Today’s video is an expansion on the series on Negative Emotions – specifically, I’m going to talk about and define some positive emotions.

One of my awesome readers asked: “What’s the difference between Gratitude and Appreciation?”

What an excellent question! Watch the video to get the answer.

Video Transcript:

In their pure from, gratitude and appreciation are the same thing. They are both really, really high up on the vibrational scale, and both feel really good.

When it comes to how we use the words, in terms of what most people mean when they use them, however, gratitude and appreciation do have slightly different frequencies. Appreciation is slightly higher on the vibrational scale. Why?

The actual words we use don’t really matter. It’s the vibration behind them (what you really mean when you say it) that matters. The Universe doesn’t care what words you use, it only “hears” your vibration.

When most people use the word “gratitude”, it generally implies that they’ve overcome something. “I’m so grateful that I’m finally out of debt”, or “I’m so grateful that I finally got out of that job.” They’re sort of looking back at the unwanted past and what they’ve overcome, and in doing so, they activate the energy of the old manifestation just a little bit. Providing they’re actually in gratitude, this won’t do much damage and will still feel really good.

If someone is using the word grateful, but the vibration underneath it is actually one of frustration or anger, it’s going to feel really off. Remember that the words themselves mean nothing. It’s what you’re feeling that’s important.

When most people use the word “appreciation”, it’s a little bit cleaner than gratitude. “I appreciate that it’s such a beautiful day”, “I appreciate all the love in my life”, or “I appreciate that I have this amazing job.” Generally, when people say they appreciate something, they are not activating unwanted manifestations of the past.

This discussion is actually really nitpicky. If you’ve been able to work your way up to the vibration of either gratitude or appreciation, and you’ve been stuck in depression, frustration or anger before, then both emotions will feel great and much better than anything you’ve felt before. Both are really good neighborhoods to hang out in.

If, however, you’re really cerebral, if you’re the kind of person who likes to take things apart and figure out how they work, then this explanation was for you.

Was this video helpful? Do you notice a difference between gratitude and appreciation?

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  • Hi Melody,

    Nice post. Thank you. One think about today’s fast-paced world is we, the people, don’t feel appreciated enough. This is a very common ‘complaint’, be it at home or in office. However, if we flip the coin and put ourselves in the shoes of others, the truth will unravel itself. We get back what we give out. If we don’t appreciate and express gratitude, rarely will it cross our path.


  • Oooh.. I had a total epiphany there when you said,(I have to paraphrase because of my ADD) :D- “the Universe doesn’t hear your words, only your vibration”! That is really helpful and one of those delightful A-HA’s 🙂

  • Melody,
    Thank you for you insight-fulness, I really enjoy your responses and the opportunities they afford me for further contemplation.

    Your Response:
    “The only thing I’d add is that again, the words alone don’t make the difference, it’s the frequency that this words emits, that makes the difference.”

    Isn’t that what my statement is saying?
    “Thinking is usually a mixture of words, sentences, mental images and SENSATIONS. Thoughts are visitors, who visit the central station of the mind. They come, stay a while, and then disappear, making space for other thoughts. Some of these thoughts stay longer, gain power, and affect the life of the person thinking them. ”

    May I ask you if you realize that

    Sensations are frequencies felt and picked-up by the living being …the Universe does not ” hear” a vibration without a form that is designed to do so, The Universe either resonates or not with vibrations (frequencies)

    A Body Form for example Picks Up and attunes to vibrations (frequencies) through what is known as the SENSES… .example:

    The Feeling of Frequencies. Also known as touch or sensation.(Body Form)…….
    .Seeing of Frequencies( known as colors) as Sight (Eyes)….
    .Tasting of frequencies (known as food)(Mouth)….
    .Hearing particular frequencies( known as sound)(Ears)….
    .Smelling particular frequencies known as scent…(Nose)….

    .We determine which frequencies we will project and interact with another at and choose which words (we’ve been exposed to) that will carry them…,,,,


    • Hey Me,

      I read that sentence of yours a little differently. Not contradictory, mind you, simply with a different meaning. To me, you were pointing out that we think our thoughts and can control how much power we give them, rather than being subject to our thoughts, the way many people think they are. 🙂

      I do realize that, actually. It’s the main subject of the first chapter of my free book, Deliberate Receiving.

      Sounds like you and I are very much on the same page. 😀

      Huge hugs!

