Greetings from the beautiful mountains of Austria, where I’m currently spending a few days recharging my batteries at a gorgeous spa. At least once a year, I treat myself to a variety of saunas, massages, facials, gourmet food (they even cater to my all natural, intuitive diet), mountain air, Austrian hospitality and all around pampering. This is my “me” time, and I always come back refreshed and full of incredible ideas (I’m almost literally getting pummeled by them this time, so watch this space). Yes, I know, you hate me.

I’m not telling you this to make you jealous (although, you may be inspired to take some “you” time, which you totally should), but rather, as the lead-in to a story I came across in the German press, which so perfectly, hilariously and ridiculously illustrates the principles of the Law of Attraction, that I really couldn’t pass up the chance to share it with you. In fact, this story pretty much just writes itself. This, my dear readers, is the tale of Yvonne, the renegade cow.

Yvonne. Cow. Renegade. Hero.

Born in Austria, in the year 2005, Yvonne was sold to a Bavarian farmer in the spring of 2011, to be fattened up and slaughtered. Now, most cows just kind of accept their fate, but not Yvonne. She said, “Hell no, mathafakkas!”, and managed to escape the clutches of her captors by hauling ass over an electric fence. Go Yvonne! This is where it gets interesting. Keep in mind, that this is a cow, not a highly trained Navy seal, which are generally a little more stealthy by nature.

Yvonne hid in the forest for over 3 months, evading capture, while apparently all of Germany was looking for her. She managed to wander in front of a police car while crossing the road, which led to her being declared a danger to society or motorists or possibly that chicken whose motives everyone’s always wondering about. Hunters were given the order to shoot to kill. That didn’t go down well with animal rights activists, who bought Yvonne for €600, secured a place for her at a bovine-friendly retirement home, and petitioned the court to lift the kill order. While all of this was going down, the animal loving German public got involved, and things really took a turn for the wonderfully absurd. Yvonne continued to stay at large. Having apparently reverted back to a “wild animal” state, she slept during the day and grazed at night. She even managed to visit her son Friesi, her sister Waltraut and the calf Waldi in the dead of night. They know she was there, because she left clues in the form of cow patties, which they somehow identified as hers (is this someone’s job??). Also, she was spotted, but, and again, remember this is a cow, always managed to stay just one step ahead of her captors. Every. Freaking. Time.

I can tell, you’re not appreciating the full magnitude of the situation, so let me break it down for you:

  • At one point, they had a helicopter with a heat seeking camera looking for her. When they spotted her and hovered overhead, she ran away. They couldn’t keep up. With a cow.
  • A radio station offered a €10.000 reward for her safe capture. Even with what I assume to be a swarm of redneck Bavarians out hunting for her, she continued to get away.
  • A South African psychic claimed to have made contact with her, yet couldn’t lead to her capture.
  • A Swiss cow whisperer tried to coax her out of the forest. No luck. Maybe she couldn’t hear him. Next time try shouting or mooing, buddy. Just saying.
  • A sexy bull, named Ernst, with a deep, throaty moo and musky man-cow scent (OMG, I wish I was making this up) was brought in to lure her out of hiding with the promise of what can only be assumed to be hot, steamy cow lurve. But girlfriend wasn’t having any of that.
  • The international press picked it up and the story was mentioned in the United Kingdom (the Independent, the Guardian), the United States (the New York Times Blog), Canada (CBC Radio 1), France (Nouvel Observateur), as well as a newspaper in Abu Dhabi and radio stations in India. I know, right?
  • The president of the Sri Ganesha Hindu Temple in Berlin made a public plea for Yvonne’s pardon, arguing that she wasn’t a Tiger or Lion and therefore wasn’t really a danger to herself or others. I have no idea if that was said sarcastically or not, but I like to think it was.
  • Several Facebook pages were launched in support of Yvonne, the largest of which had, at its height, 27,000 followers. My Facebook page has, like, 150 people on it. Damn cows. They get all the publicity these days.

Happily ever after

The courts finally lifted the kill order, making it illegal to shoot Yvonne and the search was called off. Less than a week later, the freedom fighting super cow simply showed up on a farm, and was found munching away, as if nothing had happened. She was transported to the retirement home, ok, a cow friendly, no-kill farm, along with her son, sister and calf, to live out the rest of her days, happily ever after.

