Note: I think this is possibly THE most comprehensive post I’ve ever written. It lays out exactly how the LOA works and how to manifest what you want (and stop manifesting what you don’t). Even though it’s about cancer, the principles I’ve outlined here will work for any situation in your life. If you agree, please share this post with others in any way you see fit.

Fellow blogger and Goth chick lover Fred, pointed me in the direction of a question he asked on Steve Pavlina’s forum. As I began to type out a rather lengthy and detailed answer, it occurred to me that this subject would make an excellent blog post. Here’s the question (abridged):

If whatever we focus on comes to us, can focusing on something like cancer (or even NOT having cancer) manifest that kind of sickness in our lives? Do you think that one of the reasons why cancer is so prevalent in our modern world is that we are so aware of it?

Excellent question Fred! Here’s my answer:

Poof! There it is! Not…

Ok, so first of all I need to clear up a major misconception about the Law of Attraction. It’s the one that goes like this: *Steps up on soap box* You get whatever you think about. Really? So, if you think of a million dollars, it will just magically appear in your bank account right? Has anyone tried this? Do you have a million dollars yet? Yeah… THIS is why people think the Law of Attraction doesn’t work. Because so-called LOA “experts” keep perpetuating the idea that you just magically get whatever you think about. And the flipside of this – excuse my French, but – BULLSHIT, is that you have to be really careful not to think about cancer and accidents and serial killers or you will draw those things into your life. Riiiiiight.

Let me inject a little reason here: If you simply got whatever you thought about, not only would you have that million dollars, but you’d also be dead. How many times have you had thoughts of danger? How many times have you hoped that everything would be ok? If all of those thoughts manifested, your life would at best be a schizophrenic mish mash, and at worst, well, you’d have been squooshed by a falling piano when you were five after watching cartoons. It just doesn’t work that way.  *Steps down from soapbox* Phew. Sorry about that, but I have no tolerance for bullshit and every once in a while I get just a teensy bit riled up.

Cancer is a symptom of resistance

You don’t get cancer by thinking about cancer. Otherwise, becoming an oncologist would be the leading cause of cancer. They think about it all day long. Cancer, just like anything else in your life, is a reflection of your vibration. And just like all the unwanted stuff in your life, cancer is a manifestation of resistance – of some kind of vibrational discord that you haven’t been paying attention to. For those of you who are new to this blog, let me give you the quick and dirty rundown:

How the Law of Attraction Actually Works

You are a vibrational being. When you focus on something, a thought, an idea, a concept, or a million dollars, you are activating that vibration. When you focus on something that you want, it feels good. When you focus on something that you don’t want, it feels bad. Your emotions are your vibrational feedback system, letting you know what you’re focusing on. So, let’s say that you want that million dollars and you think about it. What’s important here is not so much what you’re thinking about, but your vibration. What does that million dollars represent to you? Freedom? A higher standard of living? If you hold no conflicting beliefs (which are just thoughts you’ve spend a lot of time on) to the feeling of wealth or the million dollars, then thinking about that money will feel really, really good to you, and you’re on your way to manifesting what you REALLY want (freedom, wealth, luxury). If, however, thinking about that much money also feels kind of bad, it means that when you focus on the idea of wealth in any way, you are inadvertently triggering an underlying belief that conflicts with what you want. You may hold a belief that money is evil, that rich people are bastards or that you don’t deserve to be wealthy. Whatever. The point is that as you focus on what you want, you are reaching for one vibration and activating a conflicting one, so while you think that you’re giving your energy to something you want (a big ass wad o’ cash), you are actually growing the energy of the thing you don’t want (the winds of despair whistling through your bank account). This conflict is what we call resistance and the more you focus on it (even inadvertently), the more it grows. That’s because the Law of Attraction will bring more energy to whatever you focus on, even if you don’t know that you’re doing it.

So, in order to bring something into your reality, you have to match its vibration without offering any conflicting energy. How do you know when you’re doing this? Again, you can use your emotions. The better you feel, the more aligned you are with what you want. The worse you feel, the more resistance you’re activating. In order to manifest something, you have to feel exactly as though you would if you already had it, even if you don’t have it yet. (That little sentence right there will get you everything you want. Please don’t dismiss it because the information is free.)

If you ignore resistance, it will grow until it gets your attention

So, let’s say that you’re focusing on something in your life, knowingly or unknowingly, and it’s triggering resistance. You have some negative emotion. Only, because you’ve been carrying that particular belief around with you for ages, you’re really used to how it feels and you don’t even notice it. In other words, you feel grumpy, but because you’ve been feeling grumpy for years, you don’t realize what a miserable bastard you really are. If you continue to focus, knowingly or unknowingly, on whatever is triggering your resistance, the manifestation of that conflict will grow. Remember, the Law of Attraction will bring more energy to whatever you focus on. So, your negative emotion will become more intense. You’ll become an angry, miserable bastard. Then you might find that everyone around you is really rude. Someone will steal your parking space. A surly cop will give you a ticket. Your wife cheats on you. You stub your toe. Now you’re a really angry, miserable bastard in pain. But hey, because you’re already miserable, it doesn’t occur to you that maybe this isn’t a symptom of how crappy the world is, but that it’s a series of escalating manifestations that are trying to get you to pay attention to the fact that you have some conflicting energy within you. Misery and pain have become so commonplace in our world that people often fail to realize that IT’S NOT NORMAL. And so, they go on ignoring the symptoms. Ignore the resistance long enough, and it may well manifest as a physical illness, one of which could be cancer.

It’s the feeling that counts

Now, people don’t get cancer because they deserve it or because they “brought it on themselves” as if it’s somehow their own fault. As I stated, this process works whether you are knowingly focusing on resistance or not. And no one knowingly focuses on something that makes them feel bad, just as no one smashes their thumb with a hammer on purpose. So, how can we figure out what caused the illness? How can we get to the root of the problem?

