It’s time for another Q&A video, y’all! Yay! Here’s today’s Q:

I want to talk to someone about inspired action. I know I will be happier if I get some housecleaning done. I got a nudge to play pogo games so I did because I was inspired and I got very little done. I then got a nudge to watch TV and I did and I got very little done and this went on all day and at the end of the day all I can say I did was watched TV and play games. That sounds funny, but seriously folks. What about my dreams and goals? What am I going to do about deadlines if I keep getting nudged to play games and watch movies?

And here’s my A: (This could totally be read the wrong way. But you probably didn’t think of that until I pointed it out. I should probably learn to shut the hell up…)

Main Points for the lazy people:

  • Inspired action vs. Uninspired action. Click on the link to read an article and learn more (Got you, you lazy bastards! Ha!)
  • Key: You have to align with what you want FIRST and then allow the Universe to inspire you to the right action.
  • If you sit there and think “I hate housework, I hate housework”, you’re not going to be inspired to clean the house.
  • But, if you think “I love my clean house. I appreciate this beautiful space. I adore how organized everything is”, the Universe will find a way to bring you that clean house.
  • This may or may not involve you cleaning your house.
    • You may have resistance to cleaning your house. Examples:
      • For my house to get clean. I have to be the one to clean it. So wrong.
      • My husband and children will NEVER help me with the housework. Well, not as long as you keep putting THAT crap out there…
      • I have to clean the whole house in one go or it’s not worth it. What’s more important? A reasonably clean house and time to spend with your family, or perfection? Stop trying to impress your mother, already.
  • You’re most likely inspired to play video games because it feels better than facing all that resistance. Take the time to line up your energy FIRST, and you may be amazed at what the Universe can orchestrate, IF YOU ALLOW IT.

What do you think? Do you have any LOA tips to share with the class? Share, share, share in the comments.

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  • Ugh, Melodddyyyyy…you help me think outside of MYSEEELLLF, girl! Ugh, I love it!

    Reading this, I thought: ‘Oh, this is awesome! It’s going to help me clean my room!’ But it did so much more! I applied this to the energy I put towards my vocal warm-up’s. I’m with Streisand and maybe a few other sings who haaaate vocal warm-up’s. But, I’m going to raise my vibration and change my thought pattern from that of uninspired action to INspired action! And I’m going to have to re-watch this seeing as how my viewer stopped half-way through–maybe the Universe wanted me get just this far and finish the rest tomorrow…anywho, this week has been a horrid in preparing for a really big audition. I can’t wait to apply this to my vocal warm-up’s tomorrow and “hear how beautiful my voice will be afer I’ve taken proper care in preparing it sing lovely things”–tha’s my motto for it lol. And it’s funny…I have more inspired action these days when it comes to cooking/baking than recording/singing. I think the Universe has just showed me something 😉 lol.

    Thanks a million again! lol

    • Hey Jonathan,

      I’m so glad you found this video helpful! You know, cooking baking are very creative endeavors. They’re wonderful ways to express your creativity, innovation and they can be quite meditative, as well. Not to mention sensual, lol.

      Keep up the great work!

      Huge hugs!

  • hI mElOdY,

    This is simple & great… This will definetly help me & my wife. I will also use this concept in other things.

    Awesome Thing. Thanks for sharing this!

    Hugs & Love,

    • Hey Sameer,

      Nice to “see” you here, ha, ha. Great pic. I’m so glad this video was helpful. That’s the great thing about LOA principles. Once you really understand them, they can be applied to anything. 🙂


  • I love a clean house and I taught my kids to enjoy by having a Saturday morning blitz, with Dad and we each did a room ( I did the main floor of the house) plus a bedroom. Middle daughter did her bedroom and the laundry room. We set the timer for 2 hours and played our favorite music….when all was done – we went on an adventure or out to lunch with the money we saved – one favorite was the farmer’s market for lunch!

    2 times a year we dedicated a whole weekend to deep cleaning and changing out clothing for the seasons. Reward for that big event was often a new outfit for the season or for one child new shoes. We all lived here and we all made it dirty. Every kid helped with the garbage/recycling tasks from age 2 on…

    One child cleaned an office building so her sister would have spending money when an exchange student in another country.

