Note: Ok, I know it’s Video Tuesday, but I’m making an exception today. This post contains a powerful insight that I JUST HAD and while I’m able to write about it, at least to some extent, I’m still having some trouble expressing it verbally. My brain tries to convey the information much faster than my mouth can keep up with. Once I’ve processed this information fully, I’ll be able to make a video. This is also why today’s post is so long. This represents just a tiny fraction of what I want to say (and will, given time). Believe me, I kept it short.

Most of you will have seen, read or at least heard of the movie/book The Secret. I’m immensely grateful to the creators of The Secret for getting the idea of the Law of Attraction out there to the masses. People are now asking questions that they would never have asked before, and they’ve at least been exposed to the idea that we have more control over our fate than we’ve been taught to believe. Sure, the movie only skimmed the surface of what the Law of Attraction is really all about, kind of like explaining the concept of gravity by dropping an apple and watching it fall to the ground. You get the “gist” of what gravity is all about, but you can’t utilize that knowledge to send a rocket to the moon. So, while a simple reading of The Secret isn’t going to give you a real understanding of the Law of Attraction, it managed to get a lot of people interested in learning more. And because the movie’s aim was to appeal to as large an audience as possible, the irony is, it kind of had to keep “the secret” a secret. I have no such restriction.

I had a bit of a quantum leap recently. It wasn’t my first and I’m sure it won’t be my last, and yes, I know that I advise against them because they can be uncomfortable, but I happen to be one of those head through the wall people who will put up with that discomfort to facilitate my growth. And then, I share that growth with you, so that you can also benefit from my discomfort. I’m pretty sure this makes me some kind of saint or martyr or something. You’re welcome.

This latest quantum leap led to some major insights (mind = FUBAR), with the main one being a much deeper and more complete understanding of how we manifest our reality. And although I usually like to wait until I’ve fully processed a new insight before I write about it publicly, I can’t do that this time. It seems that this information wants to come out. Now. It won’t leave me alone. Someone out there really wants to learn this stuff. With a vengeance. So, I hope you’re ready for this, because I’m about to give you the secret. [queue dramatic music – Pum Pum Pum!]

Step 1 – Focus on what you want

I’m going to make this one quick, because you’ve heard this stuff a thousand times before. Focus on what you want instead of what you don’t want. Yeah, yeah, yeah. You get it.

But, do you really get what it is you’re doing when you focus on something (even what you don’t want?) All of our power is in our ability to focus. All of it. And when we focus on something, we are saying “I want to include this in my reality”, no matter if we want it or not. This is why we should never focus on anything we don’t want, unless it’s briefly, to help us further define what we do want. This is where our work is – ALL our work.  If we put any effort into anything, it should be into practicing how to focus on the wanted instead of the unwanted. That’s it. That’s all the work we need to do. And, it’s all the work we should do, because our insistence on “helping” the process along in the next steps (trying to make it happen) is pretty much what mucks it all up.

Step 2 – Get into a state of allowing

Again, you’ve heard of this before. But do you get what that really means? I didn’t. Not until my little mind blowing insight recently. Allow me (pun fully intended) to explain:

The state of allowing is the state of being fully present in the moment. That sounds nice, right? Well, this is the hard part. Most of us don’t know how to really do that. What does it feel like to be fully present? Well, I can’t really tell you. You have to experience it (psych!). But I can tell you what it doesn’t feel like:

  • When you’re fully present, you are not judging the moment. Have you ever had a great meal and thought “I’m having such a great time, but I wish so-and-so was here.” You weren’t fully present. When you wish that the moment were different in any way, you are judging it to be lacking and you are not allowing it to be exactly as it is.
  • When you’re fully present, you are not trying to MAKE anything happen. There is no effort in allowing. There may be action (more on that later), but there is no effort. You’re not trying to manipulate the moment. You’re not trying to change it in any way.
  • When you’re fully present, you are living in the NOW, not the future or the past. You can’t compare a moment to the past without judging it. And you can’t worry about the future and still be present in the NOW.
  • When you’re fully present, you are not self-conscious. You are not worried what others are thinking of you, how you look, or if you’re doing it right. You are so caught up in the moment that those kinds of thoughts cease to exist. You become the center of the Universe and everything around you is there to surprise and delight you. You see the perfection of everything (because everything is a perfect reflection of your vibration). You feel the power that you have – everything and everyone in your reality is a manifestation of yours.
  • When you’re fully present, there is no fear. You can’t be fully present in the now and wonder what might go wrong at the same time. You can’t be fully present and think ugly thoughts about yourself. Fear can’t exist when you’re in a complete state of allowing.
  • When you’re in a full state of allowing, time ceases to exist. You lose complete track of how long you’ve been doing something when you’re fully immersed in the moment.
  • When you’re fully present, there is no wanting. There is nothing that you want, need or have to have. You are appreciating the moment, unaware of what’s missing and not judging it in any way. In that moment, everything is completely perfect. It’s not that you couldn’t see anything unwanted, as much as that you just don’t.

Everyone stumbles into a state of complete allowing from time to time. Usually, we remember these moments as the highlights of our lives. These are times when we find ourselves, inadvertently, completely and totally happy. It happens when we fully connect with someone, like when we make love, for example. It may happen during a sporting event (like when the Red Sox won the World Series), or when you made the perfect basket without even thinking about it. We call it being “in the zone” and most people have no idea that this state of mind can be practiced and orchestrated, much less how to do it.

But this state of complete allowing is an integral part of how we can deliberately manifest reality, and what’s more, when we learn to find this state often and on purpose, our lives become a hell of a lot more fun.

You see, life is supposed to be fun. We are not here to observe, or to prove anything or to suffer. God no! We are here to play. Pure and simple. And this is where the next step comes in.

Step 3 – Follow your intuition and play

Once you’ve focused on what you wanted, you’ve begun the process of bringing it into your reality. When you get into a state of allowing, you speed up the process, by not contradicting that energy. When you’re in a state of allowing, you offer no resistance to what you want. So, why don’t we just focus and then spend the next couple of weeks meditating? Well, meditation is a great way to get into a general state of allowing. But, and this is a big BUT, meditation is simply a tool that we can use to train ourselves to find that state of allowing (just like visualization is a tool we use to help us focus). It is NOT how we are supposed to spend the majority of our time. Why? Because, while meditation feels good, there is something so much better: A state of allowing coupled with play.

The perfect state of allowing can be found between trying to control the moment and simply observing it. We aren’t supposed to work at making anything happen, but neither are we supposed to just stand back and watch (which is basically what meditation is). We are here to immerse ourselves in reality, to get our hands dirty, to fully experience all this physical reality has to offer, to use and completely enjoy our physical senses, to interact. We are here to play.

And when we’re in a state of complete allowing, our intuition will guide us to not only the most fun way to play, but the most fun way to play that will lead us straight to what we want. Our intuition may inspire us to action. It may inspire us to simply enjoy (fully) what’s happening around us. It may bring other players to us, or it may lead us to them. As long as we follow that inner guidance, we will be led to more and more truly awesome experiences the likes of which we couldn’t even dream of.

The jam session

Imagine a bunch of musicians in a jam session. The drummer usually starts first. He sets the beat. The other musicians listen to that beat. They listen for what they hear – and every musician will hear something different. Little by little, each musician will chime in with their own interpretation. None of them will play the exact same thing as another. None of them are leading the song, and none are really following anyone. They are each doing their own thing, following their own heart, creating their own masterpiece. And yet, each musician contributes to the whole, perfectly complementing the others to create a magnificent melody (yep, I heard it. Shaddap).