I know. I can hear you asking now. “This is very entertaining and all, but…”

What the hell does this have to do with the Law of Attraction?

Let’s lift the curtain and look at what REALLY happened, shall we?

Animals are no less powerful at creating their reality than we are. They are simply generally less specifically focused than we humans are, and they also generally have much less resistance than we do. So, when they do focus on something, they tend to manifest very quickly and powerfully.

Everything that happens to everything only happens because a vibrational match exists. This may not be a conscious match, but that match has to be there, nevertheless. This is how the Universe works. So yes, even cows that are kept in horrible slaughterhouses are a match to that experience. They know what they’re in for before they come. Why would they choose to do that? Well, while I don’t want to turn this into an animal rights article, I’ll give you a possible theory: I think it’s quite likely that these cows agree to mirror a vibration in our society that, while desperately fearing death, doesn’t really value life. The way we treat animals these days is a reflection of our society’s belief system. So, while nothing happens without a vibrational match, that doesn’t mean we can’t desire change. I, for example, don’t see anything wrong with eating meat and killing animals for food. Animals eat animals and we’re part of that food chain. But I don’t like the way it’s done these days. Even if I did eat meat (which I currently don’t, because my body doesn’t want it), I’d only eat meat from happy cows raised on responsible farms. I’d like to see us return to the methods the American Indians and other tribes used. They were in balance with nature, killed only what their bodies really needed (no one needs meat three freaking times a day), respected the animals (they even asked for permission before killing the animal) and used every part of their kill. I do think we can change this cycle, but not by protesting and pushing against it (and focusing on what we don’t want), but rather by focusing on the solution. But I digress. My point is, that a cow born to be slaughtered, is generally a vibrational match to that experience.

But not Yvonne. This cow wasn’t a match to that experience at all. She wasn’t having any of it, and went where no cow had gone before. Not only did she manage to escape, but she evaded capture for over three months. In Germany. One of the most organized countries in the world. A country the size of Montana, but with the population of Texas, California and Florida combined. She had the public and the authorities out looking for her. And even when she was spotted, which she was repeatedly, she always managed to get away.

She was not going to get killed. She was NOT a match to that experience and so, our dear Yvonne, powerful creative cow that she is, created a different outcome. The energy she gathered managed to get tens of thousands, if not hundreds of thousands, of people involved and rooting for her. Her story became a national and then international phenomenon. She was intuitively led to always be exactly where her captors were not. And then, when the danger was over, she simply returned, ready to receive her fairy tale ending, having managed to save not only herself, but her entire family. No word yet on if Ernst the Bull will also be spared. I’m thinking since he failed to woo Yvonne, he probably won’t. The world belongs to the sexy Ernst. That’s just the ugly truth.

While this story, which is totally true by the way, may border on the ridiculous (ok, it’s gone way past the border and right into Ridiculousville), I think that it perfectly illustrates the power of intent and reality creation. We could all learn a lesson or two from Yvonne:

  • Hold on to your dream, even when it goes against what everyone else is doing
  • Follow your intuition
  • Avoid those who would bring you down instead of trying to fight them
  • Take action and have the courage to jump that fence when you have the impulse to do so
  • Don’t allow yourself to be distracted by the seductive mooing of the opposite sex

Ok, now it’s your turn:  Have you started to see the Law of Attraction in action in what might be considered the most unlikely of places? Would you have rooted for Yvonne? Tell me what you think in the comments. I promise to make time between the pedicures, facials, plucking, scouring and full body overhauling (it’s kind of like getting your car detailed. Only for your body. With lots of tea and soothing music) to read and answer every last one.

Oh, and please don’t forget to help a blogger out by sharing this on FaceTwitStumbleBook or whatever. It will make me think you’re awesome.

P.S: On this day, which many will use to focus on fear and terror, I am deliberately choosing to focus on light, love and happiness. I choose to focus on the safety of the troops (whatever country they’re from), on the security of our world, on the rising vibration that will render violence and war obsolete and on the certainty that we are all one, forever connected by an energy of pure love. We are so much bigger than we acknowledge and so much safer than we often choose to believe. Perhaps you’ll join me in holding this high vibration. Love, hugs and lots of positive vibes, Melody.