  • Hey Melody,

    I never really thought about the difference between gratefulness and appreciation, though a few months ago suddenly the word appreciation jumped at me as very important. I agree that appreciation is better mostly. Sometimes gratefulness is something that is expected of you. I have done this or that for you, so you should be grateful. Or, other people are off so much worse, so you should be grateful for what you have. And in certain types of religious beliefs God is portrayed as a tyrant but still we should be grateful for all we receive. However, when gratefulness is heartfelt and not forced on you when you are in a dependant position, then I think it equals appreciation. Gratefulness is a word with a gliding scale (is that English?) I think.

    Apropos languages, I just looked at your German and Spanish pages. Do you write them yourself or are they translated? I saw it is not possible to comment though. Well, on the Spanish one I would be hard put anyway as I know only very little. But I love languages and right now I am concentrating on improving my German.



    • Hey Anny,

      I like that: Gratefulness is a word with a sliding scale (teensy correction, but your version is cuter.) 🙂

      Regarding the languages: The Spanish ones are translated for me. I had a friend who wanted to translate some articles for his boyfriend, and allowed me to publish them. My Spanish isn’t quite good enough to translate at this level. I didn’t want to just convey the information, but do it in the same style as I write in English. I’m not nearly fluent enough for that. I speak fluent German, though, but since I haven’t lived in Germany for a long time, I get some help from a family member, who makes sure that everything is correct. As you know, German is a complex language…

      The articles aren’t part of the blog, so there’s no way to comment. I’ve thought about adding that feature, but honestly, I don’t have the time or resources to respond to comments in multiple languages. I have answered some emails in Spanish (it takes me much longer to write in another language), but right now, my focus has to be on building up the English side of the business. In the future, however, I’d love to offer this site and information, the ebook and everything, in as many languages as possible. I’d love to have French and Portuguese and Italian and Japanese speaking coaches who could do proper translations and respond to questions from those countries. But that’s still a little ways off. What a wonderful vision, though, eh? 🙂

      Huge Hugs to you!


      • Hey Melody,

        German is a complex language indeed. People often think that it should not be difficult for us Dutch people because the languages sound a bit alike (in truth the dialect that is spoken in this region and 10 kilometers away just over the border is almost identical) but Hochdeutsch and Dutch may sound alike, they are most definitely not. For many words that sound alike and look alike may have totally different meanings which can give rise to very funny situations. At school we had a book called ‘Schwere Wörter’ which should teach us the differences. So in fact English is easier for us.



        • Yeah. When I go to Holland, I can kind of read Dutch, but I don’t understand it when it’s spoken. Everyone speaks English there, but no one wants to speak German. 🙂 I spent a year teaching German and boy, I have such respect for people trying to learn it now. I had a lot of trouble explaining the language. It’s like they tried to make it extra difficult… 😉

          But you know, part of the charm of speaking a foreign language is making embarrassing mistakes. He, he.

          Huge hugs,

  • “The actual words we use don’t really matter.” “The Universe doesn’t care what words you use, it only “hears” your vibration”.

    WORDS are simply crystallized thought. Thought is like water which flows unceasingly, without form and cannot be grasped fully. Words pulls thoughts together, gives it structure and presents it to the world in graspable form. It is like crystallizing water by freezing it. It becomes well ordered, structured and observable.

    Words are a way to order your thoughts. Ordering your thoughts is the key to ordering your life and everything else in it. The more you write and the more you improve your writing, the better a communicator you will become. The more you are able to order your mind, the more you are able to communicate that order to other people. All communication is mind to mind. Your thinking is influenced by your reading of other people’s writings.

    “Watch your thoughts, for they become words.
    Watch your words, for they become actions.
    Watch your actions, for they become habits.
    Watch your habits, for they become character.
    Watch your character, for it becomes your destiny.”

