In this 4 Part series, I’m answering the challenge set by Winston Wu, a fellow blogger, who posed some interesting questions about LOA in his post Debunking the Law of Attraction. In Part 1, I set the stage and explained that I’m in no way trying to convince anyone of anything, but am simply providing clarity to those who want it and resonate with this information. In Parts 2 & 3, I answered questions 1-10. Today, I’m going to tackle the final 5 questions.

11.  If we manifest what we fear, then how come many of our fears don’t come to pass and turn out to be just due to an overactive imagination?

I believe I answered this fully in my answer to Question 8.

12.  How come when the year 2000 came, many feared that a Y2K bug might wreak havoc in society by causing many crucial computer systems to shut down, yet the scare turned out to be nothing?  How come their collective fears didn’t manifest?

The feared scenario of Y2K would’ve affected not just those who were afraid of it, but everyone in the civilized world. Therefore, whatever happened had to be a match to the predominant vibration of all those who would be affected. The number of people who vibrated safety and sanity greatly outnumbered those who were panicking. Many of those who were taking precautions weren’t really convinced that anything was actually going to happen, but were simply being safe, just in case (in which case, they would’ve felt better, aligning themselves with a positive outcome). The predominant vibration of this world is MUCH higher than we often give it credit for. Just because the media blows the negatives WAY out of proportion, doesn’t mean that this is an accurate representation of what everyone is thinking and focusing on.

Everyone who experiences an event, must be a match to what their experience of that event turns out to be. That means, that the bigger the event, the more people have to line up with some aspect of it. Now, all events have many different aspects, so they can satisfy a myriad of different vibrations (some people can experience an event as horrifying, while others can experience the same event as empowering). In the case of Y2K, A LOT of people would’ve had to match up with at least the inconvenience if not downright chaos of losing all computer systems. As a collective whole, we are nowhere near that dark of a place.

13.  Do you really believe that if you drank cyanide or muriatic acid and believed 100 percent that it was just plain water, that it wouldn’t harm you?  I hope not!

Again, I believe that it is theoretically possible for someone to do that. But it would take tremendous focus, possibly every day for years (full answer to this concept in my answer to Question 1). And how would you test it? Why would someone who is living fully consciously and so in touch with who they are that they could surpass our global beliefs even want to try that? At that level of consciousness, parlor tricks cease to be interesting. I like to believe that anyone who has reached that level of enlightenment would use that kind of focus for purposes other than drinking cyanide. However, theoretically? Yes. I believe it’s absolutely possible to be completely unaffected by what we ingest. We’re just not quite there yet.

14.  Since a lot of you folks also believe that how you see yourself and what you think you are will be how others see you and what others think you are, then do you really believe that if you walked into the Pentagon and believed 100 percent that you were the President of the United States, that everyone there would think that you are The President?  And what if I believed that I was Superman or Batman?  Would everyone believe it too?

I love this question and the one below this one! If someone truly believed that they were Batman, would they become Batman? No. And Yes. Let me explain.

Again, and I can’t stress this enough, we create with our vibration, not just our mere thoughts. And when that vibration manifests, it does so in the way that’s easiest for us to understand and believe. Now, if you were alone in this reality, you could become President today. However, because we are not alone, and because we want to have experiences with other people, the manifestations we share with them have to match all of our vibrations. These vibrations don’t have to be exactly the same, each event has the ability to match up with different experiences of it, but our co-creations do have to follow our collective “rules”, so to speak.

The President of the United States is a position inhabited by one person, but the position is a co-creation by many, many people. It affects and is affected by the masses, even those beyond the borders of the U.S.   Now, while you could believe 100% that you are the President, you could not instantly change the manifestation of all of those people. However, if you continued to believe it and line up with it, then you would manifest a situation that mirrored the essence of that belief back to you. The essence may be that you feel powerful and important, for example. The Universe would then bring you (you would manifest) another scenario that would make you feel the same way. If the essence of your desire was to lead millions of people, that, too could be manifested, but it would take more time. You’d have to allow for all of those other people, those who are a match to being led by you, to be lined up.