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  • :-)Hilarious Melody! (& Derrek I always read his comments-so funny!)

    I wish I read this one sooner. What a great way to start the day. This is up there with “The water heater” as one of your best blogs for demonstrating LOA in everyday life.

    Yvonne the cow is amazing. This blog would be great as a featured blog for those new to the site that don’t look in archives. I’m a natural reader so I go through things like that.

    • Thanks Alice. I love this one, too. You’re right, I should highlight it more. But I also trust that those who are a match to it, will find it no matter what. 🙂

      Huge hugs!

  • Hey Melody,

    The title of this post sucked me in, and am I ever glad I came! Let Yvonne be an inspiration to us all. I’m sending this link out to my animal-loving friends.

    One line in particular caught my attention philosophically: “Avoid those who would bring you down instead of trying to fight them.” Yes! This is one of the prime tenets of nature (and thus Taoism). If a stream runs into a boulder, does it stop? Does it argue that the boulder shouldn’t be there? No, it just goes around and keeps going. We don’t need to right every wrong ourselves – how freeing! And a lovely side outcome is that if enough streams keep running around the boulder, eventually it will give way. Yeah!

    I’m spending the opposite of your spa day, waiting around for the new landlord to bring me the keys so I can start moving in — minor grrr, but what the heck. Thanks for the great story to perk up my afternoon!

    Hugs as always,

    Mary Carol

    • Hey Mary Carol!

      I should’ve known that you’d love this post. Yvonne won everyone’s heart, now way she wouldn’t endear herself to an animal lover like you. 🙂

      I love the boulder/stream analogy. It’s so true and I’ve seen that happen more than once in my own life. You don’t have to face all obstacles head on and fight through them. That’s one way, but it’s not the only way and often, not the best way.

      Good luck with the move (hope you have some muscle-y guys to help you out, he, he).


  • Ahaha, damn cows-they get all the publicity these days.;) I like the sense of humor you showed through this post, Melody, as it made the whole story enjoyable for reading! Yvonne is one expensive cow. Wow, they offered 10,000 for catching her? I am sure the whole story concerning the most wanted cow will soon be an inspiration for some Disney animation movie. Taking action and having the guts to jump over the fence is something that we can all learn from-regardless of the fact that this moral comes from a cow’s story. Everyone and everything can be inspirational and teach us something if we are only willing to give it a chance and consider the lesson we can learn out of it.

    • Hi Kristina!

      Thanks so much for your wonderful words. I’m really glad you liked it. I’m certain the movie rights are already being sold. Once you start to really get this stuff, you see the “proof” of it and inspiration everywhere. Even in the hilarious story of a brave, renegade cow. Sniff.


  • Wowwww, holy cow (ha haaaaaaaaa) man!

    That is quite a powerful cow. I’m assuming they were able to identify her cow pies because of their unusual radiance and splendor. Anything that is that powerful probably has powerful poops too.

    This is just too much! No words will suffice. Oh good god, lol.

    • LOL Fred. I’m so glad you liked it! I can’t stop snickering at “powerful poops”. I think, deep down, I’m 5 years old… Plus, I just keep imagining your speech recognition software going “powerful whatnow?!” Ahahahaha.

      Thanks for stopping by buddy! I’m still catching up, but I will definitely come by and read your latest post. 🙂


      • Powerful poops. Powerful poops. Poops.

        HAHA. I’m pretty sure I typed that phrase the first time as I thought it wouldn’t recognize it, but as you can see above I guess it does. Powerful software indeed. I’ll never have to type poop again. 🙂

        • That’s it! I’m getting the software. Just so I can make it type hilarious crap. Although I fear I’ll never get any work done. I’ll be too busy amusing myself with words like boogermuncher. 🙂

  • Melody,
    This is the first of your columns that I have read, but I can assure you it won’t be the last! I don’t think the highly entertaining nature of this story diminishes the validity of your use of it as a metaphor for LoA. I applaud you for it. Who knows? Maybe Yvonne chose this path before she came in so you would be able to help her demonstrate that the LoA principles are not reserved just for the highly intellectual, or even the human race. What could be more universal than laws that apply to all living things, regardless of presumed intelligence level?

