It’s time for another collection of short but still incredibly important reader questions. If you missed it, you can find the first post in this series here:

Quick Questions About LOA and Manifesting Volume 1

Why am I so sleepy all the time?

How does LOA address daytime sleepiness in the moment? I get that a longer term solution would be being inspired to do the things that help one to get enough rest or whatever is needed for energy, but how about in the moment before all of that can come to pass? For example, This morning I was driving in to work and I was just overcome with sleepiness. Clearly I can’t sleep while driving. I’m running late; I’ve got a full day at work and I’m pretty sure my employee contract explicitly says I’m not supposed to sleep on the job. I’m automatically thinking of caffeinated substances to help me get through but I don’t want to have to rely on those because for me, I understand that they are not a really healthy way for me to live.

What beliefs have gotten me there and what can I do in the moment, when it’s particularly hard to focus or keep up the vibrational energy when my body is screaming for a nap?”

Ok, right in the moment, when you’re driving to work, there’s little you can do to change the sleepiness. Make peace with it. Don’t stress out about it. Just say to yourself “So I’m sleepy. I’ll do the best I can, and I’ll take it as easy as I can, and as soon as I am able to, I will take a nap.” And then do that. Run the errands you need to, but don’t do anything that doesn’t HAVE TO be done. Yes, you have to be at work, but you don’t have to stress yourself out about every little thing (or anything, really). You don’t have to be perfect and you don’t have to take on all the responsibility for everything.

The fact that you’re so tired is a sign of resistance. You are carrying way too much on your shoulders. It’s a sign to slow the hell down. Of course you can’t sleep on the job, but you can look for ways to take it easier, especially emotionally. Shift your perspective, don’t take things so seriously (you can still do an awesome job without seeing everything as a life and death situation).

Now, as soon as you get to work, get out of the car and jump around a little bit. If you get your heart rate up a bit and breathe deeply, that will invigorate you. You don’t have to work out, just take 2-3 minutes and get your blood and oxygen flowing. It will help much more than caffeine. Although, if you really want a cup of coffee, by all means have one. There’s a huge difference between 1-2 cups a day and sucking down buckets of java. But if you do have a cup of coffee, don’t beat yourself up for it. The worst thing you can do is to do something while believing that it’s bad for you.

Your body is trying to force you to slow down. But it’s not because you’re physically exhausting yourself. It’s because you’re emotionally exhausting yourself. You’re pushing against something and have been for a long time. Let it go and you’ll feel a lot more energy. Your natural state is one of high energy. If you don’t feel that, it’s because you’re contradicting it somehow. Every time. ๐Ÿ™‚

Can I use LOA to change my horrible grades?

“I was wondering if you can use the law of attraction for academic reasons. My grades at this point are just horrible and I work really hard but it never pays off. Is there a way I can change this?”

Yes, you can use LOA for academic reasons.

Basically, you want to figure out what your REAL goal is. Good grades are not your real goal. Even the college degree is not your real goal. Why are you getting that degree? Why are you studying? What is it you want these things for? If you focus on the grades while the grades donโ€™t actually mean anything in and of themselves, you will have zero motivation to change them. If you focus on what you really want (to be a doctor, or whatever it is youโ€™re studying), and give all of your attention to that, youโ€™ll be led down the path that will take you to what you want. And aside from academia (if you want to be a professor, for example), grades arenโ€™t nearly as important as you might think. People want to know if you have a degree, and thatโ€™s that. They don’t even generally care where you went to school (unless you went to an Ivy League School and a few other exceptions).

Your grades are not important as important to you as you think. They represent something to you. You think you need good grades or even to graduate to get what you really want. Focus on what actually is important โ€“ the end goal, and the rest will fall into line.

Spend some time visualizing yourself doing what it is that you ultimately want to do (the reason you’re going to school in the first place). See yourself doing it well, feeling confident and competent, and being successful (whatever that means to you). Then, spend some time seeing yourself in class, learning easily, having fun, smiling and laughing with the other students. See yourself enjoying the process, taking tests easily, feeling good about the results, walking out of the classroom with the feeling of having done really well. And as you see yourself doing these things, make sure you feel it.

