So, as I announced on Facebook last week, I was interviewed on 12Radio by the hilarious, über-sexy and wildly talented Oliver (who has asked me to come back on the show in the future, and is therefore now my bestest friend in the whole world. Yes, I’m a media whore. It was only a matter of time, really.)

I just received the replay of that show and have decided to post it here for your amusement, enjoyment and possibly even enlightenment.

Melody Fletcher Interview 12Radio

(Right click on the link and download the mp3 file. Unless you have a Mac. Then, um, you’ll have to do whatever it is that MAC people do… Just click?)

Here are some highlights, so that you’ll know why it’s totally worth listening to the whole thing:

  • I describe the entire Law of Attraction in a nutshell (this will come in handy when your annoying relatives and other non-believers ask you what the hell the law of attraction is).
  • I tell all about how I manifested a hunk-a-hunk of gorgeous NYC firefighter in the seat next to me on my 8 hour plane ride from Barcelona to NYC. (Ho Mamma!)
  • I introduce, for the first time ever, what the Deliberately Thin book, which I’m planning to bring out in January 2012, will contain. For those of you who are waiting for the weight loss info, listen up. [Edit: This obviously didn’t happen. Sorry. I’m still figuring out the process of effortless weight loss.]
  • I totally screw up the answer to one of Oliver’s questions. I could tell you that I meant to do that, but the truth is, I was really, really nervous and misheard him. Enjoy my mini-humiliation! Ta-daaaaa!
  • Hear me get called a “best selling author”, which was AWESOME (I did inform Oliver in the break that my book was free, at which point he stopped using the “best selling”, LOL).
  • You’ll also get a free Feng Shui tip from Salvatore Manzi from (Salvatore was pretty much the first blogger to reach out to me when I launched my blog in February 2011. He’s awesome. He’s also the reason that this radio interview came about.) 

So, what did you think of my first Radio Interview? Eh? Eh? *nudge, nudge* Let me know in the comments! *Looks at you with wide, hopeful, puppy-dog eyes. You know, the kind you can’t look at and say something bad. The kind that if you did say something bad, would make you feel horribly, horribly guilty. Like, “why did you kick the happy, shiny puppy?!” guilty.*

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  • This is awesome Melody. We get so much more from a person by hearing them speak. It’s funny when i talk to another blogger on the phone and they are completely different than their blogging style of writing.

    I had one podcast interview with a blogger named Tohami from Egypt. It was on the fly and I just got off from my landscaping job and had a large cup of coffee in me. I was just like lets go man and do this. It was fun and I will absolutely do it again.

    Like I said before. You are a natural on the mic and video too. From reading the comments I am not the only one to feel this way. 🙂

    • Thank Justin. That’s too funny. I had an interview with Tohami last night. Should come out this week (I will link to it). I’m having so much fun with these audios, I think it will change the way I do my podcasts.

      Thanks so much for your wonderful encouragement.

      Huge hugs,

  • Hi Melody,

    Enjoyed the interview, I think Oliver did a great job asking all the right questions. I believe in reincarnation and the higher self, guides and angels. Now I have been mulling this question over for some time now regarding the law of attraction and our life purpose. Before I ask I don’t know your beliefs about reincarnation and life purpose so if my questions doesn’t fit with what you believe just disregard it.

    Okay, here it goes. If we choose to incarnate to this life for a specific purpose, say a soul comes here to experience the hardships of being one of those starving children in Africa. Could this individual “bypass” their life purpose by using the law of attraction and getting out of poverty? Or would our higher selves or guides keep us on the life path we chose?

