The other night I had a rather disturbing dream about one of my friends. We were running through a city, laughing and having fun, when suddenly I fell behind. It was one of those annoying moments when you try to run faster in a dream, but find that your feet don’t want to cooperate. When I caught up with my friend, he was in a room with a bunch of junkies, and was allowing one of them to shoot him up with heroin. I pleaded with him to stop and to come with me, but he refused. Through tears, he offered his explanation. He simply wanted the pain to stop. I couldn’t convince him to come with me, and ended up leaving him there. Did my dream have any meaning, or was it simply a figment of my overactive imagination?

Your dreams are a manifestation

Dreams do have meanings, but perhaps not in the way that people think they do. Everything in your reality (and I do mean everything) has been drawn to you by you, or rather, by your vibration. Your vibration is determined by your current thoughts, beliefs and what you’re focusing on, even when you’re doing so unknowingly. You can see where your vibration is at by simply noticing your manifestations – the experiences you’re having, the people and events you meet up with, etc. And this includes your dreams. Your dreams are a manifestation, just like getting a new job, being yelled at by your boss, or stubbing your big toe.

When you focus on a certain frequency, the law of attraction will gather more energy just like it, until it eventually becomes dense enough to be brought into the physical. Dream manifestations can appear before something is physical, so they can serve as a kind of warning (if the dream is negative) or sign of things to come, providing you do not change your vibration before it manifests physically. That last part is important. Your dreams are showing you where your vibration is at, BEFORE that vibration manifests in your physical reality. So, if your dream is positive, good for you. Don’t change a thing. Good stuff is about to come your way. But if your dream is negative and you don’t want any more of that crap, you can use it as an indicator that you’ve got some vibrational cleaning up to do.

They are YOUR manifestation

It’s important to remember that you cannot manifest in someone else’s reality, and this same principle applies to your dreams. If you dream about your relatives or friends, it’s never about THEM, and always about YOU. For example, in the dream I described above, one could easily conclude that my friend might be in trouble. Perhaps I’d picked up on his energy. Was he depressed? Was he in pain? For the record, my friend is not an addict, and never has been. He doesn’t shoot heroin, and he’s not in trouble. The dream wasn’t about him. It was about me and how I felt about him or a greater issue he represents to me. The dream wasn’t all that traumatic – the emotions I experienced weren’t very intense. But my ability to perceive energy did allow me to notice a fear he carries with him. I do this all the time with my clients. The problem is, that because I care about him, I continued to focus on that fear. I want to help, but know intuitively that it’s not my place in this instance. He’s not ready to let it go, and/or he will do so without my help. And yet, I still worry a bit.

Worrying about people and focusing on what we perceive to be “wrong” with them doesn’t serve them or us. By spending any time at all thinking about my friend’s blockage, I was taking myself out of alignment with who I am. My dream showed me this. I was pleading with my friend to let me help him. I was crying and upset. But he refused. It wasn’t my place. In my dream, my friend morphed from a healthy individual, into a pale, gaunt man with vacant eyes and sores on his face. My message (to myself) here was that I clearly have a bit of a belief that my friend isn’t ok, and won’t be ok unless I step in and do something. It’s a rather arrogant belief, if you think about it. And yet, in my waking state, I would say that I’m absolutely convinced that this isn’t true. I KNOW that everyone is absolutely fine, is on their own path and that I’m not responsible for saving the world. I know that my intuition will tell me when to step in (letting me know when I can actually do something to help) and when to stay away. My dream was showing me that I’m not quite as confident about that as I thought. I’ve got a bit of cleaning up to do.

What about when dreams come true?

But what about those times when you dream about a person you haven’t seen in a while and then you meet up with them the next day, or get a phone call from them, out of the blue? How can these be manifestations if we weren’t thinking about these people until we dreamt about them?

Here’s how: You don’t just manifest what you DIRECTLY think about. Do you actively think about every little detail of your life? Did you envision the exact waiter that served you at the restaurant last night, or all the cars you passed in traffic on the way home? You manifest with your vibration. The details are left up to the Universe. So, when you meet up with an old friend, it’s because you became a vibrational match to each other again. The dream was simply the precursor that showed you what you’d become a match to. It really is as simple as that.

And yes, I can hear a whole chorus of you asking: “But what about when you dream of someone dying, or a major tragedy?” The same principles still apply. Some people are more sensitive to energy than others, and everyone interprets that energy a little differently. Your creations aren’t the only ones that exist in a non-physical state before they manifest physically. And if you happen to be particularly sensitive to energy and you happen to interpret the non-physical energy you tap into through your dream state, you could “see” the manifestations of others in your dreams.

So, let’s say you have a dream of someone dying one night, and the next day they actually make their transition. Did you cause them to die? No. Their death wasn’t your manifestation (it never, EVER is). Did you dream of it so that you could stop them from dying? Almost certainly not. If they are ready to make their transition (on a soul level) then nothing you do or don’t do will have any influence on their departure. If they’re meant to have a near-death experience that depends on someone saving them, the Universe will ensure that this happens. And it’s not going to rely on you hopefully interpreting a dream correctly and figuring out what time you need to be where to prevent disaster.

