I don’t do a lot of book reviews. I get a lot of requests for them, but I usually decline, or change my mind a couple of pages into the first chapter (I wouldn’t publish a negative book review. Why give attention to something I don’t like?). But when Angela Artemis asked me if I’d like to take a look at her new book The Intuition Principle – How To Attract The Life You Dream Of, I already had a really good feeling. Angela is a friend of mine, a fellow blogger, intuitive guide, an expert on intuition and just one of the most aligned people I know (and I know a few). Whatever she had to say was bound to be valuable. And I wasn’t disappointed.

For those of you who have been looking for your next great read – something that will raise your vibration and give you concrete tools on how to align with Who You Really Are, look no further.

Full disclosure: I’m not an Amazon Affiliate. I make no money off of the sale of this book. I’m sharing it with you here simply because I think if offers incredible value to my audience.

The Basics – what the book is about

Essentially, this book delivers exactly what the title says: It’s about how to develop your intuition and use it as a tool to help you align with the life you truly want. But it could’ve just as well been called “How to Become Authentic”, or “How to Line Up With What You Want”, or “How to Become a Happy Shiny Puppy.”

Angela makes a fantastic case for WHY you should learn to listen to your intuition and gives real life examples of how your life can change (often drastically) when you tune into inner guidance. Her writing inspires the reader, not just to deliberately become more intuitive, but to become Who They Really Are, to live fully and fearlessly and discover their “fabulousity factor”. She ties learning to use your intuition to become more authentic into a beautiful vision of the future (much the same as mine): the next step in our evolution is to become a fully self-aware, cooperative, intuitive, awake society filled with individuals who understand how they are connected, how to truly benefit themselves, each other and the world in general, and who live deliberately instead of reactively.

Here’s a quote from the book which I found particularly inspiring: “Something happened when you were fully clothed in your suit of flesh: you lost that sense of excitement and fearlessness. Now you are just playing it as safe as possible until your time runs out. That is not really living… People who listen to their intuition are living fully.”

To Angela, listening to your intuition is akin to learning to read life’s instruction manual, something I couldn’t agree more with. When we finally realize that life doesn’t have to be nearly as hard as we’ve been making it out to be and that moving into ease and grace is as simple as learning to hear your inner voice (and having the courage to follow it), living becomes a whole lot more fun.

Practical tools to help you discover your inner guidance

For me, personally, one of the most important factors when choosing a personal development book to read, no matter if it’s spiritual, psychological or otherwise, is that it must contain practical information that will actually help me to apply the information contained within. Theory is great and good and gives us a better understanding of how the world works, but if you can’t use that theory to make your life better/easier/happier/etc., then what’s the point? Sure, we all like to sound smart around the water cooler (or juice bar), but if we’re not actually any better off after spending our valuable time reading something or taking a class or seminar, then wasn’t it just a waste of time?

The Intuition Principle doesn’t just deliver these practically applicable tools, it drowns you in them. It takes you by the hand and leads you step by step through the process of understanding what your intuition is, all the different ways in which it can show up and how to interpret the results.

You’ll get tons of exercises to help you awaken and improve your intuition, including:

  • Using meditation (includes a written guided meditation to help you improve your intuition)
  • Journaling
  • Allowing your intuition to write through you (a kind of channeling through writing)
  • Accessing intuitive guidance through dreams (and how to interpret them)
  • Muscle testing
  • Working with a pendulum

There are sections on:

  • Learning to “speak Intuition” – basically, learning to recognize your intuitive impulses or messages in all the various ways in which they can come to you and how to decode them when they do.
  • Overcoming your fears and resistance to listening to your intuition. Angela breaks down the most common blockages one by one and gives advice on how to overcome them.
  • What to do if your intuition doesn’t seem to be working.
  • How to meet and work with your guides.

