In my post on Grief, I promised to explore the issue of death and life after death in a separate blog post. I realize that the whole life/death thingy is an enormous subject and so, I’m going to have to tackle it one piece at a time. Today, I’d like to explore what life actually is, and in doing so, explain what death really is. And, because I’m a bit of a nerd, I’m not going to talk about the spirit realm and the white light. I’m going to use an analogy (surprise!!!) about video games. Trust me though, it’s a good one. *excited giggle*

Life is like a video game

That’s right. I just compared our very existence to Mrs. Pacman (this is why you come here, isn’t it?). Only, life is like the most kick-ass, virtual reality game, ever. You see, you, the human you, is not all there is. There’s a lot more of YOU. A LOT more. The real YOU is a non-physical being of pure consciousness. But that’s really hard to picture, so, for the sake of this analogy, let’s say that the real YOU is, um, let’s go with a brain in a jar. YOU are a really, really smart, entirely conscious, completely enlightened, awesome brain in a jar. And so is EVERYONE else. Now, we’re all brains in jars, vibrating at this really high frequency, so we’re all happy and shiny and full of love and joy and we decide that we don’t want to just think about stuff all day long, we actually want to experience it. So, we create this amazing, kick ass virtual reality world that vibrates at a lower, denser frequency, which allows it to be physical.

The human you is the avatar

We each get an avatar – a video game character that will allow us to project part of our consciousness into the game. Actually, we each get an unlimited amount of avatars, but let’s not get into the whole space/time thingy just now. Now, we don’t really care what our avatars look like or if they’re rich or poor. We are SO beyond that. We are enlightened brains in jars, after all. But we do care about experiences. So we set some very general intentions before we start the game based on the experiences we want to have. Our intentions are then transferred to the game, which creates the perfect environment for our avatar to be “born” into, as well as the avatar itself. The game is very complex, perfectly aligning the intensions of every player so that only those avatars and circumstances that are a match will ever meet up. The algorithm that makes this possible is called, drum roll please… the Law of Attraction (technically, the LOA also exists outside of the game, but that messes up the analogy, and I get a little grumpy when that happens, so let’s not got there right now).

The brain in the jar then projects part of its consciousness into the avatar, fully connecting to him and making him a part of the larger organism. The avatar is sentient. He learns, thinks and has the ability to become self aware, even to the point that he fully remembers that he’s an avatar and part of a much larger consciousness.

Because of the Law of Attraction algorithm, the avatar’s entire reality is always determined by the avatar’s vibration – his thoughts and beliefs. He can go anywhere and do anything he wants. Nothing is impossible as long he’s a vibrational match to the experience.

The Data Base

As the avatar goes through life, he’s going to have all kinds of experiences. Some of these experiences he’ll love, others, not so much. Some experiences will be downright nasty. Whenever the avatar experiences anything, good or bad, it creates data, and this data is then entered into a data base. When the avatar experiences something he likes, the details of that experience are stored in that data base. When the avatar experiences something he doesn’t like, the details of that experience cause him to determine what he would like instead, and THESE data points, the ones comprising the experience of what he’d like instead, are entered into the data base. So, this database holds a record of an ever evolving version of the avatar’s preferences.

The brain in the jar now gets to experience that version of the avatar’s life. It doesn’t experience all the pain and suffering, the hardships or even the slightly annoying stuff. It only experiences the best possible version of its avatar’s world, and that version is constantly being refined with each experience that the avatar has. Nothing the avatar does or experiences can harm the brain in the jar. Everything is of benefit, the good and the bad. And what’s more, the avatar’s experiences don’t just benefit “his” brain, but all brains – the collective consciousness.

The avatar, however, isn’t doomed to live in pain and suffering. That was never the plan. The unwanted experiences are simply there to be noticed, to help determine the details of the experience that would be preferred instead, and then to be dropped. The avatar actually has the ability to fully experience what the brain in the jar is experiencing – the best of the best of his entire database.  All he has to do is match the frequency of the brain in the jar, which is a very high frequency. In fact, as the avatar adds data points to the database, and as the consciousness in the brain matches those new frequencies, it continues to evolve and as it does so, it continuously reaches higher and higher vibrations. The avatar’s very existence is causing the evolution of the consciousness, not just of his own brain in a jar, but of the entire collective. It may be a game, but WHAT a game it is!