However, while it is possible that a dream may have been the product of someone else’s vibration, you still have to be a match to the entire experience in order to tap into that energy stream in the first place. Since we all have all kinds of beliefs within us that we’re not aware of, we can’t really claim that a positive person will never have a nightmare, or that a negative person won’t have a wonderful dream. Nor can we say that a person with a high vibration will never have a precognitive dream about an impending tragedy, like 9/11. None of us is free from ALL fear. A match to a “negative” impending event could be brought about by something as simple as your desire to read energy (opening yourself up to receiving different frequencies will have you tapping into all sorts of vibrations, especially in the beginning before you learn to set some intentions, which will limit the range of frequencies you’ll open yourself up to), or it could be a reflection of your thoughts around death, for example. The possibilities are infinite and have to be evaluated on a case by case basis. As always, your first clue in figuring out what a dream means to you is in how it felt to you. This will help you to determine what aspect or belief of yours was being mirrored back to you by this dream. Because even a precognitive dream will be a reflection of your vibration in some way (albeit, they are often a little harder to figure out).

Dreaming about zombies doesn’t mean you’ll get to meet zombies

Dreams do have meanings, yes. They are another indicator, just like all other manifestations, of your vibration. It’s another feedback mechanism, pure and simple. Pay attention to your dreams, but don’t stress out about them too much. Remember, the most important element of the dream is how it feels. If you dream about being attacked by zombies, this does not mean that you are about to be attacked by zombies. For most people, dreams aren’t literal but more symbolic. Pay attention to your feelings and then see them as an indicator of a belief you’re carrying. Is the belief serving you? Is this something you want to continue to give energy to? Or is it something you’d rather release?

Have you had any precognitive dreams or strange dreams you couldn’t interpret? What do you think dreams mean? Share in the comments!

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  • I dream that I’m constantly moving about from one place to another, from one house to another, there isn’t a still moment in my dreams. I visit little shops off of small streets in a strange city, I’m paragliding off a cliff, sliding down huge waterslides and so forth. It always feels exciting, strange and a little scary, but I always seem to enjoy it. In real life, I feel like I’m waiting for something to happen, I can’t sit still for very long because I get extremely antsy, and I’m always wondering what’s out there waiting for me.

    I’m not sure what my dreams are trying to tell me. All I know is that when I wake up, I’m more exhausted than when I go to sleep. I don’t know if my dreams are manifesting what I really want to do on a subconscious level or if my brain is on overload.

  • Hi i have had a dream when i was pregnant and my family was shhouting at me on why did i fall pregnant at the age of 20. There was another girl who is pregnant in real life she assured me in my dream thatt i am really pregnant

  • My daughter pasted away 5 yrs ago one night in her sleep unexpectantly, I have only dreamed about her 2 times in that time but this week I have dreamed about her 2 times, don’t get me wrong but I love seeing her but in the dreams she is dying and I am spending time with her while I can, what does this mean?

  • I had an awesome dream the other morning. In it I was going through a children’s play structure over & over again (with climbing tubes & ladders) collecting dollar coins (like in a video game). At the end of the dream I’m finding some coins in little compartments, & the last coin I find is laminated in plastic and has a paper with it. Apparently I’m supposed to leave that coin & turn in the paper somewhere in exchange for a coin.

    Could be confirmation that I’m improving my money vibrations & the paper at the end could represent a check or paper money of some sort. ^_^

    • Hey Laurie,

      Well, if it was a happy dream then yes, I would think that this is a positive manifestation and an indicator that your money vibration is doing well. Keep up the great work!! The physical manifestations will follow soon. 🙂

      Huge hugs,


  • Hi Melody,

    I have been visualising in the last few weeks for something in my life but it hasnt as yet manifested. Last night i had a strange dream, i was giving birth and try as i might to push the baby wasnt coming. i could see the bump and the position the child was in but it just wasnt coming out. In my dream i knew that i had to have a contraction for me to push but i was scared that i would go through pain if i pushed too much. I just woke up before the child was born

    • Hey Nicky,

      I think this is so wise: You have to have a contraction first. Just pushing will create pain. So, wait for the right timing, and don’t push so hard. You’ll know when the time is right (when that baby wants to come out, you won’t be able to help but push). What a perfect metaphor! 🙂

      It sounds to me like you’re just trying to find the balance between inspired and uninspired action (pushing out of fear or pushing out of inspiration). Relax, soothe your fear and let it happen. Your body and the Universe are much wiser than you think. 🙂

      I hope that was helpful.

      Huge hugs,


  • Loved reason your article. I’ve recently had a dream that outside was turning pitch black. There were signs that something was wrong. The sky looked a weird shade of green. Out of the blue everything just levitated off the ground around my mom, dad, and dog. That’s when I saw that everything was going pitch black. My brother was running towards us as the black started to enclose on him and us. He lost two blue balls and I told him (excuse my language) fuck those balls and he kept on running staring at me with out blinking. And my dad was running towards me with the same look of desperation. We all got inside and I just woke up. It frightened me because I have no idea what it means and why I can still remember it. I wasn’t watching anything that could potentially provoke the dream. When I woke up I had a panic feeling. Again I did nothing that I know of to provoke it and I just wanted your dinghy as to what it could possibly mean.

