In Part 1 of this series, I explained how Winston Wu, a fellow blogger, challenged me to reply to his post Debunking the Law of Attraction, and answer some tough questions. Never one to shy away from a challenge, I accepted. In the previous post, I set the stage and explained that I’m in no way trying to convince anyone of anything, but am simply presenting a point of view and providing clarity to those who want it and resonate with this information. So, with that in mind, let’s get started:

1. If thoughts create reality, then how come we can’t fly or walk through walls or move mountains with our thoughts?  How come even if I believed 100 percent that I could pass through a solid wall, I’d still bump my head if I tried?

First of all, how do you know that no one has done those things? There have been reports of shamans and saints who could be in two places at once, Swamis who could levitate themselves and objects, and those who could move through walls. How do you really know that you could not walk through a wall if you believed it 100%? I get it. You haven’t seen anyone else do it and the reports of those who have done it are anecdotal, so therefore don’t qualify as “proof”. As I explained in Part 1, however, if you need to see proof before you believe it (instead of the other way around), you’ll have to wait until a critical mass of people is able to believe it too. I’m not saying that you have to take these anecdotes as proof, I’m just arguing that we cannot state that it’s NOT possible (I’m a bit of a stickler when it comes to semantics). For me, the real question is: If it is possible to walk through walls, then why aren’t we doing it? And the answer to that is this: To walk through a wall, you’d not only have to believe it completely yourself (can you do that? I can’t…), but also focus with such intensity that you cancel out the effect that everyone else’s belief on this subject has on you. Let me explain.

There are individual beliefs, national/cultural beliefs and global beliefs. An individual belief is something like “My mother never loved me”. It’s confined to an individual, or small group of individuals, such as members of a family. A national/cultural belief would be “The United States is the best country in the world”, “Cowboys fans are hillbillies”, or “Those of a certain race are inferior”. These beliefs can be determined by geographic locations such as towns, regions or countries, culture/race/religion or any other reason that people may identify with each other. This is also where beliefs such as “No pain, no gain” and “We are small and insignificant and at the mercy of a much greater power outside of ourselves” live. Then, there are the global beliefs; these are the beliefs that we all hold – like agreements that allow this physical word to function. These agreements allow us all to see the tree, to perceive the ocean and buildings in the same place, and for most humans to pretty much look and function the same way. And while our biology and physiology are governed by our own, individual vibrations (which is why we are not, in fact, exactly the same, and even our cells do not all respond exactly the same way to the same stimuli), we all function within a certain framework. So, most humans have two legs, two arms and one head, the heart and organs are pretty much in the same place, and we all bleed when we get cut. Every once in a while a human will be born that defies some of these rules, but then we call them “abnormal”. We don’t like it when someone breaks the rules.

These agreements are the same rules that govern gravity and whether or not we can fly. They govern our ability to re-grow limbs or do impossible feats. With an individual belief, the more focus and attention you give that belief and the evidence that it’s true (the belief manifested), the more energy it gathers. The more energy a belief has, the easier it is to think it and the harder it becomes to think its opposite. With national and global beliefs, it works the same way, only now you’re adding the focus and attention of everyone who is subject to that belief. In the case of global beliefs, that’s pretty much every human being on earth. In other words, a global belief has A LOT of energy behind it, given to it not just by every human and animal and vegetable alive today, but by all those that have come before us.

Now, when a belief has a lot of energy behind it, it develops what would be akin to its own gravitational pull, which will suck you right in. That means, that even though you create your own individual reality, the more energy a belief has, the harder it will be for you to escape its effects, or its gravitational pull. In other words, it’s easy to believe a thought that a lot of other people have focused on and manifested. So, surpassing the global belief that a human being cannot simply pass through a solid wall would take tremendous mental focus. And while I’m sure that humans exist who have that kind of focus, I have not met them. So for me and for the sake of this conversation, I’m happy to relegate the idea of walking through walls and re-growing a limb to the theoretical (although we are moving closer the limb re-growing. Transplants are a way for us to “get” a new heart or arm or even face in a way that our belief system can accept. Who knows what’s next?). In fact, this is how I answer questions about these subjects (interestingly, almost exclusively asked by people who want to learn a “trick” so they can prove LOA to or impress others): Theoretically, it’s possible, but practically speaking, it will take a ridiculous amount of commitment and effort.

Of course, all feats were impossible until someone, somewhere was able to surpass the global belief of what’s possible and allowed others to believe it, too. But this passing on of a belief from one person to another can only happen if the second person is ready to accept the new belief. He has to be close enough in this vibration so that he can reach the frequency of the new belief. Therefore, even if someone was able to walk through a wall, only those who were ready to see it, could. The world will not be ready to accept these kinds of experiences as “reality” until the Global vibration (the vibration of the average citizen) rises enough in order to allow it. And it almost certainly will not come as a surprise when that happens. Just as medical advances are being made that will one day allow us to believe that we can grow a new limb, so will we discover machines and techniques that will allow us to dematerialize and pass through a wall. It’s simply easier for us to believe that technology made it happen, rather than our own minds. That’s how manifestation works – we allow experiences to come into our reality in the way that’s easiest for us to believe.

2.  If thoughts create reality, then how come it’s possible to trip or slip on banana peels?  Wouldn’t our assumption that it was safe to walk there create a trouble-free walk?

Our thoughts do not directly create our reality, our vibration does. This means that if you think of a purple donkey, you’re not necessarily going to be meeting one soon (unless you take some wicked drugs…) If you had to consciously and deliberately think of every detail in order to create your reality, then you wouldn’t be able to function. Your world would cease to exist when you fell asleep or passed out, for example. It doesn’t work that way. Our vibration is made up of all of our beliefs (individual, national, global), and our thoughts (both those we are aware of and those that we are not aware of because they’ve become so familiar to us we don’t even notice them anymore). And we very rarely manifest in real time. There is a time buffer in place that allows for correction. This means that by the time a manifestation occurs, you’re often no longer aware of the thoughts that created it. We usually don’t make the correlation between what we were thinking and feeling and what’s manifested into our physical reality. The physical manifestation is the last step in the creation process, which is why, by the time it occurs, we’re generally no longer able to change it in that moment. We have to just let it play out (we can, however, ensure that the future is brighter by controlling our reaction to the event NOW).

When you slip on a banana peel, it’s because the experience of that (however it feels to you) matches a vibration you have within you that feels the same way. Your thoughts about that stretch of sidewalk are pretty much irrelevant, since you probably didn’t have many. But let’s say that you did spend considerable amount of time focusing on really positive, good feeling (the key) thoughts about the sidewalk. You would still have manifested the experience with the banana peel, only in a different way – a way that FELT the same.