    I’m a big LoA fan and have been absorbing as much of it as I can as I try to apply it in my life. I have a lot to learn, and still deal with contrast, but I don’t doubt in the slightest that LoA is at work in my life and the Universe. Recently, I’ve begun repeating the mantras “The Universe is a benevolent place.” and “I’m surrounded by beauty.” I have since found that more benevolence and beauty seem to magically appear for me, and it always makes me smile. I suspect that I don’t have much resistance to those two beliefs, which is why the manifestation comes so quickly. When I test beliefs in other areas of my life, such as money (surprise, surprise), I find I still have resistance to overcome.

    I found your blog because you followed me on Twitter (I have since returned the favor), so that channel is working for you – at least this time it did. 🙂

    Looking forward to reading more of your posts – cheers!


    • Hi Jon!
      Welcome to Deliberate Receiving! Thank you so much for your wonderful feedback, and for adding your own experience here. You’re absolutely right – the more you look for something, the more of it you’ll see (the Universe will always prove you right). And the less resistance you have to something, the faster you’ll receive it.

      I’m really enjoying connecting with people on Twitter and am starting to use Facebook a lot more, too. Thanks for the validation!

      I look forward to seeing you around more! 🙂


  • Amazing story…, but… we can´t really control everything what´s happening in our lifes (doesn´t defy the LOA, but..).
    At least our knowledge needs to be experience-based, and though it´s very uplifting and important to pursue what we learn about spiritual laws and how the universe works, we need to root things in our own experiences. So, when we get into challenging, threatening situations, facing sth. like horror, standing alone, what are we supposed to do? Blaming ourselves for having attracted it in the first place, trying to ignore what´s obvious, distract us from feeling scared to death, telling ourselves “a new story” right away? O.K., if you are capable to do so, fine, LOA will reflect it to you.
    What if you are already out of control of your senses, your physical, emotional, mental functioning? What are you supposed to do then?
    I´ve been in highly threatening situations not just once in my life, and I got out of them, but.., no, you can´t control what´s going on then, you just can give up, if you manage to somehow. So you have to give up control, and let something else take over, which guides you. And, there is no guarantee for anything; and as long as you focus on the “positive outcome”, you still haven´t surrendered and higher forces can´t reach you then.
    This is a process you can´t possible do deliberatly, as you can´t deliberately fall asleep for example, it has to happen, no control, no guarantee. That´s the paradox – get indifferent about what´s happening, and the universe accounts for your situation – still no act of control here.
    All we can actually do, is, try the best we know (including techniques, tricks, madness etc.), make our decisions, and.. surrender (to sth. higher than ourselves).
    This is my experience so far.

    I think the theory about victimization (supplied by our nonphysical teachers, “there are no victims, just willingly co-creators”), truly is a revelation to mankind, but many questions connected to it have to be clarified entirely, otherwise the doors to true freedom will only be opened for a few of us.

    • Hi Sara,

      All of our experiences have been drawn to us by our vibration. But when we’ve given a lot of energy to something, when we’ve built up a huge amount of momentum, and then it manifests physically in some horrible way, there is generally nothing we can do about it in that moment. We can’t go against a wave of energy that strong. We just have to ride it out and wait until it’s over and then go back afterwards to evaluate.

      So, if the shit is really hitting the fan, just do your best to get through it, then get into a better feeling place as soon as you can, and only then try to figure out what happened and why. Otherwise, it’s like trying to fight a tidal wave.

      If you can get into a place where you’re at least not feeling horrible about it, that can help you set up your future energy a little bit, but even that is hard. And as you pointed out, sometimes we create immense amounts of suffering as a catalyst to force us to give up. In that case, the suffering actually does have value. It isn’t necessary to go this route, of course, we can give up before the pain forces us to, but for many of us, it’s our modus operandi.

      You may not be able to deliberately fall asleep, but you can deliberately stop focusing on the thoughts that are keeping you awake by focusing on something else. And that will, in turn, allow you to fall asleep.

      I agree that there are a lot of questions that need to be answered. That’s why I launched this site… 🙂

      Thanks so much for adding your valuable insight here.