How does the avatar match the frequency of the brain?

The game has a built in feedback mechanism, allowing the avatars to receive guidance on how close or far away they are from the frequency of their brains. This feedback mechanism uses emotions – if the avatar is completely aligned with the larger consciousness, he will feel joy and pure, unadulterated happiness. The further away his frequency is from that of the larger HIM, the worse he’ll feel. So, if the avatar pays attention to those emotions and uses them as a guide to raise his vibration, he can match the energy of his brain in a jar and not only reach full joy, but experience all the optimal details his life has caused him to place in that database. In other words, he gets the house, the car and the million dollars he always wanted.

So… why isn’t life a hell of a lot more fun, then?

In order to fully experience the physical, the avatar must believe that his experiences are as real as possible. At first, avatars had absolutely no idea who they really were, and experiences were somewhat crude. It was more about basic survival and exploring the physical limitations of this world. But over time, as the game progressed and as more and more data was added to the database, experiences became more refined. Avatars developed technology and better ways to explore not just the seen but the unseen. They began to ask better questions, allowing them greater and greater levels of awareness.

Because the avatars didn’t, for the most part, remember who they really were, they began to form all kinds of opinions about themselves and the world at large, in an effort to make sense of their existence. They decided that the sun was a god, that the earth was the center of the Universe, that they were at the mercy of a bi-polar man with a beard who lived in the sky, that suffering was virtuous, that life is hard and that anything worth achieving is only worth it if you’ve struggled and suffered to get it. The avatars started to teach the new mini-avatars who came in about the “rules” they’d made up. And so, instead of just using the unwanted experiences to add to the database, they began to immerse themselves in these lower frequencies and hold on to them, allowing them to affect their vibration. And they still do.

The brain in the jar is never negatively affected by these lower frequencies. As the avatar begins to carry more and more of these lower frequencies around with him, he actually adds more and more data points to the database and further enhances the experience of the greater consciousness. So, as the avatar becomes more and more weighed down by these heavy frequencies or “resistance”, the brain in the jar is actually reaching higher and higher levels of vibration.

Releasing the resistance

The greater the gap between the energy of the brain and the avatar, the worse the emotional experience for the avatar – in other words, the greater the suffering. Sooner or later, as the avatar causes the brain’s vibration to rise while holding on to the lower frequencies, the pressure of this gap will become too great for the avatar and he will have to release this resistance.  He can do that in a couple of different ways: He can simply let go of the resistance and bounce to a much higher vibration, causing him to experience a rush of joy and intense relief. Or, he can choose to leave the game, causing the consciousness that was projected into the avatar to rejoin the brain in the jar and fully experience the pure, high vibration and everything stored in the database of preferences. In other words – what many would call heaven. And yes, everyone gets to go.

The game can be ended for a variety of reasons, but the most prevalent are:

  • too much resistance has built up and the game simply isn’t fun anymore
  • the avatar is “done” with the game. He has fulfilled his intentions for that round and now can’t think of anything else he wants to experience this time around (note, this could happen at any age, not just when people are old.)

The game is never ended because the avatar has made a mistake, or is being punished, or because the avatar’s little avatar friends have done something wrong.

The consciousness that existed in the avatar is not gone. It continues to exist, but without all the limiting beliefs and fears that the avatar subscribed to. Avatars who have remembered at least part of who they really are, can communicate with the brains – all of them, not just their own. However, the brains will never lower their frequencies to where an avatar is. In order to communicate with the brains, the avatar must raise his own energy to their level. If and when he’s able to accomplish this, the avatar will have access to not only the experiences that match the data base version of his life, but also all the knowledge, clarity and wisdom that come with the perspective of the brains.

“See ya”

Now, I know that this entire analogy seems kind of science fiction-y and a bit “out there”. No, we are not brains in jars. As I said in the beginning, we are pure, positive energy. But I think brains in jars make for a better visual and it’s just funnier. We are, however, extensions of our bigger selves, fully aware and benefiting Who We Really Are with every experience we have. And, we are absolutely allowed to experience the best of the preferences we’ve determined. It’s up to us.

