Ok, it’s time or another big post. A controversial post. The kind of post you’re either going to love me or hate me for. But if you ask the questions, I’m going to give you the answers. No matter how hairy and possibly lynch mob inducing they may be (no offense to any lynch mobs who may be reading this. I wasn’t trying to imply that you were hairy. I’m sure you’re smooth as a baby’s bottom. Like, everywhere.) What was I talking about? Oh yes.

Awesome Kathy asks: “I was brought up traditionally going to church every Sunday, but never quite believed like my family and friends did.  Law of attraction has really struck a chord in me. From what I have read about L.O.A., and the books by Ester and Jerry Hicks, and from your website, God and the universe and our souls and everything in this world is really all one.  I was taught that God was all important and we should pray and confess ours sins etc….etc…. So I guess my question is, does the universe (God, etc.) really listen to us, does prayer help?

If our reality is created by what we think and feel is all that we learned in church completely useless? Now I realize that church and religion teaches lots of good things , but believing  that God is all powerful and is our father and we are just his children and that we are to follow the teachings in the bible, heaven vs. hell, is it all a load of crap? I feel that what I have been learning about L.O.A. really makes a lot of sense and that is what I am trying to get a handle on. What can a person take out of organized religion that is actually truth?”

First of all, Kathy, this is an epic, EPIC question. Thank you so much for having the courage to ask it. I’d like the preface my answer by stating that I have no problem with organized religion. Anymore. That isn’t just a covering-my-butt disclaimer either, I truly have made my peace with Religions. Having said that, yes, Kathy, a lot of what you’ve been taught is a load of crap. A lot, but not all. Let’s separate the good from the bad and ugly, shall we?


I realize that this is a potentially very volatile subject. I am expressing my own views here and no one will be forced to read them. If you disagree vehemently, and if these words are causing you to become upset, please do yourself a favor and stop reading them. I’m not asking you to agree with me. If these words make sense to you and you resonate with them, great. But if not, please disregard them and go and focus on something that feels better to you.

Also, since I have the most experience with Christianity & Co., I’m going to write this post from that point of view. But the principles can apply to other religions as well. I’m just not well versed enough to talk about them as specifically.

A wee bit of history

The first thing we have to realize is that there’s a huge difference between the spiritual tenets of religions and the man-made rules and regulations that were added by politicians (church and politics used to be the same entity and I still consider organized religions to be political entities) hungry for more power over the masses. Β A lot of the “crap” actually falls into that second category, while the core of the spiritual stuff actually lines up quite nicely with LOA. A lot of the rules of the Catholic church, for example, were created out of economic reasons and had nothing to do with God or Jesus’ teachings.

The other variable we have to consider is the rising global vibration. A lot of the information that religions are based on is more than 2000 years old (some, much older). This is a fact often cited to demonstrate the validity of the information. If something is important enough to have been handed down over that many years, it must be good, right? The problem is that people’s vibrations and therefore their clarity and belief systems were in a completely different place than they are now. People believed that the devil could snatch your soul when you sneezed. Self-awareness was unheard of. Survival was the number one concern. Every once in a while, society or an individual would rise to a level high enough to bring forth some truly enlightened (for the time) clarity, but as a whole, the masses were just trying to get through the day without being eaten or succumbing to the plague (or you know, something).

The point is that someone aligning with higher frequencies in that day would’ve been coming from a much lower starting point. “Higher” is relative. And any information brought forth would’ve come through the filter of an individual living in that time. They translated the information using the imagery and words that suited the masses at that time. Then, that information was written down, not by the original translator, but by others, who ran that information through their own filters, subjecting it to their limiting beliefs and various levels of understanding. They used metaphors, just as we use them today and trying to apply today’s logic to the dated visions of thousands of years ago makes little sense, especially when someone tries to take them literally.

Some of these beliefs were present long before organized religion came along and are a sign of the lower vibration of early human life. They may have been exploited by religions later, but they actually stem from outdated belief systems that can be traced back to the earliest of humans.

God is outside of us

For most of our human history, we have been convinced that God or the Gods were all-powerful entities, separate from humans, who, weak and puny and undeserving as we are, are at their complete and total mercy. This is the belief of the omnipotent God or Gods who must be appeased, sacrificed to (literally or metaphorically) and who, in his mercy, will grant us a good harvest, bring us rain for water and basically allow us to continue our existence on Earth. This is also the belief in the God or Gods that, when displeased or angered, will wipe out entire towns or countries (or even the entire population of the earth) with plagues, famine and floods. This is an age old belief in powerlessness. Even as God has become much more benevolent over the years, believing in a deity separate from ourselves still gives all of our power away. We pray to him and if the almighty hears us and is in a good mood that day, we might get rewarded.  Or not.

Over time, we went from a vengeful, malevolent God who had all the worst of humanity’s qualities (jealousy, rage, anger, vanity, etc.), to a much more benevolent God who loved us no matter what, and gave us free will. We could choose love and ascend to God upon death, or we could choose evil and go to hell. God loved us so much that he even allowed us to renounce him. The understanding that we are now coming to, as part of our ongoing spiritual evolution is that God is not outside of us at all. Many find peace in the idea that God is inside each of us, a part of us, or that we are a part of him. And the newest idea to take hold in our consciousness is that God doesn’t exist as a separate entity at all, but rather that we are God. Each of us is God and collectively we are God. It is an empowering perspective – you truly create your reality, you get to choose every aspect of your experience, but you also have to take full responsibility for everything you’ve created. It’s the last part of that sentence that still makes many uncomfortable. Believing in an outside power can be much more comfortable for those who don’t yet fully believe in their own power. It’s this feeling of full responsibility absent the certainty in our power to create that causes many to think that LOA is about blaming ourselves for everything that happens to us. But taking responsibility and assigning blame are two different things. One is empowering while the second feels powerless.

You need a middleman to talk to God

This is something that the church perpetuated in order to justify its existence. After all, if you can just dial up God yourself any time you want to, you don’t really need to give the church all that much power. But if the church holds the key between you going to heaven and rotting in hell for all eternity, well, you’d better do what they tell you to… This belief did not originate with modern religions – the idea that medicine men and the like could speak with the Gods was well established well before Christianity and the like were formed. Communicating with deities and the afterlife was reserved for those who were blessed with the gift, or simply had the time to devote to such matters (while everyone else was trying to survive). Religion merely turned the whole idea into a massively profitable one. This is also where the concept of confession came in (confessing to an outside source).