3.  If thoughts create reality, then why did the Titanic sink when everyone “thought” it was unsinkable?

First of all, just because the Titanic was advertised as unsinkable, doesn’t mean that everyone actually thought it was. We have no way of knowing that. If someone actually took the time to deliberately line up their energy with a strong and unsinkable ship, they would’ve either been led to design a better ship (a manifestation of those deliberate thoughts) or they would not have been on the boat. Either way, they would not have met up with a ship that sank. And many, many people didn’t.

Everyone on the Titanic was a match to the experience they had on that boat. And yes, this includes death, something that we’d do well to make peace with, considering that we’re all going to die someday. When people transition out of this reality and into a non-physical one, it’s not a tragedy. It’s simply a manifestation, and not necessarily an unwanted one. We cannot know what everyone on that ship experienced, we can only assume it from our own personal point of view. But we know that no matter how dire the disaster or circumstances, there are always those who suffer greatly and those who don’t. Some people cower in the fetal position, terrified, while others find their inner strength and become energized. Still others become philosophical and find a peace and clarity they never knew. Whatever each individual experienced, it was a perfect match to their vibration at that time.

I always find it amusing when people use historical tragedies such as the Titanic, the Holocaust or 9/11 to declare that the Law of Attraction doesn’t work, because who in their right mind would choose to manifest such events? But that’s assuming that we are aware of what and how we are manifesting our reality and that we are actually doing it. Most people are not and have never been. That’s the whole point – if we can become conscious of how we are creating and receiving what we experience then we can begin to experience less of the unwanted stuff and more of the wanted.

There was a time when we were convinced that sacrificing another human being would lead to a good harvest. Over time, we figured out that this wasn’t the case. We figured out that telling your kids not to something will make them want to do it all the more. Belief by belief, we observed and adjusted. We’re slowly learning the rules to this game. When we don’t know what we’re doing, we create haphazardly – wanted, unwanted and everything in between. But when we understand the rules (as much as we currently can), then this game becomes a whole lot more fun. If you don’t have a driver’s license and you get behind the wheel of a race car, you’re probably going to have a very different experience than if you’re an experienced driver. Using tragedies to claim that LOA doesn’t work is like saying it’s the car’s fault that a 12 year old can’t drive it.

4.  If thoughts create reality, then why are there surprises in life?  Why do both optimists and pessimists experience events that turn out better or worse than they expected?  Shouldn’t they have manifested whatever they expected?

You may not be aware of what you’re expecting. You have beliefs and thoughts that have been with you for so long that you’re no longer aware of them. They cause you discomfort (as all beliefs and thoughts that don’t serve you do), but again, that discomfort has been with you for so long you don’t even feel it anymore. And yet, the vibrations of those beliefs still determine what you line up with. You could also refer to these underlying beliefs as the subconscious.

In my coaching, I help people uncover those limiting beliefs that they’re not aware of. But once they discover them, they become ULTRA aware and suddenly see how those beliefs affected tens if not hundreds of experiences in their lives. Again, if we only created (or more accurately, received) our reality with our conscious thoughts, there would be pure chaos, given what lazy focusers most of us are… It doesn’t work that way.

You manifest whatever your dominant vibration lines you up with (or attunes you with). Expectation is a good way to do that, but just because someone says that they expect something, doesn’t mean that they truly do, or that they’re not offering up a contradictory vibration.

5.  If thoughts create reality, then why do most things not go according to plan?  By planning, wouldn’t your thoughts generated during the plan create the reality in which things went exactly according to plan?

They would and they do, if we plan correctly. Simply declaring that you want something to be a certain way is not enough. You have to line up with the energy of it. You have to allow it. The post The Secret Behind “The Secret” – How We Manifest Reality describes this state of allowing in detail. And just as an aside, “Most things don’t go according to plan” is simply a belief, and not really one that serves us. The Universe will always prove your beliefs true, no matter what they are and beliefs are much stronger than any plan you might make. The key is to figure out what those beliefs are that are getting in the way of what we want and then change them. When we do that, our physical reality will shift to match those new beliefs.

I’ve thoroughly enjoyed answering these first 5 questions according to my own, personal understanding of the Law of Attraction. If you disagree with these explanations, then feel free to offer your own in a respectful way. All points of view are valid. The next 5 answers will appear in Part 3. I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments!

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  • I have a question. Say I affirm to myself at the strt of the day ‘ I want to see the color pink today wherever I go’! And bamm! I see pink evrywhere ( peoples shirts, bags, stickers on cars and all that).

    and this has happened to me too btw !
    Anyway, sowhat you’re saying is, its not the seeing pink I lined up with, but the feeling of being exhilrated each time I saw pink that I lined up with?

    • Hey S,

      Great question. And we’re getting into the nitty gritty here. 🙂

      You lined up with the feeling that the pink represented for you. And because seeing pink was the best representation of that feeling for you, you manifested that.

      Does that make sense?

      Huge hugs!

  • Thanks for taking the time Melody to reply to what was a somewhat facetious question.

    I didn’t find your answer particularly satisfactory, but then I didn’t expect to. There’s a difference between perceptions of reality (i.e a flat earth) and objective reality ( a round earth) that contradicts what the LoA is saying . Delusional beliefs (I can fly) will never become a physical reality no matter how strongly or widely held . Beliefs d o not manifest an objective reality. Will positive thinking, a focus on a desired outcome, and concentrated action taken to achieve that goal, be more likely to achieve that result? Definitely, no question.But that’s not because of some universal law (like the law of gravity) – it’s pretty much common sense . It’s certainly not what’s bieng sold by Rhonda Byrne, Bob Proctor and Joe Vicenza, and is certainly not backed up by quantum physics.
    As a belief system I find it selfish and lacking in compassion (‘blame the victim’), a philosphy which most religions don’t espouse .

    You come across as a genuine caring person, but as to the LoA, there’s far better philosophies (Buddhism for example) out there

    • Hey Palmer,

      That’s ok. I’m not here to convince you of anything. If this stuff doesn’t resonate with you, it’s all good. I do kind of want to point out a couple of things though. 🙂

      If you have a belief that the earth is flat, then that will be your experience. What the “truth” is, doesn’t matter. And I do believe that there is no one truth, that we only ever see a small part of the picture. We may have more data now that we did a few hundred years ago, and so therefore we have a greater understanding of the solar system (we have evolved), and therefore our experience has also changed, but we still don’t know it all and I’m certain that as we gather more data we’ll figure out that some of what we KNOW today is totally off the mark, as well. A lot of what LOA work is about is discovering the options that were there all along that you were not allowing yourself to see.

