It’s time for another awesome reader question, and this time, I’m going to tackle a big one. Awesome Dudette asks: “What about Jesus? Why would he attract such a ‘fate’? If he could be persecuted, and he was love, then well, what hope is there for the rest of us?”

Although I’ve written about Religion, I haven’t really discussed Jesus at all on this blog and well, I think it’s time I did. Keep in mind that what I’m about to tell you stems from my own personal understanding of who Jesus was. I wasn’t there and don’t know anyone that was (ok, at least no one who’s alive right now), so obviously, there’s a certain amount of speculation here. However, I’ve spent a fair bit of time making peace with the whole “Jesus Thang” because for quite a few years the whole subject (i.e. people who asked me if I’d found the Lord yet) really bothered me. When I made my peace with religion, I was also able to stop pushing against the whole Jesus topic and all the associated baggage, and I began asking some questions about him. The answers I received came from channeled sources (the Jesus question comes up a lot, so there’s quite a bit of info available), as well as discoveries from my own spiritual journeys. The picture I’m going to paint for you is the one that makes sense to me from a Law of Attraction point of view. If it doesn’t to you, that’s ok. As always, you are the best judge of your own truth. Just one more caveat: This is a huge subject, so I’m going to answer the question and cover enough of the basics so that my answer makes sense. If you have other specific questions, I’m happy to address them in the comments or even in a future blog post. Ready to take the Jesus ride with me? Here we go:

Jesus was real, but…

The first question I asked had to do with the very existence of Jesus. Was he a real man? Was he the son of God? Or was he merely some kind of symbol, representing an idea? Perhaps someone just made him up altogether…

I believe that Jesus did exist, and was an extremely connected individual with the ability to achieve a very high vibration in a world where the average vibration was stuck somewhere in the sewer lines (which did not yet exist. OMG the poo!). Before I go on, I have to acknowledge that this could not have been easy (the vibrational discord, not the poo. Ok, also the poo. But mostly the discord). For anyone who grew up with empathic abilities,  and suffered through a childhood and adolescence filled with confusion and shame because of experiences that others didn’t just NOT understand, but actively discouraged, it must be clear that being born with this type of energy and sensitivity at a time where being even slightly different would get you stoned to death, must have been, um, challenging for young Jesus. To say the least.

He was empowered

Jesus knew who he was – he knew that he was an infinitely powerful being of light and love who could control energy by controlling his focus (a skill he probably strengthened while on his 40 day spiritual quest in the desert). He had access to wisdom and clarity far beyond that of the average person of the day because he was able to access the much higher frequencies of Universal Knowledge. And this access also allowed him to know that he wasn’t anything special. Not really. He knew that we are all infinitely powerful. He knew that everyone around him could learn to do exactly what he did, learn to access all of that wisdom and clarity just as he had done, and he told people so, all the time (“…the works that I do [you] will do also; and greater works than these [you] will do…”)*. Much of his words were twisted and distorted as time went by, but ultimately, Jesus preached self-empowerment. People flocked to him because they resonated with his words, just as people flock to the spiritual teachers of today. In a time of oppression and servitude, Jesus painted a picture of freedom and love, of happiness, kindness and personal power. And although, I’m sure that the people of that era had a very hard time fully understanding his message, they were drawn to him by the energy of his words – by the way they felt when they heard them.

So…what the hell happened?

Right. So much for who and what Jesus was. He knew who he was, he was able to control his focus to the point where he could perform “miracles” and yet, he ended up being nailed to a cross. If LOA was working (it was), if Jesus manifested his own reality just like every other schmuck on the planet (he did), and suffering isn’t necessary for growth (it isn’t), then what the hell happened?

As “enlightened” as Jesus was, he was still a man. He was still human. And as I can personally attest to (as well as what most spiritual teachers of today have written), accessing really high frequencies and incredible clarity is one thing. Staying there permanently is another. The thing is that we’re not supposed to stay there all the time. What would be the fun in that? When we come into this physical dimension, we do so in order to explore it, to experience it fully. And we can’t have new experiences without having a few that, well, kind of suck. There is always wanted and unwanted.

As I’ve written many, MANY times, we were never meant to get stuck in those unwanted experiences or lower frequencies. They serve their purpose as soon as we notice them. But because of pervasive, global beliefs such as “suffering is virtuous”, “no pain no gain”, and “you’re not worthy”, etc., even when we know this to be the case, we still often find ourselves returning to the default mode of looking at what we don’t like and creating more and more of what we don’t want.

Jesus’ vibrational battle

Now, let me ask you this: If you’re having a hard time combating the global energies, which are at a MUCH higher vibration now than ever, and certainly at a MUCH higher vibration than two thousand years ago, how easy do you think it was for Jesus to fight against the global vibration and belief systems of his day? How easy do you think it was to never succumb to focusing on the unwanted?

How often do you think Jesus struggled, feeling anger and frustration and massive, MASSIVE doubt? Have you ever tried to explain the Law of Attraction to a skeptic? How did that go? Imagine having access to information that’s not just a little different from what people of the day believe, but light years ahead? And now imagine running around, compelled beyond reason to spread that message? Yes, Jesus was a gifted, extraordinarily sensitive genius, who was way ahead of the pack, but he was human. And as a human, he would’ve struggled with the discord between the vibration he was reaching for and the much lower vibration of the rest of the population and the environment that surrounded him every day. Do you really think that he never faltered? Never slipped? Never questioned himself and the information that he received in ways he couldn’t explain? Never sunk into depression and rage? Sure, he was able to dig himself out but that doesn’t mean it never happened.

Resistance free individuals don’t get crucified

Try to remember, just for a second, the last time you were in real pain. I don’t mean that you were hung over (although, on second thought, some hangovers would certainly qualify), I mean, think of a time when you hit rock bottom. You were in so much pain that you had no choice but to give up. Now, think of the moments just before you gave up.  What were your thoughts? Probably something along the lines of: “Why? Why is this happening to me? What kind of God would let me suffer like this?” and so on.

Now, compare that to: “My God, my God, why have you forsaken me?” Sound familiar? When you’re fully connected and know who you are, you don’t feel forsaken. You don’t feel abandoned. Those are the words you speak when you’re in spiritual (and in this case, physical) pain, when you’re disconnected and desperately searching for relief. From what it says in the Bible, Jesus worked hard at shifting himself in the moment, and was able to, on several occasions, change his perspective to one of connection, forgiveness and surrender. Doing that, while nailed to a cross, is pretty freaking extraordinary. Most of us can’t do it while looking at a picture of our ex-boyfriend. We have to put away the picture and go change the subject in order to feel better. Just saying, you know… respect to the J-Man.

We’ve all manifested resistance in our lives. We all know what it feels like to manifest a situation so painful that looking back, we wonder what the hell was wrong with us. We wonder how we could’ve put up with so much pain before actually letting go.

As you may know, the faster your energy is moving and the higher your vibration (same thing), the more you’re going to feel any resistance you’re hanging on to. Essentially, it’s like a rope is tied to one hand and it’s pulling up. With your other hand, you’re holding on to a second rope, which is pulling down. As you raise your vibration, you cause the upward rope to pull harder, increasing the pressure on you as long as you insist on holding on to that second rope. The higher your vibration, the more pressure you feel until you finally have no choice (due to pain or death) to let go of that lower rope.

Jesus’ rope would’ve been pulling up with some pretty intense pressure. Any resistance he was holding on to (and we all have resistance) would’ve manifested quickly and in a big, ugly, painful way.  Any doubts he had, and we’ve already established that there was just no way he didn’t have any, would’ve slapped him in the face pretty hard, or rather kissed him on the cheek, betrayed him, beaten him and nailed him to a cross. In the end, he overcame his resistance and surrendered (“Father, into your hands I commend my spirit”).

What hope is there for the rest of us?

Awesome Dudette asked “If he could be persecuted, and he was love, then well, what hope is there for the rest of us?” But there’s a false belief in that question – one that states that Jesus was more powerful than we are and should therefore be more immune to resistance that us. He wasn’t. We all have the same power, we just access it and know it to different degrees. Jesus was gifted, to be sure, but he was also a very high vibrational human at a very low vibrational time. He would’ve struggled immensely, trying to bridge the gap between those two thresholds. The gap that most of us are trying to navigate is not nearly as large today.

Think of it this way: You see the best mountain climber in the world trying to climb the largest mountain, starting at the bottom. He struggles and gets beaten up and eventually makes it, but it’s not pretty. You then decide to also climb that same mountain, only a helicopter takes you up and drops you off 100 feet from the top. Then, you look at the climb and you think, “If the best mountain climber in the world struggled with this mountain, then what chance have I got?” Do you see the fallacy? You’re not making nearly the same climb! You’ve got every chance in the world to find your connection and go even higher than Jesus ever did (which, again, he told everyone they could do. Just saying.)

Jesus was an extraordinary teacher, but he did nothing that the rest of us can’t do. In fact, because we’ve been born into a much higher vibrational environment, attaining the clarity that Jesus had will be much less difficult, not more so. Let him serve as an example of what can be accomplished, not as a model of how much suffering is necessary to accomplish it. The obstacles he overcame no longer exist for the most part, or if they do, they have been greatly diminished. You want to do Jesus proud? Stop suffering in his name, get off your vibrational ass, and go and be happy, the way he taught that everyone could be. Amen. 😉

* the whole quote is actually: “Most assuredly, I say to you, he who believes in Me, the works that I do he will do also; and greater works than these he will do, because I go to My Father.”

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  • Melody, I know I have been assertive in my posts to you. It is because you really have something here but you are missing some very key peices that you and your readers need as evidenced in all of these posts. Do yourself a favor and go to the hidden lighthouse blog website. This blog clearly explains that all of scripture is about MEDITATION, and it applies to all time periods. You cannot fully understand law of attraction if you do not fully understand what the scriptures are really about, and simply writing them off will not suffice either. We are all here to know ourselves. How can we ever know ourselves if we are ignoring huge peices of personal information known as scripture?? So please, take time and read the posts on this blog. If it doesn’t resonate with you then that’s okay. It just means you are not ready for to move forward yet. However, if it does resonate with you, I would love to hear back from you about it. Please e-mail at the address I provided to your blog. Again, I think you really have something and would love to see you tie it all together.


  • To me, Jesus is not a man who lived and died and then rose again some 2000 years ago. To me, Jesus is a symbol of all of us. Jesus is the truth, the way, and the life/light. Jesus was born of a virgin in a stable because there was no room in the INN. The truth is never born in a mind full of false beliefs and thought patterns. It takes a clear mind before any kind of clarity and truth can seep in. The virgin Mary is actually the virgin mind (the mind clear of false beliefs and thought patterns). I liken this to meditation. In meditation, we go with ouselves and shut down the mind or at least do our best to. When we reach a place within where our minds are stilled and clear of all thought, that is when we receive from above. God said be still and know that I AM God. Still the mind (mediatate) and know that you are God. The crucifixion of Jesus happened at Golgatha (the place of the skull). This is also symbolic of meditation. The flesh body of Jesus was crucified. In scripture, the flesh is symbolic of the carnal/lower mind. In the old testament, animals/beast had to be offered as atonment for sins. In the new testament, it was the body of Jesus/the spottless lamb that had to be offered as atonment for sin. A physical Jesus was never crucified. This is an allegory of the carnal/lower/beastly mind being crucified/being stilled in meditation at Golgatha/the place of the skull no less. All of it is about us. People who pray to a Jesus they believe is outside of themselves are missing the great truth of it all. We are the Son of God, and being the son of God, we are one with God and are God. Being God, we can create whatever reality and identity we want for ourselves. We are infinately powerful beings who often imprison ourselves in very limited belief systems and patterns of thought. This is why meditation is so important. Our minds are renewed in meditation and our vibrations are raised. In meditation our lower natures are symbolically crucified and we align with our higher natures. This is the real death and resurrection. It takes place within us each time we meditate. This is why Paul the apostle said we must die daily. We must meditate daily.


