In the post Is There A “Rebound” Effect With the Law of Attraction?, I argued that slow and steady progress towards a higher vibration is much more preferable than trying to achieve a quantum leap. In fact, I’ve advised against quantum leaps on numerous occasions. I’ve likened it to being loaded into a sling shot and being shot across a ravine, instead of building a bridge and comfortably moseying on over to the other side. My point was that quantum leaps, although much faster, are uncomfortable. There’s also the possibility of a misfire – the slingshot could slam you into a tree, as well as the dreaded “rebound effect”, discussed in the post above, which can happen when you try to jump too far too fast.

And yet… there are instances in which a quantum leap might actually have merit and you, my dear readers, have made me aware that I’ve been addressing this issue in a rather one-sided way. I seem to have taken a rather anti-quantum leap stance, and that was never my intention.  My only goal is to clarify how stuff works, so that you can then make a more informed decision. With that in mind, here’s what I know about quantum leaps and why you may actually want to go for one. Strap on your boots people, it’s gonna be a long one…

Why Quantum Leaps are so uncomfortable

There are many, many ways to shift and release energy, or negative beliefs. Some are gentle and some are downright brutal. And while everyone will experience these methods in their own way and their degree of discomfort will mostly be determined by their beliefs (if you feel that suffering is necessary for growth, you’ll create more suffering), it’s also determined by another factor: how much energy you’re moving in how short a time.

Let’s say you want to shift a huge amount of energy – you want to release the belief that you hate yourself and move it all the way to “I love myself”. Doing that in one go, would represent a quantum leap. If you used psychotherapy, it might take you years to reach your goal. If you used the vibrational ladder, it would most likely take you a few weeks, and maybe even months (depending on how stubbornly you held to your old beliefs). With a quantum leap, you could possibly do it in a day.

The more energy you shift, the more uncomfortable it’s going to be. That’s because the energy has to go somewhere. Make no mistake about it, this stuff is as real as it gets – when you move this amount of energy, you will feel it. Beliefs have a vibration and when you shift a low frequency to a high one in one go, it’s a little bit like setting off a small nuclear bomb in your energy body. There’s going to be fallout, both in the moment and after the shift.

While you’re releasing this tremendous amount of displaced energy, you may feel physically ill. You may vomit or have diarrhea. You may feel as though you need to scream. You might just cry uncontrollably for a few hours. These are just some examples, but the point is, it can get a wee bit uncomfortable.

Once the initial release is over with, you’ll need to deal with the aftermath. The changes you’ve made to your vibration will trickle down through your entire energy body, and out into your reality. You’ll see manifestational changes quickly – sometimes within hours, but certainly within days and weeks. You’ll also notice that smaller beliefs that were connected to the one you released will begin to come up, sometimes at an uncomfortably fast pace, ready to be shifted as well. This is a type of domino effect – one big belief goes down and it takes a bunch of smaller ones with it.

My own Quantum Leaps

I’ve always been the head through the wall kind of person, and choosing fast and bloody over slow and comfy just suits my personality much better. Over time, I’ve discovered that I do not need to suffer in order to facilitate spiritual growth, and that’s led to a much cushier ride. But on occasion, I still prefer to take the fast lane and I actually orchestrate a quantum leap. I take the necessary precautions – I make sure that I have at least a full week afterwards to stabilize my energy, so that I can avoid the rebound effect as much as possible. I stay home for the most part, avoiding other people, whose energy I’m more prone to be affected by during this time, and spend an inordinate amount of time meditating. I also know that I’ll be dealing with physical ailments as my energy fluctuates (I might feel nauseous or get back pain), as well as with emotional upsets (it’s a bit like having PMS. Nuclear PMS.)