      Also, the belief that humans can fly has led us to discover the airplane. Sure, it’s easier to believe that we can fly with the help of a metal bird. And at some point we may discover smaller and smaller technology that will allow a single person to fly (oh wait, we already did). And so, we are manifesting flight for humans, but in a way that we can believe.

      I don’t teach exactly what Rhonda Byrne and the others teach, so I don’t want to compare. I would call what I teach something else, but I’ve never found another term for it that’s as accurate as LOA. For me, this is a spiritual philosophy and yes, a science (I truly believe that science will prove all of this, even if they can’t yet. But that’s just me… ).

      The idea that LOA blames the victim is false and comes from a misunderstanding, although unfortunately a widely spread one. In fact, when you really get into it, you surpass the need for all judgment and blame and move into pure love. Can there be anything more compassionate than that? There is a lot of LOA in Buddhism. 🙂 And yeah, I get that this is not the angle that many LOA teachers take. I’m ok with that. I teach my truth, and people can take it or leave it. 🙂

      Thank you for your candor and honesty here. I really enjoyed our discussion.

      Huge happy shiny puppy hugs (yep, you get them too)!

  • When everyone in the world believed the world was flat, it wasn’t it was round. When everyone in the world believed the sun revolved around the earth it didn’t, the earth revolved around the sun.
    These truly global beliefs didn’t manifest themselves into reality.
    No doubt you can explain why 🙂

    • Hey Palmer,

      Thanks for posing your question here. I’m happy to answer it.

      Let’s say Joe Schmoe from a few hundred years ago believed the world was flat. This did manifest into his reality. His experience was that of a flat Earth. In other words, he would not have just sailed out into the sea. When people didn’t come back from sea voyages, it was “proof” that they had surely fallen off the edge of the world. And if no one had ever been willing to suspend this belief enough to go looking for a different answer, causing them to find the proof of a round earth and our solar system, we may still believe and therefore experience a flat Earth today.

      Our perception creates our reality. If you truly believe something to be true, it will be true for you. How do we know that our current view of the solar system is true? Sure, we have lot of evidence to prove it to us, but what if there’s a whole lot of other evidence that our belief is causing us to miss? What if there’s more to the picture? And there is. We are discovering more of it every day. But it takes those who are willing to believe that there is more to find it.

      I wonder what we’ll say in 1000 years, when we look back on what we KNEW today… 🙂

      I hope that answers your question.

      Huge hugs,


  • Most important these days is to remember that language does matter in helping to bring forth new awareness, so catch yourself saying ‘I’ when you mean ‘the body’. Objectify objectify objectify. Using intent with your language is yet another way to create new awareness and to finally end your identification with the fiction.

    This ability of our body to sense the flows of energy within creation is what gives rise to the awareness which lies in feeling . That is, we can focus our attention and awareness to look into any feeling that we have or any energy we sense and see what information it provides as to its origins and where it is flowing. It is simply a matter of practice to learn how to use the awareness which lies in feeling. What we first experience; are the pattern of words we been pre-programmed with, when first encountering the frequency of energy we find ourselves experiencing (Feeling).

    In many ways body wisdom is like being on a high mountain being able to see the flow of a river. We see from where it comes and we see where it is going. But more importantly we can follow the feeling backward to it origins and explore its origins (programs previously installed in the form of words) or we can continue to use the old labeling and follow it forward into its unfoldment. Or, of course, we can exit the feeling and go in an entirely different directions. This is especially true if what we feel in the body wisdom communicates to us that we are not being served, or will not be served, in the unfoldment of the energy we are sensing. However, fear and what we experienced in the past, often arises within our being to mask how we are being served by a flow of energy such that the fear causes us to think we are not being served. This is one reason why it is so important to deal with our fears and look to do a hazards review on the fear to deal with the true hazard of the fear and not a ghost from the past.


    • Hey Me,

      You bring up such an important point – our bodies give us feedback all day long. And if we can re-learn to listen to them, we can get a wealth of information. When someone challenges us, we may feel a burning sensation or pain in our stomachs, or when we argue wit a loved one, we may actually feel a tightening in our chests – these sensations are real and valid. We tend to forget that our bodies aren’t just flesh and blood, but an integral part of our energy body, fully connected to and a part of who we are. They are what allows us to interact with the physical world, a go between, a translator and a data storage facility. 🙂 Ooooh, there’s so much to say here. I think I just found another awesome topic for a blog post.

      Thanks for the inspiration!!

      Huge hugs,

  • Fascinating conversation, Melody and everyone. Thank you!

    I’ve been thinking about what to write, and to me it comes down to the simple concept of vibration. My vibration rises and I feel great; it lowers and I feel less great. So I just try to keep the vibration high, and when it dips, I try to let it rise back up asap. I don’t need any more proof than what I feel.

    When something excellent happens, I appreciate it. When something less than excellent happens, I try to appreciate it, and I move on. Whether I created the better and the worse or whether I didn’t, they exist. And who knows what’s actually better or worse? I can still be happy and at peace. That’s what matters.

    Chuckling as I type – me going all zen – hee hee! Hugs to all,

    Mary Carol

    • Hey Mary Carol,

      I’ve been dealing with that lately – who defines what is better or worse? I realized that the only reason that an experience is scary or uncomfortable or whatever is because I see it that way. When I relax into the experience and just accept it for what it is, the feeling changes. The fear dissipates or I simply no longer experience it as negative. For example, I’ve been attuning to higher frequencies lately, usually just before going to sleep. When these frequencies are a bit too high for me to handle, it can get quite uncomfortable. I fell like my brain is being slightly electrocuted. The other night, I simply decided to relax into the sensation. It didn’t change – the buzzy feeling continued, but I no longer felt it as a negative. It also passed much faster. The message I got from this is: The only reason that anything ever feels bad to us is because we are fighting against whatever IS NOW. Powerful stuff. 🙂 All we have to do is stop fighting! 🙂

      Huge hugs!

  • We Can Walk Through Walls….Surprise…

    I can think of two ways we can walk through walls.

    1) We just happen to leave the physical Body Form anchored on the other side of the wall while we go ahead and walk on through…Every Time we experience not being in The Moment, is a perfect example of this.

    2) Use a doorway.


    • Ha! Love it, Me! You’ve made an awesome point though: When people think of someone walking through a wall, they usually have a very clear idea of how that would have to happen in order for them to believe it. And then, they don’t actually believe it could happen that way. There are many ways in which we could accomplish the walking through a wall, but why aren’t they all acceptable as “manifestations”?

      Huge hugs!

