We all know that feeling – you could be in the middle of a conversation, or you enter a room, or you’re walking down the street, or you’re in a foreign country looking at something you’ve never seen before, and you get this hit. You just KNOW that you’ve been there before, seen what you’re seeing before, lived this scene before. Only you haven’t. You just experienced déjà vu. Is this just an aberration, a weird trick our minds play on us? Or did the Universe make a programming error, causing a reality glitch, a la The Matrix? And what does all of this have to do with the Law of Attraction?

Let’s recap some basics

As I described in the post Life After Death, Or How Life Is Like A Video Game, every desire you’ve ever had, voiced or unvoiced, conscious or not, is stored in your own, personal database. This is how the Universe knows exactly what you want, down to the teensiest of details. It has access to your database, and so does your inner being or Who You Really Are. The Big YOU, the energy YOU, the one who’s projecting part of herself into this physical reality, also has access to this database. In fact, she’s living your perfect life – the best of the best, every preference, every wish you ever had, every desire you’ve ever identified.

While you’re guilt-eating Ho-Ho’s, she’s being fed grapes and chocolate covered strawberries. While your last date was with a Danny DeVito lookalike who still lives with his mother, she’s having mind blowing sex with her tall, handsome, billionaire husband to whom she’s happily married.  She lives in your dream house, wears your dream clothes and has your dream dog. She’s everything you’ve ever wanted to be. Now, I know what you’re thinking. Lucky bitch. But don’t hate. You can be her; all you need to do is to match her frequency. All you really need to do, in order to line up with the energy of everything you want, is line up with the energy of Who You Really Are.

Your inner being is always “calling” you, sending out a signal to let you know where she is, energetically speaking. The closer your current thoughts are to that signal, the better you’ll feel. The further away you are, the worse you’ll feel. Still with me? Good.

Got it. So, what the hell is Déjà vu?

Everything you’ve ever wanted is already created in the non-physical, well before you ever manifest it into your reality. Actually, everything you’ve ever NOT wanted is there, too. The Law of Attraction doesn’t care if you want it or not, it will bring you whatever you focus on and line up with. Your inner being cares, though. She’s putting all of her focus on what you want.

Bottom line, everything that you see in your physical reality was created in the non-physical realm FIRST.  And all the really, really good crap, is being kept in escrow for you by your higher self. She’s holding on to it, living it and beaming out a signal that lets you know where it is.

This signal has a certain frequency – one that you can find by “attuning” yourself to it. Again, your emotions guide you towards and away from this signal. The closer you get, the better you feel. So, essentially, all you ever really need to do is think the best feeling thoughts you can think of and then try to think of even better ones. Rinse and repeat.

As you do this, you will at times get close to the frequency you’re looking for. It’s like when you’re searching for a radio station and you keep turning the dial. And every once in a while, a little bit of a song will come through, even though you’re still hearing mostly static. You haven’t found the full signal, but you’re close.

That’s what déjà vu is. It’s you, coming into alignment with a little bit of the energy of Who You Really Are. It feels like recognition, because the BIG YOU is already very familiar with that frequency. It’s you, catching up with YOURSELF.

In other words, it’s a really GOOD thing. When you feel that hit of knowing, of remembering without having physically lived it before, it’s a sign that you are on the right path. You’ve just caught a bit of the radio station you’re looking for. Do a happy dance.

What if you don’t experience Déjà vu? Does that mean you’re screwed?

Not everyone experiences déjà vu. Just like not everyone experiences number synchronicities. You get to manifest your reality in your own way, and that includes how the Universe communicates with you. When you come into alignment, even just a little bit, you’ll know it. You’ll feel great and you may get a sign – something that’s sure to get your attention. And that will be different for everyone.

Déjà vu is a sign of alignment, but lack of déjà vu isn’t a sign of vibrational screwitude screwedness you’re not screwed, ok?

So, if you’re experiencing déjà vu, rejoice! Know that when you do, it’s like the Universe telling you that you’re close. Keep on going! And if you don’t, don’t worry about it. The most important criteria to judge whether or not you’re on the right path is how you feel emotionally. If you feel good, you’re on the right path. Let me put it another way:

Happy Shiny Puppy  = Your mansion, dog and handsome, billionaire husband are on their way.