    • Hey Katrina,

      Well, it sounds like you’re worried about something, possibly about your family. There’s something in you reality right now that feels the way to you that the dream felt, which you are not paying attention to. It’s not about imminent danger, it’s trying to get your attention. So, look for something that feels scary to you, a fear you’re not dealing with but that’s being triggered, that maybe you’re just pushing through because you think you have no choice. And it doesn’t necessarily have to have anything to do with your family, but it might.

      I hope that helps.

      Huge hugs,

  • Hi Melody,

    I found your article through Google. I looked at a few other sites and they, basically, all state the same thing about my dreams. I keep having a recurring dream where I am giving birth to a baby boy with my current husband. I will add that my tubes are tied and it is medically impossible for him to father a child, he was born that way and has no children of his own. I had the dream again last night with one exception, it was twins. A boy and a girl and it was in public.

    I have spoken with someone who said that dreaming of giving birth, is the death of something, i.e. a relationship, someone, career, etc. Everything I read online today suggested that I could either be in harmony with everything or in conflict.

    I would like to add that I have three children of my own, two boys and a girl. I would greatly appreciate any of your thoughts on what my dreams mean, if anything at all.


    • Hey Brandi,

      The specifics of the dream are much less important than how it felt to you. Did you feel happy? Stressed? Sad? What were the emotions? That’s what’s going to tell you what this dream was showing you. When it was in public, how did that change the dream? What added info did that give you? Did it feel different? Look for the emotions more than what the symbols mean. The actual events are just your brain’s way of representing the feelings.

      Huge hugs!

  • Hi Melody thanks for getting back to me so fast but can you explane to me more about physical manifestation pls. as would like to no more. And some times when i wake up from some dreams i feel like i’ve fullen back in bed?

    • A physical manifestation is when something happens to you in real life. I’m not sure what else you’d like to know. Do you have a specific question about manifestations?

      Also, I’m not sure what the second part of your question means. What do you mean by “I feel like I’ve fallen back in bed?”

      Sorry, if you can clarify I’d be happy to answer.

      Huge hugs,

  • i keep having a dream of a man i don’t no him in everyday life but always dreaming about him. Its always the same place and little details never change. I seem to have feelings for him and willing at act on them and he seems to have them about myself but wants to act but something holds him back until last night when things got really sexual. Its like i’m living in 2 worlds, everything is so real. Once years ago i had a dream about someone and weeks later i saw him in the streets. As a child and some times now i’ve had dreams which have came around in really life every detail the same. My dreams told me the sex of every child i had. I even had a dream i went in to early labour before i even knew i was having a baby and i did my twins were 5 weeks early. I don’t belive dreams are just dreams as i no for a fact that some time there do come ture. I’ve had hunders of dreams which have played out.

    • Hey Tammy,

      You are getting a glimpse of the physical manifestation in energetic form in your dreams. This is awesome. Enjoy it!

      It sounds like your dreams are also helping you to fine tune your vibration. If the man was hesitant, then you had a teensy bit of resistance there. But then you got together, so that’s an indication that the resistance was released. So good for you!

      It sounds like you’re doing really great! 🙂

      Huge hugs!

  • Hello again,

    Thanks for directing me to these dream posts. I find it very interesting that other people have mentioned that they dream a lot and find a lot of meaning in their dreams, whereas their partners don’t seem to remember any of their dreams. I guess I used to think my boyfriend was missing out by not having this other world to explore but he’s a lot more down to earth and has some remarkable abilities of his own, particularly at reading other people’s body language and feeling their energy. On the other hand I am usually up in the clouds in my own little world and often need to be brought back down to solid ground. All in all I think we provide a good balancing force to one another.

    On another note I used to find that when things in my life were not going so well I tended to have lovely dreams, when things in my life were going well and I was happy I tended to have bad dreams (although less so these days). I think that this comes from a need for balance and knowing that without negative there can be no positive and vice versa. But I’m also realising that good and bad feelings or events don’t have to have equal representation, I know what bad feels like so why not have a 100% happy shiny life. Good things don’t always have to come to an end 🙂

    • Hey Antonia,

      Everyone interprets energy in a different way. Some people have dreams, others don’t. It’s all good. I’m not a huge dreamer myself. I’ll occasionally interpret this way, but not often.

      While it’s impossible to tell in retrospect exactly what happened, it makes a lot more sense that when things were “going well”, you were raising your vibration, causing any resistance you had to come up to be released. They did so as bad dreams – these dreams were indicators of the obstacles that were standing in your way of moving forward. When things were going badly you had a powerful desire to have them go better and you must’ve allowed that energy in. Your first indicator was a good dream. And thinks would’ve improved further after that.