  • Great article! I’d like to add a few ideas for clarification. In regards to the Titanic, everyone was still focused on SINKING. It was the “unsinkable” ship! They were still focusing on what they did NOT want. If they were following the “rules” of LOA they should have focused on what they DID want: forever floating, safest journey, fastest speed, strongest walls etc. Was it Mother Teresa who said she would not attend an “anti-war” rally, but she would attend a “pro-peace” one? In this country, we are always talking about “the war on drugs”, “fighting cancer”, “rooting out terrorism” – which all focus on the issue we are trying to get rid of. It takes some practice to become aware of this.

    Another example: getting a new car and thinking constantly, “I hope no one runs into me”, “I hope no one scratches the paint” etc. If someone always expects the worst, the worst will probably happen. Do you have a friend or relative who constantly struggle with really weird accidents and events? I do.

    As for the banana example, you don’t walk around thinking about the sidewalk or “I hope there’s nothing in my way”. But if you see an attractive person near by you may think, “I really hope I don’t make a fool of myself”, which in turn is putting energy towards looking like a fool, which in turn may make you stumble. Or, some people have a life-long belief that they always look like a fool in crowds, so these things will continue to perpertuate until they choose to believe differently. Hope this helps. 🙂

  • ‘You haven’t seen anyone else do it and the reports of those who have done it are anecdotal, so therefore don’t qualify as “proof”.’

    As so many imaginative scientists say ‘Absence of Evidence does not equal Evidence of Absence.’ Especially true given 99% of the material universe is made of ‘dark matter’ that current material instruments cannot detect but whose influence can be observed on movements of planets, stars, and galaxies.

    “(Walking through walls) Theoretically, it’s possible, but practically speaking, it will take a ridiculous amount of commitment and effort.”

    If you don’t know that a light switch makes the a light bulb go on and typically it is by the door you might go around an entire room feeling the walls looking for it, but if you discover the larger door then you know you only have to look around it to find the switch.

    Sometimes its not to do with commitment or effort, simply a shift in awareness. That alone can change the level of your belief and therefore what reality you can practically access. Of course if you have a fixed, narrow awareness it can take commitment and effort to prize it open!

    “There is a time buffer in place that allows for correction.”
    Its like farming. You plant a seed, nature takes its course and eventually you have something to harvest. Anytime between planting and harvest the process can be interrupted.

    “..if we can become conscious of how we are creating and receiving what we experience then we can begin to experience less of the unwanted stuff and more of the wanted.”

    In quantum physics experiments, particles of energy manifest into particles of physical matter and vanish bak to where they came from billions of times a second. So a molecule in your body, technically is being recreated billions of times a second in order for it to keep its form. This means your body is being recreated billions of times a second, each time a unique possibility for how it will manifest. If you are being recreated every billionth of a second but have awareness that is a billion times slower you’re only going to have access to one possibility in a billion -if you are even aware of that present moment. Most people can go for several seconds, minutes, hours,days, weeks, months and years without being truly present. The odds are billions to one if not a lot more that they will ever fully manifest the very possibility they are looking for. So the more present you become to the current second, the current millisecond or nanosecond the more possibilities you become aware of and can pull into reality before they disappear back to where they came from.

    “You may not be aware of what you’re expecting.”.

    Manifestation is about intention launched from the present. However if you let an expectation from the past get in the way your intent is overridden and you are doomed to repeat the past and support a dogmatically embedded belief.

    “Most things don’t go according to plan”
    This can be replaced with
    “Most things go according to your present,sustained thought.”

    I like the comment by Phillip Harris,
    “Why would you want to WALK through a wall. Why not just BE on the other side.”


    One better, Why create a reality with a wall at all?

    • Hey Jazz!!

      What an awesome comment! Where do I start?

      ‘Absence of Evidence does not equal Evidence of Absence.’ – exactly. We don’t even know what we don’t know. 🙂

      I agree – everything is about a shift in awareness, really. But for most people today, obtaining the kind of shift that would allow them to just walk through a “solid” wall, would take a lot of focusing. At this point, it’s trial and error. You’re looking for that door in the dark…

      When I get questions such as “How can I walk through a wall”, or “how can I learn to fly”, etc. my first question is always “Why do you want to?”. And so far, the answers, although varied, really come down to one thing: A desire to prove that this stuff works to others by impressing them with a magic show. But you we can’t prove LOA to others. They have to find it themselves. We can help, light the way, give information, but until they can hear it, there’s nothing we can do. But that’s ok. 🙂

      “Manifestation is about intention launched from the present. However if you let an expectation from the past get in the way your intent is overridden and you are doomed to repeat the past and support a dogmatically embedded belief.” – I love this statement. It’s very, very accurate (in my view). We only ever have control over our NOW. But that’s enough. Because we have tremendous power NOW. More, I think, than we can fully understand. How exciting is that?

      Thanks for such a wonderful and valuable contribution Jazz!

      Huge hugs,

  • Love the conversation you’ve generated Melody. So many more of us are awakening to the amazing power we have within to generate the most wonderful life experience we can imagine. It’s all down to us…believe it or not…use it or not. It’s all good. Life is great.

    Encourage one another.

    • Thanks Elle! That’s the beautiful thing – people are awakening, whether they understand the mechanics of LOA or not. This type of explanation is only for those who resonate with it, it’s not required to a rising vibration. Some of us just prefer to get into the nitty gritty (although admittedly, my gritty only goes so far…)

      It IS all good. Thanks so much for connecting here!

      Huge hugs to you,


  • The whole concept of walking through walls (which I gave up trying when I got sober), and the possibility of flying (also gave up with sobriety) are not involved with the Law of Attraction.There are many laws in this Universe and none of them trumps the other. No matter how much you want that pig to fly, it ain’t gonna happen. It’s the Law of Nature. And there’s that old Law of Gravity thing. These are all mutually exclusive. The Law of Attraction encompasses many things but is, in itself, its own law and doesn’t supersede other laws. It kinda keeps things in order, as I see it.

    • Hey Charley,

      That’s funny. I love it. Ok, so we disagree. For me, the Law of Attraction (in the way I use it, which is kind of an Umbrella term that encompasses all the energy and spiritual laws that govern reality creation) is at the basis of everything in the Universe. Gravity is one of those “agreements” we made that help this physical reality function in the way that we’ve come to know. So, for me, the law of gravity is “inside” he game (if you lok at this as a virtual reality game, with us humans being our real selves’ avatars) and LOA is both inside and outside of that environment.

      Also, pigs may fly one day, my friend. Never say never. 😛


      • Okay…I don’t want to belabor this because your readers will get bored and accuse me of monopolizing the conversation and god knows I get enough of that accusation at home…buuuuuuut…..if the LAW of Gravity is only an “agreement”, then can’t that be said of the Law of Attraction as well? Why wouldn’t a law be a law be a law?
        And now I’m done. I promise.