Again, it’s all in the emotions. When someone has an illness, it will feel a certain way to them. Perhaps it feels limiting, unfair, powerless, punishing, or victimizing. However it feels, there is a corresponding limiting belief within this person that feels the same way. And THIS is at the root of the illness – THIS is the real cause of the cancer. I’ll give you an example: Shelly has been feeling powerless all her life. She carries a great deal of anger around with her, but has been suppressing that anger because, well, our society and her family have made it clear that being mad is not really acceptable. We’re not supposed to be angry. And so, Shelly has never allowed herself to move out of powerlessness and past the anger. She’s been stuck in that vibration for years. And every time her husband or mother or mother in law makes a decision for her, which happens often, instead of saying something, she grinds her teeth, smiles and tells herself it’s ok.

Shelly’s anger has been leaking out in various ways. She makes little passive aggressive comments to her family and friends. She’s been getting bitchier as the years go by. She frequently hurts herself in little ways, like cutting her fingers or spraining her ankle, and has been experiencing panic attacks. The powerlessness she’s not addressing is manifesting in bigger ways to get her attention, but she continues to ignore it. She’s in more and more emotional pain, and it’s becoming harder and harder for her to get out of bed and tightly smile her way through her day. And then one day, she finds a lump in her breast. It’s cancer. She’s devastated. She feels that her life is over and that she has absolutely no control over her body. She feels utterly and completely POWERLESS (the same feeling that has been trying to get her attention for years).

Turning that lump into a diamond

However, this illness, devastating as it is, can also represent an opportunity for Shelly. As she’s sitting in her hospital bed, she no longer has all the distractions of her everyday life. She is forced to actually feel her feelings and think her thoughts. And what she discovers is both painful and liberating. She decides to get into therapy and explores the emotions she’s been suppressing all these years. She realizes just how powerless she’s been feeling, uncovers the thoughts and beliefs at the heart of those emotions and, with the help of her therapist, shifts those thoughts. She is liberated and feels better. And once she shifts her energy, her cancer recedes. Her treatment is incredibly effective and she leaves the hospital a new woman – empowered, strong, uncompromising and at peace with herself. Although the illness was a horrific journey, she honestly believes that it’s the best thing that ever happened to her.

Shelly ignored her resistance until she simply couldn’t take it anymore. When the conflict within her manifested in a way she could not push aside, when it finally got her attention, she was forced to address it. And when she did, she released her resistance and the manifestation of that conflict cleared up.

So, does the Media coverage of Cancer cause cancer?

Well, yes and no. As I just explained in nitty-gritty detail, you don’t get cancer by thinking about cancer. However, if you have some resistance in you, then someone continuously feeding you the idea of cancer can make that the easiest path for that resistance to squirt out. And if cancer feels a certain way to you, and you have some vibrational conflict that matches that feeling then yes, focusing on cancer could cause it to manifest. But that’s not the same as saying that thinking about cancer causes it – you have to have the resistance in the first place, or nothing will manifest. How you feel about cancer when you think about it has a lot to do with it. This is why oncologists can think about cancer all day long and not get it.

I’ll give you another example: there is clearly a correlation between smoking and cancer. How can that be? Do most smokers have conflicting vibrations? Well, yeah, they do. How many smokers do you know that feel great about smoking? You have these individuals who are performing an activity many times a day that they feel really crappy about. They smoke and feel horrible about it. That horrible feeling is a symptom of resistance. Add to that the fact that they are fed a continuous message that smoking causes cancer and they will very likely link cancer to their feelings about smoking. And presto: years of resistance around smoking has caused cancer. Indigenous people in the Rainforest have been smoking Tobacco as part of their rituals for millennia without getting cancer. But they feel very differently about smoking than we do.

Disclaimer: I know that I’ve already mentioned this, but I want to stress this again. If you or anyone in your family or circle of friends has cancer, I am in no way saying that it’s your own damn fault. I’m giving you an explanation, based on my understanding of how energy works, of how such illnesses come about and I think that I’ve been really clear about the fact that no one knowingly manifests things that they don’t want into their lives. But once you know how this mechanism works, you can begin to dig up the reasons for anything unwanted in your life; you can pay attention to how you feel and change what manifests into your reality. If reading this post left you angry and defensive, then I’m afraid that you’ve kind of missed my point. If, however, it left you empowered and inspired and ready to go tackle some beliefs, you now have an understanding that will allow you to deliberately receive anything you want, and probably even more importantly, stop receiving the crap you don’t.

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  • Thank you for this post. I guess you could say I have been manifesting things in my life that has brought many illnesses and challenges in my life. I don’t think about it but I worry and manifest the fact I am mad at the world because I lost my dad to lung cancer and when we found out about it I started hoping and wanting to take his cancer and I told him that I was wishing to take his cancer from him and right then and there i started manifesting it and now I am waiting on the biopsies in areas to see if I took his cancer on because he did not pass away from the cancer it was and had been shrinking we lost him to other things. I feel in my heart I have manifested strong enough to possibly take his cancer and to be honest I am okay with it strange thing to say but I was pissed that he got it in the first place. I guess you could say I walked around angry when he was alive I tried to put a smile on my face but deep down inside I was so damn pissed to be honest. Well I just wanted to add to the conversations of my experiences.

  • Hello Melody, what a super interesting article, I never thought about it but it makes perfect sense. The rejection that we all have not only attracts but creates suffering.
    This article should be read for everyone.


  • Hello Melody, I have been enjoying your blog! Just ‘discovered’ it a week ago. And have not stopped reading since 🙂

    This post on cancer is absolutely right on the money! I was diagnosed about 6 years ago with what was called ‘terminal brain cancer’. I did have two surgeries to remove a large tumor in my brain. But did not do chemo or radiation.

    I knew there was a reason I had asked cancer to come into my life. Needed to find the reason for my resistance. Sought out many healers and intuitives. Who helped me find the reasons behind my dis-ease. I was certainly more than willing to look at it from an energetic standpoint.

    Once I discovered the resistance, I could begin the healing. I am not only cancer free at this point but healthier and happier than ever! Thank you in part to your wonderful blog.

    Keep up the amazing work. So all of us lightworkers can do our job with greater strength.

    I appreciate this post very much and resonate with it on all levels.