      There will always be contrast. There will always be stuff that you don’t like. It’s there to help you determine what you do like. But does it have to be 50/50? Not even close. If you see the contrast for what it is, you can shift while you’re just a bit annoyed, and it never has to get any bigger than that. But even if it does, it’s still there to serve you. The important thing is that you noticed it eventually. 🙂

      Huge hugs!

  • Hey Awesome Melody,

    Today I got to know how I have to deal with my en number of dreams. Which one to hold & which one to use.

    Your wisdom is Enlightening.

    Huge Hugs & Love,

  • Hey Melody, I kept a dream journal for a short time so I could interpret what happened. I didn’t do it for long, but I did get some interesting things down. One night, I dreamt about God and He told me to relax and not push myself too hard. At the time, I was pushing myself too much in studying and other areas of my life. I took the advice and relaxed more and felt so much better.

    I dated a girl once who told me that if she and her mom both dreamt about a tornado on the same night than someone close to both of them would die. So far, it has happened twice with both times someone dying. That just makes me think there is something to dreams. They’re important to pay attention to.

    • Hi Steve,

      Dream journals are great – they actually encourage dreaming (or remembering your dreams). It’s like we’re sending the message that we’re open to receiving info this way. While dreams can be literal, most of the time they aren’t. So keeping a dream journal (which lists the feelings associated with the dreams) can help us to spot patterns which will allow us to figure out what they’re about. Also, a one-off dream isn’t nearly as telling as a recurring one. If you have a dream over and over, it’s a manifestation of a very active vibration, so something you want to pay attention to.

      Thanks for stopping by!


  • Excellent eye opening post about dreams. I had in my life two very significant dreams long before I ever knew about the law of attraction and the subconscious mind.

    One dream was a very long time ago when I was 14 years old. I had a crush on the son of one of my mother’s friends who was 10 years older than me. One night I dreamt that he was working on a roof and fell through the roof baking both his legs.

    All day, I was so disturbed by that dream I couldn’t think about anything else. It was like a voice was telling me that this wasn’t just a dream. Well, it wasn’t! The next day in the afternoon my mother announced to me that her friend’s son was working on a roof and fell through braking both his legs.

    Needless to say that I was FREAKING out!!! This was over 20 years ago and I never had a dream like this one again.

    About 12 years ago I dreamt that a friend of mine had been sexually abused when he was a child. When I woke up I just knew that this was not just a dream. It’s like my subconscious knew and was telling me this is TRUE. So much so, that I mastered the courage to tell my friend about my dream and told him that I was convinced that this was true. He told me that it was.

    How would you interpret these two dreams stories? I have my own ideas based on my current knowledge of energy and the subconscious mind, but I would love to hear what your thoughts on that.

    • Hi Syviane,

      It sounds to me that you were tuning into their energy. I can’t tell you what made you a match to that (your desire to help, the fact that you were a match to them in some other way), but clearly you tuned right in and picked up their signal. I’m sure that you’re sensitive to energy in other ways, as well, and probably in ways that are a bit more helpful, LOL.

      I’d actually love to hear your own interpretations of these dreams. What do you think happened?

      Huge hugs,

      • LOL, I realized I wrote “baking” instead of “breaking”:)

        Thanks for your reply, Melody. Well, I guess today my interpretation of those dreams would be that’s the “energy” as you mentioned is responsible. Those two people were both occupying my mind quite a bit at the time and I am sure that’s why I would pick their energy that way.

        Also, this kind of stuff run very high on my mother’s side of my family… my mother, grand mother aunt and uncle… all have had “higher self” experiences so to speak. And, yes, I am trying to put that “gift” into good use now, instead of wondering.

  • Hello Melody
    How are you?
    Just wanted you to know I found your article on dreams quite insightful and enlightening. I must say I rarely analyze dreams.
    A quick question please (if you don’t mind)
    What’s your position on people having dreams because they had an extremely active day
    and it’s like the day is on a replay button?
    Once again, thanks for sharing.
    You do a marvellous job here.
    Enjoy the rest of the day.

    • Hi Ayo,

      It’s always such a pleasure to see you here. 🙂
      Generally, when you’ve had a busy day, you don’t shut that down when you get home. You continue to think about and focus on what happened that day, often in great detail (very specific focus). This could then play out in your dreams. Not all dreams require action or have to be analyzed to death. Often they will show us what we already know. Remember that it’s our vibration that’s creating, not some outside force trying to communicate with us, giving us cryptic messages that we then have to decipher. This is why dreaming is such a personal thing – we’re the ones sending the messages, so we’re the only ones who can figure out exactly what it means. But it’s not always something hidden. Sometimes, it’s quite obvious. So, if you’ve been filing papers all day, you could well dream about filing papers. There’s no mystery there. You focused on this one task all day. That’s all. 🙂

      Hope that helps.