        • It could, yes. I just don’t happen to see it that way. But one could easily have a different perspective.

          For me, the laws that govern physical matter are part of the physical reality. But, I’m not a physicist and my understanding only runs so deep. When you get into the realm of non-physical energy, does gravity apply? It’s my understanding (and please correct me if I’m wrong) that sound waves, for example, are not affected by gravity and yet light waves are. What happens to non-physical energy then? My understanding so far is this: LOA is at the core, everything else is pretty much an agreement. How far those agreements permeate through different dimensions is anyone’s guess at this point.

          I find this stuff interesting. If anyone’s bored, it’s really their problem… 😉

          Thanks for playing!
          Huge hugs!


  • I am hooked to the LOA. One of these days, I’ll post some of the conversations I have with my son about this. In the meantime, I am tremendously enjoying your very convincing take on your reader’s questions. Thank you.

  • Anny wrote:

    You say, if it’s possible to walk through walls, then why aren’t we doing it? I’d like to turn this question around: why did we ever decide that it is impossible to walk through walls? Because walls are ‘real’?

    Well, as an LoA skeptic, this is exactly my question as well.

    Do believers in the LoA tend to accept or reject evolution as part of the story of human origins? This question is relevant because it seems to me that if the LoA and related ideas are true, then apparent facts like “You can’t walk through walls” are arbitrary. How on Earth did humans first get it into their heads that you can’t walk through solid objects? Sure, it seems like common sense now, but under the LoA model, it’s just arbitrary.

    Whereas the (for lack of a better term) “Reality is real” model explains it pretty well. You simply can’t “walk through” a solid object, for a bunch of straightforward reasons. It’s incoherent. The few contrary reports are mistaken in one way or another because humans have been mistaken about a lot of things for a lot of reasons.

    I think the LoA model is severely lacking in curiosity and imagination. Sure, we can all do the “blue feather test”, whereby you will see a blue feather shortly after thinking about it. But that’s meaningless because blue feathers are really quite common. How about the “talking baseball test”, or even just the “$2 bill test”?

    In addition, the LoA is constructed such that there is always, always an out. If the universe seemingly failed to manifest what you were thinking about, here are the possibilities:

    • The Universe is creative; it will come up with ways to manifest what you really wanted or needed, regardless of what you thought you wanted. You don’t really want a job, you want money. You don’t really want money, you just want fulfillment. Etc.
    • Your subconscious doubts can always drag away your vibrations or whatever.
    • Everyone else’s assumptions and desires can cancel out yours (for example, you won’t defy known scientific laws because of the billions of minds who assume those laws to be true).
    • If none of those work, well, the LoA isn’t everything, and other principles can affect reality as well.

    The fact that there is always an out is not a good thing, it’s a bad thing. It renders the hypothesis unfalsifiable, and if you know anything about science you should know why that’s a problem. If it weren’t for this, then the LoA should be testable. Basic double-blind experiments should demonstrate people having more success with it than without.

    No one is even proposing such tests, even though a series of positive results would only make the world a better place. Skeptics like me would start to believe in the LoA, and a cascade effect would get the whole world to believe in it, which would (if the LoA is true) make the LoA itself work much better. So why are you selfishly (and pointlessly!) hoarding your magic?

    • Hey Lenoxus,

      You make some excellent points. Once again, I’d like to make it clear that I’m not in any way trying to convince anyone of anything. But I will answer some of your questions. You can take them or leave them. 🙂

      “How on Earth did humans first get it into their heads that you can’t walk through solid objects?” – The answer that I would give to this is based on the premise that we physical humans are not all there is. We are merely extensions of much more powerful, non-physical beings, and it is from THIS perspective that we made up the rules of what our physical reality would look like. Yes, I believe in evolution – both physically and spiritually. We are always evolving (physical evolution is a result of spiritual evolution).

      “I think the LoA model is severely lacking in curiosity and imagination.” – Wow, really? A model that declares anything to be possible is lacking in imagination? For me, LOA is the most imaginative model there is. It allows us to create any reality, prove any theory correct. If you can imagine it, you can create. Our imagination is a powerful creative tool, allowing us to draw into existence that which has never been conceived of…

      “…the LoA is constructed such that there is always, always an out.” – I don’t agree with this. But then, my explanation of LOA and the way I teach it may be different from how others explain it. There is always an explanation for how things have come about. Those reasons may not be immediately apparent and may take some digging (this is what makes LOA complex). But if you consider emotions as part of the equation (not just logic, but logic emotions), the WHY’s of something can usually be detected fairly easily.

      Tests are being proposed. Successful outcomes have been achieved (quantum physics experiments). The problem, as I described in Part 1, is that the general populace is not yet able to accept them. I fully believe that day will come though. Those who need to see the physical evidence before accepting the theory, instead of accepting the theory and then being able to see the evidence will have to wait until critical mass is reached.

      LOA is always working. That means, if you are looking for evidence that it doesn’t work, you’ll find that too. 🙂

      As far as double-blind studies on success with or without LOA is concerned, I’m not sure that’s possible at this time. How would you propose that we isolate people’s beliefs and vibrations so completely, that we could prove that one variable could change the outcome? The test itself would influence the results. That’s not another convenient out, it’s just how I see it. I don’t believe that the model we currently have for testing scientific theories is sufficient in this case. New models will come along, I’m sure.

      The key here is that you have no obligation to believe in LOA. You do not have to accept it. There is not just one valid theory. If there was, scientific studies would never contradict each other and scientists would never disagree. They do all the time and vehemently. Find the theory or perspective that makes you feel good, that helps you make sense of it all, and go with that. We don’t all have to agree to get along. 🙂

      Thanks for being willing to share your views here. I really appreciate it.

      Huge hugs!

      • Wow, really? A model that declares anything to be possible is lacking in imagination?

        Indeed — by which I mean that there’s a failure to really use the imagination to consider (1) what could be a really good test of the idea, and (2) what’s really going on.

        If you get excited over things that are easily explicable as coincidences, such as being called by someone you were just thinking of, then you are exhibiting a certain lack of imagination in your haste to jump to the conclusion of “the universe thinks I’m special” or something like that.

        Additionally, a sufficiently creative hypothesis-generator will have to ask, what if you’re thinking about a long-dead historical figure? Is there any reason not to suppose that she or he might call? That sort of thing should be a piece of cake for the universe.