      • Thanks for your reply, I can make use of it! I guess it´s true, that we can avoid certain miseries by taking care of what we put our energy into on a daily basis.
        For inctance, I had a disastrous experience of a bug-attack after having put out an enourmous amount of anger and aggression towards someone (for a very good reason though..), so I could “retrace” the incident – interesing..
        But what about disastrous situations people get into, which are traumatizing (if not lethal); could you launch somthing about trauma? What might attract traumatizing experiences?

        Thanks for your sympathies!

        • Hi Sara,

          There’s no one reason that you might manifest a traumatizing experience. Each manifestation is different. It could be a limiting belief, which has gone unnoticed and which finally manifested in a big enough way that it could no longer be ignored.

          Or, it could also be part of a bigger agreement you made on a spiritual level to “assist” another person or even the global vibration. You have to really go by how you feel in the moment. If you feel really traumatized, though, it’s generally a limiting belief… This can be the case, even when it’s lethal. If you were in so much pain that the only way for you to release it (according to your belief system, not the Universe’s) was for you to release EVERYTHING, then you could manifest death as a solution. But before you go off worrying about this, remember that you get a LOT of indicators before it would come to that resolution. You’d have to ignore them all. If you’re reading this site, chances are, you’re much more aware than that… 🙂


    • Hi Anne,

      Actually, I just did a post about it a few days ago. I’ll link to it in the comment luv link below. I’ve also added a link to it in the article above. I’ll be doing a follow up post about this shortly and am actually writing a book about the subject. I can’t give a date on that (I did that before and then I missed that deadline because I was waiting for some more insights, so I’m not going to do that again), but I’m very close now. Watch this space. There will be lots more info coming. 🙂


  • Hi Melody,

    Good for you that you are taking some time off to feel refreshed and enjoy your life. 😉 I must say it is interesting story. We humans should learn from yvonne. We are really the creators of our own life. Let us focus on our goals and dreams, and they will become our reality. Thanks for sharing Melody and enjoy your time 🙂

    • Thanks Dia!

      It’s my last night here (sniff), but it’s been awesome. Everyone needs to take some “me” time every once in a while. Getting out of my normal environment always leads to tons of new insights. And the pampering doesn’t hurt…

      Animals can generally teach us a lot about connection and lack of resistance. They don’t all create as powerfully as Yvonne, of course. She’s special. 😉


  • Holy cow!! How is this not a movie already? I can see it now :

    (Read in Trailer-Guy’s voice) This summer…get ready…for the ultimate moooovie experience of a lifetime! *insert epic explosions, helicopter chases. Show artsy shots of Yvonne and Ernst making animalistic love, and then cut to a scene of Yvonne walking away from the haystack. Ernst turns to her and says “Where ya’ goin, cowgirl?” And Yvonne says in a whispery voice…”To be free”, and then then everything behind her explodes in a ginormous explosion.

    Cut to epic action scenes. Then a pinnacle scene of an animal rights activist screaming to Yvonne…”Get to tha choppaaaaa!!!”

    Trailer-Guy again : One cow. One quest. No bullshit.

    Trailer ends with title : Born Free : The True Story Of Yvonne Milksmary. In 3D.

    In all seriousness though, I would have definitely rooted for Yvonne. And this is a great story to share on a day when we’re remembering such a heinous incident. I don’t live in America, but I watched the towers go down with the rest of the world when I was 14, Live on CNN. Horrible thing to witness, even on TV. And yes, my prayers go out to the troops who are out there, to those caught in the midst of this war, to those who lost their dear ones to the events of 9/11, and to all those who have moved on to better worlds.

  • Go Yvonne!!!

    How cool – a cow, evading EVERYONE!! By the way – I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t want that job of *ummm* identifying cow pies!!

    Makes me think…what is possible for us – when we really put our minds to it!!

    Have a super rest of your “me time”, Melody!! And…watch out for any cows out there looking to get the same thing!

    Here’s to always seeing the light in all moments of our lives!!!


    • Ha ha Lance. Actually, I heard a cow mooing emphatically on a nearby pasture today while catching some rays (me. not the cow…). I lifted my head off the lounge chair and yelled “Yvonne!”, and then spent a good few minutes giggling to myself. Sometimes it’s just too easy to amuse myself… 🙂


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