  • Gonna have to jump in with my 2 cents, because this is getting ridiculous.

    Law of attraction applies to everyone everywhere at all times and between people. Does anyone ever pay attention to this? We could call it the “interactive” branch of law of attraction study. It’s almost like there are other people around us with just as much intention and free will as us! Shocking, I know.

    Jesus didn’t do a single thing wrong. The point is that the Romans and Jews who executed him did do something wrong. Why would you apply law of attraction to Christ being killed in a way that assumes he wanted to die? You think he wanted to die? On the contrary, he suffered horribly. Here’s the rocket science, quantum physics version to answer the original question in this blog post:

    The Romans and Jews created the reality of killing Jesus, not Jesus.

    That’s right, the collective hatred and shortsightedness of humanity basically did this. It was bound to happen eventually because (and this is the whole point) humanity is imperfect. Inevitably, some sadly blind individuals couldn’t tolerate being told the truth – particularly when it called them on how ugly their inner lives and behaviors were. So they all got mad, found a reason to kill Jesus and then caught up with him and did it. Case closed; Jesus knew it would happen but by no means wanted to create it, I’m sure.

    As an aside, we can seldom be more infantile than when we assume that we are the sole creators of… every single thing around us. Not so. This is why a famous historian once said that a primary tenet of war is that it is “a clash of wills”. This is not to say that superior willpower always trumps weaker willpower, but that the law of attraction in everyone’s minds interacts all the time, every day, and often creates results based on these interactions.

    TL;DR – a drunk driver manifested killing someone else in a crash, not the person who got killed and never wanted to die.

    • interesting point of view. But, there are some questions. Why did he survive as a baby. He didn’t get slaughtered while the other babies were killed (if we accept that what is written is true). And in the end, He could escape but he stayed to get killed (as Socrates had also chosen to do).
      Perhaps the drunk driver manifested killing someone, but the other part also manifested a killer (perhaps not consciously, maybe uncosciously he was willing to cocreate with people of such level of resistance and when he realised what he agreed to participate in, it was too late – perhaps a great manifestation of a fear of a sudden and violent death)
      The belief that we usually don’t tolerate being told the truth is real (if the truth offends our ego) and that is based on the assumption that the man who hears the truth must change his behaviour instantly, so he deploys threats/violence/anger to avoid that. I think that the underlying belief here is that the other part must defend his pride using violence. Perhaps this is the reason this religion appeals to people with a strong ego (but who desire to appear as sheep to avoid punishment and pretend to be powerless not to be given the opportunity to create and be punished for that). And perhaps this is the reason the awareness of those people chose to be incarnated in this time and this place, under these exact circumstances

  • Jesus predicted his own death.

    He manifested it himself.

    He said:
    “The Son of Man is going to be betrayed into the hands of men. They will kill him, and after three days he will rise.”

    • Interesting point DRC. If it’s true then either Jesus saw the manifestation of his resistance coming, or he saw the purpose of his death in the grand scheme of things. Thanks for joining the discussion.

      Huge hugs!

  • Indeed, Christians and all religious people, hide behind their religion and preach to others about how they practice their religion, and how it is the right thing to do, like preserving virginity before marriage, so some insecure older guy who can’t get it up can take advantage of innocent girls (in some religions). They are really obsessed with these things which keep them going and acting as if they are “good” for practicing them when they are the first to point the finger to others who are different than they are, judge and criticize, thus elevating themselves and lowering the status of the other, causing them shame. These are all signs of insecurity and nothing else! I just wish more people would see this instead of going along with it. It is bogus.
    Those of us who do see that it is bogus and “feel” other things, follow another path, as Jesus very well did. Perhaps he was recruited by the Magi, who foresaw this ability in him and invited him to India to study with the masters, hence his disappearance from the ages of 12-33. Of course, this was not a common practice with the Jews of the time, but his mom did seem open to it and did not give him such a hard time when he did not wish to continue running the family business and decided to seek his higher self and, after finding it, decided to teach, preach and heal.
    He himself became a master, actually one of the greatest, because he was able to resurrect in 3 days, a record speed for yogi masters. If you read stories of yogi masters, they all come back after they pass away from this plain, and visit their disciples with last wishes, inspirations, reminders, and blessings.
    He basically taught what pretty much eveyone wrote here, that you are source, you do not need society to tell you what to do, you are the captain of your life, and the universe is a loving, friendly, one, not one that takes advantage and wants to control you like our human counterparts do all the time, to atsfy their owurities and beliefs of lack, which are totally false. He was not manipulated into this, obviously.
    As for his death, he had to set it up in such a way for it to happen, but also to make the greatest impact possible, exactly the way he did it. I just want to spread this because it is a great yogi story, one of many, but the one that impacted the western world to such a degree, that a movent was started after his demise, later called a religion, which again became fundamentalist with some viewpoints and tainted by society, yet again.

    • Hey Alexis,

      I don’t really think that it could’ve happened any other way – Jesus was a master and accessed clarity and information far beyond what most people of that time could comprehend. And that was the problem – they simply could not comprehend it. So, they translated through the filter of their own views, and came to their own conclusions which caused the distortions and all the trouble. But in all of that discord, we learned more and more of what we didn’t want and therefore defined more and more of what we did want, and by doing so, we contributed to the evolution of all that is. Which is also why so many more of us are waking up now. All of those people digging through the trenches of ignorance made it possible for more and more people people to surpass it and start thinking for themselves. And there are an awful lot of religious people amongst those who are waking up now. So what if it isn’t everyone? I’m happy it’s as many as it is! 🙂

      Huge hugs !

  • Hi Melody,

    I just kept thinking about this Law of Attraction thing. There was something I wanted to say about it and I could not think of what. But now it just dawned on me that this view of high vibrations attracting wanted things and not manifesting unwanted things and low vibrations attracting unwanted things and not allowing wanted things has its place within a world of duality. There is a judgment of wanted versus unwanted, or good versus bad. When you have reached the top of the scale as it were, you are in total control of what you want to attract or not, so you only attract the good stuff.

    This means however that you are on the verge of leaving this world of duality and crossing over into the world of oneness and unity. And in that world there is no good or evil because everything has gotten totally into balance and everything is Go(o)d without an opposite evil. This evil has turned around into (just) live. In Hebrew you see the same thing: the word for evil, ‘ra’, becomes ‘er’ and that means ‘awake’. So out of the dream of this world of duality you wake up and begin to really live and everything is Good. When you stand on this threshold and have mastered everything that is good in our world, maybe you can decide to master everything that is bad as well because by then you know that it is not bad at all but just life in all its aspects. And then you are able to master anything that is thrown at you and do not suffer at all in the process because pain is also one of these things that you are able to master. A crucifixion, literal or not, might also be some sort of initiation rite which is not as gruesome as it looks like when you are ready for it. I think it might be such a quantum leap in consciousness as you mentioned in one of your other blogs. One of the highest order. It is still the Law of Attraction, but on a totally different level of deliberate receiving. With resurrection as the result, which of course is not just a dead body becoming alive again, but a huge shift of consciousness.

    I think that the message that suffering is not necessary has possibly been misunderstood. You suffer when you resist an experience. As soon as you allow, the suffering ceases to be and you can learn whatever you want to learn from that experience. You may want to help others to cope with what you went through or anything else you can imagine. Point is, you grow and not by suffering because that brings you nowhere, but by allowing the experience and then using it for the good of yourself and others.



    • Wow Anny,

      That’s really profound. I agree that we transcend the duality in some way when we rise high enough, by releasing judgement. The “unwanted” things are simply there to help us determine the wanted. They serve a purpose. And yes, I do think that we can purposely dip into contrast to help us create more. It can all be part of the deliberate process. And let’s face it, some of us just like a bumpier ride. We love the excitement. 🙂

      Is it possible that Jesus allowed his crucifixion? Yes, of course. And you’re right, he could’ve been in such a state of allowing that he would not have suffered. I totally agree – when we stop fighting and resisting, we stop suffering. He could’ve done it to help create a powerful shift in humanity at the time. Certainly. And, while Christianity (or it’s interpretations) has been twisted and corrupted and used to create an enormous amount of suffering, it has also brought peace to billions over the last two thousand years. Whose to say it was not by design?

      The truth is, we will never know what the truth is. But does it matter? For me, seeing Jesus as an enlightened man who either had a moment of disconnection or who allowed the crucifixion in order to create awareness both feel good. Both of these scenarios are light years away from the mindset that he died for our sins. 🙂

      Huge hugs!

      • Hi Melody,

        You are right. We might never know what really happened or maybe we will. That is not really important now.

        My point at the moment is to search for and find the highest possible viewpoint on this and anything else. I am looking at my own difficult periods in the past in the same way. I used to see only the dark side and everything I missed. By looking this way I find treasures which I never would have found if those dark days had not been there. I would not have started to look for them. In this way it has also become possible to release pain and anger that I had repressed for maybe 50 years by just letting them come up and pass through me. It is kind of funny to get mad without having the slightest idea why but I just sit back and welcome the anger without letting it take over and then it passes without causing any pain. Not everything is gone yet but I do not feel like a pressure cooker anymore. I am more the process type than that of the quantum leap. That must be a bumpy ride!



      • Hi Melody, it’s me again. I already commented on your reply because I wanted to make clear where I was coming from but I never reacted really to what you had to say. And I have been thinking about that because I love really looking at things from all angles and get everything out of it that I possibly can. Especially with this subject that has always been very dear to me because for me it was never about sin of suffering but about unconditional Love with a capital L, which for me became the aim to strive for.

        You write: For me, seeing Jesus as an enlightened man who either had a moment of disconnection or who allowed the crucifixion in order to create awareness both feel good.

        For me the second option was the preferred one because it would take away every possibility of seeing him as a victim and as such recognize the Love in it. But I see that actually both can be true at the same time. It does not need to be either .. or. Even in that state of mind there might or even must have been some sort of confrontation with what you have been trying to master, in this case fear. From what I have heard about the ancient mystery schools that was always the case with initiations. And of course the only way of mastering your fear is giving up resistance but that does not mean that that is easy to do, even for the most enlightened beings. So if we are talking about historical facts here then it is very likely that a weak moment here or there was also part of it.

        I also like to revisit one of the sentences I wrote before: … everything is Go(o)d without an opposite evil. What would you say about the following possibility: Everything is Go(o)d without an opposite (D)evil? I kind of like that one.



        • Hey Anny,

          I so enjoy discussions that just cause the participants get open their minds further and further. The key for me is always (ALWAYS) that nothing went wrong. Whatever happened, even if Jesus did have a moment of discord, there was no mistake. I love how you stated that both options could be true at the same time. Exactly! He could’ve chosen to die that way and yet, still had a moment where he succumbed to his fear.