But there is no question that I have the deep understanding of the Law of Attraction and who I am due to several of those quantum leaps. Despite everything that goes with them, I can honestly say, they’ve all been worth it. So, now that you know the price of admission, let’s take a look at how you can actually go about achieving such a quantum leap. Don’t say I didn’t warn you, though…

Using suffering as a catalyst

The grand majority of people who’ve ever experienced a quantum leap, have done so in response to suffering. Let me explain:

When you hold on to a negative belief, one that’s not serving you, your vibrational feedback system is going to let you know by giving you negative emotion. If you ignore those bad feelings, you’re going to begin to manifest something a bit uglier – perhaps a situation in your life that will elevate that emotion. Someone will be really mean to you, for example, causing you to feel hurt. That mean person didn’t just appear in your life willy-nilly. You manifested them, or rather, that low frequency you’re holding onto manifested them. Now, if you continue to ignore those manifestations and keep on focusing on that vibration that doesn’t serve you, it’s going to gather more and more energy and momentum, manifesting bigger and more painful obstacles, all in an attempt to get your attention. Essentially, the longer and more stubbornly you hold onto that belief, the more suffering you’re going to create for yourself.

Create enough suffering and the point will come – ALWAYS – when you just can’t take it anymore and you give up. Note: this is not the same as resigning yourself to the situation and “accepting” that you’re always going to suffer like this. This type of thinking will keep someone stuck where they are and occurs in individuals who have somehow found a way to see value in the suffering.

When we give up, when we throw up our hands and yell “Fine! I can’t take it anymore! Do what you want with me! I’m done fighting, I’m done trying, I’m just freakin’ done!”, we actually turn our focus away from that negative belief. We stop pushing against it. And in doing so, we release an enormous amount of pent up energy.

How much suffering does it take to make someone give up? That’s an entirely individual thing, and will even change drastically for the same person within their lifetime. For some people, intense negative emotion may be enough, while others don’t get to that point until their bodies are ravaged with cancer. Some might manifest an accident and a resulting coma (which is a way to withdraw into a much higher vibration), while some others can only find that release in death (the ultimate quantum leap).

The point is, that when you do finally release that kind of energy, it can often catapult you into a quantum leap, if even just for a second. Many people who have had near-death experiences report that they went somewhere beautiful, somewhere where they felt incredibly good. This would be a place of intensely high vibration. They can’t hold on to this level of energy when they “come back” into their bodies, but are generally profoundly changed by the experience.

Many others tell of a moment in which they had an epiphany – a moment of clarity (resulting from accessing a higher vibration) – in which they saw their messed up life from a vastly different perspective. They suddenly saw how they had created their situation and how they could get out of it. This is a quantum leap.

It’s a glimpse of what’s possible

Now, even if you couldn’t hold on to that higher vibration or the feelings and clarity that go along with it, the quantum leap still had value. It gave you a glimpse of what’s possible, of what’s attainable for you.

The suffering as a catalyst method was my preferred method of growth for many years. I had no idea what I was doing, but looking back, this is what happened: I’d create intense suffering for myself, then finally give up, catapult to a higher vibration and get a glimpse of what would seem like nirvana to me, then spend the next weeks, months or years working my way back up to that point only to create more suffering so that I could jump further. It was a pretty predictable cycle, and anyone who didn’t understand the Law of Attraction might’ve concluded that my suffering was actually helping me to grow. I certainly did. And so, I actually took pride in how much crap I could endure, as if it was some kind of contest. Sometimes I’d even consciously make my life more difficult because I wanted the growth. All I can say is, thank God I snapped out of that crap. There are much easier ways. But, I digress, we’re not focusing on easy; we’re talking about quantum leaps now.

Quantum leaps by design

There are actually ways in which you can orchestrate quantum leaps. I certainly don’t know all of them (although I do keep researching) and I haven’t even tried all the ones I’ll list here. But again, my goal is not to tell you what to do (even though I might seem kind of bossy sometimes), but rather to give you the information I’ve gathered and glimpsed and let you make up your own mind. So, here are some ways in which you can facilitate some major energy shifts:

Drugs: There are drugs, such as LSD and DMT which will give you access to frequencies which are normally not available to you. They sort of rip open your consciousness and tune your brain to vibrations (higher, lower, to the side of) than you are normally translating. The fact that your brain simply translates energy into something you, personally, can understand, doesn’t change. So, you’ll “see”, “hear”, or “feel” this energy, either with your actual senses or in your mind’s eye (also called the third eye) and you’ll interpret this information with your own filters. These drugs can give you access to higher frequencies, which would come with clarity and feel fantastic, or they can connect you to lower frequencies, which would feel awful (i.e. cause a bad trip), and leave you worse off than before. They can, and have, driven people to mental illness (I believe in those instances, people could not process what they were accessing, and/or were unable to refocus themselves back into this reality. The channels just stayed open and they could no longer filter out those other frequencies, causing them to see things or hear voices).

