[Quick Update: As many of you have noticed and commented on, the tone of the blog has gotten decidedly more humorous, as I’ve let more and more of my actual personality out of its, until now, tightly controlled bag. I’ve changed the Home and About pages of the Deliberate Receiving site to match this new tone. While I was at it, I thought, why not go ahead and be completely authentic. So, I did something that I have to admit, I’ve been too chicken to do up until now: I posted a fat picture of myself on my About page. I found a picture of myself at my heaviest days (there aren’t many) and put it up on a website for all to see. Posting that photo represents the last little bit of accepting myself, no matter what I look like. I’m ok with the woman in that picture. And I get such satisfaction from knowing that she used to dream of the day when there would be an “After” shot. That day has come now. I’ll write more extensively about this subject in the future, but I didn’t want to wait until I had a free slot in my rather full blogging queue to post this. When the time is right, you just know. Now, on to today’s blog post:]

This is Part II in the series on manifesting the job you love. In How to Love your Sucky Job, I explained that it’s possible to hate or love any job, and that happiness at work isn’t just for other people – it’s an achievable goal for you, as well. In that post, I told you not to worry about the “how” just yet, but to simply ponder the question: “What if I could find a way to actually like my job?” Today, I’m going to explain what you can actually do to make that a reality.

First of all, let’s set one thing straight:

Your working environment does not determine how you feel about your job. How you feel about your job determines your work environment.

Everything starts with your vibration. You are the creator and receiver of your reality, all of it. Your vibration, which is a collection of your chronic thoughts and beliefs, determines what you allow into your world. So everything you see around you, everything you experience, is a direct result of what you’re thinking about.

Change the way you feel and your environment will change

The first step is to change the way you feel about your job. I don’t mean going into denial, which is looking at what you don’t like and pretending that it doesn’t bother you. That will slowly destroy your soul. I mean actually improving how you feel about your job (find out how to do that below).

Feeling better about your job is its own reward. Your stress levels will go down, your ulcer will heal, your frown lines will soften, your blood pressure will go down and your hair will grow back. (Disclaimer: your hair may not actually grow back, but you’ll stop ripping out the little bit you have left).

But, it doesn’t stop there. Feeling better about your job is the indicator that your vibration has changed. And when you can hold this higher vibration for a bit, your reality will change to match it. It has to. That’s the Law of Attraction. Your vibration attracts the reality that matches it. Change your vibration and you’ll change your reality.

“But,” I can hear you protesting now, “you haven’t met my boss. He’s the spawn of demons. He makes Genghis Khan look like Mother Theresa. (In drag. Obviously.) There is no way that anything I can do will change this man.” Well, not if you take the action journey, no. There is nothing you can say to your demon spawn boss to make him change. You can’t convince him to be less of a dick(tator). But I’m not asking you to. You do not have to confront him or coach him or complain to his superiors. You don’t have to change him at all. You have to change yourself. Here’s how:

Quit your bitching

Seriously. Stop complaining about your job. Every time you do, you’re looking at everything you don’t like about your current reality and shouting “More of this please!” What you see in your physical reality was created by your past vibration. By focusing on what you don’t like and talking about it, you keep your vibration at that exact same level – you continuously recreate the reality you don’t like. If you want to change your reality, including your working environment, you’ll have to change your vibration and hold it long enough for your creation to catch up. And the first step is to stop talking about all the stuff you hate and why it’s so terrible.

Haven’t you noticed that when you get together with others to complain, it just seems to go on and on? It’s like you’re fueling each other. Well, you are! You’re adding to the energy that will create more of the same. Stop it already.

Find something positive about your job

Find something about your job that you can feel good about. Again, I don’t mean that you should look at something you hate and pretend to like it. Find something that genuinely already feels good. It could be anything. It may be something very small. It doesn’t matter. If you’ve spent a lot of time hating your job, it might be really difficult for you to find something you like, but you can do it. The tiniest thing will do. What you’re doing is getting a foothold in something that has a slightly higher vibration. It’s the vibration that counts, not the importance of what you’re looking at, so if the only thing you can come up with is that they have awesome donuts, go with it.

Focus on and talk about that positive thing

Just as when you complain, you’re adding to the energy that creates what you don’t like, you can add to the energy of what you do like by focusing on that and talking about it. So, if your office has awesome donuts, think about those donuts. Talk (even to yourself, if you have to) about why they’re so awesome. Spend some real time focusing on what exactly you like about them. And if you’re worried about being seen as the nutter who sits in the corner muttering to himself about donuts, do this at home.