Could you become Batman? You could line up with an experience that would mirror the essence of what it would mean to you to be Batman. You do create your own reality, but you cannot force others to participate in the reality you want to create. In other words, line up with the energy and let the Law of Attraction worry about the details.

15.  And what if an ugly fat woman walks around in public like she is super hot and sexy, and believing as such in her mind 100 percent?  Would everyone then think she was super hot and sexy and desire her?  Or that she was delusional?  And what about the people in the insane asylum who believe they are Napoleon or Jesus Christ?  Does society accept their claims?  Do they then become that and become the ruler or savior of the world?

Let me answer the Jesus Christ one, first. If someone in an insane asylum believed that he was Jesus, but his vibration did not match that of the Christ energy, then he would be nothing like Jesus, even though he believed that he was. If, however, that person’s vibration did rise to the level of where Jesus was, then yes, he could very well become an inspiration and spiritual “savior” to those he met. That person’s experience could then be one that matched what he believes the experience of Jesus would feel like. No one can know what Jesus actually experienced, since no one can know his exact perspective. The same thing goes for Napoleon.

Now, about the ugly, fat chick. Haven’t you ever met someone, man or woman, who, on paper, didn’t really look great. They may even have been what you’d call ugly. But in person, they had something. Something attractive. Something sexy. You couldn’t put your finger on it, but you just didn’t see them the way you would’ve if you’d only been looking at a picture of them. Maybe it was their body language. Maybe it was their confidence. Maybe they were funny, etc.

We see it in Hollywood all the time. There are character actors who are not gorgeous, but we love them. Meryl Streep is considered by many to be stunningly beautiful. She has a presence that’s undeniable. But looked at “objectively”, one could argue that she’s not all that pretty. And yet…

If a fat, ugly chick were to change her vibration to one of super hot and sexy, then several things would happen: She would emanate a different energy, causing those around her to react to her in a different way. She would only attract those who were a match to this energy, so even though there would still be plenty of people out there who would consider her fat and ugly, she would not meet up with them; only with those who would react to her belief and see her for who she really is. She would also, almost certainly, begin to treat herself better, eat healthier, do some fitness and over time, actually begin to look hotter and sexier by more people’s standards.

How you feel about yourself does govern how other people see you. I’ve seen this acted out in so many ways, both in my own life as well as in those around me. I used to train managers. If you go into a high pressure meeting, full of real confidence and knowing that you’re going to kill, you’ll have won before you even open your mouth. If you have fake confidence, you may be able to wow them with your presentation and enthusiasm, but they will feel the difference to the degree to which you feel it. If you’re nervous as hell, they will eat you alive.

Delusional is a favorite word of mine. Because it could be used to describe pretty much anyone who has dared to think outside the box. A person who believes he can climb Mt. Everest can be called delusional. Until he does it. Delusional people believe something that they have no outside proof for. That can apply to most of us. But I know what you mean. I believe that a clinically delusional person (someone who thinks they can fly or that they are married to a celebrity) is someone whose thoughts have become so painful that they create a fantasy world into which they can escape. It makes them feel better. In other words, their delusion is not going to create, the delusion is the manifestation.  There’s a big difference between that and deliberately working your way into a better feeling vibration by focusing on what you like about your body to such a degree that you end up feeling super hot and sexy.

And that wraps up this series on answering a skeptic’s questions. I hope you guys had as much fun as I did (judging by your comments, you totally did), and perhaps gained a better understanding of the Law of Attraction in the process. I’m looking forward to seeing what y’all have to say! πŸ™‚

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  • Hey Alice,

    Number 15: It doesn’t matter what others think of the pretty girl. Her own experience will be marred by her beliefs. She will never believe those who tell her she’s beautiful. She will not FEEL beautiful if she doesn’t think she is. And she will attract those who will prove her right – men who treat her like crap, for example (I used to see TONS of this when I lived in Las Vegas). Your perception of her doesn’t matter to HER. It only matters to you.

