It’s time for another reader question! [Note, I’ve got quite a queue of these at the moment, so if you’re waiting for your answer, just be patient. I will not forget about you.]

Andrew asks: In order to attract something new into your life, let’s say more money, the LOA says that you must find the feelings of having more money. For most of us, more money would feel really good, we would feel a sense of freedom, eagerness and excitement to have this extra money.

It is easy enough to cultivate the present-moment feelings that extra money brings. It feels great for a few days. But after two or three days of feeling awesome about this new scenario, I find that something always seems to bring my feelings back down even lower than when I started.

Interestingly, if you understand the LOA as bringing to you the things that match your current vibration, this pattern makes complete sense, doesn’t it? You can’t get too far above your current set-point without having an equal drop below this set point to balance things out. You might be +3 on the vibrational scale for a few days, and then -3 for a few more days, making 0 progress overall. I’ve found this to be totally accurate in my own life, and I’ve heard similar results from others as well.

My question is, how do you maintain a higher level vibration without having an equal pull backwards? In other words, how do you break through the “gravity” that is holding you where you are (vibrationally) and create steady improvements over time that cause the LOA to bring results that match your constantly improved vibrations?

Here’s my answer:

If you’re experiencing this kind of “rebound” effect, where you raise your vibration, only to have it plummet back down and leave you worse off than before, then you’re making a fairly common mistake: You’re trying to do too much at once. You’re trying to take a quantum leap.

You have a core vibration

Your core vibration is a mixture of all the thoughts and beliefs you hold. All of those frequencies mesh together to create a kind of average vibration. Now, let’s say that on a scale of -10 to +10, our core vibration is represented by 0 (I’m stealing your metaphor, Andrew. I love it!). But on the subject of money, you’re generally at a -5. You’ve got some real resistance going on. Thinking about money brings up fears of being poor forever, of not being able to pay your bills or provide for your family. And your manifestations so far have been less Armani and more Walmart.

So now, you begin to do some work on the subject of money. You think better feeling thoughts. You do affirmations of “I am secure. I have plenty of money. I love my account balance. Money comes to me in many different ways.” The thoughts you’re reaching for are at around a +5.

Multiple Choice: A, B or C

Depending on how much movement you’re trying to achieve, one of following is going to happen:

A.)   You’re trying to raise your money vibration from a -5 to a +5. Chances are you’re not going to make it. It’s just too damn far. Now, you may actually temporarily reach +5, but because you’ve made such a huge leap, that new vibration will be very hard to hold (not impossible, but very difficult). You won’t be able to stabilize there, and before you know it – BOING! – the old vibration of -5 takes over again, which now feels even worse by comparison.

B.)    Let’s say your core vibration and your money vibration are at 0 and you’re trying to raise your money vibration to +5. Again, you make it for a little while, and you feel better. You’re not going quite as far this time (only 5 steps instead of 10), so you actually stabilize for a little bit. But, the vibration of +5 is too far away from your core vibration of 0, which will begin to drag you back down, sooner or later. This, in and of itself would do no damage, except that in these situations, we tend to begin beating up on ourselves and/or focusing on the fears of not ever getting what we want. Why couldn’t we hold on to these higher frequencies? Why aren’t we already earning more money? Why did we fail? What if we never succeed? What if we’re poor forever? And – BOING! – we rebound down to a place lower than we were before. Now, we don’t just have the fear that we’ll never be rich, but we’ve added the fear that we may not be able to do anything about that. Our core vibration will eventually drag us back up to 0 (providing we don’t hold on to that lower frequency too fervently), but it’ll be a while before we’re willing to put ourselves through THAT ordeal again.

C.)    For the ambitious among us: We’ll subject ourselves to both A & B.

In all cases, we simply tried to do too much, too fast. We got impatient, or perhaps we feel that we should be able to make the leap. Other people might have to move up the vibrational ladder incrementally, but not us. Oh no. We’re stronger than that! We’ll make that ladder our bitch!

Like trying to jump a ravine

Only, that’s the wrong approach.   It’s like you’re standing in front of a ravine and you’re given the plans and materials to build a bridge. Only, you’ve decided it’ll be faster just to jump across. And so you take the leap and promptly fall into the ravine below. Beaten and bloody, you finally pull yourself up to where you jumped from, wondering what went wrong.