Does this mean that I don’t take death seriously? Well, yeah, kind of. I’m not going to claim that I don’t grieve when someone close to me dies. Of course I do. But I also know that the grief is mine. I’m not sorry for them, I’m sorry for me, because I don’t get to spend physical time with them anymore. I know that they are experiencing the best that their life had to offer, even if they didn’t do so when they were still in the physical. I know that they are romping and playing and giggling uncontrollably and dancing and running barefoot through grass and laughing that kind of laugh where you can’t breathe and no sound comes out and you end up clapping your hands like a silent and slightly retarded seal. They are literally having the best times of their lives.

Is death a tragedy? We decided that it is, somewhere along the way, based on an incomplete understanding of who we are. As our understanding evolves, so must our view on death. It is not the end of a life. It is not the end of a consciousness. It isn’t even the end of shared experiences (only physical ones). It is a transition, a change, no more traumatic than when you go home after a party. There will be other parties. You’ll see your friends again. You can talk on the phone any time you like. And when a friend leaves the party early, instead of lamenting their departure for the rest of the night and ruining yours and everyone else’s good time, grieve for a little while and then say “See ya”. Because you will.

What do you think of this explanation of life and death? Did it resonate with you, or do you have a different one that makes more sense to you? Have you made your peace with death?

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  • Omg i had the same epiphany. While reading about LOA, i used to play a lot of MMORPG games, and Sims . That really got me thinking if we really are simply characters in a video game. Your post was amazing. I love this analogy,helps me understand better.
    Thankyou for your awesome blog 🙂 love the humour and the wisdom.

  • I couldn’t help but keep my big grin throughout while reading this post! Thanks so much! Just one thought – I get that we (we, the brain in the jars) can have infinite number of avatars, but can we have more than one avatar at the same time? If yes, that would be fun too! One avatar playing out here, and many more playing out in other dimensions. 😀

  • Hi Melody!
    Firstly you are have changed my perspective about life and spirituality..its like my life changed a lot, almost flipped 180 degree with your blog..i found answers to most of my questions..its like an awakening of who i really am..and this post had the greatest impact on me..after reading this particular post, its like i dont have fear for anything in life, coz until then the greatest fear was death and by removing that , now i dont have fear of anything at all..but , here is were i have a question..if all this is true , then why have we , the human race , have constructed or designed a checklist of to do things or a rule book , by only which we cud be happier? example is that we cud be happy in numerous ways and feel good about ourselves , but why it is been created that only with money , only with a perfect house or car or a spouse, or grand children , or a thinner body etc etc , only with things of such kind we cud be happy?? why doesnt the whole world get to know this truth and change..there wud be no more wars , terrorism , feeling bad, poverty , inhumane happenings anything of this right.why are we blocked away from this truth and keep suffering for endless things that actually dont make us feel good in any way?why are we still ignorant?
    and secondly my another question was , after not fearing for anything in life, all of a sudden i felt like a stone.that is more emotions..i cudnt feel anything at all..its good if cant feel any bad emotions ,but i cant even feel any good emotions..its like all of my emotions just evaporated away..there is no more ambition , passion , love , satisfaction, happiness..nothing..also no anger , hatred, fear or disappointment..all these emotions suddenly feel like nothing is true, coz nothing of this realistic, materialistic world is true..its all like an illusion..its all have to be happy , you have to be loved, you have to be passionate..all of this is not making sense to me anymore..what is happening to me and why is looking like an illusion or a false image..why am i not able to feel any of the emotions..i just feel like , i am not going to cease..i will be present forever, coz my biggerself or greater self is present for ever , coz its energy, so its not going to get why cant i just be there, without playing this video game, creating funny avatars, making them suffer and drive them crazy ??
    and finally my last question is , if everyone of us has a biggerself creating our own avatars in various forms, then the population of the world shud have been same from the start right?? i mean , if there are for example ten “brain in jars” which create their own avatars, there shud only be ten avatars right, but our population gets exploding constantly, which means for every new avatar created there shud be “brain in jar” , if new avatars are created in this world, then who is creating the new “brain in jars”..which form of energy is making new “brain in jars”?? but then ,is it possible coz energy can never be created or destroyed, then from where are these new avatars turning up ?? i know these are really long questions , but it seems they are going around my mind on and on..thanks for your time and support..and again you are you.. 🙂

  • Hey Melody,

    I, like you, started out in a Christian religion and was always seeking answers. I was always seeking and searching for more on this topic. It led me to places where I came in contact with others regarding the same thing. It just happens that way, when we allow it of course. Perhaps, as humans, we have always felt this. It is in our consciousness already, that is why all this other stuff, like religion came about. But it skews from the truth because of the beliefs of the matrix that become real to most in it and since they all follow each other, that is how these beliefs are perpectuated. That may not have made a lot of sense, but I hope the feeling is understood.