    Regarding mass events: Of course other people can influence us and usually do, because we’re not aware of the process. But they don’t have to. And if you were able to hold your vibration high and not be affected by others, you wouldn’t be on that plane in the first place. People don’t just suddenly become a match to a crashing plane. Those kinds of events require a fair amount of momentum that everyone on board had to be a match to long before getting on the physical aircraft.

    As far as Y2K goes, let’s say that 50% of the population really believed all was going to go to hell and 50% didn’t. What makes you think that both couldn’t get what they were believing? There isn’t just one reality. Just as something horrible can happen in this world that you are not even aware of, so could whole segments of the population experience one thing while others are experiencing something vastly different. But, in order to do that, you have to be willing to keep your vibration high, deliberately, instead of looking at others and trying to match their point of view. It’s not easy to do this, but it is possible.

    Huge hugs!

    • Hi Melody,

      Thank you for answering my question. πŸ™‚ I can see how both realities would occur in the form of the financial crisis. I live in Australia I think one of the only 1st world countries that wasn’t hit with the recession.
      Does this mean Australia en mass has some good esteem about itself regarding money? Or just good governing?
      We have had depressions in the past in my grandmothers generation so it’s interesting this generation must have different thoughts towards money. (?)

  • Those were great answers to each of the questions, Melody. Great job!

    It’s so easy to criticize the law of attraction, and yes, each of those questions made sense and by answering them you’ve given more evidence that there is such thing as law of attraction and the more we understand it the better off we are, and the less confused as well.

    Thanks for this, Melody πŸ™‚

    • You’re so welcome Sylviane. And thanks so much for your kind words. I loved these questions. Even though some of them were a bit “out there” or took things to extremes, the essence of them is present in questions that a lot of people have about the Law of Attraction. And rightly so. There’s a lot of confusing info out there. I was hoping to clear some of it up. πŸ™‚

      Huge hugs!

    • Thanks Craig! And Welcome to Deliberate Receiving.

      Glad you liked the pic. That one was kind of just for me. I wasn’t sure if non-geeks would get the whole “your argument is invalid” thingy… πŸ˜€

      Huge hugs!

  • Hello Mary Carol,

    You write: What I wonder about is how the energy of the event intersects with the energy of one human who is present at the event. How is it possible that one person manifested the vibration of the tsunami (=death) into his life? Okay, maybe one, but all of them? All at the same time?

    Can you not turn the argument around? What if 200.000 people in the world were planning to transition and made use of the manifestation of the tsunami that might have been caused by the mass consciousness moving or shifting? Some might have been part of the manifestion while others just used it. It’s just a thought.

    I can fully relate to what you wrote about your feelings about the death of your mother. I felt the same way about it while some years before it felt like the worst thing that could happen (apart from the death of my husband or children). But I knew she wanted to go so when it became obvious that the moment came closer I began to make preparations to make everything as beautiful as possible for her and I succeeded in doing that which made me feeling very happy at a deeper level as well. Again it came down to giving up resistance and focussing on the fact that after her death she would be able to live a whole new life again instead of being in the last stages of dementia and not being able to do anything any more here on earth. She was a Christian in the good sense of the word and we celebrated her life during a service of thanksgiving instead of mourning. It was the most beautiful experience.



    • Anny, How wonderful that your mother had you with her to help her experience a beautiful death! I’ve written a poem about peace-filled death that I think you might like. You can find it on Savor Poetry Today under “Love Song #3”. The poem I’ve linked below, “Felicidades,” is about death from the perspective of a different culture.

      Warm hugs, MC

  • Hey Melody,

    This whole series and all the comments have been fascinating. Thank you so much for exploring Wu’s questions so deeply.

