I’ve not accepted a guest post before and wasn’t really planning on it. But Steve Rice, from Karmic Kappuccino convinced me to give it a shot and I’m so glad he did!! Of course, it makes sense that I would manifest a kick-ass guest poster, who wrote a piece that fits perfectly into the tone and style of this blog. I hope you guys enjoy it as much as I did. 🙂 – Melody


You have written your affirmations.

You have created your visualizations.

You have filled your vision boards.

You have meditated.


It happens.

You seem to have uncovered the secret. You wield the Midas touch, and all the things you desire unfold with ease before you.

Now what?!?

Just Like the Movies

Perhaps your life is unfolding like a movie script. This happened to me for the first time last summer.

I had felt trapped in a toxic work environment that continued to deteriorate, but I also knew the Law of Attraction. As long as I felt miserable, I would continue to create misery in my life, even if I somehow escaped the circumstances in which I found myself.

Therefore, I began to focus on changing my experience (not my circumstances) by finding little ways to bring greater joy to my situation.

I made it a game to see how much enjoyment I could pack into the monotony of my day. I knew that if I focused on creating more and more joy, then eventually the “bad” feelings would be crowded out, and things would change.

I knew that once the shift happened internally, it had to happen externally. For several months, I nurtured and cherished this truth until it was so strong within me that I could feel it.

At the same time, I was writing my first book in the evenings and on weekends, when I could carve out the time to do so. At the time, I did not know how I would publish and promote it once it was completed, but I trusted that each step would unfold before me when I needed it to do so.

Then everything changed!

BAM!  My better half got an unexpected job offer in a different state, contingent on us relocating within two weeks. Talk about “infinite patience producing immediate results”! (A Course in Miracles)

The salary was a dramatic increase. The new company paid all our moving expenses, and even gave us a bonus for the move because it was so sudden.

I kept thinking to myself, “This isn’t supposed to happen in a recession!”

The Grip of Fear

Everything seemed perfect, except…fear suddenly gripped my mind.

All my dreams (and more) were manifesting in a crazy-powerful and quick manner, yet fear threatened to undermine all that lay before me.

What if we are making a horrible mistake? I wondered.

What if I finish my book and no one buys it? Worse yet, what if I publish it and it is a huge success…am I ready for this? You see, as long as my dream of writing a book was a “side project,” I was comfortable.

The potential of both success and failure terrified me when life suddenly handed me the opportunity to do the work I loved.

What if I don’t have what it takes? I wondered. Can I really do this?

It didn’t make sense. Why did all these “what if’s” have to show up now?

The Power of the Playground of the Mind

Maybe these major life changes had not appeared months earlier because I needed the practice of living them out in my imagination first. That way, when they happened in “real life,” I would be able to recognize the fear and choose a different emotion.


Maybe this type of radical shift of your external circumstances has never happened for you…yet. Do not lose faith.

1. Focus on Your Feelings.

Nurture feelings of goodness, well-being and joy—wherever you can find them.  Your feelings will guide you.

2. Trust Your Intuition

Have faith in the fact that you are integrally connected to a loving and supportive Universal Life Force, which sustains you.

Even now, an unseen Force—your Life Force—is working beneath the level of your conscience to clear the obstacles that lie before you. Rest in peace and relish this realization.

The same Force, which produces the ear of corn from the seed in the soil, works to produce—from the seed of your vision and the power of your intent—a better life than you can imagine. Trust it.

Always remember that your current circumstances do not reflect your reality. They reflect previous thoughts and feelings.

You create your experience in the now. Stay focused here.

Do not feel badly about what is. Instead, feel joy about the power you exercise in the creation of now!

Ultimately, you have the choice. You always have and you always will.

So when life hands you everything…or nothing…do not take it personally. Do not make it about you. Just choose a different point of focus until you get to where you want to be.

Then sit back and watch your life transform before your eyes. Miracles will embrace you, and the magic will astound you!


Steve Rice is a speaker and renegade who lives on the edge and tells stories that make a difference for those ready to take a leap. You can learn more about Steve and the shift he describes in his debut book,  An Imperceptible Spark: Finding the Courage to Live a Life of Joy at his blog at Karmic Kappuccino.


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  • Good one, Steve!
    I enjoyed reading your post.
    I think when we reach the point in our life that we think everything is going perfect, the moment we become aware of it becomes the moment we get afraid of not loosing what we created. Fear can easily overcome.
    It is good to know how to deal in such situations and not lose faith.
    Trusting the intuition is sure one of the keys to it.

    • Hi Kristina,

      thanks for sharing your personal insight. I’m so glad you found Steve’s post so valuable. Our intuition is our most important guide. We just have to learn to listen and trust it.


  • Thanks for this uplifting one!
    I think that´s the effect to occur when we have accomplished something; we feel delighted and freed, and, once we´ve gotten aware of this, we try to fix it again, worrying about if we could continue to “make it right”. And then another circle of accomplishment begins, a complete new one, no scheme to be applied again, no, we have to step into the unknown again, and that frightens us.
    Even if we know where we want to go, nothing is fixed yet, and we have to give up on our ideas of “knowing how to do it”. Then miracles can make their way to us.


    • Hi Sara,

      That’s such an excellent point. We never get it done. We’ll never be finished. That’s why it’s important to focus on the journey. Goals are fleeting and temporary. As soon as we accomplish one, we start to focus on the other. We shouldn’t be disappointed by that, but excited to go on another journey. We don’t travel so that we can come back home. We go for the experience! 🙂


    • Wow, Sara, I don’t think I have ever heard it put this way: “we have to give up our ideas of ‘knowing how to do it.'” (I may have to “steal” that one)

      What a great way of wording this concept. It is a wonderful pathway to the miraculous when we can step aside and allow life to manifest in our presence. Thanks so much for contributing.