    • Hi Todd,

      I think my views on reincarnation are a bit different from yours, but I’m willing to give you my view:
      I don’t believe that we come here with a specific purpose of suffering, per se. I think that the souls who put out a pre-birth intention to experience an environment that will allow them to birth strong desires and therefore raise the global vibration intensely, then match up with something like a region in Africa where people are starving. Where you are born is a manifestation of the energy you put forth from the non-physical, but it’s never that specific. It’s a vibrational match and the intention was always more general.
      Now, you could consider this raising of the global vibration a purpose as well, but it’s very different from the idea that some of us came here to suffer because we were “bad” in a past live and either have to be punished or have to learn some lesson the hard way. All of these pre-birth intentions are made from a place of perfect clarity and pure love. There are no lessons and there is no price to pay. We are here to experience and to ride the wave, and many of us are here to assist others in doing that (but our experience and joy comes first. It has to, because only from that place of joy can we ever help anyone else), in an infinite number of ways.

      And even though we set some energy forth before we came and that energy manifested once we were born, we ALWAYS have the power to change those circumstances. We do have to change our beliefs, and this can be hard to do when we are surrounded by a “reality” that seems so powerless. But yes, it is absolutely always possible. Some people do climb out of poverty. Some people do get out of the ghetto. Some people do leave gangs and go on to become very successful. But before you can get out of the slums, you have to believe that you can and have to believe that you deserve to.

      Your guides will NEVER keep you locked in a situation, and certainly not one you don’t want to be in. They know what you really want and they will guide you to it. But you have to hear them. Your pre-birth intentions are yesterday’s news. They do not override your power to choose a path right now, ever. It may seem impossible to overcome the situation you were born into, but it’s not. And from your non-physical perspective, you knew it wasn’t.

      But I want to point something out: Not everyone in poverty stricken areas is deeply unhappy. This seems impossible, but anyone whose ever gone to one of these countries knows that we suffer much more on their behalf than they do. Many people in these situations are more joyful (MUCH more joyful) than we are, even though they have nothing. They live practically in the street, don’t have enough food, could die of disease or the elements at any time and they smile a whole lot more than we do with out beautiful, expensive things. How can that be? We can’t judge their experience. We can’t judge where their vibration is and therefore how they feel. If we feel inspired to help them, we should and can certainly do that. But never from a place of feeling sorry for them. That doesn’t help anyone. (I have to throw that in, because otherwise people think I’m being heartless, which I’m not.) We simply cannot judge their degree of suffering as worse than our own.

      We are all immensely powerful beings and that doesn’t change depending on where you were born or how much money your family has. It’s all a game of focus, of the mind, of energy. That’s it. Period. Always. Learn to play the game (or remember how to) and you can create any experience you want. And so can everyone else.

      That’s my view. I hope it was helpful.

      Huge hugs,

  • I truly enjoyed the interview…could not hear a mistake or problem along the way.
    How can you give so much away free…? do you make your living coaching? I am missing the connections here.

    – I just want to say that I truly got a hold of an underlying message today about my weight issues, now that I can see it clearly and when it is coming from…I still do not know how to change the vibrational energy around it. My acupuncturist says the same thing about starving and is trying to slow down the flow of food through my body…the scales are awful but my energy levels are increasing – he says I feel lighter?

    Loved singing tonight…no emotional uncertainty.
    Thanks for your great sharing and good words…You Go Girl!

    • Hi Patricia,

      Well, I have this philosophy about making money online: I think you have to build some trust first before you ask for cash. There are so many shoddy products out there and so many faceless companies that aren’t interested in building relationships and people have become quite wary of online companies and rightly so. I figure, if I show you my cards and who I am and we all get to know each other a bit, then when I sell something, you’re all much more inclined to trust that I won’t suddenly dump the quality bit. I don’t want to charge for the explanation of how the LOA works. I will charge for the tools that I create that will help people to implement that knowledge and which they can then choose to use or not. I don’t want anyone spending money on anything that they’re not sure they need (as in, the product will tell you if you need it. Sorry if you didn’t.) That’s the model I’m going for. I’m also much more interested in building a community than in making a fast buck. If I provide a lot of value, the money will come. I have no doubt about that.