    One question I was hoping would be on the list is this: How does the LOA explain natural events like earthquakes and tsunamis? What makes sense to me is that the earth herself has tremendous energy, and when the time is right for something to change physically, it changes (same for the universe). So how does this intersect with human energy? Again, my intuitive response is that the earth’s energy is so powerful that at times it manifests more strongly than our energy. Like a big wave overtaking a smaller wave. I know you’ve said that all 200,000 caught by the tsunami were energetically attuned to their deaths. At some wildly theoretical, big-picture level I can almost go there. But… no, doesn’t work for me.

    Which leads to the question of practicality. We’re here on the earth to experience a physical daily existence. To me, this is where LOA shines brightest. Wondering about eating cyanide or walking through walls might be fun, but far more relevant to me is the way LOA brings tiny good things into my life on a daily basis. In that sense, tuning up your vibration is another way of saying pay attention. My reading of LOA is that all the good stuff you could possibly want is already here for you – just rise to its vibration – in other words, notice the magnificence that surrounds you!

    Giant happy bear hugs to everyone!

    Mary Carol

  • Hey Melody,

    I’m re-reading your post (too much for me to grasp everything at once) and comment on question 13 about the possibility of drinking something like cyanide and remaining unharmed because you believe for 100% that you will be. You answer among other things: Why would someone who is living fully consciously and so in touch with who they are that they could surpass our global beliefs even want to try that?

    Why indeed, but it is also possible that someone else will try to poison you (not you personally!) because of your ideas or an invention of yours which would be a serious threat to your livelyhood or the way you view the world. Many scientists for instance love new ideas that support their theories but ideas that would prove them wrong they might want to suppress with any means available to them. I have heard many stories about that. Of course I do not know what is true and what is not, but just for the sake of argument let us consider what might happen if they wanted to silence someone who could prove them wrong and decided to do that by means of poison. Would it be impossible for somebody who is convinced that he will be safe no matter what to remain untouched by this? I am not that far yet but I am sure there are people who are.

    And I remember that there is a story in the Bible about Paul who was bitten by a poisonous snake and everyone watched to see him die but nothing happened.



    • Hey Anny,

      Well, let’s say you’re a scientist with a bold idea. You have to be a match to transitioning to non-physical (aka “dying”) in order for someone to kill you. It’s possible that they slip you poison and you drink it and nothing happens. Or, you spill the drink before you can ingest it. Or something else happens. In that case, the immunity to the poison would be a way for you to manifest according to your vibration. You wouldn’t need to practice becoming immune in order to avoid such a fate… he, he. Take care of your vibration and the Universe will make sure you manifest accordingly. In fact, an obsession with becoming immune to poison in order to avoid an assassination would actually be triggering the fear of that assassination and would be much more likely to match you up with that scenario… Just saying. πŸ˜›

      Huge hugs!

      • Hey Melody,

        I was not actually thinking about practicing immunity against poison (though now you mention it, I have heard that there are people who do, but not people with a high vibration, more like tyrants!) or about people obsessing with fear. I was thinking about people with such a high vibration that they just would not manifest being killed unless they actually planned to (deliberate receiving!). But you are right, there are other ways not to be killed by the poison too.



  • Hi Melody,

    I have had such a great time reading this series. You have tackled the questions so well. I have picked up such good insights from you.

    This line literally jumped off my screen. “How you feel about yourself does govern how other people see you.” This is so true. I see it especially in children. When a kid walks and talks with a gentle ease. I find myself listening and give them my undivided attention. However, if another kid walks around feeling sorry for themselves. I know a wailing session is on the way. These ones tend to be the greatest manipulators. Tears are great bargaining powers πŸ™‚

    It’s interesting how people pick up signals of each others feelings.


