species. And I’ll admit it relates to me a LOT. We’re “cursed” with the ‘grass is always greener on the other side’ syndrome. I think it’s that constant confusion of not really knowing what we want that blocks us from climbing the happy-ladder. I absolutely love this technique in particular because it doesn’t matter who you are, how you’re feeling, what you believe in, or what you want. It applies to even the most fickle of people and that’s cool.

    Gotta’ thank Cynthia for asking, and of course to Melody for answering in typical fantastic fashion. 🙂

    • Hi Derrek,

      Isn’t it just awesome how we all get exactly what we need from each other. As Abraham likes to say: “This is co-creation at its best!” It totally is. This is why I love questions. The elicit the best answers. and they never, EVER just come from one person. Even if someone didn’t email me, they asked energetically and someone, either me or another reader who did have the courage to ask picked up on it. We’re all connected.

      I like that: happy ladder. I may have to steal that. 😉


      • Steal away, Melody. Glad I could contribute. :p

        I think ‘awesome’ is an understatement. This whole web of interrelated intelligence is [insert greatest word that comes to your mind here]. It’s like the entire series of LOST or something, where everything and anything is somehow interconnected and contributing towards a bigger picture, constantly helping the story develop. It’s crazy.

        The articles on this site truly resonate with me on a very deep level. Answers that I couldn’t find anywhere else, I found right here. And I’m sure lots of visitors feel the same way. Strange thing is…I never directly found your blog. I followed you here via commentluv on someone else’s site. How and why…I’ll probably never know. Or maybe I do… 😉

        • It really is like that. Everything in your reality has been drawn to you by you. And it’s the same for everyone else. So, whenever you meet up with someone in any way, it’s because you’re both match to each other. Imagine having to manage all of that? Thank Goodness we don’t have to. The Law of Attraction does. It really is all perfectly orchestrated.

          I suggest “fantabulous”.

          It doesn’t really matter how people find the blog (as long as they find it, he, he). The Universe doesn’t prefer Google… If you think back, I’m sure you’ll find that you’ve been brought together with loads of things that served you (i.e. were a match to what you want) by following your intuition and taking some arbitrary, unforseen action. That’s how it works. 🙂

  • Melody, your posts are helpful. I’m doing crazy things like starting to apply your techniques to my life. And I get a sense they are working. Will need more time to report back to you but I will keep you posted. What products (or substances:) can help us achieve this higher state of vibration more often?

    • Oh no! That IS crazy! LOL. If you give it a chance, it really does work. Yes, definitely let me know how you get on. This is such a fun and rewarding journey.

      I’ve had great results with meditation, and received the inspiration just recently to create some guided meditation recordings. This was such a powerful insight, and they’re practically writing themselves. I’ll announce them officially as soon as I have a timeline. It should be soon.

      Also, read things that make you feel good. Some of my favorite books are the Abraham-Hicks books (any of them), Conversations with God (it’s a fantastic bridging tool, especially if you grew up in a religious environment), Eckard Tolle (although he’s a bit too theoretical for some, you just have to judge for yourself), the Seth Books by Jane Roberts, The Orin books by Sanaya Roman (can you tell I gravitate towards channeled stuff?) Oh, and this site, of course. He, he.

      Surround yourself with happy people and get away from those that continuously bring you down. That’s a huge one. Basically, if you inundate yourself with good feeling stuff, it will really help you to not only raise your energy, but to stabilize that higher vibration.

      Keep up the great work.

  • Yesterday I did just this – I said I want to feel better about money and release the worry. I am not on a very high plain with financial issues YET…but I am improving…I made an appointment with my broker and said: I need to know how to pay off this debt before the interest rises to 26% It was a medical emergency and I feel it was a best use of my credit card to promote healing…now I want to remove my worry…
    It took him a while, but he found a solution that will work and remove the worry within about 1 weeks time. I felt instant joy and happy danced and my plantar fasciitis was pain free for about 4 hours it felt so good.

    I think I have moved up a rung on the ladder
    I too loved the line about feeling better to get the world to shift
    Financial abundance I am happy dancing in your direction!

