I’ve written pretty extensively about the need to release beliefs, about raise your vibration, the importance of your emotions and how to line up your energy with what you want. This site and blog are full of information about different beliefs, how they may manifest in your reality and how to shift your perspective to a better feeling place. Clearly, I believe that it’s important to understand how the Law of Attraction works and why the stuff that’s happening in your life is happening.

However… sometimes, when you’re feeling stuck or desperate, when you need something to happen quickly and you have no idea how that might come about, explanations don’t help much. What you need is a quick and dirty technique to help you release your resistance and get you back on track. And today, my lovelies, I shall share one of my favorite techniques with you:  Writing a letter to the Universe.

It’s simple, it takes about twenty minutes, and it works. Fast. I’ve used it with great success in my own life many times. One caveat: This technique is best for emergent situations. You’re in a bind and you need something to happen fast. The more desperate, the better. I haven’t had as much success with it on long term goals or big things (like career changes, etc. where lots of beliefs are involved). Of course, this could just be me. Try it for yourself and see.

For example, a few years ago, I had made a commitment to a friend. I keep my commitments. It’s important to me. But a new and much better opportunity came up, and well, I really wanted to take advantage of it. I didn’t want to let my friend down, but I also didn’t want to miss out on this wonderful chance. I was really conflicted about it and had no idea what to do. I wrote a Letter to the Universe. What I really wanted was to take advantage of the new opportunity, but for my friend to not only NOT be mad at me, but to understand completely. I wanted to have my cake and eat it, too. I wrote the letter at night. The next day, I sat down with my friend and explained the situation. Even though I’d been so stressed about telling her, I found the perfect words and she heard me completely. She wasn’t angry. She was happy for me. She completely understood and told me that in my position, she’d do the same.

This may seem like something small (it was actually a rather large commitment), but avoiding a major argument with someone I care deeply about is pretty important to me. After that, I started to use the Letter every time I found myself really stressed about anything imminent. I had no time to figure things out. A volatile business meeting the next day, an apartment search for which I had very little time, an interview for a major job promotion, etc. And each time, the Letter allowed me to release my resistance, line up with what I wanted and get me the results that I was after. Ready to hear how to use it? Here we go:

Step 1: Dear Universe…

Sit down and begin writing a letter. You can just open a text file on your computer or you can make a little ritual out of it by using beautiful stationary and a special pen. It’s up to you. Do whatever feels right.  Date the letter and begin with “Dear Universe, “.

Step 2: Describe where you are right now

Tell the Universe where you are right now.

For example: “Dear Universe, I have one month to find a new apartment and I feel totally stressed out about it. The landlord came by today and told me that I have to move. There’s nothing I can do.”

Step 3: State your fears

List all the reasons that you’re stressed out. What are you afraid of? What do you NOT want to have happen? Yes, I know that we normally try to avoid focusing on what we don’t want, but here’s the thing: Your fears are your fears. They are valid to you. And I can tell you all day long that the Universe knows what you want, but when you’re in the state of stress, you’re going to answer with “Yeah, but, what about this horrible scenario? And what about that limitation?” You’re scared and you’re stuck on focusing on all the reasons why you’re scared. By listing these reasons, by writing them down, you can hand them over to the Universe, secure that you’ve communicated every last thing you DON’T want. This is a way of “handing off the problems”, or releasing your fears.

For example: “I’m afraid that I won’t find a place in time. I don’t want to live in some crappy, horrible room, with nasty roommates. I’m afraid I won’t be able to afford anything nice or even decent. I’m afraid that I’ll be homeless or I’ll have to go and beg friends to stay on their couch. I’m afraid I won’t even have time to look for a new place, what with work and all…”

Keep going until you feel that you’ve stated all of your fears and everything you’re worried about. Just getting it all out will already help a little bit.

Step 4: Tell the Universe what you want

Now that you’ve gotten all the fears and doubts out of your system, go ahead and tell the Universe what you are looking for. What do you need? What do you want? This is where you want to make only positive statements. Keep writing until it feels really good. You don’t have to edit, just keep writing until everything you’re stating feels good.