    Much love,

  • PLEASE give me some advice on this.
    My name is Aly. I had cancer in my right eye when I was four.
    I ignored/didnt understand it most of my life, i’m 17 now, and I do understand it.
    I went to an eye doctor for my glasses, and he planted the fear in my mind that I COULD have eyelid cancer (he had no real reason to tell me this, my eyes was just irritated, which it always is)
    That fear has festered. I’ve gotten over it mostly, but when my eye hurts I cant help but worry about it.
    I cant avoid THINKING about cancer.
    But I also dont want to be attracting it into my life. I’ve had this worry for about 9 months. Could I have already done damage?
    Can I reverse what I may have started to attract?
    PLEASE HELP ME, I want to change what i’ve done asap.

  • Hi Melody,

    Thank you just for being here. Your articles give me chills… and strength in my convictions. Resistance is futile. 😉
    Take care.
    ~ Love & Peace ~

  • Great post, Melody! Thank you for the explanation- it was very clear to me!

    I know for a fact that when I worry or am upset about something, a couple of days later I get a sore throat, runny nose and feel beat, and to need rest until they go away. Yet another reason LOA stresses cutting worry out of your life.

    Regarding failure, Abe says not to fear it, because it is actually a stepping stone to future success, no matter how long it takes. I was actually looking for a post discussing this topic and I found some of it here! When we fail, it is not an indication to give up, as people will tell you to do, but to keep going and build momentum to add to your ecrow that will build and one day lead to success. Is this it? I would like to understand this better. Driving scares the crap out of me and I need to get my license, too, yet it seems impossible.

    Thank you very much!

    • Hey Kat,

      Whenever my body gets involved (pain, discomfort, runny nose, whatever), I know I have something to deal with and I make time to do so as soon as I possibly can.

      You’re absolutely right. There’s not really any failure. There’s only data. Abe likes ot use the metaphor of the sculptor. A sculptor doesn’t throw down a lump of clay and say “Oh man! This doesn’t look good at all! I guess I failed!” He molds the clay. Well, life is like that, too. We are molding the clay. And when we’ve sculpted a little detail that we don’t like, we don’t throw the whole thing out, we just re-sculpt. And we keep making it better and better.

      Having a fear is not a failure. It just means that you have a belief that isn’t serving you. It’s like finding bugs in the program. What scares you about the driving? Fear of loss of control? Fear of dying? Fear of hurting others? Can you ease into it, by driving around in a parking lot for a while (like days or even weeks) until you feel more comfortable behind the wheel? Then you could slowly expose yourself to traffic by going on country roads. City driving could be the graduation. 🙂

      Bottom line, your mind is freaking out about something that it’s associated with driving, something bad or horrible. If you can convince your mind that whatever danger it thinks is lurking is no big deal, the anxiety will pass. Take it slowly, as slowly as you need. Practice in places where you can stop anytime, especially in the beginning until you feel more in control of the vehicle. Pay attention to what triggers the anxiety (other cars, going fast, construction sites, small streets, etc.). This will give you a clues as to what’s really going on.

      Good luck and huge hugs!


      • Yes, Melody, it is going fast, other cars and losing control that I have problems with while driving. Here in the city, we learn in the strests directly. It is chaotic driving here and other drivers are not so patient and even honk for nothing at times. It will take time, I know. Thank you for the suggestions.

        • Ah. Maybe find a driving instructor who will take you outside of the city? Also, why not visualize it being a calm, safe and fun experience before hand. If you go in with a negative expectation, you’re setting yourself up for a stressful experience.

          I was lucky. I learned in the US when I was 15. The streets were huge, the city small, the parking lots plenty. In Europe, they put you right into busy traffic. That would stress anyone out!

          Hang in there!

  • Hello Melody,

    I would like to know, is it possible to “cure” hirsutism or at least prevent body hair to grow stronger or darker? I believe cancer is much serious disease but I guess there are others factors which cause these things.
    There is also one question on my mind. How can we encourage our positive thinking and “believe” something that is not objective truth? I can’t imagine, if there are ingredients for a cake, and we know that it can’t be anything else, how to get something different out of it? I don’t know if it’s good example, but I just can’t release those believes because I have a feeling that I live (or imagine) a lie or that I repress the truth and don’t know if that is a good thing for me. According to LOA it should be, but can you please recommend me articles or tell me how to really believe in this. Well, I believe in LOA but my feelings/intuition/guts don’t work with me. Thank you for your help. You really are a sunshine!

    • Hey Raspberry,

      Of course it’s possible. The thing is, a physical condition is a symptom of some other kind of discord. So, it’s best to figure out what that is and fix it.
      We have this tool, it’s called out imagination, that helps us to “see” the world in the way that we’d like to. It should be easy to use, but for many it’s not, because they’ve become so trained to see only what is, in terms of physical manifestation that to do otherwise would be considered crazy. So, there’s this fear that if you focus on a physical condition and see it as healed, that you are not facing reality. But most of that fear is tied to what other people might say or think.
      So, I’d suggest you start doing this on your own, in your head. Don’t talk about the condition, not in a negative or a positive way. Make it a private matter. And privately, think thoughts that feel better. Thoughts like “there is a message for me here, I just don’t know what it is yet. I don’t have to figure this out right now, but when I do, it’s going to be awesome. Overall, I feel pretty good, I’m pretty happy. This condition doesn’t define me. It’s only as important as I make it. I have so many other great qualities. Like for example….” You can move yourself into a good feeling place by sort of going AROUND the condition. Notice, I didn’t try to figure out a way to make the condition a good thing (that comes later, but not until you already feel a lot better).
      You have to convince yourself that focusing in a way that defies “reality” is a good thing and that’s best done incrementally. Just focus a little bit at a time and notice that you feel better. That will give you the confidence to focus a bit more. Don’t try to do this in one day, if your fear is that big.

      I hope that helps.

      Huge hugs!