I’m not saying that it’s impossible to make quantum leaps. I’ve made a couple myself. But I can tell you this: they are not comfortable or even the tiniest bit gentle. It’s like being loaded into a giant slingshot and being hurled across that ravine. The flight through the air is terrifying and when you land on the other side, a rabid bear jumps out and eats your face off. You’ve made it, but it’ll take you a while to heal. In fact, it may take you longer to recover from such a leap than it would’ve taken you to build the damn bridge and cross over while whistling a happy tune.

The ladder metaphor

There’s a reason I chose to use a ladder as the metaphor for raising your vibration. You have to climb up rung by rung. If you try to take two rungs at a time, it becomes very difficult. Try do to more than that, and you’ll almost certainly fall.

Now, don’t get me wrong. You can’t actually do any damage. Even if you try to jump the ravine, you’ll survive and live to jump another day. But why would you want to, when there’s a gentler way? Perhaps to prove that you’re da man. Or out of a belief that at this point in your spiritual development, you should be able to move faster than this. Or, as is often the case, because you’re simply not yet able to tell exactly how far you can step at once without rebounding. So, you accidentally stepped off the ravine, or even off the bridge about half way across. You saw the edge of the other side and thought “I can make that.” Next time, you’ll know better. You’ll know how far you can comfortably leap without being subjected to the rebound effect.

It really is about the journey

Remember that the process is the goal. The point here is not to just get through this and get to enlightenment already, damn it. The real point is to enjoy the bridge building, enjoy the scenery, and make friends with the rabid bear.  The real goal is to enjoy the process, right here, right now. Spiritual development shouldn’t be “work”. It’s not something you have to knuckle down and fight through. Just focus on moving up the next rung on that ladder (I know. How many freaking metaphors am I going to use in this article?). Enjoy where you are at each level. There’s no rush. There’s nothing you have to do, and nowhere you have to be except present, exactly where you are, in this very moment.

Have you had any experiences like Andrew described? Tell us in the comments!

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  • Melody,

    What do you make of energy techniques that help you make (and keep) those energy shifts faster, like EFT tapping?


  • Melody, thank you for this excellent article ! I was having a lot of trouble understanding why is it so difficult to keep hold of the high vibration. I started from the deepest state of despair and sadness a human being can experience, and that state lasted for a very long time. Then after finding the loa, my thoughts became calmer, more positive and my vibration much higher. I have moments, and hours in a row when i visualize what i want and it feels like it is present already. Then i wake up the next morning, again with a heavy stone on my heart. I tell myself “oh darn im not in allignment again !”
    Thing is, how long do you have to maintain the high vibe, for signs of the msnifestation to start showing? I’m not trying to manifest something material.
    And most important, what to do when sadness lurks in ? More writting on this, pleaaase..:)

  • What a jaw-dropping relief to read this article! I have experienced a few of these rebounds (just had one over the weekend). The first time was last year when I was trying “positive thinking” before I heard about LOA. I felt like a crazy person when I “crashed” – it was very scary and I thought I was cursed (I’m Greek, so thinking I had the evil eye wasn’t a stretch). It was like trying to quit drinking cold turkey and having a seizure. (Feel free to steal that metaphor, Melody.)

    • Hey Chris,

      I’m so glad this post helped you. 🙂 The key is to work incrementally, which doesn’t have to equal slowly. But we’re all so impatient, aren’t we? LOL.

      Huge hugs,


  • this was so right on…I keep telling myself baby steps…but then the worry comes back and I am so great for manifesting funds for others and non-profits that I believe in – I just pulled in $5K for my college…

    I am still working on letting go-releasing….baby steps, baby steps…the heat helps me go slower…

    I think too my guides are telling me to take a few days off….have some lazy, hazy days of re-creation. I am listening… still watering the garden…feeling fatigued…

    Good words and explanations Thank you

    • Hi Patricia,

      Wow. Congratulations on the 5k. You clearly know how to manifest money. Now you just have to relax enough to do it for yourself. 🙂

      The heat here has been rather heavy too. Actually, I love heat. But the humidity has been like a wet blanket. I haven’t gone to the gym all week. There’s no way until the heat breaks (which should be soon).