    • Hey Veeh,

      Thanks so much! You know, you’ve made an interesting point – tears only have bargaining power (for kids, and, ahem, some women…) when the people witnessing them feel so uncomfortable that they’ll do anything to stop them. Basically, they feel as if it’s their responsibility to stop the tears.
      But when we learn to allow others their feelings and understand that their feelings have nothing to do with us, just as our feelings really have nothing to do with them, we no longer have to rush to stop someone from crying. Let them cry. Let them get it out and let them know it’s ok to feel their emotions. And if it’s a manipulative tactic, well, that crap will stop the second you stop trying to bribe them to make them stop. πŸ™‚
      And I know that was a bit off topic, but your comment got me thinking…

      Huge hugs!

  • This was fascinating! I’m going to go back and read the others now. I used to think about this in connection with the Bible verse about a mustard seed of faith moving mountains. It was painful for me because I wanted so much to cure my son’s autism. When I couldn’t I felt like a failure as a mom and as a person of faith. I couldn’t even summon up a tiny mustard seed of faith. This has made me very intrigued by the LOA and how it works. Thanks for this delightful and informative format for explaining.

    • Hey Galen,

      You’re so welcome. It was never up to you to “cure” your son’s autism. There’s not enough faith in the world, because it’s his path, not yours. And there’s nothing wrong with autistic kids. They are not broken and in need of being fixed. They are simply focused differently. Autistic kids are powerful teachers (I’m sure you know this), who refuse to be trained out of their connection. In fact, they are so determined not to allow others to train them out of it, and to teach others how to defy that training, that they manifest a condition that others can accept. If you have a “normal” kid who refuses to play along when he doesn’t want to, you think it’s just defiance or disrespect. But an autistic kid (or kid with Down’s Syndrome, etc.) will garner more acceptance. You can try to discipline them all day long. It’s not gonna take. And so, you give up that fight and you learn to accept. You learn to allow. And in that allowance, you can find massive joy (your son’s already there).

      Huge hugs to you and your powerful son!


      • Yes, I finally learned all that you said in your wise response. It took a long time, but the truth of your response finally sunk in some years back, especially when I realized that James loved the way he was. One day I overheard him talking to himself, saying, “It’s great to be James!” James has indeed been my greatest teacher.

        • OMG Galen! I love that!!!! “It’s great to be James!”

          I’m going to start saying that: “It’s great to be Melody!” Yay! Why doesn’t everyone do that?? πŸ™‚

          Huge hugs!

  • Hi, Melody!

    I was concerned about delusions and manifestation and I am still confused how to distinguish delusions… “I believe that a clinically delusional person (someone who thinks they can fly or that they are married to a celebrity) is someone whose thoughts have become so painful that they create a fantasy world into which they can escape. It makes them feel better. In other words, their delusion is not going to create, the delusion is the manifestation. There’s a big difference between that and deliberately working your way into a better feeling vibration by focusing on what you like about your body to such a degree that you end up feeling super hot and sexy.” Can you please explain how to recognize delusions better? Thank you so much!
    I think you’re awesome and I am so happy I found your blog!

    • Hey Raspberry,

      I think this would make an interesting blog post, actually. But to make a long story short, to me, the difference between psychotic delusion (to where you’re in danger of flinging yourself off a building or stalking a celebrity) and purposeful delusion (to where you see different perspectives and are choosing to adopt one that hasn’t yet manifested into the physical) is this: do you know that you’re doing it? Is it a conscious choice? Are you aware that other people may have a different view? And, just to put the cherry on top: if you’re asking these questions at all, you’re not crazy. Truly delusional people are not aware of their delusions. They are not self aware. That’s the whole point of their delusion – to block out awareness of self, because it’s too painful. Truly crazy people are not questioning their sanity. πŸ™‚

      I hope that helps.

      Huge hugs!

      • Thanks, it is helpful but it’s a struggle for me to apply LOA in “real” world. It’s like when I’m reading and thinking about it, it all makes sense. But when I find myself in situation to “use” it, I find it hard and I feel like it’s not applicable. Well, I’m still new at this although I read a lot about LOA in your blog and books. I guess I’ll have to read it again :).