    I manifested vacuuming assistance when my foot was injured for my birthday so far this year…and am now working on cleaning help for throwing things out….I am not a things person…but I like to talk over with someone the story of long held items before I let go….I need a companion for this big cleaning job…(I would like to throw about at least 1/2 of the photographs of the children growing up and get rid of all these albums – truly I do not need all these pre-digital pictures and have no scanner…
    Great post Melody
    I also like to be lazy sometimes 🙂

    • Hi Patricia,

      I love that idea – getting the whole family involved in the cleaning process. Let that be a lesson to all you mothers who think you have to do it all! Yay!

      I’m sure you’ll manifest exactly the right elf to help you. You’re incredibly powerful when you get out of your own way! 🙂

      Huge hugs!

  • Right, if you don´t feel like doing what you worry about you´re supposed to do (or wish to be done), don´t feel troubled.
    How Bashar puts it, and I´m so excited about his elucidation that I try to paraphrase it here, is, that when you feel like doing something, but feel in conflict with what your physical mind perceives as feasible in a certain situation, it´s your higher mind trying to push you into the direction of your passion by sendig you information through the physical sensations of excitement, passion, joy and love. As the higher mind knows the way of accomplishment, it will take care of the How, when fully trusted.
    So by following your passion everything will evolve perfectly in a miraculous way.
    (That´s probably why I usually don´t get in a mess, when I´m late after having dawdled intuitively before.. :-))

    • Hey Sara,

      Right on! What a wonderful way to describe resistance. It really takes the focus off the limiting beliefs and what you don’t want and onto the idea of what you do want and how that will feel. Awesome. Thanks for sharing this!


  • Melody,

    Thanks for the explanation of how the LOA works for something as mundane as cleaning the house. I like the idea of a clean and organized house and I will concentrate on that instead of how much needs to be done and how I would rather do “something fun.”


    • You’re so welcome Donna! The whole reason I started this blog was to have a way to bring LOA into real life scenarios. Sure, it’s important to talk about Who We Really Are and what our souls are up to, but most of us have lives to lead, mundane tasks to perform and can’t just remove ourselves from reality. You can’t let your kids starve just because mommy is meditating… 😉 So I always love questions that help me to explain how to apply this stuff to our actual, every day lives. And I always learn something, too!

      Thanks so much for your comment.

      Happy shiny puppy hugs,

  • Huh? If it’s work I don’t think I will be inspired; in fact, I think I already have other plans. I’m just the ‘show up guy, remember? I’m kinda busy here……

    I guess you weren’t too hot to do a vid today, huh?

    Good to see you Melody; I was going to drop the ‘too hot’ reference at Lori’s, but I was already in the corner so I refrained.

    Happy Thanksgiving.

    • Then everything must be play to you, Bill! Good for you.

      I KNEW you were THAT kid, ha! You want to get sent to the corner!! But no worries about my hawtness. My superpowers are dormant 11 months of the year and only spring forth and cause nuclear explosions and really bad, melty hair in August. Unless I change countries. Or get air conditioning. That would appease my powers. 🙂

      Now, go stand in the corner. You’re welcome.


  • . . . . .just one more thing, not use to the commentluv thingy, don’t know what it is and I forgt to un-tick it, so pardon what comes up, ta x

    • Ah. Sorry for the confusion. Commentluv is a feature for bloggers – if you have a blog, it can allow you to link to your last post. It’s a way to share some love between bloggers… If you don’t have a blog, it doesn’t do anything, even if you tick the box.

      So, no worries. Nothing happened by leaving it ticked.