For example: “I want a place that I can afford (this doesn’t feel quite right, because there’s still fear in there that you can’t afford it). I want a place that I’ll afford easily (feels better). The apartment is close to my work and has easy access to public transportation. It’s central, and surrounded by all the shops I need. It’s bright, full of natural light and the other people in the building are all really nice. I don’t have to look for the apartment, it just kind of finds me. It’s easy. I can’t believe how easy it is. The landlord is amazing and wants me as his tenant. In fact, he only asks me for a small deposit so that it’s easier for me to afford the move. Even the move itself is easy. My friends help me and then we have a little party in my new place. I can’t believe how amazing my new apartment feels. It’s cozy and homey and the previous tenants even left me some amazing furniture. I love it. It showed up in plenty of time and I didn’t have to worry at all.”

Notice how, over time, the writing style switched from something you want, to something that already exists (“the apartment IS this and that…”), to something you already possess (“I can’t believe how easy it was…”). As you get more and more into the vision of what you want, you’ll get more and more into the energy of already having it. If your writing style starts to change, LET IT. This isn’t about grammar. It’s about lining up your energy. Get so into your vision and keep writing about it, until you can see yourself there – in your new apartment, having found it and moved into it easily. Feel the relief of it. There’s nothing to worry about. You’ve already got it and you’re looking back on how you worried and you’re seeing how ridiculous it was to be so stressed out. It all came together so beautifully! Now, you’re really just telling the Universe about it, because you’re so excited.

Step 5: Thank the Universe for a job well done

And that brings us to the next step. Tell the Universe “Thank You” for fulfilling your wish. It’s done. What you want is on its way. You don’t have to worry about it. You can just sit back and expect it to happen. Tell the Universe how awesome it is, how creative, how amazing and how you’re in awe about how it led you and this apartment together.

When you do this, you get into the state of gratitude or appreciation, and you’re doing so on the subject of what you want. This is a huge step in lining up your energy.

Step 6: Let it go

Fold the letter (if it’s on the computer, print it out), sign it (you can add XOXO or anything you like), place it in an envelope and address it to the Universe. Now, you can put it in a special box, or burn it, or throw it in the ocean. It doesn’t matter. People use all kinds of methods to help them let things go. And that’s what you’re going to do now: Let it go. You’ve “sent” this desire and all the associated fears and stress off to the Universe. I like to put my letters in a box and look at them years later (DO NOT go looking into your box to see what hasn’t manifested yet! Don’t go through the box often.) It’s fun to see how worried I was about stuff that did then, indeed, come to be easily. It really helps me not get as freaked out about things now.

Trust that you’ve placed your request with the Universe, and that LOA is on the case. There’s nothing more you have to do. Expect your desire to show up, and do your best to go about your day while feeling good. Whenever you start to stress out about it, remember that you’ve handed your problem off to the Universe and it’s taken care of. It’s not your responsibility any more.

Again, I’ve used this technique on several occasions to shift my energy quickly. It helped me release feelings of hopelessness and desperation and align with positive expectation, which then allowed what I wanted to come into my reality.

What do you think? Have you used a technique like this before? What were the results? Do you have favorite little manifesting techniques? Try writing a Letter to the Universe and tell us how it went! 🙂

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  • After writing to the universe I felt a lot better. I was stressing the whole day about this certain thing and after doing this it was a huge relief. Normally I don’t write to the universe because I don’t feel like it would help but this did
    So thank you for making this because it was a huge help 😀

  • Hey Melody. This was an amazing post, and I found it way better than other websites. Now I know and believe that the Universe is going to cancel my exams. Thank you so much.

  • so i have recently found out about The Universe and the concept of writing letters..would this process also work out for subliminals. So say i wanted to become an ulzzang girl overnight would it happen overnight..or would it take time.