  • Melody, I’m so glad you tackled the “delusional” issue.

    My husband and I have discussed this issue often around LOA — he with far greater experience than I, since he worked for many years with psychiatric patients.

    According to him, your take is correct. Psychiatric patients are indeed in pain and create a delusion to ease that pain. On the other hand, we “normal” folks use delusions to push the envelope while (hopefully) maintaining our sanity!

    Great way to finish off the Marathon of 15. ;-D

    • Thanks so much Delving! I’ve heard the term delusional being thrown around when it comes to LOA and even something simple like positive thinking. It’s funny. As if there is only one way to look at the world and anyone who doesn’t adhere to that is delusional. This is one reason that our society is so heavily medicated. We simply aren’t allowing for different perspectives to be ok.

      I think being delusional to a degree is actually healthy. So is daydreaming. And being able to find a better feeling perspective. So is thinking big. And having awesome goals. And having a kick ass imagination. And believing in yourself even when no one else does. All of these qualities could cause someone to be called delusional. And yet, they are all necessary for creating great success. Perhaps we could coin a new term: Purposeful delusion. I’m delusional on purpose. Ha.

      Huge hugs!

      • “This is one reason that our society is so heavily medicated. We simply aren’t allowing for different perspectives to be ok.”

        Absolutely. Ten years ago, the elementary school “experts” hinted that I test my daughter, then in 2nd grade, because she couldn’t read. The terms ADD/ADHD were thrown my way, but I would have none of it. I wasn’t trying to be obstreperous (although going up against educational stalwarts can make anyone stubborn as hell!). I simply knew my daughter had no interest in reading — yet. She was too busy daydreaming and being what for her was a “normal” 8-year-old.

        Long story short: my daughter, now 18, just finished her first semester of college — on the Dean’s List. Her major: Professional Writing.

        And yes, she did learn to read by the end of 2nd grade, on her own schedule. No testing, no drugs, no bullshit! πŸ™‚

        • Hi Delving,

          Good for you. To my daughter the same thing happened when she was in 2nd grade.

          Her reading was not too good, her math was non existent. She was also daydreaming and well, if that nice lady wanted you to put some digits on the paper, well, then you do that but that she was supposed to do something with them did not occur to her at the time. Before the ‘experts’ became involved, she already got the stamp ‘stupid’ which influenced her selfconfidence to the day of today. She was sent to another school for kids who need extra help and did okay but she could never let go of the idea that she was stupid. If only we had known then what we know today. She finished her education, but not the one she would have wanted. She became a secretary, but still with a low self esteem so her life became a living hell and she became ill and lost contact with the friends she still had. So she got into contact with people on the internet, which she screened very carefully and with whom she has conversations like ours here, in English (her native language is Dutch). And the people she is in contact with are almost all university graduates. She has invitations to visit people all over the world. But still she is not totally rid of the idea she is not good enough. So how right you were to take action right away!



          • Anny, thanks so much for your thoughtful reply. Please tell your daughter I think she is remarkable.

            First of all, she can converse in at least two languages (more?). That’s twice as many as most American college graduates.

            Second, I bet your daughter is very artistic with a fabulous imagination and a love of animals. I say this because she sounds so similar to my daughter, who, despite her success in college, is still very much a dreamer and nature lover.

            (One of the reasons my daughter has succeeded in college is because she lives at home and commutes to the state university, 15 minutes away. Having her own space to come home to gives her a lot of peace of mind. The arrangement makes good sense for her. She needs that comfort zone of her own familiar surroundings, where she can be herself completely without feeling judged. Hey, don’t we all?)