We are now coming to understand that each of us has a direct line to the divine; whether you believe in God or your own higher self doesn’t really matter. We each have access to the clarity we seek and we don’t have to be born into a special lineage or ordained in some way in order to retrieve it. While channels or shamans or anyone else who has trained themselves to access higher frequencies can be helpful to us in translating these energies into something we can understand, the power to discern what part of that information is right for the individual lies within each of us. When something resonates with us, it’s like God or our inner being speaking to us, saying “This way”. And since we’re each on our own path, a path which I believe leads to us all eventually being able to easily access the higher wisdom of whatever frequency we choose, to each of us fully knowing our God and Goddess power, we each get to decide what our truth is.

I’ve heard people say “You don’t get to choose which parts of the bible to believe”. I would argue that yes, yes you do. And in fact, if you want to realize the power of Who You Really Are, you kind of have to.

There’s a Hell

The concept of hell didn’t originate with Christianity, either, but let’s just say that their PR department turned it into a whole new ballgame. A populace kept in fear is easy to control, a concept today’s politicians are doing their best to exploit as well. Back in the day, before we had terrorists and Snooki to be afraid of, we had the Devil and everlasting damnation. But if religions didn’t come up with the concept of hell, then where did it come from? And could it possibly be real?

I can’t really tell you exactly where the idea of hell originally came from (it’s mentioned in writings from ancient Greece and Egypt and possibly much earlier), and honestly, I don’t spend too much time researching history. I’d much rather focus on accessing the most current information at the highest levels possible RIGHT NOW. But since I know that his is a hot-button topic for many who are struggling to create a bridge between a religious upbringing and the Law of Attraction, I’ll tell you what I’ve come to believe, based on channeled information I deeply resonate with, as well as the answers I’ve personally accessed:

There is no hell. There is no source of evil or darkness. There is light and the absence of it. There is consciousness and the absence of it. Where might the idea of hell or evil have come from? If you consider that during this time right now, the time of the highest global vibration we have ever known (we are constantly evolving), many humans are still mired in horrendous amounts of fear, imagine what the emotional level of the world was thousands of years ago. When you access the non-physical (as those who reported of hell did), you do so using the same LOA “rules” that apply to the physical – you can only attract what matches your vibration. If you are filled with terror and fear, then your non-physical forays (often assisted by hallucinogenic plants, widely used by shamans and medicine men to this day) are going to attract energy that feels like that. You could then easily interpret those energies to be demons or evil spirits, especially if you already had a belief that such beings existed.

Imagine that you had a nightmare. Since our dreams are manifestations, as well, that nightmare might’ve been scary, but it was also showing you something useful. The purpose of the nightmare was completely benign. It’s the same in the non-physical. Whatever monsters we may see, they are always representations (sometimes quite literally) of our own fears and limiting beliefs. The energy behind these “entities” is actually the same stuff that we’re made of. It’s as if our guides, who love us unconditionally, put on a monster mask because it’s the only way that we’ll be able to hear them.

I’ll write much more about this in an upcoming post about guides and communicating with the non-physical. The point I wanted to make is that we can have “negative” experiences, but they are still to our benefit. The source behind these “entities” is completely benevolent. But if one doesn’t understand that, it would be easy to conclude that one had encountered some kind of hell. Then the logical mind would scramble to justify the existence of this hell. It being a place created to punish those who do “bad” things just makes sense, doesn’t it? Or at least, it used to.

The power of prayer

This is one concept that religion got right. Well, sort of. Praying, when done “right”, can be a powerful way to raise your vibration. When you pray to God with a sense of gratitude, you are definitely going to feel good, because you’re aligning yourself with the high frequency of gratitude. When you pray for what you want, coupled with the appreciation for already having been given it (which many forms of prayer teach), you are doing the exact same thing that we teach in LOA.

When you pray from a place of utter desperation, and you give yourself over to God, you are releasing your resistance and surrendering to the flow of energy of Who You Really Are, allowing the manifestations you’ve been blocking to finally come flooding in. You may then attribute all these wonderful changes to God, which is fine, but in terms of LOA, you simply finally shifted your focus off of what you didn’t want and onto what you did want, because it became too painful not to. This is the “surrender” we often talk about.

Praying can be way for us to communicate with God or our higher selves and access clarity. Many forms of prayer induce a meditative state, free of resistance.

If, however, our prayer causes us to focus on what we don’t want, as in “please God, strike my stupid co-worker down with the flu so that I don’t have to deal with his arrogant ass tomorrow”, then it will cause us to give more energy to the problem, causing it to grow. This is why prayer sometimes causes miracles and sometimes doesn’t seem to work at all. The feeling behind it, the intention and how it aligns us with the energy of what we want (or not) is what causes the results. In short, if praying feels really, really good, do it. If it feels horrible, obligatory or causes feelings of unworthiness, shame and guilt, stop it.

Religion can be very beneficial

While a lot of limiting and disempowering beliefs have been perpetuated and even cooked up by the church over the years, there a lot of people who find great peace, support and yes, higher vibrations through their religious activities. There are many churches that preach love and downplay or even completely forget about the more outdated tenets of their religions. Belonging to a church can be incredibly beneficial in many ways, especially when members reserve the right to believe what resonates with them:

  • Belonging to a church gives many people a sense of community and belonging, which feels much better than loneliness.
  • Spending time with other like minded individuals can help to give us confidence in our beliefs, causing us to become more stable in our vibrations.
  • If the church fosters a high vibrational environment (through loving rituals, etc), than merely spending time in that environment can raise one’s vibration.
  • Many churches offer vast opportunities to help others and support not only the church members but the community at large
  • Religious services can be a place of great joy and celebration, causing a raising of the vibration of everyone present.

What to take out of organized religion

So, what can you take out of organized religion that is actually the “truth”? Well, you get to decide that. You are waking up to the knowledge of your own power, and that means that it’s time to stop looking for outside validation. It means that you should adopt as your “truth” that which resonates with you, that which feels good and makes sense, and leave the rest. And you should re-evaluate often. As you raise your vibration higher and higher, as you wake up more and more, those things that resonated with you yesterday, many no longer resonate with you today. You are evolving and so must your beliefs and perspectives.

The question used to be “What is true?” It evolved into “What is your truth?” I’d like to offer a new, updated version “What is your truth RIGHT NOW?”

I look forward to reading your thoughts in the comments.

Also, if you resonated with this post, please share it. You know. If you dare. πŸ˜‰

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  • How do you feel about praying to real people?