          We always assume that when things happen that we judge, from our very limited perspective, to be unwanted, that something must’ve gone wrong. But it never does. That’s so hard to get our heads around, but boy, am I working on it (easier to do when looking at other people’s lives…)

          Wahoo! What a wonderful train of thought. We’ve brought this into such a good feeling place. Thank you so much for that! 🙂

          Huge hugs!

          • Hey Melody,

            I do so agree with you. Alone I would never have got this far and maybe you would not either, but just because we kind of came from two different sides with an open mind we both got a much clearer picture. I love that.



  • Hey Melody,

    So we do agree on all of this and got an opportunity to clarify things to ourselves. Great!
    I just want to mention that this answer of yours again did not reach my mailbox; it did not end up in the spam folder, I checked. Does not matter to me, because I found it anyway, but maybe you can check things at your end in case it happens to other people who have less time on their hands than I do.



    • Hey Anny,

      Ah, I get it now. You can only reply to a post so many times. And I couldn’t actually reply to your last comment (you see, there’s no reply button), so I replied to my answer above it. Hence, no mail. I will look into figuring out how to allow longer comment threads. That will take care of it. Thanks for looking out for me! 🙂


  • Moving through life I have looked at who Jesus was in lots of different ways. I was born into an orthodox Christian family with a loving outlook. So I started within the paradigm of Jesus as the saviour who died for our sins. As an act of love from his side. As long as you are living within this paradigm, there is nothing ridiculous about it and I think we should not call it this as it shows little respect for the people who believe this and who are not able to see it any other way. I could not at the time and nobody could have convinced me of another way of looking at it, least of all by calling my view ridiculous. I believed this until I was good and ready to let it go. Which happened rather suddenly. Like one day, when I woke up, and I knew: this cannot possibly be true. And then I did not understand how I could ever have believed this. So I think that it is no use to try and convince people of anything whatsoever because they will not believe it until they are good and ready.

    So far so good. I do not believe that Jesus’ crucifixion (if it is a historical fact) would be the result of the LOA in the sense of a low vibration on his part. Beside everything else, there are many more people who suffered an awful fate and who were – or are because not everyone of them died – a light shining in the darkness. Think of people like Nelson Mandela, e.g., or the many people who during World War II, got themselves killed or imprisoned in a concentration camp, not because they had been weak but because they proved to be very strong indeed and stood up for more defenseless people. Some of them accompanied others of their own free will into camps like Auschwitz and such, and were a pillar of strength over there. Some of them died, but others survived and started trying to bring reconciliation between the ‘victims’ and the ones who had persecuted them. As you already said, Jesus did not do anything we cannot do and the others followed his example in their own way.

    I think that the Law of Attraction is not the only law in action here. Compare it with the laws governing water. When you look at a slowly leaking watertap, you see that at first the law of surface tension (or whatever you call it in English) is stronger than the law of gravity and the water drop remains hanging until it becomes too heavy and then the law of gravity takes over and it falls down. I think that when people reach a very high vibrational level, something else kicks in. The law of balance maybe? In a time of very low vibration a human being with very high vibration maybe takes it upon him or her to start restoring the baland and confront the darkness in its own realm. He or she superimposes his or her light on the darkness which then disappears = resurrection within the frame of the Jesus story. It’s just a thought.

    As far as the complot theory is concerned, I do not like that at all. What does it say about Jesus if he (allows to) trick(s) another person into believing that he is the saviour of mankind and has to let himself be crucified for that? I would not like to read that kind of plot about anyone because I cannot find a shred of love or compassion in it at all.

    Well, so far my opinion. On the whole I did like your article very much though.



    • Hey Anny,

      Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts and giving me an opportunity to further clarify my point of view.
      I was not calling people who believe that Jesus died for our sins ridiculous. I was saying that the concept as seen from the perspective that I now hold is ridiculous to me. This post was never meant to try and convince anyone of anything, and I doubt that many devoutly religious people will read what I write. They are not looking for the answers that I provide. I respect everyone’s point of view and their right to have it and understand that religion, with all its concepts that I personally don’t resonate with, has brought peace to many people. And that’s great. I was sharing my own point of view.

      I’m happy to have the opportunity to clear up another major confusing point: having resistance does not make someone weak. Manifesting ugly or unwanted or even horrendous circumstances in one’s life does not mean that someone is weak, weak minded, brought it on themselves, deserves it, or anything else like that. Yes, they had to be a vibrational match to the experience, but no one can judge exactly what that was from the outside. I have no idea exactly what Nelson Mandela experienced. The closest I can come is to imagine what I would’ve experienced in his place. The variables that went into creating his imprisonment were far too complex for us to simplify – perhaps being imprisoned was the easiest way for him to achieve the desires that he held – to bring about massive change, to raise an entire country’s very low vibration. Perhaps the same thing happened with Jesus. The point is, we can’t know.

      The question that I was answering was “If Jesus could attract bad things then what chance to the rest of us have?”. And so I offered a perspective on THIS QUESTION that felt better than that.

      If the whole thing was a conspiracy, then I agree – I doubt that Jesus had a hand in it. Although, he might’ve known but done nothing to change it, allowing things to run their course. It’s a possibility. So are thousands of other scenarios. That’s partly why this is so fascinating. The possibilities are endless. 🙂

      You bring up another interesting point. You’ll find many teachers that divide the LOA into many different laws. There’s the law of allowing, the law of forgiveness, the law of increase, etc. I don’t discount the validity of these teachings. It’s just that for me, personally, all of these laws are simply different aspects of the Law of Attraction. So, it’s ok to break them down and label them, I just personally prefer not to, since for me, they are all part of LOA, not separate from it. Again, that’s my understanding and I’m glad that I got the chance to explain that here, since I never have before (you inspired me) 🙂

      Thank you for your valuable contribution here. I love these kinds of discussions. They help us each define our beliefs, no matter what they are.

      Huge hugs!

      • Hello Melody,

        Thanks for your reply. First I want to clear up a misunderstanding. I was not implying that you called people ridiculous, or their faith for that matter. I just noticed the word being used by someone who wrote a comment and that you agreed with him. As a matter of fact, so did I. And then it suddenly hit me how I would have felt if I had somehow heard or read something like that earlier on, when I still believed the same. And I started thinking that we maybe should start being more careful about the words we use, even if it is very unlikely that the people concerned will hear or read it. Everything carries energy after all and this is more or less the energy of judgment or a feeling of superiority. I was just kind of thinking aloud, if you know what I mean. And we should try not to be superior about our own beliefs. Maybe they are just as ridiculous, seen from higher levels of understanding. You know, as long as you are living within the world of your paradigm, everything seems to be clear and logical and people who do not think the same way must be wrong because you cannot possibly imagine how it could be otherwise. And when in the end you shift to another paradigm it is the same allover again, this is it and you cannot understand how you ever believed the other one. But I have shifted paradigms twice already, so I know that my paradigm right now is probably also only a step on the ladder. And that is okay, and so are the other ones as long as we all grant one another his own views and his own development with full respect.

        So I was not really commenting on what was written but using certain words that were used in order to explain the thoughts that came up in me.

        Of course you are right about the word weak. I should not have used that and did not really mean that either. I just wanted a word quickly to make clear what I wanted to say and English is a foreign language to me after all.

        I love this conversation too and am happy to have found it.



        • Hey Anny,

          I totally agree that we shouldn’t judge others for their point of view. And I love how you pointed out that what you believe today may well become ridiculous to you tomorrow. That’s so true and we’d do well to remember that, always.

          You also bring something else that’s interesting: Does the word “ridiculous” carry a vibration of judgment? Or is the judgment more in how it is used and perceived? For example, as I explained, when I used the word ridiculous, I did not intend it with judgment. You pointed out that someone COULD perceive it that way, but since I have no control over how others perceive my work, I can’t really worry about that. And yet… there are certain words in our language that are more likely to cause offense than others. Should I respect these “limitations”, or would that mean that I’d be limiting myself out of fear of offending others?

          I believe that the word itself, in its pure form, does have energy (it represents an idea and the word and sound of it evolved out of that representation. In other words, the meaning came first, and then the word evolved to represent that meaning). However, that meaning and energy can be changed drastically when we run it through our own belief system – how we mean it when we say it or how we perceive it when we hear it. This will change the way the word sounds. It will change the energy of it. So again, do I have a responsibility, as a writer, to respect what certain groups in society are going to find offensive? Wouldn’t it be a good idea to do so?

          The solution I’ve found is this: I don’t want to have a fear based mentality. I don’t want to choose my words based on how un-offensive they may be. I set the intention to communicate information clearly, so that those who resonate with it (and the style in which I transmit it) will understand it fully. I then choose the words that feel the best to me, that feel the most aligned with what I write. Then, I trust that LOA will bring me those who will resonate with those words. The less fear I have of offending others, the less offended people find me. Consider this: I wrote a post about Jesus, in which I called Jesus “human”. The ONLY hate message I got was on the Facebook page of someone else who shared my post. You don’t see any nasty messages here in the comments, NOT because I sent them all to Spam, but because there weren’t any. This is a potentially VERY offensive post, but instead of turning into a poo-flinging contest, it turned into this amazing discussion. Wow. Why didn’t it turn ugly? Because of the original intentions I set for this site, which attracted awesome people like you, and all of our collective vibrations are focused on clarity, understanding and openness. It’s like a club that only lets those in that match our way of thinking. Those who are looking to be offended can’t come in. 🙂

          I think I’ve expressed some thoughts here that I’ve never expressed this clearly before. Thank you so much!!

          Oh, and about your English: You really don’t need to apologize or disclaimer anything. You express yourself very clearly and eloquently. I’ve known many a native speaker who couldn’t hold a candle to you. 🙂

          Huge hugs to you and thank you so much for playing with me here,


          • Hey Melody,

            Thank you for your clear answer. I totally agree with you that we should not be afraid to speak the message we have, only because we do not want to hurt the feelings of others. And yes, maybe the message you bring may hurt someone’s feelings when he or she is not ready to hear it yet. Here we have to speak our truth as long as it is not meant to convince anyone of anything. The only thing I meant to say is that we try to do it in a way that is respectful. I have a friend who still is totally devoted to the doctrines of the church and yet I sent her an article I wrote about the hidden meanings of Bibletexts, based on the numerical values of Hebrew words among other things. The article was about the crucifixion of Jesus of all things which is just about the greatest possible confrontation for her. She has known for many years now that I think different about things now, so I asked her first if she would like to receive it in order to let her know how I am thinking now. She said yes!! So I sent it to her and she also past it on to her pastor to read. She could not accept my view and of course the pastor of her church could not either but she accepted my right to think as I do and so did the pastor. But they do not want to discuss it and I respect that. Our relationship is still as good as ever, even though we do not see each other often any more as she lives far away from here, but when we do speak with each other it is just like in the old days.

            Thanks and love to you,


          • Wow Anny,

            That’s awesome – the way you so respectfully connected with your friend. You wanted to share, but did not need her to listen or to agree. That’s just perfect. I’m so proud of you. 🙂 And thank you for sharing such a beautiful example of the successful way to share our views with others. When we don’t need them to agree, people tend to become much more open to at least listening. When we allow them to have their views, they are much more likely to allow us ours. Yay!