        Anyway, take this for what you will, but I happen to find the principles of probability and statistics far more beautiful than anything like the LoA. Have you ever played the Monty Hall game? There’s something sort of wonderful about how consistently mistaken human minds can be in certain specific areas (look up “cognitive bias” sometime), and something very gratifying about reaching the truth.

        I do appreciate your respect for other views. I just wish more people combined their respect with a healthy skepticism.

        • Hey Lenoxus,

          No worries. I’m glad you’ve found a point of view that excites you and that you find “beautiful” as you stated. That’s what it’s all about, as far as I’m concerned. That’s why I have no need to convince anyone of anything. Your point of view is just as valid for you as mine is for me. I have found my answers (or a way to the answers that excites me) and you have found yours. Yay!

          I’ll have to look up the Monty Hall game. I’m not familiar with it.

          Huge hugs!

    • It’s funny how you describe the ‘walking through walls’ bit, Lenoxus. “You simply can’t “walk through” a solid object, for a bunch of straightforward reasons. It’s incoherent.”

      Imagine if someone found a way to travel back in time, and then spoke to an ancient Egyptian or a good ol’ Mesopotamian about wireless technology, and then showed them the iPad. The time traveler would be stoned to death for possessing magic, or the process of even trying to explain how an iPad receives information from thin air would literally drive the time traveler insane.

      Wireless tech is, in a way, walking through walls. Now, I’m no physicist and I know as a skeptic you’ll debunk this with explanations of how these signals are carried by waves and etc, which I will agree to. But the point is, we figured out how to send information “through walls”, through space, and across the world, when the time was right and when the mind was open enough to conceive such an idea. What was once “incoherent” or “magic” is now ordinary, common, and will in time become obsolete.

      Let’s talk about science for a moment. Doesn’t science prove, even to the skeptics, that all matter is merely made up of tiny particles, and that nothing is truly solid when deconstructed to its core? Isn’t all matter energy? Science has proven that energy is indestructible and ever shape-shifting. Using that logic, doesn’t it at least give room for the theory that walking through walls is theoretically possible? It may sound cartoony now, but so did electricity at one time, my friend. 🙂

      • Doesn’t science prove, even to the skeptics, that all matter is merely made up of tiny particles, and that nothing is truly solid when deconstructed to its core?

        Ah, I was hoping to address this one. 🙂

        Yes, in a sense, that’s true. But there’s another way of looking at it: separate particles which are electrically connected in certain configurations is exactly what “solidity” is. It’s not somehow “not really” solid.

        For example, the reason that two solid objects can bounce off one another instead of somehow overlapping is not “Because they are separate solid objects”. It’s simply because they resist each other electrically. It took us a very long time to discover that, but it turns out that that’s what “not mooshing into each other” has really been all along, just like the Morning Star turned out to be both the Evening Star and Venus all along.

        All those particles being “smooshed” into a truly-ooly solid mass would, in fact, behave very, very different from an actual solid object. (One’s intutions can easily be wrong, which is the primary reason we need science, I think.)

  • Hey Awesome Melody,

    You delivered the way I was expecting i.e. “Awesome”

    Next Part will be more Awesome (I know it)… 🙂

    The higher we grow the better are the feelings but, in LOA (with you) the deeper I am going the better I am feeling 🙂

    All thanks to your wisdom once again.

    Huge Hugs & Love,

  • Here is one simple example that I have experience with.

    I have tried to explain this to my father…you find what you are looking for, and you are looking for excuses, so the information you find supports that!

    He laughs…but I think he kind of gets it.

    Look for a solution, you will find answers that bring you to a solution.
    Look for an excuse…you will find answers that support your excuses.

    It’s simple…but something most people can grasp, provided they are honest.

    Great article!!

  • I knew you would point that out and thank you for doing so. There was a time in my life when I believed that there were no stupid questions. Now, well, I’m not so sure. BUT, here’s how I define a stupid question: When someone asks a question and they know better. A question asked out of ignorance is “never stupid.” A question asked when the asker knows the answer, or knows that it cannot be answered, to me, is stupid. For example: How do we know we really landed on the moon? Isn’t Obama really Muslim? Do you really believe in global warming? If I ask they questions, yes, they are stupid, I know better. So to me, asking about bananas and the Titanic fall into that…category. But, I bow to your wishes and will refrain in the future from showing disrespect. Unless I don’t, in which case i apologize in advance. LOL
    And I am grateful for all that you do!

    • Ah, my lovely Phil. How I love playing with you. I have a question for you: How do you know that the other person actually “knows better”. You would consider these questions because you know better, but how do you know that someone else does? I actually had a really interesting discussion one night with a highly intelligent person who made the claim that we never did actually land on the moon. I don’t know if he was taking that stance for fun or if he just loves conspiracy theories, but I had a ton of fun that night. The philosophical and psychological points that came up were incredible. In the end, it didn’t actually matter if we ever landed on the moon or not.

      Now, if someone is asking a question to which they know the answer and they are using it to humiliate another person, for example, I would agree that that’s a stupid question. So, I agree with your definition. Sort of. 🙂


  • What a dumb question. Why would you want to WALK through a wall. Why not just BE on the other side.
    Because some idiot put the banana there while you weren’t paying attention.
    Do you know how many bets were placed that the Titanic would sink? Or that Greece’s economy would fail? or that you could not refinance your home?
    People’s expectations are based upon cultural memes. Since most are uncertain that they control reality, there outcomes, by Law, will be uncertain. Do you know how many people bet that you can’t control your reality?
    Everything goes according to plan. Don’t like the outcome, fix the plan, DUH.

    Mel, I hate it when people ask ignorant questions. This guy has no clue what he’s talking about. Perhaps he should look up quantum entanglement, or superpositioning (If an Electron Can Be in Two Places at Once)…Real science is proving that the law of attraction is real and valid. The observer and the observed are one-including the observers measuring devices!

    Having said the above, you asked, so here ya go!

    I do not pretend to be a scientist but I am conversant with many of its principles. The purpose of this article is to contrast some of the basic laws in physics with that of the Law of Attraction and to at least to generally illustrate that the two fields of study are not contradictory. In fact, in a Universe that is founded on energy, the laws of energy and spiritual laws that manipulate energy must be linked. Law of Attraction deals with the manipulation of energy to create reality. It therefore must be compatible with the principles of physics, to the degree that science understands the ever-changing knowledge we possess of those principles.

    Opposites attract. This law actually confirms the basic principles of the Law of Attraction. Negative energy, in spiritual terms, is merely the absence of a positive charge; it is a place for the positive to flow into. Think of the negative charge as a need or a want. You look at your life and say “I have a need for more prosperity.” This is the negative charge. In response, the positive energy of abundance and prosperity abhors a vacuum and rushes in to fill the void. Opposites attract and the Law of Attraction works.