    Sometimes for whatever reason I have people that I love or really admire. Some in person or some I’ve read about.
    I find myself having conversations with them in my head or sending out little signals to that loved one when I’m down and lonely (always lonely…f-you lonley feeling, give it a break already!)
    I don’t think I’m “praying” to them but it’s like that friend or person is really high vibe in general or on that one topic, so I think of them as it’s like their soul would help me.

    Is that stupid? Would it work? Would it hurt the person you are “praying” to? Does it exhaust them?

    I don’t like the word “God” as it reminds me of BS Christians and their pray for forgiveness rants and other things that annoyed me.

    • What you’re doing when you focus on a high vibrational person (or God or whatever), is you’re aligning yourself with the energy of how you perceive them. You can’t drain their energy by thinking of them, no. But you can benefit yourself by thinking of someone in a way that makes you feel good. Actually, when you focus upon that high vibe version of them, you’re actually benefiting them, at the same time as yourself. It’s win/win. πŸ™‚

      I would not call this praying, but it’s basically the same thing. You’re focusing deliberately, using a subject that makes you feel good. Keep it up. That’s great work!

      Huge hugs!

  • Hi Melody,

    Was not sure under which post to ask this question and I am not sure if it has been asked before, but is what religion calls a miracle actually alignment in LOA terms?

    • Hey Kat,

      Miracles are simply manifestations that the general public doesn’t think are possible. It’s when someone has manifested something that defies conventional wisdom.

      So yeah, someone went and aligned with something and manifested it. And when that something is outside of people’s ability to conceive, but just close enough for them to believe it when they see it, they call it a miracle. πŸ™‚

      Huge hugs!

  • I am incredibly grateful to have been raised in the Baha’i Faith, the most recent world religion. Here’s a brief introduction:

    The Baha’i Faith recognizes and accepts all the major world religions and their prophet/teacher/messenger etc. Yes – ALL. Abraham, Moses, Krishna, Zoroaster, Budha, Christ, Mohammad… Because they all come from the same Source, Creator, God etc. They arrive when we need them most (every 1,000-2,000 years) and all are necessary for our development. Just like grades in school or chapters in a book, each major religion builds on the one before it. This is necessary not only because the purity and truth of religion gets changed (by people, as you mentioned) over time, but also because human kind changes. We need new teachings to advance and increase our understanding of spirituality.

    Now some might argue we don’t need an intermediary and I understand where they are coming from. I too meditate and feel that connection to everything. We are all ONE and everything IS love but the created cannot fully comprehend the Creator.

    There is no clergy in the Baha’i Faith, nor churches, though we do hold gatherings at peoples homes or in Baha’i centers. We participate in study groups, prayer meetings and classes for children and youth. We are building communities and families by being the positive change needed in the world (as are many others). There are Temples on every continent that any person is welcome to visit. Maybe you have seen pictures of the Lotus Temple in India or the unique structure on the shores of Lake Michigan in Evanston, Illinois?

    Independently investigating the truth for yourself is a main tenant of the Faith. Every individual has a direct connection to God and can pray directly. Your spiritual growth and progress is a personal matter. Daily meditation and reflection is encouraged. Baha’is believe in Baha’u’llah (which is a title meaning the Glory of God) who lived from 1817-1892. He and his family spent more than 40 years in prision and exhile for spreading a message of love and unity. Baha’is believe the next stage of development for humankind does include peace but we must create it…

    If you’d like to learn more, this is the main U.S. website: http://www.bahai.us

    Thank you for allowing me to share.

    • Hi Denise,

      Thank you so, SO much for sharing this beautiful perspective here. I hadn’t heard of the Baha’i before and it certainly does sound like the next stage in the evolution of religion. What wonderful validation. πŸ™‚ Yay!

      Happy shiny puppy hugs!


  • Oh yes I TOTALLY liked this article soooooo much. Yes. Last year I took a friend of mine to see Deepak Chopra speak and when she came out I asked what did he speak about. Her summary of what she thought he was speaking about is that it is time for the end of all religions.

    • Hey JoreJj!

      Welcome to Deliberate Receiving! I totally agree. I think religions, as we currently know them, will end. But not by disintegrating. I think that they will change, adapt and evolve. Because even though the framework of religions is in the hands of a few, ultimately, they are made up of individual people. People who are now waking up and will use their new found power to shape their faith based communities to reflect this new point of view. Religion 2.0, if you will. πŸ˜€

      I’m glad you found your way here.

      Huge happy shiny puppy hugs (we do those here…)


  • Hello Melody,

    What an awesome post again. I totally am on the same page with you on this one but I would not have been able to explain it all so clearly. A lot of things I know without words really.

    The only difference I think is our background in the church. I did not have these painful memories that you had and my pain lay more in that which I had left behind. As far as my past in the church is concerned I can relate much more to what Christina writes in her comment above. I grew up in a loving church and have always been able to define for myself what I believed or not, even as an adolescent. No pressure. For me the reason to leave the church was that I could not possibly believe in the central doctrine about the crucifixion and resurrection of Jesus any more. I interpretated that in a totally different way and of course also lots of other things. And then you may have all the freedom in the world, if you do not have anything in common any more as far as belief is concerned, then what are you still doing in a church. So I, and my husband also, decided to officially leave it, but that did not mean that I did not care any more. I had the feeling that I left half of my heart behind because the church had more or less been my identity when I grew up, more than anything else, and it always was a very loving surrounding. Only, it proved to be impossible to really share anything of the things that I found because people felt very uncomfortable around it, even our pastor, and just did not react to it any more. When we finally made known our decision to leave the church in a letter in which we explained our feelings, we never received any reaction apart from a note that our names had been stricken from the register. They absolutely did not know what to do about us, I get that, but it still hurt.

    I also loved singing and sang in a choir in church. I loved the songs to start with but during the years the words stopped have any meaning to me, so that also gave a feeling of terrible loss. Of course you also experience that in spirituality I think, when you keep growing and discoveries that you once were excited about start meaning less and less. You may know that it is a good thing but still your feelings and emotions somehow seem to lag behind sometimes.



    • Hey Anny,

      Thanks so much for sharing your own experience here! We are always growing and evolving, that’s a given. The question is only, are we keeping up with our own grown. When we’re in a limited environment, which could be a church, a community, a company or even our families, surrounded by individuals who think one way and may WANT to be open to other thoughts, but simply can’t (yet) go there, it tends to make us feel limited. It doesn’t limit us ultimately, as long as we are totally, 100% ok with them not getting us and what we think, but it generally feels like that.

