Today’s awesome question (and it is truly awesome) comes to us from Ismael. He asks “What does it mean to have a high vibration? Does it mean people with higher vibrations are superior or what?”

This question stopped me dead in my tracks. As I pondered it, I realized that it was a much bigger question than I’d first realized. In fact, it’s massive. And then I got really excited. Because I realized that this question was so gigantic, so basic to the laws of the Universe and so all-inclusive that through the process of answering it, I’d be discovering layer after layer of understanding (and I totally did). And I’m certain, that as you read the answer that this incredible and perfect question has evoked, that you’ll notice layer upon layer as well. Are you up for the challenge? Yeah, you are… πŸ™‚

The nuts and bolts of it, which may confuse you. At first…

First of all, there’s really no such thing as an intrinsically high vibration or a low vibration. If we think of energy frequencies, sure, there’s going to be a scale. And some frequencies can be defined as high on that scale, while others are defined as low on that scale. Here’s the problem; actually, there are two problems:

  1. The frequency of activities, subjects and objects in your reality is not determined by them, but your perspective of them.
  2. The Universe doesn’t have one, big scale that applies to everyone. We each get our own scale. I can’t judge whether or not you are a low vibrational person as compared to me or anyone else for that matter. And you can’t either.

Confused yet? Let me explain. And please bear with me for just a second. It’s going to seem like I veer off topic for just a bit, but that’s not the case, I promise. It’ll all come together nicely in the end.

The top of the scale

YOU, Who You Really Are, is much, MUCH bigger than this human you that you see in the mirror. This BIG YOU also has a much bigger perspective than you do. It looks at everything through the eyes of love. The BIG YOU spends all his time in pure, unadulterated, shameless, don’t give a crap what others think about me, joy. The way that the BIG You is looking at something, this perspective, is what determines where it falls on the scale. So, the BIG YOU sets the bar for your personal scale at 100 – your BIG perspective is always at the top.

Is everyone’s inner being in the same place? In other words, if BIG ME is at 100 and BIG YOU is at 100, are they hanging out at the same frequency? Nope. Because my 100 and your 100 are different. How can that be? Isn’t all of non-physical floating about in a high frequency? Yes, relatively speaking. But again, there’s not ONE Universal scale that everyone gets measured by or compared to.

Whose vibration is higher?

Consider Bob. Bob loves to work on cars. He spends all of his weekends working on cars. Nothing gives him greater joy than to take a piece of junk and get it running again. So, for Bob, working on Cars evokes an emotion that equates to 100 on his scale. Nothing bothers him at that moment, he would forgive anything, he’s fully present in the moment and can’t even consider being angry or jealous or any other negative emotion. He’s just happy.

Bob’s wife Karen, couldn’t care less about Cars. She adores her grand children. When she’s with them, she sees life through their innocent, pure, playful eyes. She forgets herself and immerses herself completely in the NOW. All her troubles disappear and if she does consider them, they seem petty and unnecessary. For Karen, playing with her grandchildren, puts her at 100 on her personal scale.

Whose scale is higher, Bob’s or Karen’s? Before you answer, let me go further.

The sliding scale

So, Bob reaches 100, or pure joy, confidence, knowing and happiness while fixing up cars. So today, right this second, working on a ’69 Chevy rings his bells in a way that nothing else can. He waxes lyrical about that Chevy and spends hours and hours happily trolling internet sites, garage sales and junk yards in search for parts. Anything he doesn’t know about Chevys, he learns. By the time the car is finished, he’s a verifiable expert on the ’69 Chevy. Ask anyone.

But what do you think Bob will do when he’s finished that ’69 Chevy? Go out and get another one just like the first and fix that one up, too? Since most of Bob’s joy comes from the challenge of learning all the secrets of a particular model, finding the sources for the parts he needs and tinkering with the motor until it works, in short, since most of his joy comes from the process, the idea of simply buying another Chevy and repeating the exact experience he just had doesn’t appeal. In fact, it sounds boring. He’d be able to fix it up in a fraction of the time. It would be easy. He already knows the engine and parts are just a phone call away. But therein lies the rub.

Bob’s already had the experience of fixing up a ’69 Chevy. If he did it again, he wouldn’t have the same emotional experience. He’d be going through the motions, but the joy of figuring out how to tweak the carburetor just so, learning a new insider trick on how to eek just a little more power out of the engine, or that moment when he found that last, elusive, authentic part, would all be lost. Rebuilding a ’69 Chevy is no longer at 100. Bob’s been there and done that. Now, the idea of fixing up a 1972 Jaguar XK-E makes him light up like a Christmas tree.

What has a higher frequency? Fixing up a ’69 Chevy or a ’72 Jaguar? Do you see how that question is impossible to answer? That’s because you can’t tell which one is higher for Bob. Only Bob can tell. The actual activity of fixing up either car doesn’t have a certain vibration (at least not in Bob’s experience). It’s how Bob perceives those activities that determine the frequency of any given experience in his life. And since that perspective is always changing, so is Bob’s own personal scale.