            Huge Sunday hugs!

      • Hello Melody, I’d like to give a second comment on your reply because I wanted to think a bit longer about the second part of what you wrote.

        You say that many teachers divide the Law of Attraction into many different laws (I did not even know that) and you personally see everything as one law. Well, as everything is One and there is nothing outside it, of course that is true. But one of the aims of entering a world of duality was to experience and look at everything from all possible angles. Duality is not the real world of course but I have come to see it as a delightful tool. I love looking at things from all sides, so also at the Law of Attraction. No need to agree with me! So I imagine that when you have very low vibrations, you are totally unaware of this law and have no influence whatsoever over what you attract. You do not even know that you are attracting anything. But the higher you get on the scale of vibrations the more consciously aware you will be of what and how to attract. When you get near the top of the scale (if there is one) you may be able to use everything very consciously and yes, you are still attracting something but you know you are and you have a reason for doing so. In the case of Nelson Mandela, I do not know if he consciously chose to be imprisoned but he was fully aware of the consequences of his actions and chose to do what he did anyway.
        And I think that not the fact that he was imprisoned for such a long time made him to the man he became, but the way he handled himself during that time. He won the respect of everyone. The same I have heard said about Gandhi. They, and people like them, and Jesus too made an enormous impact, not by being imprisoned, or murdered, or crucified, but by the way they handled it. You know, I never saw the crucifixion of Jesus as a sign of defeat but as a huge victory because he conquered all his demons even if he had not done so before yet. And that is what it is all about for me.



        • Hey Anny,

          Actually, I do agree with you. I love looking at the different angles of things. That’s pretty much a great synopsis of what I do. 🙂 I just don’t label them as separate laws, but see them as different parts of the whole (so, the way I see it, these other laws are not in addition to, but under the heading of LOA…)

          In my experience, you don’t have to be conscious of this process at any level of vibration. This is something that appeals to a certain segment of the population, but it’s certainly not necessary. Many very high vibrational people have no interest in dissecting the process or explaining it to others. But they very naturally always find a very good feeling thought and they live their lives that way. It’s also possible to understand the process intellectually, but still be miserable and not be able to shift vibration in that moment. However, I don’t believe that anyone who actually gets this stuff will ever be stuck in a really low vibration for long. They won’t tolerate feeling that way and will look for a way out and that will get the shifting process started. 🙂

          I absolutely agree about Gandhi and Mandela. It’s the way they handled their situations that made them so extraordinary. And that’s true for all of us. We can control how we react. They did. It’s a lesson we would all benefit from.

          Huge hugs!

          • Hi Melody,

            Putting it the way you do, I totally agree with you. What I meant to say is, that when you have a high vibration, you are more or less consciously creating your reality, even if you are not aware of something called the Law of Attraction. You take your life in your own hands and you do not consider yourself a victim if something unpleasant happens. Uou just take what happens and turn it into something positive by the way you act (not react) around it. Does that make any sense?



          • Hey Anny,

            That makes perfect sense. People with a high vibration “know” that there is always a way to look at something that will feel better. And they look for it. Love it!

            Huge hugs,

  • Gotta jump in again – great conversation!

    I think when we discuss these things, we’re really talking about our own core beliefs, using Jesus and the Bible as a springboard. That’s why this whole discussion is so compelling. Reading between the lines, or listening with our energy open, we can see the common humanity and the common fears come to the surface.

    For example, the resurrection: Do we come back? Do we want to come back? Can people who’ve ‘died’ manifest their energy for us? Can I talk to my dead grandmother? If I can, why? If I can’t, why? The resurrection is a metaphor for a whole complex aspect of our existence.

    On a technical note, there’s a lot of information available now about what got put in and left out of the Bible as we know it. You can read bunches of alternate gospels online, Mary Magdalene, Judas, on and on. Elaine Pagels is fascinating on this topic.

    Having a ton of fun following these threads! Melody, as always, your readers rock! You are a powerful LOA magnet! Hugs to all,

    Mary Carol

    • Absolutely Mary Carol. As I said in one of the comments, the only reason that I talked about Jesus is because as people who are looking for answers, need those answer to make sense of their old belief systems. The new perspective has to make sense of the old. It has to answer the questions the old paradigm couldn’t and the ones that it could. And Jesus is a huge part of people’s lives.

      How we view Jesus and anything else comes down to our belief system. We could’ve chosen any topic, really and had the same discussion, but Jesus does seem to get people riled up. This has turned into the most popular post I’ve ever had. Almost everyone has had their life colored by Jesus in some way. Even those who grew up in a completely different religion have had some kind of experience, simply by being exposed to our culture. It’s something everyone can relate to and yet almost no one can agree to.

      I’m in awe of how this discussion has turned out. Everyone has been so open and respectful and insightful. We’ve taken this discussion to a whole new level. OMG, I love you people!!!

      Huge hugs!!!


  • WOW Melody! That’s the best description, in today’s terms, that I’ve heard! Thank you for putting it out there and speaking to my heart & soul. Much love, Janet

  • Melody, this is a such a powerful post that anyone who is remotely religious should read this, no matter what his or her religion.

    Knowing that Jesus was just another cool everyday guy will make people realise what’s possible for them, simply by raising their own vibration:-)

    • Hey Arvind,

      Thanks so much! Well, i hope that those who resonate with it will read it. I don’t mind if those who would string me up by my toenails for claiming Jesus was human don’t find this. 😉 Thank you LOA! He, he.

      Huge hugs!

  • Melody —

    I love your courage in taking on the biggest questions! Your mention of Jesus’s ability to focus as possibly coming from his 40 days in the desert was insightful — and the first time I’ve heard it voiced that way.

    If I create more focus in my life through 10 to 40 minutes of meditation, how much more powerful would it be for one already vibrating high and fast like a spinning asteroid to undergo such an extreme experience.

    Your segments on how he was empowered . . . and his vibrational battle . . . again caused me to look with new eyes. I gained more here than from years suffering under a pulpit in my youth.

    You are gifted, chiquita!


    • Hey Evan,

      thank you so much for your kind and wonderful words. My perspective comes, in part, from years of suffering as well. Perhaps this is why my words resonate with you. 😉

      Well, I’m no Jesus, but I spent a month in the Peruvian rainforest on a spiritual quest. And while it’s not quite the same as wandering the desert, it was life changing. It completely reset my energy (several quantum leaps), and gave me clarity and connection the likes of which I didn’t even know existed. I can only imagine what Jesus might’ve gone through. Yowza.

      I still spend a lot of time meditating for this very reason.

      Thanks again for your wonderful comment. *blush*

      Huge hugs!

  • Thank you, Melody, for this. It explained things in such a beautifully clear way. Wow … good job taking on a tough subject. I’m saving this one.

    (I am lacking in words for how powerful this is. So please just accept my heartfelt thanks for bringing it into clarity.)

  • Hi Melody,
    I really enjoyed reading this post and the discussions are just so interesting. There is nothing I can add that has not already been said. However,that been said 🙂 I feel Jesus will continue to inspire people for a very long time to come.

    Big Hugs,

    • Hey Veeh,

      I know, the discussion has really taken off, he? I think you’re right. The same basic message that Jesus was teaching is coming through again. We’re just more ready to hear it now. And it’ll keep coming. Until we all really get it. 🙂

      Huge hugs!

  • Hi Melody,

    I loved this blog post! Thanks so much for having the guts to tackle such a sensitive subject.

    I abandoned the traditional Catholic/Christian view of Jesus many years ago. As a result, my family is still wondering if he’s going to “save” me, or if I will burn in hell. I tell them to quit worrying about it ‘cause I’m going to the same place they are. 🙂

    I agree with your view of Jesus. As you said, he was real. Though, in my opinion, not in the way traditional Christians see him. And he definitely was teaching self-empowerment. But his message got distorted and twisted for various ulterior motives.

    I do not believe he ever wanted anyone to worship him, even though he is the son of God. But then, we are all the sons and daughters of God.

    Some years ago Chief Joseph, my other spirit guides, and I wrote an article, “Did Jesus Exist?” Here’s an excerpt from that article:

    “The vision many of you hold of Jesus, the Christ, is a magnificent one. You’ve created him as you would like to be yourselves. Does that mean he’s not real?

    “Not at all. He is real — he lives in your hearts. He represents the joys, the hopes, the dreams all of you hold for yourselves and your loved ones.

    “In a very real sense, Jesus is your creation. The creation of a vision, a dream you have — a dream of heaven on earth when peace and love will reign supreme among all peoples.

    “The figure many of you view as the historic Jesus did not exist in the way you think he did. Your historic Jesus was a composite of at least several different and powerful spiritual teachers who lived around that time.”

    Also, Seth (channelled by Jane Roberts) had some fascinating things to say about Jesus. Here’s some of what he said:

    “Christ, the historical Christ, was not crucified….He had no intention of dying in that manner; but others felt that to fulfill the prophecies in all ways, a crucifixion was a necessity. Christ did not take part in it. There was a conspiracy in which Judas played a role, an attempt to make a martyr out of Christ. The man chosen was drugged — hence the necessity of helping him carry the cross, and he was told that he was the Christ. He believed that he was. He was one of deluded, but he also himself believed that he, not the historical Christ, was to fulfill the prophecies.”

    For me, the basic message of Christ is simple: We are all children of God, we are part of God. And therefore, we have all the power that goes with being divine. That’s real self-empowerment! And that, in my opinion, was Jesus’ real message to all of us.

    I know not everyone agrees with my perspective. But it’s the only perspective that makes any sense to me.

    • Hey John,

      Thank you so much for your kind words. I don’t feel so brave now, since everyone reacted in such an incredible way (seriously, my readers are pure, genius gold) 🙂

      I totally agree that Jesus didn’t want to be worshipped. You can either empower people or you can make them worship you. You can’t really encourage both.

      I love your description of Jesus – like an idea, a thought that we’ve given a lot of energy to – a frequency that we can focus on and connect with. Or actually, several different versions, since not everyone’s idea of Jesus is the same.

      Jesus as a composite. Well that makes a lot of sense. Of course, it makes for a better story if it’s one man, but it would make perfect sense that there wouldn’t just have been one awakened human floating around, but rather that there were several or even many. When information is ready to come out, the Universe makes sure that it does. It NEVER just chooses one path, but many. That’s why there are so many teachers now and the numbers are growing. Same thing.

      OMG, I adore the whole conspiracy angle. Jesus had a doppelgänger, who they drugged and convinced that he was the savior so he’d agree to get crucified. Someone should make a movie about THAT! And that would make a lot more sense from an enlightened being sort of way – Jesus never actually manifested his crucifixion. It was a fake. Either perspective makes sense to me, but this one sounds so fun!

      Thanks so much for sharing this! And if you have a minute, maybe you could link to the blog post you mentioned. I’m sure a lot of people would like to read it. 🙂

      Huge hugs!

      • Wow, John and Melody,

        I never thought of it before as LOA, but I’ve thought for a long time that God was our creation and not the other way around. Certainly the traditional image of God is a visual projection of ourselves. It is such a kinder thought that we humans so much wanted a spiritual “self” that we brought “Him” into existence with the power of our energy.