      But when we let go of the need for anyone else to understand (and snippets of that need can stay around for a long, long time. For example, you could still be a bit sad that the other church members didn’t reach out more, try to understand more or at least wish you well when you left), you make room for a whole new community. That community could happen within the church, as with Christina, or it could happen in the form of a new circle of friends, an online community, etc. etc.

      And you’re right. This can happen in any belief system (spiritual or not). The key is to give ourselves full permission to line up with what we want. There is no loss, ever. There’s only perceived loss and that always means that we’re holding on to a perspective that’s not serving us – that we’ve lost the chance to feel the way we wanted to.

      I’m glad you’re back! πŸ™‚

      Huge happy shiny puppy hugs!

  • This is going to sound strange as I am a believing Christian who also believes very much in LOA, positive thinking, etc.

    I have ALWAYS believed in a loving God, not a God that punishes. That seems very strange to many people but I never looked at God like that. Some look at God as a mean father that you must appease, kind of like when Mama would say, “Wait till your daddy gets home?” and I knew I was in trouble. But while I might be in trouble with my earthly father and have to appease his moods, I never felt that I had to appease my heavenly father. And over the past year, as I have struggled with various things, God has shown me such unconditional love that I cannot help but want to to share it with everyone. This has changed my personality so much that even my family has commented on it. As someone who accepted Jesus a long time ago, I truly don’t believe I came to truly understand God’s love until the last year.

    What I have learned —

    I am a beautiful creation of God, and He loves me unconditionally. No matter what. Period. The end.
    He gives me free will to choose my life path and following that path, using the inborn gifts He gave me, IS his will. I do not have to “seek” God’s will because it’s not seperate from my own.
    God wants us to have a wonderful life. John 10:10 says that Jesus came to give us life so that we may live it to the full, or live it abundantly.
    Abundant life means many things to many people. There is no one way to live a life.
    It is not wrong to want things, and God WANTS to give us the desires of our heart.
    I have to take responsibility for my life and my actions.

    These are my opinions, these are things that I have found in a spiritual journey that started two years ago this fall and has led me into an even greater future than I have ever imagined. These are things that God has shared with me in so many ways. Each time I needed to know something, it came to me, through a book, a video, a person.

    My husband and I are still part of organized religion but we have learned that it’s up to US to decide what we believe. We don’t accept anything at face value.

    • Hi Christina,

      That’s so beautiful! I’m certain that you are part of the “new” Christians. I don’t think religion is on the way out, I just think it’s going to change. As more and more people wake up to their own power, they may not leave God and Jesus behind, but just drop all the disempowering stuff that they never really resonated with anyway. You are integrating your new found knowledge into the framework of religion and you’re making it work. How freaking awesome is that?? Bravo.

      Huge happy shiny puppy hugs!

  • Hey Philip,

    Thanks so much for sharing your work here! I’m dying to check out your book (as soon as I have a bit of time to read, probably my next vacation.)

    We’re all getting our truth out there in our own way. Thanks for being a fellow unapologetic, courageous truth spreader. πŸ™‚

    Huge hugs!


  • After I made my final exodus from religion I carried a lot of anger and mistrust for organized religion. I also felt cheated out of many years of my life chasing after what I now consider nonsense. However, what I have come to learn and accept is that everything happens for a reason and I must have needed to have those experiences in this lifetime.

    • Hey Todd,

      I totally felt the same way. Well, not so much the cheated part, since I was 15 when I turned away from religion. But I spent years being angry and resentful about all the “injustices” and “untruths” they spread around the world. I was convinced that they were doing damage and I railed against them. And although I softened my views over time, it’s only been a few years (not exactly sure, but less than 5) that I’ve made complete peace with organized religions.

      I think that the journey of moving from having faith in the church, to realizing that you can’t really put your faith in something outside of yourself to full self awareness is a huge one, with many many milestones. Many don’t make it. You did. And you did it in time to be awake NOW. How great is that! πŸ™‚

      Huge hugs!

  • Hi Melody-

    Funny, my sons (13 and 14) and I were just talking about all these same things this past week. Your post contains some thoughts that may be over their heads right now, but I would like them to read it anyway. They already get the “gist” LOA and uncovering Who They Really Are… this will likely be a post all 3 of us go back to time and time again as we continue to discuss, reflect and grow.

    Thank you for sharing it!

    Thanks for the

    • Wow Lisa,

      I’d love to hear what your sons have to say. I think at 13 and 14 they can totally get this stuff. And since they’ll know it intuitively anyway, it’s not like they have to learn something new and foreign. It’s more like remembering something you already know. πŸ™‚

      Your family sounds amazing. Yay!

      Huge happy shiny puppy hugs to you and your happy shiny family!


  • Hey Melody – love religion and organized religion. and this post of course. Especially easy to love organized religion because Hinduism which I grew up in is so open to all religions. Exactly for this reason I have no problem being in any kind of church environment, religious setting, temple – each and every one is so inspiring and helps raise my vibrations. I even enjoy watching televangelists:) I’d like to think of myself as a connisieur (however you spell that word!?!) of religion because of the many many benefits it has brought into my life.

    • Hey Vishnu,

      What a wonderful way to look at it! I’ve come to pretty much the same conclusion but via a very different way. How wonderful that Hinduism openly accepts all faiths (as do most Eastern religions, I believe…) All faiths have value and validity. They may not appeal to everyone, but they all have value. Of course, it’s a lot easier to accept those parts that resonate and simply leave the rest when you don’t think in all or nothing terms to begin with, eh? πŸ™‚

      Huge hugs!

  • Hi Melody,

    What a beautiful mega-post! You could turn this discussion into a whole book.

    For me, a lot of the basics of religions are spot on. If we’re going to live in groups, we need some simple rules. It’s like birds flocking – how do they not run into each other? You could call bird-flying rules a religion, if you wanted to. (This idea comes from complexity theory, not the religion part, but the flocking rules part.) The ten commandments are a not-so-bad set of flocking rules for humans.

    The religions as practiced are like board games – people pick which board game rules they want to follow, like Monopoly or Clue. If the family has played Monopoly for years, most likely the kids will start out playing Monopoly too.

    I think with the rising universal vibration, bringing with it resistance, some people are scared and cling to the rules of their game as if it will protect them from change. Hence extremists.

    We as God can feel compassion for the board game players, and understand that they also are doing the best they can in the present moment. That isn’t to feel condescending, there’s no judgment – more an embrace of their intrinsic beauty as fellow beings, exactly as they are.