    • Hey Hylyon,
      It rarely happens overnight, because WHAT happens and HOW it happens, has to fit into your belief systems. So, when things don’t come the way we want them to, or don’t turn out well, we can see our belief systems. We can then change them.
      With the letter to the Universe, you can shift your energy quickly, but that doesn’t mean ALL of your beliefs have changed. So, to give you a drastic example, you might ask for a job. Now, that job will be delivered in some way. But you probably won’t wake up the next day, already having the job, having worked there for 6 months, etc. You will probably be offered the job. You’ll have to accept it. You’ll have to go through learning the ropes. Because this is not only much easier for you, it fits into your belief system. If you want to be more beautiful, you need to start off with figuring out WHY you want that. What will being an Ulzzang girl give you that you don’t and can’t otherwise have? What is it that you’re REALLY after? When you line up with that, it may well lead you through the journey of becoming more physically beautiful. The important thing is that you get what you want, not what you think you have to get so you can get what you want. It works the same with money. If you want money “so that you can…” get something else, that won’t work. Go for what you really want, and the money that’s required to bring that about will show up. Hope that makes sense.

      By the way, I have the letter to the Universe process in a workbook inside my website, for free. It’s called “Emergency Manifestation”. You can sign up for it here, if you don’t have a login yet: https://melodyfletcher.com/emergency-manifestation-sign-up/

      If you already have a login, all the free tools are inside the LOA Vault. So, when you sign up for one thing, you get them all automatically. 🙂

  • Hi Melody!
    Thanks so much for your tips about this letter to the Universe! I’ve been trying to apply LOA in my life for about a year now, and it’s given me already many results but still I have a hard time focusing exactly on what I want (particularly regarding relationships) and letting go is certainly the most difficult thing to do. Today I’ve been very sad for something that happened yesterday, and while at the same time I as conforted by dear friends, I got sad again when I got home alone. And writing the letter made me feel better! I’ve even found in my notepad (where I’ve been trying to write affirmations and things related to positive thinking), an old drawing of myself, in which I made a sort-of autoportrait of me with a sad face… (This was made long ago, in 2009). And I sort of had a lucid moment in which I realized “hey, how can I avoid sadness if I’m keeping a drawing -however pretty it might be- of an autoportrait of me with a sad face!!”. So, I erased the mouth and eyebrows of the drawing (it was pencil) and drew instead a smile and happy eye-expression!! I hope it will be a little extra help when placing my order to the Universe! 🙂
    Thanks again, and all the best for you and everyone here!!

  • Hi Melody,

    Thank you so much for sharing this. For the last week I have been voicing my wants and needs out loud (actually pretty loudly and specifically, while my family is out so they don’t think i’m crazy!) because I just had this feeling like I needed to “send it out and put it out there in the universe.” This thought has been resonating with me so much that I googled the idea and was led here. I have already written my letter, sharing my fears and stresses, being specific and finally being thankful. I guess in reality the universe led me here today and I think I needed to write this powerful letter to the universe to really put it out there.

    Thank you again!

    – JS

  • Hi Melody,
    Indeed a wonderful article. It works. Long back, I remember, whenever I was feeling shattered or confused or devastated on many things and engulfed with negative thoughts; I used to pen down each thought those were running in my mind, more like entangling / untying each knot; thereby making myself clear on the problem on hand and the various negative feelings / fears I had for them. I tried to explain the nitty-gritty of each thought in the more explainable format i.e. writing the same thing again and again in different way till I feel satisfied that I have justified my feeling. On doing this I immediately used to feel relax and enlightened as if I got a direction to move.
    On reading your article, I recapitulate my practice and I am sure it’s going to help me in my manifestation process.

    Thank You

  • I just wrote an awesome letter to the Universe — this was a FABULOUS suggestion! I’ve been doing such intense personal work as of late, and now I require some assistance from the Universe and I think this letter was just the tool to help us get aligned, so thank you! Wow I am going to bed now lol. Great info here, thanks again : )


  • Just sent off my universe letter. I really felt the relief when I listed all my fears first and my style of writing did go from past to present which I found so neat when I read it back! I even “feel” as though its already happened and I don’t have a feeling of “waiting” anymore. I just smile and go about my business. This really helped me and I hope to update you soon as it happens! Love your website!


  • I just wrote a letter to the Universe and now I feel great! I’ve been trying for some time now to trust in a positive future and to let go of my fears but I’ve never been really sure how to do it. This step-by-step letter writing method is EXACTLY what I needed at this time. Thank you for putting this up for people just like me.