It’s not better or worse to feel true joy for one experience rather than another. Oh, we (the little we) sure like to try to judge our world that way. It’s better to give than to receive (you can’t give if no one’s willing to receive); it’s better to want spiritual things than material things (everything is spirit); it’s better to want a nice, safe career than to want to be an artist (unless of course by “better” you mean “happier”). From a Universal point of view, no experience is intrinsically better or worse. But there are better and worse feeling perspectives for each and everyone one of us.

How your inner being chooses that 100

Let’s say that you are looking at an experience of something you don’t like. This will cause you to formulate a desire – generally the opposite of whatever you’re looking at. Your inner being, Who You Really Are, will find the purest form of that desire. This means that when your higher self focuses on a subject, it does so without fear, without limitation, without judgment, without a doubt that you can have what you want, without any thoughts of what could possibly go wrong, and with full confidence and knowledge that you can not only have that best version of your desire, but that you completely deserve it. And at that moment, that pure desire comes to represent your own personal 100 on that subject.

Now you, in your human form, generally don’t look at any subject with the perspective of your inner being. You may be nowhere near that 100. You’re wondering how you can have that thing that you want. You have all kinds of beliefs that contradict what you want. And the more contradictory thoughts and beliefs you have about that subject, the further away you are from the perspective of your inner being, the “lower” your frequency and the worse you feel.

The less resistance you have, the less you contradict what you want (on any subject), the closer you are to having the perspective of Who You Really Are, the “higher” your vibration and the better you feel.

So, what does it mean to have a high vibration?

When I refer to someone with a high vibration, I’m talking about someone with very little resistance, someone who is very close to sharing the perspective of Who They Really Are, someone who is close to their own, personal 100.

And because we never have any idea where someone’s 100 is, we can’t possibly know exactly where their vibration is at. Sure, we can observe their emotional state and get an indication, but we can’t really know where their own personal 100 is, exactly how close they are to it, or how they should go about getting there.

Nor can we ever make a statement that one person has a higher vibration than another. I can say with certainty that my own vibration has risen drastically over the years. I am much closer to seeing everything from the perspective of my inner being than I’ve ever been. I feel better than I ever have. I’m a happy shiny puppy now, but that wasn’t always the case. Have my interests changed? Yes. Are the things I’m interested in now more “spiritual” or “worthy” than those things I used to find joy in? Absolutely not. Just because I got bored with something at some point doesn’t make that subject “bad” somehow. It simply no longer rings my bells. And I’m certain that my interests will continue to change. They must. Because once I’ve had a certain experience, my perspective of it will be forever changed. I won’t be able to get the same kick out of repeating the exact same scenario over and over again. And as long as I allow myself to keep up with those changes and don’t try to hold on to old interests for the sake of nostalgia or whatever, as long as I keep focusing on whatever is giving me joy at that moment, I’ll continue to raise my vibration. I’ll continue to move closer and closer to achieving the perspective of my inner being.

People with “higher” vibrations are not superior to those with “lower” vibrations. They’re simply allowing themselves to enjoy the ride more. They’re not getting into their own way as much; they’re not contradicting the energy of what they want as much; they’re manifesting more of what they personally want than what they personally don’t want; they’re focusing more on things that give them joy rather than on things that don’t; they’re experiencing less frustration, less anger, less sadness and more joy, confidence, knowing and happiness.

It’s your vibration – deal with it

And here’s the beautiful thing: No matter what your vibration is, you have the power to figure out what your 100 is on any given subject and focus on that in a way that moves you closer to that pure desire. You have the power to raise your vibration on any given subject. If the majority of the subjects that you focus on carry a high vibration for you, your overall emotional state will be positive, hopeful and happy. If the majority of the subjects that you focus on carry a low vibration for you, your overall emotional state will be frustrated, angry, depressed. But again, you have the power to change that emotional state deliberately in every moment. It’s never too late and it’s never not possible. And all you have to do is to find a different perspective – one that feels better and therefore, has a higher vibration as defined by your very own, personal vibrational scale.

I told you this post was going to be a fun ride! Did I lie?

Now it’s time for you to share your thoughts. This post felt incredibly important to me and I had an absolute blast discovering the answers I presented here (layers and layers of them). What about you? Was the answer clear to you? Did you reach new levels of understanding? Share in the comments! πŸ™‚

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  • Thank you! I googled “do serial killers have a lower frequency” and this gem is what I found. While my original google question is not answered, I do feel like I have clarity on what personal vibrational state is. And I know just the friend I’ll be sharing this with. Thank you for the excellent article! I found myself reading it aloud, as though I were teaching a class. And I only do that when I find something I can sink my teeth into. <3

  • Hi Melody,

    “a major obstacle that you haven’t yet discovered and released. And the force of that conflict is causing the depression. You, my dear, are not a low vibe person, for the most part.”

    Why, thankyou. How do we discover that main obstacle???? This would be amazing and life changing if what you say is true.