Our interaction with our physical environment, including (and especially) that with other people, is just like that. You don’t have to try and force the other musicians to play just like you. You don’t have to copy anyone else. You don’t have to worry about sounding off (if you do, it will mess up your mojo and screw up the perfection of your song). If you hold back, you’ll miss out on the richness of the experience. But if you let yourself just go with it, follow your heart and just enjoy the moment, if you allow yourself to become fully immersed in the experience, the result will be nothing short of inspired awesomeness. This is where genius lives. This is where joy resides. This is where the expression “F%$k Yeah!” was born.

Obstacles are part of the process

Now, most of us aren’t able to hold a state of complete allowing all the time (ok, most of us can’t hold onto it at all, but with practice, we can get better at it). There will be times in between those periods of allowing when we sort of dip a little bit. There will even be times when we experience negative emotions, unwanted experiences and even illness. And that’s all ok. It’s all perfect.

You see, when we do the work of focusing and line ourselves up with what we want, we start to move toward it. It’s like we start driving down a road toward our wanted destination. And on that road, we encounter obstacles. These are manifestations of our resistance – beliefs and thoughts we have that will keep us from reaching our destination. If we were in a video game, these would be the dragons we’d have to slay before we could get to the princess.

For example, you want a new car. You focus on that new car. Yay! Then, your old car, which has been running ok, breaks down. And you think: “[Insert expletive of choice here]! I wanted a new car, and my car breaks down! This LOA crap doesn’t work!” But what really happened is that every day, when you got into your old car, you thought “what a crappy car. I want a new car, not this pile of junk!” So, you were sending out “My car is a pile of junk!”, which is a belief that will keep you from that new car. Therefore, when you started lining up with the energy of the new car, that junky belief popped up and yelled “Hey there! You have to release me if you want a new car!” And since the negative feeling that belief created every time you got into your car wasn’t enough to get your attention, it got your car to break down. This is not a sign of failure. It’s a manifestation of a belief you have that is KEEPING YOU FROM WHAT YOU WANT!

You want these manifestations. They are helpful (as long as you know what they are). If these obstacles didn’t pop up, you’d possibly never reach your destination. You’d just be slowed down by invisible forces. But your resistance isn’t invisible. It’s smacking you in the face every chance it gets because in the grand scheme of things, it knows that this is the only way you’ll get what you want. It is smacking you in the face with love. And if you just realize that, heed the message and release those obstacles, you’ll reach your destination in no time.


That’s it. That’s the secret. See what you don’t want, figure out what you do want, focus on that, get into a state of allowing and play. That’s how we’re supposed to roll. We’re the ones who screwed it all up with our rules and horrible interpretations of necessary suffering and punishment and lessons and whatnot.

It’s like we went to this awesome, 3-D, virtual reality amusement park, with the most incredible and advanced rides and food and games, but then we started to worry about the safety and the sugar in the food, and we put on little suits and began organizing ourselves into groups so we could worry together. And we decided that it wasn’t an amusement park at all, but some kind of horrible test that was so hard that we could never win. And we started to make all kinds of arbitrary rules, like you can only have one candied apple per day or the cotton candy has to be either pink or blue. And we put speed limit signs up on the go cart track and decided that all the really cool rides were probably some kind of trap and so we outlawed this and shunned that, until we felt guilty every time we allowed ourselves to even dream of going into the fun house.

Turn on the lights and open your eyes. It’s an amusement park. All of it. I don’t know about you, but I’m going on the big, scary roller coaster. I will sit in the very front. I will not keep my arms in the carriage, but instead, flail them about like an epileptic having an orgasm. I will scream at the top of my lungs and laugh like a stoned hyena during the scary bits. I will not worry about my hair getting messed up, or whether or not I look like an idiot. I will be in the moment, completely immersed in my experience. And I will play with, not for, not against, but with everyone who wants to join me.

Ok, I get that this was still a high level explanation of the process and that more information might be valuable here. What do you think? Do you have a better understanding of the LOA? Do you still have questions? Give me your thoughts and ask your Q’s in the comments. What did you resonate with? What do you want me to explain further in future posts? Use your intuition and interact in a way that makes you feel great! 🙂

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  • Meolody, in my several months of studying and implementing the Law of Attraction into my daily life your website could not have been any more crystal! Thank you so much for your wisdom and commitment into enlightening others in how to perfectly use the LOA to manifest our desired reality. I’m focusing on the type of future I want right? I want several careers not just one. These are pretty big careers if you ask me but they are what I love and people say they are perfect for me or that they can see me doing them:) Sometimes I still get bewildered on where the action part (inspired action or trusting my intuition) comes in and plays its vital role. Im sure youve heard about the Law of Action of course:) Generally, can you explain how to effectively use the LOA to create my desired career and where the action part comes in? Do i trust my intution to tell me when i should take action or not?


  • This is a very late comment to this post, but here I am again with the thinking I have got it, just to realise I am still one little bit of understanding away from totally getting it. I really resonate with a comment made by Fonzy Montenegro: “Then I stumbled upon Eckhart Tolle’s quotes on the net and everything fell into their proper place when I read this quote of his: Never resist reality (a paraphrase 🙂 ). Suddenly I realized that what Abraham really meant in their phrase “make peace with where you are” is the above quote by Tolle. From there on, there was a perfect merging of the two teachings in my heart. To be in the state of allowing… to be in the vortex meant being in the powerful NOW.”

    But, higher up in the comments Melody says: “Don’t be realistic. That’s what we think we have to do all the time. We try to see things as they really are and we try to accept them. This comes from the paradigm that we can’t change anything anyway, so might as well make peace with it. That’s not what I’m advising at all. Being in the moment means focusing ONLY on the bits of NOW that you love. Give all of your attention to the bits of life that you like and leave the rest. Focus selectively (incredibly selectively). Most people wouldn’t call that realistic, but it will shape your reality.”

    I am not getting how you accept and make peace with where you are and not be accepting of reality – at the same time. An example: let’s say I have physical pain. I have investigated this pain and tried all sorts of ways to ‘get rid’ of it, but I realise that actually what I need to do is just accept it and allow it to be (I have been listening to quite a bit of Abraham and reading Tolle). But that means accepting reality. As it is. The pain is not going to allow me to focus selectively only on the good bits because it is hammering away at me. The best I can do is to allow it to be and to totally accept that this is my current reality and this is perfect for right now.

    Obviously I don’t want the pain. Obviously I would prefer to focus selectively on good things only. But this pain is not going to be denied. All I can do right now is accept with love. But then I am doing the opposite of ‘Don’t be realistic’.

    And focusing on the new reality that I want to create is the opposite of being in the NOW because (although I am focusing and feeling this reality as though it is heppening now) it is not actually the NOW that I am in at this moment. So I am still focusing on a desired future outcome rather than being in the NOW and just allowing.

    Grrrr, this feels like holding onto soap in the bath. I get it, it slips through my fingers, I grab it again, it slips away again. Over and over!

  • Thank you so much Melody. I’ve learned a lot from your blog and for now I guess this article is the one which helps the most (if I had to choose)

  • Hi Melody
    I am a newbie and I have to say I just love your post, I will be a follower from this day forward. 🙂 Its funny I woke up this morning and said I really need to find something to help me better understand how to manifest my needs. You were the first page that popped up hahahaha I started to read and instantly hooked. I have been following the “Secret” for 6 years now and I have to say that I have manifested many wonderful things into my life including my beautiful home filled with everything I asked for as well as the man of my dreams whom I will grow old with. I know, I know your saying to yourself hmmmm it seems that Anna already is manifesting so whats the problem. Well let me tell you, I find that I have NO problem manifesting material things or happiness. I am having problems manifesting for my personal self (weight) I have been struggling for years and I don’t know what I am doing wrong. HELPPPPPP!!!!! Thank you so much for listening. Your post’s are amazing to say the least.