      Take the time off!!! Listen to your guides. This is the time of year when nature makes it so easy to be lazy. Just go with it. I’ve been napping, um, I mean meditating loads every afternoon. He, he. Ok, I’m doing both. And I love it!

      Hugs (and happy belated birthday!!!)


  • Really cool analogy Melody. I’ve never heard the rebound effect of LOA explained so eloquently.

    I can understand where Andrew is coming from. Sometimes it feels like an emotional teeter totter balancing our desires while fighting off doubt and fear.

    I know you’re a super busy person so I’ll keep the comment short today.



    • Hi Bryce,

      Thank you so much for your kind words. We all experience those swings. It can be really frustrating, but the sooner we learn to give up that frustration and just see it as part of the process, the faster we recover. 🙂


      P.S: I will never be too busy to read and respond to my readers’ comments. This is the best part of my day! 🙂

  • Hey Melody,

    This is my first time here and I love the idea your working here. I’ve been to all sorts of growth, development, fulfillment, travel, organizational, you name it blogs. But this is my first one the Law of Attraction, and as a psych geek..i like it!

    I’m a fan of the vibration analogy, and I really enjoyed the latter metaphor. I read about a similar one, but picture a stair case instead. Same premise, but what I especially like is the idea that even if you fall down a couple of stairs you’ve still climbed up hundreds and hundreds of flights. So many people form irrational beliefs that a fall is much worse than it actually is!

    I’m going to need to take more trips back here because there certainly is a lot of information to digest – a good problem to have!

    • Hi Chris!

      Welcome to Deliberate Receiving. I’m so glad you’re getting value from the blog. 🙂

      You make such a great point – falls are inevitable. We all experience them and they don’t mean failure. They’re just part of life. But if we don’t try to leap too may rungs or steps in one go, we don’t have a great a potential to fall as far.

      Looking forward to seeing you around!


  • Melody,

    I can attest that I have had a ton of circumstances just like this. It just seemed like my successes were temperal and my challenges were long suffering. I think it is human nature to want to go from 0-60 as fast as we can. We want to speed through life and forget to enjoy the views along the way. I have learned from reading this that I need to slow down and take each day step by step. I really enjoyed this question and answer session. Thanks for sharing.

    • Hi Frank,

      In my younger years (ahem), I used to try to make quantum leaps all the time. Everything I did was full speed ahead. Where others would gear up with maps and equipment before heading out into the forest, I’d just charge right in. I always made it somehow. Now, i might not take months planning, but I’ll at least look at a friggin’ map and take some water. Oh! The metaphors just keep on coming! 😉


  • Hi Melody, I like the idea of quantum leaps a lot, but they often fail not because you can not do it, but because you have made a mistake. The problem with quantum leaps is that you often don’t recognize the problems you are making – because there are so many 🙂

    With a good preparation you can jump. You also can take the longer, slower path to up. Both work equally. The only things is that we learn by mistakes and if we fall back, we have made a mistake. The biggest mistake we ever can make is NOT recognizing the mistakes, because than we gonna repeat it. We never fall back just like that. There is always a message.

    Thanks for sharing!

    • Hi Marc,

      You’re right. You really can’t do any real damage. It all comes down to whether or not you want to take the easier or the harder road. Some people are just gluttons for punishment… He, he.


  • Yes Melody I have had the quantum jump experiences before and it was way too much for my psyche to handle and I ended up sabotaging my success.

    After learning about the law of attraction and all of the processes involved I learned that slow and steady works better for me.

    I remember having my first instantaneous manifestation and I was completely shocked by the experience. That’s when I knew that LOA was for real.