    This is a magnificent reply! I hope people get to see you definitions of high and low vibrations AND what they actually mean.
    I’m sure this has been misunderstood by many readers on your site–as you said those words are loaded.

    “This has been proven in experiments several times, BTW – with doctors or energy workers meditating on violent prison inmates every day for months. They never interacted, it was all remote. And the prisoners showed vast improvements in their behavior and demeanor.”

    I wish I had doctors and energy workers meditating on my well being! Amazing. I’d give permission to create in my space if it were for something beneficial.

    Is this manipulation? (old ideas of karma, voodoo, and wives tales about love spells and the punishments of trying to influence others come to mind)

    A fantastic answer in general and very detailed.

    Now with the killer, I still believe that if a victim WANTS to die and the killer does it swiftly like with a single shot or using a very sharp blade in an efficient manner—they may not be that far from doing a public service. I’m sure if I had some awful terminal disease I’d rather a trained hitman sniper me than die slowly in hospital.
    The killer is a much better answer to someone manifesting death.

    Have you ever written about assisted suicide, abortion or any other topical thing about life and death such as cloning?
    I feel your views would be fascinating.

    • Hey Kane,

      You’re very welcome. Finding and removing those obstacles is what this whole blog is about. It’s also why I publish coaching calls (not free). Listeners can see how beliefs are shifted again and again, on different issues. I just replied to Alice in the following post and gave more info (link is to my comment):

      I’ve heard of monasteries where one can go and get meditated on. It’s supposed to have massive potential for raising one’s vibration. I’ve never done that though.

      It’s not manipulation. It’s still your vibration and you can allow someone else to raise you (or bring you down) or not. Although, even if it was manipulation, if happiness is the outcome, is that really a bad thing?

      I have a post coming up about suicide (not sure if I’ll have room to include the assisted bit, that’s kind of a different issue anyway). If I’m inspired to write about abortion, I will. I’ve tackled quite a few controversial topics already, I’m sure I’ll continue to do so. Just today I received a question about when the spirit enters the fetus. I do plan on answering that. Controversial enough for you? 8)

      Huge hugs!


      • Oh yeah,

        And I know you have! Religion, organ transplants, traditonal medicine, karma not really existing– many a bomb shell to people and saying stealing isn’t evil… yeah your latest blogs have been firing them all off in the controversy area but… people have been LOVING them!


        Oh the suicide blog… Now that I would read with great interest.

        As for when the spirit enters the feotus…I really hope your answer doesn’t get all pro-life and all that…
        Cause, I think a woman has the right to an abortion as nothing worse than forcing pregnancy on someone not prepared and no interest in raising a child… post-natal depression for the mother..maybe suicide…
        And a child that feels unwanted or a burden….

        Also they go on about adoption.., but they don’t consider that the mother wouldn’t want to give away the child once it was born and held it in her arms.
        So then it’s a horrible situation of someone who didn’t want to be a mother..forced into motherhood…but doesn’t want to part with the child either.
        At least abortion stops this from happening and gives the couple a second chance to be more careful and to have children IF and when they are ready…or never at all.

        Is unwanted pregnancy a negative manifestation… There’s so many couples out there in a panic like that.

        • Wow. Just mentioning that topic has already stirred so much up, lol.

          I’m not going to give you my answer, but instead ask you this:
          Having read as much of my work as you have, what do you think is the likely hood that I will declare myself pro-life and shun all abortionists as baby killers, eh? What do you think are the chances that I will judge either side as wrong?

          I may point out that a belief here and there is total BS, but I will never declare any view to be totally wrong.

          I knew this was going to be a controversial topic and your response here mirrors that. It also gave me more points to address, so thanks for that.

          I’ll wait until that post is ready to come out. When it does, I’m sure it’ll stir up some sh*t. πŸ˜›

          Huge hugs!


  • I can understand why this question was asked. πŸ™‚ It is excellent.
    Didn’t comment before as I had a feeling more answers for this would come. Then make one big comment.

    The obvious answer is “NO” as who the hell is “superior” to anyone as they peer at the world down their noses, over the top of glasses, in their leather armchairs with one eyebrow raised quizzically at the peasants and low vibrational people… πŸ™‚ haha!

    Because it seems the definition of “HIGH vibration” is simply someone who is happy in multiple areas of life for an extended time period.

    So the “LOW” people (high an low does come with their own connotations and implications– so saying one has a HIGH vibration does come off arrogant.)
    Are simply depressed people?

    Depressed = low vibration? Happy = High????

    Because that’s a pretty silly way of viewing high or low vibrations!

