I was recently asked by Saurabh, one of my awesome readers, to write a post on how to raise your vibration around money. Realizing that this was a subject that pretty much applies to everyone, I immediately told him that I’d turn that sucker into a blog post. The only problem is that the issue of money is a huge, vast abyss. It’s kind of like writing a post on weight loss – no two people are fat for the exact same reason. And no two people are poor (or not as rich as they’d like to be) for the exact same reason. Even if we stick to the most commonly held limiting beliefs out there, we’re still talking about more than can possibly be packed into one little blog post (yes, even one of mine…). So, I’ve decided to explore individual beliefs in separate, future posts, and focus on some actions you can take right now that will help you to generally lift your money vibration. So, while today’s post won’t help you to release that deep seated belief that’s been in your family for generations, it will help you to make some changes that will allow you to draw more money to you. In other words, I’m going to help you to begin the process of making money your bitch. You know, generally.

How do you feel about money? No, really?

Even though your individual, specific beliefs about money may differ greatly, all financial issues can basically be boiled down to one thing: how you feel about money. This doesn’t just mean how you feel when you look at a dollar bill, but how you feel about anything that represents money to you.

How do you feel when…

  • you look at or think of rich people?
  • you see something you want but can’t afford right now?
  • you look at your current possessions (like your house, your car, etc.)?
  • you look at or think about your paycheck and/or ability to make money in the future?
  • you pay the bills?
  • you visit someone who has a higher standard of living than you do?
  • your friend or family member blows a wad of cash on something you think is “frivolous”?
  • you see some rapper whose only talent seems to be cursing at the po-po, driving a gold Mercedes?

If your answer to any of the questions above was anything less than “Great! I love money! Money loves me! I want everyone to have money!”, or at least something along those lines, you’ve got your first clue as to what may be lurking in the dark shadows of your money vibration. Your goal should be to answer all of those questions (honestly, you can’t fake this stuff) the way you would if you were rich. Basically, you want to get to the point where you feel the way you would if you were rich, even though you’re not rich.

So, without further ado, here are some exercises that will help you get into that mindset:

The fake account balance

Print out your bank statement, put a “1” in front of the balance and post it somewhere where you’ll see it every day.

Why? The mere act of looking at that number is not going to do Jack Squat for you. But if you can allow yourself to believe, to pretend, even for just a few minutes a day, that this “new” balance is actually real (and looking at it on your bank statement will help you to do that), the better you’ll begin to feel about your account balance in general. And when you begin to feel better about the balance, you’ll have raised your vibration on that point. The better feeling is your proof that your vibration is higher.

Pay your bills with a smile. Clenching teeth not allowed

When you pay your bills every month, take a moment to appreciate what you’re paying for. For example, if you’re paying your mortgage bill, spend a moment to appreciate the house you live in. Or if you’re paying the electricity, be thankful that the lights are on.

Why? For most people, paying the bills is a horrible experience. They hate it. It triggers all kinds of fears. They’ve worked pretty hard at identifying every possible negative thought around the activity. When they pay their mortgage, they send hateful thoughts to the greedy, greedy bastards at the bank. The electric bill? Forget about it. They should be ashamed of themselves for charging so much. Guess what that kind of thinking gets you? More experiences that feel exactly like that. So, change the way you feel when you’re paying those bills. Put a smiley face on the check. Make up and sing the “Thank God I Own A House Song” (because having a mortgage means you own a house). Take it from someone who lives in a country where the electricity is by no means guaranteed (ever spend a whole evening sitting alone in a dark apartment, because the power went out? Again? I frequently sing the “Thank God My Wine Bottle Opener Isn’t Electric” song…) – paying that bill may suck, but not having any electricity sucks more. If you cannot find a way to feel good about this activity, you can also set up automatic payment on your bills so that you no longer have to write those checks.

Credit does not equal “free money”

Live below your means. Raise your standard of living to match your income, not your income to keep up with your standard of living. Stop freaking buying things on credit (why do you need a big screen TV NOW? Why can’t it wait until you don’t have to put it on credit? Who exactly are you trying to impress?)

Why? When you’re constantly just a breath away from possible bankruptcy, it’s going to be very difficult for you to feel financially free. Stop acting like you poop gold, so you can start feeling that way. Um, figuratively speaking, of course.

Get a piggy bank

Create a financial cushion, say, enough to survive on for 6 months. Yes, that means, save.

Why? It’s not only makes logical sense, but it will give you a sense of security. It can really help to quell those fears of “What will happen if I lose my job or I get ill?” Those fears will really hold you back. Having a financial buffer will not release those fears, but it will stop triggering them, which is almost the same thing.

I’ll give you a personal example: There was a time in my life when I was heavily in debt. Collection agents calling me and my family kind of debt. I was working for employers that had no problem firing people on the spot at any time, and so I lived in fear of losing my job. I felt trapped. Once I paid off most of my bills (everything but my student loan at the time), I worked on saving all my extra cash. One day, I realized that I had enough money in the bank to pay my bills for the next 6 months. The weight that fell off my shoulders that day was enormous. I was no longer afraid of my boss. I voiced my opinion, joked around more, and just generally allowed myself to have a lot more fun at work. Instead of getting me fired, it actually made me stand out more in a good way. Creating that financial cushion shifted my energy and allowed me to be happier, which made me more successful. I’ve never been without that cushion since.