  • Hi Melody! Thanks so much for this post. Just yesterday I was asking my subconscious mind what I’m doing wrong, because for the past three months I have been believing the Universe for something special.

    After viewing The Secret on You Tube in May, my wife and I immediately made our Vision Board, cut out and pasted things we desired to accomplish and possess. We possess and have read just about every book by Joseph Murphy, Napoleon Hill’s Think and Grow Rich, and Wallace Wattle’s The Science of Getting Rich.

    Melody, I am not normally a man of faith, to “just believe”. But when I understood who I AM, I also realized that it is me who controls what happens in my life, and it is me who ordains what my experiences should be by my thoughts; it was a whole new ballgame. I truly believe that as a Divine Being, whatsoever I speak into existence and believe it shall happen, shall come to pass on the screen of space, in due time.

    So since May 20, 2013 I have been meditating (I am finally up to 40 mins of “no thought” meditation) and I have been accessing my Divine Self. I have never felt anything like this in my life. The waves of warm, pulsating, amber light that encompasses my entire being is unexplainable. At times I speak in strange tongues, and although I have asked my subconscious mind what I am saying, I still don’t know, but it feels so darn good I keep at it anyways.

    Soooo…although I have been diligent in sustaining my vision and believing, it has been almost three months from the date I started on this marvelous journey. And a few times it appeared as though the manifestation was right there, and I was FINALLY getting my creation; only for it not to materialize, but go to someone else.

    Due to the fact that since I have never been a “dreamer” or one who fantasizes, my greatest challenge has been to envision what I want. I have never seen it crystal clear, just faintly- and try as I might, nothing has ever been “clear”. But the feelings that come from my thoughts leads me to believe that I am impressing my subconscious, even though it is not a movie in my head, as I’ve heard it must be.

    So I got a little frustrated with the process, wondering what could I possible be doing wrong, if my faint envisioning is enough; and I came across this post, and the willies got in my belly and I knew this was my answer. Although I believed and had actually impressed my subconscious with my request (I know this because every time I think about the thing or meditate upon it, either the tongues spring up, I feel a warmth engulf my chest and body, or the willies get in my belly and make me giggle, and trust me, I’m not a giggler by nature 😉 ); I Never Completely Gave It To The Universe!!

    I was still kinda holding onto it by “begging”, instead of just believing it was done and going about my business. I was truly obsessing over it to the point I was getting headaches from focusing and concentrating so much, and for long periods of time every day; and my vibratory level was so high I was only getting 2-3 hrs of sleep per night for the past near 3 months.

    Sorry for such a long letter, but I was thrilled to find this tasty morsel of faith and how to apply it. I will write my letter, and burn it. But I already feel freer in my heart for this knowledge. Thank You!


  • Hi Melody,

    I just wanted to say thank you for this blog post. I read your post on July 22nd about writing a letter to the Universe and proceeded to write my letter that same day. I followed all of the steps outlined and even it a step further my mailing it. I was seeking a new home to move to since the current two bedroom apartment that my husband and I are renting with our two small children (Maddie 4 and Andie 9 months) was beginning to become too cramped for all of us. To add to that we just found out that we are expecting child number 3 so the desire to find larger and more affordable housing was very strong. So, I wrote the letter and expressed my worries and then wrote out what I knew I wanted to happen. On the 29th, 7 days after mailing my letter, I was inspired to do a search for houses for rent near my children’s daycare. At first I was resistant to it because I had just looked a few days ago and I found nothing but something kept pulling me to look any way. To my amazement I found a 3 bedroom, 2.5 bathroom, finished basement house, with covered carport on 0.5 acre just 2 minutes from my children’s daycare. I know all of this sounds great but it gets better. The owner of the house was asking for only $899 a month in rent. Naturally I wondered what was wrong with the house. I started to pass this opportunity by but again something said to call the number any way. I did and was delighted to talk to a very sweet and kind Indian man who believed strongly in helping people. He said that in addition to the low rent, he also believed in lowering the rent during the holidays and the months of children’s birthdays to help the family. We saw the house on the 29th and fell in love with its charm. I received a call from him on the 31st saying that he was interested in renting to us as long as our rental reference holds up from our current landlord. I am so thankful that I read this post on writing a letter to the Universe. I definitely will be doing this again to help me get clearer on other things that I want in my life. Thank you Universe and thank you Melody, you both rock and kick ass!