Do this on a regular basis and do your best to enjoy as much of your daily experience as you can, and you’ll feel powerful relief very quickly. School will become easier, you’ll gain more clarity, and you’ll be inspired to study just the right passages for the tests. You’ll remember more from class. You’ll have to study less but you’ll do better. But you can’t achieve that result by focusing on the process (the studying or the grades) and how hard that is for you. Focus on feeling good, choose to feel good, give yourself permission to feel good and everything else will fall into line.

Can people influence animals?

“I was reading a blog post the other day (not yours, another one) that spoke about how a woman believed that lilies would not harm her cats and so she kept bunches of them in her house. Also of how when she intentioned that her dogs be happy and joyous, they were just that!!

I’m confused. Can we impose our intentions on animals? Don’t they have their own will too? And just like we cannot affect someone else’s reality or bring a particular person back into our lives or make them act the way we want them to, how can we do that to other living things like animals?”

We can’t impose our will on others, but we can influence them.

Animals, as a whole, are much more connected to their source than we are. That means, that it’s easier for them to be all happy and shiny than it is for us – they have a lot less resistance. Domesticated animals will often take on some of their owner’s resistance, which means that they are being influenced negatively by their owners to some extent, while the owners are often positively influenced by the pets. If they are to stay together, one must come down or the other must come up. They cannot have vastly different vibrations and stay in the same space. This is true for people as well as animals.

When the lady focused on her dog being all happy, she simply allowed him to be happy, by removing her own resistance and raising her vibration (focusing on someone else’s happiness, makes you happy). This allowed the dog to rise to his own, naturally high vibration.

Cats (or other animals) don’t generally eat things that will poison them, unless they are suffering from resistance which they’ve picked up. Think about it – how often do you hear about animals in the wild being poisoned by naturally occurring plants? You don’t. When you hear about them being poisoned, humans were always involved. Either they introduced some chemical substance into the environment, or the animals were domesticated. Animals might also choose to eat something harmful as a way to transition (remember that animals don’t have any issues with death.)

If you want to read more about how we can influence each other, the following blog posts should be helpful to you:

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Now it’s your turn: Did any of these questions resonate with you? Share your own experience for the benefit of everyone. Also, what’s your number 1 question about the Law of Attraction? Tell me in the comments!

If you’ve found this post to be valuable, I’d love it if you’d share it on Social Media or in whatever way you like. Thanks in advance for your help in spreading the Happy Shiny Puppy Energy.

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  • I totally agree that you can manifest better grades with the LOA, and I love your point that what you REALLY want is what is best to focus on. When trying to manifest a home to buy, I was unsuccessful. I honestly don’t think that deep down inside I really wanted the extra responsibility that would come along with that–and I wasn’t ready to decide where to commit to live yet.

    • Hey Mollie,

      Welcome to Deliberate Receiving! What a great example! We often think we want something and then focus on the details of it, only to realize that we really don’t want all the crap that we think will come along with it. That’s part of the work – figuring out what you really want and clearing out all assumptions around it (life can be a lot easier than we often make it… )

      I look forward to seeing you around more. ๐Ÿ™‚

      Huge hugs!

  • Why Am I So Sleepy All the Time? I love your explanation Melody… And this is really a big help for me. Every time I feel sleepy at my work, I have a cup of coffee that sometimes, I have 8-10 cups a day. Now I realized that 2-3 minutes of jumping a bit is much more effective to take away sleepiness.. Thanks for sharing this wonderful post.

  • Regard the first question – I agree with you Melody regard the emotional part but it is very likely that there is also a 50% physical cause.
    Coffee may help but it may also do just the opposite – which means that it may awake for short time but for the long run it can create big stress and even growing sleepiness…
    I would try together with Melody coaching to make blood tests and other tests to see if everything is in order. Functional medicine is a good direction too.

    • Hi Yaron,

      That’s great advice. I want to clarify from my point of view: If there is a physical “cause” to the sleepiness, then this physical condition will actually be caused by the underlying energetic discord. That’s not to say that checking with a doctor can’t be helpful. Sometimes, we get ourselves into such a bind that the physical symptoms take center stage and we can focus on little else. In that case, getting some temporary relief from the medical community can be incredibly helpful. But the underlying vibrational cause of it all must still be addressed or new symptoms will just show up, like plugging a leak only to have it spring out in another place.

      Medicine doesn’t replace energy work, but it can be a great tool to make the journey easier (and sometimes, when symptoms are bad enough, possible).

