Ok, enough fluff, it’s time for me to tackle another “big one”. I’ve already told you how I made my peace with Religion. Now, it’s time to take on the medical establishment, or rather, tell you how I stopped wanting to take them on. No doctors or pharmaceutical reps were hurt during the writing of this blog post. It was all consensual. I promise.

Traditional Medicine failed me

There was a time when I hated doctors. Freaking hated them. I was ill, could barely get out of bed some days, kept passing out at work, and saw a slurry*of doctors over the course of several months. Many of these doctors came across as arrogant and uncaring. When they couldn’t figure out what was wrong with me, they decided that it must be psychosomatic and told me to go see a shrink. Some of them actually believed I was making it all up. I ended up sinking into a deep depression. I felt awful and no one seemed to be able to help me, and most weren’t even willing to try. Circumstances finally led me to a naturopath, who not only believed that my symptoms were possible, but could think of several causes. She patched me back up, by helping me to create a physical environment in which my body could heal. Much of what I know about nutrition today is a direct result of what I went through during this time.

Up to this point, I’d put my faith in the medical system, albeit reluctantly. I wasn’t a fan of running to the doctor for every little boo-boo or taking medication unless absolutely necessary. But after I ended up in the emergency room after having collapsed at work, again, I didn’t have much of a choice. I’d gone to these doctors and asked for help. And they’d come up empty. Zilch. Zero. Nada. I was scared, I felt powerless and abandoned, and these doctors, who had spent years studying this stuff and had dedicated their lives to helping others, refused to listen (they often cut me off half way into the first sentence), dismissed most of the information I gave them (what I felt was not important), and refused to consider that just because they couldn’t figure out what was wrong, that didn’t mean there wasn’t anything wrong. It was this “we know everything, so if we can’t figure it out, it doesn’t exist” mentality that got to me the most.

Of course, now I know that I attracted these types of doctors with my belief system, but at the time, I simply felt betrayed. I hated doctors and felt that they were useless (if you’re a doctor, I promise to bring this around to a better feeling place. Stay with me). All they did was study the physical body, when clearly there was so much more at play. Once I began to learn about energy and how resistance causes all imbalances within our bodies, I became convinced that doctors were a waste of time.

Who’re you gonna call? A doctor. That’s who.

Once I got over my anger (which resulted from the powerlessness and which I needed to move through in order to get to a better feeling place), however, that point of view didn’t really resonate with me anymore. Blind faith in the medical system didn’t work for me, but neither did a blanket condemnation of all doctors. After all, if I was to cut my arm off, I’d want a surgeon to sew it back on. An energy healer could shake their leaves all they’d want; I’d still get to the emergency room before I bled to death. So clearly, some kind of middle ground had to exist. There had to be a way for me to reconcile what I knew about energy with traditional medicine. There had to be a way for me to look at doctors and feel good about what they have to offer. And of course, there was.

When we first move away from traditional medicine and towards alternative therapies, we sometimes have the tendency to demonize doctors. We begin to think of traditional medicine as outdated, as irrelevant and unnecessary. If everyone just cleaned up their energy bodies, we think, there would be no need for doctors. We can heal the world by raising our vibration. And while those statements are true, I would present the argument again: I don’t care how tree-huggery you are. If you cut yourself, you’ll want a doctor to stop the bleeding. So even though doctors may not have all the answers, they clearly have a role to play.

The hidden cause of disease

Our physical well-being is, indeed, a consequence of our vibration. When we harbor resistance (thoughts and beliefs that do not serve us), we experience negative emotions. If we ignore these early warning signs, the resistance will manifest as something bigger – often, physical discomfort, pain or even illness. The manifestation will continue to get bigger and bigger until we finally stop ignoring it and do something about it. We may “give up” and let go of whatever we were holding on to. Or we may consciously change our perspective. The point is, everything that happens in our reality, including whatever happens to and within our physical bodies, has been drawn to us by our vibration, whether we know it or not.

