My recent post, How To Help Your Child Defeat The Boogie Man, spawned a lot of questions about the current crop of kids, their (and our) ability to perceive energy, how they might differ from past generations and what changes, if any, need to made in raising them. One of these questions revolved around Indigo Children, also called Star Children or Crystal Children (and a whole host of other names). Because this is such a huge subject, I’ve split this post into two parts. Part 1 will explain what Indigo Children are and how they came about, while Part 2 will go into nitty-gritty detail of their characteristics and give tips for parents and educators on how to approach these individuals. Now, I’m happy to tell you what I’ve come to know (try and stop me), but because we’re talking about people’s children here, and they tend to take that subject VERY seriously (go figure), I feel I must offer a disclaimer.

[Disclaimer: If you have kids, I am not more qualified than you to tell you how to raise them, nor is anyone else. I offer what I know to be true (MY truth). It’s your job to discern what part of that resonates with you (YOUR truth). So, if anything I say makes you think “Hmmm. That doesn’t seem to apply to my child at all”, then forget about that bit. I’m not here to teach you anything new, but to remind you of what you already know. Do what feels right for you and your child and don’t let me or anyone else ever make you feel that you’re doing it wrong. If you’re reading blog posts like this, you’re almost certainly doing just fine.]

Sifting through the bullshit

Whenever I write about a new subject, I generally do a little Google search to find out what’s been written about it previously. I don’t want to just reiterate what’s already been said a thousand times, and I also want to make sure I hit the topic from as many angles as possible. And Hoo Boy! Is there a lot of information out there about Indigo children. And I really don’t want to be talkin’ smack, but a lot of that information is pure and utter bullshit designed to prey on and make a lot of money off insecure parents. The problem is that a lot of that bull is mixed in with nuggets of truth, and so you may feel some resonance with it when you read it. The trick is to separate the truth from the crap. Let me get my shovel.

Here are a few of the, um, piles of poo I uncovered:

  • Indigo Children are completely different from any humans that have come before them, almost like an alien race. (Um, no. Your kids are human. Just as human as you and everyone else. They don’t have different DNA and they’re not about to turn into pure energy and float away. I mean, seriously?)
  • Indigo Children have super powers. They can read your mind and teleport and move through time and space. (We all have superpowers. Today’s kids remember that more than we do, that’s all. You did not give birth to superman. Unless you’re Supermom. In which case, maybe you did. While today’s kids are clearly more intuitive than any generation before them, we’re not going to have mass teleportations until society, as a whole, is ready for that. I’ll explore this point further in Part II.)
  • Indigo Children are here to save the world (Yeah, like today’s kids don’t have enough pressure on them already. Also, the world does not need saving.)
  • Indigo children are dangerous. The phenomenon of kids taking shotguns to school and shooting up their bullies has been blamed on their Indigo-ness. (This had to be a defense attorney’s idea. Yeah, your child is special. Like liquid nitrogen. Mishandle it and it’ll blow up the freaking world. Which it will then save. What is wrong with people?)

There’s no such thing as an Indigo Child. They’re just children

There, I said it. And yes, I will explain that, because I know that a lot of you out there are now thinking (or yelling) “That’s not true! I know my child is intuitive and special!!” I never claimed otherwise. What I’m saying is that there is not some different race of kids that has suddenly and inadvertently cropped up, like an aberration, ready to form an army of light (or whatever, depending on who’s telling the story) and march upon the earth to save us from our evil, irresponsible selves.

Today’s children are different. Just as every generation has been different from the one before. These indigo children are nothing more than a continuation of the evolution that has been ongoing since the beginning of time. In the post, There Is Not Destiny – Only Evolution, I explain that the global vibration is, and always has been, rising. As the old people with all their resistance (lower vibrations) die and the new ones with their clean, higher vibrations are born, the average vibration of the globe gets higher and higher. Because of this process, each generation is born into a higher vibrational environment than the last, making them naturally more apt to remember Who They Really Are than their parents.

