I’ve got another juicy question from one my readers today, something that I think all single people who are looking for love can relate to.

Michelle asks:

I am trying to manifest a relationship into my life, or rather, I AM manifesting a relationship into my life (all about the positive thinking here!)

I know it’s not going to happen to me if I sit on my sofa…but my social life does not foster the sort of opportunities that would generate meeting someone ..,i.e., I don’t want to hang in bars, etc., so tend to catch up with friends for quiet dinners, etc.

What should I do? Continue as I am, trusting that it will happen and enjoying life until it does, even though not in typical ‘meeting people’ type scenarios? Or push myself out there more, going to singles events, etc., even though it’s not something I enjoy doing? Should I go on that skiing holiday to meet more single men? Or do the beach yoga retreat – no men, but would enjoy it a lot more? Any thoughts would be great!

Here’s my answer:

There’s a fallacy that most of us subscribe to in one way or another, and that is, that we have to MAKE THINGS HAPPEN. The more important a subject is to us, the more we tend to fall back into this trap, even if we’ve done major work on getting into the state of allowing.

You’re probably got your mother’s voice in your ear: “You’re not getting any younger. Men don’t grow on trees, you know. You’re running out of time. Go find someone while you’re still young and attractive enough…”, and all kinds of other, fear based beliefs that are adding to the pressure to get out there find Mr. Right already.

You’re not running out of time

The speed with which you’ll attract Mr. Right has nothing to do with how old you are, how long you’ve been looking, how attractive you are (yes, really), where you live, or if you go skiing or hit the Yoga retreat. It has everything to do with how long it takes you to align yourself with the energy of what you want. You can do that when you’re 18 or 80, a supermodel or Quasimodo, a party girl or a spinster who anthropomorphizes her sixteen cats, dresses them up in little outfits and hosts dinner parties for them (suddenly not feeling so pathetic, are we?). And aligning with the energy of what you want does NOT mean forcing yourself to do things you don’t enjoy.

Now, I know that we’ve all heard the stories of the single, middle aged woman who was a total shut in, workaholic nomad, who forced herself to go on a singles cruise and lo and behold, met the man of her dreams. I promise you that it wasn’t the fact that she went on the cruise that allowed her to meet Mr. Right, but the energy she shifted when she went from hopeless and resigned to being single forever, to acknowledging the possibility that she could still meet someone (which allowed her to overcome her fear and take the cruise). It’s an energy thing, every time.

So…you don’t have to leave the house?

Theoretically speaking, no. It’s entirely possible to meet Mr. Right without leaving the house. HOWEVER (big however), practically speaking, none of us have an entirely squeaky clean vibration. We all have resistance, which is not part of the theoretical model. I mean, theoretically speaking, I could win the lottery tomorrow. But I may not want to give up my day job just yet, in anticipation of the millions rolling in. When you’re overcoming resistance, it makes sense not to limit the Universe too much in terms of ways in which it could bring your manifestation to you.

If you never leave the house, the Universe has to find a way to bring Mr. Right to your doorstep. That’s fine, as long as you have NO resistance to that happening. But how likely is it that you have no beliefs whatsoever that will contradict and therefore block that scenario? Have you ever heard yourself say “I know it’s not going to happen to me if I sit on my sofa”? (Trick question…)

Don’t go out to meet men

So yes, it’s a good idea to leave the house and get out there. But don’t go out with the express purpose of meeting men. Go out with the express purpose of having the time of your life. Why? Because when you’re having fun and feeling good, you are aligning your energy with the frequency of what you want, and THAT’S what’s going to allow Mr. Right to finally be delivered. That’s how you open the door.

Also, from a completely pragmatic point of view: If you go out and do the activities you enjoy, it’ll make it a lot more likely that you’ll meet a man who also enjoys those activities. If you love Yoga, wouldn’t it be great to meet a man who also loves Yoga? And who said that there are no men at Yoga retreats? That’s nothing but a belief (and as long as you believe it, you’re not going to meet up with any men at Yoga. At least not any straight ones). There are plenty of straight, awesome men out there who love Yoga (and, um, often have amazing bodies. Just saying…) I invite all straight, Yoga loving men in my reading audience to leave a comment and show Michelle that you exist. Attaching pictures will get you extra points. 😉

Stop trying to control the process and let the Universe do its job

The Universe can bring you your delivery in an infinite number of ways. Like I said, it can bring Mr. Right to your doorstep, if it has to. The only one limiting these delivery paths is you.