    “Now, we don’t really care what our avatars look like or if they’re rich or poor. We are SO beyond that. We are enlightened brains in jars, after all”. This is being in the vortex! I recognized it immediately!

    “He learns, thinks and has the ability to become self aware, even to the point that he fully remembers that he’s an avatar and part of a much larger consciousness”. More of the vortex, at least for me. When I forget these two quotes from focusing too much on the matrix, I suffer a lot and am out of the vortex. It would not take me back in. I would need to feel again, usually very slowly, who I really am to even get back on track, so to speak. For me, it is all about that. When you are aware of that and allow all those experiences in for the thrill of it, you are flying! Things just happen! It is the coolest!

    Rock songs have this right. So do rock stars. They totally get it. Most become prone to drug abuse, but that was another post.

    • Hey Kat,

      You’re not wrong with the religion bit. It first came about because of innate knowledge and a desire to make sense of things. The earliest religions were not nearly as filled with false beliefs. They were much more intuitive and bound with nature. Innate knowledge was honored, and humans along with all life was sacred. We didn’t twist it all up until later…

      Being in that flow (in the vortex) lets us experience that innate knowledge again. Then, we just have to re-learn to trust it. And when we do, oh man, does life get fun. Weeeeeeee! 😛

      Huge hugs,

    • Hey Drani,

      Well, that’s a little bit like saying “Where is the evidence that God exists?”. I can’t prove to you that there is an afterlife. I can only present my point of view. Then, it’s up to you to decide if it resonates with you or not. My only real advice is to go by how you feel. If it feels “right” to you, then perhaps this way of thinking is for you. If it doesn’t, then it isn’t. The whole point is that you can’t find the evidence if you need the evidence in order to believe it. But when you believe it (even just a little bit), you’ll begin to see the evidence to support it. But even that concept requires a bit of a leap of faith.

      I hope that’s helpful.

      Huge hugs,

  • Hello Melody,

    I just discovered your blog through John Cali’s and started browsing. I love it. This particular resonated with me very much as I myself use the example of a computer game and looked at it from all angles. I am not as good at details though. As soon as I have found the essence of what I am looking for I start exploring some other direction. But I love the way you worked it out.



  • Three words: Kick-ass post! Wow….this resonated with me beyond words. I’m just gonna sit here and suck my thumb and bask in the good vibes of this post!

    Thanks Melody…


  • Hey Melody,

    I wouldn’t presume to explain all of life and death, but I will say that death is something to look forward to, when we’re actually done here having this human experience. Probably the whole “world as most people know it” would turn on its axis if MOST people came to understand this. Who wouldn’t want to be reunited with their soul pals and get a life review where they finally got answers to all the interesting things that happened here and everything got put into perspective? It seems like we spend so much time trying to figure these things out from our current perspective.

    I’ve done enough readings and had enough mediumship experiences to fully grasp what goes on “afterward” (or “always”), and you never lose touch with those you love and who love you.

    • Hey Julie,

      I think we are coming to understand this, or at least more and more people are. The wonderful part about that message is that we don’t need to die in order to get to “heaven”. We can live it right here, right now. But we have to achieve that high frequency. Of course, if we don’t, we’ll still get it all upon death, so there’s no way to get it wrong. 🙂

      Huge hugs!!

  • Well, you’ve done it again. You’ve taken something that I kinda sorta thought I understood and made it crystal clear. Wish we had met a lot sooner! But it’s all perfect the way it is. I probably wasn’t really ready for it then.

    I’m constantly reminding myself to simply feel good – especially when I start stressing about all that I need to do on a daily basis and on a larger time scale. The two voices in my head drive me nuts sometimes (the mindful, calm me and the me that stresses out). Now I have a better, bigger vision of the importance of feeling good.

    Thanks again! You’re awesome!!

    • Hey Paige!

      Isn’t it great how just the right information finds us at just the right time? I love how everything always unfolds perfectly, Of course, it’s always so much easier to recognize it in hindsight…

      Thanks so much for your kind words!