        The world is incredible now, but I think there were some powerful times back then too, energy-wise. The sixth century BC manifested Confucius, Lao Tzu, Buddha, Isaiah, Solon (who first described democracy), Aeschylus, and Pythagorus! Holy shmoly – what a century! If Jesus had been born 600 years earlier, he might have fit in a lot better.

        John, I’m really enjoying your contributions to Melody’s blog. Thank you! Melody… Melody… sigh… you are just plain awesome. With pure gratitude and appreciation (take your pick!) in my heart, hugs to all,

        Mary Carol

        • Oh wow Mary Carol. I’ve never quite thought of it that way before: God as our creation. I love it. Of course, the idea of the traditional God is entire man made. We imbued this entity with all the worst possible human traits like vindictiveness and jealousy and narcissism and then tried to appease him. But as we evolved, we realized that perhaps God was love. And then we realized that we are God and we are love. That transition is still going on. I’m there, I believe that, but I’ve never stated it that way: God didn’t create us. We created God. Whoo boy. That’s a bumper sticker if ever I saw one.

          There have certainly been jumps in consciousness all throughout history. We’re definitely going through one now, that’s for sure. It makes perfect sense that teachers came through in large clusters during all of those times, just like today. Again, who knows what really happened? And does it really matter? (I don’t think it does… )

          Thank you for your huge outpouring of appreciation (I picked! Ha.) I appreciate you and your lovely brain right back. I so adore these kinds of discussions. Minds are opening, new perspectives being pondered and I love how allowing everyone is here of everyone else’s point of view. My readers rock. They really do. 🙂

  • Melody,
    Wow! Great post and so much to think about! I’ve thought about this subject a lot, too. Maybe Jesus had the chance to escape this situation and decided that sticking it out was the best way to get message out to the world. But, I kind of hope that he did get out and go to France a la the DaVinci Code. After he escaped, the rumor mills/Roman media got going and said his execution had gone forward so that the politicians could save face. Very interesting to think about!!

    Thanks for such a thought provoking (and sometimes funny) post.

    • Well, ya certainly can’t blame Jesus for heading to France. Vinyards and baguettes and cheese and French ladies certainly sounds better than desert and poverty and crucifixion. Interesting idea, especially since John (comment below) also mentions the possibility that Jesus may never have been crucified at all. Excellent! Jesus, the conspiracy theory. Ha, ha, ha.

      Thanks for your wonderful contribution and kind words. 🙂

      Huge hugs!

  • Su-weeeet Jesus! 😉

    Really interesting piece, Melody, although I see this whole scenario a little differently.

    See, I think Jesus was in complete control over the whole LOA gig. I don’t think he faltered to a point where he manifested being crucified without wanting it. In fact, I think that’s exactly what he wanted to manifest. You said so yourself that we shouldn’t narrow The Universe’s options. He should have known that better than anyone. Now, imagine someone so high up the energy scale, so zen, so incredibly in control, that the only place he’d fit-in was beyond the physical plane. His experiences here were fulfilled in a very short period of time. I think Jesus knew that. And isn’t that where all Christians strive to be? The Kingdom of God? Or for others…Nirvana? The Eternal Bliss?

    But that was just one part of him. Another part wanted to help people. To spread the word. To allow people to follow in his path. To remember his teachings for millenniums to come. I’d say he was so connected that he was able to manifest something as grand as that; religion. Do you think he would be as popular and revered today if he hadn’t been crucified? Or if he had been crucified when he was 90? As cruel as it may sound, you have to admit it’s true. Nobody remembers the dude who preaches till he’s a geezer and peacefully dies in his sleep. People remember the man who “died for their sins”. Forget about the Church taking over and all the politics that came to be…that’s another story independent of Jesus. Just think of one man with the power to form the most widespread religion on the planet. It doesn’t matter how you or me look at it, at least in some way it does do people a lot of good. I’m not a Christian, by the way, for anyone else reading. No preaching here, just telling it as it is.

    So maybe Jesus didn’t understand why he had been “forsaken”. Or maybe that was written into the Bible by some clever screenwriter to add some pizzazz. I don’t know. But I do know the same Bible speaks of Jesus coming to terms with his fate. Of Jesus being composed. And wouldn’t someone who knew of the kickass place he’d go to after death be as composed as that? I think the reason Jesus is Jesus is because he knew exactly what he was doing. He was powerful, and defied death better than anyone in history. And that’s exactly what he wanted to manifest. No way would he have achieved that by sitting in a hut and trying to talk prostitutes out of banging everyone in sight or to thieves about not stealing chicken from Old MacDonald. There had to be impact, and it so happens that his impact echoes till this day.

    By the way, I’m not condoning the need to speed-up one’s death. Life has to be long, and joyful, and awesome, and long…did I mention long? But in Jesus’ case, he had come to terms with his physical being. He was fulfilled. He was in a horrible era filled with a majority of dumbf****, yet he had experienced vibrations so high that he had defied every other emotion. He only had one more goal, and that goal was realized via his ultimate fate.

    As I’m writing this, the TV in the background is on a local cable radio channel called “Opus”. And it’s playing “Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas” in the middle of March. Kickass coincidence…gave me a mini mindblown moment.

    • Hey Derrek,

      That’s a really interesting perspective – that Jesus actually deliberately attracted his own crucifixion. Huh. Let me ponder that for a second. I have some questions:
      If he wanted to go down in history, I’m not certain that crucifixion would have guaranteed that. I mean, as Mary Carol pointed out, crucifying people was the order of the day. It wasn’t that special. Of course, most saints were also killed in “normal” ways like being burned at the stake. I don’t think that they way these people died added to their famousness.
      Many spiritual teachers over the ages dies of old age and their words still lived on. I think Jesus’ words would’ve lived on no matter what.
      But yes, his death would’ve had an impact back then. Interesting…
      I love looking at different perspectives. Like this one – it may not completely resonate with me (but there are some really awesome thought in there…) but it still fits the LOA model.

      Ha, ha, ha. Christmas carols in March. That’s awesome.

      Thanks so much for sharing your valuable perspective here, Derrek. As always, you rock.

      Huge hugs,


      • Hey Melody,

        Your questions made me think for a while. I love it when that happens. But here’s the thing…

        Crucifixion was normal in Jesus’ time, but not ours. The heinousness of the punishment makes it memorable, especially since it happened to an innocent man. Plus, there’s the whole resurrection thing. Did Jesus manifest himself into a higher consciousness and make himself also visible to the naked eye, to a select few? I don’t know. Whatever it was, I can’t help but believe that it was entirely deliberate, and entirely wanted.

        It’s that image of him nailed to the cross that is used worldwide as a reminder of how he died for the sins of mankind. How does that help to spread his true word of empowerment? Well, it doesn’t. Not at first. But he needed to be remembered for two whole millenniums for us, this generation and the ones to come, to understand what he was really talking about. And that isn’t an easy task. We probably remember two verses from Plato (or from Justin Timberlake’s 2007 album) at best, whereas people read the Bible from cover to cover to this day. They quote John 3:16 like it was a line from Dirty Harry. “Thou feeleth lucky punkth?”

        He needed to be accessible to the thinkers in our era, the ones who believe in the LOA, the Universe, and in empowerment to be able to ‘see’ him. That progression had to happen, there was no other way. He couldn’t afford to be forgotten, and Lord knows (pun!!) those who have been wronged are the ones who are remembered the most. Gandhi, Lincoln, Kennedy? None of them died peacefully. They were wronged, killed, “forced” into death.

        And while he could have simply wanted people to get straight to the core and understand his teachings, we all know it isn’t that simple. People don’t want to take responsibility for their realities. It’s the same with the LOA, the same with every self-empowerment teaching. He needed to be seen as a guiding light to Heaven in order to be welcomed by followers for the last 2012 years, instead of being seen as a radical-thinker with ideas about how YOU created your reality. “You’re saying I can’t point my finger at God anymore?! I hate you, Jesus! You’re probably a witch…or the devil!!”

        It’s only now that people have truly started to want to take control. The old paradigm is failing, and this is when people will truly understand Jesus. So he created two layers of his teaching. One a literal layer for the simpler folk from a simpler time. He offers them comfort, faith, and hope in a literal sense. Their subconscious would do the rest. For the rest who knew better, he offered cryptic verses that told the true story.

        I’ll even go so far as to say that’s what he meant by “resurrection”. He will be reborn, and in time his religion will be reborn, and his true self will be absorbed by the majority of minds in the world. It doesn’t make them Christians, it just makes them intelligent. Coincidentally, many people like you, me, the people who comment here, spiritual leaders, gurus, and self-empowerment people believe this is the time of change. It so happens Christians and Muslims believe it’s the time of the “resurrection”. The end of the (old) world.

        It’s true that other great leaders and spiritual figures are still remembered, but none of them formed anything as big or as widespread as Christianity. And none of them are as popular (for lack of a better word) as Jesus. And to be honest, if Jesus’ superpowers are to be taken literally, none of them could walk on water or turn water into wine either. 😉

        *oh boy, that was a long response*

        • You know, I’ve thought a bit about the resurrection. How would that make sense. Well, first of all, if Jesus did rise from the dead, he probably didn’t do it as a zombie. Either he wasn’t actually dead (perhaps his body went into a kind of suspended animation), or, he rose as more energy than physical. If that was the case, only those who were a vibrational match to that would’ve been able to see him. And then the whole thing could’ve been metaphorical. Of course, it’s also possible, as John points out below that the whole death and resurrection trick was smoke and mirrors. Doppelgänger gets nailed to a cross and the real Jesus shows up 3 days later…

          But all of that doesn’t really matter (to me). The message that Jesus brought forth (or, perhaps a collection of wise people who made up Jesus), was an answer to a powerful asking and everyone heard exactly what they were ready to hear. And now, we are ready to hear more, so we do. But… I still think it’s much more valuable to re-download the info fresh, through our current perspective and understanding than to try and decipher what a 2000 year old text which has been heavily edited and twisted may have meant to say. The way I see it, Jesus brought forth a message that, in its essence, is the same as the one coming through today. Only, now more people can hear it and hear more of it. We no longer have to twist it as much, because our belief system can handle more of the pure essence of it.

          I shall never complain of anyone being too wordy. That would make me a hypocrite. 😉

          • I actually think the doppelganger theory makes a lot of sense. Have you seen the movie “Anonymous”? It’s new. It’s about Shakespeare and how he was in fact a illiterate nobody who was used as the frontal character by a group of people “behind the scenes”. Of course it’s just a theory but an interesting one nonetheless.

            John’s comment reminded me of that movie. And it makes a lot of sense, too. 🙂
            But I agree. At the end of the day it’s all about the message and how it reaches us, and I guess now that it’s reaching us, all is good.

          • I haven’t, but it sounds intriguing. I wonder how much of our recorded history is a total sham… I don’t have a problem if it is, as long as we don’t try to make our decisions based on what we think happened in the past. Oh… wait… 😉

  • Hi Melody,

    I have to commend you for taking on such a sensitive and difficult topic to cover. That being said, I’ve given up on trying to figure out who Jesus really was or if he even existed at all. I think one of the first things I will be doing when I make the transition to the spirit realm will be finding out all the “truths” to this planets elusive history.