  • Hi Melody, you do make it sound so simple, and yet it is how the universe works, WE always make it hard for ourselves.
    I use to hate ironing, I dreaded it and the clothes kept piling up, it was more so annoying because I iron as I need to, but I was ironing for my hubby, grrrrrrrrh ! ! i know, ‘he should iron his own clothes’, that’s another story, it was my choice, anyway I decided to change the feelings I get when it comes to ironing, this is what I did, knowing the pile is growing ever so huge. One day I started, singing and saying out loud, of course on my own with no one else around, meaning every word I uttered, ‘Oh ironing, how I love you so, I love Ironing and you give me so much pleasure, oh ironing how I love you so’, from no where I got the ironing board out and ironing I began, and I TRULLY did enjoy every bit of it. Amazing !
    Watching your video with what I already kinda knew but keep forgetting, is once you aline your energy or vibrations with what you want and not what you DON’T want, the universe would surely deliver, as you request, that goes for anything, I need to remind myself of this more often, and use it in every other aspect of my life.
    Thanks Melody for reminding me.
    Love what you do Melody and wish you continued strength

    • That’s a fantastic story, Tinu! I kind of hate ironing, too. I just rarely buy anything that needs to be ironed, and the stuff that does gets worn very rarely. 🙂 But the next time I do need to iron something, I’ll try your little song. 😀

      Huge hugs!

  • Wow! Cool video, Melody. I like the way you bring LOA into the everyday nitty gritty. A few random thoughts:

    Thank you for the written summary. As a more visual than auditory learner, it helps me follow your train of thought as I listen.

    Back when I had young kids, we had a rule that the “public” rooms stayed relatively neat, which left them their bedrooms as private space. Fastest way to clean a bedroom? Close the door! Anything left out in public might get put in a box and disappear for a month. It’s such a logical threat that I don’t think I enforced it even once.

    I love the idea of lining up the energy, and need to do that for working on sculpture in my home workshop, and not just with friends in the group space. I’ll keep focusing on how much I love touching the wood, and how nice it is not to get interrupted all the time.

    On housework per se, a Buddhist idea is that you can focus in on the small intense moment, so that each task becomes a mini-meditation. Washing a glass – savor the feel of the bubbles on your skin. Wiping a mirror – notice the circular motion of your hand, like a cloud drifting across the glass. Each tiny moment is an opportunity to appreciate, and with even an occasional dip into a meditative (alpha) state, the room or whatever will be clean before you notice that time has passed.

    One of the joys of my life in Mexico is the total decadence of having a lovely lady clean my house three times a week! OMG!! A top salary for her is affordable for me; like your friend’s sister, she needs the money and appreciates the relatively easy work; she cleans about 100 times better than I do; and she’s become a good friend. Could be I brought this into my life by not focusing much on housework – it’s generally been a non-issue. Clean house? Yeah, but no biggie.

    Chocolate-enhanced puppy hugs to all from my sparkly space,

    Mary Carol

    • Hey Mary Carol,

      I love the idea of making the common areas the “neat” zone. Leave your crap out and it’s gone. Especially if you’re not constantly on the kids to clean up their rooms (why? it’s their space…)

      And I adore the idea of making cleaning into a meditation. I usually listen to some kind of audio tape, something inspirational or really engaging. That occupies my mind and I don’t even really notice the cleaning anymore. Suddenly I’m just done. And I’m all uplifted. Wahoo.

      Damn girl! You have taken HSP hugs to the next level! Hell yes! CEHSP Hugs. Ha!


  • Melody! It’s been so long since I read an article from you. Too long!

    Haha, I loved the video. You’re fun to watch.

    This line was particularly amusing “This may or may not involve you cleaning your house.” Because that was my first thought. Obviously, most people don’t feel inspired to clean their house. My usual solution is to just do it anyway. But I like what you say here.

    If we could line ourselves up with the proper energy, cleaning our house could actually be fun. And then we could feel inspired to do it.

    Good stuff. 🙂

    • Freddy! It HAS been too long. Stop living in a 3rd world country, and get thee to a place of stable internet.

      Thank for the lovely words. I’d be a lot more fun if I had any video editing skills (I have all these ideas, but have no idea how to do them) so maybe that’s something to look forward to….

      I don’t particularly like to clean, but I do go on these cleaning frenzies every once in a while, where I clean for hours. Joyfully. I could use one of those about now. He, he.

      Huge hugs ma dear,

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