Go shopping like a rich person. With a top hat and a monocle. Wait…is that the Monopoly guy? Or is that the peanut guy? Which one has the cane? I think they might be the same guy… Has anyone ever seen the Monopoly guy naked?

Get some Monopoly money, enough to represent a full month’s salary, and put it in your wallet. Then, when you go shopping, pretend that this money is real, but that you’re simply just choosing not to spend it right now. So, when you see a nice piece of jewelry, or a gorgeous coat, instead of thinking “Damn it! I can’t afford that!” you’ll say to yourself “I could totally buy that bracelet, I’m just choosing not to use my money this way right now.”

Why? People who have money (and have a healthy relationship with it, not those cheap-ass rich people who clearly can’t sleep at night because they’re afraid of losing it all), never think that they can’t afford something, even when that something costs more than they have. They may think “How will I make the money with which I’ll buy this?”, or they’ll think “I’ll buy this later”, or maybe even “I’ll look for a version of this with a better price to value ratio (because rich people totally talk like that).” But they’ll never lament the fact that they can’t have something they want. They can have it. It’s just not worth it to them to have it right now under the current circumstances. This is a very different mindset.

Appreciate the bling

Actively look for nice things, in any price range, to appreciate. Don’t limit yourself to things you can afford. Do you like Ferraris? Go and ogle one. And if it makes you feel a little uncomfortable, work on visualizing it until you can feel good about it.

Why? When you have negative feelings while looking at expensive things that you actually like, it signifies a limiting belief – one that states, in one way or another, that you can’t have this thing and may never be able to have it. It’s a kind of grief or resentment. If you can change the way you feel about just one really expensive item, you’ll have shifted the vibration of that underlying belief, which will impact your ability to receive all the nice things you want.

Stop hatin’ the rich folks

When you look at or think of rich people, don’t demonize them. Try to see yourself as one of them, but be the person you want to be. You don’t have to be a snob or be false or heartless to be rich. For example, many people who actually want more money, think that rich people are all a bunch of deeply unhappy, elitist bastards. Not so. When I worked as a dealer in Las Vegas, I came across a ton of really, REALLY rich people, and sure, some were assholes of enormous proportions (mega assholes), but quite a few of them were these amazing individuals, who totally enjoyed their money. They had fun, they were generous, they were normal; they appreciated their gourmet dinners and 500 thread count Egyptian cotton sheets. They adored driving their Ferraris. They didn’t take anything for granted. They were rich and cool. You could be, too.

Why? You can’t become something you hate. Stop hating. Some rich people are horrible people. Some poor people are horrible people. Money isn’t an asshole machine, it just amplifies things. So, if you’re an insecure schmuck when you’re poor and you don’t clean that up, money will really allow you to live out that inferiority complex. But if you’re awesome, money will allow you to be freakin’ awesome.

Taking these action steps is less about releasing individual beliefs and more about managing those fears. When you stop triggering those lower frequencies, your vibration can rise and more money can flow to you.

What playful, feeling-like-money’s-your-bitch, action steps can you come up with? Share your ideas (and songs!) in the comments and let’s all join the freakin’ awesome cool rich. Who’s with me?

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  • Just discovered your blog the other day! This article is wonderful. I just can’t stop smiling. Its so inspirational and empowering. Ahhhhhhhh!!

    Thank you so much for doing what you do!!


  • Hi Melody ~ Although you wrote the post a while back, I just read it today because I needed some constructive advice on how to attract CASH. I have a daily meditation practice going and I am working on raising my vibration when it comes to money. I am doing well…but I live so close to the margin! I should have more breathing room than I do. I switched over to cash envelopes a couple of years ago and steadily reduced most of my credit card debt. But here’s the deal…I am impatient with myself and feel like I am repeating mistakes from past lives that I want to be done with in THIS lifetime. How can I once and for all release that feeling of lack/running out of money that negatively affects my financial status? I know that cash merely represents an energy exchange for goods/services. I had an idea to take a dollar bill and write positive words like “love” “energy” “abundance” “prosperity”, etc. and maybe even decorate it with a little silver glitter and keep it in my wallet as a REMINDER that cash represents all those things. I have good intentions…it’s just easy to lose focus when money feels tight (especially at the holidays). Anyway, your post(s) always help me steer my LOA ship in the right direction. Thanks for being a great Captain!

    • Thanks so much Janet! The dollar idea sounds great. Anything that makes you feel better/more playful/less serious about money will help.

      What will also help is focusing on all the things you CAN pay for, all the ways in which you have enough money. If you have barely enough money, stop focusing on the barely, and focus on the “enough”. If you have barely enough, you have enough. And that’s a great thing to have. Enough. Always enough. It’s covered. You have what you need. So what if it’s close, if it’s enough, it’s enough! Focus on the positive and take the negative connotation out of it.

      Huge hugs!!


  • Ha! 🙂
    Maybe rich people are snobby bastards just because we believe they are.

    Maybe snobby bastards think they are better/richer than others, so therefore they are/become so!

    Maybe we are all rich. (We are all rich)
    Ever go to a really ‘poor’ country? One that doesn’t have sanitation, running water,…food?
    We have so much, we live in countries of such abundance! One of the main problems in our countries is that people are getting sick from having TOO MUCH TO EAT! How many televisions do you have? Fridges? Cars? Bedrooms? Wow.
    Even people that may be considered ‘poor’ in our rich western countries like the ‘homeless’ have food and shelter given to them.