    • Hi Patricia,

      Awesome story! You make another great point – asking for help. Often the very act of asking for help helps to shift our energy. It’s a type of surrender, a way to make peace with where you are right now. You’re saying “fine. This is where I am. And now I’d like it to change” instead of constantly pushing against where you are. It seems subtle, but the difference is huge.

      Good for you! I know you’ve been working on this “issue” for a while I shall do a happy dance for you. 🙂


  • Amazing blog Melody…

    I agree with Marc, that was my favorite line as well. In all that I’ve ever asked for, I’ve never thought to ask for the feeling of the higher vibration that I am seeking. I’ve always asked for the end result. I like how Cynthia asked for the ACTUAL VIBRATION to receive financial abundance. I’ve always asked for the financial abundance or toned body, etc and figured I would just do the work to get the vibration. After reading this article, I will remember to just focus on the vibration first and foremost. For those that pray this is asking to be put in the proper place to receive what you are seeking. And I know you’ve said this countless times before but somehow this blog just made it all click for me.

    I also resonated with your perspective on not focusing on what is because you will continue to get more of it. Again, you’ve said this countless times before but it is really hitting home today. AHHHH! I must be getting in my proper place (vibration) to receive my abundance!

    Thanks Melody (and Cynthia 🙂 )


    • Hi Kim,

      We’re all always working towards deeper and deeper levels of understanding, so you can hear the same thing over and over again, and then one day you hear something new in the same words. Whenever you raise your vibration, you get access to more clarity. And then things that were inaccessible before just seem like common sense. In other words, you can’t hear something until you’re ready to hear it. It’s important to remember this when we’re trying to teach others or God forbid, convince them of something we know.

      I’m so happy that you found some clarity through one of my blog posts. 🙂 And I’m sure Cynthia is ecstatic, as well.


  • I enjoy all your post,s–But this -i am -right now – printing this out -to savor and keep -reminder-handy. much thanks!

  • Hey Melody,

    Excellent story. I agree that with using the law of attraction the key is to stay aligned with the vibration that we intend to attract. In this case it is abundance vibe…I would add that there is a space of surrender that consciously takes place as well when we have already set the clear intention and just letting it come. I think just letting go in order to allow whatever it is we previously intended to come in is key. I know it works that way in my personal experience. =) Thanks for sharing this story!

    • Hi Baker,

      There is definitely an aspect of surrender in this method. We let go of the need to make it happen, of the need for it even to happen and just focus on the feeling. So, so powerful.

      Thanks for sharing your perspective with us!

  • Hi Melody,

    Thanks for sharing Cynthia’s story. Positive vibrations are a real life saver, aren’t they?

    Whenever I need to find something or work on a big problem, the most unhelpful things are those negative thoughts that try to creep in. Yesterday, my dog decided to eat the springs out of my couch, (Thankfully, I have a warranty that covers that). Getting mad at the dog after the fact wasn’t going to change anything. Staying positive was key, if I called the warranty guys and took out my anger on them, I could have caused issues with getting my problem fixed.

    Great story and great message.

  • Hi Melody,

    I love this sentence:

    “Instead of asking the world to change so that you can feel better, feel better so that the world can change.”

    I have used this technique over and over and it works like hell. There was only one major problem appearing over and over again. In most cases I did not get immediately what I wanted, but a new problem 🙂 However this new problems always proofed to be very relevant to get my final outcome. It took only a few of these problems to finally get my outcome.

    E.g when I have put my attention to getting a new girl friend years ago, I had to overcome 2 major problems before I met her: being more courageous and being more inviting to people. At first these problems seemed to not immediately leading to getting my new girl friend, but there were.

    My conclusion is that using intention in this way is often leading to new problems, which we need to overcome to be able to finally receive what we desire.

    Thanks for your inspiration!

    • That’s a really great point, Marc. Cynthia had it easy, because she was so close to the vibration she was seeking. But when you’re further away, it will be more like a series of steps. There will be resistance to overcome. The key, as you so rightly pointed out, is to stay positive through those problems and have some faith they are merely stepping stones to what you want, instead of obstacles.

      Thanks so much for sharing.

  • Hi Melody,

    Great article that explains the subtle nuances of how LOA works! I love the way you expanded my experience into teaching others “how” to make it happen for them. Kudos!

    Love and Light,


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