    Thinking is usually a mixture of words, sentences, mental images and sensations. Thoughts are visitors, who visit the central station of the mind. They come, stay a while, and then disappear, making space for other thoughts. Some of these thoughts stay longer, gain power, and affect the life of the person thinking them. ( AN example of crystallizing thoughts in the shape and symbol of WORDS)
    It seems that most people let thoughts connected with worries, fears, anger or unhappiness occupy their mind most of the time. They keep engaging their mind with inner conversation about negative situations and actions. This inner conversation eventually affects the subconscious mind, making it accept and take seriously the thoughts and ideas expressed in those inner conversations.
    It is of vital importance to be careful of what goes into the subconscious mind. Words and thoughts that are repeated often get stronger by the repetitions, sink into the subconscious mind and affect the behavior, actions and reactions of the person involved. (Crystallized energy}
    The subconscious mind regards the words and thoughts that get lodged inside it as expressing and describing a real situation, and therefore endeavors to align the words and thoughts with reality. It works diligently to make these words and thoughts a reality in the life of the person saying or thinking them.
    This means that if you often tell yourself that it is difficult or impossible to acquire money, the subconscious mind will accept your words and put obstacles in your way. If you keep telling yourself that you are rich, it will find ways to bring you opportunities to get rich, and push you towards taking advantage of these opportunities.
    The thoughts that you express through your words shape your life. This is often done unconsciously, as few pay attention to their thoughts and the words they use while thinking, and let outside circumstances and situations determine what they think about. In this case there is no freedom. Here, the outside world affects the inner world.
    If you consciously choose the thoughts, phrases and words that you repeat in your mind, your life will start to change. You will begin creating new situations and circumstances. You will be using the POWER OF WORDS!


    • Hey Me,

      Eloquently stated and I couldn’t agree more. The only thing I’d add is that again, the words alone don’t make the difference, it’s the frequency that this words emits, that makes the difference. When I say God for example, it may have a very different frequency than when you say it. So, if I want to use words to change my vibration (liek with affirmations or simply changing the way I talk to myself), I have to choose words that feel the way I want to feel – to me. This is why using someone else’s affirmations often doesn’t work. But if we tweak them a bit so that their frequency aligns with the vibration we’re aiming for, magic happens. 🙂

      Thanks so much for your valuable contribution!

      Huge hugs!

  • You said it right! Appreciation has a very positive note which is way much better that gratitude. In my case, I would prefer that people appreciate what I did than for them to them me they are grateful.

    • Hey Denicia,

      Welcome to Deliberate Receiving!
      That’s a really interesting point. And I agree with you. If I think of people appreciating me, it feels really good. When I think of them being grateful to me, it feels a bit off. It kind of feels like they’ve put me on a pedestal or have lowered themselves somehow. Of course, that’s not the case for everyone, but it often does kind of feel that way. Thank you so much for this insight!

      Huge hugs!

  • Melody…
    In my world of ‘word meanings’ (not Websters), appreciate is less emotional, specific and can even have a neutral meaning., i.e. ‘I appreciate your point of view but I disagree with it’. NOW when someone says that , do they REALLY appreciate the other person’s point of view, or is it the civil way of saying ‘OK…I disagree with you’ or something even stronger.
    When I use the word appreciate, I might say ‘I appreciate your comment’ of ‘I appreciate your kindness’ BUT is it spiritural…nada for me.

    Where as ‘gratitude’ is all about spirituality, feeling a sense of abundance, and knowing deep within your heart that nothing should be taken for granted. It’s a feeling coming from deep within the soul. ooxx-Fran

    • Hi Fran,

      What a wonderful example of how we can use the same words and mean drastically different things. “I appreciate that” can be meant sarcastically or be neutral or… It’s so true. In that case, appreciation doesn’t have a very high vibration. Thanks for pointing this out so clearly.
      For you, gratitude clearly evokes a much higher vibration and a much better feeling.

      Huge hugs!

  • I very much appreciate the discussion here and the clarity about the difference between gratitude and appreciation. I agree they are just words and the vibration is the truer measure of the power of what is being expressed. I experience appreciation as a wonderful state to put myself into because it brings me into the now. If you want to make a choice to be happy all you have to do is focus on something you appreciate.

    I experience hope as a positive word that arises in the now. Hope for the future is not the same and being in hope in the moment.

    Keep spreading your light,

    Joseph at

    • Hey Joseph!

      Welcome to Deliberate Receiving!
      I love how you pointed out that appreciation brings us into the NOW. That’s an excellent point and so true. I would even take it further and say that appreciation is a great way to GET INTO the NOW. When we appreciate, we have to fully present. Even if we appreciate something in advance, we are changing how we feel now. Oooh, I love this.

      Hmmmm. Hope for the future is not the same as being hope in the moment. Can you explain? I think that when we have hope for the future, we are opening ourselves up to the possibility of good things coming. It’s not quite positive expectation, but it’s on the way there. And when we do that, we are changing how we feel NOW. So, isn’t hope just hope? I look forward to your thoughts.