The book also includes several guided visualization exercises to help you get answers about:

  • Career and Finance
  • Relationship issues
  • Your health
  • Other people’s health
  • How to identify your passion
  • Remembering your mission or the intentions you set forth before you were born and have been adding to ever since


Of course, I’m a huge fan of tips and techniques, especially if they work (these do). But my biggest justification for doing anything these days is always an affirmative answer to the question, “Does it feel good?” Reading this book made me feel good. It raised my vibration. It inspired me. It made me want to redouble my focus on aligning further and further with Who I Really Am. It validated what I know, deep down, to be true and gave me permission to listen to my inner voice (and who doesn’t want that every once in a while, eh?)

If you’re at all drawn to reading this book (that would be your intuition talking…), do yourself a favor and pick up a copy ASAP. Again, in case you’ve forgotten or the cynical part of your brain doesn’t trust this much enthusiasm: I make no money off of the sale of this book. Yes, I actually liked it this much (in fact, I toned it down a little. When I get really excited about something, it tends to blow people’s hair back. I am practicing quite a bit of restraint here. You’re welcome.)

You can find The Intuition Principle for sale on Amazon. A Kindle edition is also available.

Author Blurb: Angela Artemis, an intuition coach, is on a mission to teach readers around the world to “speak intuition” so that they unlock all the brilliant potential that resides within and start living the life of their dreams now – not later. Her popular website, Powered by Intuition is a rich source of information for readers wishing to learn how to use their intuition to create happy, successful and fulfilling lives.

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  • Melody…every time I visit your blog I find incredibly useful information that resonates with my heart AND my head. For too long I have ignored the intuitive thoughts/messages sent to me (mostly due to fear instilled by religious not spiritual parameters). My intent, in this lifetime, is to learn how to integrate my heart with my intellect…and to let the HEART lead me. The intellectual side of me always likes practical, tactical explanations, so this book sounds perfect for me! Thanks for once again guiding me in my quest to go higher. Just downloaded the Kindle version of the book! Hooray!

  • Weird. I wasn’t going to come on this blog on the weekend- plus I’ve already commented the heck out of it.
    But I was speaking to a friend and wanted to pass it on to them- hopefully something will be useful for them.

    Everytime I looked at the archives I’d be attracted to the tittle of this post but hit the back button everytime this picture of the book cover came up. It repelled me. I’d look at it for one second and go “oh god” or “or brother” can’t put my finger on why.

    I still don’t like the cover but now if I saw it somewhere and wasn’t broke I’d pick it up. I’d read that. 🙂 It sounds really good and a great idea. Wish these things were free. (life of broke person is no fun!)

  • Dear Sammi,
    I’m so thrilled to hear how helpful the book has been to you so far. I can’t wait to see what wonderful changes you make to your life! It’s amazing what can happen when we tune into our own inner wisdom and guidance.
    Thank you so much for buying the book and sharing your results with us here.
    All my best to you,

  • Thanks Melody
    I will keep working through it. I read a bit every night and am doing all the exercises she gives. So hopefully every single day of my life, I’ll be a little bit closer to discovering what I know deep down.

  • Melody, I just want to thank you for this review. As you know, I have been following you for ages and decided that this was a ‘must buy’ book after reading your review.

    I’m currently on chapter 4 and still got a long way to go and many exercises to do. But wow, such an amazing buy. I haven’t felt this excited or hopeful about my future in the longest time. I’m in a space where I want to change careers and wasn’t quite sure where to go (had more of a clue since coaching with you but still not quite there).

    Now on day 3 of reading Angela’s book. I’m definitely getting some really off the wall ideas. Some odd feelings in my body. And I just know by the time I work through the book, I’ll actually know which of the ideas to go with immediately, which to shelve temporarily and which to ignore.

    But I’m building up quite a little list of odd things I feel compelled to do.

    Thank you Angela for an amazing book.

    • Yay Sammi! I’m so happy that you’re getting such value from Angela’s book!! I loved it myself and just had to share it with you guys. Keep working through it. You’re just discovering what you already know deep down. You’ve made decisions about what you want to do and how you want it to feel every time you were dissatisfied with a job. Now, you just have to let your intuition guide you to that knowledge. 🙂

      Huge hugs!