And it’s this “not knowing” that makes things so tricky. If we knew exactly how we were creating an illness, we could just turn that off. But we generally don’t have a freaking clue. Let’s say you get a headache and it’s bad. Clearly, you’ve got some resistance going on. Now, you can try to hunt down the demon thought that brought this pain upon you, but if the headache is really nasty, you may barely be able to think. In that case, taking a pain killer to help you get rid of the pain may not be such a bad idea. Of course, you’ll want to figure out what caused the headache once you do feel better, or chances are it’ll come back. But this will be so much easier to do from a pain-free state.

When we’ve been ignoring a certain emotion for a long time, it begins to feel normal to us. It can grow, get bigger, nastier and even cause some horrific disease, but because this thought or belief has been a part of us for so long, it just blends into what we’ve always known to be true. It doesn’t stand out. If you’ve always had a pain in your hip, you don’t notice it when your hip hurts.

The symptom perpetuates the problem

The illness is an indicator that something is wrong. But it’s an indicator that can perpetuate the problem. When we begin to focus on the physical pain or condition, we add energy to it and it begins to take on more momentum – not only as a symptom, but as a condition all on its own. The indicator becomes part of the problem, making it more difficult for us to find and release the underlying cause.

This is where doctors come in. They can help us patch up our bodies when the resistance we harbor has manifested as physical harm. They can sew up the cut, take away the pain, bring us back from the brink of death, and buy us some time so we can fix the underlying cause. While they generally won’t fix whatever caused the illness, they can and often do play an important part in the healing process. Just like that intense headache kept you from thinking clearly and figuring out its cause, so could cancer or chronic back pain distract you from what’s really wrong.

Traditional medicine is changing

So, traditional doctors are not irrelevant. Clearly, we need them when we’ve created conditions within our bodies that threaten our lives, and for which we don’t yet know the cause. They can give us relief and buy us time. But without an understanding of energy, what they can’t really do is truly heal. They beat cancer, only to have it come back again and again. They clear up a nasty rash, only to have the patient return six months later with hay fever. A patient may present with chronic back pain, for which there doesn’t seem to be a cause and which is completely resistant to any and all treatment.

A lot of doctors are now waking up to the fact that true healing requires more than they were taught in medical school. There are a growing number of physicians who will patch you up, and then ask “So, what’s wrong? What’s going on in your life that could’ve caused this?” They recognize that the illness or condition was simply a symptom and they help guide their patients to true healing. They realize that although they have a deep understanding of the human body, that knowledge is not broad – the picture is simply much bigger than they ever thought it was. Doctors were never supposed to know everything. That’s a false expectation. They know a great deal about one part of the equation – the biological body. This is no small thing, it just isn’t everything. Alternative practitioners know another part of the equation. And energy healers know another part. What we ultimately want is for all of these disciplines to work together. They all have their place.

A true, holistic approach

When you have an emergency, and your life is in danger, or when you’re in a great deal of discomfort, you want a traditional doctor.  After you’re out of danger, however, you’ll want to get to the root of the problem. This is where an energy healer can help. Alternative therapists can also help bring relief. A Reiki healer, for example, makes energy of a very high vibration available to you, which can raise the frequency of your physical cells and bring healing. If the original cause of the imbalance – the resistance – is not eliminated, the issues will come back. This does not mean, however, that we should dismiss the relief that the Reiki healer can bring, just as we shouldn’t dismiss the relief that a doctor of traditional medicine can provide.

Depending on the needs of the patient, all healing disciplines have their place. And they are beginning to merge in interesting ways: Doctors are learning alternative therapies and energy healing techniques. Massage therapists are starting to coach their patients. Psychologists are streaming energy at their patients to help them release the belief that’s causing them pain. Many physicians are referring their patients to alternative therapists for follow up treatment. Cancer clinics are offering mediation, nutritional counseling and energy healing such as Reiki and acupuncture.  Physical, emotional and energy healing are all coming together for true, permanent and holistic healing.