Crotchety Miserable Bastard = Quasimodo offers you a pity date. You accept.

You’re welcome.

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  • Hey Melody,

    Great, funny and helpful post has usual. I’m having a blast exploring your blog! 🙂

    Dejá vu = somehow repetition? A few years ago (when I was younger and distressed) I dated a guy that was emotionally unstable, narcisistic and imature (despite our different ages – as he being the older one). A basic user, with personality issues, full of self-loathing (and a beatnick wannabe) that in the beginning seem to be, “oh so different, eccentric and so in to me”. (Even though I had that little voice).

    He was my first love in my early twenties… The way it endend and he dealt with things was grotesque and I was in a place where I felt so powerless in every way. But I managed to get better and let go and evolve 🙂

    The last, recent and serious relationship I’ve been was way much better than this one. I still had lots of fears due to the past relationship and a bit lack of faith that I would come accross happiness and equilibrium, and be treated the way by people (friends and boyfriend) the way I deserved. He was a way cooler guy than the past one, we talked and laughed and the communication seemed to be great. I had also that little voice due to some stuff that he did in his recent past, but we talked frontally about it. I told my feelings about that (fears and so on), but also that I believed (due to his actions and honesty) that he had let those events change him for the best and decided to enjoy the connection.

    It lasted a year, and the separation was at the time a chock. It was similar to the past guy (I could see the confusion and not being good with his own life, that led to lack of communication and lying – but less grotesque), even the posterior events. They both, even though seeming so different in postures and way of thinking) rushed to internet relationships (that tend to be more about projections … and this one with a girl from a distant country that came to visit him recently). The way I experieced it this time was quite different in a good way… I had that moment that my ego was torn appart, sad and angy, but I “just” decided to let go. Even if things work out great between them, I decided to stop hurting myself because of that – obsessing and feeling powerless in my sadness and sense of rejection.

    I did that by thinking that every relationship has a change do work out for a very long time, and find and recognising love, and happiness and be there requires personal evolution. And everyone deserves that, even in a way that seemed so weird (alienation and the sense of a strange intimacy, exocticness a projection that starting an online romantic relationship give) and hurtful, also because of that weirdness vs. the awesome and real me (yeah, troughout this years even when I’m down, I can remember a little bit of my awesomeness).

    Everything (even if we believe in the moment because of statistics or context that is just weird – limited belief allert!) has a chance to work out, and when it really does, it’s because the way a person connects has evolved. And he has all the right to go trough his experiences and have them work out for him. And so do I! – if not more lol ;P

    To me, I realised that my worth as a friend, lover and woman is not about exterior correspondence (even if it does feel good). It’s about empowerment and I believe I’ve found my way, and it makes sense that it is right now, and not like 5 years ago. 🙂 And also that I was important to him, and the importance of the new girl in his life has nothing to do with that.

    The breaking up was recent (about 3 months and the recovery has been incredibly fast – for my average). So the ideia of tender and intimacy are still a little bit related to the memory of his fisical presence, but they don’t make me that sad or unconfortable anymore. Just a little little bit. And sometimes they make me smile (not a sad nostalgic smile) because I know I my feelings for myself and for him are in the right place.

    So, was this a dejá vu, or an experiece that I atracted to have a chance not to feel so powerless anymore? Can this be the Universe winking? Or just plain atraction of a good/bad thing to truly overcome it and not fear anymore? Or the Universe has a “nervous twitching” and winks all the time? I think I already know the answer and will make you repeat yourself.

    Sorry for that! 😛


    • Hey H,

      this was not Deja Vu. This was a manifestation of the resistance you still had left, that was keeping you from having the relationship you truly want. It was a chance to release that resistance (which you so clearly took) and evidence that your vibration around men and relationships has drastically improved. It was an opportunity to evolve further and you did a great job with it.

      This was you, going down the path to what you want, deliberately acknowledging your feelings and choosing a perspective that felt better to you – a perspective that you did not previously have access to. Bravo!!!

      Huge happy shiny puppy hugs!