    But science says that like repels like. In a way that is true with respect to magnetic polarity but only to point. There is a force in the Universe called gravity. In this instance, matter attracts matter. It is not opposite matter that attracts but rather all matter seeks to attract other matter. If not, there would be no stars, no planets and no manifest Universe. Like does repel like if the space is full. Fill a cup with water and then try to poor more in. It does not happen. Fill a hay barn with hay and try to throw more bales of hay in. It does not happen. Like only repels like if there is no need for more of the same thing. In the Law of Attraction, love attracts love, thoughts of prosperity attract more prosperity, and thoughts of health attract health. It is hard to say if there is ever enough love so the cup never gets full.

    If you lack prosperity and focus on that lack, you will not attract prosperity. All that you are really doing is making the cup, the hole, and the lack bigger. Like attracts like so thoughts of lack, attracts more like. However, when your focus changes to abundance, now opposites attract and the positive energy of abundance rushes in as positive energy to fill the hole you once created. So, you can either keep thinking negative thoughts and make the hole larger and attract a bigger hole, or use the laws of physics to your advantage and fill the hole with positive energy. Either way, the Law of Attraction does not violate the laws of physics; on the contrary, they help to prove those laws.

    If like did not attract like there would be no such things as atoms since their nuclei are composed of, among other things, positively charged protons. The protons should have repelled each other, according to critics of the Law of Attraction. If you look at nature you find salt deposits, iron deposits, copper deposits, etc. It is clear that these elements and their atoms were attracted to each. Otherwise, all of the atoms of these elements would just be widely scattered throughout the Universe.

    We know like ideas attract. If this was not true, there would be no such thing as groups such as political parties, social and charitable groups, or even societies. The world of people would simply be chaotic with each person out for their own survival. By the same token, opposite sexes attract but it is still among like species so they are not really opposite as much as they are two forces that seek to join for a common purpose. They are two sides of the same coin.

    “For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction.” This means that for every positive thought, there is an equal opposite and negative thought. At first glance, this does not sound very good since it implies that the stronger your positive ideas, the stronger the negative idea. In order to have a manifest Universe this law must exist. If there were no down to accompany up, there would be no dimension. However, with thought we are in the realm of potential. You cannot create a positive thought without a corresponding negative thought. This does not, however, mean that the negative thought must manifest. By continuing to focus on manifesting the positive and ignoring the existence of the negative, the negative remains only in potential and not manifest. If your thought began to focus on the negative, then the potential negative would be brought into manifestation. The key is intention and focus and to make the positive actual and to keep the negative, potential.

    “Bodies at rest tend to stay at rest and bodies in motion tend to stay in motion unless acted upon by a net force.” We all know what it means to be in a rut. Whether it is spirituality, politics or economics it is easy to be complacent and to stagnate. This basic Newtonian law applies to the realm of spirituality. As long as things are going “okay” we tend to just trudge along in a comfort zone. Feeling that we have a slight spiritual edge over others, we settle for being, as Pink Floyd once said, “Comfortably numb.” It is not until something happens, a net force, hits our life that we see that stagnation leads nowhere. From personal disaster to things like job loss, divorce, epiphanies and even comments made by others, a force is required to move our life back into action and the road to higher evolution. Conversely, we have all heard the phrase, “being on a roll.” When we are on the spiritual fast track almost no net force can derail our progress. We are in motion and will continue to be so as long as we stay focused and do not allow appearances or negative thoughts derail our progress.

    F-ma. Perhaps it is a stretch to use this law in talking about the Law of Attraction but, at least metaphorically, it works. This law states that Force = mass x acceleration. Can you measure the “force” of a thought? I believe that one day we will but for now, I believe the law still offers an important spiritual lesson. I write the formula this way: the Force of a thought equals the importance of the thought (mass) times the urgency (acceleration) with which we desire to manifest that thought. This is why passing thoughts, ones that lack any real importance and urgency, have little force and often dissipate. Conversely, a thought that holds your attention and which is filled with emotion and desire (mass) and which needs to be dealt with relatively soon (acceleration), has a lot of force and is likely to manifest quickly. Keep in mind that this works for both positive and negative thoughts.

    Do other permeations of this formula work? Thoughts with a lot of force that “weigh heavy” on the mind tend to manifest quickly. F/m=a. If the thought is powerful but is of little concern to you (less mass), the manifestation is slow (a). Does F/a=m work? Thoughts that have little sense of urgency (a) do yield a low thought force and one with little mass or of little concern. These thoughts will have only a minor impact on your life. Again, while you cannot put actual numbers into the formula, the concept for the Law of Attraction do seem to work. Since form follows thought, those with a lot of thought create a clearer manifestation than those with less thought. While actual times cannot be used, notions of ‘soon,’ ‘later,’ and not at all come to mind. While mass in grams or pounds cannot be used, terms such as ‘heavy,’ ‘important’ or even critical come into play when thinking of mass of a thought.

    There are other laws in science that support spiritual ideas and the energy they manipulate. If “resistance” is provided to a current, things heat up. If resistance is faced by an idea, things can certainly heat up. Heat a volume of air and it expands. Heat up an idea with desire and emotion, and it expands. There are many analogies and the details can be left to those more scientifically inclined.

    The bottom line here is that the Law of Attraction is not in the least bit contradictory to the laws in physics. When looked at in terms of practical application or spiritual application, it can be seen that these laws are even interchangeable. At a minimum, there is no conflict. The day may well come in the areas of quantum physics when many of these things can be measured and quantified or seen in a complimentary manner. Since matter is energy and thoughts are energy, it is logical and rational to see that the basic laws or principles would have to apply to both the physical and spiritual realms of existence. Ancient mystics knew of the principles of energy and thought and advances in quantum physics are bringing these ideas, one thought to be diametrically opposed, into congruence and unifying theory of existence.

    • Hiya Phil,

      Thanks so much for sharing your interesting and knowledgeable perspective. You make some interesting points. I would, however, like to ask you to please always respect other people’s points of view. Winston’s questions were genuine. He has based his views (which he is not comfortable with) on the information he has received about LOA. And I agree, the information he has received is BS. But, from my point of view, there is no such thing as a stupid question, as long as the intent behind the question is to gain genuine clarity. In fact, I’m grateful that his questions gave me the opportunity to explain a rather broad range of LOA principles (as it did, you…), that I’m certain that many LOA students struggle with. I encourage questions, whenever possible. And if everyone had a full understanding of LOA, I would kind of be out of a job… 😀

      I so appreciate your participation here and I’m certain that a lot of readers benefit from your comments. Thanks again for sharing.