When you have thoughts such as, “I can’t meet a man at a Yoga retreat”, you close that door. And besides, how do you really know for sure, that an amazing guy couldn’t be there waiting for you? Or, perhaps you’ll meet your new best friend at this Yoga retreat. And through a series of events, you meet her neighbor, who just happens to be this amazing, single man. Huh. Couldn’t have foreseen that, now could you?  Or, you get stopped by a cop on the way to the Yoga retreat, because you were listening to happy music and singing and not realizing that you were going a bit too fast. The cop is adorable and single and lets you off with a warning but takes your phone number.

Do you see how your decision to go and do something that you love could open up all kinds of doors leading to your manifestation? Just make sure that you don’t close those doors by thinking “Well, that’s never going to happen”.

The bottom line is: yes, leave the house, but do so to go and do the stuff that makes you happy and rings your bells. Don’t go out there looking for men, and then being disappointed when you don’t find them. Stop trying to do the Universe’s job. Your job is to go and feel good, to be happy, to follow your intuition and to allow the Universe to bring you the perfect manifestation in whichever way is easiest for you to accept. So, try to allow as many ways as possible.

Was this post helpful to you? Share in the comments! Also, if you’re a straight, hot, yoga lovin’ dude, make sure you speak up. Trust me, there are tons of women out there who don’t quite believe that you exist. Consider it a public service.

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  • Hey,

    Absolutely loved this post!

    I love this idea of inspired action, and finding someone when you least expect it. I decided to do just that, and sorta try and deliberately create a relationship, just kind of being playful with the idea of one. So, I wrote myself an email filled with the essence of this man i wanted to be with. This email was sent at around 5pm. The same day (world music day) my friends and i went to see a band, and having lost my friends in the crowd, I literally bumped into this man who was everything i had written about in my mail; this was at about 10 pm, it took me about 5 hours to manifest this man, you can imagine how delighted i was.

    However, he left the next day to go back to his country, and while i know he’s coming back to my city and he will call me as there was definitely a connection. Plus numerous ways in which the universe has reassured me that he’s vibrationally a great match, i find myself doubting and wondering if all these emotions were pre-mature.

    So i guess my question is, should i continue to wait and feel delighted in this ‘world music day’ man or.. concentrate on just the feeling of finding a connection with someone?

    Can’t wait for the responses!

  • You don’t need to leave your house and go anywhere unless you are inspired to. I have never had a proper social life (I come from a community that doesn’t encourage women to socialize and sort of puts heavy restrictions on a girl’s socializing. I even studied in a girl’s college and we didn’t know men at all). Most of my life is spent inside the house or taken out in monitored chauffeured cars, not in parties or outside hobbies. The universe literally brought a man at my DOORSTEP and I was shocked that I opened the door an evening and a man I met for the first time in my life proposed me immediately (he had knocked at my door by mistake and saw me and liked me – I had just come home after my dance program and was wearing my dancing dress and he started the conversation based on my dress asking me whether I am a dancer). During a rare instance when I went out to have food (I had run out of food at home and was hungry), another man proposed me. Once my family was forced to shift to a new neighborhood where immediately I got a handsome hunk boyfriend, who was my immediate neighbor and we fell in love without even speaking a word to each other or getting to know each other (as boys and girls were not allowed to mingle there). Once I called up a restaurant to order food and through a wrong number it reached a man who started a conversation and then became my serious boyfriend. On the same day, i went to a neighbor’s house to ask for a certain help and his son saw me and then proposed me. Another instance I got a call from a stranger who wanted to do business with my dad and started speaking with me when he heard my voice and then started wooing me. An illness and visit to a hospital brought another guy who was the doctor who treated me. Then a chance travel in a bus brought another love & marriage proposal from a nice fellow passenger, who started a conversation with me asking for water bottle. I was sitting in my parents’ bedroom in my parents’ home and there came another man (a guest in my house who accidently came inside and saw my paintings and started talking to me about that, liked me and then called me). I was working once in an office and there universe brought two men for me, although I was tied to my desk – the universe arranged unexpected meetings with them and i had to meet them – although it was not my usual responsibility. My request to an organization for a certain service led to a very loving man getting in touch with me and falling in love with me – he was the head of the company and had attended to my mail by a rare chance. Let me tell you, you don’t need to do anything but get aligned and what you want can even come literally at your doorstep – unless you are inspired to. NONE of these men were friends of friends or even my friends or even men I remotely knew. Because my social system doesn’t really allow any mixing with men – i am allowed only to mix with men in my household. These men were COMPLETE strangers I was meeting for the very first time in my life. So no need to get out unless it is inspired!