    • Hey Charlie,

      Great points. And yes, I’ve been to really poor countries and that was one of the main things I realized. We have so much stuff, and yet, they are often happier than we are. Quite the paradox.

      There are snobby rich people and awesome rich people. You can match up with either. 🙂

      Huge hugs!

  • Melody, do you think having credit card debt automatically lowers your money vibration? or does it depend on how you look at the debt? if you believe “no problem, I will pay it off pretty soon” then your vibration is aligned to receive the money you will pay it off with?

    thank you for your blog 🙂

    • Hey Marina,

      You’ve got it: it depends on how you look at it. Plenty of people are aligned with abundance and have tons of debt. Most rich people do. They view debt very differently (read Rich Dad/Poor Dad), as more of a revenue generating tool. But you can certainly align yourself with the flow of money while in debt. There is nothing that needs to ever change in your physical reality in order for you to feel good. All that needs to change is your perspective. Your physical reality must always mirror your vibration perfectly. 🙂

      Huge hugs!

      • thanks Melody for your answer! 🙂 I keep seeing Rich Dad/Poor Dad mention everywhere now, I guess it is a sign I have to read it 🙂

  • Hello Melody,

    I’ve read the blog and the comments above. Most of the time I can have a reasonable and ever improving attitude to money, like some of the commenters above.
    However, when in a low mood my attitude around money and the “rich” changes.

    I can’t help but feel annoyed around greedy and flashy people. Yes, there are nice rich people, but also money creating arrogance.
    The peacocking and ranking of people based on the expense of their material belongings is just wrong. The way a person is valued based on the amount of their salary or status.
    I’ve seen people mocked because they couldn’t afford something and those that could boasting about the latest fancy dinner or expensive purchase. Quite literally laughing into the “poor” persons’ face.
    I don’t understand why they felt the need to be so rude and degrading. It just makes me feel that people that seek money and status have some inferiority complex or something to prove.
    There certainly wasn’t anything kind or generous about them. If they did do something “generous” it would only be to increase their status on a public level- like taking a group out for dinner in an obvious, flashy manner and making sure everyone knew who was paying.

    I don’t know how to separate the vision of these cocky, unpleasant, wasteful people with the money itself.
    To be honest when I think of “rich” people, the majority of my thoughts are angry. Some of the hardest workers I have seen are not rich at all. They are kind and sweet-but not rich.
    Yet those peacocks are…and I feel it is also an injustice.

    I have two friends paying off debt. One is paying off a mortgage. They both feel trapped and unable to follow their dreams. They hate their jobs and want to go back to school, but can’t afford to leave a steady job.
    They do not believe in LOA, so I’m hard pressed about how to help them with debt and also how it would be possible for them to do what they love while locked into these debt/mortgage contracts.

    • * I forgot to mention that the reason friend #1 is in debt, wasn’t to pay for a “big screen t.v” or the latest toy/bling.
      It was to help pay for medical bills, utilities, food and increased rent. So they are in debt AND it wasn’t spent on anything “fun”. They use the credit card to keep them from eviction etc.
      Once it gets to this point, it is impossible to get out unless there was a sudden pay increase. The debt grows because of interest rates, an the living expenses don’t suddenly vanish.
      They are also very hard working and intelligent- so this doesn’t just happen to people that went on spending sprees! Or “pooping gold”!

      It’s really distressing to see them this way. I could advise them to “save” as you say, but that would increase the interest on the repayments-as the longer you leave the debt the bigger it grows.
      I also advised that chop up their credit card, but then they will not be able to afford the increased rent and other payments… They feel the card is keeping them afloat.

    • Hey Veronica,

      The rich peacocks as you call them aren’t that way because they’re rich. The money just gives them the opportunity to act that part of themselves out in a bigger way. You’re right, these are insecure people. They can attract money, but they still seek acceptance, validation and connection. They feel like they’re not good enough and so they put others down in an attempt to feel better. They try to use money to that end, but of course, ultimately it doesn’t work. But they don’t know what else to do, so they keep flashing the money about, getting nastier over time, until something gives. The money doesn’t cause the feelings of inferiority.

      With your friends, I’d recommend looking for ways to feel free, that have nothing to do with money. Find that feeling of freedom without triggering the money beliefs would be a great way to get focused in the right direction. There are some decisions that they can make, they do have some control over their lives. Even little things can work. You just have to focus on them. But if they don’t believe in LOA, they may well not hear you.

      The best thing you can do is to demonstrate how well this stuff works by raising your own vibration. When they see you do it, they’ll be more open to how you did it… 🙂

      Huge hugs!

  • Hey that’s great! Thanks for taking the time to read the article- it wasn’t short! 🙂 It really does reprsent the thinking of a large chunk of society.

    I’m at the place where the author was. Not positive yet but at least love and respect money.

    Far away from the childhood days where my grandmother referred to it as a dirty thing “filthy lucre” or a thing of corruption. Far away when I took pride in being poor or being raised by a struggling single mum like that made me morally superior.
    The next step took was wanting money but “just enough to be comfortable” I read a book where the guy said that’s actually selfish.
    If you just have “enough to be comfortable” you can’t help anyone! And I thought that’s no good as that would destroy my dream of making homes for the homeless and helping all the poor people to give them a head start so they can help themselves- just enough like to start a business or have a roof on their head to empower them with education- teach a man to fish type of thing. I’ve lived in shelters myself so I know the value of being given a roof when you need it most- a great stepping stone! (I’m not just saying that to sound good-it would give me immense pleasure to do that for the homeless.)