    Hugs for all! What a beautiful day!

    Mary Carol

    • Hey Mary Carol,

      What a beautiful perspective. And I couldn’t agree more. There’s nothing “wrong” with those who are deeply religious, even extremists. They are all doing the best they can. Besides, someone could look at my beliefs as a “religion” as well. I think the key is to realize that there are many boardgames to choose from. Belief is a choice, not an obligation. And the more choices we see and the more permission we give ourselves to choose, the happier I believe we become. We are intrinsically free – we just don’t always know it. πŸ™‚

      Huge hugs!

  • Don’t let anyone change your mind or try to defend their views. You have set the bar on laying it out on the line. Love the post. I have been saying to anyone who listens; it takes guts to be an authentic woman (man too), and that’s the only kind of friend I want.

    • Hey Olivia,

      thanks for the words of encouragement. πŸ™‚ What I find so interesting is that the most “controversial” of my posts seem to get the best response. And of course, over time, I’m getting more and more courageous. I couldn’t have published this post a year ago.

      Huge happy shiny puppy hugs!

  • Amen! Well said. I consider myself to be very spiritual but not religious and agree that much of the rules and scripture spouted was written by man, not God, long ago. I also feel it is cultural, what makes one culture’s predominant religious beliefs more true than another’s? As a half Asian woman who reads Eastern philosophy, I’ve always thought it very arrogant for Christianity to proclaim itself the one true religion. I do agree though that organized religion does have its good points including fellowship in the community. I’ve also attended a non-denominational church that had the best motivational gues speakers and the minister was a great speaker as well, it was an emotional boost to attend each week.

    • Hey Tania,

      More and more churches like that are cropping up – some are just as judgmental as their religious counterparts, but more and more and open minded, compassionate and tolerant of all beliefs. Your church sounds awesome.

      Most religions preach that they are the only, one true religion. I agree with you – it’s arrogant for anyone to think that they have the answer for ALL of humanity. Eradicating the need to enforce one view on others would get rid of most of the religious and political conflict in today’s world. And all it takes is getting out of other people’s business… πŸ™‚

      Huge hugs!

  • Really enjoyed the entire post..has taken me 2 hours to read it as I’m at work, sneaking peeks in between! lol

    When I went to study herbal medicine 20 yrs ago…our instructor made a point of telling us…Yes these herbs/formulas worked for folks 100’s of years ago…and still do today, however as time marches on, it stands to reason they will need updating and tweaking to address issues, illnesses and factors that are evolving today. Same as your concept of how religion and peoples needs would/should morph over time to be applicable to current events etc.

    Many yrs ago when I was going through my own change of heart in regards to my faith (Roman Catholic) I did read Conversations with God and between that and other teachings I was lead to, I became to think of God/Source more like a parent. And since I had pretty great parents…I started thinking…if my/most parents just want their kids to be happy etc…why would any ‘God’ be vengeful or want us to feel bad or afraid? Anyway…that really got me thinking and thankfully kept me on my path up till now – I grew up knowing/feeling life isn’t supposed to be hard or complicated or unpleasant..and why would God/any parent want that for their kid?? lol

    So thanks Melody for helping us continue with our own ‘evolving’ – and of course giving us something to think about and for me, feel good about.


    • Hi Katy,

      You’ve made such an excellent point. I used to struggle with the same issue: How could a loving God be so petty? And how could it be some humans seemed to be more enlightened than this God? I love the parent analogy. I’m not sure when I first heard or read it, but it caused a powerful shift in my perspective: A loving parent would never set their kids up failure or punish them for their honest mistakes.

      Thank you for adding your valuable perspective to this discussion.

      Huge happy shiny puppy hugs!

  • Well Melody you certainly knocked this one out of the park. I agree totally with all you say and I have been studying these principles before LOA actually was ‘discovered’. Well okay, slight exaggeration, but certainly before it ever became so openly discussed.

    One of the people I’ve blessed to discover actually studied the bible seven hours a day – to say he was immersed in it would be something of an understatement. And it became clear to him that the Bible was written for the spiritual or ‘inner’ man and not the outer man of reason, and that this was the only way it could truly be understood.

    Your words “And the newest idea to take hold in our consciousness is that God doesn’t exist as a separate entity at all, but rather that we are God. Each of us is God and collectively we are God” could have come directly from him, although I know they didn’t.

    He believed that creation was finished…God had created everything already…and we were selectors of those portions of creation that we chose through our thoughts, beliefs, feelings ie. our vibration. Just as you express so well.

    Once I got that my only job is to stay in the vibration of my desires and the ‘how’ of it happening is not my job, it made it so much easier to manifest a more lovely life.

    Kudos Melody for a wonderful and enlightened post. You’re my new hero (heroine?). πŸ™‚


    • Hey Elle,

      Thanks so much! I’m so glad you resonated so deeply with this post.

      I would say that I disagree on the view that creation is finished. I believe we are creating the universe. Everything and everyone is evolving constantly, and in fact, it’s when we’re not keeping up with this evolution that we experience the greatest suffering.

      I was having a chat with Chief Joseph & Co. (channeled by John Cali) the other day and one of the things they brought up was that we (the physical) tend to think that we stop growing when we die. They assured me that nothing is further from the truth. There is no limit to how high we can go, how far we can expand, how wise we can be, or how much joy we can experience. Wahoo.

      Happy shiny heroine-y puppy hugs to you!


  • Wow Melody,

    This is a biggie, and will resonate with everyone on the planet, because everyone has a belief about how this works, one way or the other. I think religion is really all about man trying to figure out where the hell he fits into everything, trying to make sense of the universe. Way back when people worshipped the Sun and the Rain Gods, it came from a place of confusion about what was going on. When you don’t understand something, it breeds fear, insecurity and defensiveness. I know I need that big yellow ball to show up tomorrow, and the clouds to burst to grow the crops, but I’ve no idea how it works. So in case I have anything to do with it, I’d better cover my bases. I’d better pray to the big ball and the clouds to keep them happy.
    We’ve been feeling our way since then. As we grow and learn collectively, we get a more exaggerated version of the same thing. Don’t make God mad or he might punish you. And the ulimate sanction – if he doesn’t do it here, he’ll get you in the next life. It’s like taking the worst of man’s qualities and creating a god from them. What an insult! If I was God, and I suppose I am, I’d be a bit miffed with that. But, being God, I know better than to let it ge to me, because being miffed takes me out of my power, and then I’m no use to anyone.
    Taking a step back, like you’ve shown us here, collectively we’re on an evolutionary path with our spiritual development, like with everything else. Whist many people got alignment throughout history – Buddha ‘with our thoughts we create the world ‘ and Jesus ‘The kingdom of Heaven is within’, what we have now is a much broader understanding of how the universe works through science. We understand that everything is energy. We now see how vibration works. We also have a phenomenal way to get the message out there to anyone who’s got access to a computer.
    We’re coming close to one of the most amazing collectively enlightening eras we’ve ever had, and we’ve had a few. We’re on the brink, I feel, of a place where science and religion blur into one. And at the end of the day, we’ll find it’s all the same thing. It’s a momentous time to be around πŸ™‚