  • Hi Melody,

    This is a beautiful post. Your explanation of death in a more positive light, rather than to always consider it to be the final goodbye is refreshing. I would love to believe that we will connect again in some form with those that we were close to. My dad passed away about 12 years ago, and I do still feel his presence from time to time, and that he is there for me and my brothers.

    I love this line – “There will be other parties. You’ll see your friends again.” That is very reassuring to us all.

    • Hi Cathy,

      thanks so much for sharing here. Your dad is indeed still around and always available to you and your brothers. But he’ll never be sad with you. You have to get happy to meet up with him.

      Huge hugs!

  • This is a superb post. I will have to read it again. “But I also know that the grief is mine. I’m not sorry for them, I’m sorry for me, because I don’t get to spend physical time with them anymore.” I have always believed that, but despite finding an explanation that suits me for now, I could never come to peace with death because we simply don’t know until it is our turn and then we may know or indeed never know. I kinda want to know now darn it! But maybe the information is too much for my little brain in the jar.
    Excellent excellent job.

    • Hey Pea,

      Actually, when you open yourself up to the possibility and take a bit of a leap of faith on this stuff, you begin to have experiences that allow you to “know”. Like, when you have conversations with non-physical consciousness. When you connect with the energy of someone who has transitioned. Unfortunately, you can’t get the proof before you believe, so you have to take a bit of a leap first. But you can inch your way there by first believing that’s it’s just possible, even if you’re not sure. That will get the process started.

      And thank you so much for your kind words! Oh, and your “huge” brain in a jar can handle anything you or the Universe throws at it. 🙂

      Huge, brainy hugs!


  • Very cleverly put. Hope it works out that way…I believe we are on a journey, travelling in the human form and for whatever reason we move on early or later, to where? who really knows, but one thing for sure no one really knows what happens when our body ceases to function. It does not make sense or logic for a complete end to existence, anyway its nicer to live with hope & faith in a never ending future….

    • Hey Robin,

      Welcome to Deliberate Receiving! You know, sometimes when we don’t know, the best we can do is choose to believe the version that feels best to us. We have to take a little bit of a leap of faith. The beautiful thing is that when we do that, our faith often turns into a “knowing”. But even if it doesn’t? Why choose to believe a version that doesn’t feel good, ESPECIALLY if that argument has no less proof than the good feeling one? 🙂

      Huge hugs!

  • Hi, Melody,

    I have never thought about life and death like you have explained. I will have to mull it over for a while.

    I do know that when I grieve for someone it’s because I won’t get to spend time with them. They are in a much better place. One of my uncles was physically disabled and never had much of a life outside of his home. At the prayer service before his funeral, one speaker said, “Ralph is running in heaven right now.” It was so touching to imagine him being able to run, and the thought of it still brings tears to my eyes (many years later).


    • Hey Donna,

      This is one possible perspective. Sit with it for a while and if it resonates, great. If not, that’s ok, too. The idea is to find the perspective that brings you peace and makes you feel better. This is the one that takes my breath away. 🙂

      Thanks for that beautiful story. I’ll bet Ralph isn’t just running, but riding a bike, skateboarding and dancing the Tango. 🙂

      Huge hugs!

  • Hi Melody
    All I can say is WOW!! This analogy was so amazing and you did a wonderful job of identifying what is truly us and what we are experiencing as an avatar of that perfect consciousness. I really really loved this post!

  • Melody,
    This was excellent! I do agree with Bryan that it reminded me to some degree of the Matrix but, your right – in the Matrix the Brains were enslaved. As a medium I have heard it all – let me tell you! But, I think the visual of the brain and avatars makes the clearest explanation of I’ve ever read! Terrific!!

    • Thanks Angela!!! I’ve been working on this analogy for months and it finally wanted to be written. Seems simple now, but it all had to make sense to me first. I’m really honored by your praise.

      Huge hugs!


  • Hi Melody,

    Magnificent post! Thank you!

    Over the years, in my work, I’ve grown to — and this may sound weird — really appreciate death. Even as a little boy, I never feared death. Though I was devilishly curious about it.

    I’ve always believed we never lose those we love. And therefore we never lose our ability to communicate with them. I’m in contact with several of my “dead” loved ones — in a couple of cases, every day.