    That means the serial killer that stabs 100 people and feels joy from the stabbing is a high vibrational being.
    Now, now you can’t flip flop and say “but killing harms someone, therefore = low vibe person”
    Or that it’s anger coming powerlessness and the killing is a release etc etc etc…..
    What if the person genuinely enjoys killing? It’s fun. It’s a sport and those people may want to die anyway. The stabber brought them release from their resistance.
    Someone had to do that killing. πŸ™‚ Jokes aside I’m quite serious. Is that really so bad? Person wants to die and someone provides the service. That’s murder from a LOA perspective really. Seeing the victim attracted that. People designing their own reality and all that jazz.
    Someone manifests a murder, therefore the murderer is doing a public service. The role of the grim reaper. So they might get some job satisfaction along the way. In this case they could quite possibly be indeed a high vibe stabby person. πŸ™‚

    Now we have established the extreme possibility that a murderer could love their job and be in a high vibrational place (remember non-judgement just because we don’t like killing doesn’t make it any less a valid happiness choice) and if they are a high vibe person.. Does that make them enlightened?

    Believe it or not I’ve had periods of happiness. Joy and love. Everything seemed to be going well.
    Would I qualify as being High Vibe? Well according to this perspective- yes.

    But the reality? Probably not. I was still full of resistance. Must have been, otherwise I wouldn’t be back here. On the LOW end of the ladder of life.

    And then it’s terminology or semantics. I see people on your blog– including high vibe people that you say are High vibe, like guest bloggers and high vibe commenters using the High and Low labels that imply a tag of “this is better behaviour than that”

    HALT. That is judgement. Rewind the tape. What really is High Vibe? I thought there were no polarities?

    Best example I can use from my real experience. Myself. Major Depression. That’s Low Vibe, right?
    Yet, I do supposedly “high vibe” things.
    See the best in others, root for the “bad guy” or the “underdog”, deemed the eternal optimist, see the best rather than the worst, value creativity over imperfections….

    Now campare to happy people. Are they high vibe? I’ve seen many a happier person than me that is full of cruelty and mockery.

    Take the latest example of a NLP caoch who claims to be the happiest, confident person in the world, succeeding and rolling in the riches.
    Hmm. Yet they openly scorn me. Mock me. Does mean things. But guess who’s happier? The jerk or me?

    Well, this questions what exactly a high vibrational person is- and- if a depressed person makes the grade?

    Dun Dun Dun!!!!! Now that’s something to chew on!! πŸ™‚

    • Hey Kane,

      You make an excellent point, and I’d love to explore it. I agree that “high” and “low” are still words loaded with judgement. But they are not high or low as compared to other people. It’s high or low based on the vibration of your own inner being.

      I cannot accurately judge how happy you are. But you can tell if that you’re in pain. Or, I (personally) can feel how much discord there is when you think about what you want (how many obstacles are in your way and how far away you are from what you want).

      First of all, feeling depressed does not necessarily mean you are a low vibe person. It could also mean (and I feel this is the case of you) that you have powerful desire and a major obstacle that you haven’t yet discovered and released. And the force of that conflict is causing the depression. You, my dear, are not a low vibe person, for the most part.

      And yes, it’s possible to have a lower vibration on one subject and a higher one on another. What our vibration actually is, is very complex. And this is why we really can’t judge anyone else’s vibration. But it’s helpful to know that you can go higher and what that feels like.

      Now, this is my understanding and belief, and you don’t have to share it. But no one that is killing someone else is truly happy (resistance free). Killing can feel good – relatively speaking. When you’re in that much pain, hurting someone else feels better than where you’re at, and so it can feel good. But let’s say that individual where to raise his vibration, move into a more empowered state and feel truly better. He would lose the urge to kill. It would simply no longer appeal. This has been proven in experiments several times, BTW – with doctors or energy workers meditating on violent prison inmates every day for months. They never interacted, it was all remote. And the prisoners showed vast improvements in their behavior and demeanor.

      And you’re right. If there is no judgment, then killing also isn’t wrong (another version of the argument I made in the post about why stealing isn’t “wrong”.) But does it serve us? If the person is killing as a release, to truly feel better, it would be one thing if that actually worked. But the release is temporary. The underlying problem persists. And so, the killing is a band aid solution at best. There is a better way.

      I wouldn’t go so far as to say that murderers are doing a public service. But yes, the victims must also be a match to the experience. And they manifest their death, which is simply a way to manifest a major release, in this way. For me, personally, the solution is to raise the vibration of all of society. That way, the murderers will stop feeling the need to kill, and society will no longer need to have it’s beliefs mirrored back to it by public, horrible killings. As for the victims, you really don’t know what they manifested. Did they suffer? You can’t know. And so, for them, it could’ve been a quick and easy exit.

      Ultimately, we all have to decide what kind of world we want to live in. Most of us agree that we don’t like the idea of killing. We’d like to live in a world where people feel empowered, instead. For me, personally, that means giving my focus to solutions – we know that locking people up doesn’t really solve the problem. It actually breeds more violence. So, we are not getting what we want. But we can, if we let the right solution in.

      Now, someone who actually wants to live in a world where murderers reign supreme could manifest that, too. But I have yet to come across someone who truly enjoyed chaos. There was always some other motivation behind it.

      My two cents.

      Huge hugs!