    Big Love,
    Libby @freeyourIB

    • Yes! Yes! Yes! I totally agree. We are moving into a wonderful new stage of our evolution and it feels glorious. I fully believe that science and math will have huge breakthroughs in explaining how the Universe works within my lifetime. Science and spirituality used to be intertwined. But spirituality (or at least religion) was holding science back, so they had to split. Now, for many, science is holding back spirituality, so it’s time they come together again, in a new form. Ooooh, what a great time to be alive! πŸ˜€

      Huge happy shiny puppy hugs!

  • Hi Melody,
    What an awesome post!!!!! I really love that you pointed out that religion can be harmful/beneficial depending on how the individual views it. So many people, deists and atheists alike, have this all or nothing approach to belief. When people confront me about my Christian beliefs, and ask things like, “How do you know Jesus rose from the dead?,” my answer has always been, “Oh, I don’t know that he did, I just choose to believe that because it makes me feel good.” I enjoy theology, religious practice, reading religious books, praying, singing hymns/chanting, etc. But I totally get that it is not for everyone. I hate it when people make me watch them play video games. I’ve realized that a lot of people have that same emotional response, boredom/irritation, in Church.

    I think the big problem in religion is that there is a lot of focusing on what we don’t want. We don’t want failed marriages or poverty or hatefulness but we never seem to adequately articulate what we want. My particular faith community is very focused on “pro-life” ministry but people seem to equate pro-life with anti-abortion instead of focusing on a world where people are safe and happy and healthy and loved. If I say, “Dear God, help us create a world where every mama/baby is happy, healthy, and loved,” I create a broad energetic pathway for good things to manifest. People who are really religious don’t always have a level of trust in God/Source/Universal energy, etc.. They are very action oriented. We are going to go march on Washington and end abortion and save the babies and God will be pleased with us. I don’t buy it. To me that kind of behavior seems to be more of the same old power struggle of dominant forces imposing their will, not the Divine’s, on people they deem to be acting inappropriately. If we focused on babies and mamas being happy and healthy and loved, and pregnant women getting what they need, and women making good choices based on their own circumstances and needs, there isn’t a lot left to do. Except to love people unconditionally. And that kind of work is scary.

    I find it encouraging that people my age, Gen Y, who are in ministry (speaking from a Southeastern US, bible belt Christian perspective) do seem to be more aligned with love consciousness and gospel values rather than debating dogma or waxing theological or bible thumping or judging. That is the biggest thing: less judgment. The energy is moving faster and I think religious institutions will change very quickly. I have visions of how the Catholic Church will change in the next 25 years and from here it seems impossible, but I know that we, me, the participants and practitioners are the ones who create it, so I focus on what I love and leave the rest. I have so many feelings about this. It feels so good to be Christian right now! At this moment even. Thanks Melody. You are so right on.

    • Hey Amanda,

      You’re so right. Religion has traditionally focused much more on the unwanted, and I agree that this view doesn’t actually put a whole lot of faith in God. Focusing on the vision of what we do want takes all the details out of the equation. I am certain that if you put people who are pro-life and pro-choice together, they would eventually figure out that deep down, at the core, they all want the same thing. They are just trying to go about getting that in vastly different ways. But if they focused on what they truly wanted, the whole debate would fall away.

      It makes sense that the newest generations are the most aligned (less time to build up resistance) and are intuitively led to their own way of looking at Christianity – an evolved way which fits more into the vibration we are moving into. Take you for example. The way you’re combining LOA with Christianity is phenomenal and a perfect example of what I’m talking about in the last section of the post. You are discerning what you resonate with and don’t feel like it has to be an all or nothing game. You can be Christian without believing everything that Christianity has traditionally taught. You and others like you are creating the new religions, positively focused, loving, non-judgmental, and a match to who we are becoming. This is no small thing. Bravo! πŸ™‚

      Huge happy shiny puppy hugs!

  • Wow i really resonated with your article. I feel the same way as you do. Thanks for sharing it in such a clear way.

  • Hi Kressa,

    Le sigh. That made me laugh.

    Something that helped me greatly as to take religion out of the equation entirely and just look at people. It doesn’t matter what someone uses as an excuse to feel self righteous, condescending or arrogant. You can use any topic to be a snob about. What matters is that invariably, people react that way because they’re coming from a place of insecurity. You can make saying affirmations into an obligatory ritual just the same as prayer. And you’ll get the same results with both. Some people adhere to strict religious rituals, some to strict social or societal ones. Does the method really matter? I don’t think it does.

    In the end, what other people do or say doesn’t matter at all. What matters is how you feel. It’s all about you tuning your vibration to where you want it to be. πŸ™‚

    Huge hugs!

  • Wonderful post, Melody! I bet It’s going to entail an amazing discussion.

    There was an audio play about Galilei and the young Lieutenant who had to guard him in jail while Galilei was to revoke his discovery. The two men had many discussions, and once the Lieutenant told Galilei that his family lived in Sicily in abject poverty and how they tried to get at least a bit food out of the poor soil. All they had, he told Galilei, was their belief that their simple, poor life made a difference in the eye of God. Without this belief and being told about God and his love, their drudgery would be pointless since all they had was the hope of a better afterlife if they would endure the hardships of their actual existence. If someone like Galilei would prove that earth is not the center of the universe, this could rob them of the conviction that their life actually matters.

    I’ve never forgotten this scene and underlying thought. Poor people who couldn’t read nor write. So if we look back in history, the belief that God was aware of their lives and would listen to their prayers, and would note that they attended church service, basically prevented them from getting insane. Therefore, we have to agree that their belief is an entirely good and helpful thing.