      Huge hugs!

  • Hi Melody,

    First I wanted to tell you that you really find some hilarious pictures such as the one you have on this post 🙂

    It is the first time I see someone explaining the differences that most people might not be aware of between being grateful and being appreciative. But, explained that way, it really should make a lot of sense for anyone who was a bit confuse between the two or who had never thought that there might be a bit of difference between the two.

  • I also uses gratitude when someone touches me in some way that brings up my vibrational level…. I will appreciate that folks took time out of their huge/busy schedules to read the book group’s book and I am grateful if they attend book group even if they did not read the book – I appreciate our time together and the shared experience.

    I think I said that correctly?

    There is also when I wrote my poem wrong in class with the opposite meter and rhythm and the teacher appreciated what a hard job it was to create a poem in that style but still had to give me a D because it was not correct. I was grateful to have the opportunity to do it over.

    I am grateful to be able to comment on this topic and I so appreciate Melody’s work and energy!

    • Ah me,
      Now I can not get the tweet button to work…I will appreciate when this problem is fixed, I am grateful my computer is working while I wait for a new program to arrive 🙂

    • Hi Patricia,

      I appreciate you stopping by and leaving a comment. I appreciate you. And I’m truly grateful that you’re in my life. I appreciate your wisdom and your willingness to share your journey with others, even if it’s sometimes painful. And I appreciate your resilience, your willingness to dig your way out of your pain and always, ALWAYS strive for something that feels better, even when you’re not sure how. I appreciate you. 🙂

      Huge, shiny, light filled hugs!


  • Hi Melody,

    Not sure what you mean when you say that appreciation and gratitude in there pure form are the same?? I get what you mean about the definitions. Maybe what your trying to say I can reflect back to you in an example. I appreciate the beautiful person that you are and I am grateful that you are in my life and that you offer this wonderful site that has all of this beneficial information helping all of us become who we really are. Are those Two totally different vibrations?? Or the same?? Interpretations are tough as we can only perceive what we are vibrating. I love this stuff. ; p

    To me appreciation is one of the highest vibrations we can connect with and become. It
    is the essence of who we truly are and to me it’s equal to love. It is the absence of
    anything negative and the presence of everything positive. When I appreciate I love and visa versa. I have found nothing that feels better to me and I love to feel good so if I can get there, the first thing I do when I go to bed at night is to appreciate. When I wake up in the morning thats exactly how my day starts. When I appreciate I am in alignment with all that I am and all that I have become. When I am in a state of appreciation everything I look at I see through a blended perspective. I find nothing wrong and everything right. I’m not saying it’s not possible to feel anything better but for me right now it’s absolutely the best. When I love and appreciate everything is beautiful and unique. Or beautifully unique. My glasses are those happy ones you talked about. When I appreciate you I can see only your kindness, and your beauty, your humor and your wit. I can only see you for who you truly are. When I am truly blended with the vibration of appreciation I totally get what they meant when they said beauty is in the eye of the beholder. The vibration of appreciation has the ability to and does transform the way we perceive our world. Such a wonderful thing this appreciation.

    So what’s the difference between appreciation and gratitude. For me it’s a huge vibrational difference. And although gratefulness can have it’s place depending on where I’m at my preference and my quest would be to spend as much time as I can in a state of appreciation and love.

    Loving and appreciating you always


    Yes it’s me!!

    • Hey Mark!

      Awesome comment! And I’m not just saying that because you mentioned my beauty and wit… He, he.
      What it really comes down to is how we feel when we use these words, and everyone uses them in their own way. Again, the words don’t really matter, the vibration and feeling does. So, you could say “I appreciate that you’re trying”, that sentence doesn’t have much to do with the appreciation you described. In their pure from, meaning when people are truly grateful or appreciative, those feelings are pretty much the same vibration – they will both feel like love. But that’s not how everyone uses these words.