  • I think it is hard sometimes for people to understand vibration. Because their lives are very up and down which is a result of the vibration itself. When you center your attention to something whether that is good or bad the result is normally the same as the outcome you are expecting. So if you say I can’t do that then you won’t be able too. Many people want things that are not achievable straight away though, so if they concentrated on small vibrations everyday leading up to a big vibration then you are more likely to succeed. For instance you would never jump into a car and expect to drive it straight away without any instruction. But if you get a good instructor and listen to what they say then you will pass your test. If you take two lessons and expect to pass then you will probably fail. Failure then leads to failure. Not sure what happens when people are born with problems especially as babies but I guess they don’t know any different and probably want things more than the normal person and are willing to go through more to get them. Anyway just my two pennies worth. Great post and some lovely comments too 😉

    • Hi Leigh,

      Welcome to Deliberate Receiving!
      We all want that quick fix – and that generally gets us into trouble. People want to lose 100 lbs in 30 days. If you tell them they can do it, but it will take a year or more, they’d rather keep eating and getting heavier while waiting for the miracle pill. I like your driving instruction metaphor. It really is just like that. Learning to drive doesn’t have to be hard, but it does take a few lessons and little bit of effort. And it takes a bit of time and practice to get good at it.

      Thank you for your kind words. Huge hugs to you,


  • Hi Melody,

    I am very impressed with the way you have broken down the law of attraction as well as the results of fighting resistance. I have been asked this question (well, similar, but with the same context) many times, and have had to explain it often. I can’t say, much to my chagrin, that I have been able to put it in such a succinct manner.

    Excellent post, Melody!


    • Hi Richard!
      Welcome to Deliberate Receiving! And thanks so much for your wonderful words. I hope you understand that YOU manifested these words into your life. I’m just a bridge. 🙂


  • i want to know if i want something but after sometimes I have some thoughts that are negative to my want then—–these are limited my question is every thought that arise against our desire are limited believes? are these belief lie?can a thought be true belief?

    • Hi Vikas,

      What an excellent question. Not every thought you have is a belief. A belief is a thought that you’ve been thinking for a long time. It’s a thought that you’ve focused on a lot and have given a lot of energy to. When you focus on something, it’s energy grows, and it becomes more powerful. This means that it’s easier to think that thought and it can even run on auto-pilot. This is why you can be triggering a belief without knowing it. But you can always tell when you’re focusing on something that doesn’t serve you by the way you feel.

      Thoughts and beliefs can be “true” (meaning true for you, which means that these thoughts and beliefs move you closer to what you want), and “false” (they move you further away from what you want. True beliefs feel good and false beliefs cause negative emotion. Any thought or belief that is contrary to what you truly want, which means that it will feel bad, is considered a limiting thought or belief.

      I hope that clarifies things for you.


  • You only get a “teensy bit riled up”? I like you riled up, Melody! LOL 😉 thanks for this great post, though, seriously. It is harsh and unfeeling for people to propagate this belief that you get whatever you think about. It leaves people who are feeling badly about something they’ve manifested thinking it is their fault (and feeling even worse…hence, attracting even more because of their resistance).

    Your explanation was clear, compassionate and helpful! Thanks my friend. Hugs to you!

  • Great post, Melody. A couple of family-member examples point me in the same direction you’re heading, including emotions manifesting in the specific type of cancer. The two major illnesses I’ve experienced myself were definitely signals to change my life.

    Responding to your comment on allergies, I’ve always thought they were the body’s way of letting you know what wasn’t working for it, in the same way that emotions let you know what is or isn’t working vibrationally. I’m allergic to all sorts of things, and I’ve always been grateful to my body for being so vigilant. I’ve generally thought of myself as one of the healthiest people around. Maybe allergies are an extreme form of deliberate eating.

    Hugs to all,

    Mary Carol

    • Hi Mary Carol,

      I personally believe that if we completely clean up our energy (become totally enlightened) then we can eat anything and still thrive. The way our body responds to certain foods has to do with how we relate to them, vibrationally. When you change your vibration, your diet changes and when your diet changes, it can support a change in your vibration. Allergies cause a great deal of suffering. now, less so if you can easily stay away from the allergen, but if you find yourself becoming more and more isolated to stay away from the trigger, then it may be time to address the underlying vibrational cause. You always have two choices: Stay away from the offending food (or whatever) or shift the energy that’s causing the reaction. It’s the same with weight issue: You can stay away from donuts, or shift your belief that donuts cause you to be fat. Both will work, it just comes down what’s going to be easier for you to do… That’s my two cents. 🙂


      • You could be right, Melody. In fact, you probably are. But until I get all my energies lined up, I’ll keep happily avoiding things that make me feel bad. For sure you are right that putting negative thoughts or energy into the situation would create more and more problems. For me it’s easy to stay away from certain foods and doesn’t cause me any distress. Just the opposite sometimes – I’ve avoided some nasty looking stuff by claiming allergies!

        But that said, I’ll definitely take a look at what might be underlying beliefs that put my body so at odds with the prevailing culinary customs (though I’m not sure that’s a bad thing!).

        Hugs and thanks again,


  • Melody! Awesome post.

    Did you call me a goth chick lover because I referred to you as a “queen bee” in my guest post I did for you? Hahaha.

    This sentence is amazing: “In order to manifest something, you have to feel exactly as though you would if you already had it, even if you don’t have it yet. ”

    I felt like I sort of already knew that, but I haven’t been implementing it. Rather I have, but only in a half ass sort of way. I’m going more effectively manage my vibration, starting… now!

    This post makes perfect sense. I wonder if what you said about tobacco can be scientifically validated. I know at least one person who smoked for most of his life, and really enjoyed smoking. In fact, he once said that if he got some kind of disease or cancer from it, he would just keep on doing it. He clearly had no conflicting intentions about the fact that he smoked. And he hasn’t gotten sick from it once, as far as I know. Of course, that may have something to do with the fact that he smoked pipes, rather than cigarettes, which would result in less carcinogens, but still.

    I just want to say that I love the idea of changing our vibration to that of which we want, and really believing and acting as if we already had it. Not only is this effective, but it’s super fun to do, and it gives us a chance to use our imaginations.