    Have a fabulous Day
    Sending a Big Hug

  • Hello i have nothing to say but simply amazing.. I am learning everyday that i am the secret to my achievement. Everyday i find myself so HAPPY with everything i already have and everything that’s on it’s way to me. I want a new car and there is nothing wrong with my car. I just want a new car. Thank you and just keep posting i stumble into you for a reason. Yahooooo take care

  • Hello Melody.

    I only read up to Step 2 (I had a sudden urge to comment :)) and you know what? I definitely agree with you. It’s an insight I had a few weeks ago. Everything finally clicked when I learned this.

    What Abraham’s talking about is being present and in the moment. That’s what allowing is. Months ago, I was having difficulty merging Abraham and Eckhart Tolle’s teachings.

    It felt to me like Abraham says we must think positive thoughts and when negative thoughts arise, convert them to positive thoughts immediately. Although that worked well for me, I hated the fact that it can be so damn hard. I didn’t want to continuously put in a lot of effort.

    Then I stumbled upon Eckhart Tolle’s quotes on the net and everything fell into their proper place when I read this quote of his:

    Never resist reality (a paraphrase :))

    Suddenly I realized that what Abraham really meant in their phrase “make peace with where you are” is the above quote by Tolle.

    From there on, there was a perfect merging of the two teachings in my heart. To be in the state of allowing… to be in the vortex meant being in the powerful NOW.

    So it’s really, really amazing once you get this concept on a deeper level. All your work now is to find a method that will help you be in the moment at least most of the time. 🙂

    Thanks for sharing this insight of yours, Melody. Such a lovely post. I’ll get back to finishing it if I feel an inspiration. 🙂


    • Hey Fonzy,

      Isn’t it great when crap starts to make sense? 🙂
      This was a really big insight for me and a huge achievement to let go enough to truly be in the now. I remember how hard it was for me and now, quite a few months later, it’s like flipping a switch. I can simply decide to be totally present and I am. Your comment made me come back here and has really shown me how far I’ve come. Thanks for that! 🙂

      Huge hugs!

  • Melody,
    I want to thank you for the post. There has been so much information out there you really don’t know where to start. If you get a chance.. please read my blog.. it’s only 1 post.. just started, but would explain a lot of my situation and the appreciation of your post… just wish it would of came to me a couple of years ago 🙂
    Again thank you,and if you have any additional advise… well always welcome.
    Here’s that post I had mentioned:

    • Hey Melissa,

      It’s great that you’re sharing your journey and allowing others to take part in it, too. I’m sure that you’ll help a lot of people who are in the exact same place that you are. I’m really glad if my blog has been able to help even a little.

      Good luck with the blog! I look forward to reading more.

      Huge hugs,


  • Yes. Thanks for the clarification. The most pain is felt on giving up desires so I have no choice but to keep going. It is the limiting beliefs and the thought of what will others think that do the most damage and I see it more clearly now. These actually are what cause the damage. Need to keep practicing this.

  • Melody,

    On the subject of obstacles, I was just wondering how do you know when to throw in the towel and when to keep going? How do you know something is meant to be? It is definitely universal guidance that keeps it going and we need to follow our instinct. Of course, other people have nothing to do with it. So, in this sense, does it all depend on us? Alignment=success?

    • Hey Kat,

      It all depends on us. Alignment does equal success, yes. I never throw in the towel, but I do back off when things get too uncomfortable. When you get frustrated, it just means that you’re trying too hard to make it happen. Back off, relax, trust it will come about and that you’ll figure it out, that circumstances will come that will help you get there, and take a break. Feel better. You don’t ever have to give up on your desires, just give up on frustration and pain. Does that make sense?

      Huge hugs,

  • I was wondering if you could help me with “The Secret Team” as they are frustrating me.

    I sent them an email about my problems (they very nicely replied) however their solution was their typical quantum leap style.
    They simply stated the opposite of my situation, went on about affirmations, positive thinking..all lovely stuff and how I need to feel better.

    I explained I have difficultly jumping from being miserable to happy. I said I have tried with all my might to feel that way and I can’t.

    They just keep replying that thousands of people have gone from sickness to health, depression to happiness etc

    They also quote all the negative things I say as reason I am still in my situation. I then tell them I get this, but if I can’t feel good I can’t.

    They don’t get your style of going for “better” and the shades of grey up the ladder. I’m sure there are thousands of success stories, but they don’t follow them up to see any rebound affect.
    When the person comes crashing down as quantum leaps are hard to hold onto.

    So how can I explain this to them without seeming like a douche or an idiot that just doesn’t get it?
    I think if they got it they could help others better than just saying to them to feel good. They could also help me better too.

    I thought of directing them here…but maybe better they don’t see my comments.

    • Hey Kane,

      Um, you can’t. Explain it to them. Why would you want to? You are telling me that you don’t really resonate with their answers, but would like to find a way to force them to give you the answers that will be more helpful. It’s like trying to get a math teacher to teach you French. If their answers aren’t helpful, find a teacher who works better for you. Don’t try to force something that isn’t working into place. It doesn’t work that way.

      You’ve obviously benefited from the Secret and that’s great. But if you no longer do, then it’s time to move. That’s ok, too. It doesn’t mean they’re bad or that there’s something wrong with you. Your paths converged for a while and now they’re diverging. So what? You can converge with someone else instead, teachers who are a better match to who you are now, to who you’ve become.

      It’s a bit like wondering why reading the books you did when you were 3 no longer interest you. Stop trying to get those books to teach you Calculus. 🙂

      Huge hugs!

  • Just read your post Melody. I was not only really engrossed in what you say, but also was laughing out loud.

    You are supercool!

  • Hi,

    I know you have many blog topics planned ( I imagine when a comment or idea comes up you write it in a notebook the blog topic or tittle and cross things off as you write a blog about them.)

    I saw it mentioned a few times but I’d love to see a blog on health and curing yourself. In that blog tackling really hard things like severe illness that may have the person bed bound.

    Then it would factor in many things other sick people don’t go through as the bed/house bound would have social isolation, sensory deprivation, loneliness, lack of hobbies/distractions and also if they were that ill they could work–looming money troubles.

    If you did it talking about someone still well enough to work or surrounded by friends it wouldn’t cover all the bases.

    These would be some of the hardest people to cure and that would be the ultimate health blog.

    Because being that ill is like having all of lifes’ negativity rolled into one. Some are lucky enough to have family or friends visit or support them.. but most don’t.

    It’s also an illness not recoginised in most countires as worthy of disability.. so they can’t generally get onto welfare.
    Most have to leech off someone else/beg.

    Alot of LOA blogs (not yours, I’m talking LOA in general) is written from the assumption of “this one area of your life is not doing so well, let’s use the positive energy from the other areas to boost it up.”

    So it’s talk of focus on what’s good etc.

    So the ultimate LOA would be someone that has every life area shot down.

    They are ill, unemployed, broke as, don’t have friends, maybe even some family died, no romantic relationship and no life.

    Essentially they are in some of the worst situation possible.

    Or someone who has a prison sentence for 30 years and their whole family left them and they are isolated and alone maybe ill in prison.

    Like the worst situation ever. And how do they LOA their way out of THAT. There’s not much positive to hold onto. So it’s hard to make a move.

    Now that would be so impressive I’d give a standing ovation and go use it myself.