Make lists of all the things you like

Now, try to think of something else that you like about the office. Once you’ve spent a little bit of time on a higher vibration, you’ll suddenly find it easier to come up with some other aspects of your job that aren’t so bad. Perhaps the receptionist is friendly. The computers are state of the art, which is actually kind of nice. The parking is convenient. Again, the relative significance of what you’re thinking about isn’t important. The key is that whatever you think about has to feel better. Talk about each item, what you like about it, why you like it, etc. Give the energy a chance to gather, so that you can move further up the vibrational ladder. Keep finding more and more things to like, write them down and talk about them.

Notice that you feel better

At this point, take a moment to notice that you’ve just deliberately made yourself feel better. How does your body feel? Are you less tense? Is the knot in your stomach still as tight? Do you still have a headache? Does the world seem just a little brighter? You did that. You deliberately worked yourself into a higher, better feeling vibration. Savor your success.

Focus on what you like about the people at your job

Once you’ve gotten some energy going in the right direction, you can begin to focus on the people at your job. I don’t recommend starting with the person you have the most problems with – the coworker you hate the most, or your demon spawn boss. Start with easy targets. The friendly receptionist. The intern who’s obliviously happy. The perpetually stoned mailroom dude who doesn’t give a shit. Make lists of the traits each of these people has that you can feel good about. These can be professional or personal. This is just for you. Again, it doesn’t matter if you have to start with little things, like “well groomed” or “always polite”. Just get some energy going. As you gather more momentum, you’ll be able to move on to more “important” aspects.

Finally, turn your attention to your nemesis

I can’t stress this enough: DO NOT start this whole process by focusing on the one person that you’ve identified all your negative feelings with and try to work them into a better feeling place. You have to gather some momentum first and work your way up to a higher vibration before you even attempt this. But once you’ve done that, the time will come when you’ll want to turn your attention to this person (or aspect of the job). In fact, if you’re not in a higher vibrational place, this next bit is going to sound bat shit crazy to you:

Send them some love. I don’t mean in a card or anything. Sit in a quiet place, meditate a little, bring the image of this person into your mind and send them some love. See them not as the irritating bastard you’ve been having to deal with, but as spirit in human form. You have no idea why they are acting the way they are. Perhaps they have a great deal of pain of their own. Perhaps they’re desperately unhappy. It doesn’t matter, but try to see that it’s got nothing to do with you personally. Forgive them and send them some love. Spend some real time (at least 20 minutes) holding on to this energy. You should feel a powerful shift during this exercise (it feels like relief, like a pressure being lifted off you). If you just find it annoying, you’ve tried to do this too early. Go back to focusing on the donuts.

Don’t get lazy

Continue to practice consciously feeling better. Especially at the beginning, it’ll be easy to get sucked back into the complaining mode. Keep in mind how dangerous that is. Which creation do you want to give your energy to? What do you want more of? Pay attention to how you feel. Remember that your emotions are your vibrational indicators. When you feel good, you’re focusing on things that will bring you more to feel good about. When you’re feeling bitchy, you’re asking for more to bitch about. Stay vigilant.

This is your work. You don’t have to manually change anything, you just have to feel better. Do this consistently and your environment will change. Perhaps the people at your job will actually get nicer and more fun. Or the people you don’t get along with will come around a lot less. It’s also possible that you’ll be inspired to find a new job (i.e. the job will basically find you.)

It will continue to get better

This exercise isn’t just about turning a sucky job into one that doesn’t bother you as much. If you continue to work this system, you’ll raise your vibration further and further. This will attract better and better scenarios until you find yourself in the job of your dreams – something you’re truly passionate about. Something that ticks all your boxes. This is how it’s done. There’s not a job in the world that will take your miserable ass and make it happy. The jobs you have access to will always match how you feel. Change the way you feel, however, and the jobs you have access to will, as well. And the day will come when you find yourself in a situation that your former, bitchy, complaining self couldn’t have even imagined.

So, what are you going to do now? Will you complain some more or will you go and find something you can feel good about?


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  • ”There’s not a job in the world that will take your miserable ass and make it happy”

    xD love that, imma take my happy ass out of its rut with this, bless you Melody 🙂

  • No, actually it was very good and I got it! Use the contrast as a trigger. This is considered “reckless living” in conventional society. But, this is how it works, I know, so there should be nothing to fear anyway.