    So I’m getting there but there must be other things blocking me from money. I’ve learnt to love it and see it as a positive thing. Repetition might get the message through.

    I noticed I feel bad when unemployed but also felt bad when employed! I was all done up in a business suit, with a bun and nice make-up and I felt soo guilty when I walked past a homeless guy. Like I turned my back on them by moving up in life. I had to hunch my shoulders to feel a bit better!

    Yet I have 2 brothers that are executives and managers….They obviously didn’t absorb those family messages…

  • Hi there Melody,

    Money is obviously one the the biggest things that society on a whole has limiting beliefs about. We have to make a team effort to change this.
    So where do all these human-made limitations come from anyway?

    At the beginning of time where we all WHO WE REALLY ARE? What changed that? I was a fan of Christianity but after reading your blog I can understand why people invented the “expelled from paradise concept” because how else would we understand how we took a simple, easy, manifesting utopia and filled it with weird limitations and rules?
    No-one would do that. If it’s not broke don’t fix it.

    I saved this link for you:

    So at first you might be blown away by the guys negativity and complaining- but this stuff is great. I can actually relate to what he’s been through and so can all the hundreds of commenters.
    It helps with the concept that money is evil. As things like this blog show how much we need it to live and how helpful it is.
    So despite him being grumpy it could help people shift beliefs about blocking out money.

    Only flaw is he’s come from a place of need/desperation rather than want. His story could be tweaked and his core beliefs that manifested such poverty changed. But he has got a good backbone going on as far as realising there’s nothing great/spiritual about not having money.

    But I warn you the energy might smack in the face of a positive person. It sure smacked me and I’m not all that positive. I do wish he’d explain how he cure his poverty as the story ends with him now being rich. He changed his vibration unawares.

    Now to imagine all that positive money energy. 🙂

    • This was really funny, Alice. Thanks for that.

      The author of that article is struggling with several concepts. The biggest of which is that it has to be either/or. He assumes that when people are saying that money is not the most important thing in life that they are saying that you should have NO money. There’s a difference between being penniless and simply realizing that there’s a reason WHY you want the money and that may be the real goal (or even something behind that.) And money may not be the only way to achieve that goal.

      It’s a real black and while view that many people struggle with on a variety of issues. Personally, I love money. It’s awesome. But I realize that the amount of money I have directly indicates how abundant I already feel. I’ve been very poor, like near homeless poor. And I’ve made really good money, like almost F.U. money. Having lots of money is better than having NO money.

      But, I can tell you this: Right now, I am not making the most money I’ve ever made. Not even close. But my standard of living is higher than it has ever been. I have a fabulous life. I make my own schedule. I feel totally free. I have everything I need and want (and sure, I always want more, but I’m not missing anything). when I made tons of cash I had not time to enjoy it. I had no standard of life. In fact, I was physically run down and ill a lot and really unhappy.

      Now, is it my goal to be penniless but happy? Hell no. I love my stuff and I don’t believe for a second that I have to choose between the two (but I used to and that’s what I manifested). Now, as my income increases, I feel very differently about it. I don’t need more money. But I love it when it comes.

      The author of that article isn’t taking responsibility for his manifestations. He’s railing against those who he believes are trying to keep him poor by telling him that money doesn’t matter. He can’t hear the message underneath. And that’s what he’s reacting to.

      But as you said, he is having some insights. He’s on his path. He’s realizing that money is important to him (so, not pushing against it anymore), that he doesn’t like being poor, that he doesn’t like feeling powerless. He’s doing really well on his journey. He’s asking powerful questions and he’ll find his answers. Just as we all do. 🙂

      Huge hugs!

  • Oh you are so right on the money! (pun intended). Love the pic of Uncle Billy rapping.
    BTW, since you mentioned a visual, how do you feel about visuals for other things…cars, vacations, skinny butts, etc?

    • Hey Deb,

      Thanks! But I think you could’ve rapped that, LOL. I forgot about this post and the comment thread. This was such a fun one! 🙂

      You know, it really depends. If you want a skinny butt then looking at pics of skinny butts might help. Or, it could actually make you more aware of how NOT skinny your butt is and that would be counterproductive. So, you have to go by how you feel. If it makes you feel good, do it. If not, find something else to focus on. 🙂

      Huge hugs!


  • Hi Melody.

    Love your writing. It’s got just the right amount of kick and funny as hell. Most of all, it’s just damn good advice. I’ve been an LOAer for some time, but it’s always nice to read/hear more on the subject. Your positive vibes are terrific. That’s why I just signed up to get your free stuff. Thanks!

    Many happy “returns” of the day. It’s all coming back to me now!

  • heyy mell…,

    see here is a question which came to my mind recently..
    i am a student right now and not earning money…
    should it be right for me to focus on money or should i focus more on my studies(as my father says i should)
    from childhood i have a dream of earning lots and lots of money…
    i love money and i want more and more of it…
    what should i do ????