My experience: I have read extensively about these substances but have not tried them myself. Frankly, the idea of ripping open my consciousness and connecting with whatever, all willy-nilly, scares the daylights out of me. I’ve done enough of this work to know that I don’t want to go poking about in the Universe without at least some guidance. Although you will never connect with anything that isn’t a vibrational match to you, (LOA is always working), who amongst us can say that they’ve rid themselves of ALL their lower frequencies?

Intense Meditation: This is essentially what monks who go up onto a mountain for a few months or years to do nothing but meditate do: They remove themselves from any and all physical manifestations (or as much as is possible) and spend their days in a deep meditative trance. With nothing to focus on that would bring their vibration down and with all their time spent in a higher vibration, they are able to raise their energy drastically in a relatively short amount of time. They are withdrawing their attention almost completely from the physical world and spending all their time in the energetic one. This can give them access to clarity and insights (stemming from those higher vibrations) greater than most humans ever know.

My experience: I’ve reached some amazing levels of insight through meditation and think it’s one of the best growth methods around. I believe in it so much, I’m actually developing a series of guides meditations (more to come soon!). I haven’t spent months or years on a mountain, sitting in trance. I don’t believe, however, that we have to remove ourselves from physical reality in order to progress. I personally prefer to find ways to integrate spiritual growth with the physical experience. In other words, my goal is to raise my vibration and stabilize it while enjoying my physical manifestations. That’s just me, though. Y’all can climb that mountain if you want to. Take a sweater. It gets chilly up there.

Shamanic Work: A Shaman is simply an energy worker, and there are tons of different kinds of shamans throughout the world. For the purposes of this article, however, I’m using the word shaman to represent the indigenous medicine people and healers that have been a part of every culture since the beginning of time. Native American shamans, Peruvian shamans, Brazilian shamans, Inuit shamans, African voodoo priests, etc., have all developed methods to shift large amounts of energy. Some may refer to these shifts as “driving out bad spirits” or even “releasing demons”. It doesn’t matter what you call it, it’s all about shifting energy.

Some shamans work purely energetically, but many will get help from powerful medicinal plants such as Peyote, Ayahuasca, San Pedro, Peruvian Torch, various mushrooms and many, many others. These plants, along with the accompanying ceremonies and rituals, which create the guided control one needs to ensure a safe journey, allow the spiritual seeker to connect to and release the specific frequencies or beliefs they most need to shift, as well as access higher frequencies in whatever range will benefit them the most at that time. These plants aren’t drugs, they’re incredibly powerful medicine and the changes these ceremonies bring about can be profound and life changing.

Shamans of all cultures have an enormous amount of knowledge. They are generally incredibly gifted at manipulating energy. When they call upon the spirits, they are connecting with certain frequencies. This actually changes the physical energy of the space in which they are working, which supports the vibrational shifts to come (I plan to write more about this stuff in the future if anyone is interested).

My experience: I’ve been studying shamanic work and Peruvian shamanism in particular, for a couple of years now. It absolutely fascinates me. I’ve personally participated in a number of Ayahuasca ceremonies, many of those during a month long stay in the Peruvian rainforest. All of them had a profound effect on me. In one ceremony, I released an old belief that had been in my family for generations. Two of my family members, both of whom are quite intuitive themselves and had no idea what I was up to that particular night, actually felt the release of the energy (it freaked them out a bit until we put it all together). I’ve had incredibly difficult ceremonies (like the one I just mentioned), that were filled with intense terror and what seemed like endless suffering (ever given birth without drugs? It’s like that, only without the subsequent 18 year commitment. Men: it’s like passing a kidney stone. Times a million).  I’ve also had awesome sessions where I was connected to Universal Intelligence and suddenly and inexplicably had the answer to every question I’d ever asked. And although I obviously couldn’t quite hold on to that level of clarity, I did come away with a much higher vibration than I’d previously had, as well as the ability to reconnect with some of that knowledge at will.