  • Melody,

    Something I have been wondering about is, if we are source energy, then why do we even go through all this? If someone were not conditioned by society, then things would work out his way, right? I want to have this understanding as a wrap-up thought so I can use it more effectivley, kind of like a reference chart, in a way.

    To align with source energy, we need to be free of worry and negative thought, so the order we put in to the universe won’t be delivered as it would have had we been worry-free, appreciative and faithful. So, by purifying our feelings and thought, we mesh with source. Being farther from source with worry really just makes the process harder.

    Source is pure, good and perfect, and so are we, we just spoil the process with the negative stuff we think and feel, which is not to our advantage. I know this is weird, but it is true, so I would like to have this clarified so I can truly live by it by understanding the concept better.

    • Hey Kat,

      You’ve got it. The purer our vibration is, the easier our lives become. But, don’t beat yourself up for a messy vibration. First of all, it serves you well in terms of helping you to figure out what you don’t want and therefore do want, but as long as you know that you can focus into an ever “cleaner” way, you don’t get so frustrated.

      So, we don’t spoil the process. We can’t spoil the process. The process depends on the contrast, the stuff we don’t want and that includes the fears. I think the perfect balance would be to live with contrast, like 20-30% of the time, and focus purely, like source the rest of the time. Dip a toe in, wade around a bit and take off like a rocket. Rinse and repeat. Worst metaphor ever. But you get the point. 🙂

      Huge hugs!

  • I love how I can revisit your posts time and again as reminders or even to actually get it way better than I did the last time! Though I definitely need some work on this one because I think I half got-it and then plateau-ed somewhere.

    I was able to use LOA to move my job from downright miserable to tolerable. I didn’t quite land at “love” and as I was trying to figure out why, I also realized that I didn’t actually want that job anymore. Some moments were fun but it started to get to a general place of “bleh.” And then I gave notice. But it’s been a bumpy road to the end so I’m thinking I still missed something because it was supposed to be smooth or happen more naturally, right?

    • Hey Alanna,

      Sometimes, it can be hard to shift in a situation while it’s slapping you in the face. In that case, get out and shift what you need to afterwards. If you’re conscientious, you can then also spot signs of discord in a new job as they come along and take care of them before they get bigger. Don’t worry that you’re doing it wrong. If quitting felt like the best feeling choice, then it was right for now. Just keep going from here. 🙂

      Huge hugs!

  • No damage. I like that. I do feel that in my heart, but being a member of society, others try to make us feel guilty and shameful when this is not who we really are. Got to keep reminding ourselves of this! Thank you!

  • This is a great article, Melody, thank you!

    With most of us, I think we get lazy, as you so rightly state here, and although we start thinking happy shiny things, at one point we stop doing that and see the boss as an a$$hole again. The key is to practice. Easy is theory, but so hard sometimes! Argh!!

    But, it does work. WE have to rise in vibration, overall, and things happen! This is the good part, so we must do what we can to do this. If we are pissed, by all means get it all out, acknowledge it, as you wrote in a more recent post and then move on and raise your vibration. Hope I’m getting this vital law!

    • You’re SO getting this KAT. And that complacency gets to us all. I often put up with things a little longer than necessary because I can’t be bothered to do the work right away. Silly, really, but it does happen. And really, so what? I know that I can change my vibration at any time, so even if I do it a bit later and let the contrast get a bit bigger before I clear it, I haven’t really done any damage. 🙂

      Huge hugs!

  • Hello Melody,

    You are absolutely right. Your tips are humorous and very enjoyable.

    I loved the the “quit bitching”, it is so true. Whatever you give focus to, it grows so it’s always better to focus on what we are happy about and ditch what dissatisfies us for the time being.

    • Thanks so much Jack. We often don’t realize how much time and energy we spend on bitching about the things we don’t like. It takes a bit of effort to shift that into noticing and talking about the positives, but it makes such a difference.

      Huge hugs!

  • Hi Melody,

    Thanks for this post and your blog. You have so much useful materials for all. I must admit that I was in a few lousy jobs before, actually not the job but the boss. I struggled a lot to find joy working for them as our philiosophies just did not align. But I have learnt that one of the greatest way to love your unlikeable job is to just focus on the good stuff that you are doing. Exactly as you have suggested here. When I am responsible for just what i love, all things become serene.