    Like you, I grew up Catholic, but as an adult “kicked the habit.” The church sent out mixed messages about death (and about God too). But, as you said, that was part of our growth, and has contributed to the beautiful beings we are today.

    Thanks again for sharing your wisdom and grace.

    Big hugs,

    • Oooh, John, I love that expression. Appreciating death. That would’ve been a great blog post title… 🙂

      One of the things I had to make peace with was the idea that I could be ok with death, but still grieve when someone I loved died. For a while, I thought that the two contradicted each other… Also, I don’t have a problem with my death, but I don’t necessarily want to die right now. I’m having too much fun! 🙂 Of course, there’s something to be said for being able to haunt people… Ha!

      Huge hugs!!

  • Hey Melody, I’m pretty sure you just described The Matrix. Seriously, though, I think you hit it right on with our whole idea of death/tragedy. Our spirit is indeed eternal. Something our world religions got right. Life isn’t just here/now/physical. Everytime I play an Elvis record, his spirit flows through those tracks. And the energy in that recording is just as real as the energy of his live studio production. Is it connected? Absolutely it is. We are born of energy/spirit and we live on as energy/spirit.

    • Well… in the Matrix, the “brains in jars” were enslaved, so…

      Ahahahahah! I love it! Spirituality according to Elvis. That man really still is alive. Well, who he really is, is still alive and always will be. And you’re right. We are still affected by the energy he allowed to flow through his physical being. I often think of that when I listen to classical music. So much of it is dark and heavy and of a much lower frequency. Of course, at the time, that would’ve actually been uplifting for many. But I marvel at how some pieces (Vivaldi, comes to mind) manage to stand the test of time and vibrational evolution and still uplift us to this day. If anyone ever doubts if they could have a lasting impact… When we allow that kind of energy to flow through us, it lasts forever.

      Huge hugs!


  • I so needed a great laugh and your examples just had me laughing until tears were running down and I was snorting….
    What a great description and model to describe….it is such a combo of so much religious thinking and rather where all the great minds come round too…. I think about reading some of Einstein’s words when living in Princeton NJ right next door to his house.

    Understanding death is one of the best ways to understand another person….my neighbor wants to die in her house and be carried out after she is gone and she is leaving all her living stuff for her children to clean up…will be 80 this year….hates gays and has left her church because some of the members are gay and think they should be allowed to be ordained and married. She is very independent and just moved all the bark from her downed trees to her garden beds by herself…cooks, quilts, gives piano lessons…very grounded, hangs onto what she believes…

    My other neighbor with heart problems is done with her house and just moved into an assisted living apartment so that she can have dinner with friends every night and not be alone…and discuss the news and share books and ideas….every day that she is alive life is good… On the other hand, she volunteers a great deal with children, but never actually connects…she smiles and enjoys but can not truly take care of herself – she is dependent (Her children are flying in from across the country to sell the house and clean it up and take loving care of her)

    These two have been great friends for 60 years…they kind of balance each other.


    I am between them and too incredibly woo woo in nature for their liking…:) I had to teach my mum how to let go and die….neither neighbor can understand this, so they try to avoid me in their painful moments.

    Still chuckling 🙂

    • Wow Patricia,

      I think that the process of death is quite fascinating, too. Often, people start to release a lot of their resistance just before they go. Their loved ones then experience them as peaceful and connected, often having authentic conversations with them for the first time in their lives. But some people hold on to their “stuff” until the end. And that’s ok, too. They may then have a less peaceful departure, but once they transition, they drop it all and return to pure, positive energy. They reap all the rewards that their life had to offer. So whether we get to that point while we’re still alive or once we’re dead, it’s all good.

      I wouldn’t be surprised if right before the end, both of these women are ready for you. 🙂

      Huge hugs!! And I’m glad I made you laugh.


  • Hi Melody,

    I want to start by saying that I do like your analogy. I think that in order to make our life even bearable (we are not even talking about being happy here) we absolutely NEED to UNDERSTAND who we really are. I think that it’s this lack of understanding that drives people to depression, suicide or even plain unhappiness.

    Until I started to study the law of attraction, the subconscious mind and all that good stuff, I was so freakin unhappy. I even involved myself with religion pretty deeply for 10 years of my life to try to understand something. I was searching. At the beginning it seemed to help me some and even made some senses to things, but over time I started to have more questions than answers and I got tired to deal with people who were preaching one thing and doing another.