  • :)Hey mel… How u doin?..
    Hey i mentioned earlier that deja vu moments have stopped coming… Well i got 1 a few weeks ago.. But strange things hv started happening.. Initially,after that deja vu, i was able to catch 1920 hours on clock almost daily.. Weird.. It was 19:20 at the railway station when i was coming home.. And other days i was able to catch this time on my cell phone… But now its worse.. Whenever i look at clock its either xx:02 or xx:20… Not always but when it doesn’t happen… I’m aware what time is it…like at the end of a lecture.. I just doesn’t feel like coincidences… What is it.?

    • Hi Nitzye,

      When you mentioned that you didn’t have any deja vu moments, you probably set an intention to get some (kind of like “Why am I not getting them?”, which would’ve launched a desire for the opposite, to get them). And then, when one appeared, you payed attention and you liked it, so you attracted more. That’s all. It’s a small manifestation but one that you can see as representative of your power to manifest. Read the post above again. You will have a different perspective now. 🙂

      Huge hugs! And congrats!

  • Hmm!
    That’s the way to go and i am trying to do the same.
    However thanks a ton for your valuable suggestion and continue doing the great social work (free assistance/suggestions) which you are already doing.

  • Greetings for the day Melody!

    I always had strong deja vu experiences until the recent past but not now, don’t know why. What ever important decisions I’ve taken in my life like job, girl friend and even illness, I have already felt them before and trust me it exactly happened the way i have seen them and the situation I am in now also doesn’t surprise me, as I have already felt it before. I try to change things what i have imagined, to prove it wrong practically but some how the destiny brings me there and finally it makes me feel DEJA VU!

    This might be bit crazy but i also had a realization that i may not exist beyond 2015 sounds stupid but true!

    My Deja vu experiences from childhood to till date have always come true and i shared this with my close buddies and they replied they never had such imaginations.

    • Hey Longbottom,

      Welcome to Deliberate Receiving!

      Deja Vu is something you experience in the moment. What you are describing sounds more like premonition – where you interpret the energy of what you’re lining up with. Sometimes, when we have a premonition, the energy stream is so strong that little can be done to change it. But what you can ALWAYS do is determine how you will experience it. For example, let’s say that you have a premonition that you’re going to have a certain job. Well, you can be depressed about it, because you’re not sure if you’ll like the job, or you can decide to be happy about it.
      That decision will influence your future manifestations.

      If you see yourself transitioning by 2015, then my advice would be this: Don’t obsess over it. Do your best to line up with joy. Then, no matter what happens (transition or no), your experience will be a joyful one, and your transition will be easy. and if you don’t transition by then, you’ll have lined yourself up with a fabulous, joyful life! Win Win! 🙂

      Huge Happy Shiny Puppy Hugs!


  • Hey Sameer,

    You don’t need to obsess about your dreams, just don’t contradict them. 🙂

    Oooh, I like that! Thick wires to connect to your dreams. I may use that!! Yay!

    Happy shiny puppy hugs!


    • Hi Nitzye,

      There’s no reason to worry. Like I wrote, deja vu moments are a good thing, but LACK of them is not a bad thing. Just focus on how you feel – on feeling good and the rest will take care of itself. I personally can’t remember the last time I felt deja vu and I’m doing great. :o)

      Huge hugs!

  • Hey Melody,

    I have had quite a few “deja vu” in my life. Don’t you Americans love this French expression or what!

    It’s such an interesting feeling. I like when I have a deja vu experience. Curiously I haven’t have one in a long while.

    It’s so interesting that you live in Spain and as I was reading your post I remembered a “deja vu” feeling I had in spain some 30 years ago when I was a kid in Montserrat where I had never been before. Me recuerdo que me gusto mucho 🙂

    • Hey Sylviane,

      Ha, ha. Yes we love the French expressions, but apparently, as a country, we don’t much like the French (I personally love the French…) LOL.

      I don’t get much déjà vu either, but I did so more when I was traveling. It was awesome. Montserrat is so gorgeous! I might have to head up there, now that you’ve mentioned it. 🙂

      ¿Abrazos grandes!


  • Hi Melody
    Another great post. You give an interesting perspective on this phenomenon. I do not really think I ever thought of it as a sign from the higher me that I am on the right path, but it makes perfect sense. Thanks for sharing!