    By the way, I caught this: “the easiest path for that resistance to squirt out.” You get 20 awesome points.


    • LOL Fred. No, I called you a got chick lover because you had a crush on Nancy from The Craft. We women never forget… Ha.

      I would’ve said that no, it can’t yet be validated, but now I’m not sure. I’m on the hunt for all kinds of current research which is being done by enlightened scientists and which is actually proving that our vibrations cause disease and that we can cure diseases by fixing our energy. Wow. I’m blown away.

      Thank you. Since you inspired this post, I’m only too glad to honor your request to keep the squirting sentence in. That, and it will me crushing you in the Facebook war just a bit easier to take… 😀


  • Though I havn´t studied the medical view on cancer, I often ask myself why nobody seems to know, why our bodies develop these kind of processes. Just to make us see our conflicting beliefs to wellbeing, our self abuse and ignorance, to bring us into a state of do or die? Yes, that makes sense, but there is more to it, i think.
    We know our bodies are superintelligent, highly equiped, self-regulating, highly functional entities, they don´t need us to do their work, they adjust to our requirements automatically. So when a process like cancer is established by them, it has to serve a reason as well, one which lies in the functionality of the body to support our inner beings.
    Every disease has to make a distinctive sense, has it´s specific functionality, to ultimately support us, not to destroy us, this would be unnatural. We first have to understand what these processes are really about, what they are heading to, then it might be easier to retrace from what place they were needed from to be established. Everything in nature serves and supports us, and it takes action when need is there, by it´s own perfect knowledge and means.
    So our diseases are no fatal processes which reflect our misalignments, and just give us opportunities to realign, but they are also corrective and tranformative processes to maintenance and growth, I think (growth (on every level) is an inherent part of every natural process).
    I believe that our panic and despair is the most fatal part of especially our severe illnesses, and I would really like to know how diseases would develop, if they would be considered as part of a comprehensive healing process. Even when we die (and with cancer no “treatment” has ever brought any cure anyway), which of course is fatal generally, this still might be true.
    No offense, disrespect or ignorance intended, just some of my personal thoughts.

    • Sara,

      I could not agree with you more. Check out German New Medicine. Disease is not some kind of mistake – it is a natural process of our bodies and has been completely misunderstood. Medicine is about to be turned on its head. Yay!

      And yes, the panic that we feel when it comes to diseases often does more damage than the original condition. I’ll be writing much more extensively about this in the future.

      Huge hugs to you,

      • Hi Melody, thanks for the hint! I´ve come to know about German New Medicine actually, and it really rings amazingly true to me. I have some specific cases to study by it; it´ll take me some time to work through them – knowledge has to be applicable!

  • You presented another perspective of this intriguing subject. Lots of good debate and support been thrown around as well.

    Correct me if I am wrong. The main thing we need to focus on to manifest our hearts desires are our emotions. You are also suggesting that there is a form of counter energy caused by some hidden limiting beliefs that are causing the resistance and bad emotions when we trying thinking of the things we want. This explanation certain explains the effects of limiting beliefs. Does this also mean that people can never feel good even if they try hard? How can people get rid of these hidden resistance if they don’t even know about it? Feeling bad won’t surface these negative beliefs.

    • Hi Jimmy,

      When we experience the negative emotion – that’s our indicator that there’s some resistance. When we experience anything unwanted, that’s resistance. So, we can know that it’s there by paying attention to what we’re manifesting. When you notice some indicators, negative emotions or manifestations, you can then begin to pay attention to what you’re focusing on that brings those indicators about. What were you thinking about when you felt bad? How were you looking at the situation? Feeling bad won’t let the beliefs surface, no, but questioning the emotions will.

      A lot of what I write about on this site is designed to help people ferret out those limiting beliefs. If you read about a belief here, you may suddenly recognize yourself in that. The, you can shift your perspective. We can absolutely feel good. But we have to be willing to pay attention. That’s really at the core of this work – understand that your emotions and all of your manifestations aren’t just random. They mean something. They are telling you what’s going on in your vibration.

      Huge hugs,

  • I can’t believe it’s taking me so long to get over to your blog, Melody.

    Better late than never, right?

    Comprehensive this post is, that’s for sure! And the comments follow the suite; great user engagement!


    PS Adding your blog to my new CommentLuv enabled blog list!

  • Melody,
    You’re so good at explaining this stuff. Do you know of Sandra Taylor? She has really helped me understand the LOA and the effect our soul’s intention has on getting or not getting what we desire.

  • Let’s explore this even further. You could even say that the place that cancer is found in your body correlates even more specifically to one’s vibration. In Shelly’s case, she had breast cancer, could it be that she didn’t feel nurtured or gave improportioantely too much without receiving it back (or any scenario pertaining to love, nourishment, nurture, etc). I love to refer to Louise Hay’s book about certain aliments in your body corresponding to your feelings and emotions.

    Great post Melody….


    • Hi Kim,

      I’m actually learning all about that right now. As a result of this post, I’ve been sent a ton of information and research – clinical studies – that prove all of this. I’m also in touch with another group of scientists who have just begun to prove that shifting energy causes neurological changes to our brains. I will definitely be writing about this in the future. I’m checking out the science now.

      I do believe that different illnesses can be traced back to certain frequencies (and therefore, specific emotions and possibly beliefs), but I haven’t done too much research into these topics up till now. That’s about to change… Wow. I had no idea the Pandora’s box I was opening with this post. I’m so excited!!


  • I tend to see disease and life in a two-category system. The first category is comprised of people who, through their emotional states, brought about some disease in order to face certain things. The second category is people who, for whatever reason, were born sick or mentally challenged or what-have you. Sometimes I think your higher self actually desires sickness to gain experience from some other perspective. Sometimes I think you interfere with your higher self and make yourself sick when you wouldn’t have to be. Sometimes, I think there is energetic carryover from time and places people don’t remember.