      Huge hugs to you my friend,


  • I would disagree. I mean ok maybe the dreams about heroine addict friends, inability to run, chasing an ice cream truck, reliving the carnaval from 5 years ago, might qualify as normal dreams experienced because of incompleteness or not being present in the moment. Oooon the otherside there are those of us who consistently dream about having conversations with dead people, seeing bright lights, being on different planets, being in different times in different places on this planet and seeing space ships descending to earth, traveling through sand and water to other realities, all the while being able to recall what I ate for breakfast that previous morning. Now how would this be incompleteness, or a reality I am creating? If incompleteness is the case I would then need to start recognizing spaceships and other dimensions in my wakened state. I am making this point because I don’t think you can make a general statement about dreams. I believe that yes we all have similar “normal” dreams I.e. standing naked somewhere, but other ppl have experiences that I do not believe can be interpreted as useless information or junk information. Sent from Droid, so excuse sentence structure and grammar! Back to work.

    • Hi Brian,

      This may sound weird, but I’m not sure why you think we disagree? I totally agree with everything you wrote. Perhaps I’m looking at it from a different perspective…

      I don’t think that dreams are meaningless at all. That was my point. They are meaningful manifestations and we benefit from paying attention to them. I didn’t spend a lot of time in this post on “positive” dreams, but those exist just the same, of course. Remember that everything is energy and we are transceivers, able to connect to many more frequencies than just the physical ones. When we do so, we translate that energy into something that’s relevant to us. Visions of fairies and ghosts used to be prevalent, but in our current society we tend more to see aliens and UFO’s. That doesn’t mean that you’re creating aliens or even necessarily connecting with real aliens, but you’ve definitely tapped into a higher frequency. And yes, there can be a lot of knowledge there. You can do the same while awake, with meditation. Your dreams are a vibrational match to you, which means that it’s not just about what you bring into the physical. There’s so much more to this reality than that… And it’s not just about working out your crap. It’s also (and ideally primarily) about going higher and higher, gaining more insights, more knowledge, more perspective and more fun.

      Deep, deep stuff. Thanks so much for opening up this dialogue. And your spelling and grammar are fine. 🙂

      Huge hugs,

  • Hi Melody and everybody,

    Dreams are weird. Mine range from hanging out with Richard Gere to complicated narratives with people I don’t know. Last night I dreamed about a young man and woman. He was going to be the next President of the US (he was in his early 20’s!) and wanted to marry her. She liked him but didn’t want the responsibility. Huh?? Sometimes I think I spend too much energy trying to figure out dreams…

    like Lori, I’ve had sequences of dreams about people who have died, watching them grow healthier and healthier.

    There’s definitely something chemical in dreaming, because after heavy anesthesia (two surgeries in two days), every time I fell asleep I felt like I was being smothered in black sheets, to the point where I woke myself up every 15 minutes for weeks (not the best for recovering from surgery!).

    I’ve enjoyed reading everyone’s comments. Thank you all, and thank you Melody for bringing up such an interesting topic. Hugs!

    Mary Carol

    • Hi Mary Carol,

      Well, I’d never say never. You could manifest a meeting with Richard Gere. Why not?

      What actually happened in the dream is less important than how it felt. I’m wondering if this doesn’t have something to do with your own reluctance to “commit”? Eh? Just a thought. 😉

      Oh, and I love how you’ve seen dead people get healthier and healthier – corresponding with their raised vibration on the other side (we drop all the BS and resistance when we transition…)

      Uff! That sounds intense. I wonder if the surgery brought up some fears of dying. That would be quite natural and those fears could easily have played out in your dreams…

      Keep up the good vibes. Richard Gere is waiting for you! 😛


      • Maybe I’ll visit my daughter in Manhattan, though she’s hardly ever seen a ‘celebrity.’ Her dog peed in front of Chris Noth’s chair one time, though. Hee hee. Noth hadn’t arrived yet and a trusty assistant rinsed it away.

        You’re probably right about commitment… unavailable is more fun?? The dreams about Gere leave me with an amazing warm fuzzy friendship buzz.

        Warm fuzzy hug!

        Mary Carol

  • Hi Melody,

    I intrepret most of the dreams I remember. Growing up both my mom and my grand father intrepreted dreams. They had a christian background and believed that dreams were a way the Creator communicated with human beings.

    Personally I don’t necessarily look at it that way, but I do believe there are messages in my dreams. Often feel the intrepretations of my dreams correspond greatly to my waking life and things I maybe struggling with or need guidance on. I find dreams somewhat comforting.

    Sometimes I do feel they have warnings in them. Other times they’re their to make me look closely at something I’m avoiding or afraid of facing.

    I enjoyed reading your take on dreams. Thank you for sharing.

    Peace, Love & Gratitude,


    • Hey Neseret!

      Thanks so much for sharing your own point of view here. I actually think that when we start to pay attention to our dreams, they tend to become clearer. It’s like we’re honing our skills at learning this “language” and the better we get at speaking it, the more we speak to ourselves that way, if that makes sense. So, it makes sense that your dreams are very meaningful to you – you grew up speaking the language of dreams… 🙂


  • Indeed Melody. Dreams are testament to awesome power of our subconscious. It is always working away in ways we can’t fathom. I find dreams wonderfully empowering conduits to see what is really going on in there. Every so often I will be awakened in the middle of the night with a line of perfected prose. Inevitably, I had been struggling with a writing bloc and finally my subconscious handed me exactly what I was looking for. I habitually keep pen and paper by my nightstand in anticipation of these moments.