      The point of this video and post was really to point out that even positive words can have differences, and we do well to pay attention to how they feel. If you talk about how grateful you are or how much you appreciate something, that doesn’t automatically take you there, feeling wise. So, you may catch yourself not feeling all that grateful, even though you’re trying to be. It’s the feeling that matters and whatever words get you there, use those. 🙂

      I love your statement about how beauty is in the eye of the beholder. I don’t do much in-person coaching anymore (I’ve moved it online), but it happened on many occasions that after a major shift, the client was floating in this really high vibration. And they’d look at me and proclaim “OMG, you are so beautiful”. They saw me in a whole new way. They were viewing me through the eyes of a high vibrational being – I hadn’t changed. It was always so great to see them realize that a shift in perspective could alter how they saw another person.
      I had a wonderful experience the other day. I left the house to run a quick errand. I had no agenda other than to run to the store. But as soon as I got outside, I was struck with how incredibly beautiful everything looked. The trees, the street lights, the people. Everything was glowing and gorgeous. I didn’t even realize how high my vibration was (it feels so natural to me), but my entire reality had turned into the gorgeous, unbelievable, happy shiny place. It would not have been possible for me to perceive anything as less than beautiful. Beauty is truly in the eyes of the beholder.

      Thanks so much for sharing your perspective here! And for your wonderful and kind words 🙂

      Huge hugs!

  • Melody,
    I’ve never thought of using gratitude for something I’ve gotten over. I use it like you’ve used appreciation. I use the word appreciation when I’m talking to a person…I appreciate you! xo

    • Hey Tess! I appreciate you, too.
      Everyone has to feel their way through what words mean to them, individually. Personally, I generally use gratitude and appreciation in the same way. But… when I am talking about something I’ve overcome, I’ll never use appreciate, always grateful. Interesting, eh?

      Huge hugs!

  • Hi Melody,

    Interesting post, as always!

    Here’s a weird pair of metaphors – gratitude is like tai chi and appreciation is like yoga. Huh? To me, yoga is a way of focusing internal energy, and appreciation is like that too – it’s about how something is important to me. Tai chi is more about feeling and enjoying the energy of the universe, and to me gratitude is like that too – a sense of, Wow! How great is that! When I meditate, I use the word gratitude for the up-swelling of spirit for the awesomeness of the universe.

    Of course, both tai chi and yoga are awesome! And so are gratitude and appreciation. Did you feel your vibration rising just talking about them? I swear listening to you, and writing my thoughts on this topic, has lifted me up!

    Cien abrazos, a hundred hugs!

    Mary Carol

    • Hey Mary Carol,

      I love your metaphor, although suffice it say, I think you use gratitude and appreciation slightly differently than the general population. 😛
      And yes, I get all fuzzy and warm doing these videos. Talking about this stuff lights my fire. That’s why my hands flail about like they do, he, he. That’s where the passion comes gushing out.

      Mil abrazos! (I’m competitive like that. Ha.)


  • Hi Melody,

    Amazing video. You have really gone beneath the surface and explained the difference between these two words that we often use interchangeably. There is a subtle difference, so thank you for clarifying it.

  • Melody,

    You rock!! Thank you for the video. It is interesting how you speak about the differences of the vibration beneath the words. It is something that I have been thinking about the last couple of days. I recently read a book and the author talked about changing her words to change her life (I read it AS changing her VIBRATION to change her life). This really got me thinking about the words that I use, but more importantly about the vibration I am feeling when I say those words. I AM a word person 🙂 At any rate, as I thought about the technique she was discussing to change her world I thought it is more important to change the vibration, than the actual word. So, one of the things in LOA is feeling a higher vibration by changing how we speak. What I am wondering is what other ways can we “tune in” to that higher frequency without words?

    • Hey Kimmie,

      We can definitely use words to attune ourselves, as long as we resonate with what we say. So, if you’re depressed, and you keep saying “I’m happy”, it won’t do any good. You don’t feel happy and you’re not in the vicinity of happiness. So, we have to use words that elicit a slightly higher vibration and work our way up individually. It’s a very personal thing, since only you (or someone reading your energy) will know exactly which words will affect you that way.
      We can also use symbols and images to attune ourselves. Looking at pictures that make you happy can have that affect (or the opposite, looking at pictures that make you sad will bring you down).
      Music is a big one for me. There are certain pieces of music that just make my heart sing. Dancing adds another dimension.
      Body movement, such as Yoga, Thai Chi and the aforementioned dancing can have a very uplifting effect.
      Meditating, with or without guidance can really help.
      Playing with animals is a big one. Playing with kids, too, as long as they’re cute and nice.
      Certain smells can elicit happy associations and raise your vibration.
      Basically, anything that makes you feel good. These are all just tools to help you get there. 🙂

      I hope that helped.
      Huge hugs!

