It’s time for another collection of short but still incredibly important reader questions.

Friend won’t support her baby’s energetic abilities

My sister’s daughter had a baby this month and he’s really special, as so many babies coming through today are.

The other day I realized, thanks to an observation of another niece, that he’s probably seeing auras. You can see his eyes scan above and around your head when you hold him. I told his mother, excited about it. I have a [different] niece who can see energy but we only discovered it when she was seven years old, nine years ago. When she scans your energy, her eyes move in a similar way to this little baby’s eyes. He’s absolutely mesmerized by the energy!

I was talking to my sister on the phone this morning, my sister who’s open to and very intuitive about the energy thing, and she said, I have to tell you, my daughter is not comfortable with the energy thing. (Augh!) She’s offended enough by it [very fundamentally Catholic] to have spoken to her mother about it. The message my sister was gently conveying was: she’ll raise him in her way.

I knew her daughter was not open to energy as she has a very stringent way of looking at only-what-you-can-see in life, but I forgot when we were over there the other day and we realized he was seeing energy. I mistakenly thought she would be excited about it. What a strange thing that an obviously [to me] special child would choose two close-minded parents. In this day and age! Augh [again].

Well, you realize that this baby has chosen his parents, but you still seem to think that something has gone slightly wrong. If only these parents would be more supportive of their children’s gifts then these kids could live up to their full potential…

Only, has it occurred to you that these kids have chosen more closed minded parents because they need precisely this environment in order to realize their full potential? We don’t do our growing in a vacuum. Think about it. The most difficult parts of your childhood caused the greatest growth. How are these kids supposed to realize their own power if they’ve never known the absence of it? Their parents are perfect for them.

And these kids are perfect for these parents. They may seem closed minded, but they must have a strong desire to rise up to have agreed to partner up with these kids. There’s going to be more discomfort before there’s a release, but they will, eventually, come around. They’ll have to. The only alternative is to squash the spirit of these kids and that’s very unlikely to happen. Today’s kids just won’t allow it. There may be fights and lots of tears, but eventually, both sides will come out stronger and more stable in their energy for having gone through the experience.

The best thing you can do is to hold the vision of that already having happened. Don’t put your focus on how hard this might be or on how much growing the parents have to do. See them as already having grown – because their inner beings already have. Now their human selves just have to catch up with what their kids have caused them to grow into.

You did nothing wrong by getting excited. You probably triggered the mom a bit, but if you were acting out of your excitement, then it was a co-creation. She was asking to be triggered. And she may ask again. Her kids are going to be doing that a lot. And it’s all good. Nothing has gone wrong here. It’s all perfect. These kids don’t need someone to hold their hand and remove all obstacles from their way. They want and need a contrast rich environment so that they can learn to choose what they want and what they don’t want. And they’ll have to fight for some of their choices, which will cause them to really listen to themselves – after all, if you’re going to fight for something, you have to first determine if it’s worth fighting for. And let’s face it, most of us never determine that without at least some pain involved. But that determination, that willingness to defend our choices, leads us to a certainty that we can’t get any other way (or at least we generally don’t). They’re not going to know what they know because it kind of resonates, or because there were no other options to choose from. They’re going to come to know what they know because they’ll have looked at many choices and figured out this knowledge resonates deeply. They’ll come to know it so strongly, that even if the rest of the world and their parents don’t believe it, they’ll still know it. But they cannot come to be that sure, if no one ever disagrees with them.

Do Empaths Suffer more than regular people?

I’ve been getting a lot out of the articles about empaths and really appreciate the validation. I was wondering, can you direct me to any articles you may have already written about pain that is, indeed, of the empath? I read a lot about feeling the pain of others and I get that. But, when an empath is hurt by others (like everyone is), do you think they feel it more deeply than others?

Empaths don’t feel their resistance more deeply than other people. We all feel what we feel and we all acknowledge those feelings to one degree or another. I would say that some empaths may suffer more than others because they’ve been told not to pay attention to their “overly sensitive” feelings and so they let things go longer, but I don’t want to make that comparison, because tons of people who aren’t empaths do the same thing for various reasons.