    • Hey Alice,

      I’m actually working on that post. 🙂 I’m not sure it will cover all those bases, though. I’ll do my best. I try to answer the question that the majority of people are asking. A person who was in that state would require a different approach than a person who is functional but ill. So the approach for someone whose entire life is falling apart, might not work for the majority of my readers. Add to that the fact that a person in that state may well not be able to hear any of what I say.

      But I’ll do my best to at least explain the approach a person like that could take – as in, if you can’t think of even one thing in your life that feels the teensiest bit better, what could you focus on? But again, if a person thinks that there is not one slightly better thing in their live, they are almost certainly simply not seeing it. I’m not talking about good – but better. I reject the idea that someone could be so screwed that everything in their life is hell. Maybe all major areas, but not everything. If Viktor Frankl found things to be grateful for while in a concentration camp, then everyone can appreciate something. But we have to be willing to see it.

      Hmmmm, some thoughts are coming up though. So thanks for the prompt. I guess maybe I do have more to say on this than I thought! I’ll do my best to fit it all in. 🙂

      Huge hugs!

      • Viktor Frankl is not as great as an example as people may think. It’s easy to be impressed by the visible suffering and drama of a concentration camp. It’s a very dramatic example.

        Viktor Frankl was a very talented man. He had an entire career and education. He wasn’t some empty, hapless person.
        In his head he imagined a wife that loved him back.
        He didn’t know that she died.

        Many people when they are in that situation or terminally ill then recover… had an advantage. They had a good life foundation to look forward to at the end of their ordeal.

        If something like this happened to me seeing I am already unhappy, not working have many lack in my life and not much fun.
        When those other determined people could remember their happy lives or memories I wouldn’t have anything to work with or to spur me on.

        See for example you would remember the vast amount of friends, fun and love you have in your life. Good health and someone that loves you. Really good, strong thoughts.

        If I think well what do I have to motivate me to get better? A good job? A life direction? A dream?

        That’s my problem. I don’t have that carrot.

        I was thinking the other day that I hate being sick. But when I’m healthy and alone I’m like that song
        “just don’t know what to do with myself”

        So when you are unemployed (man I’m tired of that phrase) and lack friends…what do you do?
        I have this huge chunk of the day while everyone else is working to take a break from working this all out.

        I should be enjoying myself. When I was working I wanted nothing more than that time.
        So I have this time… but no-one to spend it with.

        I’m just lost. As I don’t have a car/money to go anywhere nice what am I menat to do?
        Wander aimlessly like some lost soul? I want to have fun!

        I finally hit the nail on the head. That’s it just there. I don’t know what to do with myself!
        That’s the best I’ve ever described the core of my situation. It’s embarassing and that means it’s correct.

        • Congrats on your breakthrough! Defining how you feel is half the battle, really. 🙂

          Ok, but seriously? You think a concentration camp prisoner has it easier than you do? I gotta call BS on that one, sweet thing. Let’s gain some perspective.

          Those in the concentration camps usually didn’t think they were going to survive (some of my family survived the camps). They knew that people were being executed. Not everyone knew they were being gassed, but death was a constant possibility. They were malnourished, beaten, tortured, but off from their families and in constant fear.

          What do you hang on to in a situation like that? Thinking of your family could make you horribly aware of how you’ll probably never see them again. Don’t you think that Viktor Frankl knew that his wife might be dead? The key is, he chose to believe that she was alive. He had no evidence of it, but he chose to believe. Why? Because it felt better than thinking she was dead. He found something to think about that made him feel better. And as he did, he was able to access more thoughts that felt good, like seeing himself teaching after he got out. Seeing himself get out alive. Seeing himself as happy and healthy, etc.

          You can create something in your mind and focus on that. This is how all creation works – it starts in the mind. You choose the point of view you want to adopt and you focus on it unrelentingly. Focus on the feeling NOW. Don’t make it dependent on anything. You don’t have to leave the house to feel better. You can feel better right now.

          Oh, you are getting so close. I can feel it. Stay with it!!! 🙂

          Huge hugs!

  • Thankyou so much for such a wonderful post it amazing ….best post on Loa i ever read thanku alot Mam love you… ^_^

  • I’m not sure what blog this question pertains to but this seemed the most relevant:

    I often manifest “being late” it seems no matter how hard I try I loose track of time. Time evades me. I’m always running for the train, running somewhere..

    Anyway when I was running late I asked the ticket seller a SIMPLE question and it took them 6 mins to fiddle around and answer it. Then another 5 to argue with me. They just had to look up something on their computer and if there wasn’t a big, glass barrier between us I could do it myself in 30secs.
    Anyway the usual person can do it in 30secs for me no hassel. But this guy took his sweet time, didn’t know how to operate the software, stared at the screen in confusion, bumbles around, deflected his incompetence as I patiently waited by arguing with me and saying it was not possible etc etc (all about a trip I make everyday so I know what I’m talking about)
    He claimed there wasn’t even a bus going out where I wanted (BS) etc.. He was just hopeless. I wouldn’t mind if he just didn’t know what he was doing- I’m a kind person. But to argue the point and act like I was the stupid one…

    Well on the flip side of the coin- what was HE manifesting? It’s obvious what I was getting (delays, stupid people, frustration)
    But him? Was he manifesting failure? Bad customer service? A person asking him a question he can’t answer? Or did he just not give a poop about if he makes someone later than they already were?

  • Oh my goodness, Melody, I thank you from the depths of my heart for this article and I am so appreciative of stumbling across your videos and becoming part of your online community! I loved the “an epileptic having an orgasm”. I laughed out loud with that one! Wow, we fall into these traps society sets for us, I have no idea how they even came about, as most do not even make sense to me, yet sometimes have me scared shitless with all the crap I see on tv, which is why I stopped watching. They have clearly perfected this fear factor mechanism, so anti-LOA, and portray humanity as this fearsome bloodbath for which we really need to spill blood to survive in the rat race, dog eat dog world. This does not work for very long. Think Star Wars. However, there are glimpses, more and more of them popping up all the time, of good vibrations coming through. The universe is so above all that crap and operates with this other law which works for us when we let all the crap go. It is also about expansion. Of ourselves and of it. I sure hope I am getting closer to my understanding of this brilliant, yet simple stuff. Thanks again!

    • Hey Kat,

      Sounds to me like you’re doing really well. You manifested this blog, didn’t you? 😉

      The world is getting better and better. We just have to be willing to see it. And for the most part, it’s not really on TV… 🙂

      Huge hugs!

  • Love. It. I am not one who even *likes* most Laws of Attraction writings. The Secret made me twitch and convulse. But your clarity- that it is NOT about manifesting what we *think* we want, but simply to stop believing in the lack- is perfect. Your LOA site is the only one I can agree with and not feel like bugs are crawling all over me…. 🙂
    Thanks for sharing this!!!!

    • Hey Leann,

      Welcome to Deliberate Receiving!
      Thanks so much for your wonderful feedback! I’m so glad you found the info that you resonate with here. And thanks so much for the tasty metaphor, he, he.

      I hope to see you around more.

      Huge happy shiny puppy hugs!

  • I love all these articals, and look forward to each time you update. Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge with us!

    I have a question about this, though. I’ve been learning a lot about LoA, and it’s done a lot to get me from a place of lower vibration to a much happier vibration. And everything I’ve learned basically boil down to the steps you stated above: Focus on what you want, get into a state of allowing, and let go and have fun while the universe does it’s job. But one thing that I’m wondering about, is how long do we hold onto the vision of what we want? How long to we imagine it and focus on that want before we let go and trust that it will come? If I wanted to attract something ‘bigger’ (to me, as the universe doesn’t care XD), should I focus on ‘having’ it longer then something I see as ‘smaller’?