    • Hey Kelli,

      Thanks for stopping by! This is the perspective that feels best to me, and that resonates with me. I like to see everything as a sign – after all, everything is a manifestation… 🙂

      Huge hugs!

    • And that’s the key Betsy. When it feels good, it’s good. 😀 Sounds too simple, but how many of us endure pain, thinking it will get us where we want to go?

      Huge hugs!

  • Hi Melody,

    I’m one of those people that doesn’t experience much deju vu. Instead, I get signs, like stepping stones to what I want.

    The other day, I felt generally blah and lonely. A friend emailed and I wrote back and felt a little better. Another friend emailed with a copy of St. Francis’ poem, the one reminding us not to feel sorry for ourselves. I wrote back and thanked her. Another bump up the ladder of feeling good. Then I got an email request to help rescue a puppy. Six back-and-forth’s later, the pup was on the way to being rescued and I felt great, all the way back to shiny happy! All this happened in maybe half an hour.

    The minute I got the request to help rescue the pup, I knew the other two emails had set the stage. LOA was efficiently bringing me what I wanted, to feel happy and content with my life!

    I think stuff like this happens all the time to everybody. We just need to open ourselves to the possibility, listen, follow the footsteps, and dance!

    Snuggly bear hug,

    Mary Carol

    • Hey Mary Carol,

      That’s awesome! The thing is, we’re all getting our own special signs all the time. We just have to be willing to notice them. Your signs were small. You could’ve easily dismissed them. But you didn’t. We think that “signs” have to be huge and smack us in the back of the head. But much more often than not, they’re small details, a contact from a friend, some numbers that line up, a smiling child… these tiny details can lure us back to ourselves fast, as your perfect example illustrates.

      So, basically, what you said. 😛

      Huge hugs!

  • I think you are so refreshing and I am trying to figure out how we can work together. Let’s think about it! I love your sense of humor too! You rock! BTW…the death blog was also excellent. I am a grief and trauma specialist and you are so RIGHT ON!

  • Melody, you always crack me up. Whenever I need a boost, I just need to come to your blog and all is happy in my world once again. This is my happy place, and you rock! 🙂

    And if Higher Me has found my dream house, with my fabulous walk-in closet, and maybe one of those funky pools that look like they’re built into the landscape, then I really need to get the name of her real estate agent… 😉

    In the meantime I think I’ll just hit Google and add some dream house images to my Pinterest board…

  • That’s funny I have always said that deja vu is hitting the checkpoint in a video game, game is saved there. Lets you know that you are going in the right direction. I have notices that the really big, verge of fainting, light head creating, long lasting episodes occur when I feel the furthest away from what my path or direction is. For those few moments though there is peace an light shown on my situation, feeling last for only a brief moment after the deja vu passes. Funny I have been waiting for one of these for some time now, Thoughts?

    • Hey Brian,

      Thanks for stopping by!

      I’ve heard that analogy, too. What if dèjá vu simply means you lost your life and you’re starting at the last checkpoint? LOL.
      I think that when you had these strong dèjá vu experiences, you were coming into the alignment from a moment of strong contrast. In other words, you were pushing against something, then you let go for some reason, manifested something that matched the energy on the path of what you want and did a mini quantum leap of sorts. Your vibration took a bit jump, and you felt that viscerally. You also got the clarity of that higher vibration. Then, because it was a quantum leap, you may have rebounded a little, losing the clarity again. But it still benefited you.

      Don’t look for the déjà vu moments. They are the evidence of what you want. Go for the goal itself – to feel better. Focus on that, and more déjà vu moments may occur. Or, you’ll just feel better. 😆

      Huge hugs!

  • I am also wondering what is the difference between signs and intuition? How do we know what it is? And, if we are going one way, and later realize that is wrong, can we turn back – when is it too close to turn back? Is it still possible to manifest positive outcome, even when we are so close to manifest negative situation? I can see how my mind is creating that negative outcome, but are just my beliefs or really a sign that things can’t turn out different because I already went so deep with my thoughts that it’s not possible to get the positive outcome?