  • Hello Melody,

    First i want to aplogize for my bad Englisch, but i know you will forgive me.

    I have a question for you.
    I have set a verry importent goal for me, and i know that one day my wish will come true. I followd the 6 steps, and i wrote a letter to the Universe. I placed it in a envelope, and i closed the envelope. I put the letter next to my visionbord.
    Here is my question, from the moment i watch my visionbord, i have a feeling in my belly for a few seconds. The feeling feels really good, it feels like butterfly’s. The same happens when i visualize my goal. But what means that feeling? Is that the feeling that i’me one the right frequence?

    Thank you verry much Melody, keep up the good work.

    Hugs from Dirk, Belgium

  • Melody,
    I didn’t realize that angels exist on earth.
    You are one of them 🙂

    You do a great job.

    Big hugs 🙂

    Dirk from Belgium

  • Hi Melody! Enjoyed your article and have written my letter. I am a published author and things are happening but I have a few serious obstacles I need resolved right away. Your letter about needing an apartment REALLY RANG MY BELL. I am relocating from Italy to France and having a terrible time finding something I can afford. My present living situation is hideous.

    I love the pic and hope you don’t mind if I share it on FB and a link to your blog and perhaps add you as a friend.

    Hillary Corby

    Saluti from Italy

  • Hi Melody,

    I was (am?) at heartbroken and at wit’s end when I stumbled across your “letter to the universe.” I do put stuff “out there” every day but to actually write it down never occurred to me. I just finished and sealed my letter. I honestly don’t feel any better at the moment, but I’m sure it helped. I realized that everything else in the past I have asked for, I have received so I’m sure it will be the same with this. However, this is MUCH MUCH nearer to my heart than I have ever asked for and while I still have a little doubt, I am mostly optimistic. I DESERVE AND EXPECT to receive my miracle and I can’t wait to tell everyone that it really does work!!! 🙂 Thank you Melody! Much love to you!

  • I wrote the letter as soon as I receive what I am wanting I will let you know.
    Today I felt like driving my car in a tree, however I came upon your site and got my composure enough to sit down and write this letter. THANK YOU UNIVERSE.

  • Do you have to print it out from the computer??? Can you just delete it from the computer when you are done??

  • Hi Melody,

    I have some honest feedback to give and I hope you give me your explanation.
    I truly appreciate your suggestions. It makes sense. practical and intelligent. In fact, your blogs have helped me to believe in LOA. As I said I really love your blogs. But when I saw that you are selling your stuff or trying to make money of it, it does question your credibility that you are just trying to help people. You know this is one of the main complaints of anti-LOA people. Seriously, why do you guys try to sell the stuff? You can just genuinely try to help people (if that is what your after) without any monetary motives.

    • Hey Daniel,

      Thanks for asking this question. I think this is something that a lot of people wonder about, so I’m happy to answer it. But I’ll be doing so in a blog post, so that everyone benefits. Stay tuned! 🙂

      Huge hugs!


  • I just thought i’d share my experience with the LOA and manifestation. Like many others who are searching for answers I have tried many ways of using the LOA and of course I was skeptical so I wanted to test it out first.

    Test1 – i tried to manifest a furry black dog. Not any common dog. Just one I had in my mind. I focused on it and then I thought about it once in a while but not much because it didnt mean anything to me. I was having a bad week at work when I saw the EXACT dog walking past me like nobody’s business. I almost spat my coffee out from laughing. I thanked the Universe, angels, God, whatever you want to call it.