    • Hey Todd,

      Thank you! You know, I can’t claim that LOA applies to everything and then refuse to answer the tough questions. That’s just not me. I’ve never been the “let someone else deal with it” kind of gal. I’m more “Bring it on!” 🙂

      You know, it doesn’t really matter who Jesus was. I’m with you on that. But for many people it does. And when they’re trying to make sense of this new world, they have to try and apply this new way of thinking to their old world. If their new beliefs can give them clarity about their old ones, it’s much less scary to transition. And so, people ask about Jesus and the Holocaust and all manner of things, because those events factored into making sense of their old belief system.

      I wonder if, once we’ve crossed over, we’ll still care about all of that? Will it still matter to us who shot Kennedy? Or will be understand the divine balance behind everything so well that such details won’t matter anymore? I wonder… 🙂

      Huge hugs!

  • Hi Melody
    This was an amazing post. Your grasp of these concepts really blows me away and since I started reading your blog, I have gained such clarity about so many issues surrounding LOA that I could just not understand from that perspective. The rope analogy really spoke to me because lately I have been making some major shifts — it is amazing how the most trying of times really help with this because giving in to alternative modes of thought is just too terrifying and depressing! I definitely have some resistance going on and it does seem like it is even stronger lately and that explanation as to why made total sense to me.

    • Hey Kelli,

      We are such doers in our society. We see a problem or set a goal and then we push hard to attain it or fix it. And so, when we want to grow spiritually, we push to make that happen to. But if we raise our vibration, the resistance we have will come up. That’s good, only if we’re too aggressive, the ride can get bumpy. This is why I’m always telling people to back off a little, allow the emotions to come and feel them. Some of them will be scary at first, so take all the time you need. It’s not a race. At least that’s how I remind myself when I push a little too hard and find myself getting frustrated. 😛

      Huge hugs!

  • Melody, this is truly a fascinating question & fascinating post. I have never thought of LOA and Jesus together – just never drew the connection. I find it really interesting to looks at the overall vibrational environment, not just our own mind/home/personal environment – but the larger vibrational environment, outside ourselves.

    • Hey Aileen,

      LOA applies to everything. If find it fascinating and amazing to apply the LOA principles to different situations and see that they suddenly make a lot more sense. It’s one of the reasons I love this work so much. I get to explore and discover new territory every day. 🙂

      Huge hugs!

  • Great post on an intriguing subject. Raised as a Southern Baptist, I can certainly identify with those who are “stuck” in the divinity mode of Jesus and how “belief” in him “saves” us. Modern religions are grasping just at just a grain of the “Jesus thing” and focus on controlling us using Jesus for their religious organizational aims. Just as “God” is defined as Father, Son, and Holy Ghost…so are we all. Each human has a physical body (Son), a divine element (Father), and a spirit (Holy Ghost). I may not have the “parts” pf us correctly identified, but the end result is that each of us have the same capacity for raising our vibrational level at any time we wish. My “parts” don’t need definition for me to know who I AM!

    For myself, Not only do I realize “who I AM” from an intellectual position, but each day I come to a better understanding of emotionally “who I Am” … and since emotions are energy in motion, it becomes easier for me to focus where I choose to and let the rest of the illusion of life go by. This was difficult for me to learn, but became a lot easier when I realized I don’t have to “fight”, nor “worry”, nor “feel bad or inadequate” in ANY way!

    Great work Melody, you are such a good teacher!

    • Hey Cynthia,

      Thanks so much for this supremely interesting point of view. The holy trinity as a metaphor for us. I love it. I’ll have to ponder that a bit more.

      When we let go of all of those limiting thoughts, the need to push against and fight and struggle, then we let in the clarity that allows us to see perspectives that feel so much better. Can I know for sure who Jesus was, what he said, what he did and why he did it? Nope. Do I care? Not really. I’m offering one possible perspective that feels better (to me). There are many more. The real point is that we get to choose – we get to find a perspective that feels good, and yet we often insist on holding on to perspectives that make no sense to us and feel awful. If the perspective you’ve found feels good, that’s the one you stick with. 🙂


  • Wow, Melody. Never mind just blog posts, this is one of the most interesting pieces of writing I’ve ever read!

    I read through the post and all the comments with great interest, thinking okay, this is what I want to contribute. Then I got to your last response to the last comment, and there it was. My thought exactly but better said.

    The Bible was created by politicians. Once I started reading it in that light, and reading some of the sections that got deleted or were omitted, all the heat went out of the religious argument for me. The power of the Bible as a cultural artifact is immense, but more as a history than as anything spiritually helpful today.

    I have a different take on fundamentalism, which exists in many regions and religions today. I think at a gut-deep level, many people are aware that we’ve wrecked the planet for our future use as a species, and this has opened up a fear so deep that some people cling to what they think is a life raft of ancient beliefs.

    To me, Jesus’ crucifiction is as horrible as the thousands and thousands of other crucifictions, every one of whom was also a child of the Universe. Much harder for me to accept LOA-wise is the two year old who gets bitten by a tick in his backyard, becomes a pain-filled vegetable, and doesn’t die for two long years. The crack in my LOA armor is the suffering of innocents. At this point, I prefer to believe that sometimes shit happens, and Energy is there to help us rediscover our natural high vibrations.

    Hugs and love and Happy Thursday!

    Mary Carol

    • Hey Mary Carol,

      Thank you so much for your kind words!

      You make such a great point – crucifixion was widely practiced back then, so Jesus was not the first or only one to be killed that way. I agree that the way he died doesn’t really have any significance, at least not for me.

      It’s hard to get our human heads around how all events, especially those involving suffering and death could possibly all be part of the divine balance. How free will and LOA fit into that. I’ve made my peace with it in the way I described in the Life After Death post. By taking a big step back and looking at the big (really big) picture, I’m able to find a perspective that feels much better. Everyone has to find a way that works for them, though…

      “I think at a gut-deep level, many people are aware that we’ve wrecked the planet for our future use as a species…” Wow. What a horrible feeling thought. I don’t think our planet is wrecked at all. I’m not pro-pollution, but I think our planet has its own energy and that we, as a whole, have very little power to assert ourselves into that energy. We are not nearly as important in the life of this planet as we like to think we are. Kind of like fleas on a dog – annoying but not ultimately dangerous. 🙂 Again, that’s me, though….

      Friday hugs!

      • Hey Melody,

        I agree we are fleas on Dog Earth, and it makes me very happy that we can’t do our host any real harm. When I realized that the earth would be fine and that we were just hurting ourselves (like fleas applying flea powder to the dog!), I heaved a great sigh of relief. My belief is that we humans will either evolve, or something better will take our place. For me this is a supremely happy thought!

        Enough thinking! Speaking of dogs, I’ll take a page from Voltaire and go for a walk with Gemma (for Voltaire it was tend the garden, but Gemma wants to go for a walk).

        Random happy hugs!

        Mary Carol

        • Ahaha. I like that: “the fleas applying flea powder the dog.” Exactly.
          Only, we’re ok, too. It’s like some of the fleas are sitting on the dog’s butt, hating it and applying flea powder, while others are sitting up by the ears, enjoying the wind as the dog sticks his head out the window, loving every minute of it and giving the doggie a good scratch in return. Same dog, all are fleas, but vastly different experiences. And here’s the great thing: We get to choose if we want to be on the ass or the ears. Ha.

          Huggedy hugs!


  • Amen!

    Melody this is a wonderful article on who/what the man we call Jesus was. Could not have said it better myself.

    Except for the part where you said there is always wanted and unwanted. I would suggest that it is all wanted. Sometimes we may not see how or why in the world we wanted a particular thing or happenstance. Maybe we wanted it from a higher level consciousness than we are viewing from in a particular moment. But it is all, in truth, wanted.

    Oh and the part about when dude was nailed to the cross and is quoted as saying “My God, my God, why have you forsaken me?” I couldn’t quote it right now but I’ve heard some translations that seemed pretty clear that that was not even close to the sentiment of what he was saying even in that moment. Whatever the exact sentence was it basically showed him being strong and full of faith even in that moment. Knowing that God was with him and all was Well.

    I really wish I could pull it up right now. If it comes to me I’ll come back here and share.

    Either way, really great post!

    • Hey Shorty,

      I agree, that from a really big picture perspective, it’s all wanted. But I want to clarify something: A lot of people think that when something painful happens that there must be a reason. And there is, but what they mean is that they must have to suffer in order to learn a lesson or something like that. And when we say that everything is wanted from a big picture perspective, they often then take that to mean that their higher self, in its infinite wisdom has a purpose that involves suffering and that we, the little humans, should just accept that and there’s nothing we can do.
      So I want to clarify for anyone reading this that I don’t agree with that view. AT ALL. When I say (and I suspect this is how you mean it, as well, Shorty) that from a big picture view everything is wanted, I meant that we see the value in having choices. The “unwanted” allows us to determine what is “wanted”. It’s not bad, it’s just not our preference. And if we can learn to see it as such and move away from what we don’t prefer and move towards what we do prefer (instead of bitching about what we don’t like and bringing more and more of that into our experience) then suffering, as such, ceases to exist.

      You know, there are so many versions of the events of the day and I’m certain that none of them are accurate. We have no way of knowing what really happened. A lot of what made it into the Bible was heavily edited and fabricated and a great deal of it was metaphorical but somehow taken literally. But if we stop giving our power away to old books and use our intuition in each moment, in the NOW, to determine how we want to feel, react and live, then this entire conversation becomes kind of moot…

      On the other hand, I think this is really fun… 🙂

      Huge Hugs!

      • “higher self, in its infinite wisdom has a purpose that involves suffering and that we, the little humans, should just accept that and there’s nothing we can do.” Yea, you suspect right, I call total B.S. on that idea too. You were picking up what I was putting down.

        My point was not to feel like a helpless victim about anything in our experience. We attracted it and allowed it. Understanding this is empowering.

        I’m also of the belief that what the man we call Jesus said as he was on the cross, in that particular moment, or didn’t say has no significance in my life experience today.

        I’m not real studied in the Bible. I don’t let it by my “Guide”. I always listen to my gut, or the “still small voice” or “Christ consciousness” or my “Emotional Guidance System” or whatever you like to call it. I let my gut be my guide, it’s a hell of a lot clearer (and more personal) than trying to understand some 2000 year old text written in a language I don’t communicate in.

        It just seems pretty evident that even if the Bible is “Divinely Inspired” which I believe it was, that it was written in a language for a people of a certain time and translated from translations blah blah blah and people today try to take it literally. Not even understanding it’s teachings.

        Okay I’ve rambled on long enough. I better get off the computer for the night. Great conversation you’ve got going on here in the comments. I love what you’re doing Melody!

        Huge Hugs right back atcha!

        • Thanks Shorty. I figured we were on the same page, but just wanted to make sure that anyone reading these comments didn’t misunderstand.

          You make a great point: even divinely inspired texts have a shelf life. While the underlying message always essentially stays the same, it is translated into words by whoever is allowing that message through. And that translation is going to be subject to the energy, beliefs, paradigms and logic of the day. It will be translated in a way that the people of that time can understand. And it’s this aspect that makes it impossible to take literally thousands of years later (aside from the censoring and just blatant rewriting). So, while we can gain wisdom and clarity and peace from old teachers, we should always run everything through our own filter – does this resonate with me? And if it doesn’t, disregard it. Most churches will teach that this is not allowed. You can’t just pick and choose. God apparently doesn’t like that. But of course they taught that. If we threw out everything that didn’t make sense, we’d not only be happier and much more connected but we’d bankrupt the church… But it’s time to wake up and smell the guidance. 🙂

          • “wake up and smell the guidance.”
            that made me laugh!

            also just another quick side not about divinely inspired works. More than divinely inspired texts having a shelf life, we would also be well served to look at channeled works while listening to our own inner guidance.