I would never recommend Ayahuasca to anyone. If you feel the call, you’ll know it. If you don’t, there are tons of other methods out there that will facilitate the same growth. No matter what anyone says, and keeping in mind that it’s a tool I use myself, it’s not the only method out there, nor is it the best one. Everyone must decide for themselves which tools will facilitate their growth and how quickly they want to go about it.

If this is something that you think you might be interested in, do your research and find an experienced shaman that you resonate with. I would never use this tool without an ayahuascero (shaman trained in the use of Ayahuasca) present. The shaman guides the energy during the ceremony, creates a high vibration and ensures that the participants actually release the energy instead of possibly becoming stuck in the lower frequencies.

In Conclusion

Quantum Leaps can be a bitch. They’re uncomfortable, they’re incredibly hard to hold on to (it’s easier when you’ve orchestrated them and prepared properly), and they require recovery time. They do, however, give you a glimpse of what’s possible at worst, and permanently take you to a higher vibration at best. While I don’t recommend quantum leaps because of the discomfort they entail, and because in general, the gentler, slower, easier path is just as beneficial (if not more so), there are circumstances in which you might want to take the leap. But don’t blame me when the slingshot whops you straight into a mountainside. I totally warned you.

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  • Hi Mel-
    I’m going through posts here, finding new ones (to me). Sort of weaving my way through by links at other posts. At the risk of being redundant, I love this post…another well done piece. 🙂

    I would say that a couple other methods of getting to a quantum leap is to go vegan raw or even better, do a cleanse/detox/fast… complete with colonics, massages, meditation, sea salt baths, the use of essential oils…you get the idea. Even if the fast is done with juicing. It takes a bit of time, while your “systems” (physical and energetic) clear the way. But once it does, you are definitely going to at least take some sort of leap, whether quantum or otherwise.

    • Hey Laura,

      I agree – making a drastic change to your diet can create the conditions for clarity to come, even a quantum leap. I’ve benefited greatly from fasting myself and went raw for 4 months last year. I still eat a great deal of raw food, and am still mostly vegan, although fish and eggs have come back in. Making those changes helped me drop a lot of my limiting beliefs around food, as well as other stuff. Will it work for everyone? No. But I do think it has the potential to get us to focus very differently and therefore create huge shifts.

      Huge hugs!

  • I consider myself to be adept at the law of attraction. I guess it could be said that I was “lead” to this article. Inadvertantly and by surprise experienced a quantum leap last week and this week I am passing through the recovery period and the domino effect you mention. Was not aware that there was one, and now I understand why I don’t feel like interacting with others at all this week. I feel reassured now that I understand what has happened and is happening. Endeavering to come out the otherside of this by tomorrow. Thank you for your powerful insight…very much appreciated!

  • Thanks for a thought-provoking post, Melody.

    I read all the comments to see if anyone mentioned Reiki. Two weeks ago I received level 2 attunement, and it feels somewhere in between slow and steady and quantum shift. It’s been awkward, such as feeling in a rotten bad mood for a few days, and then realizing that a bunch of negativity had been whooshing out like emotional diarrhea.

    Doing self-reiki daily has also been an intense experience, all positive. An hour a day of touch-the-stars vibrations makes the rest of the day float along. I find that I shift spontaneously into the happy floaty space easily and at odd times every day. The insights, which might or might not be profound, are fast and furious too.

    For a few days I was so sensitive to negative vibrations that there was a person that I couldn’t be in a room with. Even through a concrete wall, it felt like she was banging her fists on my boundaries. Since reading your “Vampires” post, I’m so aggressively happy around her that she’s lightened up all the way into “pleasant person.”

    Anyone else willing to share Reiki attunement experiences? I’ve really enjoying reading everyone’s comments.

    Hugs to all,

    Mary Carol

    • Hi Mary Carol,

      I did my Reiki I years ago, but at the time I was still having trouble controlling how other people’s energy affected me and ended up getting very sick any time I gave a healing to anyone else. That reminds me, I did want to go back and get attuned for Reiki II, now that I know how to protect myself. I loved it.