Because higher vibrations = faster moving energy, this process is, and always has been, speeding up. That means that we are, right now, living in a higher and faster vibration than any generation before us. And the kids being born today, are being born into an energy more conducive to their connection than any generation before. The gap between the generations is getting bigger and bigger (the energy is getting faster at a more rapid pace), so the changes are becoming more obvious. This is nothing new. It’s just that we’re noticing it more than we ever have. And because of the higher vibration (which brings more clarity), we also have the ability to understand what’s going on in a way that we never could before. Everything is in perfect balance. That’s it, in a nutshell.

Not everyone has the same vibration

Now, even though the global vibration is always rising, not every human on the planet has the exact same vibration. How boring would that be? There will always be those who are just a bit higher than the average and those who are a bit lower. Those who are born with a higher than average vibration, often have a harder time. Why? Because while the vibration of Who They Really Are is really high, they are taught to focus on “reality” – which has a lower vibration. And the difference between those two frequencies will cause pain and discomfort. People who tend towards a higher vibration ask a lot more questions. They are not content to be kept on a need to know basis. They will not ignore what they consider to be an injustice. They will speak their truth, even if it’s controversial. They will not just accept things they don’t agree with. This kind of behavior would get you stoned to death in the not too distant past. In less extreme cases, it would get you labeled as a trouble maker in school, as a difficult employee in a bureaucratic organization, and as a general pain in the ass.

But higher vibrational individuals also gave rise to workers’ revolutions – they were not content to be treated like crap and to be kept powerless. This is how feminism happened, how revolutions were formed, how scientific and technological breakthroughs came about. For most of our history, it wasn’t really acceptable to be ahead of your time, and yet, the very breakthroughs that would get you ridiculed, exiled and even killed, ended up changing the world just a few short years later, when the vibration of the general population caught up and they gained enough clarity to understand the new knowledge.

This is why no one can agree as to when these Indigo children started appearing. 1982? 100 years ago? Both are true. We have always had individuals who were well ahead of the pack. Joan of Ark would’ve been classified as an Indigo child. So would Galileo, Einstein, Da Vinci, Thomas Edison, Jesus, Gandhi, and on and on. Again, the only difference is that we are now noticing the changes of each generation more than we used to.

Higher vibrations will often run in families

While being born with and maintaining a higher than average vibration has nothing to do with genetics, this characteristic can run in families. This is because the newborn babies aren’t just affected by the global vibration, and that of the geographic location they’re born into (country, region, town), but also by the collective vibration of their family. This is why beliefs, both positive and limiting, can linger on for generations – each family member soaked up their energy like a sponge. When a family has a higher vibration, when some or even just one person in that family is more intuitive than the average human, it will create a higher than average vibrational environment for subsequent generations to be born into. So, your intuitive grandma raised your mother slightly differently than the norm, and she, in turn, then raised you slightly differently. This will have played out both energetically as well as in action. Perhaps your mother was more open to talking about things than your friends’ mothers. Or following your gut feelings wasn’t considered abnormal at your house. While it’s not impossible for a highly intuitive child to be born into a low vibrational family (this would provide that child with a tremendous amount of contrast and opportunity for growth), more often than not, family members tend to vibrate at similar frequencies.

This is the end of Part 1. In Part 2, I’ll move away from the theory and explore the specifics of how these new kids think and what their needs are in terms of parenting and education. I know you can’t wait to read more, so may I suggest that you keep yourself entertained by writing awesome comments and sharing this post with as many people as possible? You know. For the children.

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  • This is actually an interesting article on the Indigo children topic! I’ve met a few Indigos and they’re Definitely NOT sunshiny and happy! No, just that short temperament and hot headedness. But speaking of that, have you ever looked into crystal children? Well, it turns out that indigo and crystal have some differences.

  • Hi Melody, this was a great post. Thanks so much for clarifying so many of the myths in Part 1. You mentioned that children pick their parents and vice versa. How does LOA and vibrations affect youth in foster care (not adopted, non adopted youth)?