    • Hey Saurabh,

      It’s ok to focus on money, as long as doing so, feels really good and triggers no resistance. That’s nearly impossible in today’s world, though. I would do this: Focus on WHY you want the money. What will you buy with that money? How will it feel? Is it about freedom? Is it about recognition (if so, why do you need that? I’m not judging, just asking). Is it about feeling safe? What will having a lot of money get you that you don’t think you currently have. The answers to these questions will lead you to what you REALLY want. Then, focus on that.

      And if you do that, and make sure that you feel really good while focusing on what you truly want and what your life will feel like, then the Universe will inspire you to take the action that will get you that money.

      And it’s not an either/or situation. You can happily visualize money every day, while still focusing on your studies. Just don’t take action towards anything unless you’re inspired to do it. That will just seem like hard work.

      Huge hugs!

  • “Great! I love money! Money loves me! I want everyone to have money!”

    WOW. How simple, and how incredibly profound. I’ve never felt that money loved ME. Plus your description that rich people could be COOL was also much needed!

    • Yay Leiralei! I’m so glad you found this post helpful. Of course money loves you. The only person ever keeping it from you is YOU. It’s all about perspective. Just find the perspective that feels really good, and everything you want comes flooding in.


  • Oh Melody you are just too funny! I think people find it easy to dislike those in our society with money. It’s easy to make assumptions that they are wealthy because it was given to them or they cheated, lied and pimped slapped the right people. What they don’t understand is their underlying feelings about money and therefore keep wealth and abundance far from their lives.

    • Hi Todd,

      Thanks! I do seem to have my moments…
      Those underlying feelings about money can be hard to find. They’ve often been with us for a long time, sometimes generations (not in the sense that they were passed down genetically, but we picked them up vibrationally when we were born, like a sponge soaking up stuff, and our parents did the same when they were born.) So they don’t feel “off” to us. They feel normal. That makes them kind of hard to discern. But all we have to do is look around at our reality. Do we have as much money as we want? No? Well then, there’s a belief there. There has to be. Simple as that. Let’s go digging! 😀

      Huge hugs,

  • Ahaha, “stop hating the rich folks” has put as mile on my face, as I actually know lots of people that envy the rich. I never envy others – I am happy with my life and with what I have. After all, lets not forget that there are two ways of being rich:one is to have all you want, while the other is to be satisfied with what you have.

    • Hey Kristina,

      Too true. There are two ways to being rich. But while I’m really happy with what I have, that doesn’t mean I can’t want more (I just can’t need it and get it). In fact, I’m convinced the fastest way to get more goodness in your life, is to appreciate what’s already there. Not for the purpose of getting more stuff though, simply because it feels so great to do that. The SIDE EFFECT is that it aligns us with more of what we want.


  • Hi Melody! I guess that´s the subject most of us have a really tough time with, with or without knowing the theories of manifestation.

    I´d like to share some thoughts.
    First of all, money isn´t the thing that makes you happy; I came to know about money (and its potentialities) rather late in my life, I had no experiences of having and spending it, and so I didn´t miss it, but came to know happiness and joy through relationships – just being together, talking, some simple goodies.
    Of course there was much distress going on parallelly due to the lack of money, but more as a social component than one of real need. And the hassle for money lateron added to my feeling of alienation and inadequacy and brought me constant exhaustion.

    I know many people who suffer from the feeling of injustice and inadequacy in one way or another and their whole psychology is built on the believe in lack and injustice (especially people from the former east part of germany). I can´t get through to them with my message; I guess I have to eliminate my own fears concerning the issue of lack in my life first.
    There is a huge need for relief of that issue for all of us, I think.

    Another point to me is, that, as you said before, we need to look carefully at what lies behind our desire for more money, as it may not contribute to our true wellbeing, but only covers up our fears of something else; so we often want money to dare to relax to that extend which allows us to face our true feelings and needs. A thing which is the prior thing to do.

    I wouldn´t condem money or material things at all; they are great and wonderful and we should enjoy everything we want to, no opposition at all.

    And, we often try to manifest things before we truly need them; things manifest the moment we truly need them and set our demand free. We often don´t really trust that things come to us, when we really need them, and in consequence try to focus them into being before they are really required in our life, as a kind of backup. That of course doesn´t work very well.
    When I think of the sum of money I ponder to need, I usually get a numb feeling in my body, which signals to me, that this isn´t really the thing for me to have now (though my mind insists on the idea..).
    Well, I guess I have to learn a littel more.. 🙂

    Thank you very much for the excellent tips,

    • Hi Sara,

      Amazing thoughts, as always.
      I’d add one thing: I don’t believe that we manifest things as we need them (I’ve written about need before), but rather, when we’re ready for them. There’s a difference. When we’re desperate for something to show up, it can’t, because we’re so focused on the fact that we don’t have it. But when we stop doing that, everything comes to us in perfect timing, and that means, not too soon and not too late. We can be aligned with something and still have it not show up immediately, because the timing (including all the components) isn’t quite perfect yet. We have to trust a little that the Universe knows exactly what we want and that includes perfect timing. 🙂

      Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts here.


      • ..yes, I agree. It´s the moment we are ready to set our demand free, to accept receiving it. Often this happens when we have tried many things out, unsuccessfully, and have come to a point when saying: o.k., I can´t do it, so I accept getting it now. And this moment is when the need is so acute, that we are ready to surrender, so no panic or worries are involved anymore – we get clear and serious.