  • “Your vibration, which is a collection of your chronic thoughts and beliefs, determines what you allow into your world” – that´s all you need to know.
    So how you alter your vibration, thoughts, beliefs, perspective, moods, feelings, visions, attitudes doesn´t matter, do what works best for you, or just feels good.
    When you´re young, you usually try to “fix” things, by analysing or complaining about, which isn´t a problem as long as you enjoy doing it, and learning from it, still letting your inner being (intuiton, knowledge, excitment) be your guide.
    Do what you like, and enjoy it, even if it´s complaining; it gets awkward when you start believing in the truth of it. Jobs are there for you for self-realization and adventure.

    Hi Melody, I´m eager for more (especially the quantum leaps!)

    • Hi Sara,

      I suppose it would be possible for someone to truly enjoy complaining. People usually do get some sense of joy from it, especially bitching in groups. But that’s generally due to them feeling that there’s nothing they can do about the situation (powerlessness) and the complaining gives them SOME sense of power. This helps a bit, but it still keeps them focused on what they don’t want, which will only perpetuate the decision.

      I’m not saying people can never complain. Sometimes a good bitching session feels great. But if it’s a regular or even chronic thing, it will not serve the person…

      So yes, do what feels good, but also focus on always finding ways to feel BETTER. That way, you never get stuck. 🙂


  • Melody,

    I loved that picture. I think I just spent about 5-10 mins laughing at it.

    Complaining is a toxic action that I am working frantically to remove from my own life. I will be honest it is one of the hardest things I have ever done. (Look I am complaining now.) One tip that I use in my own personal journey to stop complaining and to start being grateful is to immediately take action against what I am complaining about. As an example I used to say things like I need to get in better shape. Now whenever I make that verbal statement I force myself to do push ups or some other form of activitiy. I make my complaints force me to take action. This actually has greatly reduced the amount I complain about my health. I really don’t like working out. 🙂 This was a very entertaining and informative post. Thanks!

    • Hi Frank,

      yeah, I used to say “I need to get in shape”, too. Now I say (or try to say) “I’m getting in better and better shape every day.” It does make a difference, because it reminds me to change my thoughts. Just changing your words isn’t enough, but it’s a powerful reminder…

      Ahh, sounds to me like someone has resistance to exercise. Maybe the gym isn’t for you? Maybe roughhousing with the kids would be a more fun workout? 🙂


  • You actually made me realize that I have quite a long list of things I like about my job. I will definitely continue to focus on them. I really loved your reply to one of the readers about always focus on going toward something rather than away from something. That simple thought is powerful. Again, it says the same thing as focusing on the positive but its simplicity really sticks to me. I am soooo enjoying your blogs these days.


  • Hi Melody,

    Perspective is everything. If we are willing to change the way we see things we can also change the way things affect us; from negative to positive. I’m a believer that complaining sours the pot. Well, complaining without any any solution for correction sours the pot. It’s okay to complain, but at least do so in the right tone and always with a solution to correct the complaint. Simple attitude adjustments such as this has changed things in my life big time.

    And when you really think about it – there’s so much to not complain about… I know it’s something that people just don’t think about, but I do…the fact that we’re a live and breathing is the biggest gift in life and we have it. There’s someone this morning who wasn’t so fortunate. So when I get in bad moods and my attitude tanks – I think about how much I have to be grateful for and that alone slaps me right back in to place.

    Your about page is awesome. Look at you look’n all confident with your hands on your hip! 😉

    Have a great day!

    • Hi JK,

      That’s actually a really great distinction: complaining with a solution in mind isn’t really complaining. It’s acknowledging the problem before moving on to the solution. It’s not the same as bitching…

      Gratitude is so powerful and one of the fastest ways to snap out of a funk. Or slap. You know.. whatever floats your boat…

      Thanks so much for wonderful words. A girl’s gotta have some ‘tude!


  • Hi Melody,

    A lot of great points, I think anymore this is exactly what people need since not too many people are happy with their jobs. I for one am trying to manifest myself right out of this job and into retirement 🙂

    • Hey Todd,
      So then I’d just focus on the retirement and not the job (always go TOWARDS something, not AWAY FROM something…)

      Thanks so much for stopping by. Always great to hear from you! 🙂


  • Hey Melody,

    Thanks for your practical list of things you can do to start loving your job by focusing on the parts you already love. That it actually works like that, I have learnt myself some years ago, when I started to love more what I did and ended up doing more what I loved.