There’s no need to push against traditional medicine. It may not be the all encompassing cure we (and doctors) were promised, but it does have its place in the healing process. Of course, as soon as I took a different view of doctors, I never manifested another rude or arrogant one again… They’ve all been brilliant, connected, and open to all kinds of alternative ideas since.

* = doctors come in a slurry now. A slurry is about 30. Yeah. Not kidding.

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  • Hi Melody,

    Why did I read this blog LAST???
    The tittle turned me off “tree-huggery” didn’t seem to have anything to do with me.
    Yet this – like some other blogs I read for fun or last— was one of the most important to me.
    (is that self-destruction?, what is self-destruction?)

    An amazing description. Important thoughts pop up:

    1) If you were in the situation I am currently in and have been….How did you afford the naturopath?

    2) Did you have a benefactor while unable to get out of bed? If so did they ever get sick of being your nurse or get very upset by your condition?

    3) What if the arrogant doctor is the one closest to your home? Is this a sign that yet again the neighborhood I’m in is at a pretty low vibration?

    4) How did you not get fired while being so ill?

    5) You didn’t explain how you got to the good feeling thoughts from such a low place—how did you even manifest a naturopath that CURED you?

    6) If someone in our family dies–someone possibly the start of a few “family resistance” if that person passed away—does the resistance pass with them???

    7) Was your condition one of these:
    Lupus, Fibromyalgre, Myalgic Encephalomyelitis (THE PROPER CFS not just “I’m tired all the time” but often unable to move limbs, fall asleep while walking, brain fog, eye troubles, bladder and digestive issues–the severe type of CFS is called M.E.)
    Those conditions can cause fainting and nerve problems. What did the naturopath say it was?

    8) If you couldn’t afford the naturopath would you have gotten stuck in life?

    9) What would a sick, homeless person do? They are too sick too work/get house.

    10) If you had cancer, would chemotherapy make it worse?

    • Hey Kane,

      No worries, LOL, the blog posts aren’t going anywhere. You’ll find all the ones that are relevant to you eventually. 🙂

      Ok, here goes:

      1.) I had health problems, but was financially doing quite well at the time. Affording help was not the issue. I went to over 30 doctors and even ended up in the emergency room. I tried acupuncture, and Reiki and all kinds of other alternative therapies. The solution couldn’t find me until I was ready for it. But when you’re ready to manifest the solution, money is not an obstacle. It will find you in a way that you can accept.

      2.) No. I was all alone during this time. I could’ve had help, but I didn’t see that at the time.

      3.) That doesn’t matter. Your vibration manifests what you are seeing in your reality. You can hook up with a solution no matter where you live.

      4.) Honestly, it was a huge fear of mine. They could’ve easily fired me for being sick and it added to my anxiety. They weren’t nice about it, but I kept my job.

      5.) It got there incrementally. It took time. Note that at that time, I was not creating deliberately, so this was all part of my natural progression. I had to get to the point where I was so sick and tired of being sick and tired that I was finally willing to make major changes. I decided to leave Las Vegas and go to Germany (where my mom was). I removed myself from my physical environment. I also gave up. I surrendered. I accepted the illness, whatever it was, and decided to try and make the best of it. That was a turning point. I had to let go of the fight against what was happening to me and accept it to ultimately move on.

      6.) No. If you’ve adopted the belief, it’s now yours. But you can also release that belief anytime, whether that person is alive or not.

      7.) The naturopath never figured out exactly what was wrong with me. I didn’t manifest her until I was living in Germany and already feeling better to a degree. I had let go of the fight and had even stopped looking for a practitioner. I had taken one last stab at going to the doctor, but manifested the exact same experience. So, I gave it up. Then, a few weeks later, a good friend suggested I go and see a Naturophath and I did. I hadn’t planned on it and wasn’t expecting much, but somehow I still went. She was the first doctor to believe me. At that time I suffered from acidosis, but she couldn’t tell me what had caused it. Also, labels like fibromyalgia and CFS weren’t being handed out yet.

      8.) No. I would’ve manifested the solution in another way.