      I wrote a post about this:


  • that’s why i love your name! actually there’s a question i could ask you: i have asked to find the vibration of liking/loving my name, as i hear it every day and i almost cringe every time… big time resistance!! any suggestions?
    thanks for this post, i had recently wondered about my constant tiredness from an energetic level!
    and i knew about animals, that’s why everyone wants pets – they are vibrating higher than us, and to be around them lifts us up!

    • Hello Naomi,

      How can you not love your name? I always loved it. It is a Hebrew name and it means something like lovely one, or even my lovely one as the suffix i means my.



      • thanks for your kind words anny, everything helps!! you’re right, it means pleasant one (which is lovely) even as a child i totally didn’t like it, so as melody has suggested, i must look for the reason behind it i guess! X

    • Hey Naomi,

      This is kind of a hard one to answer generically. You’ve associated your name with some aspect (or imagined aspect) or yourself that you don’t like. And so, hearing or thinking of your name triggers the awareness of that aspect and makes you cringe.

      Figure out what exactly you’re feeling when you hear your name and then look for any other incidents in your life that feel the same as that. Shift your energy around just one of those incidents and you’ll shift everything that feels like that. That’s the process, in a nutshell. ๐Ÿ™‚

      Huge hugs!

  • Melody —

    This is slightly off-topic:

    I just realized you have the PERFECT name for a Law of Attraction sensei! Melody implies song, which implies light-heartedness and musicality. It implies harmony and being in tune and flow and orchestration . . . . so many good qualities inherent in the Law of Attraction are implied by your name. You were born for this!


    • Wow Evan. THANK YOU!!! I love my name (all credit goes to my mom). Aside from when I was really young and I hated my name for being different, I’ve generally always loved my name. I’ve always felt it suited me. I’m sure it was no mistake that my mother, who’s also really intuitive, chose that name for me. It was a vibrational match.

      But I’ve never been quite as lyrical about it as you just were. Thank you so much for that. My name is my purpose! Wooohooo!

      Huge happy shiny puppy hugs!


  • I’m so glad I read this today! My mom always gives me a hard time for the fact that I’m tired a lot, even though I’m only 30 and that I should have “lots of energy”, but when you said that it’s resistance, my resonance meter cranked up to 100. I have a lot of goings-on in my life right now that I’m most definitely resisting so much that it’s almost impossible to get up for work in the morning because I’m so tired. Thank you SO much for the reminder to let go of the resistance!

    • You’re so very welcome Jenapher. Most people don’t yet know that feeling tired or sick all the time is NOT normal. It’s become acceptable in our society to be totally run down and with that message being broadcast energetically all the time, it’s easy to forget just how powerful you really are. That’s why I’m here.

      To kick you in the hiney. With love. ๐Ÿ˜€


  • This was a great post for me today. I’m often tired for no obvious reason and find myself fighting against getting out of bed some days- like this morning! I hadn’t really tied that to resistance until now, so thank you for this angle to explore.

    The animal story was helpful too- I recently got my first pets since I had goldfish as a child (two gerbils) and I’m learning a lot about myself by seeing how I’ve reacted to them in their first week at home with me- elated, then overly worried about them, then thinking I might be alergic to them, then sad that they don’t seem to be getting familiar with me yet, then annoyed at my hand getting nipped whenever it’s in their aquarium- etc. etc. This has been an interesting process to live through and observe, and I know I’ve got to pull my vibe together so I don’t negatively influence them.

    • Hey Jennifer,

      Getting a pet is like a mini-version of having a child (in some cases, not so mini). All your neuroses come out. You’ll now get the chance to learn how to detach, see other creatures (human and not) as powerful creators instead of powerless victims and learn how to feel good no matter what, if not for your sake, then for theirs. Pets are awesome, AWESOME teachers.

      Don’t stress too much. You can’t influence them any more than they let you. I’m guessing Gerbils are pretty good at detachment. If they don’t like your energy, they’ll just nip you, LOL. Just kidding. This is an interesting exercise in you not letting their behavior towards you influence how you feel about yourself. A gerbil nipping your finger does not mean that you did something wrong. (read that a few times). Perhaps it thought you were food. Now it knows better (unless it developed a taste for your fingers, in which case, watch your back…) ๐Ÿ˜‰

      Huge hugs!