            Please tell you daughter many geniuses never completed higher education: Henry Ford never finished high school. Bill Gates is a college dropout. So is Steven Spielberg. Mary Kay Ash, founder of Mary Kay cosmetics, dropped out of college to get married, then was passed over for a promotion for a man she had trained. Albert Einstein didn’t speak until he was three; all the way through college, his teachers thought him lazy and stupid.

            Is there a course your daughter would enjoy taking? It might help boost her confidence. Honestly, though, if so many educated people want her to visit them, they already find her “intelligent” enough! Tell her to enjoy their company. πŸ™‚

            P.S. Dutch was Audrey Hepburn’s native language, which means your daughter’s ability to speak it is, for me anyway, the highest sign of intelligence!

          • Hello Delving, My daughter does indeed love animals and has a good imagination. Too good for my taste sometimes as she is great in imagining what could possibly go wrong or what people might think of her. But it is getting better.

            Right now she is taking a course in business English and is learning German (which she finds very difficult) and Arabic. Lots of her friends live in the Middle East. She feels drawn to that part of the world and only just returned from a stay from almost three weeks in Dubai where she stayed and found her way arond on her own. She has friends there but of course they had to work during the day. She also got a lot of new friends, so she is doing fine now. Which is great for during more than two years she could hardly leave the house because of panic attacks and only during the last year she got better. This last trip really was proof that now she will be able to make it on her own again.

            Thanks for your reply and I think your daughter is remarkable too!



          • Wow, Dubai! Fabulous!! You’re obviously a terrific mother. She’s lucky to have you, and you her.

            Wonderful speaking with you, Anny. Here’s to All Good Things! πŸ˜‰

        • Delving and Anny,

          I couldn’t agree with you more. I’m actually working on a post about ADD, since this has come up a lot in my life in the last few months. I think you’ll both like it. Watch this space. πŸ™‚

          Huge hugs,

  • Hi Melody,

    I got a good laugh at the picture. I am Batman! Damn it. That face is so cute.

    Your responses to the questions posed were very enlightening. And I absolutely believe positive thinking brings positive results just as a negative attitude brings negative experiences.

    • Thanks Zequeatta! I wasn’t sure if anyone else would think it was funny, but I couldn’t stop laughing, so I used it. Sometimes, it’s enough if I manage to make myself laugh… πŸ˜›

      Huge hugs to you and stay positive! πŸ™‚

  • Hey Awesome Melody,
    10/10…. πŸ™‚

    I was curious to see all the answers as soon as possible though I am busy in financial year end. I made a point that, I will cover every part of this series on the same day of launch/ publish (Publish is one of my favorite word).

    This will help me for the rest of my life. Thank you very much Winston Wu for raising these questions and grateful to Awesome Lady to answer it πŸ™‚

    God bless!
    ( { } ) – Huge Hug in Smiley Language,

  • Hi there!
    I think that whatever we choose can become real. If we are on a road of discovery we ask questions and it depends from us what will become our anwser. Everything is good, some things work for us and than we accept that as ours, some things dont and we reject that for various reasons. It doesn’t make any difference what will we choose or why or if we believe or not. Whatever we do we are creating. For me very important is to be free in my choices, I walk on my own with God knowing that we are one. I listen to my intuition, watching for the signs and clues, working with my feelings and emotions to get my frequency higher to reach my goals. Ofcourse I am geting unpatient, frustrated, angry upset and cross, sad, unhappy etc. But I always know that each of those feelings is meant to be, it is important in the process of creation, deep inside I know the truth, the process is perfect exactly this way. How do I know it? I have chosen to. I took it because I am free to and I have the right to. All that power! It is bit scary at times…at the moment my resistance is showing up, I think I need to believe in myself more, and realize that I really deserv my happiness. I am on the right path!!!

    Lots of Love


    • Hey Anya,

      You’re definitely on the right path! I know it can be hard when you’re feeling resistance in the moment – but you’re right. It’s all part of the process. And just knowing that can help us tremendously. The less we fight against whatever we’re experiencing, the less uncomfortable it becomes. πŸ™‚

      Huge hugs!!!