  • Hey AB,

    That’s an excellent question. Angela uses slightly different words than I do, and I can’t speak for her, but I found a great deal of correlation between her teachings and mine, so I’m going to explain this from my perspective.

    The physical manifestation of something (like a person coming in, or an event happening) is the LAST event in a chain of events. So, you have a desire and your inner being focuses on the purest form of that desire – what you really want. The energy gathers and your desire is created. You really don’t have to do anything to facilitate that.

    But, as you line up with the energy of what you want, you begin to manifest. First, as you think a though, more thoughts join it. That’s a manifestation. These thoughts feel good. The emotion is a manifestation. Then, more thoughts join it and then ideas. As you attune more and more to what you want, like tuning to a radio station and fiddling with nob to reduce the static more and more and get a clearer and clearer signal, more and more manifestations that match this frequency show up. First “smaller” ones, then bigger and bigger. Perhaps someone brings it up in conversation, or a song comes on the radio, or you see some words in a book. Until finally, at the end, the actual physical manifestation arrives.

    Each one of those “smaller” manifestations is like a stepping stone – both there to show you that you are well on your way, but also as a tool to help you keep going. By focusing on those smaller manifestations which match the frequency of what you want and doing so in a way that feels good (no static), you begin to line up with the next stepping stone and so forth.

    You can use your intuition to tap into this stream, this frequency and “see” the next stepping stone or two. Future events are not really future events. They are events that match a certain frequency, and if you’re about to line up with them, become your future events. LOA just lines you up with the next event that is easiest for you to notice and believe. You don’t so much create the next logical step as that you line up with it. And your intuition is guiding you to the next stepping stone.

    Does that make sense? 🙂

    Huge hugs!

  • Melody, that was a great review. You are one of the most authentic writers I know so far and I thoroughly enjoy reading your posts. After reading this review of the lovely Angela’s superb book, I can only imagine people desperate to read it. No other choice. I don’t know why, I have a strong sense of deja view writing this. 🙂 Much love and a truckload of happy shiny puppy hugs to you and Angela!

    • Hey Angela,

      You’re so very welcome! Your book deserves all the praise I can heap on it. 🙂

      And thanks so much for coming by and answering questions. And thank you for the compliments. I only attract the most awesome readers, you know… 😉

      Huge hugs!

  • Hi Melody,

    Couldn’t agree with you more regarding Angela’s book. She nails all the reasons why listening to your gut will guide your life in a more positive way. I highly recommend the book as well for anyone who is interested in learning more about how listening to their intuition can help them.

    • Hey Cathy,

      Thanks so much for adding your opinion, as well. This really is an awesome book and such an excellent guide to intuition as well as living authentically. 🙂

      Huge hugs!

  • Hi Melody,

    “The Intuition Principle” will be a great a great addition to my spiritual library! But…here’s a question for you. How does intuition differ from intention? I realize that being intuitive should guide intention, but is intention a thought from the mind, or a feeling from your soul?

    Thanks for your help on this topic!


    • Cynthia,
      This is a terrific question.
      Your intention comes from your rational mind. You think – and then decide what your intention will be.

      Your intuition arises spontaneously mostly without you having been thinking about it. It’s like the example that Lib gave in her comment. Here she was running not thinking about anything when out of the blue she was compelled to take note of the license plate on the car. This was her intuition.

      Do you see the difference now?

      All my best,

    • Hey Cynthia,

      I agree with Angela – it’s an excellent question. I shall add my two cents (surprise!)

      Think of it this way:

      Your intention is the goal. It’s the desire, the thing you ultimately want.
      Your intuition is the voice that guides you there.