      9.) They could still manifest help. The doctor is not the fix. The vibration that matches you up with solutions is. And you can manifest solutions in whatever way is perfect for you. A homeless person can still control the way they feel.

      10.) That’s hard to say. If I got cancer, I would have to see how I felt about chemo. It might be part of the solution for me and it might not. What I would not do is have chemo while feeling horrible about it.

      I hope that all of this was helpful.

      Huge hugs!

      • Hey there,

        Thanks for the answers. Some clarification:

        -I’ve read every-single-one of your blogs. When I said last I meant last! 🙂

        1) How were you able to be financially secure?????
        Personally I have every sector of my life in the same shape as how your health was. The only thing is I’m not homeless.

        “But when you’re ready to manifest the solution, money is not an obstacle. It will find you in a way that you can accept.”

        Ok, how do you signal that you are well and truly ready for the solution?

        3) Co-creation is still pretty confusing. You’ve written about how people could get different solutions to the same problem in a win-win style. (still don’t see how this works, what about a husband and wife–one wants to stay–the other go– or live in two different states…you can’t get both…)

        What about 2 people or more living in an apartment block, with all the residents sending out different manifestations through the walls and windows???

        Also on CO-CREATION (still so confusing!) So what if you are standing next to someone who is still like you–but on the lower scale of all the vibrations you have–they are your dark side in a shape of a person.
        You still have so much light to offer but yes, that dark is there and that person is a reflection of that part of you.
        When you are with them will the worst manifestations come into play? Or will your higher side bring out the best in them? (because it works from the flip side too)
        What if you core vibration is pretty neutral?

        4) It doesn’t make sense that you were able to work at all. This and the financial security doesn’t make sense.

        5) WHOA!!! Soooo, you had the confidence to live alone in another country—without the security of health—-you could be fired—in a foreign country—alone. Pfff that type of confidence doesn’t sound like a sick, miserable person.
        I feel extremely envious and slightly irritated by that. It doesn’t match up.

        Stop fighting and accept? Now this is where you and Rhonda Byrne should duke it out. She teaches NEVER to accept these labels or illness. You are healthy damnit.
        Really. It would be great if you two talked. Monumental. What a meeting!!!

        7) ! 🙁 They don’t hand out those labels. They have to be earned through psychological evaluation, pain, not being believed, multiple visits which put the non-working sick person into debt.
        It’s a very hard “label” to recieve. Doctors don’t give them out all willy nilly. 🙂

        8) You were not the Melody you are now. I doubt it.

        9) The ultimate LOA. Documented proof of a homeless person using LOA step by step and a camera crew. A real homeless person with no background in LOA and possibly a mental illness.
        Take that for a challenge! 🙂 The crew cannot help them. If they are rained on or harassed by police that’s what happens.

        10) No-one feels good about chemotherapy. We all know it’s painfully horrible. We all have seen someone with the missing hair, the wasted muscles, the vomiting, the fragility… It nukes the body…
        But people also feel it is the only solution to the emergency. What is another solution (viable to all people not just masters of LOA) that the average panic filled person could do to treat cancer?

        Yes, that was helpful and interesting.

        How many people hug you back? 🙂 I think I’ll give you a pat on the back or handshake. 🙂

        • Ok wow. Here we go.

          1.) I was financially secure because I made really good money, had no debt and had saved quite a bit of cash. I had more than I needed to live for 6 months without working. I try always to have that kind of cushion if at all possible.

          3.) In co-creation, when you have two seemingly conflicting desires, you have to look at the CORE desire, which hardly anyone ever does. If you dig down deep enough, there is a solution that covers all the bases. But most people stay stuck in the details and don’t go down deep enough, so they never find that solution. This is actually true for all conflicts.

          The person who is most stable in their vibration always wins. I made a video about this that you can find here: http://www.deliberatereceiving.com/video-other-peoples-vibrations.html

          Do not judge me for the graphics. I’m clearly not an artist. But it’s the message that counts. 😉

          4.) I was not down all the time. I passed out at work on a fairly regular basis (kind of a problem when you’re a casino dealer), and I was very, very willing to suffer. So, often, even though I could barely stand, I dragged myself to work. This is one of the reasons it took me so long to get better. I fought with everything I had. And only once I wasn’t able to fight anymore, did things change. This is my unique situation though. You can’t compare it to yours. There’s no way to know how your misery compared to mine, so to speak.