    • Hi Rob,

      That’s such a great technique – to keep paper and pen by the bed. When we sleep, our vibration rises, which gives us access to clarity and insights (due to that higher vibration) than we had when we were focused on the problem (or stuck). Capturing those insights the second they come through is a great way to not only stop from forgetting them, but also to encourage ourselves to be open to receiving these insights. When you train yourself to expect to receive them, you do. 🙂

      Huge hugs to you,

    • Hi Tess,

      LOL. Of course it’s fine. You’re not “missing out”. Many people don’t remember their dreams. They are ONE way in which we manifest our vibration. One of an infinite number of ways. Have you had a butterfly land on your hand? I have. That’s another way. Does everyone need to do that? Nope. How horrible it would be if we were all the same… The way you manifest is perfect for you. Consider it like a communication. Some people speak the language of dreams, some don’t. Why would you want to communicate in a language you don’t understand, when it’s so much easier to pick one of the languages you’re fluent in? 😀


  • Hi Melody,

    I wish I could just remember my dreams! I’ve read that when we dream we are actually traveling to the astral plane, and some dreams are just our brains working some sort of issue out. Either way dreams can be very cool and sometimes really alarming.

    • Hi Todd,

      Set the intention to remember your dreams and then RELAX about it. Just trust that you’ll get whatever you need. Often, when we want something too much, we actually pinch off the energy. What is it that you hope to accomplish in this dream world? Focus on that. Dreaming may not be the best or easiest way to accomplish this goal… :


  • Well, my dreams are pretty action-packed, could get histrionic and could involve supernatural elements at times. I don’t get bother by that as I have a very hyperactive imagination and read a lot. What I am bothered about is my hubby as he dreams about static. And most of the time he doesn’t dream at all. I have no idea what this means for him.

    • Hi Reese,

      Welcome to Deliberate Receiving. Don’t worry about your husband. There’s no right way or wrong way to dream. Whatever is happening is perfect for him. I often go for long periods without remembering my dreams. then, I’ll have a few weeks where I remember tons of them. If there’s a message there for him, he’ll get it one way or another. Remember, dreams aren’t the only way we manifest stuff. 🙂


  • Yes, I have lots of dreams where I am working out something in my life…but this summer I had this re-occurring dream about being in an airport with my daughters 3. We all start our together with my eldest leading the way….then she turns and we can not find her…well the youngest figures it out and head off and I can not catch her to help us…
    I feel like I have to hurry up whereas the daughter who is left is just taking her time. I usually have to find a bathroom about here in the dream and then get up! There is a residue of hurry and frustration….but it is more about my seeing that my kiddos are leaving the nest and my partner is not ready to downsize and no one is meeting my needs or wants…so I just head to the loo!
    I think doing my 5 gratitudes before falling asleep has really changed my sleep to more healing and relaxing experience. I am still having more problem with getting up in the mornings and getting start energy going. Like the dream state better than all the work here 🙂

    • Hi Patricia,

      Thank you so much for sharing your dream and interpretation here. Sometimes, all we can do is go to the loo. LOL. It makes sense that raising your vibration before sleep (which is what you’re doing when you focus on gratitude) would affect your dream manifestations. I’ve never been much of a morning person myself. I always need about half an hour to become fully awake. I’ve finally just made my peace with that and now I allow myself all the time I need. Luxury! And I start every day with a smile. 🙂 Why fight it?

      Huge hugs!

  • Hey Dreambloggess!
    What are dreams from the scientific postulates of the LOA point of view and how to take them into account? Don´t you jolt me out of my dreams 😉 😀 !!

    How I approach my dreams generally is that I enjoy them (in case I catch them awake), if they have been bad or good. I love the continuing feeling of a dream in my body, sometimes I can feast on it a whole day. The content is rather accessory (not always), usually it doesn´t really makes sense anyway.
    I love to know and feel my dream in waking time, because I lurk for important information, and how I interpret a dream depends. If the intensity (of the feeling) was high, I tend to take it as real (with certain translations and modifications), if it was not so intense I try to extract or give it a meaning somehow. I don´t question its truth content or try to analyse its origination – it came to me as my personal intimate gift.

    I also think that dreams are digestive processes (I believe in the idea of digestion on every level), or even a revelation of an important inner concern, which chose to come to us through the channel of a dream to get its recognition.
    I once took one of these heavenly combinations of vibrational remedies from the pacific called “detox”, which was supposed to detox on the physical, emotional and mental plane, and I got terrible nightmares night after night for over a week. These dreams didn´t make any sense to me, extreme horrific violence, meanest malevolence, things beyond any of my own experiences. After some time in this process I had one of the best moments of my life, this being-out-of-time-and-space feeling, really perceiving that All IS WELL. So my dreams must have been a detoxification of the mental/emotional body, possibly experiences from my ancestors or former lifes being released, I don´t know.