      I do coach and have finally decided to move that coaching practice online (for true mobility and to gain access to a greater audience). The book I’m working on is the first of a passive income model I’m creating. I love coaching, but it’s not really scalable, and I’ve always been an ambitious little sucker. I want to reach as many people as possible, so I have to come up with scalable ways to do that. Also, I don’t lock people into long coaching contracts, because I tend to get results pretty fast. I love that and would never change it, but from a financial pint of view, it’s much more preferable to get people dependent on you. So, if I coach the way I want to (which I do), my clients don’t need me for very long. I don’t enjoy hunting for new clients, and so I’m giving the Universe a new way to bring them to me: the internet. 🙂

      But enough about me… He, he.

      I’m so glad you’re feeling lighter. Keep up the good work. One insight at a time, you’ll get there.

      Skinny hugs!

  • Hi Melody,

    Great interview 😉 Yea, many people when they watched the secret, they misinterpreted the main message. I know many people believe that the law of attraction is just about asking and visualization, but it is much more than that. If we visualize while we feel opposite of what we are thinking and visualizing, then this is what we will get. Once we realize that our emotions and thoughts have to match what we visualize, then the law of attraction works beautifully. Thanks for sharing Melody!

    • Hi Dia,

      That’s kind of the danger – people think that they can just visualize a car and then if the car doesn’t show up, then it must mean that the LOA doesn’t work. But, seen from another angle, all this confusion is creating quite the market for those of us who like to explain how it all works. 🙂


  • Hi Melody,

    Just finished listening to the interview. You’re a natural. Absolute natural. And you explained law of attraction in a way I haven’t heard explained. I’ve mostly heard “The Secret’s” breakdown and I was excited to hear your more complete breakdown.

    I like how you described the law of gravity…it’s there regardless if people know about it or not. Same for Law of attraction. But because many of us have a skewed idea of the law – we tend to not understand that.

    Thanks for elevating my understanding in a very simple to learn format.

    Did I mention that you’re a natural? You are!

    Thank you!

    • Hi JK,

      Wow. Thank you so much for your wonderful words. I’m so glad you found the interview valuable! That’s always my first goal – to break things down and explain them in an easy to understand way. Thank you so much for the validation.

      Huge hugs to you,


  • I just shared the interview link with members of my Health & Fitness page. It was wonderful, Melody! Beautifully done. The book is going to be a HUGE hit!

    Mac users, control click.


    • Hey Maggie,

      Thank you so much for sharing this!!! I appreciate that so much.

      And thanks for the feedback. I’ve been working on this book for well over a year and really hope it will help a lot of people.

      The Mac users thank you, I’m sure. 😉

      Huge hugs!

  • Well, Melody, this is the first time I am hearing you and I must already notice you have a great, pleasant voice. In fact, you should be the one hosting radio shows. Did you ever think about it?
    And, by the way, I think you did good-don’t worry about embarrassment issues…that is only in our head. You did very well!

    • Hey Kristina,

      Thanks so much for your kind feedback. The puppy thanks you, too. 😉
      Well, you’re not the first to say that (Vishnu above suggested it, too), so who knows? Perhaps a radio show is in my future somewhere. I’m sure I’d enjoy the hell out of it. Can you say hell on the radio?


  • First, I love your “Deliberate” branding mechanism… I think it is powerful. “Deliberately Thin” sounds like it could be a hit… keep going!

    Your expertise shines through elegantly and articulately. You make some great points: Indeed, the “Secret” scratches the surface of the Law of Attraction and in my opinion may do more harm than good. That is a perfect metaphor, using a Rocket Ship to buy some milk. Great hearing you live… you get rolling quite nicely when you get into “attunement” and dare I say, spoke charismatically, participating fully in the moment from your “ONENESS.” 🙂

    • Same opinion about The Secret here, dude. I have to give the book props for getting into the whole LOA concept, and its simplistic nature made me grasp an insanely new concept fairly quickly, but by the time I finished the book I had a ton of things I couldn’t agree with.