          5.) I went home to my mother. I was not alone in Germany at all and would not have had the stamina to move someplace by myself. I was going to move to Denver until I got sick.

          I can’t speak for Rhonda, but you have to accept where you are before you move on. You don’t have to accept that you will always be sick (not a good idea), but as long as you keep fighting it, (why is this happening? It’s not fair, etc.), you stay stuck where you are. After you have accepted it, you can then move toward seeing yourself as well, deliberately. Until you do that, all you can manage is denial. We have the same core message, mine is just a heck of a lot more detailed. 8)

          7.) For some people the label is actually a relief. At least at first. Just having someone believe you can be a huge relief…

          8.) You don’t have to understand LOA to apply it. Everyone is always applying it. I manifested my solution then, too. I couldn’t have told you how at the time, but I still did. I didn’t see the value of the experience then, but I do now.

          9.) I saw a video a few months back of a homeless guy how manifested a rich dude who just handed him money. He used it to get off heroin and start his life. That’s a manifestation if ever I heard one…

          10.) The ultimate solution to treating cancer is to clean up the resistance that caused it. If I had cancer I would try all alternative therapies (like laetrile) that I could get my hands on. I’d find a German New Medicine Practitioner (they treat cancer very differently), and I’d make sure I only ate alkaline foods (already pretty much do that. Cancer cannot survive in an alkaline environment). But those are the actions that feel good to me. It’s also possible that faced with the terror of such a diagnosis that I’d opt for the chemo. If that was the option that felt the LEAST scary, that might be my way to go. I have no idea because I’ve never had cancer. I can’t know for sure what I’d do.

          I get the occasional hug back. And I always appreciate it very much. 🙂
          Pats and handshakes are good too.

          How about a high five? 🙂


          • Hi-Hi-Hi-Hi-Five! One-two-three-four-High-five! Five in the air, let’s do it together! High-five!
            HA! Now that is stuff you see from spending too much time not working, owning a large t.v. and chanell surfing to see adults dressed in bright clothes and …gelled eye brows.. very suspect “men” and thinking “what is this!!! is this where my life has become? Turn on the t.v. and get sung at.” 🙂


            1) Oh man. There’s that envy again–but very small today. In a fairly good mood. In this mood I CAN believe that I could make a 6 month cushion.
            But in the future.
            The fact you did in in that condition- amazing! Well done!

            Can appreciate your constant patient and kind responses. Can HEAR YOU more feeling like this.
            I can see why you are always pleasant, as people with instable vibration can easily be friendly the next day.
            If you did what some spiritual people might do–just fob someone off because they weren’t all that smiley one day–you’d never discover the happy version of them that pops up the next. Pretty clever skill!

            3) “The person who is most stable in their vibration always wins.”–Thankyou for reminding me of this.
            Most of the people I interact with are also reactive or unstable. They are reaching for something higher too. Some are content where they are and don’t really believe they could feel better. They go up and down all over the place.

            This could be as predictable as a lottery! At the moment I may be on the way to being slightly happier in a stable manner. Hopefully. Don’t quite believe it will last.
            So if I stood next to a stable happy person, we’d be a shoo-in.

            And the person I live with well, they seem to be stable in a grim neutral with bursts of playfulness or anger. It’s hard to guage what’s in anothers head. I hope my impression of them is wrong. That deep down they are an optimist.

            The neighbours seem pretty manic as well. Screaming matches one day, smells of family meals and laughter the next.

            Could one happy, stable person in the apartment block influence the entire block to their best side?

            4 & 5) The point on comparing I will absorb. Thanks. 🙂
            Fighting is a good thing though… I have been brought up to be a fighter, to be determined, to keep trying when you fall off the horse…
            That’s hard to get.