    However, in my case the trick was that I knew I can never have a social life or active mingling with men and hence I never even imagined I need to socialize to meet men – I knew that wasn’t possible. :)LOL

    Same goes with money manifesting also. Simply lying down on the couch has brought me tons of money. In once instance when my mobile was not working, it worked for just few minutes during which I got a call from a man who offered me GREAT money for a fridge I had gifted him 4 years back!!!! In another instance, my horrible decades-old TV was asked by a girl whom I hardly knew (she was maybe mad) and I got GREAT money -even a complete idiot wouldn’t have paid that much money for that ages old TV and refrigerator. 🙂 And I was lying down on my couch deliberately not working the job I had and out of frustration the company sacked me (as I was lazy) with a HUGE severance pay and the computer made some mistake by which I got MUCH additional cash for the days I didn’t work. And i got bonuses for schemes I never even heard of! Simple laziness brought me HUGE money that much hard work couldn’t bring. 🙂 LOL

    So, just get aligned. That’s all needed!

  • Hey Melody! Ur doing such a great job! Am Nigerian and can attest to the fact dat LOA cuts across Nationalty and all.It truly works wonders! My last relationship pratically fell on my laps without me having to go anywhere.Just got a call from a friend who introduced me to her cousin and dat was it! Its truly about aligning yourself to ur deep desires and allowing the Universe to do the rest! Cheers!

  • Great tips Melody. You hit the nail here with the “don’t go out to meet men instead go out to have the time of your life” and the right man or woman anyway, will follow.

    Emotional dependency is always a deal breaker. When you feel that happiness will come after you meet Mr or Mrs Right you lose the game.

    As you said, have the time of your life, be happy with your life first and you will attract alike vibrations and finally someone right 🙂

    • Thanks Jack!

      Welcome to Deliberate Receiving!
      I’m so glad you agree. Plus, when you go out to just have a good time, you end up, well, having a better time. That alone should be worth it, no?

      Huge hugs!

  • Thank you for the welcome, Melody! Hm. I’m really going to have to find a place for yoga in my week.

    Also, there’s so much to write about and create. I’m not sure I’ve got enough years left to do it all!

    Time for breakfast and more writing.

  • I love your article, Melody! It’s a topic on my list of posts to write and I love seeing your perspective.

    So, I’m a middle aged (already?), nature loving, meditating, co-creating, energy healing, Tango dancing (just learning) kind of guy. Getting younger by the day. Also, divorced.

    Having already experimented a few years ago with using LinkedIn and earth energy meditations to attract business partners I thought I would give the process a try with online dating services.

    So, I get into the allowing, buzzy, connected state, let my energy guides know what I’m open to, and after 10 or 15 minutes, totally let go, holding no expectations. In fact, I promptly forget I even did the meditation. Then when they deliver I do my part and act.

    You know something? It worked exceptionally well. And I never had to leave my house. I think I’ve done it eight times with the process working, according to my definition of a successful meditation, five or six times, now.

    The last time, I asked for a partner in good physical shape. Yep. A power lifting librarian emails me within 48 hours. (For my process, I consider results within 48 hours a success.) Nobody had even viewed my profile the week or so prior or the week after she contacted me. And as with the other times, there were many aspects of her life which were symbolically very suggestive of a good match.