    • Hey Cranberry,

      “Signs” are simply manifestations that catch your attention. Your intuition (how you really feel about that sign) will tell you if you should follow it or not. For example, a sign your get your attention because it has triggered a fear of yours. Your fear manifested, you noticed and you think it’s a sign. And in a way, it is. The fact that this sign feels awful is the message. Change our perspective, or your belief. The one you have isn’t serving you.
      If you see a sign that feels good, follow that.
      You can generally still change a manifestation if it’s not yet physical, providing you focus enough. When you’re in the midst of a negative manifestation, you have to just ride it out. But you can make the experience less crappy, shorter and make sure your future days are much better by controlling your reaction in the moment. And THEN you can still get your positive outcome. No negative manifestation is every so big or so bad that it’ll permanently keep you from manifesting what you want. You took a wrong turn. So what? Turn around and find the way you want to go. You don’t have to sit down in the street and lament that you’re never going to get there. It’s never too late. 🙂

      I hope that answered your question.

      Huge hugs!

      • Hello Cranberry,

        High consciousness is often rooted in depth of feeling. That is not to say that you must go looking for trouble, but if and when you manifest it, then the way you deal with it makes all the difference. Dealing with difficult experiences makes you grow, not dealing with them but only suffering through them might make you bitter. But whatever experience you might have, always look at it as a chance for growth instead of something that should not be happening. At least, that is my experience.



  • Hello Melody,

    This is a whole new approach to the deja vu thing that I have never thought about before. I’ve always heard it explained (at least since I left the church) within the framework of reincarnation. You actually have lived that life before.

    Well, since I know that time does not really exist and there is only Now, of course it is difficult to explain the phenomenon this way, but I think that you can also look at it this way within the analogy of the video- or computergame. Then all the options are there at the same time for you, the player to choose from, and I think you might choose some options more than once, all within the frame of the eternal Now. It is also like the frames of a filmreel: all the pictures are there already, but when we look at the film we see them come by in a certain order. But of course, when you are editing it, you wind it forwards and backwards to get it in perfect order. Point is your focus has been on every frame of the reel more than once while you are editing, or you have lived every life in it, all within the frame of the eternal Now.

    And somehow all this stuff is pooring into my head as I sit behind the computer, since I never really thought about it before! Well, you know by now that I always have to look at everything from another angle as well.



    • Hey Anny,

      I think maybe both are true (mind = blown) He, he. I do believe that we are essentially living all possibilities simultaneously. These are different realities and we jump into and out of them with each decision we make. But I also acknowledge that dèjá vu generally feels good – telling us that we’re moving towards the energy of what we really want. So, in essence, it feels familiar because a part of us has already lived that, and it feels good because it’s on the right path for us.

      OMG, I love it.

      Huge mind expanding hugs!

  • Keep in mind the ancient and sacred spiral-which is different from a circle. On a circle, you go round and round. On a spiral, you go round, but also up.So as you move around the spiral, you will see similar event, feelings, etc, but always from slightly higher perspective.

  • 😀 Sometimes I think life is one big deja vu. “I’ve seen this before” – ish “I’ve been through this before” – ish is something I frequently feel. In fact, I feel it physically in my head, my thoughts stop as though I’ve applied the brakes to them – and I wonder, how? Sometimes it is like a scene I already visualized in my mind that’s unfolding in reality. Tell me, Melody, would you connect deja vu with intuition? As in knowing the outcome of something even before it happens? What do you think? 😀 Do we also mix up deja vu with a situation where we know someone so well we can guess what will happen – because they’re so predictable? Whatever it is, I say yay for deja vu!

    • Hey Vidya,

      Dèjá Vu and premonition aren’t exactly the same thing. While Dèjá vu is more of a recognition of a manifestation of alignment, premonition is when you tap into the energy of the non-physical, what you or someone else is lined up with and about to bring into the physical, before it actually comes into the physical. This is why a psychic can tell your future (the ones that can). They are tapping into what you are lining up with. This is why you can also prove them wrong by simply choosing a different path. You can line up with something else and then their premonition was wrong.
      When you know someone really well, and you feel really connected to them, that means that you’re a vibrational match on many levels. Of course you could then more easily tap into their energy stream. I’m talking about this feeling that you just know something’s going to happen (whether you trust that feeling or not), as opposed to guessing what they might do. You know the difference by how it feels.

      Thanks for the awesome question!

      Huge hugs!

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