    I think the human body is, by design, mortal and therefore susceptible to obsolescence. It’s just a rule of the game. So, it’s wise to check where your energy is, but it might not be wise to assume that because you DO you will be well or that you will NEVER get cancer, or what-have-you because I think it is entirely possible to be perfectly energetically “sound” so to speak, and still get sick because of the nature of the game. Every master that has ever lived as a human has died as a human. (You know, other than the alleged Jesus thing) Accept where you are, take action over the spheres you have control of, let go.

    • Hi Joe Bill,

      Don’t mind if I throw in my two cents. I can relate to what you’re saying and a while ago I used to believe in the same logic. Napoleon Hill comes to mind. Although he used different terms, his teachings generally revolved around the LOA, yet he wasn’t spared great hardships. His family life was a bit of a rollercoaster ride, and illness would visit his loved ones a bit too often. So it makes complete sense that it could be the nature of the game or that we, as humans, are meant to endure entropy and its burdens. I disagree though.

      I think we’re subjected to aging as a natural process, not entropy, and therefore not sickness as well. I do believe, however, that sickness is a catalyst for great change. History tells us that we have persevered through diseases that were capable of leveling out an entire species. And by doing so, we created immunity towards them. I think the collective vibrations of people dip to extreme lows at times, and such resistance manifests as plagues and widespread diseases. Every time we battle a disease, we grow stronger as a race. We just haven’t been able to stomp a mudhole in cancer or AIDS. Yet. I read a while ago that scientists were actually studying cancer cells in order to reach “immortality”. Ironic. The cell is so aggressive and rapid in its growth that, according to research, if we’re able to use it to our advantage, we would have unlocked the secret to human aging, and people will be able to sustain an age of 25 for about 10 whole years before they physically turned 26.

      So as heinous, cruel, and painful as the sickness is (and trust me, I know, because I lost someone very very dear to me a while ago to the big C), it could also turn out to be a catalyst for the next step in our evolution. Longevity has always been at the forefront of the collective human wishlist. So while I believe everyone ages, I don’t believe we have to surrender to sickness and entropy as we grow older…or at all. I still believe, at the core, we individually or collectively have resistance or a sense of powerlessness towards certain things, and they show up as obstacles for us to combat. Once we overcome them, we’ll be stronger. It happened to the flu, I’m sure it’ll happen to cancer as well.

      Correct me if I’m wrong, Melody. And would love to get your feedback, Joe. 🙂

      • Derrek,

        I’d say everybody has to arrive at their own answers when it comes to such matters. However, for me, it boils down to the nature of the body versus the nature of spirit.

        From the point of view of spirit, suffering is not “bad” nor is it “good”. It’s just an experience. Clearly, unnecessary suffering isn’t preferred, but it isn’t “bad”. The body is a vehicle for accruing experiences and as such has a limited duration.

        The ego side of us doesn’t want us to be sick, doesn’t want us to be unhappy, doesn’t want to experience hardship. However, adversity often evokes greater effort on our parts, even though we might prefer to “sit it out”. Life is neither good nor bad, but both good and bad, and all parts contain experiences. From a body based perspective, we’d obviously prefer to experience good and NOT bad, but the problem is for any push one direction there will necessarily be a push from the opposite direction. I might become a famous businessman, which is a success–but at the same time I am no longer at home with my family–which is a loss. I may be Steve Jobs and be mega successful and influential and have plenty of money–but the kick back may be that in the process of gaining that, I don’t take care of myself and I get sick or in Jobs’ case, cancer. (Note: I’m not saying that’s why Jobs got cancer, so please direct all hate mail to balls–or actually, your balls or something like them)

        The trick is to do whatever it is you need to do in life and to accept wherever you are. This gets rid of the resistance that Melody speaks of. However, just because you get rid of the resistance it does not therefore follow that your life will be “sunshine and daisies”. You may still get sick. You may endure misfortune. It depends on the nature of your path.

        The tricky part of the LOA in my opinion is the seductive impulse to assume because you are using it that you should therefore be in a “better” place. Not necessarily. Enlightenment as a process does not care for what “place” you are in. As the old saying goes, before enlightenment, chop wood and carry water, after enlightenment chop wood and carry water. Enlightenment doesn’t CARE for place. It doesn’t CARE for duality. It doesn’t really CARE for anything other than the object, which is enlightenment. That means it doesn’t care about health, sickness, bitches, badgers, or kitties. Okay, maybe kitties a little. As long as you want something OTHER than enlightenment, then you will have to wear it out until pretty much all you want IS enlightenment.

        So, to that end, and with those things in mind, the purpose of the body IS to reach enlightenment. Everything else is a distraction and anything else can and may be used to help it reach that spot. Does that mean that disease will be eliminated? No, not necessarily. Does that mean we should stop trying? No. Does it mean the LOA doesn’t work? No. It just means that at the end of the day, the LOA is working on the basis of what is going to enlighten you–which may or may not be being well or being sick. It all depends.

        What everyone wants in the long view is enlightenment. Everything else is just a stopover on that journey.

        • I get what you’re saying. “Every blessing comes with a set of curses”. That’s a line from one of my favorite songs. I think, in a way, we’re ending up at the same core logic, but we’re just reaching it from different perspectives. At the end of the day it’s all subjective, is what you’re saying. God, I sounded like Yoda in that sentence, I did.

          I’m saying without resistance, we’ll lead a kickass life and be happy, aka enlightenment. You’re saying enlightenment doesn’t always mean no more pain. Which, in a weird way, is exactly what I’m saying because if we’re enlightened and know how to use the LOA the right way, we won’t have resistance, and with no resistance comes no suffering. The reason we hate something “bad” is because we’re resistant towards it. We don’t want it, and that allows it to screw up our days, months, and years. Eliminate that and all that’s left is an experience; neutral with no polarity. Or more likely, it’s just a tap on the shoulder from our bodies saying “Hey, something wrong in this area. Go check it out, get to a doctor.”

          So basically every new experience comes with a ‘set of gifts and curses’, it just depends on how we view them; as either gifts, curses, both, or neither.

        • Wow guys,

          I don’t even really need to add anything here. It’s all been said! :o)

          Derrek, I agree with you: you are both coming at this from different angles, but essentially arriving at the same place. Joe Bill’s philosophy of accepting what will happen, will help to get rid of his resistance (because acceptance has a higher vibration than fighting against something), as will your (and my) philosophy of directly getting rid of that resistance. Who cares if we take different roads, really?