    Thank you again for everything you share!

    • Hey Kressa!

      I’m actually answering that question in an upcoming blog post (out in the next couple of weeks). Essentially, the amount of time you spend focusing on something doesn’t matter nearly as much as how it feels when you do focus on it.
      So, if it takes you longer to get into the feeling of already having it, then spend longer. If you can feel good now, you don’t have to focus on it at all.
      I’ll elaborate in the blog post, so if this isn’t quite clear, it will be. 🙂

      Huge hugs!

  • I kinda agree with this article.

    To me you sounded as if you were describing problem solving. In a problem, you identify the problem. Then you start to focus on the solution that you NEED. However, one must take action. Wishful thinking alone never solves a problem. Desires will always manifest through our actions.

    • Hey KA,

      This information has been out there for a long time – you can use different words to describe it. I simply break it down in a certain way, but you can use psychological terms, as well.

      I agree, action is generally part of the equation, but if we wait to take inspired action instead of trying to make thing happen through action, it’s a lot more fun. Inspired action is when basically become a cooperative component or tool or the Universe (or God) in the creation of what we want. We are literally inspired to help ourselves. The force behind that action isn’t our willpower and determination, but the flow of energy of who we really are (or God, if you like).

      Thanks for adding your valuable perspective here!

      Huge hugs!

  • Hi Melody,

    Thank you so much for this amazing article, I really enjoy it.
    It has been said before, but I trully believe that the “big secret” to success in life is within each and every person own mind. Visualization, focus and creation. Our imagination can show us how to turn possibilities into reality. Our job is to keep on having faith and keep on manifesting these mental images into reality.

    Have a great weekend,

    • Hey Daniel,

      Welcome to Deliberate Receiving!
      And thank you for your kind words. You’re so right. The secret really is that each of us has control over our own reality and we can use lots of different words to describe that process. Positive psychology is figuring out this same stuff now. Mind over matter, solution oriented outlook, etc. It doesn’t matter, really. It’s all the same and it all works.

      Huge hugs and hope to see you around more!


  • Everything on your website has been said by Abraham-Hicks since the 1980s – EVERYTHING! Yet, I don’t see any credit anywhere for the information. Much of it is even explained in terms very similar to Abraham’s. Do you think it is ethical to pass another’s ideas off as your own?

    • Hi Mary,

      I consider Abraham to be my most influential teachers. They’ve had a big hand in my understanding of LOA and how it all works. I actually give them credit on my About page and in many of my articles and posts. I’ve also gained a lot of my understanding through shamanic rituals, daily meditation, by reading many other books and through pretty much every conversation I have. Clarity can reach us in an infinite number of ways. The insight that sparked this particular post did not come from Abe, although they talk a lot about allowing. Of course, they do – it’s the key.

      I actually struggled with the idea of teaching what Abe teaches (these are the principles of how the Universe works, so there’s not really anything else to teach) prior to launching the site. And so, I listened to an Abe tape and in perfect synchronicity, a person happened to ask my question on that tape. Here’s the gist of what Abe said: They are teachers of teachers. They not only don’t have a problem with people passing on the message, but expect it and support it. Not everyone out there resonates with Abe. I use my own words and add my own style to my writing (although of course a little bit of Abe will bleed through. They have been a huge influence in my life) and my energy is different so I will attract people who may not yet be quite ready for Abe or people will hear something different when they read my words then when they listen to Abe. And the same is true for every other teacher out there.

      There’s no danger that I will “steal” business from Abe. Many of my readers are Abers. They are not forgoing reading Abraham in order to read my blog. They read both and I’m certain that many of my readers had never heard of Abe but have now begun reading their books and checking out their recordings because of the understanding they’ve received on my site.

      I see it this way: If the subject was not LOA but math, there would be no question about cross over. Every teacher explains math in a slightly different way, which will help different students understand it. But the underlying principles of math are always the same. 2 2=4 isn’t someone else’s idea, it’s a principle. A fact. It’s the same with LOA. I can’t come up with a whole new law to teach, because there isn’t one. But I do think that I provide a lot of value by explaining it through the filter of my own understanding. There are a lot of people out there who will never resonate with Abe. But some of them may resonate with me. Some others may resonate with another teacher. And so on.

      I hope this has helped to soothe this issue for you. I’m not trying to rip off Abe or Esther Hicks. I have nothing but respect and reverence for their work and give them a lot of credit for the part they’ve played in my own evolution. I can only hope to play that kind of part in someone else’s life one day. And if more people discover Abe through this blog, then all the better.


  • Holy Moly Melody,
    i f*****g love your style! The content is amazing, no doubt, but flailing your arms like an epileptic having an orgasm — on a roller coaster ride — that’s delicious! Thanks for the post, also the part about those people considering life a hell and punishment. This is so deviant and hostile.
    My cats taught me that nature wants us to feel good and then some. No cat is going to lie on a drafty, uncomfortable place and endure their lives like a sentence. Instead they take the most cozy and warm spot they can find. It feels so good to feel good right here and now.

    • Ooooh, love that Brian! What your cats can teach you about how to live. Gawd, that’s a blog post, right there… Hell yeah. And hell yes, it feels good to feel good. People forget about that. Cats know. *whispers* “Cats know”

      Thanks for your enthusiastic, wonderful feeling comment!!

      Super hugs and a high five,


  • Hey Melody,

    Thanks for spreading the good word and cheer…….trust me your blogs seem straight from the heart and I have just not been able to stop at one 🙂

    Happy Thoughts always……Sabeena

  • Hi Melody
    This was a really great post that gave some good detail about what we have already learned about the Secret. It is great that you brought up the obstacles part as well, because that is all part of the game. Most people begin to dismiss all this stuff the moment something bad happens, but it is all part of the game and like you said, revealing that within us that is still holding us back. We have a lot of work to rooting out the false limiting beliefs that have been drilled into us. I also agree about having fun and flowing with intuition, it has never steered me wrong.

    • Hi Kelli!

      Welcome to Deliberate Receiving! For me, recognizing that “obstacles” really are there to serve us, was a huge piece of this puzzle. Nothing is being done TO us. Everything that happens in our lives is actually there to serve us. But we have to recognize that in order to really have fun with this. I’m always so happy to see that so many other people are getting this stuff now. Whooppee! 🙂



  • Flail around like an epileptic having an orgasm?! You truly are the Chelsea Handler of spirituality. Hahaha. You guys kind of look similar too. I’m mentioning her because I just bought one of her books, so she’s fresh on my mind.

    Anyway, this was AWESOME! I’ve been looking for a sort of in-between stage, between “normal” consciousness and “meditation” consciousness. I don’t like all the drama and BS that the ego creates, but I’m not sure I want to go into full on observer mode either. Like you said, I want to PLAY!

    I’ll work on creating this happy, allowing state more often. I’m getting better at it, but I’m not great yet.

    You know you’ve written a good post when you create a spark that can change how someone lives. You just did that with me, and probably many other people. WOo hoo!

    • OMG! I love Chelsea Handler! I have her Horizontal book and her Vodka book. I’ve never seen her, but looked her up because of your comment and, um, Thank You!! She’s one hot momma, so saying we kind of look alike makes me feel all blushy and giggly. 🙂

      I’m so glad this insight helped you, too. Believe me, when it finally clicked into place, I was like “It’s so simple! All we have to do is play!” And I saw how all the suffering we put ourselves through was truly unnecessary. I knew that before, but never understood it on this level. Goddammit, I love this crap. 🙂

      High five, Low five, squishy hug!