    Why no relationship, yet? Well, here’s the deal. You get exactly what you ask for.
    In the end, I got maximum learning and lots of growth from each experience but attracted women where there wasn’t strong relationship potential between us. In the end I saw that, in part, it’s a vibration thing. But also, we had things to teach each other. And that was reason enough for us to connect. We didn’t need to go any further after the mutual teaching moment had passed.

    Geez … sorry for the blog post in your comment section! We could probably chat about this all morning, but I better get going. I’m looking forward to reading more of your posts.


    • Hey Eric!

      Welcome to Deliberate Receiving!

      OMG, I love the idea of experimenting with online dating. The feedback of manifestations would be immediate. Yes, yes, write about it. Maybe in terms of a case study? That would be so interesting!!!

      Personally, I’ve never tried online dating. Perhaps I should. it could be lot of fun, especially if I’m careful to really get my “anti-creep” vibration lined up. Ha, ha.

      Thank you so much for sharing yet another male perspective (I KNEW you guys were out there!!!)

      Huge hugs!


  • Hi Melody,

    A crazy thought just occurred to me, a little off topic but maybe not. What does it mean if you manifest exactly what you want, not close, not almost, but ideal… and then you get sick. I think this may have just happened to me. Dream-life scenario, all set to continue indefinitely, and one week into it I’m sick as a dog. Hmmmmmm……

    Also wondering if I’ve picked up a trauma so strong that I’m resonating with exhaustion and infection. Still shiny puppy happy, but sick in bed. Weird! Any thoughts on how this happens? And why I’m still silly-giggly-gratefully joyful?

    Many hugs (happily virtual in case I have the flu…),

    Mary Carol

    • Hey Mary Carol,

      Hard to tell without more details, but – when you get sick it’s resistance. Every time. What could’ve happened is this: You had a really strong desire, and some resistance. The desire was stronger than the resistance, and so, you manifested what you wanted. And the resistance manifested, as well (instead of just one or the other.) Maybe you were pushing a bit too hard (flu is often a way to get us to slow down)? It’s rarely an either/or situation. Life has all kinds of gray areas. Now get some rest and pamper yourself. Just relax and let it all happen as it’s meant to and you’ll stop giving yourself the flu. 😀

      Huge hugs!

  • Hey Melody,

    Just wanna’ put this lil’ info-nugget out there. Yoga-lovin’ hunk-o’ hotness right here. Yeah I have this special routine I like to do every day where I completely stretch my body across the three-seat couch, turn on the TV, and as the minutes go by I just keep stretching…and stretching…and relax. This is either done with a sandwich in one hand and chips in the other OR chips in both hands. It’s awesome. The routine normally ends 3 hours / shows later.

    My spectacular health-driven 8-pack-building yoga routine aside (call me, Michelle *wink with sparkle in eye*), it’s true that if you go out hunting for the right guy (or women), you probably wont find them. Unless you have a gun. Then maybe you can make them comply. Otherwise, just have fun and focus on being happy with what’s already with / around you. I like to think of it like this : If you go out there looking solely to meet someone, you’re giving off a vibration of ‘incompleteness’. You’re looking for someone to patch-up that hollow area. Which is bad. But if you go out there to have fun, mingle, be happy, and enjoy the day / night…you’re radiating “I’m happy the way I am, right now”. That attracts someone to help support your happiness which was already complete, not come in to fix or add to anything. You have to be perfect (at least to yourself) to attract perfection FOR yourself. Get what I mean?

    Hope this helped, just my two cents. 🙂

    • Couch potato yoga! That should totally be a thing. You’ll make millions. Probably.

      That’s so funny. I’m reading a book right now by a woman who likens picking up men to hunting. Literally. I’m not really sure I like the idea of hunting and bagging… it just seems to aggressive and makes it WAY too easy on you men. Ha.

      Thanks for sharing another male perspective here! Wow. We’ve gotten the best stories here, haven’t we? I love it!!


  • Hi there, Melody!

    You know, I was having a conversation with my romance guide, Ralph. Ralph told me that I may have someone coming up at the end of February, but I better not think about it too much. Oh, and he was supposedly not going to tell me about it anyway. Yet, the Force is strong in this one!