  • Hey Melody,
    This sounds great. I firmly believe that we do well to listen to our gut instinct, or intuition. It’s hard to make out what it sounds like at first, and it takes a lot of practice, but when you learn to recognize it, and how things turn out when you listen to it, you build up trust. I have two specific incidences where listening to my intuition has paid off. The first was when I was out running my usual route – about 3 miles (all flat – no hills!) in the country, so not many houses around. I noticed a car pass me and for some reason registered the number plate – not something I usually do. The same car then passed me twice more and I had a feeling that something wasn’t right. When I rounded the next corner, the car was about a hundred meters away, parked in a lay-by. A voice – well, it was more of a quiet, certain feeling, rather than a voice – told me to go in and use the phone in the only house on the road. I did and got a lift home. I was persuaded to call the police – by this time I thought I was just being pretty paranoid – but after they investigated, it turns out the driver was an A list sex offender and admitted to intent. Very glad I trusted my gut.
    A more upbeat example was sending off a manuscript for submission to an agent. I was tinkering and tinkering and trying to decide which agents to choose. Again, it got the same quite voice suggesting I just do it, that day. Four days later I had an offer of representation from one of the top agents in London 🙂

    Now I know what my own intuition sounds like, I listen up when it has something to say. The thing is it is quiet – it’s not a fanfare bawling at me to pay attention – it’s a calm certainty that this course of action (whatever it is) is right.
    Looking forward to refining the connection with my intuition, so I’m off to Amazon now to order it. Thanks for the referral and thanks to Angela for writing on such an important topic.

    Lib xoxoxo

    • Dear Lib,
      OMG – I’m so glad you listened to your intuition. What you described in your comment will help people to recognize their own intuition.

      I love how you described it too:

      “Now I know what my own intuition sounds like, I listen up when it has something to say. The thing is it is quiet – it’s not a fanfare bawling at me to pay attention – it’s a calm certainty that this course of action (whatever it is) is right.”

      Perfect! Thank you so much for sharing this with everyone – including me. I learn so much from everyone’s comments too!

      All my best to you,

    • I second everything that Angela said, Lib! Thanks so much for sharing this excellent example. I think you’ll really enjoy this book. 🙂

      Huge happy shiny puppy hugs!


  • Thanks so much for this. I love finding other blogs and resources for LoA and related philosophies, and this is such an interesting one.

    I’ve been going through and reading a bit of the blog, and while watching the video of her and Ms. Cheel, I had a sudden insight as to something that I think is blocking me quite a lot: She was talking about how developing your intuition can start the process of you finding people and having serendipitous happenings to further your journey and had a small flash of terror go through me. It’s almost as if I want all these things, and I really believe that it works, but some part of me is afraid of being the ONLY one responsible for my happiness. It’s much easier to believe that you have to work against some system that’s already dictating your life for you, but the belief that you have complete and total control of yourself and your life is a bit frightening.

    That quote by Marianne Williamson has never been so apt.


    • Kressa,
      Wow! I think you found the source of what is blocking you.
      I think many people will resonate to and be helped by what you have said here:

      “It’s much easier to believe that you have to work against some system that’s already dictating your life for you, but the belief that you have complete control of yourself and your life is a bit frightening.”

      Thank you so much for sharing this with us here. I think you are very insightful!

      Now, that said – take back your power and create the life you’ve been dreaming of!

      All my best to you,

    • Hey Kressa,

      Thank you for being so honest and sharing your valuable perspective here. You’ve hit a major issue right on the head – one that many people struggle with. We all like the idea that we create our own reality. But to actually be responsible for it? Um… that can get scary.

      But the only reason it’s scary is because we feel the responsibility without yet fully being aware of our power. That feels overwhelming and huge and kind of undoable. But when you keep practicing and as you raise your vibration, you will start to feel the awesome extent of your power and it’ll stop being scary. it will just blow your mind and then life gets really, REALLY fun.

      Keep at it. You’re resonating with this info and you’re following that impulse (or shall I say your intuition, LOL). You’re here, aren’t you? The more focus you give to the empowerment instead of the fear, the better you’ll feel and the less scary this will get. It’s always a process. 🙂

      Huge hugs!

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