            For example, I’m currently studying A Course In Miracles, and it’s a wonderful piece of work. It is very clear to me that this is a divinely inspired project (and a lot of fun to read and do.) Yet, Divinely inspired as it may be, at the same time, the work was run through the filter of the egoec perspective of a woman in the 1970’s and there are a few ways to approach an understanding in the text that I would come at from a slightly (okay maybe significantly) different angle.

            Channeling just isn’t an all or nothing game so even as we study some “amazing truth teachings” we should not discount our own channeling.

  • I was thinking along the same lines as LORI – And also the movie CREATION came to mind, where Darwin needed to lose his precious daughter and become so painfully ill from his realizations before he could release his resistance and write the Origins of the Species.

    I feel very close, but unable to ID the rope…

    I have done 62 years of amazing work, but I must still feel unworthy….I am also a bit afraid because every time I have manifested financial reward it has been because someone died…
    The pain must not be great enough

    • Hey Patricia,

      Only you can decide when you’ve suffered enough. Because the suffering isn’t the point. It’s simply an indication that you’re not letting go of something you’re holding on to. So if you want to keep holding on to it until the suffering is so great that you’re forced to let go, ok. Or you can just let go. Relax. Go play with your puppy. Stop obsessing over money. Get happy while focusing on a different subject. When you do that the clarity you’ve been looking for on the subject of money will come. 🙂

      Huge hugs!

  • This is interesting Melody (sorry – couldn’t think of a different word!) What I’m getting from this whole article is this; release resistance, release resistance, release resistance. And you can’t do it all the time but that’s okay.

    • LOL Lori. I can just see you sitting there with a deer in the headlights look… 😉

      Yes, the point is to release resistance. Also, it’s that we can’t judge another’s journey, and so we can’t compare ourselves to Jesus or anyone else. And that when someone creates negative circumstances in his life, it’s not necessary, or inevitable, or a punishment, or a sign of failure, or valuable for others. It’s a symptom of discord. That’s all. Every time. There’s no reason to feel bad. It is what it is. It’s a part of life.

      Oh, and how about turning the question around:
      If not even Jesus could live a resistance free life, than how can the rest of us expect ourselves to? Ha!

      Huge hugs!

      • A deer in the headlights 😮 LOL
        Yes, your question was my questions – how can the rest of us…
        I like what you added – “it’s not necessary or inevitable or a punishment or a sign of failure…” So much old dogma needs to be released 😉

  • Great post Melody,

    As a matter of fact knowing the Bible quite well, yes, Jesus suffered from all the things that we as human suffer. He felt tired, hungry, angry, disappointed, sad and at the end just for a moment, he felt even abandoned.

    When you are saying how low the vibration might have been back then, tell me about it? That reminded me the discussion we had over comments not long ago about how the “mentality” of people was only like 30-40 years ago. Try 2000 LOL!

    Remember Rosa Park’s story anyone? Boy!!! That was in 1955. Yeah, like yesterday! Imagine the vibration back then? And that’s only under 60 years ago ? OMG!!!!

    The truth is that as humans we have grown up big time. We use to be freaking animals ya know! An I’m not talking in the physical sense, NO. It’s just that the human spirit just grew from baby-like to adult-like.

    Thankfully, we are now living in the “adult” phase of humanity and, I agree with you, Melody, that our vibrations are much, much higher.

    P.S. Talking about LOA to a skeptic is like trying to teach calculus to your puppy or kitty ?

    • Ha, Ha Sylviane! Teaching calculus to a puppy or kitty! So true. But not because skeptics can’t “get” it. If someone isn’t tuned to the frequency of what you’re saying, they simply can’t hear you. So it’s pointless to try. It’s like speaking Italian to a Japanese man. He just won’t understand, no matter how intelligent he is.

      We truly have come a long way. I can’t even really imagine having been born at any other time. When we look at how people used to live – not the royalty which we can gape at in castles, but the normal people, their lives were hard and short. Medical care was abysmal and torturous. And happiness? That wasn’t even on the menu. Survival was the order of the day a few hundred years ago. We live in such luxury now and we’ve had to get to this place so that we’d have room to ponder who we really are. This is the perfect time. 🙂

      Huge hugs!

    • Animals have evolved too. According to our development, but as well on their own. They are spiritual beings. For instance, my cats enjoy reiki. And for the calculus and cleaning their litter boxes they us biped staff like me. If that isn’t superiority … i guess they are smarter than i.

      • Ha, ha, Brian. You’re so right. Cats have it made…
        Animals, in general, are much more allowing than we are – they know their connection and divinity and are able to hold on to much higher vibrations than we can, especially those in the wild. They simply aren’t as focused as we are, which leads to a less detailed existence. But they are no less powerful. And yes, I believe that they have evolved right along with us, but because they have so much less resistance, this evolution isn’t as apparent or drastic. 🙂

  • Currently i’m so fed up with all this christian crap. So many people are hiding behind it, and i can’t stand it any more. Wtf is wrong with intelligent and well–educated people of the western world who have obviously nothing to do than to dig in that old bullshit which may or may not have happened about 2,000 yrs. ago?
    There have always been extraordinary people! May i remind of Dr. Mikao Usui who rediscovered Reiki? How about DaVinci? He was a brilliant visionary. Someone should bother to create a faith around him. Not to forget Bill Gates, at least after his death.

    What is the point of a figure like Jesus? He lived and he died, end of announcement. It’s a sick and pervert idea that anybody could die for other’s sins, and that’s the whole problem, the weird ideas around it. On the other hand, if he (Jesus) had become old, doddery and gaga and died from a stroke, nobody would remember him and the whole story of christianity would need to find an appropriate substitute.

    Legends have to die in time to be legends. JFK, James Dean, Marilyn, Jesus, to name just a few.

    Melody, i so much liked how you described the christian god as the old geezer with the unkempt beard who’s dwelling in the clouds that i’ve quoted it several times. That’s the only way to handle such a destructive mass psychosis.

    • Wow Brian, tell us how you really feel… 😉

      I don’t really have a problem with Jesus or any of it anymore. Oh, I used to, but I made peace with it (I blogged about it here.) I agree that the idea of someone dying for our “sins” is ridiculous, but it worked for a lot of people for a long time. I don’t think it really does anymore and I think that’s why so many Christians are getting so fundamental. They’re feeling insecure. They have been following rules and dogma for so long without ever having actually come to their beliefs on their own. They’ve been blindly following a system that increasingly no longer makes sense, and it’s starting to piss them off. They don’t know what else to believe and so, out of fear, they hold on to the old dogma and defend it vehemently. This too, shall pass. 🙂

      I do think that there are some powerful lessons that can be learned from Jesus and many others. And yes, one of those lessons is how a complete misunderstanding and misinterpretation of events, along with personal and political agendas can twist something beautiful and empowering into something used to enslave millions. And I don’t mean this as a warning. I simply want to point out how a shift in perspective can have massively different consequences.

      I don’t believe that we should cling to the past. The past only shows us how people reacted from where they were at the time. We are not in the same place. We know more and understand more. Each moment deserves new consideration. How do we want to react to this, given what we know NOW, instead of how did people hundreds of years ago determine that we should react? I believe that’s where we’re moving to, some a little easier than others. 🙂

      We’ll get there Brian.
      Also, I love how you put Marilyn next to Jesus. I’d like to add Elvis to that mix, too. He he.


      • Thanks Melody, and i like your explanation that they feel insecure and for that reason cling even more to what they have been told. We have a neocortex and the right to use it. Jesus himself has probably done the same.
        My problem is people who cause a lot of destruction to nature and other living beings during their lifetimes and just don’t care about since their deity is telling them not to think and, even worse, teaching that it doesn’t really matter anyway. The idea of “The forgiveness of sins, the resurrection of the body and the life everlasting” is the root of unscrupulousness towards nature and animals.
        Jesus himself had no offspring, and i wish his fans would follow his example.

        • Can we really know that Jesus had no offspring? 😀 Remember that no one has the power to assert themselves into your reality if you don’t let them. So, if people who are abusing the planet and animals in their disconnection (when you don’t care about yourself, it’s hard to care about anything else) bother you, focus on what you want instead: a happy, whole planet with lots of love. Everything is in perfect balance, it really is. All experiences exist – the ugly ones and the awesome ones. Focus on the ones that you find awesome. 🙂

        • Hi Brian,

          I’m with Melody that Christianity doesn’t push my buttons any more, but I totally agree with you that the Bible has a lot of ‘splainin to do. Dropping reincarnation was a bad idea. It’s a lot more motivating to care for a place you know you’re coming back to.

          Luckily there are tons of amazing, loving, care-taking, wonderful people out there, many of them Christians. Ideas are one thing, and we can debate them on and on. But individual people are well, mostly awesome!

          Hugs to an awesome human!

          Mary Carol

          • Thank you both, Melody and Mary Carol, you’re wonderful and i so much enjoy reading this blog. It’s always expanding my horizons.
            I have to confess, however, that jibes, debates and criticism are actually a part of my well–being. Not too seriously, though. As a sort of mental sparring it can be as amazing as a game of chess.

            Have a great time
            Hugs, Brian

          • Hey Brian. I love a good mental debate, too. And if the people you are sparring with also enjoy a good ribbing, it can be incredibly fun. I love getting together with people from the UK, especially the North – they do this better than anyone. They hurl the funniest and most creative insults at each other, but it’s a game. This is done amongst friends and no one takes it seriously. There are no hard feelings. And that’s what it comes down to. If you and the people you’re with are having a truly good time, there’s nothing wrong with whatever words you’re using. So no one outside of you can judge you for your conversation. They can’t tell how it feels. 🙂

      • Hi Deb,

        I have done my best to create an environment that fosters interesting, passionate and respectful discussion. This means, everyone is entitled to their opinion and it’s ok to say pretty much anything they feel in the spirit of that discussion as long as they are not attacking me or other commenters for their views. I don’t believe that’s what Brian was doing. He was voicing his point of view, an issue he has with Christianity, and by doing so, he allowed for more discussion on the topic which may well have led to more open mindedness.

        Everything is potentially offensive to someone. We cannot live our lives based on what may or may not offend others, since their offense isn’t within our control. This entire site is dedicated to living life based on what we want, not on what others expect or want from us. I’m sorry you were offended. Perhaps the following blog post will help (I’m not being funny, I really think it could): Perhaps you’ll find it useful.

        Huge hugs,

        • Hi Melody,

          Thank you for your response. I did take a look at your post. I liked what you wrote. But what a challenge!! Shouldn’t I also not subject myself to certain things/people who I know will repeatedly kink my vibe?