Being an empath can actually cause you to suffer less, if you’re conscious of it. By being so sensitive to energy, you have the ability feel the discord more quickly (providing you’re paying attention and understand what the discord means) and shift your perspective to a better feeling one long before the situation has to get painful.

I had a situation just the other day where I could feel a little bit of resistance. But it was so slight, I couldn’t identify the feeling. So, I focused on it until it got strong enough so I could tell what it is. I’m so sensitive, I won’t really tolerate much resistance (meaning, I choose to do something about it before it gets worse) most of the time (like everyone, I have my down days, too), and my sensitivity actually helps me because I understand how to interpret the information I’m getting.

Bottom line: Empath or not, the more conscious you are of how you feel, the less you have to suffer. 🙂

Is OCD a manifestation of something?

There are people diagnosed with obsessive compulsive disorder. Why do they get that way?

Compulsive disorders are coping mechanisms that help to soothe fear. Generally, there is some major fear, some really strong limiting beliefs, and somehow, you’ve made an association with those repeated activities and relief. They make you feel better, or less afraid. And then, because you want that relief so strongly, you feel like you can’t help yourself but do those actions again and again until you actually do feel a bit better. Any compulsion is created this way. Don’t try to modify your behavior. Look for the underlying cause. You can start by looking at how you feel when you don’t give in to those actions for a bit. This will be a clue.

If you missed them, you can find the first two posts in this series here:

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  • I must say that I just love the photo for this post and the caption regarding your IT department – LOVE IT!

    Great questions.
    I’m not sure what your thoughts are on this – but I feel that when someone has found a coping mechanism for their limiting beliefs (such as OCD) if their compulsions help calm them release the pent up feelings/energy and brings them relief than it helps them to be closer to living in alignment with law of attraction/manifestation energy. I wonder if you agree – that sometimes one’s crutches help them when without them they’d be unable (at that moment along their process) to get out of their fears/stress and then be stuck without being able to connect to alignment.

  • thanks in big part to Melody, and Abraham, I have pretty much learnt to focus on the contrasts that I PREFER; and also, to immediately recognise my part in the cocreation of unwanted situations which helps me to ALLOW! i’m on a roll… LIFE ROCKS<3 kisses

  • Very interesting! I’m especially interested in the baby and the great aunt and her interaction with the baby’s mother. I think it’s wonderful that she mentioned her thoughts and excitement but then it’s time to step back and let the mother live her life and the baby live his. And I so agree that kids these days will be who they are! There is no stopping them!! My son showed signs of experiencing a past life all the time when he was young. He would talk about being Jewish all the time and shouldn’t we be celebrating Hannukah etc.. But maybe it was just my interpretation of it. I hope someday we can find out if he was somehow right. Children have such gifts. I hope society doesn’t squelch this child’s gifts. But we all have to live our lives and let our family live theirs.

    Thanks Melody!

    • Hey Betsy,

      That’s really interesting! Your son may have been tapping into a past life, or simply the energy of a consciousness that matched where he was. But it’s wonderful that you’ve given it some credence. Whatever he interpreted, it’s valid.

      Nothing bad can ultimately come from how these kids are being raised. They chose these parents – or rather, LOA chose them because they were a PERFECT match to what they both wanted, so it’s all good, really. Having an easier life is not always “better” or more fun. Think of it. If you played a video game and there were no challenges whatsoever, wouldn’t that be boring as hell? 🙂

      Huge hugs!


  • I am excited by that first question about the baby seeing auras. I’ve experienced that with my son – he seemed to look at someone and then looked far away as though processing something – then he’d say something, sometimes predicting someone’s arrival or an event. It always came true. Of course we were a bit skeptical when it looked extremely unlikely – but I think our faith gradually strengthened with the experience of seeing things happen.

    He does this only occasionally these days (the predicting part) – and I put it down to the school work overload. 🙂 But I do make it a point to always “consult” him about stuff, because I find that he personifies the saying “child is father of the man”. His clarity of thought is amazing.

    Loved this post!