    • Hi Justin,

      I have to admit, I do occasionally still go for quantum leaps (which is why I will write about them), but only if I have plenty of time to recover. Most of the time, however, I prefer to take the easier approach. It’s also necessary if I want to teach how to release beliefs. If I have no idea what just happened, how can I lead someone else through it? Slow and steady allows me to evaluate and make corrections along the way. 🙂


  • Hello Melody,

    I found this post to be extremely helpful. I think many of us have experienced the same thing as Andrew. I certainly have. Your answer really helped me to look at my life and see when things worked and when they did not. Invariably, the times when things worked was when I was enjoying the journey, focusing on the next rung of the ladder etc. Sweet.


  • This is such great advice, Melody! I’ve had the same frustrations as Andrew in this question.

    I learned the “ladder” process along the way…but never had that analogy to match it with. It’s a great one!

    You are right, the quantum leaps that we all want to make can be traumatic if we are not prepared mentally, emotionally and spiritually. This is a point I learned on my journey and shared in my book.

    If a person has not “visited” the future he/she imagines many many times on the mind’s “playground,” then he or she will be startled even if it does manifest and may not be able to process all that has occurred.

    • Hi Steve,

      Great point. If we’re not a match to what we want, we won’t recognize it even if it manifests. How often has THAT happened…

      Thanks so much for adding your insight.


  • Hey Melody
    I’m not so sure that failed quantum leaps is all bad. Most great achievements are prefaced by significant failure (how else are you really going to learn). If you aren’t experiencing failure you really aren’t trying to do anything new or significant. I think a larger concern to personal growth is unnecessarily small totally risk-free steps. I like the ladder analogy but I also think the rungs need to be a considerable distance apart.

    • Yeah Riley,

      I’m beginning to see I’ve been far too strict in my refusal to really go into Quantum Leaps. You and Sara and Derrek are absolutely right. They do have merit. They aren’t comfy, but who am I to tell people what they should choose? That was never my intention really, but simply to clarify the choices. Oopsy.

      And you’re also right. Being TOO careful in our growth can lead to stagnation. Excellent points. I love how my readers teach me just as much as I teach them. Probably more… 🙂


    • Hi Riley,

      “Most great achievements are prefaced by significant failure (how else are you really going to learn)” I really like that line. I like to think of it as trying to photograph a flash of lightning. You know it exists and you know others have achieved at doing it, so you go out with your camera and start clicking. You turn up with 100 bad, dark, crappy shots of nothing, but throughout those 100 shots you’ve learned what works and what doesn’t. Then at the 101th shot…bam!! Lightning in a bottle, so to speak.

      You COULD have taken lessons, studied the camera, traveled to the right spot, and probably saved a significant amount of time and effort by catching it in your just your 2nd or 3rd shot. OR you could do a quantum leap, grab the camera right now, fail 100 times yet learn along the way. Both are good, in my opinion, just depends on the kinda’ person you are.

  • I’d say that it is entirely possible that the money isn’t what made you happy–or put otherwise money isn’t happiness but it was a band-aid.

    Either that, or you should embrace being bipolar. 😉

    • Hey Joe Bill,

      Focusing on the vibration of money and obsessing over materialism aren’t really the same thing… The more you focus on the essence of money, the less important the actual money becomes. And THAT’s when you get as much as you want.

      As far as the bipolar bit goes… people of all sexual orientations are welcome here. 😉


  • Hi Melody,

    I’ve tried the quantum leap. It was 5 days of really lighthearted, carefree fun, followed by 3 days of confusion, stress, and horrible amounts of anxiety (to the point where I felt like I was carrying rocks in my chest)…before I could re-stabilize.

    Thing is, I tried the quantum leap 5-6 times after that. I kept falling, but the impact and “height” of the fall kept getting lesser with every attempt. I’m not saying people should try this because in all honesty, your advice sounds much better. But for me, personally, I just keep trying. And I still do. Only difference is right now, when fear kicks-in, I’m able to restabilize faster and the impact of my fears are wearing off. I’m able to pinpoint discomfort and dilute it instead of letting it drag me down.

    The first quantum leap and the 5 days after was all the proof I needed that the shift exists. It’s crazy-nice when you’re all light and happy, and I use that as a grip or hook of some sort. I fell, but I’m able to see where I need to get to now, and I can use it as a guide or a compass. It’s more of a motivator, really. The one thing I never did when I fell was lose hope. If there’s a way to be happy for 5 days, there’s definitely a way to be happy for 50, then 500, then 5000 and so on.