      The attunements can represent a bit of a quantum shift. What you experienced with the negative emotions afterward is a kind of clearing out of garbage. You are literally being attuned and given access to a higher vibration. That’s going to necessitate letting go of the lower frequencies that don’t match that. It’s not the most drastic of methods, but it’s pretty fast and can be somewhat uncomfortable. Going with it and allowing feelings to come out is the best strategy there. 🙂


  • Hi Melody,

    I was just thinking about this very topic the other day. Quantum leaps are painful – or, can be. Because it’s not always a good thing to jump from Point A to Point D without touching down at points B and C as well.

    I worry about folks who want quantum leaps ALL of the time, because it reminds me of people who are searching for a diet pill – something to take that’ll be quick & easy with little to no effort as a fix. Diet pills don’t work, and spiritual/life changing quick fixes usually don’t, either.

    • Hi Lindsay,

      That’s an awesome analogy. A lot of the time, when we attempt a quantum leap, we can miss. The methods I’ve outlined don’t miss, but take a lot of work or come at a risk of their own. Slow, steady change is not only effective, but much more doable. And there’s no chance of getting flung against a tree… 🙂

      Thanks for adding your valuable insight. I really appreciate it.


  • Holy crap, nuclear PMS. Lol.

    I’ve actually tried the first two things you mentioned. It’s strange to say that I’ve tried DMT, because I really haven’t done any other drugs, at least nothing too hard. The interesting thing about the trip was that I didn’t do much of it, so I only saw expanding geometric patterns and other typical stuff. My friend, however, encountered an alien… So who knows what that means, haha.

    Meditation has definitely help me out a lot more than psychedelics. I make sure to meditate twice daily, and it’s an amazing experience. Sometimes I don’t get a lot from it, especially when I’m unable to quiet my mind, but the days that I can calm down – bliss flows. And like you mentioned, I tend to have a lot of cool insights and realizations. My Twitter updates often follow my meditation sessions.

    The shamanistic stuff sounds INTENSE. I don’t know much about it except from what I’ve learned from video games. I’ll have to look into that one.

    Great post as usual, keep it up!

    • Hi Fred,

      Thanks for sharing your experience. the alien thing isn’t uncommon. Again, remember that every person simply translates the energy through their filter into whatever terms make the most sense. If you encounter an intelligence (a higher frequency would feel intelligent, as it carries greater clarity) that seems foreign to you, your brain may well translate that into the shape of an alien. That doesn’t mean that your friend actually “made contact”, but it does mean he connected with another frequency. And if it felt good, he might’ve been able to glean a lot of wisdom from it.

      The shamanic stuff can be incredibly intense. It certainly isn’t for everyone, but if someone feels drawn to it, it can be life changing. There are shamanic video games? I had no idea…


  • how do i do a quantum leap to get to the bottom of your post to scroll? With all the comments, it takes 55 seconds. lol

    there was someone else who used suffering as a catalyst. yeah, what was it … oh yeah – Buddha!

    • LOL Vishnu. If I get my way, that will only get worse. I apologize for the inconvenience in advance. But if my future audience is anything like my current one, they will be awesome comments that will only add to the value of the post. Cause y’all are awesome. Hint, hint. 🙂

      You are so right! I hadn’t actually thought of that. See? Awesome.


  • Thanks for the advice, this was a really informative and helpful article and I’m so glad that I came by it! I’m also glad to have discovered because that picture (and the other ones on the site) are too precious!! 🙂


  • Hi Melody, thanks for this, gave me much new and interesting information!

    Though I´m not a fan of techniques at all, I feel very eager to know about the details going on while shifting your engery deliberately, or let´s say, conciously, for the idea of “forcing us into sth. by intent” isn´t what´s supposed to be going on; for that, I agree, would lead to severe problems of adjustment afterwards.
    I also believe that our suffering comes from our destructive mindsets, whose exposures often come to us only by pain, for we usually don´t question what feels normal to us until it gets conspiciously. I find it so interesting what you write about this issue, e.g. that for some people actually death is the ultimate “quantum leap”, and I guess not for just a few, for I know myself how hard it seems to be to release your pressure, especially when you are not aware of what believes and their origins are lying behind your state of being.
    Abraham say that the culmination of desire is what fosters manifestation, the stronger the desire (energy) the faster and profound the manifestation (quantum leap); this is the “benefit” of “suffering”, as it enforces our desires. So let´s learn to desire strongly anyway!