    • Wow Vidya,

      That’s fantastic that you validate your son like that. Instead of you, letting your doubts overpower his knowing, you let his knowing overpower your doubts. Wooohooo! New kids = new parents. 🙂

      Thank you so much for sharing your wonderful insight here. Perhaps it’ll give more parents the courage to follow their kids’ lead.

      Huge hugs!

  • It’s interesting how children seem to have that gift of seeing energy more than adults do.

    This made me think that when my aunt (my mother’s sister) was a child she could see all kind of things. She could see what the neighbor was doing at home for example and little pigs (real ones) on the ceiling, but one day the neighbor’s wife got mad because she felt that my aunt’s extra-abilities were intruding and all of a sudden my aunt never saw a thing again.

    My grandmother said back then, that this woman took those powers away from my aunt. What do you think about that? All my life I thought that was the strangest thing. I would love to have your feedbacks on that.

    • Hey Syviane,

      The neighbor’s wife didn’t take your aunt’s powers away. But her anger influenced your aunt. Your aunt felt the anger, which caused her to feel like she was doing something wrong, which lowered her vibration and created interference when she tried to attune to these non-physical frequencies. She could no longer “hear” them. This happens to a lot of children. They take someone elses opinion on as their own and it causes them to see the world through more limited eyes. Heck, actually, it happens to all kids to some degree or another. But your aunt didn’t “lose” her ability. She can get it back. She just has to believe it’s ok for her to do this. Her fear that it might not be is blocking that energy.

      I hope that makes sense.

      Huge hugs!


  • Oooh! I’ve got a question, kind of. I’ve always been very influenced/in tune with/interested by my dreams, I even had a slightly pointless dream premonition years ago that my Mum was going to serve tinned peaches as part of breakfast and it happened that same day (don’t think she’d ever done that before so I doubt I could have found that idea from experience). So, what do you think of dreams, could they be another way of visualising and manifesting things?

    Hugs x

  • Yes, all of the above resonated with me, Melody!
    OCD does relieve tension. I had that more when I was little and had a strict mom with a few limited beliefs she instilled in us. As the oldest, I got he brunt of it, my sisters were not so affected. I still check the stove to make sure all the knobs are OFF.
    How about anxiety/panic disorders? What are the underlying forces there? At one point I thought it could be due to having empathic capabilities gone haywire. It sure feels like that- i.e., once triggerred, it’s out of control until the wave is ridden out, but I was told by another intuitive that this is not the case. It has more to do with grounding and how we need that. I get it more now in closed spaces such as tunnels in the car and in the subway.

    • Hey Kat,

      Anxiety or panic attacks are caused by various limiting beliefs. It’s a very individual thing. But whatever the cause, there’s a belief you’ve been holding on to that’s not serving you and that you’ve ignoring for a long time. it’s usually something that your reptilian brain is choosing to see as life threatening (even if it totally isn’t), which is causing a major fight or flight response. Hence, a panic attack. Then, we associate certain stimuli with the fear, which often triggers fear of having a panic attack and it become a vicious cycle.

      I’ve written about panic attacks here:

      Huge hugs!


  • Hi Melody,

    Interesting questions! On the first one, about the baby, my guess is that it’s the language that created the barrier. We can choose words that the other person will resonate with. For example, if she’d said, with equal joy and accuracy, that it looked like the baby could see the angels around her, the mom might have responded quite differently. This child will grow up within a Catholic context, and may well explore his gifts within that context – all good!

    On the second question, what I feel most often as a conscious empath is frustration. Often I can’t sort out which emotions are “mine” and which I’m picking up. It’s generally not painful, but can be frustrating. I choose to imagine that all the emotions I’m feeling are reflections, and then I don’t beat myself up wondering. Just let it all go.

    How cool that your readers submit such interesting questions! Thanks as always for your thoughtful answers.


    Mary Carol

    • Hey Mary Carol,

      You make a really good point. Choosing different words may have helped to bring the message across. But if the daughter is so resistant to the whole idea, it may not have really helped. Who knows?

      I do the same thing when I can’t figure out what I’m feeling. Just let it go, release, feel better. That’s the goal of figuring it out anyway, right? 🙂

      I know, right? I do have the coolest freaking readers. Yay!

      Huge hugs!

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