    Thanks for reminding!

    PS: I like your new blog heading 🙂

    • Hi Marc,

      Thanks for adding your personal experience to the mix. Stories such as these really help people to understand that this isn’t empty theory. It really works!

      Thanks! I’m really glad you like it! 🙂


  • Hi,
    I’m not looking for a job so I went to your about page. I must confess I never read it before and now I feel like I know you. What an interesting background you have. I laughed at the Vegas job and you’re beautiful in both photos. I think if our focus was off our looks and weight we could use that energy to heal the world and we’d be finished by noon tomorrow! I appreciate the wisdom you share here.

    • Ah Tess, if only we could save the world by eating chocolate. Perhaps we can, and I just haven’t found the way… 😉

      Thanks so much for you kind words. And I agree. We do have the power to change the world. In fact, I think we’re doing it. Not with swords or fists or screaming, but with thoughts and intentions and energy.

      And hugs. Lots and lots of hugs.

  • Well, well, well…this is JUST what I needed to read today (well, it IS Monday morning). I just came to your site (thanks to Angela Artemis on Facebook) and I just adore you already! You’ve got a new subscriber in me. 🙂

  • Melody,

    This post is so inspiring because I used to be in one of “those” jobs…Your advice is 100% on-track. I committed myself to changing the feelings I was experiencing at work. I found ways to start feeling better. It took some time, but I held on with faith that things would turn around and they did. It was amazing. Within a couple of weeks all of my circumstances changed.

    This advice is so relevant and helpful! Great post. (Congrats on the weight loss and taking control of your life too. It’s an inspiration)

    • Hi Steve,

      Thanks for validating my points. It IS amazing how quickly you can change things when you take the energy approach isn’t it? We can try to force change with action for years, and then make huge changes in a matter of minutes. It’s just one of the reasons why I freakin’ love this work! 🙂

      And thanks so much for the compliment. I uploaded the pics partly to overcome my last little bit of resistance, and partly to inspire others. I’m glad it’s working…


  • Hi Melody, Indeed, as others have pointed out this is powerful advice in many domains of living. Since most folks spend the majority of their waking hours in the workplace it is especially vital to take responsibility for the environment we create. The ultimate insanity of humanity is placing ones attention on what does not want, and then wailing out “why me!?” If we don’t like the environment we are in, we need to stop mentally-staring at what is wrong with it.

  • Great post, Melody. And I salute you for posting that picture of you with the extra pounds right beside the “hubba hubba” pic of yourself. That’s the kinda proof that’ll help a lot of people realize that if they put their minds to it, anything’s possible.

    Love the direction the blog is heading in. 🙂

    • Thanks Derrek! I’m courageous, but not THAT courageous. I had to temper the fat with the hubba hubba (thank you for saying so, by the way).

      And thanks for the validation. I’m really enjoying myself more and more. 🙂


  • So what I’m feeling is that if I have a problem with someone at work, I should buy him or her a bottle of wine, put on some Barry White, find myself a silk shirt, and show them some love to change my vibrator–er vibration!

    All in all, I think this is sound advice. Bonobos have orgies to settle disputes. That’s what I call a win/ win.

    On a more serious note, I generally find if you hate your job, either a) you probably are a bastard or b) the work you are doing sucks or possibly both. Being willing to let go and let the chips fall where they may may very well be the best first step I can think of–other than the Barry White.

    • Haha! Dude I am going to steal your logic and use it the next chance I get at work.

      Colleague : Gawd, this job sucks balls, man.
      Me : That’s because you’re a b*stard.
      Colleague : Wha—? Why am I a b*stard?!
      Me : Because you hate your job. A**hole.
      Colleague : How am I the bad guy her–
      Me : Jerk.
      Colleague : Stop it!!

        • Aww, I sure hope so man. On a separate note, my Facebook page says I have 3 friends..and one of them’s my brother. Not sure where the rest went all of a sudden. Heh. Weird.

    • Ok, I just got this image of you sitting in an office, wearing a silk shirt, with a lit candle and a bottle of chilled champagne on your desk, raising your glass and doing the eye brow dance/lip puckery thing every time your nemesis looks at you. You know what? I do think that could work! I’ll bed they’d stop bothering you. Or working there. They may get a restraining order. Anyway, problem solved.