          Loving the debate. Someday, I will lock you both in a room, throw a question at you, sit back with a bowl of popcorn and just watch the show. He, he, he.


          • Hehe, that’s very flattering, Melody. 🙂

            It’s cool though, when your perspectives are challenged by an opposite / alternative view. I’ve noticed that Joe Bill always has these different takes on certain matters, which allows for a debate. It gives me room to think and grow and either change my view or strengthen my belief system. Both are good. 🙂

  • I was born with a large exterior cancerous tumor connected to my chest. I had to be delivered C-Section because of the tumor, but the only local hospital would not do C-Sections because they were Catholic and that would interfere with the birth process. My mother’s OBGYN took her to his offices and performed the C-Section and then another Pediatrician removed my tumor. Risking their careers. My Mother was moved to the hospital for 7 days of surgery recovery and I was taken home with the OBGYN for 7 days of care by his wife.

    My body keeps manifesting these cysts which are full of toxins from the environment – including laundry soap residuals – which when they become too painful to endure any longer – Drs find them to be pre-cancerous and I have another surgery. My ovaries were covered with cancerous cysts when I had my Hysterectomy, the cysts were full of environmental toxins) ….which gave me 15 years of the most horrendous menopause symptoms one can not even imagine. It was Kind of a gift…as I had to pull out of the work force to care for myself, my special needs child and finally my dying mother. I was determined to heal myself and live

    What I found was if I stayed home in my organic, healthy, air filtered environment – I did not have headaches and I did not grow more of these cysts. I do not eat cheese because of what my body tells me is in it and how much resistance it has to this stuff. I do not eat other people’s cooking (usually) I have learned how to hear the most minor transmissions from my body you can imagine.

    But now I want to go outside and be with people more…not just read my life away…so I started by blogging to get some conversation going. On Biking Architect, I often write about how people make it hard for the environment and myself to stay healthy. I put tea tree oil and bees wax in my nose and breath through my nose so that I can go walking everyday. I am working on going to choir practice once a week and singing about Peace.. I go to 2 books groups a month to be with people (and I eat their food – carefully) I only purchase food from my CSA and organic groceries. I am changing my vibrations so that I can go to San Francisco for Thanksgiving and not come home with massively swollen legs and joints and not have to stay in my daughter’s apt. all the time – while my family goes running and hiking and exploring. I am working on manifesting enough money to pay for this adventure, I would so like to be able to purchase some new clothing.
    I think my weight is due to my body protecting me from the toxins in the environment.
    And I still feel best about myself and happy and healthy when I stay home in my energy efficient healthy environment.

    I am working on manifesting more friends to my blogs – Patricias Wisdom and Facebook and twitter….and I am working hard at figuring out technical stuff so that Wise Ears will use my talents towards making money…
    I feel most powerful in my own healthy space and most relaxed and positive…but wow can it be a private joy that I would like to share more.

    Now I think this is a fabulous post – and Melody truly one of your best – and I hope it will stop people acting like my cancer and illnesses – and fat – are catching and a sign of my stupidity and dumbness – I am powerful beyond their imaginations and made even more powerful by learning and learning all this good stuff found here…
    …all the name-calling by the “others” just wears me down
    Being denied health insurance hurts my feelings and wears me down
    baby steps, baby steps….
    good words found here/ Thank you
    I tweeted and facebooked and stumbled…my Linked in is not working today…oh yes I ‘d too
    Thank you Melody

    • Hello my dear Patricia,

      Thank you so much for sharing this post! It sounds like you’re moving forward on your journey. There’s a couple of resources I’d like to point you towards: There’s a system called NAET, which eliminates allergies (it doesn’t treat them, it shifts your energy to eliminate them). It’s even covered by some insurance companies. You might want to check that out.

      Also, I set the intention to find healing methods that help people physically and they are streaming in. I will have to research them more before I write about them, but I’m doing that feverishly. I am not a physical healer. That modality doesn’t resonate with me. But I have a deep desire to understand illness and healing more and would like to be able to refer people to those methods that actually work. And I’m finding those. So stay tuned.

      You are doing really well and I have the feeling that the knowledge you are gaining through your experience will help an enormous amount of people.


  • “If you simply got whatever you thought about, not only would you have that million dollars, but you’d also be dead.” That line made me laugh out loud (or LOL as the cool kids call it) really hard! 😀

    I love this post. And it’s so true how your emotions and feelings towards a certain something is the trigger rather than just empty thoughts. I derived two theories from that logic, so please correct me if I’m wrong, yeah?

    1. We often hear stories of insane irony where a skilled heart surgeon suffers an untimely death due to…wait for it, yup…heart disease. I’m guessing this happens because his resistance towards something finally caught up with him, OR more likely because his perception of heart disease is really rooted in fear. The doctor fears turning into the patient. True?

    2. People who hate their exes with a passion often end up with partners who will bring them similar hellish experiences (just like people who hate rich people never attract money, as you said). Their resistance towards their exes manifests again and again until the resistance is cleared-up. If that’s true then I have to ask…if we can shift our thoughts about our ex from negative to positive, does that also mean we could fall in love with them again, maybe even more than before? Since the resistance towards their ‘crappy aspects’ is now gone, and we see the good in them, doesn’t that technically mean we could use this technique to find love for someone again?

    Again, this is a really great post. I hate BS as well, especially from those who so inconsiderately mislead people into making crazy, irrational decisions, in turn bringing the LOA and self-development in general a bad name.

    • Hey Derrek,

      If a heart surgeon gets heart disease, it’s because he had unreleased resistance. There was a conflict. Is it possible that he made himself more susceptible to the heart disease by focusing on it in a negative way? Yes. But there’s no way to know that from the outside. The only thing we can know for sure is that there was a vibrational issue that was not addressed.