  • Interesting! You know, I’ve been rich and I’ve been poor, and for half my life I have been surrounded by rich people and I always had work (which paid well). HOWEVER I got bumped off that ride when my spiritual path opened up, and I’ve often thought that the money itself had nothing to do with it, but rather was like a side effect. In fact, during the time of duress, people came out in droves to help or serendipity came calling to tide us over for another little while. So sometimes money is not “it” per se, I think.

    You have a lot of great tips here. I always open my mailbox and say,”I live in easy world where the news is good, I have plenty of money to pay my bills and then some, and sometimes I get letters from friends, samples and fun catalogs to read.” 🙂

    For those who feel hate toward rich people, may I remind you that it is awesome to have rich friends and relatives because they often invite you to do cool things and bring you unexpected gifts “just because”! I would spend some time considering that WHEN you have plenty of extra money, you can bestow such lovely experiences on others. Jerks are jerks but money usually has nothing to do with it.

    • Hey Julie,

      You’ve made a really valid point – having rich friends doesn’t have to suck. It can, as you pointed out, be incredible when they give you their hand me downs (designer clothes that may have been worn once), or take you on a fabulous vacation with them, because they don’t want to go alone. They’re also great for raising your money mentality. You don’t have to wonder what rich people think about something, you can simply ask and observe them. Bottom line: rich people do a lot of good in this world and there are some truly awesome rich people out there. If we want to be one of them, we have to learn to appreciate them, or at least not associate their money with their bad traits…


  • I’ll give you some time to recover from my freestyle attempt above. 😉

    I think my biggest worry when it comes to money is that I’ll have too much of it, and will be able to afford everything I want way too soon, which in turn will make things boring for me. Trust me, I don’t like being strapped for cash, but somewhere in my psyche is this feeling that when I’m able to afford all my desired luxuries (which aren’t much btw), I’ll just be sitting around wondering “Okay…what now?”. Of course, that’s not going to happen, because I’ll always have something to prove and my passion for art to drive me further, but for some reason there’s this lil’ fear of boredom in my mind and I think it’s acting as a limiting belief.

    I guess the fear of living a boring life is something I’ll have to work out while raising my thoughts when it comes to having a better cashflow. Right now the need to earn a better living drives me. I think, in a weird way, I like that drive. I like looking at expensive things and having that rush and that sudden determination to turn thoughts into actions, y’know? Somewhere deep down I’m afraid that the vigor and energy from that drive will evaporate when I’ve reached my goals. It’s a damaging thought, I know. And ironically if I stay this way I’ll just keep being driven and getting nowhere. Like the donkey with the carrot hanging in front of him. 🙂

    • Hi Derrek,

      It sounds like you think that you could ever run out of desires. But you can’t. When you raise your vibration (and get everything that goes along with that, more money, more chicks, whatever), that new platform will spawn new desires that you can’t even conceive of right now. IF you want an example of rich people who never quit creating more and more fabulousness, look at Richard Branson. Or Oprah (who couldn’t expand more with her own show so she started a network.) These people constantly find new and exciting things to focus on. Their money isn’t holding them back or making the complacent, it’s helping them be who they are even more.

      So, essentially, if you’re frequently bored now, you’ll be more bored as a rich guy. Are you bored? If so, work on finding more to be excited about. Also, when you raise your vibration, you become ever more excited about life. No way to be enlightened and bored. You don’t have to become one of those rich bored guys. You can define what kind of rich guy you want to be. I would suggest awesome. But that’s just me…


      • Wow. This has happened so many times it’s just…surreal. Funny you should say Richard Branson because when writing that comment the first rich person that came to mind was Richard Branson. I’ve always held him as the benchmark of being rich, fun, and awesome all at once. The guy is constantly smiling and jovial and lighthearted. And he’s so driven you can almost sense the passion radiating off his books or the TV screen.

        I’ll definitely have to work on the being bored-rich part though. Thanks for the tip. 🙂
        It’s something I’ll definitely have to work on asap.

  • Great post, Melody!

    About a half year ago I went to the “millionaire mind intensive” seminar of T. Harv Eker and he talks about the same things like you, but from another perspective.

    If I would evaluate whether my feeling towards riches and rich people has be changed, I would answer: ‘yes’, but it is a slow process.

    E.g stop hating the rich folks is one of them. Hating or envying them is not really helpful. A half year ago I hated them, but now I can really appreciate them – rich people have done in general a lot of good things too. Appreciating my bills and balancing the negative emotions around them, works as well ( in most cases )

    And what are the results? It works. I feel I start to become a money magnet at a slow, but steady pace.

    Thanks for this reminder, it works!

    • Hi Marc,

      Thanks so much for adding your experience here and validating the post. 🙂 Money vibrations can be tough to shift. We are so adamant about looking for the evidence first before we allow ourselves to feel better. It’s often easier to shift on other subjects, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t work just as well with money.

      Huge hugs to you,

  • Nice one Melody! My favorite part was this: “Stop acting like you poop gold, so you can start feeling that way.” lol!

    I really liked all the questions you asked in the beginning under the “how do you feel when…” section. If we want to be rich, we should have the vibration of being rich. And, as you said, if we respond to any of those questions in any other way than “great!” then we don’t have a rich vibration.

    I may just have to tweak my vibes a little.