    One day, I decided that I wasn’t going to take this any longer and as we know I finally attracted what I was attracted to, meaning, I got involved with people who were teaching about the laws of the universe and that was the best thing I ever did in my life.

    I do believe that there is more to life than the physical one and that death is just a part of life. I agree with you that when we mourn someone, we are really sad about ourselves because we miss the person that is no longer with us, but we can also be assured that they are fine, they do not miss us.

    Thanks for this great article Melody 🙂

    • Hey Sylviane,

      I totally get where you’re coming from. I grew up Catholic myself and from a very early age, just couldn’t make sense of what they were telling me. But it did give me a framework to start from, so I don’t regret that part of my journey at all. I don’t know who I’d be if I hadn’t started to find these answers. I can’t and don’t even want to imagine it. Life is just so great when you know who you really are! 🙂 yay!

      Huge hugs!

  • Lovely Melody,

    The word that came to mind when reading this post was, “beautiful!” Everyone is saying the same thing, but that’s because it’s true. Your words are wise and comforting and generous. Thank you!

    After the death of my father, I was very aware of his spirit. For years I carried on (imaginary?) conversations with him. Lately I’ve felt he’s back in the game, in a new body. Not sure how I could know this, but it feels great. There’s a happy baby out there somewhere with awesome parents, and he’s my Dad! Woohoo!

    I love the idea that we get to hang around with the same jar-brains over and over in different avatars. Next time, I bet my Mom and I get to be best friends. We didn’t do so great as mother and daughter, but without the family strings, we’ll be fine. Melody, it took us a few years to find each other this time, but we did! Woohoo! Maybe in another avatar you really were my shiny happy puppy! I LOVE my dogs!

    Okay, getting giddy/silly. Signing off, hugs to all!

    Mary Carol

    • Yay Mary Carol! I like to think that I am actually a puppy somewhere right now…

      You know, even if your dad is back in the physical, you can still always communicate with his brain in a jar. 🙂 And the conversations aren’t imaginary, but even if they were, who cares? If they feel good and give you comfort, what’s the problem? Yay!

      Huge super hugs!


      • Hey Melody,

        I agree on both counts. My Dad and I still talk, and it doesn’t matter a bit if it’s “real” or a projection of my memories and imagination. Either way, it feels great – great if we’re in contact, and great if I’ve internalized his spirit so that he is still with me.



  • This was a truly beautiful post, Melody. Thanks a bazzillion for this! 🙂

    To be honest, I’ve been thinking a lot about death and the afterlife lately. If we were to listen to the nerds in lab-coats, we’d have to believe that our consciousness is a product of our physical brain, and when the brain dies, we die with it. But how can something like that possibly be true?

    Also, I have to ask…do you think we’ll remember this life once we leave this Earth? Because as comforting as it is to transition into a place of light and love and free A&W Root Beer, I don’t want to forget the things that have happened here. Trust me, my life has been far from a bed of roses, but everything that has happened here and will happen here I’d like to keep as souvenirs when I leave. In fact, if I could choose my perfect heaven, I’d choose for it to be identical to this world. The one thing I’d take away is the sense of desperation that urges people to do heinous things but other than that, why wouldn’t I want heaven to be like it is right here, right now? It’s an awesome place with awesome people. Some are douchebags, true, but that’s what makes it fun!

    Imagine if death were as simple as closing your eyes, and waking up from a very long and elaborate dream. How simplistically awesome would that be. You wake up into a perfect world and have a grand reunion with your loved ones who got there early, and you get all the coolness of this world like cable and junk food and por—urmm—por-ta-ble DVD players, yeah that’s right! Man, how I hope Heaven’s like that. Because if it’s not, I’m going to start looking for an immortality potion. There’s no way I’m missing out on the action down here for the next 700 years. 😉

    • I don’t listen to the nerds in the lab coats. Not on this one, anyway. Although, not all nerds in lab coats believe that this is all there is…

      Of course you’ll remember everything that happened here. Why would you forget? You’ll have a different perspective on it, though. You won’t be angry about stuff anymore, or resentful. You’ll see the purpose and perfection of each moment and you’ll feel appreciation and gratitude for everything that happened and everyone you came in contact with, even those that annoy you now. You’ll drop all of those limiting beliefs and have access to any memory you like.