  • On coffee, i have low blood pressure and for me it’s a great thing to have my 2–4 cups a day, so much better than medicine because the medis must be taken on a regular basis whereas the coffee can be drunk as required. It won’t kill nor damage a person, as little as alcohol, if they don’t overdo it.

    Animals, it is true that they never get poisoned in nature. Especially cats, if people want to keep them as indoor kitties, should under no circumstances kept alone. Two are the best solution. Single cats are only acceptable if one person is at home, i.e., pensioner, and willing and able to care for their cat intensely — playing, talking to it, grooming, etc. A cat who is alone day by day will die of boredom. If they are outdoor kitties it’s okay since they find variety and stimulation.

    Secondly, indoor cats always need a pot of cat grass. That’s essential for their health (to get hairballs out) and they will leave other plants alone. Unless they throw the pots off the windowsill to entertain their can opener.

    With dogs, normally they don’t poison themselves, however some spanials do. A behavior disturbance caused by breeding.

    • Great advice on the cats Brian! I should’ve known that you’d have something awesome to add on that. Cats aren’t the only ones who shouldn’t be left alone. Dogs suffer even more from loneliness. But get 2 dogs and they’ll play with each other all day long. Happily. ๐Ÿ™‚

      I love it. You consider yourself your cats’ can opener, ha, ha. But I guess that’s kind of how they see us, isn’t it? Cats are masters at not caring what others think. They will not let you ruin their day with your mess. Gotta admire ’em.

      Huge kitty hugs!

  • Melody….I LOVE THIS POST. Although today I had a good excuse for yawning a lot (I was on a 3:30am conference call), there are days, infrequently thanks goodness, where I feel that i can barely move my legs. I am so tired. I know it’s about my emotional state….I respect it rather than fighting it …and sink into nurturing myself and relaxing.

    Animals? OMG….they are tuned into us. My 3 dogs respond to my every move. They know when I’m tense, sad, relaxed, happy, etc. The other day i was walking down my street and saw a horse that was pulling furniture and god knows what else. It looked so tired and sad….. I went up and started talking to her. I know she heard me….it actually broke my heart.

    You’ve given some great answers to these questions. xxooo-Fran

    • Hey Fran!

      Thanks so much for your kind words! Generally, when people are tired or exhausted it means that they’re pushing too hard on something. They’re trying to make something happen while having major resistance towards it or they’re forcing themselves to do something they don’t want to do (but think they have to). Sometimes it’s a bunch of little things piling up, but the theme is the same. You’re not paying attention to how you feel and/or not honoring those feelings (as in, “Yes I hate doing this but I don’t have a choice…)

      Awww. It’s great that you connected with the horse. You were probably a manifestation for him! A little pick me up. Although, I have to say, are you sure the horse was suffering? Tired from working hard and exhausted from fighting something are NOT the same thing. I think there’s something there for you, Fran.

      Is it possible that you attracted this horse (which you perceived to be exhausted from being forced to work and sad about it) because that’s how you sometimes feel? Hmmmm?

      My two cents.

      Melody ๐Ÿ™‚

  • So, I’m super-intrigued by the first question about sleepiness. I am sleepy all the time. Sometimes not so sleep even as just fatigued and feel like I can’t go any further or do anything else. When this happens (almost all the time), I just sleep because it is what I know to do and feels somewhat comfortable. I had wondered if I was resisting something and I know that this is a sign that something is off-kilter in my life. I’ve also really been worried if I had a health problem contributing to it, which still concerns me. Anyway, my question is… How do we find out what we are resisting or what needs to be changed so that we can get back to that natural state of energy? Thanks!

    • Hey Karen,

      1.) Start paying attention to how you feel. Be honest. If something is bugging you, admit it to yourself. Pretending that it doesn’t bug you (perhaps because you assume you can’t change it) doesn’t help.
      2.) When you figure out that you’re feeling badly about something, stop pushing. Ask yourself “what if I didn’t do this?” Does that feel like relief? There’s your answer.
      3.) Acknowledge that whatever the issue is, there’s another way. A way to feel better, even if you don’t know what it is.

      If you’re that exhausted, it’s probably not just one thing, but a whole host of things that you’re doing because you think you have to. The core mindset is most likely that you take responsibility for a whole lotta crap that you can’t actually control. Stop that. ๐Ÿ™‚

      Oh, and you can always get coaching if you’d like some help with the process. (shameless self-serving plug. I know.) ๐Ÿ˜›

      Huge hugs!

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