    On an unrelated note, why does everything I type in your comments sound like innuendo?

    • Well, Fred, if you want to “tweak those vibes a little”, we’ll be happy to give you some alone time… *snort*

      It’s not an entirely unrelated note. I put out a certain vibration, which includes my at times immature sense of humor. And my readers have to match that vibration, at least in part. So, while not all of my readers may cater to their inner 5 year old, they at least get that, and aren’t offended by it, and most even appreciate it. And some of you will join right in. It’s all perfect.


  • Going through the list of questions at the beginning of this post, I think the predominant feeling for me is one of envy. I know that envy is no good. It shows a lack mentality. Basically, I am asking why can’t I have those things too? How come only these people get rich? The limiting belief of scarcity is present. I can sense it.

    I think your suggestions in this post will definitely be helpful to align my money vibrations to a higher level. But personally for me, I believe there is some deep releasing of money blocks to be done. I keep asking why is my envy feelings so strong? Perhaps you have got the answers. I am awaiting your future posts on this.


    • Hi Jimmy,

      Well, this is a little by like asking a doctor, via email, what that pain in your shoulder could be… But I’ll give it a shot:

      You have a belief that you cannot have what those other people have. You most likely picked up that belief in childhood, and it’s quite possible that it’s been with your family for generations (money vibrations are often strong enough to linger). It’s an us vs. them mentality. Your resentment and envy are signs that something inside you (who you really are) is not agreeing with that fear. Strongly. Now, while I’m sure that you can think of tons of examples in your life that will support how you DIDN’T get what you wanted, try to think of just one example of when you did. An incident where you received something that was valuable and out of your league. All you need is one.
      It might take some time, but you’ll get there. And when you have your one incident, milk it for all it’s worth. Think about it every day. It’s proof that your belief is false. As you do this, you should feel a bit of a shift.

      This is about all I can do for you without actual coaching, but it should really help you. 🙂


      • Thanks Melody. Off hand I can’t think of anything big about money yet. I will search deeper and see what I can come up with. I know acknowledging our good stuff in the past can bring great emotions and vibrations about money and other things.

        BTW please check out interview number with Bryce Christiansen on blogging for personal development

  • Fabulous Melody, as always 🙂

    I have my own horror story around money of course and that’s why I got into the Law of Attraction. No matter how big my pay rise or the bluebirds or gifts, my expenses would grow proportionately. I was always spending x amount more than I earned and it began to intrigue me as well as bloody worry me!

    And it all comes down to how you feel, no *really* feel, about spending or receiving or spending more than you receive. I’ve done a ton of self-inquiry, aided by my angels, and am now turning the corner.

    • Howdy Peter!
      Welcome to Deliberate Receiving?

      Ok, first… they gave you bluebirds?! By your use of the word “bloody”, I have cleverly deduced that you must be from the UK (I’m like Sherlock Holmes). Do English companies give out Bluebirds? For what? Eating or listening enjoyment?

      Seriously though, it sounds like you’re doing great work. It can take some time, but the momentum does start to build, making it easier and easier. Keep it up and when you’re awesome, cool rich, send me a bluebird. I wanna see what all the fuss is about. 😉


  • Yo, Yo,

    Listen up, g. I got mah money and mah bitches cause I got mah monopoly money mitigating my itches to buy yo shit, cause I’m tired of it.

    I got me some blunts and forties cause that’s how I roll, don’t be dissin me like a mother (edited) ho!


    • Is this one of those rap battles? Dude… I’m a white, blonde girl. From Europe. I’m not really much of a rapper (evidenced by the fact that I use the word “dude”). But ok… I accept your challenge:

      I’m no 50 cent, I think that’s plain to see,
      But I won’t back down, you can’t intimidate me!
      I’ll pwn you either way, I don’t even need to rap
      Cause I got a secret weapon. It’s called the bitch slap.
      *random shadow puppet animal (which may or may not be gang related)*

      Ahit! (that’s urban slang for “all right”, for those of you not in the know…)

      You know what? I take it back. I can totally rap. Ha.

      Mellow-D out!

      • Now you’ve gone and done it, Derrek. I believe you have entered the rap battle (I’m pretty sure calling someone Vanilla Ice is like a kick in the nads).
        Now, you must rap.

        Word to your motha,

        • Awww…I don’t know Melody…

          I ain’t no rapper, I can’t even rhyme,
          If I started rhymin I’d be wastin your time,
          Can’t even seem to find, two words that sound alike,
          Like what rhymes with pike, dyke, hike, and Mike?

          Rap battle sounds like fun, but I’m just here to comment,
          You’re having a good run, don’t wanna ruin the moment,
          We already have you, Lady Vanilla Ice,
          And Joe Bill over there, Mr. Scary Spice,
          Since you’re both doing fine, I’ll leave ya’ll to it,
          And just so ya’ll know, this is how the big boys do it!

          Uh–wut. Yeeeeah. Uh-huh. Word. Fo shizzle!! Peace out.

  • Aaaaaa-MEN!

    It’s only recently that I’ve changed my relationship with money and I am so, so glad I did. I’ve applied much of what you mentioned here and honestly, I am far more relaxed around money than I’ve ever been. I’d like to say it was hard to change my mentality (then I’d seem all accomplished like I did something hard) but really — it wasn’t. Changing my attitude about one aspect about money helped me change the way I thought about it entirely.