    I think that our dreams can give us information about things beyond our normal knowledge and accessibility. That doesn´t mean that they have to be “applied” directely, just somehow we know intuitively what chord (sometimes long forgotten) in our inner world they had been striking.

    Dream on guys! 😀

    • Hi Sara,

      Thank you for sharing your dream and your interpretation with us! I totally get what you’re saying. When I left my corporate job, for a couple of weeks, I had these horrific dreams. I saw people with their faces ripped off. I was healing and processing and I realized later that the dreams were about becoming more authentic (taking off the masks). The way I felt at the time really colored the tone of the dream (I was not a happy, shiny puppy…) I don’t particularly care for that heebie-jeebie feeling I get after having a nightmare, but I really adore the feeling I wake up with when I’ve had a delicious dream. So, I’m right there with you. 🙂

      Huge hugs!

  • I must respectfully disagree with you, my dear Melody.

    I do not see dreams that way. Oh, in some ways you ARE correct.. but those ways you have already explained.

    Dreams are us exploring our inner selves. ‘Nuff said. Dreams do have a specific vibration that IS very likely to change as you go through the scenes, but no, dreams are not JUST a manifestation. They are guidance as well. They are ridiculous, they are funny and they are…
    German shepherd dogs.

    Anyway, you get the idea.

    • Aha! That’s what you think. Dear Sol, here comes the twist: Could it not be argued (and I submit that it could) that guidance is a type of manifestation? Eh?

      In my reality we agree. I know. How sucky is that. 😛

      Big cheesy grin and tons of Hugs,

  • Hi Melody,
    I’ve been analyzing dreams for years now – I enjoy it! When I dream comes to me clearly, or when it comes repeatedly, I figure it’s a message me and try to decode it.
    I wouldn’t want to have forshadowing dreams. I just wouldn’t want to have information like that – asleep or awake! I have dreamed of seeing someone who has passed on, seeing them young and healthy. I feel that’s a message too.
    Since I read Jung’s book on dreams, I’ve been fascinated with their richness and happy to capture one for analysis!

    • Hi Lori,

      Yeah, I’m not to keen on precognitive dreams, either. I’d rather not know, but some people do get them and it can freak them out.

      I love how you point out that you pay more attention to repetitive dreams. If something comes up again and again, either in the waking state or in a dream, then we should definitely look into it. Patterns are always telling us something. 🙂

      Huge hugs!

  • Hi Melody,

    My wife and mother-in-law have been having dreams about our little son getting lost in a crowd. In all there were three dreams with similar results and they are fearful of that actually happening. These days when we go out, we take extra precaution to make sure that he is well looked after. My question is how can I help the dreamers find more comfort and security without actually having anything negative happening to my boy?

    Personal, I have very little dreams or do not seem to be able to remember my dreams. I am not sure if this is good or bad, but I would like to explore. I do believe that dreams are a part our being and they do carry special and powerful messages if we truly want to learn from them.


    • Hi Jimmy,

      It’s very likely that your wife and mother-in-law have fears that are playing out in their dreams. The fact that they are mother and daughter makes it very probable that they share the same fear. The dreams are reflecting this fear, that’s all. There’s a big difference between feeling safer and knowing your child is ok, and just handing them to strangers to do with as they please. You don’t have to completely give up watching over him, in other words, in order to give up being paranoid in crowds. It might be worth exploring why your wife and her mother have this particular fear. Perhaps there’s something in their history? In any case, being this worried about your son isn’t helping any of you, least of all your son. Kids pick up on their parent’s fears… The fear is causing the dreams, not the other way around.

      Don’t worry too much about not having dreams. I rarely remember my dreams. I know that when I need to remember one, I do. I’m not missing out on any important messages, and neither are you. 🙂 It’s all good Jimmy. It’s all good.

      Huge hugs!

      • Hi Melody,

        Thanks for your assurance. You know what, my wife and her mother cannot get along at all. My wife is the new age mother and her mother is a religious holiness that thinks of nothing positive anyway. i wonder if this have any impact on their similar fears?

        I will try and dig a little deeper to see if there are anything hidden in the past. But being the non psychic that I am, it will not be easy. Anyway, I think that the dreams of my boy getting lost has dissipated.

  • Very interesting post, Melody. If it were up to me though, I’d want my dreams to just be dreams and nothing more. It’s the one time in a day when I can leave my mind to rest and process all the sights, sounds, and memories that have been collected throughout the day, so I’m happy if it’s just dreaming about random events. Sure, nightmares are crappy, but if that’s a way for my mind to release a certain fear or face it or do something about it, then so be it. At least when I wake up I can either reflect or forget about it.

    However, I can tell what kind of state I’m in by recalling last night’s dream. Restless, hectic dreams usually mean I’ve been thinking too hard about something. They go away when I stop focusing too much. Pleasant dreams usually come about when I’m anticipating something good. Ironically the best type of dreams are the ones that I can’t remember. The morning that follows allows me to feel refreshed and new. These are the dreams that tell me that I’ve allowed my body to rest. My mind did the work, my brain took its sleep and kept no memory of the dream, so when that happens you wake up feeling brand new. 🙂

    It’s also fun when you know you’re in a dream. When that happens you can manifest almost immediately…in the dream I mean. I’ve only been able to do it a few times before. One time I actually turned a nightmare into an adventure and came out victorious. It was amazing. You can have superpowers and fly or go into space or fight dragons or meet supermodels and ….. urmmm……befriend them. I’ll keep those details to myself. Oh, the possibilities!