            I meant you were alone in America. America being the foreign country.

            9) LOVED THIS. LAUGHED HEARTILY! Just handed him money! Those things are so uncanny but I believe do happen. Great. 🙂

            I’m beating my drum outta here.- nice talking!

          • That’s the thing, Kane. Even if you are in a bad mood, I don’t give that any attention at all. I know that at your core, you are a light, happy, giddy, happy puppy. And that’s the part of you I focus on. This takes training, but I don’t usually get affected by people’s moods anymore.

            And yes, one happy shiny stable person could change the mood of an entire apartment. They neighbors would be influenced in as much as they interacted with this happy puppy. They would either not have access to that person, or would meet up only when they were in a happier mood, too. They would not necessarily change completely.

            I think determination is a good thing. When you’re moving out of resistance, it can feel like fighting, but honestly, letting go is a much faster way to get there. Either one works, though, and sometimes, letting go doesn’t seem like an option, while fighting does. In that case, fight, fight, fight! 😉

            Sending you huge hugs! 🙂


          • Sending you a huge high five in one of those sports stadium glove hands! And a puppy that you can hug. You know because that would be sad if you had your arms all outstretched and nothing hugged you back. So there’s a puppy. I don’t know where he came from.
            —-/-o——– ___/
            —`,o—_/–o .–`——

  • I think that in most cases we do need traditional medicine, because in my opinion nothing else except for antibiotic can recover you pneumonia. But in all cases you pointed out, you are right:) In cases when it is possible traditional pills ot be avoided, lets use alternative medicine! I couldn’t agree more:)

    • Hi Anna,

      Welcome to Deliberate Receiving! Even when we look for traditional medicine, the underlying cause is still energy based. So, we can take the antibiotics, but as soon as we feel a bit stronger, we should be asking ourselves, what brought this on? What was I thinking that created this? What was I focusing on that didn’t serve me? What message was contained in this illness?

      Huge hugs to you!

  • Hi, Melody!
    Very well written post-I couldn’t agree more on it. It is a proven fact that we always search for traditional medicals whenever there is an emergency occurring, while we rather choose to seek for alternative therapies whenever the alarm is down. I think the reason why traditional doctors are led by the human body rather than soul and psychological issues is because they are obliged by it through studies and through their code of honor. That doesn’t mean,however, that they will not take in consideration the human soul and its issues in order to recognize a certain health problem, but if they do so, and if they share their opinion on it with you, it will be “off the record”, respecting the traditional rules and practice.

    • Hi Kristina,

      You make a really great point. In many cases, doctors are not legally able to mention alternative therapies, so they have to do it off the record or not at all. But many are seeking additional qualifications that allow them to mention and offer these therapies legitimately.

      Thanks for stopping by!


  • Well, I don´t believe either that we should bear up against pain, which is traumatizing on every level of our being, but when we numb it or give it into the hands of others, we might miss the experience of natural healing.

    For example I had a severe issue of a very painful inflammation going on which got worse an worse, I couldn´t lie down, not to speak of, sleep anymore. Even facing the possibility of loosing one of my limb, somehow I just didn´t feel like going to a doctor. So I resisted doing what seemed sensible, instead doing some aimless research on the internet (yes, I´m an inet junkie). I hadn´t reached the state of despair yet, but still felt some kind of (mental) strenght within me. To make a long story short – I found a totally harmless and uncomplicated cure which involved more than just easing the physical pain, but worked on other levels of the problem as well.
    My decision in this came through my notion about, how a negative diagnosis would influence my mental state, and so I chose one risk over the other. During that time my circumstances allowed me to follow my intuition and take care of myself, I wouldn´t recommend it in all circumstances.
    Generally I still believe that things, diseases, don´t come by chance, and our vibrations are not the cause, but the effect or corrolary of our state of beings. And our state of being reflects the process of our lifes (which reveals to us what is crucial to us one by one), and in which we can participate in.