  • This is great, Melody! I do get it! Here is one question I need clarification on. I also posted it on another post. Sorry about that. This is actually the appropriate place for it. How about of you are spending most of the time making yourself feel better and not really getting any work done? That is, you are not so much a busy bee, a worker ant but a party animal making yourself feel better because it’s necessary? I know LOA does not penalize but when will the work get done?

  • Melody, I like this. It addresses a fundamental problem in religion also. There’s no such thing as a universal right and wrong, however there is peace or suffering. We have the ability to choose which one we are going to experience.

    • Thanks Joshua,

      I’m so glad you resonated with this post. That’s what it all comes down to, no? What are we choosing in each moment with our focus? I choose peace. And Hugs. Lot of happy shiny puppy hugs. πŸ™‚

      Huge hugs!

  • Be inspired but not compare. I like that a lot.

    You are confirming so much that I’m learning about being my authentic self and allowing others to be their authentic selves as well, allowing them to follow their path and enjoying the time that our paths intersect. Sometimes that’s easier said than done, but I am working on it daily.

    • Hey Christina,

      It’s a process for all of us and it always will be. You’re just going to get better and better and find more and more layers to shift and release. They will get more and more subtle, though, as you fine tune, but as you evolve, the growth will never stop. And really, would you want it to? πŸ™‚

      Huge hugs!

  • Hi Melody,

    Don’t love and hatred/loathing (and everything in between) have something to do with frequencies? And can they not be some sort of objective scale? If in the example of Bob and Karen both have reached the 100 of their personal scale (their perspective of things), then that means that both of them are absolutely in love, the one with his car and the other with her grandchildren. The feeling is the same and as such they must resonate with and love eachother too. And when you are so much in love, you are in a state of mind that you will take some interest in whatever the beloved one is interested in too, purely for his or her sake. The same goes for the other end of the scale. If two people hate their respective jobs e.g., or one hates his job and the other one her husband, they may be equally miserable, resulting in the same kind of behaviour.

    To me something like an objective scale does not necessarily mean that there is judgment. Higher does not have to be better than lower. Like the Big You you used as an example sent the little you down into this material realm in order to have experiences for All of You that you cannot have in the higher realms. Exploring the different vibrations can be exciting and bring you more awareness as long as there is no judgment.

    And certainly the fact that people resonate with things or not seems to imply that when two people resonate with the same thing they must be around the same level of a vibrational scale, even if only relating to that subject. And of course all that has everything to do with perspective.



    • Hey Anny,

      You raise some really interesting points.

      Our emotions do not have frequencies of their own, they are indicators of distance between frequencies. So, let’s say that I’m generally happy. There are still thoughts out there that can evoke anger from me, because they are a certain distance away from where my 100 currently is. Now, the thought that evokes anger in me might be a thought that someone who is depressed wouldn’t even have access to, because it would seem like bliss to them. It’s all relative. So anger does not have the same frequency for me as it does for a depressed person.

      When you love someone, of course, you will become somewhat interested in what they are interested in. When you focus on them, you can see the world through their eyes. And as long as they are focused in a joyful way, it’s beneficial to both. You see the interests they love through their eyes, and even if they don’t totally rock your boat, you can certainly appreciate those things, because you’re seeing all the best and most exciting qualities. But if the one you love focuses on something negatively, like hating his job, then it would do you well NOT to focus on that part of him, NOT to see his experience through his eyes, but to find the perspective of you own inner being. Of course, most people don’t do that, but that’s just because they don’t know that they have a choice.

      Two people could have absolutely no interests in common and still focus on each other and become a match to each other. Notice, I didn’t mention an emotion. You can become a loving match to each other, or a hating match to each other. All it takes is focus.

      But let’s say that you and I have nothing in common except one thing (it’s never that simple, but for the sake of argument). We meet because of our enjoyment of mystery novels, for example. Now, mystery novels, like any subject, have the ability to satisfy a whole range of vibrations. So, I might LOVE mystery novels, while you are intrigued by them. I may adore reading them, while you study them and dream of writing one yourself. We do not feel the same emotion, and yet, we are both a positive match to mystery novels and in close enough range to each other in order to converge. We do not have to be at the same frequency, though. Let’s say that you are a really positive, passionate person, and I’m kind of a grump. So, if there were an objective scale, I’d be sitting around a 30 most days, while you’re hanging around an 80. And my inner being’s 100 is a 60 on the big, objective scale. While your inner being’s 100 is actually 100 in the big scale. Now, when I look at mystery novels, I’ll be raised to a 60 on the big scale, while you are at a 90, for example, You’d thing that would be too far to be apart. But because there is no big, objective scale, my pure joy and your passion and curiosity match us up on that one subject, even though the actual frequency is not the same. And this is a very simplified view. This is why it can get very, very complex when you try to dissect how certain people have come into your experience, people that you don’t think should be there. But if you focus on how you feel and how they feel to you, it becomes clear.

      Wow, even the comments of this post are evoking more and more new explanations (actually, my dear Anny, you always do…) πŸ™‚

      Huge happy shiny puppy hugs!