      Death can be like that. Many have done it. There are people who simply choose to go, close their eyes and depart. No drama, no fanfare, no fighting it. It is our beliefs about death that makes it so hard and we make a terrible mess of it in the West…

      Stay as long as you like. The secret is to let go of resistance while you’re still alive. Feel better, feel better, feel better. That’s it. Make it heaven right here, right now. And if all it takes for you is cable TV, junk food and porn, well my dirty boy, you have it quite easy, don’t you? 🙂

      Hugs (but wash your hands first, LOL)

  • Hi Melody.

    OK, a couple of things that really bugged me: (1) I hate video games, and (2) Thinking of myself as an avatar made me feel like I was some helpless, hapless tool of that icky “BrainintheJar.”

    Anyway, once I got past my initial aversion, I found your post to be incredibly moving, and here’s why.

    I don’t have too much of a problem with the issue of death. I get that we’ve been here before — on Earth, and on many other planets, and in many other lifeforms, and will continue to do so if we wish.

    What has more meaning for me at this level of my incarnation is connecting with loved ones on the “other side,” something I’ve been trying to do for a number of years, more so since losing my in-laws and eldest sister last year.

    My mother-in-law, Marian, while alive, was exceptionally psychic and could also communicate with the other side. She was the go-between for my father (who died in 1977) and me — an invaluable connection since my dad was never very communicative with me when he was alive. So, it was a wonderful gift to be able to “talk” to him through Marian.

    Sadly, after Marian died, so did my link to my father. Since I’ve had my own personal experiences as a clair-auditor, I tried to develop this in order to reconnect. So far, nothing tangible — which is to say, perhaps incoming messages have been too subtle for me to “hear.”

    Then I read this blog post and I knew my father had sent it my way. By the time I got to the section: “Releasing the Resistance,” I was in tears — the good kind.

    Now I’m actively looking for other “signposts” from my dad.

    Thanks for this one.

    • Ah Delving Eye,

      I’m glad you were able to overcome your aversion to my nerdy metaphor to find the message underneath.

      Actually, I never meant to imply that we are helpless or hapless. We have full free will. The point is that we are connected to something much larger, that WE actually are something much larger. The brain in the jar thingy was just funny to me. I could’ve said “nebulous cloud of light” or something, just the same, but that didn’t make me giggle. I also wanted to point out that even though this is a sort of “game”, we are actually incredibly important. We are causing the expansion of all that is, simply by being here. We are phenomenal. 🙂

      It’s wonderful that you’re starting to align with the messages your father is sending. He really will not come “down” to meet you. You have to go “up” to meet him. You have to match his vibration. And that means, as long as you feel pain and grief when thinking of him, you’re not a match. Because he’s not gone. Also, don’t think of him as he was as a human, with all the communication issues and whatnot. He will have dropped all of that now. He’s pure, positive joy and THAT’S the vibration you have to match. Do that, and you can have all the conversations you want. And as you notice the evidence of your aligning, like finding this blog post, you’ll move closer and closer to where he is. Bravo. Also, you can always try connecting with your Mother in Law fist. She may be more accessible to you (less resistance in you, less grief, less pain), and she could then act as a bridge (because you already accepted her as such in life). Just a thought…

      Huge hugs to you and your wonderful dad!


  • “Nothing the avatar does or experiences can harm the brain in the jar.” I think that is the secret of the universe, haha. What would people’s lives be like if they actually believed that?!

    This is a really beautiful post. I share the exact same views on reality/life/death as well. It is true that our higher selves, the brains in jars (although they couldn’t really be brains in jars because then they would have to be in a physical place, but I get the point 🙂 are simply here to enjoy pushing their awareness to newer and more exciting places. The Hindus call this Maya (the illusion of life) and Leela (the play within that illusion).

    • Hey Andrew,

      I don’t remember how I came across this view. I do know that I had to hear it several times (and did) before it really sunk in. Abe talks about something like this, I’ve had spiritual journeys that showed me this and it’s even come up in “random” conversations. But once I “got” it, it added a whole new, beautiful dimension to the world and took away a bunch of old, nasty ones. It gave me a sense of just how powerful and important we are, and yet, how we don’t really have to take things so seriously. What a perspective!

      Thanks so much for stopping by and adding your perspective to the growing consciousness. Oh god. That’s a woowoo sentence if ever I heard one… 🙂


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