    • Hey Derrek!

      It’s ok to think dreams area just dreams. That’s much better than stressing yourself out about them. 🙂 This is all meant to be light, not “work”.

      What you experienced when you were able to “control” your dream is called lucid dreaming. And it’s super cool. Say hi to the supermodels for me. 😉


  • Hi, Mel. Great post. Dreams are definitely intriguing. Our intuition is always speaking to us, both in waking consciousness and sleep.

    I personally used to have a recurring, disturbing dream (back when I was addicted to narcotic opiates) in 2006…

    On and off for several months during the tenure I was abusing pain-killers I was having very vivid dreams. But there was one dream in particular that stuck out in my mind and haunted me endlessly. In this dream I was staggering along in a foreign land, naked and alone, with blinding snow and deathly coldness, snow, and frost whirling all around me me.

    I seemed to travel with no destination in mind, no direction of where I was headed. I was just lost in unknown land. The dream would end the same way each time… I’d be walking across a solid sheet of ice, covered in deep snow and then I’d fall right through it. Everything went from a wintry, depressing gray to frigid pitch black. I tried desperately to swim my way back to the surface, hoping to find the hole that I just fell through, in order to pull myself back out from my imminent death by drowning.

    I never seemed to be able to find my way back out. I would get stuck in the black freezing water under the ice. Just before I’d reach the point where I knew I was about to lose consciousness and seep slowly into my demise, I’d wake up gripped by dreadful panic, sweating profusely and gasping for air.

    This continued for a couple weeks, until I finally broke and asked God for guidance and help. Not sure what your personal beliefs are regarding a God or High Power, but I believe in the power of prayer, but perhaps for different reasons than most fundamentalist Christians or believers might…

    Anyhow, I went to bed the next night feeling a little better than normal (I had been suffering from intense bouts of depression and anxiety attacks after quitting narcotics cold turkey). After falling asleep, I had that same dream again. This time it felt different. I didn’t know why or how, but I knew it was going to be different. For one, I wasn’t scared or anxious during the dream. I wasn’t full of fear as I trudged through the snow and blistering ice like I had been before. When I came to the point at which I fell through the frozen sheet below me, I let myself go. I didn’t struggle to find my way to the surface.

    No panic, no fear. I just floated in the water and in passivity. It was then that I heard His voice:

    “Ronnie. Open your eyes.”

    It was God, speaking to me. As I opened my eyes, I saw light and the water wasn’t dark all around me, but clear. I could see the opening in the surface I had fallen through.

    He spoke again, “Ronnie, the way out was here the entire time. Your eyes were just closed.”

    Talk about an “awakening” dream. The message was clear. I had been fighting myself, blaming everyone and everything else for my troubles, but the problem was within me, within my awareness. I was simply refusing to see the “way out,” to see the light and the truth.

    Dreams are subjective, but that’s also what makes them so powerful.

    What do you think about it, Mel?

    • Wow Ronnie! Thanks so much for sharing this powerful story!!

      I think it so perfectly illustrates how you made a major shift. Your “dark” dreams reflected your depression and how stuck you felt in it. When the suffering became too much, you surrendered (people often do that by praying to God or a Higher power. The basic premise is that you’re saying “I can’t take this anymore”) And then you shifted and your dream reflected that back to you in such a beautiful way. What wonderful confirmation!!

      And I also love the powerful lesson you learned: We are never really stuck. the way out or up to to what we want is always there. We always have access to what we want. But we have to be able to see it. Yay!

      Huge giant puppy hugs to you!

  • Hi Melody,

    I believe most dreams have no real meaning at all. They are only the manifestation of our incomplete moments. If we would be complete in all moments, we would not have dreams at all.

    Most dreams will be the garbage of what you did not complete during the day and nothing more. They give a signal about the past, so they have no real value for the future, but that.

    So I believe your explanation of your dream is accurate – it is your worry about this person that causes that moment to be incomplete and probably has provoked the dream.

    Dreams are very good tools to analyse yourself: if you can find the recurrent themes of your dreams, you can actually become aware of your biggest incompleteness. Your biggest incompleteness will become what you value the most in your life.

    So unless you keep having dreams with worrying as central theme, it has no meaning at all.

    Thanks for sharing your dream 🙂

  • I enjoy having dreams. Waking up from a dream tells me my body has been refreshed. Those dreams that doesn’t make any sense to me, I interpret them as communication from my spirit guides.

    • Hi Jim,

      I don’t think that we have to obsess over the meaning of dreams (just as I don’t think we should obsess over anything…). Sometimes they just don’t seem to make any sense at all. If I can’t figure out what it meant, I figure whatever’s going on will become apparent in some other way soon enough. 🙂


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