    Test2 – the blue feather test. Of course I just had to push the LOA further. So i focused on a blue feather. I pictured it and what shade of blue I wanted it to be. Two days after I saw the dog, I saw the blue feather in the EXACT shade of blue i wanted. 🙂

    Well thats all I needed to BELIEVE and confirm that it does indeed work. Then I started finding ways to manifest things I wanted faster. I found a meditation technique on youtube. I watched it yesterday morning and the “thing” i wanted to manifest was a guy im really interested in. Not just for a fling but I think he’s the one and fate brought us together. Oh yeah, i meditated yesterday morning and saw him last night. 🙂

    I think its very important you dont set time limits for things you want.

    I can’t wait to master the LOA.

  • I tried this yesterday, but out of curiosity, does anyone know the time effectiveness of this method? If you’ve tried this, and your desires were fulfilled, how long was it?

  • I did this , it worked..still having tingles and giggles
    thank you Melody ..funny how you turn up just at the right time!

  • Hiya Melody!

    Thank you so much for sharing your wisdom, I clearly needed to see this as I stumbled upon it looking for help on manifesting a new home. I just have one quick question if thats okay. I wrote out the letter following the guidelines you spelled out, but was wondering if there was any harm in being too specific. I know the exact home that I want. My husband and I have put an offer on it, though there is another couple that have also put an offer on it and the owner has agreed to go with them for the meantime. Is it wrong for me to write the letter putting all of my intention on that specific house, rather than listing all the criteria I am looking for as you did and hoping to find something that fits, whether it be the one we put an offer on or not. Its just that I have my heart completely set on this one house – it had the most amazing feeling to it, I just cant get it out of my head. We were even admiring it before it came on the market, so in a way I almost feel like we manifested it to begin with. Oh whoas me. I wrote the letter, so now what I need to do is release it to the Universe as I am clearly still stressing over it big time 🙂

    Thanks again for your amazingness and all that you do and put out there in the Universe that makes everyone else’s lives better. If you do have a moment I would love to hear your thoughts on being specific in these types of letters, etc.

    Light and Love from London, England
    Heather xoxo

  • Sorry to say that I have sent many letters to the universe and never did it work for me. The things I asked for never came to fruition. The things I didn’t want to happen happened. It just never worked for me and I follow the guidelines precisely.

  • Hey Melody. Thanks for this article. It really resonated with me at a time I truly needed to hear and try that…so I did. And it was awesome. I felt such a relief afterwards. It was like a heaviness in my heart was lifted. I was truly thankful to the Universe for it was done..its done, its done its done. That was Saturday and on this Monday afternoon I am still doing my best to remain upbeat and trusting of the Universe to bring it about. I am calm in general although I get few panicky moments here and there. But as advised I am reminding myself that the Universe has got this and I need not worry. I thought of re-doing the letter again if only to feel as good as I felt at the end of writing it earlier. But I found rehashing the “where I am right now and my fears” did not feel right. After all I had turned these over to the Universe right? So I would like to know what other techniques can I use that you have found just as effective to remain in high vibration for those “weak” moments?

  • I recently read an article after reading small parts of the book, The Secret by Rhonda Byrne. After searching on Google I discovered a website where a lady talks about writing the Universe a letter. So after reading her articles I got goose pimples all over my body. I decided to…..

    Write the letter:

    Much to my surprise while writing a letter I felt calm, happy, I cried, I laughed, and my body tingled!

    I realized the things that were wrong in my life…

    So I asked the Universe to help me with that, and I thanked the Universe for already doing the things that I’ve asked.  Because I realized the Universe has no time constraints, the Universe doesn’t know the past from the present, it only knows that things are done! After I wrote this letter, I just felt like things would get better, or in fact already are better.

    Thank You!

    For the people that don’t like to read…

    There’s a video on my channel, if you can’t write I don’t think the Universe would mind if you made a video thanking it.
    Send me your video on my video.
    @ Youtube.com/HypnoGypsy

    And remember the Golden Rule!
    Thank s/he whom which made the Universe also! And, If you’re nice and kind, or help others, they will do the same back, and it makes you feel good!

  • This actually works for me!!! No kidding.
    What’s funny is that I used to write letters to the universe all the time when I was a little girl. At the time I thought that the journal that I wrote in was magical (silly, I know)because everything I wrote did come true including some negative things. I no idea what LOA was of course, but I believed in magic and Michael Jackson(because he’s magical) But I stopped writing in it because at school some kids got a hold of my journal and fun of me and played “keep away”. Anyway, it freakin’ works, for me anyway.