    I sense a conspiracy.

  • Thanks for this cool aricle on attracting a partner!

    No, we don´t have to take any action neccessarily, like always.
    But we have to manifest this partner inside of us first, like always. Means, that we can´t set the goal to attract the right one, without being ready for him. Wanting him isn´t sufficient. Feeling good isn´t sufficient either, if you are not ready. So don´t push, don´t focus, don´t scan the areas for him, but look inside to find him there. Then pay attention to what´s going on on the outside.

    The work is always an inner one. I think we don´t even have to think about a partner and what specifics we may want to attract. When the desire strikes, it doesn´t automatically mean that we are ready for it, and it´s rather forlorn to focus on it´s delivery. It comes, when you´re ready; just work on what has come up naturally, if you feel like doing so, no matter what it is, how it looks and feels. You don´t know the way or time of accomplishment, neither the subjects of your true desires (they hit you unarmed..). Trust the process of what´s going on at the moment, the more you draw back of your own intentions (uhh, I thought we had been over this one already.. ;-)), the faster you travel.

    Thanks for these supportive, affectionate questions and considerations! I enjoy and appreciate very much!

    • Hey Sara,

      Yeah, these same principles come around again and again. I just apply them to different scenarios. 🙂
      You’re right on the money. You can use different methods for aligning with the energy. I love Roxy’s method of just pretending he’s already there and making room for him in your life. For me, pulling back and just having fun, being in the NOW, often works best. But, I know that my next apartment will have dishwasher (not common in Spain. There’s usually no room in the kitchen for one). So, every time I wash the dishes, I pretend that I’m loading the dishwasher. I’ve made a game of it and it’s so fun.

      Thank you for being part of this community!

      Huge hugs!!

      • Oh Roxy, yeah great! It worked!
        As I can´t imagine a right partner at my side at the moment, I don´t try to force pictures on it. But I´m entertaining the pictures which come to me, resp. the energy of the pictures I´m capable of at the moment.
        And having fancied a certain person for a very long time, but never really having gotten into the energy of fullfilment (and I refrained from taking effort on trying), I know that it wasn´t meant to be. (We can force pictures, as many people do, especially in partnerships, but we will have to pay the price for it sooner or later).
        So I usually just “try out” pictures, until I hit upon one that resonates with me.

  • When I wanted to attract my Mr. Right I had to go through quite a process. I first had to learn to stop “forcing” it. That can be easier said then done. What I did do, is I made a list of the “perfect man” for me. I was picky and very detailed. I began to ACT AND BEHAVE AS IF I WAS ALREADY IN POSSESSION OF WHAT IT WAS THAT I WANTED. I knew that would put off a different energy vs. the energy of “not having him”. I “felt” what if would feel like to wake up to him. I would feel “him” in the kitchen when I was cooking. I parked my car on one side of my garage and not longer took up two spaces. After all, he had to park his car there too. I saw “his” clothes in my closet. I did it all. I started this in May and we found each other in October.

    He’s an amazing man and I am an amazing manifester. Good luck.


    • Holy Crap Roxy!!! That the exact formula. I couldn’t have said it better myself (longer, but not better…) Ha.

      Congrats. You ARE an amazing manifestor.

      Damn it, I love you people.


  • You never know…I met my husband on the street in front of the post office in Wayne, PA…almost 30 years ago now. The Universe can work things out perfectly, no matter what! 😉

  • Hey Melody…this was a super post, I mean what amazes me is that this was a question going on in my mind for the past 15 days and there pop comes the answer…thanks much!!!

    Happy Thoughts Always…Sabeena

    • Hey Sabeena!