    .. hmm, facing teeth problems, my mentality breaks down immediately, and I´m very grateful for my dentist.. (unfortunately this had left me only with few of my natural equipments..) 🙂 🙂

    • Wow Sara. You were brave not follow your intuition while being in so much pain. Of course, no one could ever legally advise you to do this – the risk would be far too great. And I’d have to say that you’d have to really be used to listening to your intuition in this kind of situation. But good for you!!

      I’ve manifested some really weak teeth myself and have invested more money into my dental plan that I probably paid for college (well, maybe not quite…) Thankfully, I’ve been able to stop that pattern over the last few years and have had very few new problems now. But I still go for regular cleanings and checkups, just in case…


  • Interesting post Melody. I don’t think I’ve seen a slurry of doctors in my whole life! Hopefully I never have to.

    I definitely think our thoughts and belief systems can affect our bodies. We can manifest illnesses (or heal ourselves) if we really want to.

    I don’t believe that our vibration causes all of this though. I think there are genetic factors that come into play, for instance. But then again – INTUITIVE GENETICS! – our vibe effects the parents we “select” which affects our genetics.

    I think my mind was just blown. I’m really looking to that post on intuitive genetics, by the way. 😉

  • I have taken this same journey myself, and to really take hold of the process has been very hard for me. I can finally say that I once my health ins. was cancelled and I have to pay as you go…and money is another issue for me….I am much more interested in attracting true healing to myself.
    I am trying to find more funds to keep going to the acupuncturist I have discovered, because in his clinic times, he allows me to stay and move energy w/needles in until I feel ready to go. It has been very helpful – even when it has just provided 2 hours of pain free sleep 🙂
    I even wen to a naturopath who yelled at me and got angry along the way…
    I just keep getting frustrated with myself for not getting to the point of health that gives me life and energy.

    I am reviewing a book on Monday Oct.3,2011 which was sent to me, which is 2 traditional doctors trying to understand how people needed to be treated and how people need to find the correct Dr. for themselves/ or treatment. They have lots of statistics – one being that 66% of all patients these days use some form of alternative healing method.
    They did not cover people without health ins. and what they are doing, or the very poor.
    My body is certainly screaming at me in 2012 and I am digging deep.
    My acupuncturist gave me the name of another book I am reviewing on Thursday next week, it was for all those people who have a chronic illness and have tried everything, written by a Buddhist….fascinating

    Great post….I am wandering through your archives too because as my recent free psychic reader said: YOU ARE EXTREMELY Determined. Yes I am – also tired of others saying not only is it in my mind, but that I do not like myself hmmm

    • Hi Patricia,

      It’s great that you feel discord when someone tells you that you don’t like yourself. If you resonated with that statement, it would be a problem. 🙂
      I really look forward to your book reviews. They sound right up my alley!


  • Hi Melody,
    Most modern day Western Doctors are complete “mind people” who do what they are told to do. In the old days the right brained creative types of Shamans and medicine men were the Doctors because they were more in tuned with nature and the energy of people and the earth.

    We all know that pharmaceuticals is a huge profit driven money maker and that is a big reason that people don’t always get better with medicine. It’s more important for the sale of said product than the curing of sick people.

    But, I can see that more natural healer types are getting into the medical profession and I believe that the consciousness of the planet including the medical arena will see major changes for the better.

    Take Care.

    • Hi Justin,

      Sure, there are systems set up that actually profit from illness. But I prefer not to give any energy to those systems. There are enough people out there doing that. And by complaining about them or hating them, that’s what we’re doing – perpetuating that machine. I truly believe that by focusing on the positives, by giving our energy to what’s going well and what we want it to look like, we’re going to grow those systems and gravitate away from the ones that no longer serve us.

      I agree with you – I think we will see a major change in the way we treat illness in the coming years. We’ll focus more on wellness. 🙂


  • Both my mother and my wife have had troubles with doctors.
    Both of them have torn their crucia ligaments in their knees.

    When they went to the doctors they said “No, it fine, nothing is wrong, go around living your life, work out, do backflips!”

    Both of them met about 5 doctors who said the same thing, until they got to a knee specialist.