      Sorry Joe Bill, my experience doesn’t support your reasoning. I’ve hated my job lots of times and I wasn’t a bastard (my parents were totally married when I was born). And, as I explained in the previous post, any job can suck, or not. We do have the power to change the way we feel about our jobs, any job, if we change the way we look at it. I would call your attention, once again, to Tony the dancing traffic cop. Love that guy. 🙂 Also, I need to get that image of you flirting with your nemesis out of my head…


      • All right Melody–

        In support of my position, I only have one thing to say–“guy that rides around on the back of the trash truck”. I don’t see any reason anyone would aspire to such a job, or find any reason that that job would do anything other than suck. The used condoms alone tally that you’d come into contact with on a day to day basis would be bad enough.

        • You’re assuming, of course, that garbage men rifle through the trash, instead of just dumping it in the truck. I mean, they’d have to, in order to have an entire tally of used condoms, no?

          Besides, I can think of lots of great things about it:
          1.) There are way worse jobs (have you seen the show Dirty Jobs? Enough said)
          2.) You get to work outdoors
          3.) You can listen to music all day
          4.) Actually, you can do whatever you want all day, because you work at night. Like write the next great American novel. Or play video games and drink beer.
          5.) You get to wear a uniform and chicks dig guys in uniform. Right?

          And those are just off the top of my head! Point being: if the guy on the garbage truck chooses to, he can find things about his job to like, even love. And, he can always follow Tony’s example and dance, dance, DANCE.

          Jazz hands,

          • Everything you just said about the dumpster-truck guy reminded me of one person. Sid in Toy Story 3. If there’s any way to be a trash-collector, that would be it. With the headphones in his ears, the imaginary guitar in his hand, and a smile on his face and without a care in the world.

            I’m not saying everyone should be a trash-collector…just saying if you already are, that’s the way to friggin’ do it!

  • Melody,
    This is a wonderful (and fun!) read! I am currently in a place where I find a sense of peace and joy (usually). And that’s a really good feeling – and something that I believe is a direct result of where my focus is. That said, I can think of certain situations (and people) who make my stomach tighten up. Perhaps it’s in those moments where I could focus some more positive energy…

    • Hi Lance,

      Exactly. That tightness in your stomach is telling you that what you’re focusing on (and/or how your focusing on it) isn’t serving you and it’s time to either look away or shift your perspective until you feel better. It’s always a work in progress. We’re never going to be completely finished – there will always be new contrast, new bastards if you will, to help us refine our vibration some more. :o)


  • Melody – you could very well have taken this post and renamed it “Take this life and love it” — all the same things apply right:) ?

    Your last line makes you sound like a marine drill sargeant…lol…complain some more or go find something to feel good about. I’ll take the latter, thanks! and asap.

    • Ahahaha Vishu! The drill sergeant has spoken! Go be happy maggot!

      It’s true. These are the same exact techniques you can use for anything. That’s the beauty of this stuff. Once you really get it, you can apply it to any situation. It always works because these are the techniques of LOA, which is always working.

      Thanks for adding your insight!

  • Hey Melody,
    What I really like about the points in your post are how relevant they are to all areas of life. I am currently reading the latest copy of Harvard Business Review for the same reason. State of the art business strategies also have merit for use in one’s personal life. Good principles and practices are somewhat universal. Wish you the best.

    • Hi Riley,

      I get so excited when I recognize the core truth of these principles in other disciplines. And they’re coming out everywhere! People may use vastly different words, but if you listen closely, you’ll see it’s the exact same thing. HBR rocks! 🙂


  • Hey Melody,
    I found that you can use this in any situation. Like visiting people, or going to a party that you are not thrilled about going to. Being able to change the way that we feel and being able to change the outer results in the process gives us a sense if control.

    So many would rather control outer circumstances first which is so much harder to do.

  • I just wanted to genuinely say “thank you”… I am so glad I found your website. I laugh, learn and feel good reading or listening to your site. It’s really down to earth yet you focus on vibration and energy in an understandable way… I was feeling down earlier today and you helped me uplift my spirits and put me right back on track where I needed to be… Thank you!! Hope to enjoy more and more from you in the same way- if not more…. 🙂

    • Hi Emi!

      Thank you so much for your wonderful words!! And Welcome to Deliberate Receiving. I’m so incredibly glad to hear that you’re getting value from this site. This is exactly what I was hoping to achieve here. Thank you for sharing your thoughts with me. 🙂

      Extra big hug for you,

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