  • Hey Melody,

    I believe that Jesus never came to be the saviour of the world. In fact, in channelings from the Christ energy like from Jeshua, he says so. I cannot save you, nobody can save you, each one of you is his or her own saviour. I believe he came to show people Who they really are and what they have in their power to do. Somewhere in the Bible he says: you are gods. Each one of us has a spark of this Christ energy in us and what we have to do is wake it up and turn it into the fire it potentially is. This may be easier said than done but it is possible and people have done it. Of course you do not turn into the same person but that is another thing altogether.


    • I’m totally with you Anny. No one needs saving and no one can be saved. We’re all on our own path and we’re all exactly where we should be.

      I have to wonder why anyone would want to become another person. Sure, it would be great to see the world through Einstein’s eyes, for example, but I wouldn’t want to become him. I’d want to see his perspective, while still being me. That’s what would make it fun. The only reason I can come up with why someone would want to BECOME another person is if they hate who they are – and that’s a person who doesn’t really know who they are. The more you realize your own power, the less you’ll want to become someone else.

      Happy Shiny Puppy Hugs!


      • I think you are totally right, Melody. The only reason why someone else would want to become another person is that (s)he hates who (s)he is. But that is of course the reason why (s)he is in an insane asylum anyway!



  • As an It Manager for a major mobile phone company at the turn of the century, I had to do all the precautions regarding Y2K. There were genuine issues however I felt that because most people were not on the same vibrations as us techie guys, the collapse of the world never happened. I secretly felt despite the technical issues, that even if we returned to the stone age people would probably get on better!

    Indulging in parlor tricks to demonstrate LOA or anything else spiritual is not in vibration with the way LOA is truly engaged with. Once you have a certain vibration where you do things not for a parlor trick but out of authentic calling such things are possible. I know people who took headache causing tablets and were told they were powerful anti-nausea drugs to treat their recurrent headaches. An effect greater than placebo was returned with many having their headaches being completely dissolved!

    In this instance the patients had such faith in the doctors that they aligned their vibration to that thought. So whenever vibration is in alignement with thought, manifestation is inevitable – in a way that uniquely serves your vibration. Intent then coupled with an emotional of feeling centred vibration, when aligned together for long enough, creates reality.

    Male and female energies mate at quantum levels and when held together for long enough concieve a new reality. That reality then needs refreshing regularly until it exists independently of the persons thoughts and vibrations that created it. Then what you have created through the LOA isn’t a fleeting manifestation but one that serves you so long as your vibration stays in tune with it.

    • Hey Jazz,

      Well stated! This is also the reason that you feel better the second you’re in the doctor’s office. You expect to get help (or you at least hope that you will), and that shifts your vibration a little. Nothing has been done, but you feel better.

      Thanks, as always, for your awesome and valuable contribution! πŸ™‚

      Huge hugs,

  • Rocked it again, Mel.

    13. Do you really believe that if you drank cyanide … that it wouldn’t harm you?

    I’ve done this with raw pork, in front of a witness, it wasn’t super-intentional, it was spur of the moment. I was just in the zone and aiming to make a point about LoA, so I did it.

    I’ve also done it with an entire bottle of Vodka πŸ˜‰

    Re: 15 — I have a different but similar belief, which is “everyone becomes more beautiful around me.” or “all amp up their attraction in my presence.”

    It’s been like that my whole life πŸ˜€

    Every girlfriend I’ve had has become way more beautiful, stylish, sensual, sexual and more. Every guy that’s hung around me has improved their life, become more badass, creative, active, and focused. I can provide references πŸ™‚

    • Hey Jason!

      Excellent, EXCELLENT example of how the effect of what we eat or drink has on us is determined by our energy, as well as how we can uplift others simply by letting our own light shine. Thanks so much for sharing! This is exactly what I’m always talking about. πŸ™‚

      Huge hugs!

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