      • Hi Melody,

        Thank you for your answer. First of all, I mentioned some kind of objective scale, but of course I know that in the grand scheme of things there is no objective anything. However, right now we are living in 3D and for a reason. Because we wanted to and because duality gives us tools to distinguish, to compare, to contrast and as such to enlarge our awareness. So as long as we know that it is not an objective Reality – it is even called illusion from a higher viewpoint – it is a reality to us in the game we are playing. And everything is always a matter of perspective, that goes without saying.

        In the example of Bob and Karen both are totally in love and as such can relate to the other one’s feeling of being totally in love. And when they are talking about that they resonate. However, if Bob hates his job, I absolutely agree that Karen should not resonate with that but find her own perspective and maybe help Bob to see it from that, or an equal, perspective too.

        As far as people becoming a match to each other, I agree that you can do that in totally different ways. But maybe they do it for totally different reasons too. Unconsciously you might want to learn to handle certain situations or types of people e.g. when you choose to make a hate match with someone. In that case I do not imagine you can ever resonate with one another, unless in a common feeling of hatred.

        I like your example of the mystery novel. I do indeed love them! But I think that the actual mystery novel plays a secondary role here. If I love them and you are only intrigued by them, to turn things around, I do not think we would necessarily have to resonate. But if I love them and you love books on foreign countries, then we might resonate in our love for books. And if we are both very openminded and curious how other people feel and see things, then we might resonate over mystery novels too but not so much because of the type of novel but because of our openmindedness.

        I love trying to figure all this out but at the same time it is very difficult because it is all very illusive. In this way of course you can never reach an objective Truth but maybe some pointers which point us in the right direction. And of course you have to examine all angles too.

        And as far as resonating is concerned. Does the octave come into this at all? I do not really know very much about music but do not higher and lower octaves resonate with eachother, and if so, where does that bring us in this respect? If so, Big You (or Me) might resonate with small you (or me) after all under certain circumstances. And we might match on our respective scales.



        • Hi Melody,

          I reread the comment I just submitted and saw that I wrote ‘illusive’ somewhere near the end. I meant ‘elusive’.



        • O. M. G. I hadn’t even thought of the whole octave thingy. That’s a whole new angle! I LOVE IT!!! Anny, you always manage to take thoughts further. Thank you so much for playing here!

          The ways in which we can become a match to each other are so complex and so infinite, it’s impossible for us to keep track of it or even really fully understand it (it’s fun trying though, eh?) But luckily we don’t have to. That’s precisely what LOA does. I think it’s easier to understand how all of this works when we look at our own lives. I can’t really know what Bob and Karen are experiencing, but I can know my own experience and figure out what inside me matched me up with another person. I can’t know exactly why I’m in THEIR life, because I can’t know all of their experience, but I can figure out my own perspective. And then things make sense, because that’s the only perspective that I have enough data on to let me make sense of it. And then it becomes fun. πŸ™‚

          Huge hugs to you!


          • I almost had not either. That is why it is at the end, put in in the last second!

            And it certainly is fun. It does not matter whether you are right or wrong because you can only get it right if you look into all the angles. And you feel it when you are heading in the right direction.



  • When will people get over this ‘better/ worse’ thing; good/bad, etc? Also, a high vibration does not = happy and low = sad. Everything has a unique rate of vibration-it’s what makes one thing different from another. In a way it is your 4th dimension-length, width, depth, rate of vibration = you, a rock, a ladybug, etc. That is why you are so uniquely and perfectly YOU. And, we also have different bodies, physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. When talking vibrations, all depends on which ones you are talking about. Your ‘spiritual’ vibration is always 100, but you must be aware of it, to experience it.

    • LOL Philip, this is a pretty ingrained belief, so I think it might still take us a while, collectively. πŸ™‚ But isn’t that the challenge? Figuring out the intrinsic okayness of everything? And feeling the utter joy of finding it, over and over again, in new and different ways? Ooooh, I love this stuff! πŸ™‚

      Thanks for being here!!

      Huge happy shiny puppy hugs!

  • Hello again amazing Melody!

    I absolutely LOVED this post! I’m glad you pointed out that even in spirituality we can’t compare ourselves to anyone else. I’ve come to realize (through reading more & more on spirituality) that it can’t in anyway be compared to someone else’s path, because each one of us has an absolutely unique path, purpose, and plan for being here so there’s no possible comparison.

    I use to compare myself to others all the time…and I felt miserable! Now I rarely do that and I’m perfectly happy (and thankful) that no one else could possibly be like me, and vice versa. I still sometimes find a stray thought of comparing trying to perk it’s head up in my mind, but I’ve become more able to shove it back down and keep on doing me. It’s an amazing feeling to not want to compare myself to anyone else…a huge, depressing weight has disappeared off of me.

    Filled with happy, shiny, puppy hugs!!

    Thank you for the great post!

    <3 – Cassandra

    • Hey Cassandra!