    In both cases the specialist looked at them felt the knee and after 3 minutes said “your crucia ligament is torn”. In both cases the specialist was right and all the others wrong.

    Some doctors are good, some aren’t, just like in all aspects of life, some are good, some aren’t. The difference is that doctors are playing with our lives.

    • i Daniel,

      You make a great point – there are all kinds of doctors out there, to match up with all kinds of vibrations. We trust them with out lives (or not), but ultimately we still have to own all of our experiences. That’s hardest to do when we’re afraid and in pain, believe me, I know that. When you feel vulnerable and powerless, you want nothing more than to be able to have someone swoop in and tell you what to do. And that’s not the moment in which you can clean up your vibration about doctors. It’s best to do it when you’re feeling well. Actually, it’s best to put some energy into the “healthy” account when we’re feeling well. 🙂


  • I only just read your article about religion and it is a fantastic piece, Melody. It’s so cool to find someone with common questions and thoughts and perspectives. Leaving a comment there soon. 🙂

    This article about medicine is so true as well. I was subjected to witnessing the ways doctors worked all through my teenage years due to an illness in the family. Strangely this process also made me shift my perspective on religion as it made me dig deeper for answers. I’m happy to say I found my peace with both these fields of work, but my view of both has never been the same since. From my personal experience, both traditional medicine and alternative medicine have yet to find a balance with each other. They’re getting there, but there’s a lot of resistance.

    There’s no doubt that alternative methods take time whereas modern meds work wonders in an emergency. I think it all boils down to common sense and intuition. I’ve personally felt the effects of Ayurveda and it works wonders, but only over a period of time. If you’re having a heart-attack, get to the damn hospital, not to the Ayurvedic center! 🙂

    I think there’s a lot of hope in the sense that more traditionally-trained doctors are opening up to alternative medicine. They’re studying it more. More doctors are admitting that tapping into the mind and the ‘soul’ cures an ailment more effectively than just cutting it out and disregarding it thereafter. Alternative medicine is also progressing, making itself available to modern society on a wider scale. The stigma that alternative meds are “hokey” and “some form of hocus pocus” is fading incredibly fast. If these two can find peace and form a happy marriage, future generations will have a lot to gain and overall health (and I dare say longevity) will be dramatically increased.

    • Thanks Derrek,

      I’m glad you liked the other post, too. They do kind of go hand in hand, as they represent major paradigm shifts on some old, established institutions (religion, medicine), which many people have nothing good to say about anymore. For me, the answer lies not in demonizing these institutions, but seeing how they must and will change, in order to reflect the new global energy and who we are becoming. I prefer to think of these times as exciting, and I see evidence of these shifts everywhere. Not all alternative practitioners are great, either. There is a lot of hokum out there. But we still ultimately attract with our own vibrations. So, you can attract the right kind of practitioner and a really good one at that, if you’ve cleaned up your vibration about it. 🙂


  • Now that’s a healthy perspective! This makes so much sense. All too often doctors fail people because most people put ALL of their faith in them. Rather, people should seek medical attention when needed then do their homework to fix the root. Most are not willing to do their homework especially those less aware of LOA. They prefer to have someone else fix them. I too was and still partially guilty of this. People want relief without getting to the root of aliments, conditions, etc.

    Alternative seekers are really guilty of condemning all doctors but you bring up such a vaild point that they do serve a purpose and everyone will receive the type of care according to their beliefs. Again, this was me as well. I felt that all doctors just exagerrated conditions for the sake of collecting more money or grease their relationship with the pharmacy reps$$ Of course, many doctors do function like this. However, if I keep my vibration on a higher plane or basically in a state more condusive to my WHOLE healing, I will attract that type of care from whichever modality suits me at the time.

    Thanks for the great post Melody!

    • Hi Kim,

      I’m so glad this post was helpful to you. Believe me, it took me a long time to get this perspective. Meeting a couple of cute doctors helped, LOL. It gave me an incentive to try to find a better feeling view. 😉

      Huge hugs,

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