    And I also believe that we all have this instance inside of us, which tells us “right (true)” and “no (leave it)”. Maybe the struggle just is about not trapping ourselves in our (accustomed) illusive negativity to approach life, but to trust in the integrity of our own insights (and follow them). I´ve never come to this to be easy yet, though I feel changes coming on by exploring what I´ve learned and know rather consequently, which enrichs my life . Maybe quantum leaps are actually a function of living your inner knowledge more consequently (releasing what´s not consisting).

    Thanks very much for your knowledge, I appreciate and love to learn from it.


    • Hi Sara,

      You’re absolutely right. We do all have that inner guidance, and what this work is really about is learning how to listen to that guidance again (kids know how to do it, but we tend to train them out of it).

      I would actually disagree with that last point – I think slow and continued growth is generally the consequence of living more authentically. Quantum leaps tend to happen when we’ve applied a great deal of pressure. At least that’s been my experience…

      Thanks for sharing your insights here. I really appreciate it. 🙂


  • Hey Melody,
    What works best for me when it comes to manifesting is to pre-pave the way in advance. I do this mentally, and as the outside world is changing my inner world (the mind/brain) are not freaking out with issues of survival.

    I will probably never do a quantum leap again in this lifetime, but I can still do some really freaky cool stuff while having a lucid dream.

    • Hi Justin,

      That’s such an excellent technique. Thanks for bringing it up here. Pre-paving helps us to line up the energy before we enter into a given situation. I use it almost every morning (not always as disciplined as I’d like to be…)

      Congrats on the lucid dreaming. You can flex your instant manifesting muscles in that environment! 🙂


  • Slow and steady is a cliche for a reason, it definitely applies to a lot of things.

    I was listening to BlogcastFM on my way home from work yesterday and the guest mentioned that many times we get caught on the numbers for our ultimate goal and dream.

    When in reality, the first $100 is the most important number when it comes to our dreams. Once you make it there, the goal is to improve each month as you learn and adjust.

    The same can be said about our own quantum leaps. We can get so caught on making a quantum leap that we never get there. If we had just focused on the next step in our personal development progress, we might have ended up reaching the goal we were hoping for in our quantum leap.

    Hope to be back soon,


    • Hi Bryce,

      This is an excellent point. The hardest part is to just get that initial bit of energy going. Then LOA steps in and helps brings us more energy like it, making it easier and easier to move in that direction. So, once we break through that initial resistance, make that first $100, the momentum can help to carry us the rest of the way.

      Thanks so much for adding your valuable insight.

  • Hi Melody,
    First time visiting and your blog is intriguing. So much of what you said in this post resonates deeply. My favorite method of “orchestrated quantum leaps” is the meditation avenue…in combination with yoga. I think the opening of the mind that happens during yoga and meditation allow for a more “controlled” quantum leap (is that an oxy-moron? 😉 You have given me a lot of food for thought…thank you. I look forward to stopping by for more visits here!

    • Hi Claudia! Welcome to Deliberate Receiving.

      Meditation and yoga will definitely raise your vibration, although I’m not sure if they will bring about a quantum leap. These methods generally fall into the gentler growth arena (and hence, are much more preferable, most of the time).

      I look forward to seeing you around. 🙂


  • You left out hot, amazing, mind blowing, world altering sex. Yes, I’m being serious. Of all the ways to “nail” a frequency jump, I think this one is by far, the most gratifying in oh-so-many ways.

    Picture it–you are a hot, sweaty, dripping mess, and you’ve just experienced the most intense orgasm you have ever had, and at the SAME time have jumped your consciousness. It doesn’t get any better than that.

    • This! If I could thumbs-up this comment I would a dozen times.

      I’m going to add a lil’ more by saying this isn’t the “paid-for” sex or drunk-sex or a simple quickie. This is the culmination of pent-up passion and sexual tension and love and lust and fantasies mixed with ridiculous amounts taboo and things people would never even talk about in public, in the right place at the right time with the right person! THAT kinda sex.