      Isn’t it wonderful how great it feels when we let go of the need to compare ourselves to others? And how ridiculous the idea of it seems once we’ve made that shift (where before it seemed so important?). And there are more and more layers of this understanding waiting for us. For example, I routinely still discover how I am comparing myself to others in subtle ways. And when I discover these, I release them and it brings me closer and closer to the perspective of my inner being. It’s by finding these small pieces of discord that I am able to find my way. They point the way. πŸ™‚

      Huge happy shiny puppy and kitten and bunny hugs. I’m stepping up my game. πŸ˜€


  • lots of things to think about! I still sort of ‘feel’ that people with ‘higher’ vibrations are more enlightened.. but maybe that’s my ego talking. πŸ˜‰ I loved the way you explained this and how you painted the examples.

    • Hey Janet,

      You feel a resonance with people with a “higher” vibration. A recognition and a desire, not to be where they are, but to be closer to Who You Really Are. And that’s good. But you can’t compare yourself to them. That’s like looking at someone who finished a triathlon. You admire them for doing it. And then you start a race on skis. And you keep looking at the guy from the triathlon, thinking “I wish I could do what he did.” Only, you didn’t start off at the same starting point, your race is not the same length, your goals are not in the same place, and instead of running and biking and swimming, you’re skiing. You can’t compare. You can be inspired by his success, but you can’t compare. πŸ™‚

      Huge hugs!

  • Hi Melody,

    What a great post! Woohoo! You always come up with such fascinating topics.

    So, Who We Really Are has a 100% perspective – pure joy. And we physical beings are fumbling around trying to get there. And the totally cool irony is that the more we enjoy the fumbling around – the challenges, the mistakes, the arggg-why-did-I-do-that, the hmmmmm… then the closer we get to the Who We Really Are perspective of pure joy!

    I’m in the middle of one of those arggg times, and still feeling kind of floaty/detached. As in, “hmmm… that really pushed my buttons.” And, “yuk, that did too. Why do I let that get to me?” Hee hee. Who I Really Am is right here watching as physical me tries (laughingly) to figure out why I can’t manage to be Who I Really Am.

    Sometimes I feel like a dog, barking with glee as I chase my own tail.

    Happy baby unicorn hugs,

    Mary Carol

    • Hey Mary Carol,

      Actually, it’s mostly my readers who come up with the fascinating topics. It was Ismael’s question that sparked the answer, I just provided it (and I do take credit for that.) This is why I love questions so much. Otherwise, everyone benefits only from MY questions, and well, I have a lot but they are limited. But when others’ questions are thrown into the mix, the whole picture becomes that much bigger and grander. Yay!

      I want to clarify one thing, from my point of view: Your inner being isn’t just watching you as you figure it out. It enjoys the process right along with you. Your inner being rejoices at the perspective you currently have and rejoices every time you find a better feeling one. It enjoys every step of the way, it just never suffers with you. Our higher selves enjoy even the most painful of points of view because they all add new nuances to the wanted, creating a greater and greater spectrum of experiences. And after all, it’s all about the experiences. πŸ™‚ I hope that makes sense. That was new. πŸ™‚

      Oooh, baby unicorn hugs! I love it!!!!

      Field of sleeping puppies snuggles,


      • Hi again Melody,

        You said what I meant! Thanks! I get caught up in pronouns, and of course my Soul is right inside enjoying every experience. The closer I get to enjoying every experience, the closer I am to the Soul’s perspective. Words are slippery little suckers (nod to Pretty Woman!).

        More hugs,


        • Ha Ha Mary Carol. No worries. I knew what you meant, but I just wanted to clarify it for anyone else reading it so the full measure of your wisdom would be heard.

          πŸ™‚ Yay!


  • Fantastic post, Melody. You can only ever see things from your own perspective – no one gets your take on things in the way you do. There’s really no point in comparing yourself with anyone else. The only true comparison is how you’re vibrating now compared to how you were before – are you more consistently hanging out in that higher vibe place? Wayne Dyer says ‘true nobility is not being better than someone else. It’s being better than you used to be.’
    Love it,
    Lib xox

    • Hey Lib,

      Exactly! Love the Wayne Dyer quote. For me, it was important to not only realize that we shouldn’t compare ourselves with others, but that we can’t. Once I understood that comparison is utterly impossible, because the criteria just aren’t the same (like looking at a bird and beating up on yourself for not also being able to fly), it brought a lot of relief. And writing this post clarified that point in a whole new way. πŸ™‚

      Thanks for being here!


  • I understand the joy from doing some great project and then moving on to another to recreate that excitement. /but what about the things that continue on in our lives like caring for a handicapped child, or having a relationship with the same partner. Are you saying that we have to move from one project to another looking for the 100 high. ?That can’t be right. or am I missing something in your statement?