    • Hey A,

      Thanks so much! I’m glad it was helpful. Believe it or not, those kids are also manifesting their experience. They usually have STRONG intentions, pre-birth, to hit the ground running. they want a lot of contrast (stuff they don’t like) to help them create HUGE amounts (we create the opposite of what we don’t like), which they can then line up with later in life. They don’t have to line up with it, but they can, if they listen to their intuition and emotions.

      If you haven’t read much on this site, this may sound very confusing. If so, read this post. It’ll help:


  • I like this topic and discussion here as I believe I have two high vibration children that is miles ahead of what we are capable of. I so etime wonder where is our energy to cope with them.

    Melody I think you have made understanding indigo children ver y simple. These are high vibration children. Their increasing presence also coincides with our exploding civilization. Our environment is really conducive for their times.

    My concerns are these:
    1) Will the vibration of the world slow down back to olden days? Hence that means the disappearance if indigos in time.
    2) Can evil indigos exist? You know high vibration people with bad intent like Hitler. I hope not

    btw check out Justin Mazza interview on my site. Help spread his love

    • Hi Jimmy,

      Excellent questions!
      1.) No. The vibration is always rising and speeding up and has been, since the beginning of time. It cannot go backwards. We will never de-volve.
      2.) I do not believe in “evil”, but people in pain will terrible things to try and feel better. While higher vibrations equal more clarity and unity and will generally take you out of the realm of the frequencies that would allow you access to “evil” thoughts, in the transition time, it is possible that an “indigo” could be in a position where they have this strong, raging energy, but a ton of resistance. This could cause them to act out. All in all, though, we are moving towards peace and love and these kids understand that more than we do. Also, I wouldn’t give any energy to the vision of evil indigo kids, LOL.

      I’ll check out your post as soon as I get home to Barcelona (super busy and traveling the next 3 days). I totally want to read it. I’m a big fan of Justin’s as well. 🙂

      Huge hugs,

  • This is all new information to me, but then I am not a Grandmother and was a parenting late bloomer…but I usually think all of these myths are just that….people are people and need respect and encouragement to be their best selves… Look at how Steve Jobs changed the world.

    I am sure I would have been burned at the stake as a child – but instead I was held back and treated like a problem – so I made it my whole life’s work to get out of this hole and help others to be their best.
    I think my Father was way ahead of his time with what he achieved for mentally handicapped and physically disadvantaged children – before he was tormented by all the naysayers into being open to cancer everywhere – he gave up at age 63 when he could no longer get work…he became disheartened He was too far ahead of folks – way too far

    • Hi Patricia,

      I went through the same thing, even though we’re not quite the same generation. My teachers considered me a pain in the ass. I was actually ridiculed in front of the whole class by a teacher for getting 100% on a test and messing up the curve for everyone. Imagine it. Ha, ha (yeah… I laugh about it now. Not so much at the time…) But I got through it, and so did you.
      The earlier the generation, the harder it was on those who were born with a higher than average vibration. And there wasn’t much explanation out there in those times. There was no one to talk to. You either conformed, or you suffered. But there are those who will suffer worse if they conform. But again, such front runners paved the way for the changes we see coming to fruition today. Your father was awesome. And so are you.


  • hello melody
    how are you?
    all i can say here is you live and learn.
    i have never heard about the concept of indigo children till i read about it here and after watching a few abc news clips on youtube, i am still puzzled and would rather stick to intuition for now
    hope you are having a great day

  • Hey Melody,
    That picture of the little kid screaming is priceless. It seems that there is this image in people’s minds that “spiritual beings” are all love and light all of the time. I sure as hell am not.

    From my perspective, older slower vibrating generations don’t mesh well with the newer “higher” vibrating generations. Unless the vibration is compatible somehow. I like the “rock the boat” types because they are the only ones that can can create change at a rapid pace. Well, that is after they have been stoned to death, fired, shunned, or labeled as a “trouble Maker”.

    I am looking forward to your next post on Indigos.

    • Hey Justin,

      There’s always been a bit of a generational clash. Whether people know it or not, it’s always been down to the difference in vibration. Higher vibrations bring more clarity, so old paradigms just don’t make sense to the young ones. Nor should they. 🙂


    • Hey Anne,

      You most likely are. Those of us who are working in this field are definitely on a slightly higher vibrational path. If you’re more intuitive than the average bear, you’re one of us. Also, the next post will go into more of the “indigo” characteristics.