          I don’t mean this in a bad way at all. But maybe this is just not the right site for me. I visit a lot of LOA blogs and I love the discussion and posts back and forth. And I love being made aware of new things. But I don’t find it fun to engage with others who resort to calling certain beliefs “crap” or “bullshit.” As I was reading through the interesting comments on your site, some of which I agreed with and some of which I did not, I was having a lot of fun. Until this comment. There are many Christians who practice LOA now. And it was a turn off. To some, as soon as someone resorts to name calling, the banter is over.

          Maybe I shouldn’t be offended. I believe in living life based on what I want and not what others expect from me as well. And no, we shouldn’t live our lives based on what may or may not offend others. But we also cannot forget to be kind and aware.

          Thank you,

          • Hey Deb,

            Fair enough. I have a pretty distinctive style, and I do curse. Some people love it, others, not so much. I always suggest that people don’t take an all or nothing approach, but rather pick the pieces they like and leave the rest. 🙂

            You ask an interesting question: Should we subject ourselves to ideas that “kink” our vibe. I would say yes, but only to the extent that they help us to clarify our own point of view. I love it when people disagree with me (respectfully, LOL), since they really help me define what I think. Being challenged can definitely be hugely beneficial. But if anything makes you feel bad, then it’s either time to shift your perspective so that it stops making you feel that way, or it’s time to look away.

            Of course, I would never do anything to intentionally offend or hurt anyone. I’m just being me, putting my thing out there, and trusting that the Universe will bring those to my site that will be helped (or challenged, he, he) by it in some way.

            Thanks so much for sharing your valuable point of view.

            Huge hugs,

          • Thanks Melody! That’s a good way to look at it 🙂

            And just for the record, the offense was taken in the statement that others beliefs are crap, NOT because of the cursing in general.

            Thanks again for taking so much time to respond to me!!

      • Hi Deb, you’re probably right and i didn’t mean to offend anybody. Please accept my apology.

        For future comments i consider to add a preceding warning in the sense of: This comment may include mature content, profanity, and disparagement of Christianity and other traditional beliefs. IF YOU ARE EASILY OFFENDED, DON’T READ IT!

        I very much hope this meets your wishes and, thank you for the clue.

        Warm regards


  • Love the website and the posts..but I must remind folks that…according to Scripture, everything that happened to Jesus was foreordained. That is what makes Him so remarkable…He KNEW he was SUPPOSED to be betrayed and crucified, yet He never once used those superior/advanced powers to avoid His fate.
    Think about this for a minute: even while being led away to eventual execution, He was STILL performing miracles ( re-attached the ear of the guard). Certainly that is true mastery of LOA: maintaining high vibe in the face of any adversity.

    • Everybody knows that we are going to die in the end, and everybody also knows that their children are going to die — without scriptures. Just by observing the reality and application of common sense. There’s nothing special about it. He (Jesus) had to suffer for about 12 hours until dead, many people who undergo chemotherapy suffer for months if not years, let alone victims of serious burns.

    • Hey Michela,

      Actually, I’m going to have to disagree on that one. Nothing is preordained. There is no destiny. We always get to choose. Jesus didn’t have to betrayed. There was no cosmic purpose to that. It’s ok that he was and as you pointed out that even has his resistance manifested, he handled it beautifully, which is a huge lesson, but none of that HAD to happen. Once your resistance manifests, you can’t generally do anything about the situation in that very moment. But you can react in a way that ensures that the manifestation won’t keep perpetuating. You can give all of your focus and attention to what you want. That’s what Jesus was able to do.

      No one is preordained to have to suffer. Not even Jesus.

      Huge hugs!

  • I was waiting all day and night to read what you were going to say about Jesus. Reason being, it just so happens (of course) that Jesus came up in conversation with my girlfriends the other day. Basically, the topic was about how some people, one person in particular, who claims to be “conscious”/”high-vibe”, could still say/do things that aren’t so “enlightened”. And how those of “us” who have a spiritual practice and do our best to keep our vibration high, do our inner work, etc. etc. still seem to attract all kinds of people, high-vibe or not.
    I brought up Jesus, along with Princess Diana and John Lennon, as examples of really high-vibe people who, nonetheless, attracted really negative people. My point was that no matter who we are with, whether it is someone who claims to be spiritual or not, we still have to trust our own vibes as to what resonates with us and feels “right” to us – the self-empowerment thing. (I learned this lesson the hard way). And yes, we are all human – make mistakes, let our ego run rampant, get sad, etc.
    For a while there I was getting really down on myself – wondering why I was attracting some of the people/experiences I was, even after I had done a whole bunch of work on my self. And well, the lesson I kind of got out of it was a) there were still things I needed to look at/change about myself and b) to not make such a big deal about it (aka beat myself up). Some of those “negative” people vibrated out of my existence and the others shifted their energy towards me, and all I did was work on my vibration. It’s really an amazing feeling, by the way. Now that I know this (have experienced it a bunch of times) it gets a bit easier each time to transform those moments of contrast. I mean if all I have to do is relax and receive miracles, I’m in!
    Thanks for an awesome post Melody. Big topic to take on and you did beautifully!

    • Thanks Adrienne! I’m so glad that this post helped you. 🙂

      You know, “negative” experiences really aren’t a bad thing – they are simply a message that you’ve got some beliefs that aren’t serving you, providing you want to get to where you want to go. It’s a very individual thing. No one knows where you started, where you’re going or what your obstacles are except you (and even then, it can be a challenge to figure it out). We’re all on our own journey.

      It’s never an all or nothing scenario. Someone can be high vibe, but still be holding on to a lot of resistance. The idea that if you’re “enlightened” that you’ll never have unwanted experiences or negative emotion again is a fallacy. As long as we are in the physical, we will have experiences and some of them will be unwanted. The goal of enlightenment is not to cut out unwanted experiences but to be able to instantly recognize them for what they are and shift. That’s enlightenment. And quite frankly, there aren’t too many people out there who can do that all the time. But that’s ok.

      Someone may have worked themselves into a high vibration on many subjects but still have several where their comments surprise you. Seemingly happy people get cancer. That doesn’t mean they weren’t happy. They may well have had a really high, fast moving vibration, but if they had resistance that they weren’t paying attention to, it would then manifest in a bigger and bigger way. It’s not all or nothing. Everyone is unique and you can’t judge anyone’s vibration.

      And yes. Essentially all you have to do is relax and receive miracles. Why is that so hard for us to do? 😉

      Thanks so much for your kind words and support!

      Huge hugs,

  • Melody Melody Melody! I am in tears, crying right now! This is literally my confirmation to an epiphany I had while laying in my bed two nights ago! I’m not sure I can even explain it in words but this is it man! This is it! Jesus (God) is in us. He’s already with us. The power is with us right now! We don’t have to be persecuted for it, it is a gift. We can’t take credit for it because we didn’t create it, we are just the receiver of the gift. Jesus is my example that I try to follow because he was so full of love. His power came from that place. After all, the bible even says God is love. That’s it! Sorry, I feel like I’m sort of on a tangent but in my head it makes perfect sense. I have such clarity on this now. You know, the kind of clarity that is now a part of your being. I am in the process of drafting a post on my “epiphany” that I had the other day. Perhaps I’ll link you up as my confirmation. We’ll see, but again, wow! Thank you thank you!

    • Jesus is not in you-you are in you. And that you is divine-do not separate you and God, that is the illusion-created so that you can create your own heaven and new earth. YOU are the power! There is only one-expressed as the many. E Pluribus Unum.

      • Philip yes this is what I mean! God is in me as in (part of my being). Down to the miracle of my ability to digest food. I just can’t get it into words just yet but it all makes perfect sense to me now! But it’s awesome you said don’t seperate you and God. In my draft I am writing trying to articulate my “AH-HA” moment I said those words exactly. “God is not seperate of me”! I realized that ever time I prayed for God to teach me to depend on him (which I prayed often) I literally felt this strong urge to draw inward. To be INdependent because the power is already inside of me, it is me. Ahhh, I’m rambeling but OMG, I’m soooo excited!

    • Hey Amber,

      I know the feeling. When you first have a new insight, it’s often impossible to convey it in words (and that’s BIG coming from me…). That’s because when you gain clarity like this, it’s never through words, even if it happens while you’re listening or reading. This clarity comes to you on an energetic level and then your brain has to translate that understanding into words. That can take a little bit of time and until you get there, it can often be frustrating when you want to share what you’ve just figure out. Don’t worry. The perfect words will come. Just bask in this moment. It’s brilliant.

      I’d love to read your post when you’re ready. And thank you for taking the time to comment here. I felt strongly that I had to write and upload this post, but I’ll be honest with you, my Catholic upbringing did chime in with a bit of nervousness. Thank you for the confirmation. 🙂

      Huge hugs!

  • Jesus said, “Did I not say ye are gods.” It was not a question-there are no question marks in the Bible after this quote. The underlying assumption to this question is that he died and suffered on a cross. he did not die, he did not suffer, and he went on to teach, in secret, to the Essenes, for many years.
    Here is something that is germane to the question at hand:

    “According to Kabbalah, God brought this dark and dangerous world into existence so that we—not God—could transform it into a Light-filled paradise.
    This situation is not unlike that of the father who builds a billion-dollar business empire. His greatest joy would be to give his entire business to his son; however, if the father did so his son wouldn’t really feel like the true owner. He couldn’t feel fulfilled deep inside because everything had simply been handed to him. He didn’t earn it.
    The only thing that would make the son truly happy would be if he could experience the joy, fulfillment, and sense of accomplishment that comes with building the empire himself. Kabbalists call this idea Bread of Shame. This phrase acknowledges that everyone prefers to earn the bread they eat instead of receiving a handout. A person who feels like a charity case feels a deep sense of shame. We feel truly worthy only when we earn our rewards through our own efforts.
    This is a simple idea, but one with profound implications, the main one being that the level of our fulfillment is directly related to the amount of work we do.”

    We, as human society, tend to shoot the messenger. Anything that disrupts accepted dogma is viewed as evil. But part of the message is that there is no death, there is no real suffering, there is always choice, we are all empowered, it really doesn’t matter what others do and think, the cross you bare is the illusion, there is no death, there is no wrong, no evil, no shame. You are on the spiraling path of ever growing awareness. Do not judge, make any final decisions, as you do not know all that there is to know. But the pieces will come together, actually, they have never been apart.

    • Hiya Philip!

      I should’ve known this post would speak to you. 🙂

      I couldn’t agree on the message of the Kabbalah hat you highlighted. For me, it comes down to empowerment – when you just hand people something, they generally don’t feel empowered. They feel powerless and people who feel powerless will act out in destructive ways in order to get that power back. This is why projects to simply give people in poverty housing failed. They destroyed the housing, not because they were bad people or ungrateful, but because they were still in powerlessness. But when we empower people, they react very differently. They see possibilities and hope. They don’t destroy. They rebuild. It’s a huge shift in thinking, with profound consequences.

      And thank you for your beautiful and poetic words (as always). When we let go of the need to judge, to control and to suffer, we start to get a glimpse of what life is really supposed to be like. Joyful, happy, shiny, easy, flowy, cooperative, fun, awesome… I could go on. 🙂

      Huge hugs!

        • Ah, semantics. To me, “empower” means “remind them of the power they already have.” 😛

          That’s the difference between giving someone something (trying to give them power from outside of themselves) and helping them to realize the power they have inside (true empowerment). The former doesn’t work, the latter transforms lives. 🙂

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