    • Hi Victoria,

      You never HAVE to do anything. But you are always evolving, no matter what. Now, if you are caring for a handicapped child, that child will evolve and so will your relationship. And as it does, you will find joy in slightly (or sometimes vastly) different thoughts, aspects or activities. And of course it’s possible to find supreme joy in the same activity for years, but you will still evolve in subtle ways in it. For example, you may enjoy rooting for a certain sports team. You love the game, the players, everything about it. Even losing isn’t so bad, because you enjoy the game so much. And you’ve loved it for 20 years. But there will be a subtle evolution in HOW you enjoy the game. You’ll have learned more about it, more about the players, the players will have changed over time, as will the coaches and the opposing teams.

      When you’re in a relationship for a long time, the person that you’re in that relationship is evolving just as you are. And how fun is it to keep coming together, keep getting to know each other and find joy in each others’ company over and over again? You don’t have to give up the person you’re in a relationship with in order to keep up with your own evolution. But you will have to keep up with who you and they are becoming in each moment to keep hitting those 100’s. Because as you evolve, the best version of YOU (the purest form of YOU) will evolve. And so will the best version of your partner. And if you keep finding that new, better and better version of them, you’ll continue to feel that high that you felt the first time you met (or realized that you were in love…). I used the car example because was a simple way to explain a very complex subject. But in reality, our movement from one 100 to the next is much more subtle than that.

      Does that make sense?

      Huge hugs!

  • Interesting, and I have a question: You know all this HOW exactly? I mean, why should I believe you? Thanks.

    • Hi Mike,

      You don’t have to believe me and I would never ask you to. I suggest that you believe YOU. That means, when you read something and it resonates with you, believe that. If it doesn’t, dismiss it. That way, you don’t actually believe 100% of what someone says just because you’ve deemed them an authority. But nor would you dismiss everything that someone says because you’ve decided that they aren’t worthy of being listened to. YOU get to decide in each moment, conversation by conversation, point by point, what resonates with you and what doesn’t.

      But to answer your question on how I know all of this: I’ve been seeking and studying this stuff for a couple of decades. Most of my knowledge these days comes from accessing higher frequencies (what some people might call channeling, but which I don’t because it makes it seem like not everyone could do it, which they can). Essentially, I’ve spent years practicing allowing more and more clarity to come through. But, this is MY clarity and is being offered to all those who resonate with it. So, if my words make sense to you and feel good to you, keep reading, they are a manifestation for you – an answer to a question you’ve been asking. If not, they’re simply not for you, and your answer lies somewhere else (but you will find it).

      But it’s also ok for you to not believe even that. πŸ™‚

      Huge happy shiny puppy hugs,


  • Hi Melody,

    I’ve been so busy lately it’s been hard to come regularly to your blog, but here I am again. by the way I contacted you through your contact form and received an email saying that it might take a while, but that you will reply. So, I guess there is still a change that you will right?

    Now, back to your post. I really love how you explain VERY CLEARLY what it means to have high vibrations and that it doesn’t make anyone inferior or superior. The fact that some people might feel that way is because we leave in a world where everything is measured or compare to something else. We are programmed to think like the system we are born and grow up in, but the universe is a totally different story, thankfully.

    Thanks for that great info, Melody πŸ™‚

    • Hey Sylviane,

      I actually replied to your mail the very next day, but got a message from the server that it didn’t go through. I tried to reply to the mail that you use here for your comments and got an auto-reply, so it seemed that this one did go through, but perhaps you didn’t get it. Can you maybe mail me again and I’ll reply to that address [use melody (at) deliberatereceiving (dot) com] and see if that goes through? (I said I’d love to, by the way…) πŸ™‚

      Thanks so much for your kind words. We are so intent on comparing each other to well, each other. But that’s not how the Universe sees things. We’re all in this together. Always. πŸ™‚

      Huge hugs!

  • Wow…now that was juicy…. you have truly outdone yourself this time. What a kick A$$ post Melody. I thoroughly enjoyed and resonated with it. You are so right. Too many, many times we compare ourselves to others with much disappointment. I loved how you bring spirituality where it should be…within. No race, no competition, no winner, no loser, etc. just pure self-fullness. Find your 100 and raise the roof! πŸ™‚

    Waggin’ my happy shiny puppy tail to this one!

    • Thanks so much Kim! I felt the hugeness of it when I heard the question. I couldn’t wait to answer it (cause I wanted to know the answer fully, too). πŸ™‚

      I’m so, SO glad it also resonated with you.

      Huge happy shiny puppy hugs (Smoosh! Smoosh!)


    • Dear Melody,
      Thank you so much for this eye opening mail on vibrations. Its your own choice as to how to increase or decrease your vibration. Am truly glad that I am becoming a happier and shinier puppy. Appreciate all the good work and knowledge shared by you. God Bless.
      Can you write something more on attracting the right people whom you love into your life constantly!!

      • Hi Veena,

        Thanks so much for your kind words.

        I’ve written quite a bit about relationships, but of course, I will write more. Don’t you worry. As long as there are questions, I won’t run out of answers to access. πŸ™‚

        Huge hugs!

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