  • Thank you for digging into this one! I have a daughter who is certainly intuitive, and has some other sweet indigo-like skills too, but we had trouble with other parts of the indigo classification. And I had trouble with the thought that these folks only happened recently, because I’ve met some pretty old indigo-like people.

    And based on my experience with both my daughters, vibration is totally inherited or passed on in some way, so I feel like you are right on the money there too!

    Thanks for putting this out there. Putting me and my kids in a particular box never felt right, and was vibration-restricting to boot. That’s just me, but reading your post helped me feel better about it!

    • Hi Emilia,

      You’re so welcome. I remember when I held my newborn nephew in my arms for the first time, all I could think was “Don’t die. Please don’t die.” He just seemed to fragile. I can only imagine how that kid actually being yours would magnify that fear. I’ve come to realize that a lot of parents are incredibly scared and insecure about the raising of their kids (it’s heartbreaking), when they actually know exactly what they’re doing. Most of the time, all you guys need is a little bit of validation. There are so many ways to take advantage of this fear. And telling parents that their kids are special (who doesn’t want to hear that, and it IS actually true), but that they have to learn a whole lot of stuff (and therefore buy a lot of books) if they don’t want to screw these special kids up, is just the latest way to do it. Go back and read the old Dr. Spock books sometime. You’ll marvel at the ridiculousness of it all. You’d better breastfeed if you love your kids. If you really love your kids, you’ll never breastfeed. Don’t spank your kids. Discipline your kids. Force them to sleep through the night. No, hold them when they cry. What’s the answer? Whatever you think it is. It’s your kid for a reason – you’re the perfect parent for that particular child. The kids aren’t the only ones evolving. Parents are, too. Y’all know what you’re doing. You just don’t always remember that you do. 🙂

      Super hugs to you and your little ones (indigo, chartreuse, whatever)


  • Very interesting article, Melody. I remember requesting this one a while back – good job!

    So an Indigo Child is simply a kid with a higher vibration. I like it. Although I’d still like to think they’re aliens… that just makes me laugh for some reason.

        • Scientologists? Nah. 😉
          I have no way of knowing if aliens helped to implant us here. I wasn’t around then. Or was I…? He, he. But I do think that we and any aliens out there all come from the same core energy. We choose to come here, to this particular playground, and others choose to go to another. Just like some people are born in France and some in Japan. Different strokes for different little green men.

          • It would be pretty cool if we’re actually aliens, put here by our ancient alien ancestors. If they did put us here though I wonder why. Maybe that’s what I’ll ask them if and when they return. But then again I’d be so friggin’ disappointed if aliens actually landed and they turned out to be humans. I’d be all “Awwww man, what the f**k?! You guys are the aliens?! Where are the damn Transformers, man? You guys are so lame, I hate you!”

            Yes, my comments are useless and do nothing to help the core topic here progress. I know.

          • Entertainment value, Derrek!! It’s all good.
            Actually, there’s a theory that “aliens” are really time travelers from our own future. Think about it. Ancient tribes describe humanoid giants in space crafts. Um, we are much larger than ancient people and any of our current technology would seem alien or magic to them. With possible physical evolution thrown in, it’s entirely plausible that we keep visiting ourselves. Fascinating subject, this. But it’s all just speculation at this point. I just love to ponder it all. 🙂

          • “Great Scott, Marty!”

            I love the time-travel theory. Especially with the theory of multiple universes moving at different paces conjuring every possible reality and whatnot, it could very well be possible. Then again, if people from the future visited the ancients with their modern tech and STILL made the Egyptians work like hell on those pyramids, then I think people from the future are just a**holes with cool gadgets.

  • Call them Indigo, call them Crystal, call them Star, it doesn’t matter. I think we all know what these kids really are so lets just get it out in the open. Jedi warriors. There, I said it.