      Awesome post, Melody!

    • You’re right Joe Bill! There are occasions when sex can cause a quantum jump. I would venture to say that there would almost certainly have to be an emotional component involved here, so it would most likely be hot, passionate making love.

      Also, not sure one could orchestrate that, but it certainly does happen. Thanks for adding this valuable tidbit. I can always count on you to fill in the dirty, dirty blanks. Ha.


  • Hi Melody. I loved this post. Sadly I think I could use being slammed into a mountainside at times though.

    Battling with an issue for over 6 years, there have definitely been improvements but there is also an obvious SOB cling on. I am sure the only way to get rid of it is to take a blasted hammer!

    I have to get better at taking the time to meditate. Like I really need practice. I have decided that getting up in the AM when the kids and everyone else is sleeping just might be a terrific time for me to practice this fine art of raising my vibe.

    If it doesn’t work, I’m going to ask you to put me in a sling shot!

    Great read


    • Hi Jayne,

      Early morning is a great time to meditate! It sets you up for the whole day. 🙂

      You can use the slingshot at your own risk. If you end up with a cone around your neck, you’ve not no one to blame but yourself. 😉


  • Hi Melody,
    This is really an awesome post! I have only tried meditation out of the 3 methods you listed and it does help the individual raise his/her vibration and have inner peace in the process. It also strengthen our concentration and focus skills. In regards to the shamanic work, I have heard of them and it facinates me what some can do. I have read about “magick” before and it is similar to meditation and praying in which the person raises his vibration, but they do that in a ceremony with candles and other stuff. The question is do those people who are able to raise their vibration quickly, achieve all their goals (money, relationships, career, business, etc..? Thank for this post Melody, great work

    • Hi Dia,

      I’m thinking about doing a post about ceremonies. They aren’t for the “spirits” or whatever, but they can cause powerful changes within us. Ceremonies allow us to tune ourselves to certain frequencies, which is why all of these cultures use them. Even the churches adopted pagan ceremonies for their own purposes (it’s not all crap, there are nuggets of real wisdom in there).

      Here’s the thing: The key is not to raise your vibration quickly, but to keep it at the new level. That’s where the joy is and that’s when the wanted manifestations come in. This is why it’s almost always better to take the slower route – it’s so much easier to permanently hold the new vibration when you raise it step by step.

      But, if you can raise your vibration and hold it there, then yes, you will manifest what you want.


  • Hey Melody,
    I love the discussion pertaining to methods to trigger quantum leaps. There was some very promising research done in Tim Leary’s day on potential benefits concerning usage of LSD. It got shut down because of societal and governmental fears and was subsequently banned. Richard Davison has done some fascination work with monks who are heavy duty meditators. Their level of awareness is almost off the radar screen. Individuals in western culture can’t even begin to approximate it. Shamans fascinate me but always seem to be tied to primitive cultures. Are there are candidates for shamanism in western culture and who would they be.

    • Hi Riley,

      I’ve read a lot of those studies and find them fascinating too. Before Tim Leary came along, they were actually doing major research into depression and schizophrenia with some promising results. Even Tim had a lot of success with studies in how LSD could drastically lower prison recidivism rates. But all this work was done in controlled environments, by people who knew what they were doing. The original researchers credit Mr. Leary with shutting down their work, due to making the drug mainstream, causing it to be taken at parties and in completely uncontrollable ways. LSD should be studied, in my opinion. There’s a lot there to be discovered.

      Shamanism is actually spreading to the West now. Whereas once this knowledge was tightly controlled, many tribal elders are now saying that the time has come for them to share this information with anyone who seeks to know it. This is why you’re hearing a lot more about it. A few years ago, a person like me would not have had access to a shaman in Peru. Now I have my pick. The global vibration is being raised more and more, and the Shamans are helping to do that by allowing their vast knowledge to reach all the corners of the world. Yay!!! What a great time to be alive.

      One of the most famous Western Shamans is Alberto Villoldo. He opened a school, which I don’t really resonate with (nothing wrong with it as far as I know, but I just don’t feel like I’m a match). I’ve read some of his books, and I agree with a lot of what he says (not everything, we translate things a bit differently). He’d definitely be worth checking out.


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