    • Hi Todd,

      Thanks so much for commenting. If you’re having the same experience as Steve, congratulations! You’re in the midst of some powerful manifestations! Yay! I’m so glad Steve’s post was helpful to you.


    • So glad that you enjoyed my post…it means even more that you stopped to voice your appreciation! Thank you. You should definitely hang out here more…Melody is spot-on when it comes to this LOA “thang” and has such great wisdom!

  • Thanks Melody for sharing Steve Rice with us….your right about him having the same tone and style as your own blog. ;)##)

    And Steve, I really had an eye opener moment when you explained – your Life Force – as being the same as the force that produces corn from a seed in soil and that same force is your seed of vision and the power of your intent…LOA, as I am always in the process of learning more about this subject! Powerful words for me at a “quantum leap” time in my personal life.

    Be well,

    • Christine,

      That’s wonderful. I’m so glad this analogy resonated with you! I’m excited for your
      quantum leap moment. Hold on to the feelings of well-being and accept that you are infinitely worthy of all the good that is coming to you in each moment.


    • You’re so welcome Christine. It’s been a fantastic experience so far and I’m sure I’ll have more guest posts on in the future (thanks to Steve…)

      Thanks for sharing your personal experience here!


  • This was a really enjoyable read. I found my life chganged dramatically once i came across ‘The Secret’. I like you saying these things aren’t meant to happen in a recession. I think our newspapers, tv, radio brain wash us to believe everything is going to be a struggle, while the law of attraction simply says ‘Ask, believe, receive’. I know which mindset i’d rathger keep.

  • Hi Steve,

    Well said!

    We create our life in the moment. Situations may change but we can hold a joyous, good-feeling vibe amidst all sorts of situations. This is the trick.

    My experience resonates with yours. As I manifested my dreams all sorts of ego-driven fears came up. I address each, become a little more quiet and practice shifting my attention to the blessings in the moment. All that I have. All that is one the way. All the gifts, all the goodies, all the treasures, all the blessings, all the gifts, all the goodies.

    Feeling good yet? 😉

    Thanks for sharing your insights Steve!


    • That’s a good point, Ryan…we think of manifestation as a linear process when it is always a “now” process.

      I like your method for staying focused on the “goodies” now.

  • Hey Melody & Steve,
    I know what you mean about fear creeping in when everything appears to be moving in a direction that you want it to.

    I find it best to keep my state of being as balanced/ feeling good as possible. Usually it is just the little mind conjuring up worst case scenarios. Good job on your conscious manifestation abilities. 🙂

    • You are right, Justin! The mind does conjure the worst possible things to bump us out of alignment with what we are manifesting. And sometimes our self-esteem doesn’t allow us to believe that we deserve what is manifesting, so we fear losing it.

      Another thing for me was the fear of what other people would think. I was looking to outside sources for affirmation and validation. It was a lose/lose situation.

  • Great article, Steve.

    I was thinking about this just today. It’s fascinating how completely our thoughts create our reality. Not just in the way we interpret it – but in our actual external reality.

    I’ve been going through a lot of shifts too, and it is scary. I know that if I keep holding the right vibration I’ll get used to it and everything will manifest properly.

    Of course, sometimes that’s easier said than done!

    • Thanks so much! I appreciate it.

      You are right, the “easier said than done” factor really kicks in to gear when we’re manifesting at the speed of thought, but it is a wonderful and miraculous place to exist.

      And the fun part is looking back and realizing the things that were once so scary have become “every day”.

  • Steve, I’m following you all over the web! Great post! Our minds are so much more powerful than we think. It can be scary to receive something unexpected and big. I swear we are rewarded when we step up and expect miracles to happen. It’s what we do and think afterwards that determines how many miracles show up next.

    • Thanks, Frank! I’m glad that the post triggered thought for you. You can’t go wrong trusting your intuition. I recommend reading “Blink” by Malcolm Gladwell for more insight into intuition.

    • Thanks, Glynis. Trusting one’s intuition is key! This is another lesson that I learned over the last few years. It is a challenge sometimes, but is powerful as you have stated. Appreciate your input!

  • Fantastic post, Steve! I think a lot of people, myself included, tend to forget that there’s such a thing as the fear of success. And unlike the fear of failure, it doesn’t make its presence felt until you’re on the edge of glory.

    Also, personally speaking, I don’t think there’s ever really an end to it all. As in, I doubt we’ll ever reach a point where we’ll say “I’ve done everything there is to do, what now?”. I think the fact that you, Melody, every reader, every commenter, and myself are on this blog is enough proof that we’ll always want to do something more in life.

    We’ll all be happy, sure, but the world is big enough to last us a lifetime, and we’ll always have a new goal to aim for. So if it were me, I’d just take my manifestations as kickass milestones and see them from a birds-eye point of view. That way they won’t seem so daunting anymore, they’ll still be an awesome experience sans the fear, and I’ll know there’ll always be much, much more to come.

    Again, fantastic post dude. Looking forward to more guest posts here, too. *Cough cough HINT HINT Melody cough*

    • Thanks, Derrek!

      I’m so pleased that this post connected in such a wonderful synchronicity. I’m looking forward to working with Melody. I’ve come to really love her blog and the insights she presents.

      I Think you are right that the world is big enough for us on these “explorations” that we have set out on. The suggestion to back up for the “birds-eye POV” is a great one. Thanks for proposing it. I’ll have to remember that myself. It does help to back up and gain some perspective.

      Again, really appreciate the kind words. Namaste

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