  • Terrific video. I appreciate the video transcript because I kept getting distracted by watching you in the video 😀 You’re right about both words being used interchangeably and when conveyed face to face, the recipient usually understands from the feeling behind the words. There is a difference though. 🙂 I like this post! You’re amazing, Melody!

    • It’s the flailing hands, isn’t it Vidya? LOL. I can’t control them. and the more excited I get about something, they more they flail. I swear, I must be part Italian… He, he.

      Thanks so much for your kind words!
      Huge hugs!

  • I see your point on how gratitude, in a small way, brings the vibration of the contrast along with it and appreciation is cleaner, more about the good only. Very interesting.

    I had heard one gentleman on a radio interview talk of the difference between gratitude and appreciation saying that gratitude is more like giving thanks to something outside of yourself while appreciation is more about being apart of it. I thought that was interesting too.

    • Hey Matt! (or, Shorty? Shorty’s so cute. Shorty it is…)

      Hey Shorty!
      Welcome to Deliberate Receiving!

      Oooh, I like that, too! It’s interesting that people can talk about concepts in such vastly different ways and yet essentially say the same thing. 🙂 It’s all just perfect, isn’t it?

      Huge hugs!

  • Never thought about appreciation and gratitude like this. Since you have mentioned it Melody, I do now see that they are indeed different. It’s like when something is brought to your attention and you start seeing that thing everywhere.

    Anyway 🙂 I like how you always talk about higher and lower vibrations. You bring to attention the things that bring us good thoughts and bad thoughts. Come to think of it, I am always grateful after escaping something. While on the other hand, I do appreciate regardless. Very interesting.


    • Hey Veeh,

      As we get more sensitive to energy, we begin to appreciate the subtle differences between frequencies. I understand the universe in terms of energy. It’s quite mechanical to me on some level, but also beautiful and amazing. This way of thinking of it just makes so much sense to me. And it’s awesome that others, like you, think the same way. Yay!

      Huge hugs!

  • Hey Awesome Melody,

    Thanks for the superb video! Much required when you are working on few things & you don’t real know where to go & what to appreciate.

    Every time I read your article it feels like I am wearing world’s best glasses (I can see much clear now).

    Huge Huge & Love,
    Sameer 🙂

  • Hi Melody
    Yet another great post that really does a great job of teasing out the distinctions between similar concepts or feelings. It is very interesting how you explained gratitude and thinking about it some more, it is really true how it often stems from a place of a previous feeling of lack or another ”negative” feeling that we no longer experience. That can evoke a totally different vibration than just sheer appreciation for something that is unrelated to a previously unwanted state or situation. I feel like recently I have made a major advancement in my LOA stuff and the subtle difference in vibrations are really becoming more clear to me now, which is helping me stay on track with feelings I want to dominate. Once again, great job and I am so glad I found your site!

    • Thanks Kelli! I’m so glad this post resonated with you. And congrats on the jump. Isn’t it great how much more sensitive we get to emotions once we really start paying attention to them and understanding their significance? Gawd, I love this work. 🙂

      Huge hugs!

  • I do agree that ‘appreciate’ is a bit more specific and definitive. It’s closer to recognizing that you have already received. Some express gratitude for things that they still ‘hope’ (ugh-bad word) they will get, whereas to appreciate is more of a recognition of a done deal.

    • Interesting, Phil. You regard Hope as a bad word? It’s actually got quite a high vibration. Not as high as knowing, really, but when you have hope, you don’t feel frustrated, you are open to the positives coming in (as opposed to not believing it’s even possible). Why do you see hope as a bad word? 🙂 (Didn’t think I’d just let that do, didya? He, he.)

      Super hugs!

      • All too often, the word hope conjures uncertainty. I hope it will be a nice day tomorrow; I hope she will come;I hope 2012 will bring an age of enlightenment and not doom. To me, this implies that maybe it will, maybe it won’t and the LOA will fulfill that uncertainty. So if we are talking precision in thought…. And no, I expected a response-hugs back!

        • Aha. So it all depends on where you’re coming from. If you’re coming from frustration, hope is a good thing. It’s a step up. But when you’re mostly in knowing, then hope could be your low point. However, it has to be said that if hope represents a low point for you, you’re in pretty freaking great place, my man. 😀

          Super hugs!

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