    Maybe that’s the one thing I’ve learned after being a diehard pro-wrestling fan for 12 years. When life gives you a ladder, you leap up that iron b*stard like a Mexican luchador, get to the top, flaunt your victory…and if you gotta’ fall, fall with style by doing an Elbow Drop from the top rung. Have fun with the ladder. 🙂

    • Yeah… there are some merits to quantum leaps and as I said to Sara in my reply to her, I see now that I can be all elitist and crap about this. I’ll do a post in the near future about these kinds of massive shits and how and why someone might want to do that, even thought they also suck in many ways. I think I’ve warned people against them enough, now it’s time to play devil’s advocate.

      That would be a good wrestler name: Devil’s Advocate. Do I have to grow chest hair and wear the tights? I’m not really a spandex kind of girl. Not since the 80’s anyway…


        • OMG! This was the BEST way to start the day. I’m sure a post about massive shits would be popular, it might not draw the audience I want…

          Thank you so much for pointing this out. I’m not changing it. It’s too funny! Also, the sentence still somehow makes sense. And, believe it or not, there are quantum leap methods out there that totally work that actually can involve massive shits and shifts.

          This just made my day! 😀

          Super hugs,

      • You can skip the spandex, but not the chest hair. Sorry. :p

        @Keith : Haha! I’m sure it’s “shifts”.

        Can’t wait to read your piece on quantum leaps. Bound to be very interesting. Also, coupled with the reply to Riley below, this post is just bleeding with metaphors. 😀

  • Yes, I have definitely had some experiences like Andrew described! 🙂

    Wow, Melody this was the best answer to my question. Now that you described it so simply, I can’t believe I never articulated it that way in my own head. I guess I was thinking that if I want something that’s 10 rungs away, I should just jump that vibrational gap all at once rather than working to consistently climb the ladder one rung at a time. But like you said, you’ll get there much faster, safer, and more accurately if you just build the damn bridge.

    I really appreciate your answer my question, it was super helpful!

    • You’re so welcome Andrew. I’m so glad you benefited from Andrew’s question. 😉

      Seriously, thank you so much for asking this and allowing me to answer it publicly. I think this is something that a lot of people have experienced. Yay Andrew & Andrew!


  • Hi Melody,
    This is really an excellent article as many people have similar questions. Overcoming our limiting beliefs and having faith is very crucial in this process. I agree it is very hard to stay at a higher vibration than what we are used to. It is a slow process and it takes practice. The more we practice, the better we get it.
    One of the best ways that I use to raise my vibration is to think of my accomplishments and the benefits that I will get when I achieve my goals. These two have helped my raise my vibration dramatically as well as getting rid of false beliefs. Thanks for sharing Melody

  • Hi Melody, this article is exactly what I was thinking (and emailing you) about at the moment, amusing!
    The idea of taking quantum leaps feeds my excitment about instant accomplishment!
    You write about plumming back down to a vibrational place which feels even worse than before – maybe. But then you haven´t had accomplished the alignment fully, but just “airy fairy”, which feels good as well.
    I had accomplished a quantum leap just once (as an adult; there have been more of them in my younger years), and it felt like really jumping out of the window for a moment – but it did the trick in an unbelievable way (though the alignment hasn´t been 100% as well there, but still a real shift into another reality for a moment) – puhhhh…
    The issue is really, as you write in the ebook, about stepping into the (matching) vibration (fully). If this had been accomplished, don´t worry about the backfall, manifestations are sure to occur then; maybe not perfectly, but profoundly, so you can take the next step to correct the issue again.

    Greetings from Berlin

    • Hi Sara,

      Ok, I’m feeling just a tad like a hypocrite now… I’ve made quantum leaps, but I keep advising against them, when some of you out there are clearly as hard-core as I am, which means that you have no intention of listening to reason. So, I’ll do a post on Quantum leaps and how to accomplish them, rabid, face-eating bears and all. There are merits to make such huge leaps and as I read these comments it’s dawning on me that I should, no, I have a DUTY to explore them. So thank you. 🙂


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