  • It’s really weird how our minds work. When one wants a new model of a BMW for example, all this person notices on the road is this particular model..

    If only we use this same laser type focus for our own lives. Why doesn’t a person become laser like focused on his vision so that when someone resonates with him (the person he wants to become), he becomes really attracted to him..

    just a thought..

    • Hey Jack!

      We’ve been trained rather well to be “realistic” and focus on what we don’t want. Somewhere along the line, we decided that in order to change things, we have to focus on the problems. Bad move… Retraining ourselves does take a bit of effort…

      But more and more of us are figuring it out and as we do, it’ll become easier for everyone to change this habit.

      Thanks for the comment! Huge hugs,


  • Hey Melody, I got every word and yes… you are indeed bang on. sometimes we do unintentionally focus on what we don’t want instead of what we do want.

    I think personally it’s all about release too while being in the moment. I tend these days not to think about too much except what I want and then throw it out to the universe and let it take care of the details. I have a funny story… perhaps I should post it actually but I had two fairly major experiences with the law of attraction last wednesday that honestly just about knocked my socks off. They were so far fetched, yet both happened while I was just minding my own business.

    Yes, I think I’ll write about it this next day or so. some might think I’m a bit Loo Loo… but who cares. At lease I know how to use it!



    • Yay Jayne!
      I can’t wait to read your post about your experiences!!! Don’t worry. I won’t think you’re loo loo. This stuff totally works. I get emails every day from people who have tried it and gotten results. It’s just so awesome. And, of course, I have manifestations all the time, myself. Nothing loo loo about it. Wait, since I’m American, should I be saying toilet toilet, instead of loo loo? He, he.

      Huge hugs!!


  • Awesome article Melody! Just what I need to read today. In fact I was just reflecting on living in the Now and wondering how it could be used with LOA… jumped on your blog, “randomly” picked one of your latest articles and BAM! Perfect help. 🙂
    Thank you!

  • Ah, so much here it’s hard to comment on just one thing.

    I write about living in the moment and consciously try at times, but in reality I don’t do a good enough job. It’s hard to shut my mind down and just be.

    Dogs are great at just living in the moment; totally immersed and totally happy as soon as they see you. That’s not a bad state to be in at all………

    Recalling about ‘being in the moment’ for certain events certainly conjured up one or two very specific events and I do recall that euphoric feeling.

    I also have a car story; my car, which I loved was getting some age on it and we kept having minor repairs. Finally, my wife said ‘no more’; if one more thing goes wrong we are getting rid of it. Guess what happened the next day……….:(. Bye bye car……

    So, this is what LOA is all about; I thought it was just about attracting hot chicks (or guys)….:). You have certainly piqued my interest more now.

    I look forward to taking this to a deeper level next year when you get back. See you next year.

    • Hey Bill,

      Awesome point about dogs. They do know how to live in the moment. Animals, in general, are much better at it than humans. Kids, too…

      Ha, ha. Yep, this stuff can get pretty deep. Sure, you can use it to get bitches and cars, but really, once you go down that rabbit hole, there’s no turning back. You’re just going to become a happy shiny puppy. 🙂

      Until then!


  • Hi Melody,

    Your analogy of the “life should be an amusement park” made me think of how many of us, not only don’t see life as an amusement park but more like some kind of funeral parlor:) I mean how many times you hear people says things like: “life is hard”, “there is a difference between dreams and reality”, “that doesn’t happen in real life”, etc, etc….

    We all grow up to hear this stuff on a daily basis, and dare you about thinking different, you are seen as complete fool!

    This is the reason why life coaches are more and more in demand this day, people are starting to feel that they have been lied to and may be, just may be there might be something good about life 🙂

    Thanks for this great post 🙂

    • Hey Sylviane,

      So, true, and how sad is that?? So many people have simply resigned themselves to the idea that life is hard and there’s nothing they can do about it. But it’s wonderful to see how easily they are often shifted out of this perspective with just the teensiest bit of nudging.

      Thank you for being part of this blog and sharing your perspective here.

      Hugs holiday hugs!

  • This is my first visit to your blog and I must say I’m really impressed with what I read. I could picture myself as being the same. I’m never fully present in any situation and try to picture it according to my imagination. Guess I’ll have to be a bit more realistic now and learn to accept things the way they really are. Great post got me hooked and I am now a regular visitor here.

    • Hi James,

      Welcome to Deliberate Receiving! I’m so glad this post was valuable to you. Just a couple of thoughts: Don’t be realistic. That’s what we think we have to do all the time. We try to see things as they really are and we try to accept them. This comes from the paradigm that we can’t change anything anyway, so might as well make peace with it. That’s not what I’m advising at all. Being in the moment means focusing ONLY on the bits of NOW that you love. Give all of your attention to the bits of life that you like and leave the rest. Focus selectively (incredibly selectively). Most people wouldn’t call that realistic, but it will shape your reality. Also, you can make peace with where you are by shifting your perspective. Don’t try to look at something you don’t like and feel better about it. For example, if you hate your coworker, don’t try to send him love. That’s too big of a leap. But… you could maybe consider that he’s a miserable bastard because he has a horrible home life. This would cause you to realize that it’s not personal – he’s not a miserable bastard to YOU, he’s just a miserable bastard. That thought would soften the situation for you, giving you access to even better feeling thoughts. That’s not the same process as staring at him while forcing yourself to think “I like you. I appreciate you, damn it. Love, love, freaking love” through gritted teeth. LOL. Just wanted to get that out there.

      Huge newbie hugs to you!!


  • If I had a badge that said “Kickass Post” with me, I’d paste at the top of this post right now. 🙂

    A few days ago I was feeling bummed-out about living a routine life for the last 2 years or so. Then while driving to work I listened to a song that went “…and I close my eyes, one last time. One last time.” Listening to that, I thought, what if I had to close my eyes one last time? Would I miss anything from my life, here and now? And I realized that I would miss absolutely everything. Every person, every morning, every smell and sight and sound. I’d miss my dog, and going to the mall, and waiting for my next favorite movie. And right then I realized I’d miss listening to this song, right here, in the car, on the highway, right now. It definitely was one of those moments when you’re completely aware and completely present and everything’s just good. In other words, the Now.

    The thing is, I think we all know what it’s like to be in the Now. We were great at ‘allowing’ and were experts at being in ‘the Now’, especially when we were kids. And then we slowly forget, or at least I did, until bumping into books like The Power Of Now a few years back. Even kids who wait for Christmas or their birthdays don’t dismiss the current moment. If anything, they’re exited just to be exited and in anticipation. That’s why whenever I’m worrying about the future or regretting something from the past, I always try to channel something from my childhood, like an emotion or a specific feeling. Getting connected to that feeling definitely helps ease the stress.

    I just have a quick question though. What if a married couple who have kids but aren’t happy in the relationship want to use this method as a way of ‘meeting other people’, but can’t because 1. they’re married and 2. they have kids. It’s kind of a rut. So do they feel better about the Now first? Can they even feel good about the Now in their situation? How does this apply to people who are in a real gridlock situation or one that can’t possibly be altered at the moment? What about those who are homeless? How are they to be non-judgmental about the Now in their state?

    Thanks, Melody! Would love to know. 😀

    • Why thank you kindly Sir Namealot!

      What a wonderful example of getting into the NOW. I love it!! That’s exactly what I’m talking about. Kids do it so easily. But we “adults” tend to be too busy to daydream or play or have fun. I put that in quotes, because I don’t feel all that much like an adult most of the time. Wahoo!