    Do I still worry sometimes? Well, yeah. But those moments are few and far between, compared to how I used to fret about it daily. I was penny-pinching but pound-foolish.

    Building the safety net of savings is key. I think once that’s in place, the rest is easier (less resentment towards the wealthier people, etc…)

    • Yay Lindsay!

      It sounds like you make some huge changes and are doing really well. And I’ve had the same experience: When you think about changing your money vibration (or any vibration) it generally seems like it’s going to be hard. It’s totally daunting. And then, when you do it, you realize that it’s not hard at all. It just takes a bit of consistent effort, that’s all.

      Thanks so much for sharing your experience here.


  • Wow Melody! What a great post. I’ve sent it to everyone I can think of.

    My daughter gave me an excellent lesson along these lines many years ago. She loved fancy dresses and we didn’t have much money. One day when she was about 5 years old, she said to me, ‘Let’s go shopping and I’ll just try stuff on. We don’t need to buy anything.’ We had a wonderful time, happily bought nothing, and ended up doing this whenever she wanted. I don’t remember all of a sudden getting a bunch of money or clothes, but I do have some awesome memories. Come to think of it, my daughter studied hard, got a good job, and can now afford pretty much whatever she wants, so the long-term DR (enjoy -> plan -> receive) really worked!

    Love your line “appreciate the bling.” Sometimes I drive around a great neighborhood getting a house-fix, or walk dogs at the pound for a puppy-fix, or sniff cookies for a cookie-fix (allergic to wheat). I’d never thought of this as raising a vibration, but you’re right. It feels great.

    Thanks again for this and all your other amazing posts. Hugs to all,

    Mary Carol

    • Yay Mary Carol!

      That’s such a great example! It sounds like your daughter has a great money vibration! Also, I love the cookie fix. Ha! I get my sunshine fix and my chai tea fix (with almond milk) and my smoothie fix every day. Everything that feels great raises your vibration. This is the justification I use for continuing to buy Makeup, even when I have no more room in my bathroom (I store the toilet paper in the living room now. It totally works for me). Ha!


  • I had 8 people for dinner last night and book group….my 20 year old professional oven died….I ran across the street to bake my Chocolate Chip Pumpkin Muffins – in the rain…

    I will have to mourn the loss of this oven…because were were a very, very healthy team…but then I am going to start researching for the amazing new cook top and oven that is going to go into that very spot in my fabulous kitchen…

    I smile when I pay the bills and I bless all the wonderful things that people purchase and celebrate all the wealthy people who spend their money on Green Sustainable Living Buildings…I don’t want bling…

    But we went deeply into debt (no debt collectors ever) to pay for my daughter’s life saving surgeries and educational needs…..then in 2008 we gave up our income to keep 13 people employed in our firm ( we are down to 7) and used up all our health care funds and retirement funds….I am now following your advice and visualizing the mortgage paid off and all those well spent monies coming back to me

    I love this house and being off the grid for most of our electricity…we are very powerful we give our power away to the neighbors…to keep them warm and cozy…

    I am generous to a flaw, but I never go into debt to my gifts…we are fun frugal..not into bling

    I just have to turn off the worry machine….and my Mother’s voice saying – “you will never have anything if you keep spending your money on movies”

    I have more than enough – so I keep giving it away…

    Not having health insurance any more is proving somewhat liberating…

    I truly must turn off the worry machine…..I just manifested $5000.00 for my College….not so good at earning money for ME….actually really awful at it….thus in debt on the credit card…feels terrible…

    Great post…and now that I see your ebook is free…I will get it….Worry is so blinding


    • Wow Patricia,
      Sounds like your mother left you with some powerful beliefs around money. And you’ve made such an important point, which I left out of my post: Stop worrying. Worry activates a fear that you don’t have enough. And that creates…drum roll please… not enough. Yeah, so stop that. 🙂

      Thanks so much for adding your valuable perspective!!

  • Hell of a post, Mel!

    I truly loved the idea about putting the play money in your wallet. I’m going to implement that one right away. 🙂 You are so right, how can we be rich like rich people if we don’t like them. Many people on this spiritual/alternative path often times demonize wealthy people. Truly it is a mask for their own fears feeling inadequate and not being able to make a living doing what they love which is always opposite of the traditional 9 to 5.

    Side note: I can see how this also applies to weight loss (you me Melody). If I want to lose weight, yet I am always criticizing people who are thin (e.g. too thin, had surgery to lose it, etc), then I’m telling myself that I really don’t want to lose weight because I truly don’t like those people and don’t want to be like them. HMMMM…interesting.

    Anyway, great post. Just what I needed today!


    • Hey Kim!

      Yes, this totally applies to weight loss as well. You can’t become a thin person if you’re always hatin’ on the thin people. Try to be more like “good for her!” Appreciate the hawtness. Also, not all skinny people are great, so imagine how you’d be if you were thin. You can be gracious and nice and secure instead of stuck up. Don’t imbue yourself with qualities you don’t like in your visualizations. You can be any kind of person you want, who just happens to also be thin. 🙂


  • Hi Melody,

    Very excellent post on how to become a money magnet. Really enjoyed reading it. I agree with you once we overcome our limiting beliefs in regards to money, then it will start coming to us. The key is to think about money in a positive way like you mentioned. Thanks for sharing

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