      That happens all the time. If a question resonates strongly with me, causing me to make the answer into a blog post, it’s usually because more than just one person has been asking it. That’s called co-creation. The LOA has brought us all together. How beautiful is that? How perfect is that?? Man, I’m feeling good today!! 🙂


  • Hi Melody
    This was a great post. Awhile back, I wrote an article about love and the law of attraction for a relationship site and I brought up many similar points. We can never know who we will meet. It is so important not to try and figure out how you will meet this person using the framework of your current life because you never know what events will transpire, you never know what inspiration will strike. It does not matter if you see the same five people every day or you do not do the typical singles activities like going to bars. Before my current relationship, I did not have the best track record with men but as soon as I got clear and made a firm decision to stop dealing with bullshit or going after people I knew were not good matches, I met my boyfriend in the most unexpected way where a series of decisions on both our parts led us to a place we would never go otherwise! Some would say coincidence, but we know there is no such thing! It is all about letting it in, not trying to figure it out!

    • Hey Kelli!

      Absolutely. I love how you demonstrated that as soon as you gave up trying to control the process, you met your man. We just don’t have the resources or perspective to orchestrate events the way the Universe can. So why try? If we can learn to trust the Universe a bit more, it takes so much pressure off.

      Huge hugs!


  • I’ve given the same advice to guys asking my opinion on how to meet women. Even though it seems like a good idea to go out specifically to meet someone, it often seems counterproductive. The best advice I think you gave was to go out and have fun. That shift really makes a lot of difference. In the days when I was single, I’d meet a lot of girls when my biggest goal was to just have fun. Meeting girls was always my second goal. The minute I made it the number one goal, I’d have nothing but trouble.

    • Hey Steve,

      Exactly! It works the same for guys looking for girls. Thank you so much for adding your perspective here.

      Have a great time, live in the moment and let the Universe take care of the rest. Yay!


  • Makes sense to me; it’s your vibe or alignment.

    I was taking an exercise class that incorporated some yoga. There were like 15 women and 3 guys. and I can attest, it was like the best class ever. I might have been born on a Wednesday, but it wasn’t last Wednesday. I’m pretty sure all 3 of us were married straight men and because of that, I will not include photo at this time (which probably wouldn’t have helped anyway………:).

    The best advice is just to have fun and not plan events for the sole purpose of meeting men.

    That’s my story for today.

  • I was in my late 40s and had given up looking – I was at home by myself on a Saturday night and an old friend I hadn’t spoken to for years rang at 9.30pm. He came around the following Tuesday and now we have been partners for years.

    Now if I had gone out that Saturday night trying to meet men…

    • Yes, yes, yes!!! Robin!!! Thank you for another “I met my man on my couch” story. I’m loving how you guys are coming out to share on this topic!!! When you’ve aligned your energy, the Universe will find a way to get you together. You don’t have to worry about missing him by taking the wrong action.

      And isn’t it interesting how you let him in when you had “given up”? Yep. That’s how it works. You have to get out of the way, and giving up will do that. But you don’t have to wait until your late 40’s or until you feel like you have no other choice to give up. You can give up the resistance right now. Yay!!

      Huge hugs!

  • I forwarded this on to my two single daughters and laughed out loud… I was looking for a beautiful career and up popped the man in my life who helped me succeed in sharing life with 3 stunning daughters – capable – intelligent-artistic – smart – interesting….and cooking for all his specialty food needs with celiac disease. I now have spent 36 years with the guy…and at his last insurance physical Mr. 65 came in at body aged 38…he likes yoga…and cycling…

    just as an aside…3 of the yoga instructors in my life are MEN over 50 who are all single and their classes are full to the brim with folks of many persuasions because they love what they do and they truly assist one in healing….2 are not gay…. 1 is married to a lawyer and they own the largest studio in town.
    I wish I could afford to go back to class – but soon, I can feel some more clients headed my way right as I type….I am a walking, talking, happy, vibrator…oh that does not sound quite right….hmmm but funny 🙂

    I do wish the older two would meet someone sooner rather than later….but I am not pressuring…except to get them out exercising, which they do and they love to travel, more fun with a good friend

    • Hey Patricia,

      That’s awesome that your hubby is doing so well! We generally find what we want when we’re not looking for it because we’ve stopped being so aware of not having it. And that stops blocking the energy of what we want. Then poof! There it is.