      That married couple shouldn’t worry about meeting other people. They should focus on what they truly want – to be happy, for things to get easier, to feel loved, for their kids to be secure and happy and safe, etc. Meeting other people is ONE way that could happen (or not). And yes, they have to find a way to feel better about the Now first. It’s a matter of shifting our perception. We look for the things that are going well (and there are always some) instead of what’s going wrong.

      Victor Frankl found a way to feel better about the NOW while in a concentration camp. He imagined his future wife, the book he would write. He daydreamed and ignored “reality” as much as possible. He went on to inspire millions. If he can find a way to shift his perception, then a married couple who are in a rut certainly can. The homeless man can also find a way to escape. It’s all just energy. If we focus on what we perceive to be our reality, we keep recreating it. When we focus on the energy of the reality that we want, we shift into that one, providing we allow it. It does take practice, but it’s absolutely possible to feel better NO MATTER WHAT the current situation is. Is it easy? No. But it gets a lot easier with some practice… There are homeless people who have done this. They’ve had shifts and then their situation improved (it is never the other way around).

      Huge hugs!

  • Indeed, the “Secret” is a study of marketing genius. It would be nice if we all could take Nikes advice and “Just do it.” It would be nice to “just do” all of the things we dream of doing. The likes of the “Secret” fail to address the lifetime of harsh “No’s” and attitude of “Woe” that place us in the world of wishing and hoping and making excuses. To manifest our dreams we must first master those old No’s and accept the truth – we will never perform right action all the time, and we need not explain our failures to anyone.

    • Hey Rob,

      You’re so right. When we face our fears and release them, we can gain the confidence to feel the way we feel, and follow our intuition, no matter what others may think. This can be a pretty solitary road at times, and if we are looking for a leader to follow, or for others to back us up before we’re willing to go down our won path, we’ll never do it. It takes courage to go down this road, alone, with faith. But it’s so FREAKING WORTH IT! Yay!

      He, he.
      Huge hugs to you my friend,


  • Melody, this may be your viral post of the year. “The Secret” started the big change in my life. Yes, it did hold back on a few important things, but I think there’s even a purpose there. I had seen some things on it from Oprah and some other media outlets and I decided I wanted to watch it. So I saw the first 20 minutes on the website, and was hooked. I didn’t have any money so I kept Googling it until I found a free download of the entire movie. Ethical? Maybe not entirely, but Attraction? You BET!

    One thing I never got was why Rhonda Byrne mentioned a “hundred year-old book” that changed her life but then NEVER SAID WHAT THE BOOK WAS! So, you know what I did? I Googled that, too! Kept searching until I discovered it was actually TWO books, both close to the same age: “Think and Grow Rich” and “The Science of Getting Rich.” I read them both (FREE over the Internet – ding ding! Attraction! Attraction!)

    Over the next year, my job changed to something I LOVED! I was working in a BIG CITY like I always wanted to be! And I was in the process of manifesting some fantastic adventures!

    So, bottom line, I think “The Secret” did little more than introduce LOA to the masses, but I’ve also learned that ‘understanding the secret’ works best when you DESIRE to know and to practice the secret. And if you learn that much and want to know as much as you can, BELIEVE me, you’ll find it! As it turns out, the real secret is EVERYWHERE. For FREE! In libraries, in gardens, in museums, and online. It only costs time.

    🙂 Look what you got me doing!

    • Of course you’ll find it! That’s the Law of Attraction! LOL.Thanks so much for this incredible feedback. Viral? Wouldn’t that be great! Yay! But I’m so happy with the response I’m getting here. It proves (once again!) that following my intuition was the right thing to do.

      The Secret started the asking. This blog is just one of many providing more of the answer. Gotta love how it all comes together so perfectly… 🙂


  • Another
    fine post, Melody and I like the ‘loving slap in the face’ analogy.
     Stop thinking that, my darling!  is how I see it.  I’ve done some major
    turnarounds over the last few months (will comment on those more over
    time) and it really is like that.  I think it was Harrison Klein who
    coined ‘things in life happen *for* you, and not *to* you’ and when you
    start to see the world and your life as a big fat opportunity with joy
    and sparkles on the way, then … well, how did that statement just make
    you feel?!

    tried the ‘allowing’ bit for a good while and something was telling me
    it wasn’t quite serving me, at least not the way I was doing it.  With
    hindsight, I just had too much resistance (in the form of doubt and
    fear) clogging things up.  Intuition took me to Steve Pavlina and I
    grasped the concept of balance of energy.  I was coming from a chronic
    and acute situation and I simply had to flow *more* energy and emotion
    to what I wanted than I was flowing to what was scaring me.  Then things
    started to change and big time!

    the situation is less acute I’m refining my allowing and enjoying life
    more.  I’m feeling much more in charge of the reality I’m projecting in
    front of me and sometimes it feels lonely!  I’m responsible for my
    experience and you could say I’m all alone in that!  Good job I kinow
    how to manifest a loving family and a cupboard full of chocolate … would
    love to see a blog post of yours on this subject one day.

    Congrats again, I love reading your stuff!


    • Hi Peter,

      Thank you so much for your wonderful words! I’m not too proud to admit that this kind of feedback makes me go all gushy. 🙂

      It’s incredible how a seemingly small (but sometimes incredibly difficult) shift in how we look at things can have such a huge impact on our existence, isn’t it? That’s why I love this work! 🙂

      It can definitely feel lonely at times, I totally agree with you on that. When you’re focusing on your own reality and on yourself as the creator of it, and you spend a great deal of time digging around in your own psyche, it can feel like no one can ever really get you on that level. But… that’s just perception, too. Because if we go out and we stay in the moment and we allow ourselves to jam with others, we can feel just how connected we truly are. It’s all in how you look at it.

      For me, it’s important to have those solitary times, but it’s also important to have those moments of deep connection. I guess, once again, it’s all about finding that balance. Ha!

      Huge hugs to you!!


  • Hi Melody!
    I like your attitude of writing from the perspective of your own living, excited insights. And I enjoy and can make use of the stuff.
    I like to share some ideas which spontaneously come to my head here.

    What if obstacles aren´t manifestations of resistance on our way to our destination, but veiled desires of ours still darkled? What if the run of events is supposed to give us a chance to change direction and find something even more crucial to us than our discerned desire?
    If something unwanted appears resp. happens to us, is it good to ignore it and focus on its opposite? Is not ignoring the unwanted the same as focusing on it?
    Is focusing on the discerned wish neccessary to attract it into our life? Is there an acceleration possible for manifestation anyway?
    Isn´t focusing on something (concluded sometime before) contradictory to being present to the moment?
    Does the whole thing come down to “be yourself” to the best of your ability, and make your decisions, when you´re ready to make one, without applying any rule of conduct?

    To me people who are joyful without feeling pain all the time, feel like breathing in all the time without the opportunity to breath out again :-), and this has nothing to do with malicious glee or the idea of punishment or “no pain, no gain”.
    Isn´t experiencing life fully what we truly want, “to scream at the top of my lungs and laugh like a stoned hyena” and fail and wail like naff weirdos?
    If we don´t approve to what we really experience in our lifes, we are doomed to masquerading to cover up for the shame we feel about it.