      Huge hugs!

      • Thank you for pointing this out, Melody.

        Name calling is never the right way to express oneself. A question is never stupid, and that goes right along the whole theme of this blog. There are things we may or may not believe, depending on our level of understanding of the laws of the universe, but it never make a genuine question stupid.

        If I believed “enough” that I could go through a wall, I think it would be fun! 🙂

        Thanks for answering all these questions in such a clear and intelligent way. I known that a lot of people would have a hard time to believe that all people who died in a plan crash were all in matching vibration for this, but guess what? what should make them at least stop and think, is that, that one person whose vibration didn’t match, just missed that plan. And we have heard that before, haven’t we?

        So, to me there is no doubt that even though none of those people wanted to die, but at some level, subconsciously they were matching such outcome.

        • Hey Sylviane,

          The thing is, they were a match to the experience they had, and there’s the rub – we have no idea what they actually experienced. Did they pass out before anything actually went down? Did they experience fear or a profound sense of peace (and many people who are about to die, do)? Did the experience actually help them to overcome massive amounts of resistance by showing them how ridiculous many of their lifelong fears were?

          We think that when someone dies, they must’ve been a match to horrible things, as if dying is a kind of failure. It’s not. It’s simply a transition, and it can be made at any time for a variety of reasons. HOW we die is something else – it may be painful or traumatic because we’re just not willing to let go of our limiting beliefs (which dying forces or allows us to do, depending on how you see it), or, it may only seem traumatic, so that others who are still here can confront their own fears through that experience.

          Ok, ok. I could go on about this all day… 🙂

          Huge hugs!

  • Hi Melody,

    What a challenging questions! With regard to number 1 I’d like to ask some of my own. I’d like to play a ‘what if’ game again. You say, if it’s possible to walk through walls, then why aren’t we doing it? I’d like to turn this question around: why did we ever decide that it is impossible to walk through walls? Because walls are ‘real’? But it is also being said that our reality in this 3D world is not real at all but an illusion. And after all, matter is a form of energy. And what we see, hear and feel with our senses is simply an interpretation of signals we received but not an absolute reality. There is also the fact that many animals see, hear or smell things that we cannot perceive or they perceive them different than we do. And there is the fact that there are so many different vibrations and frequencies that we cannot possibly perceive them all consciously so our brain makes a selection, and it makes a selection on the basis of what we already know or think we know.

    Years ago I saw a fascinating tv-program about things like this, where they gave the follwing examples:

    – Somewhere in New Guinea they had discovered a tribe that had never been into contact with the ‘civilised’ world. They showed one of these people around in a city and asked him afterwards what he had seen. He had not seen anything except a cart with bananas and he was very excited about that because on something like that you could transport so many bananas. Bananas were the only thing he knew, so he saw them, and the cart was something that made sense in connection with them so he saw that too.
    – They said that in the north of Canada and maybe also in Alaska bushpilots used to make emergency landings on roads when something went wrong and people noticed that this very often lead to traffic accidents. The drivers of the cars that hit the plans all said that they had not seen them. Because they did not expect to see them.

    I myself also experienced something like that. We have a national park here which includes a museum with pictures and sculptures. One of the sculptures is a huge, blue shovel or something like that that stands outside the museum, in the wood itself. It is more than man high. When I came there for the first time, I did not see the thing, not even when I stood almost right in front of it. I did not expect huge blue sculptures in the middle of the wood, so I did not see it until someone told me it was there. Of course afterwards I always saw it.

    The same is true the other way round.Sometimes you think you see something or read something. You actually see it. But then later it proves not to be there at all. It proves to be something totally different or a totally different word. But we see it, because we more or less expect to see it. So much for the evidence of eyewitnesses.

    And as far as anything material is concerned, I heard that everything is something like dense energy and that we only see and feel them to be a table or a wall because all of us together had decided to do so. And if we are God and created a world of make-believe to play in, that makes sense.

    So what if we just decided that a wall has to be impenetrable (that being the purpose of the wall, to keep things out)? Could we not undecide it then?

    As far as the re-growing of a limb is concerned, Jeshua, channeled by Judith Coates, once said: People ask why it is not possible to re-grow a limb. It is not possible because you do not believe that it is possible.

    Well, that’s it for now. Success with your writing, it is very interesting.



    • Hey Anny,

      Thanks so much for all of these excellent examples! It’s the same when you’re looking for something that’s “lost”. It can be right in front of you, but you just can’t see it.

      Of course we can undecide to see walls as impenetrable. That’s the point – we can, but not in one go. We have to be able to believe it and move from one belief to another incrementally. In the end, it’s all just energy. So is it possible for us to pass through a wall? Yes. But right now, we’re not sure we can. Same with the regrowing of the limb. But we are moving into that belief by manifesting ways (like transplants) that we can believe, to bridge the gap. And at some point, we’ll probably come up with a medication or procedure that allows it before moving into full regeneration. Baby steps, baby steps… 🙂

      Thanks for your valuable contribution.


      • Hi Melody,

        I totally agree with your answer. I just wanted to show the principle from the other side.

        As far as baby steps are concerned, they are all I am able to master right now and that is okay. You won’t be seeing me walking through walls anytime soon yet!



  • Hi Melody
    You did a great job of answering these questions, which I think are matters a lot of people who grapple with LOA think about. I think the nature of these questions perfectly illustrate a lot of the misunderstanding people have around these principles. In many ways, LOA is simple but in other ways, it is very nuanced and not fully understanding those nuances is what leads many to dismiss it outright or to give up on it when they do not get results immediately. I really look forward to the rest of the series!! I was so excited when I saw this post in my inbox!

    • Thanks Kelli!

      There are a lot of misunderstanding about LOA. But rest assured that when someone is truly ready to understand, the information will show up with perfect timing. 🙂

      Huge hugs!


  • Love reading your thoughts on the subject.
    I happen to believe that mainstream is not aware of many things people who are not in the “norm” practice at a high level make happen. And when they do hear them, they don’t believe them or think it’s just some sort of whacko! Funny how many times what this “whacko” achieved, the mainstreamer wishes for. 🙂
    Our minds are powerful. Go research anything on the internet about your body… you can start believing you have things you never even heard of quickly!!!
    Mahalo for another great though provoking post.

    • Hey Jt!

      You’re so right. The mainstream isn’t quite ready for this stuff yet, but they are moving there. Even though the Secret was a really watered down version of LOA (it had to be, to go mainstream), the fact that so many people resonated with it is a fantastic sign. People are getting closer and closer to being ready for the full monty. 😉

      Thanks for stopping by!

      Huge hugs!

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