      “Do more harm than good” is certainly right. It’s too simplistic, and there are documented cases of people making irrational decisions with their health because they’ve taken the book way too literally and absorbed it in way too quickly without really knowing the proper concepts and ways to use it.

      • Hey Derrek,

        I’m not going to diss the Secret. It brought the LOA to the attention of a lot of people who would never have looked at it before. It’s part of the reason that the esoteric section at the bookstores is the biggest one now, instead of sitting in the dark and weird corner next to books about Dungeons and Dragons.

        But it did confuse a lot of people. I can give you the jist of the law of gravity by dropping something on the floor. Now you know basically what gravity is about. But you cannot claim to fully understand how gravity works and you certainly can’t use that understanding to anything (except dropping things on the floor). This is how I see the secret. It showed you basically what the LOA was about, in the simplest of terms. But it didn’t explain anything or go deeper. If it had, a lot of people would’ve been turned off. As it is, a lot of people got curious. I’m sure that a great many of my readers got turned on to LOA by The Secret. It’s ok that it raised a lot of questions. Now I get to answer them. 😉

        Hugs (I’ve recovered)

    • Hi Rob,

      Wow. Following your post about Charismatic Speaking, I take your words as the highest compliment. Thank you so much.

      And you saw right through my stealthy branding, did you? Yeah… there is a bit of method to my madness. Don’t tell anyone. I wouldn’t want people to start taking me too seriously… 😉


  • Hey Melody,

    Thanks for sharing this. It’s a really good interview, lots of great pointers, very cool to listen to. And like Lady Awesome Sauce said above…Oliver’s a good host.

    And has anyone told you you have a sexy radio voice?

    • Hey Derrek,

      There you go, dragging this into the muck again… 😉
      I have actually been told that before, believe it or not. And a sexy telephone voice, too. Usually followed by either 1.) embarrassed giggling or 2.) heavy breathing.

      …please tell me you’re giggling.

      Wave from afar,


  • Nice interview, Melody!

    Oliver asked good questions – what an excellent host. I liked the feng shui tip too, and it fits right in with the LOA. All the next times, you can feel even more comfortable and confident, knowing you aced the first try.

    Typing naked (just kidding!),

    Mary Carol

    • Hi Mary Carol,

      I know! Oliver is the best. He totally made me look good. Or sound good. Whatever. And Salvatore is awesome. Feng Shui is really just another tool that we can use to help us work with and understand LOA, like meditation or visualization. It can have a lot of value.

      LOL. You go girl!!! 😉


  • Great interview!

    Olivier called you a ”best selling author” … How did you attract this into your life? When are you going to move from Barcelona to NY?

    I loved the interview – very good content, many interesting things to learn and also some show – it would be a good idea to exercise to react on the question ‘could you please sign your book (here at the first page)?’

    Thanks for sharing!

    • Thanks Marc!

      Actually, this was a very easy manifestation for me. It all just came together. Oliver approached me, because of Salvatore, who also approached me. I simply set the intention to get this message out to as many people as possible and left the details up to the Universe. It’s bringing some awesome people into my life, I’ll tell you.

      I will start practicing my charmingly surprised face and gracious signing posture in the mirror now… 😉


  • “I totally screw up the answer to one of Oliver’s questions. I could tell you that I meant to do that, but the truth is, I was really, really nervous and misheard him. Enjoy my mini-humiliation! Ta-daaaaa!”

    Could you give us the exact minute and second mark of this? 😀

    Listening to it right now, I really like it. Nice voice btw.

  • M – can’t wait to hear you on your own show as host:) Also, Oliver was simply referring to your soon to be best selling book – Deliberately Thin, right? 🙂

    I like how you make the distinction between the full laws of the LOA and the limiting view of the Secret.

    • Hi Vishnu,

      Ha, ha. Who knows? Perhaps someday I’ll get to have the Melody show… Although, can I say Bullshit on the air? Huh. Those poor censors.

      And yes, yes, that’s right. Oliver had a premonition of my best selling book. How could I have missed that? Thanks for setting me straight. 🙂


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