      THANK YOU for confirming that there are yoga loving men!!! That needed to be said by someone other than me. 🙂
      And it’s great to hear you sounding so positive about Wise Ears. They are coming. Just go off and play and they will trickle in (or knock your door down, depending on how much playing you do…)

      And regarding your daughter: she will find her match in perfect timing, too. No use giving any energy to her singledom (which there’s nothing wrong with either, BTW.)

      Huge hugs!

  • Not speaking from the standpoint of finding a man (again), but I do love your response – especially the “don’t go out looking to meet men.” I had to find that out in terms of career, etc. When I stopped looking, the right things happened if i had my mind focused the right way. It’s a whole congruency thing. Great answer!

    • Hey Bryan,

      yeah, this subject is gonna come around again and again… But you can apply the same principles to finding a woman. Energy principles are not gender specific. I know there’s a lot of single guys out there looking for women (why else would the pick up artist scene be so popular??). And it doesn’t matter if you’re looking for just sex or love or a job or a car. Again, the principles are always the same. 🙂

      Thanks for your kind words buddy.
      Huge hugs!


    • Hey Cally!

      Welcome to Deliberate Receiving!!
      Ok, this is a whole other blog post, LOL. Or actually, I kind of already wrote that one:

      Know that everything happens with perfect timing. You can’t physically control when you will meet Mr. Right. Oh, you can meet lots of men, but you can’t ensure that any of them will be right for you. So give that up. Focus on how you feel, and don’t accept it when you don’t feel good. Do the energy work and Mr. Right will show up faster than may imagine.
      Oh, and women are able to have babies much later now than before. So that biological clock can tick a bit longer. 🙂


    • Glad you’re enjoying the chat, Cally, and if you’ll please indulge me…

      Oh NOES! Michelle’ body-clock is ticking, OMGWTFBBQ!

      Clearly she is running out of time, and there’s no way life can bring her these two simple things:

      a) an inspiring intimate relationship
      b) more fun, comfortable, compelling avenues for socializing


      Everything can and will work out for her, believe it.

  • A fantastic answer from Melody, and I’ve no doubt it will help. I also have a small point to add on top of Melody’s excellent advice 🙂

    I’d like to add that…

    It sounds to me as if Michelle has more than one desire.

    a) desires an inspiring intimate relationship
    b) desires more fun, comfortable, compelling avenues for socializing

    It may help to have ‘positive thinking’ and ‘attraction focus’ not on the larger issue [a] a man, and instead ask the universe to bring you fun comfortable solutions for socializing. Surely the universe can deliver that, and from your newfound social position, your confidence in attracting a man will be boosted.

    Basically I’m saying Michelle can pick the desire with less resistance, and I imagine she has more resistance to ‘finding a man’, than ‘finding a fun social activity of some kind’.


    Of course, this is all just brainstorming — go wherever life takes you 😀

    • Hi Jason,

      Thanks so much for adding your insights. I focused only one the one issue, since my blog posts have a tendency to get too long as it is, but it’s great that you caught more and decided to give your views!!

      I realized a while ago that I met the best men and had the most fun when I had the least expectations. So now, I usually just aim to have fun, whatever and however that can happen. Works every time. Incidentally, that’s also why we have the most fun when we weren’t even planning to go out… 🙂


  • When I was single I sat down and made a list of what I would like my ideal man to be like. I was into jive dancing so I decided that I would like to attract a man that danced, tall dark and handsome. Very soon after making the list one of my work colleagues asked me about my dancing and asked if he could come along. Dear Reader, I married him……

    • Yay Debbie!!!!

      Thank you so much for this contribution!!! I’m sure your comment will give a lot of women hope. Fantastic. And jive dancing is so cool. I salsa myself, but jive looks a lot harder!


  • Hey, I just want to confirm the law of attraction and the effectiveness of allowing – my last two relationships, though they didn’t last for eternity, but were nonetheless “successful”, mature and ended blissfully, were both ones that I manifested (writing down what I wanted in a relationship, etc…) and both men showed up literally on my couch. (Friends of friends).

    • Hey Adrienne!
      thank you so much for sharing your story! It’s so important for readers to get more than one example (I’m just one woman. There’s a limit to how many relationships I can have… LOL). How awesome is that. You actually did get a couch delivery!! Ha!


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