  • I have used this technique several times. Thank you for reminding me. This is the best description I ever saw in written form about doing such an exercise! I did it before – but was not doing all the steps as described – just, you know, doing it. Yours is gorgeous!

  • I want to thank you for this article. I have always written letters, because they made me feel better afterwards, but never the way you have described them. I will definitely write a letter to the universe . . . thank you once again, and i will visit your blog often!

  • Hi Melody,

    Thanks for the wonderful article. I’m a big fan of writing letters to God (Universe). I write letters to Universe everyday,even to say hello. after practicing this as you have said i feel much more relaxed. I love reading your articles. I have featured your article on my personal blog. . It has inspired me a lot. keep the good work. Thanks

    • Hey John,

      Thank you so very much for your kind words and for sharing my work. 🙂

      This exercise is quite powerful, isn’t it? I’ve seen it work “miracles”.

      Huge hugs,


  • Dear Melody,

    I just chanced upon your article while surfing through and I am glad that I did. I have tried almost all techniques of LOA for the situation I am undergoing. It is tough to stay positive continuously. Still I tried. Today, I feel Universe has come up with the perfect solution to my issues through your article. I feel as if a burden has lifted off my heart. Thanks dear Melody for shining a light. I shall definitely write this letter today itself and keep you posted of my results. Thank you once again for sharing this article. God bless! 🙂

  • I am in the same situation described in the article where i have to find a room in a month’s time. I went to do a search for a picture to ‘thank’ the universe and i found this website. It was beyond coincidence and i didn’t feel that i needed to type the letter out for me because exactly what my fears were and what i wanted is already written here.
    Nevertheless, i felt better after writing the letter. Finding this article was a sign from the universe that it’s helping me especially during this hard time as i’ve been facing a lot of extreme changes and haven’t settled down in this place as i’ve only just got here in less then a month.
    So i’d like to thank the universe for helping me find this article and the writer.
    Thank you so much :3

  • Hi Melody,

    First off I want to thank you so much for posting this wonderful article with the steps written so precisely! I really appreciate and love your great purpose out there in helping us! I certainly believe a lot of people are feeling the same for your articles! 🙂

    Anyway I’d like to share how I use your technique. I type the letter to the universe and instead of printing it out I sent an email to my Future Me, see the website: http://www.futureme.org/. By delivering the email on a specified future date, I get back what I wrote in the past and can verify how it went. This way you can feel touched or suprised if the things you want turns out to become reality when you read the received email, which you already have forgotten about.

    Have a nice wonderful day!

  • Hi
    I have to say at first i wasn’t quite sure this will work but wow, the one who found this method is a mad scientist. I just got what i wished for within hours. Thank you for this blog. It’s real…

  • Wow Melody! I wrote a letter to the Universe this morning about an issue I’ve had with my cousin not calling me to confirm plans. May seem like a minor thing but drives me crazy. I figured what the heck I’ll give it a try. Anyway, I am completely floored right now because my cousin just called me to confirm our plans for this week! Not even 8 hours after I wrote the letter, I got the call! Amazing! Thank you!

    • YAAAY JB!!

      That’s awesome!! Thanks so much for sharing this story here. Sorry it took me a week to get back to you. I love it when people realize that this shit really works! Ha!

      Huge happy shiny puppy hugs,


  • Hello Melody!

    Thanks for such a wonderful article! Truly happy that I chanced upon it. Melody, I notice that there are a variety of techniques that involve creating a “letter of intention” or list of wishes to the universe. Yours is for a single immediate need that you only need to focus once and practically not mind about it afterwards. Other blogs advise to make a list and then focus on it everyday, for instance 21 days, visualizing on the wishes that they have become true. I hope every style of doing the list works. I like your style because I just did it and I found myself creating real yearning emotions with strong beliefs that it will happen. Is it possible that I can modify your technique by making a letter of more than one wants or needs? Hope to hear from you soon!

    Happy and prosperous new year!

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