    Great article, Melody! You know what’ll be cool? If the guys who had the ‘brain / mind image’ breakthrough last week tested their invention on kids like these. Basically what the process does is turn bloodflow and brain activity into moving images and the results, while far from being anything like the Hollywood sci-fi flicks, were stunning. We can now literally see what goes on inside the memory sectors of a human head, in moving images.

    Check out the article and the video here :

    If they could use this across a variety of people, especially those considered to be indigo or prodigies, we’ll be able to gauge their level of focus based on how clear the imagery is. That’ll be a pretty cool way to see a physical difference in the thinking methods of different people, and others can even work themselves into that level once they have some sort of physical benchmark, don’t you think?

    Now, about those lightsabers….what the heck is taking so long you lil’ X-Men genius things, you?!

    • Damn it Derrek! Now you’ve gone and ruined Part II – Indigo Children: Secretly Jedi Warriors.

      Pretty exciting stuff! I can’t help but think they’ll switch from monitoring blood vessels to translating brainwaves (energy) at some point. But really, what they’re aiming to do (even if they don’t know it) is reconstruct the brain. Because it’s really just an energy translator. They want to translate what’s going on in the translator. Ha.
      When this works, it could definitely help us to focus. If we could actually see our vibration in action, we could sharpen our focus in real time. We do the same thing now, only there’s a delay between the transmission of our vibration and its manifestation. Our immediate indicator is our emotional guidance system, but so many of us are visual that it would be helpful, not to mention cool to actually have a visual representation of our energy.

      I think light sabers have already been invented, but the prototype was confiscated at the airport and destroyed. Shouldn’t have tried to take a weapon on a plane, inventor dude… Sheesh.


  • Melody,

    You crack me up. Tell us like it really is, why dontcha!

    I’ve had a world renown psychic tell me that my #2 is Indigo, but honestly I think it’s a bunch of crap and I just see him as intuitive, like me. And yes, it runs in my family. #1 is apparently from another planet 🙂 Now there’s a child I’d want to study if I knew what I was looking for.

    I’ll look forward to reading part 2.

    • Hey Julie,

      I always do, chica. Me and my big mouth, eh? 😉

      I’m sure your kids are “indigo”. They color of our auras will reflect our vibrations. It just doesn’t mean nearly as much as people think it does. Read my response to Marc above – we all have the ability to be “indigo”.


  • Hi Melody,

    Interesting point of view. The vibration of the earth is rising and one way we can notice this in our children with a risen consciousness. Where else? If human kind has a consciousness that rises, it MUST be visible in our children.

    The only question I have here is: can it be learnt to be indigo or is it something you are born with?

    • Hi Marc,

      Being “indigo” simply means having a higher vibration. We all have the ability to raise our vibration, so yes, this is something anyone can achieve. Today’s kids simply have less limiting “programming” to overcome, so they have an easier time reaching and holding those higher thresholds. You may have more resistance to overcome, but you have the ability and potential to reach any level you want. 🙂


  • Guess who has a internet connection back? That’s right, this guy right here.

    Technically speaking, indigo children and crystal children are different critters. Furthermore, one of the problems had with this whole classification is that you really need someone who can see auras before you start trying to “figure out” what your kid is or isn’t.

    Now, having said that, I do believe there are indigos and crystals. However, these individuals are not so much “special kids” so much as “evolving into what they are”. The critical point is, an indigo is not better than a crystal, and a crystal is not better than a red, and so on. The basic characteristics of indigos being rather cantankerous I’d say is right. Of course, the willfulness of someone with a red aura is usually apparent, and the “delicacy” of a crystal is evident too.

    A red was here to change the world, a crystal was here to change the world, and indigo was here to change the world. How they do it is a little different because of the ray they operate on, but it’s all part of the unfolding of things.

    • Yay Joe Bill,

      Missed you around here!
      I agree about the colors – of course as we evolve, our auras are going to reflect that. You can see a change in someone’s aura when they meditate, as well. I just don’t agree with the premise (and neither do you, apparently) that this is due to anything but evolution. Today’s kids will have an easier time reaching higher levels of energy, because they’re starting from a higher point.


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