    This is one point. Then, some years ago, i was in contact with a very kind old lady. She never said a bad word about anyone, be it their neighbors, relatives, whosoever. Instead, she did whatever she could to be kind and patient, and help people. Once i asked her why she could remain so patient and kind, and she said, her religion (she was Roman Catholic) would not allow her to think or talk bad about others.

    Then, on the other hand, there was one woman who gave birth to a disabled daughter, and her own grandmother and other relatives told her this were the way God would punish her for former sins. These people made the worst out of religion.

    There is so much good and bad on both sides, and one can find countless arguments pro and con. The older i get, the more differentiated i see it.

    Let’s picture i had to pray to Bill Gates three times a day in order to make my Windows work. Would i do it? Sure i would! After all, i need my OS. This simple comparison helps me understand why people need the belief that a higher being cares for them and their affairs.

    Would i, on the other hand, believe that female beings are inferior to the male beings and that males were created first because that’s how it’s written in the scriptures? No. Because today we know that each mammal embryo is initially female. And we can also see that in nature, female cats, bears, etc,, take the entire responsibility of caring for their offspring, from nurturing to teaching them everything they need to know in order to survive independently, whereas the males only give their seed and then move on.

    The most important lessons of my life i’ve received from watching nature and animals, not from sitting in a church, but that’s just my way. Personally i don’t believe in a pre–or afterlife because the concept doesn’t make much sense to me. I’ve read the Bible two times cover to cover and — sorry, i really don’t intend to offend someone — i can’t trust a God who is so irascible and cruel. I mean, a superior being should have other options than blood and thunder. We are offered a choice, but if we chose not to believe we’re doomed.

    I have a problem with people who don’t take responsibility. For instance, in discussions about environmental protection, over population, extinction of species, etc., sooner or later someone says, “oh, no problem, God will take care of it, He will come and make everything all right, it’s all His will.” In such moments, i wish people wold behave more reasonably and responsibly and i think, if that’s where religion leads to, it’s not a good thing.

    However, there are also countless kind and loving people who wouldn’t hurt a fly, regardless their belief. Once a gay man told me about his love for God and he said, that’s how God has created me, and heck, why not? Who am i to judge other people’s sexuality? Am i doomed because sometimes i masturbate, although nobody gets annoyed by it? The Catechism states masturbation is sin.

    I’m anywhere between, no need to put a label on it. I practice meditation but also have a rosary, my family is a mixture of supporters of all faiths, from a Catholic Sister to an agnostic mother, an atheist father, a wonderful beloved late Protestant grandmother, you get the idea. I love the exchange of views and am highly interested to hear other opinions.

    I believe in responsibility for our lives and very much enjoy the tingling (btw, Estherham says it’s tingling when you’re in the vortex, but no matter, i love it anyway!) your posts, Abraham stuff, some books on Buddhism, most of all nature and animals, and there is truth everywhere! I’m just a human and can’t reject what others cherish and appreciate. There’s much inquisitiveness and i’m open to ideas and concepts and see more similarities than contrasts, at least as long as we eliminate the fanatics from the equation.

    Head bonks and purrs


    • Hey Brian,

      Thank you so very much for sharing your point of view here. To me, people are where they are vibrationally. You can be a douche if you’re religious or not. And the reverse is also true. Religion doesn’t make people evil or saintly. It’s just something people use to express where they’re at.

      I suppose it’s kind of like alcohol – it brings out what’s already lurking underneath. πŸ™‚

      I love the image you invoked of praying to Bill Gates to make Windows work. I’m certain that if Microsoft could think of a way to do it, they would. And that might just be enough to make me switch to MAC. He, he.

      High five and Jazz hands!


  • Thank you for this post. I have known for quite some time that the notion of religion and church as I had been taught just didn’t resonate with me. I have been reading and learning about so many other things that I hadn’t yet started to research the religion issue … but often would sit with it and see what came to me. I truly appreciate the background you have provided and light you have shed on it.

    • Thanks so much for your wonderful feedback Debi! I used to study religions quite a bit, years and years ago when I started my journey. I was brought up Catholic, so that’s here I started. I thought perhaps the other religions had more answers… They did, but not in the way I was expecting. All religions have certain ideas in common. And I’ve found that they all have a truth at their core. Everything else is just window dressing. πŸ™‚

      Huge hugs!

  • hi melody,thanks for this brave post again.:)
    I needed to say something about it as soon as I read the article.
    I’m a part of the muslim society but thank god that my parents have never been fanatical about religion.On the contrary they left me the choice what to believe since my childhood.As you may guess it was sometimes hard to be not sure about god or not having a certain belief.I spent years looking for answers,many times I tried to do worship rituals just because of guilt of not doing it or mostly it was a time of depression.I think just like anything else religion has to make someone good or it’s just a way of making people live in fear I think.Since I have been interested in LOA I’m much more peaceful than ever.I found my inner strength and peace by believing the LOA.At first,I was sceptical of it but now I’m not at all.What I’m saying is that everyone should believe in what makes them ”good”…
    thank you :):)

    • Thanks for sharing your valuable point of view here Aylin! I don’t really know that much about the Muslim religion (I have listened to some interesting discussions and debates put on my Muslim academic women), but I do know that the sense of obligation, of guilt and fear are pretty much prevalent in all modern religions (even Buddhism to some degree, at least the way some people practice it).

      You are absolutely right. No matter what method we use, as long as we focus on feeling truly good and connecting with spirit, God, Who We Really Are or our soul, and give ourselves permission to disregard that which takes us further away from our goal, no matter what source it comes from, we will be on the right path. πŸ™‚

      Huge hugs!

  • OMG!! Shiny Happy Puppy Chick…I wanna add my own experiences with religious belief to this, because I am a recovering Preacher’s Kid…

    I grew up with every single prejudice that is related to religious belief that there is, from gay people being sent to hell immediately for choosing to be gay (lol), to the idea that God gets to dictate when we will have sex and with whom, to the idea that we have to check in with God to make sure that what we want out of our lives is in straight and strict line with the dictates set for all of sinful mankind right there in the “rule book” (the Bible’s Old Testament) which basically maps out, at least for people like myself, the play-by-play for living. (Pssst…notice that the Old Testament says nothing about how mankind will further ourselves but that the contact between us and our Higher Selves is noted ALL OVER the New Testament…I’m in recovery, dammit lol I know the Bible very well haha)

    And, Mel, you know me well enough already to know that those rules and laws just cannot apply to someone like me because I am already living totally AGAINST all those rules and laws and did not realize while growing up that all my life I have been subjected to fearful things because of what someone else believed in and what someone else chose to be their own truth, and yes, the someone elses are my parents.