    I´ll reread your articles, just presently I often feel to exertive for that.
    Hugs to you,

    • Hey Sara,

      Awesome thoughts as always. We’re not supposed to do anything ALL THE TIME. We can spend some time focusing and some time allowing and some time dealing with the resistance that comes up. And we don’t have to do any of it if we don’t want to. 🙂

      There’s a difference between “ignoring” something but still being aware of it (that’s denial) and truly shifting your focus onto something else, like it’s opposite or a neutral subject if that isn’t possible. No one is joyful all the time, and that’s totally ok. When we go to a buffet, we’re going to try new things. Some of them we won’t like. But we don’t have to keep eating that nasty stuff. We can acknowledge that it tasted bad and move on. Some people get stuck in the negative emotion. They keep eating the same nasty dish over and over…

      And yes. I think the whole thing absolutely comes down to being who you really are, without worrying what others think. Be completely yourself, be confident and loving and happy. Not fake happy, or even happy all the time. But know that you can be, when you want to. 🙂

      Huge hugs to you and your awesome brain,


      • Haha, thanks for nothing!.. I´m afraid most of the credits go to one of my awesome teachers Anne Wilson Schaef, I learned so much from! but I´m an excellent culture medium to awesomeness.. 😉

        Doesn´t ignorance mean that we know about an issue, but choose not to respond to it? How can we truly be aware of something, and forget about it resp. blank it out of our perception completely? Something else should catch our attention entirely, well,.. this would be a lunatic control of conduct, or let´s say, an awesome one… 😀 😉

        • We don’t have to block out issues completely, just don’t focus on the problem nearly as much as the solution. If we focus on the solution more than 50% of the time, we’ll tip the energy balance in favor of what we want. 🙂

          It’s never about absolutes, but rather, about balance. 🙂


  • Hi Melody,

    I love the jam session idea and the amusement park metaphor, but everybody’s going to like those, so I’ll comment elsewhere. Your thoughts on meditation resonate with me. My tendency increasingly is to catch myself in tiny moments of ‘meditation’ aka ‘allowing’ aka ‘flow.’ Just a tiny pause, an “ahhh,” as I briefly feel an absolute focus in the present: a scent, a color, a texture, for me the sensory helps. My goal is to notice these instants more and more frequently. It’s a happy place!

    For me it’s not so much about manifesting anything, but more about just being so dang happy all the time!

    Many warm hugs,

    Mary Carol

    • Exactly Mary Carol! You’ve got it! It’s about being so absorbed in the moment (happily) that manifestation don’t matter. The irony is, that if we can master this state, manifestations come flooding in like crazy.

      Huge hugs!

  • Melody, It’s so funny to hear my Grandmother talk about the Law of Attraction now. Even my wife loved the movie and has a “base” understanding of the LOA.

    You sound like me, your brain convey’s the information faster than your mouth can keep up. 🙂

    It’s like we went to this awesome, 3-D, virtual reality amusement park, with the most incredible and advanced rides and food and games, but then we started to worry about the safety and the sugar in the food, and we put on little suits and began organizing ourselves into groups so we could worry together. And we decided that it wasn’t an amusement park at all, but some kind of horrible test that was so hard that we could never win

    I love this paragraph because it is absolutely true!

    • Ha, ha, Justin. In Europe, it hasn’t spread that much. When I tell people what I do here in Spain, and I mention the Law of Attraction, they always think I’m a dating coach. Ha!

      But I love how so many “mainstream” people know about LOA now. Even if the don’t quite understand it or if they’ve been misinformed. They are asking questions and broadening their thinking. What an awesome time to be here. 🙂

      Glad you liked it.


  • wow this is eye opening….I am sure I have said over 1,000 times in the last 35 years -” I am so intense I am a failure at playing”

    I am sure my Mother said to me over a million times, “Stop being so silly and get your work done.”

    This is why you keep telling me to go play with my puppy and get pain relief from the “magic balls” ( Miracle Balls is the actual name – it is a form of meditation build on balance and distraction and breathing – I like the double intention! of the meanings)

    I feel like you personally wrote this post to me
    Thank you I am grateful and I am going to print these words off and read them daily

  • Hello Melody,

    Thank you for the post. I love how you describe what allowing (or being in the moment) isn’t. My son and I had a very long conversation a few days ago about this very topic. It was a challenge to have because he wanted to understand the topic from a place from logic and because the state of allowing doesn’t come from a place of logic it was impossible to explain it to him. For me, I was unable to explain the state of being present with my current every day senses or from my brain/logic. Because for me, these do not exist in PRESENCE. He wanted PROOF of my experience but didn’t understand that the concept of PROOF does not exist in the state of allowing 🙂 I hope he can experience what allowing does feel like someday! But for now, I am just grateful that I have moments of experiencing this state myself.

    Thanks for being here and for sharing Melody.

    Hugs, Kim

    • Hey Kim,

      Putting this stuff into words is very, very difficult. You can’t really convey what a feeling feels like. You have to experience it to really get it. That’s the challenge, really. How can you convey a feeling? In the end, if we set the intention to find it, we will. First, we’ll just get there by accident, but we may realize it in the moment. Later, we can find it again. I like to use the jam session metaphor to get myself there. Or dancing (but more on that in another post).

      Huge hugs!

      • Poetry too… the stretch to convey the unconveyable through the power of metaphor…

        Kim, congrats on having a son who’s interested in complex discussions with his mom! Wow for you both!

        Mary Carol

  • Wow Melody

    I got goosebumps reading this post, as I am currently reading the power of now, and trying to live in the moment and when I have managed it, it feels amazing and i feel overwhelming happiness, this is a great post for me as you have further explained the power of living in the moment regarding LOA and now I understand that this IS the art of allowing 🙂 The allowing part of LOA has been the hardest part of manifestation for me and now I finally get it, thanks to your post.

    I have been on an amazing journey over the last 7 months with LOA and also spiritually and the last few months have been awesome for me and seeing my manifestations coming into my reality is an incredible feeling.

    Brilliant post Melody as always, love it 🙂


    • Thanks so much Liz! I’m really glad people are resonating with this. I was worried it was just too much info in one post (no comparison to what’s going on in my mind…) but it looks like my audience is right there with me. Damn it, I love you people! 🙂

      Huge hugs!

  • When I woke up this morning, I was thinking about the book “The Secret.” I’ve read it a few times and I was thinking about the differences between their explanation of the LOA and yours. Thanks for this entry to further my understanding of the LOA.

    • Hey Donna,

      Coincidence? Think think not. LOL.

      I wouldn’t consider it a difference so much as that I go way deeper. They drop the apple, which may well have gotten you interested enough to find my site and I give you the formula for gravity and show you how to use it. That’s the intention anyway. 🙂

      Huge hugs!

  • I loved the amusement park analogy showing how our thinking caused the problem. Brills! But, now how do we get the new car? The one we really wanted? We are carless. We are supposed to just feel that everything is fine, get ourselves into the moment be playful and focus on what we want? Nothing else? If we do this we will manefest a new car? I really need to know how this example would play out.
    You are awsome. Thanks for being there. LOVE.

    • Hey Mi,

      Focus on the car. Done. Now go play. Your intuition will guide you to the car, providing you don’t mess up the energy by focusing on how you don’t have it yet. If you can get into a state of complete allowing, your car has to show up. Notice your manifestations to see if you’re blocking it or getting closer. No worries, I’ll write about this in more detail next year. So, SO much to tell you guys. 🙂

      Huge hugs,


  • Reeeeaaaally good one Melody. Especially the virtual reality amusement park. Quantum physicists are beginning to catch a glimpse of this…the changeable and not quite really officially fixed into one time-space nature of post-manifestational matter. All those tiny particles popping in and out of existence, existing in more than one place at a time…and only standing at attention when they are focused upon. Very very good stuff, thank you.

    • Hi Sally!

      Thank you so much. I’m glad you found it valuable. I fully believe that scientists and mathematicians will prove all of this LOA stuff in time. in my lifetime? Let me see if I can line up with that. 🙂

      Huge hugs!

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