      Contrary to what I wrote above, this all HAS actually been proven medically. As a result of this post, I’ve been sent a ton of information about German New Medicine, which proves – clinically – that our emotions are linked to disease. I’m plowing through it as fast as I can, because I find this type of information incredibly fascinating. I might do a post just on that subject, to help get the message out. Man, I’m excited about this right now! ?

      Second, the reason you attracted your ex in the first place was because they matched your vibration – not just the vibrations that served you, but all of them. They reflected the good and bad beliefs you have about relationships. If your vibrations changed, your partner would no longer have been a match and gravitated out OR you elicited a different version of them and they changed, as well. Now, while it IS possible to re-attract that different version of them after you’ve broken up, it’s unlikely. In other words, I wouldn’t hold my breath. You cannot force someone else to change their vibration in just the way you want them to. Once you’ve gravitated that far apart, you’re on two very different paths. When you now only focus on the good in them, you have cleaned up your vibration around that subject and YOU will feel better. But in order for them to come back into your life, THEY have to be a match to that version of themselves, too. If they are close to that, then you can elicit that version from them, but if that were possible, you probably would’ve done it when you were still together. And if you couldn’t raise your vibration while around them, chances are, they’re not anywhere near that new, higher vibration you’ve achieved. But…never say never. Everyone is on their own path and we are all being raised higher and higher. So, is it possible that you’ll reunite with your ex and you’ll have a very different relationship? Yes. If you want the odds, though, I wouldn’t bet on it… Of course, it’s your reality. Go forth and create what you want. Just don’t get attached to the outcome. 😉

      Huge hugs,

  • I thought this post was very helpful. I was one of those people who watched “The Secret” and thought I was doing LOA all wrong when things didn’t happen as planned. Now that I understand the vibrational foundation behind it, it is starting to make a lot more sense.

    I suspect you will get a lot of comments about people not causing their own cancer, so I offer you a real life cancer story to illustrate your points: a good friend of mine was an avid marathoner, extremely fit and very careful about her health. She never smoked a day in her life, but she was diagnosed with, and died from, stage 4 lung cancer. She had a lot of negative beliefs that were bringing her vibration to a lower level, lurking behind a lot of wonderful, healthy habits. At the end of her life, I like to think that she dealt with many of these and became a very peaceful person.

    I think people tend to take disease “personally” vs. looking at it from an energetic point of view which doesn’t have those biases. Energy is here or there, not good or bad. Cancer doesn’t choose you because you are “bad,” or doing something wrong. You just sort of start matching the same vibration, right?

    I love that I can use LOA to take control and be responsible for my health. It is hard sometimes, battling those beliefs that I didn’t know were there. Thanks for the post.

    • Hi Emilia,

      Thank you so much for your our thoughtful response and for sharing your friend’s experience. I haven’t actually gotten any hate mail on this one, but I do see how someone who is not ready to take responsibility for their illness (again, NOT blame!) could possibly be offended by this post. Although, I would guess that the people who are drawn to a site like this have already made that jump, at least to a certain degree.

      I wonder: does it feel better to think of disease as something that just happens to us, something we are utterly powerless against and that could snatch us away at any moment, or to think of it as a consequence of natural processes which, if we understand them correctly, we can influence? I like the empowered view better. Yes, sometimes it sucks when we can’t figure out right away what caused the symptoms, but the more we do this work, the better we get at digging up and releasing those conflicting vibrations. And when you KNOW that you can change the way you feel, both mentally and physically, by changing the way you focus, you are truly empowered.


  • Okay…while I agree that our emotions can (and do!) bring about diseases that force us to look at something beyond the physical, I have to question this:

    “Indigenous people in the Rainforest have been smoking Tobacco as part of their rituals for millennia without getting cancer.”

    Really? Or is it just that they don’t know they have cancer because they don’t use the technology we use to diagnose it? Or they die of something else due to their “lack” of medicine advancements that we have? That would seem more likely. I’m curious – what is the life span of these indigenous folks? Maybe it’s not long enough for them to develop cancer. Or they just don’t know that it IS cancer. See what I’m saying?

    This is a big one and might cause a lot of debate. It was gutsy of you to post, because so many people’s lives have been touched with cancer and I bet some people are gonna bristle at the notion that some repressed emotion is the cause of their cancer.

    Because of the book I’m reading – “Emperor of All Maladies” – this something that is in the forefront of my mind right now. I have to say though…the fact that risk of cancer DOUBLES past the age of 60, I really don’t think the ONLY thing that causes cancer is emotional in nature. I’m all about everything being connected…emotions lead to injury, illness, etc…but in this case, I think it’s far more complex than just repressed emotions manifesting themselves in the form of disease.

    • Hi Lindsay,

      Thanks so much for offering your perspective. I know this can be a volatile subject, but then I’ve never shied away from the big stuff. How can I teach what I consider to be a life philosophy without going near the big, ugly questions?

      I did, of course, have to simplify my Shelly example quite a bit in order to make my point, but I stand by that point that the underlying cause of disease is always vibrational discord (repressed emotion is a symptom of that). And that discord would manifest in many different ways. It is rare, in my experience, that a physical condition is the result of one belief, but generally a whole mixture of issues. So I agree with you: this issue is far more complex than just repressed emotion, but the core of it – the conflict of energy, is always there.

      It’s true that the tobacco that indigenous people smoke is different. I’ve tried it and nearly coughed my lungs out. It’s not full of carcinogens, but then neither is rolling tobacco and that still, apparently, causes cancer in our society. As does chewing tobacco. Of course, I won’t pretend to be able to prove to anyone that if you change your vibration around smoking, you could smoke and not get cancer. We don’t have the capability to set up a clinical trial that isolates the variable of vibrations. Yet. 🙂 My point here is to offer MY understanding and if that resonates with you (or any part of it does), awesome. If not, that’s ok, too.

      Thanks for giving me the opportunity to clarify a few points, Lindsay. These big subjects always leave so many questions unanswered (only so much you can do in a blog post) and I always love when people are willing to voice doubts or contradictory opinions (as long as they do it nicely…).

      And I think it’s probably just as gutsy to comment on this post than it was to write it. 🙂

      Huge hugs to you!!

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