    These days, though, I tend go by my own rules, because when I was a youngster, long before I knew or heard the words “The Law of Attraction,” or bothered to know what the word “Manifestation” really meant, I was a cheesy ball of distorted beliefs that made absolutely no sense to me. The one belief that perplexed me the very most was the idea that God Loves everyone, BUT, if you go against the ten commandments, you are going to hell, and if you chose to even think about “worshiping” another “God,” you’re going to hell, and if you were a man’s wife (BIG FAT UGLY LIE THAT I LIVED AND AM WORKING EFFORTLESSLY THOUGH DILIGENTLY TO NO LONGER BE ANYONE’S WIFE, as you are well aware of) you were less than he is and that if God told you to bow in reverent prayer to that human being with a third leg (nevermind the female’s capacity for being able to easily tap into our intuitive Knowing) then you were required to do so (Submit my okole!!! No one bothered to continue reading the rest of the verse where it reads that “husbands MUST respect their wives….” shoulda never thought we chicks would not have continued to read the rest because you guys ‘in charge’ figured we were too stupid or maybe LAZY to continue…well, we did…so THERE!)…my point with this part is that the rules set out for humans in the Old Testament of the Bible were, as you said, meant to keep people in line, afraid to rise up and be themselves and have an original thought, because original thoughts are SINS!!

    Well, call me a sinner and send me to hell because if there is one thing that being a PK has taught me it is that we are NOT going to hell because we disobeyed the ten commandments, and we are NOT going to be seated on the highest seat of shame because we love the way that we do, and we are NOT going to burn in the lake of fire because we did not submit, and we are NOT going to hell, period, and the reason being is that it only exists if we allow it to. Movies such as “Beyond and Back” terrified me to the extreme, and my parents told me back then when I was already a rebellious 14 year old stomping the crust of the earth in her combat boots and listening to Motley Crue REALLY loudly, that the music I listened to was going to send me to hell because God only liked soft music, and God did not like men with long hair who used hair products in it (because of course you KNOW I told my mom that if this were the truth then all the pictures of Jesus Christ were going totally against what they were telling me about long haired men because the pics showed Christ with long hair, wearing sandles, dressed in his robe, and always chillin’ with 12 dudes … to me, that is a freakin’ pot head hippie…think about it…lol), and that God did not like a whole lot about whole lot.

    In my thinking it meant that God simply did not like ME and well, that was very damaging to me, and with the things that I went through after I met my very damaged husband only reinforced those religious “truths” to the point that I ended up blaming God for everything because God at that time seemed to think that He was too good for a merely sinful mortal like me.

    As time passed, the more my understanding of the reciprocal nature of my own relationship to Spirit and the way that I knew Spirit to be was no where near what I was taught. When I asked God, after I had been married to my husband for about 9 months at that point, if the reason that I was being beaten and hurt the way I was, if this was God’s way of punishing me for being myself, my clarity came through to me in ways that I was told were the right way – dreams …manifestations…people coming into my life for a blink of an eye moment simply to bring me the message that God had not left my side, that God Had Me (…and the phrase “GOD HAS ME” WILL BE tattooed onto my body in some manner here in the future…no, really…) in His Grace (which, by the way, is what, after all the mess that I’d gone through, was what I chose to name my only daughter) and always I was nestled in His Perfect Love, His Perfect Grace, and I have known since very early on in my marriage that this is the Truth – that God DOES have me and will not ever NOT have me, because that is my Truth.

    There is no religious belief that can explain away why it is that some people believe what others tell them is the Truth of God, while others, like myself, eventually end up questioning God and questioning all the things that may have applied prior to our own singular evolution, even as what we were given as truth for the bulk of our lives turns out to be only someone else’s truth and not our very own Truth.

    My parents, particularly my mother, still are very strong in their beliefs about the reality of Believing in anything outside of one’s self, and I have willingly accepted this about them, about her, and I get it when she freaks out about things that are not exactly “Born Again,” because of our ancestral Spiritual ties to the Hawaiian Islands and the things that a lot of people still hold as being Truth there…

    It never has to be our own truth what someone else tells us, because what we are being told applies only to someone else’s experience. It is our mission and our duty in this lifetime to seek out our own truths, because without our own truths not only are we flying blindly into the oblivion of confusion, we are not privy to the truth that is our own and never will be because we will choose to be blind to it, preferring to not rock the boat with others, namely mom and dad, over being able to be all the Light that we each are, and THAT, my friends, is our purpose in our lives, in this life – to seek the light within and to become one with it, NOT to hide it and call it X-rated

    Love you !!!
    The Original Rabid Feral Kitten

    • Yeah, yeah, but tell us how you really feel…. πŸ˜†

      That was one hell of a rant. It sounds like you’ve come a long way. Do you think you would be a strong in your views, as sure, as confident, if you had not had the upbringing you did? If you hadn’t had to come by your convictions and beliefs on your own? If they’d just been handed to you? I tend to think not. That’s kind of how I view my own life anyway. I think that beliefs and clarity we fought to attain are the ones we are the most secure about. We had to overcome all of our own doubts and that makes us much better prepared to deal with the doubts of others.

      Have you read the Conversations with God trilogy? If not, I think you’d really like it. It describes a completely different God, one that we can all fall in love with. It creates an excellent bridge between the old religious views and the new understanding we are coming to now.

      Stay cool kitten!

      The Original Happy Shiny Puppy! πŸ˜€

      • “Do you think you would be a strong in your views, as sure, as confident, if you had not had the upbringing you did? If you hadn’t had to come by your convictions and beliefs on your own? If they’d just been handed to you? ”

        Oh my dearest darling Pal…good Lord and hell no would I be so very sure of myself, so very sure of God as God was meant to Be, which is no where else but within us all…I listen to my parents these days and anymore it just blows me away that they can be so willing to believe that someone else’s rule of Law and Truth would somehow still apply to them or that it would or does apply to any one of us !

        And of course you know I have read those books!! I got the first one of the three when my oldest was three years old…he is now 18…another great book that I have always loved and reread over and over again are (of course) the Course in Miracles, and also Marianne Williamson’s “A Return to Love”…

        Meow!! ROX

  • Interesting article. I have believed I am God for some time now. It is inspirational to discover somebody expressing this same belief on the internet.

    Thanks very much.


    Michael Charlesxx

    PS. I also liked your replies to the LOA skeptic’s questions amongst other things.

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