Ok, after all those short little posts during my vacation (you’re welcome), it’s high time for an epic post in which I tackle a huge subject. I’ve been meaning to write about Ghosts and Spirits for some time now. Many of you have sent me questions and accounts of how you’ve met up with some kind of Spirit. I’d like to preface this post by saying that there are A LOT of different opinions out there about Ghosts. I am not here to prove any of them wrong. The following is what I have come to believe, based on my understanding of how the Universe works. My knowledge is not complete, since I, myself, am still alive (although those who have seen me before my morning Chai latte may beg to differ). This is what makes sense to me, given that we are living in a vibrational Universe. So, if you don’t agree, that’s ok.

Do Ghosts Exist?

Yes. But maybe not in the way you think. The traditional view on Ghosts is that a spirit has become trapped or has unfinished business on the “Earth plane” and is unable or unwilling to move on. This view kind of presupposes that something has gone wrong and some belief systems claim that we have to stay in this limbo until we have atoned for our sins. I call Bullshit.

The Afterlife

When we die, we return to pure, positive energy. We, Who We Really Are, these huge powerful non-physical beings, are projecting a part of ourselves into this physical realm, like an avatar in a video game (only way cooler and more sophisticated). So when we die, we simply withdraw our focus from our physical bodies. This is why our bodies then start to decay. A great deal of focus has gone into building those bodies and holding them together, so when we remove our attention from them, they take a while to fall apart. They slowly disintegrate into their most basic building blocks over time and if given the chance, become part of the ecosystem and the circle of life (i.e. worm food, then fertilizer, then plants, etc.). The body is not who we are.

How quickly we refocus into the non-physical seems to depend on how much resistance we had to let go of at the point of death. I’m not sure that there’s a hard and fast rule on this, and it’s really impossible to judge how much resistance someone actually has (we only see their manifestations, not how they are actually feeling), but from what I’ve gathered from the accounts of those who have been around a lot of moments of transition and are sensitive to energy, it seems that if someone has a great deal of suppressed pain at the moment of death, it can take a few minutes, or even a couple of hours for them to truly refocus and shift back. Anyone in the room with the deceased who has the ability to do so, will then feel an actual release and then a flood of joy. The incredible attractive power of their non-physical selves is much too great to allow them to stay focused in a different perspective.

Why our spirits can’t “get stuck”

We humans have a degree of separation from our non-physical selves. This allows us to experience perspectives that our inner beings don’t agree with. It’s all part of the game. When we get too far from that perspective, however, or when we resist it too long, we experience pain – first emotional pain (negative emotions) and then physical pain (illness, etc.). In the non-physical, this pull is amplified greatly, so the discomfort of staying separated from our true selves would be unbearable. We have no choice but to rejoin Who We Really Are, and doing so is an incredibly joyful experience. With this design in place, there is no way to get stuck. And I’m not even going to address the whole atonement for our sins bit (at least not in this blog post. Short version: There is no judgment, there are no sins and you don’t need to atone for anything).

An easy transition

Those who have little resistance or have already withdrawn most of their focus from the physical (Alzheimer’s patients, those in a coma, etc.) shift easily into the focus of Who They Really Are. I have personally been privy to this energy on several occasions. Recently, through having a conversation with the daughter of a dying man, I was able to connect with his energy both before and after he died. Even before he transitioned, he had already withdrawn almost all of his focus, and what I felt was giddy, joyful, playful, ecstatic love. And as always, I was only able to access the energy to the degree that my own body could allow. As I continuously raise my own vibration, I am able to access more and more of this kind of energy, giving me greater and greater levels of understanding of what’s actually going on. But the point is, no matter how great the experience was for me, it would’ve been exponentially more awesome for the “dead” guy.

We don’t actually leave

But here’s the thing: even when we withdraw our focus from our physical bodies, we don’t withdraw our focus from this reality. Because this is where it’s at. This is where the fun is, where the expansion of consciousness is happening, where we want to be, physical or not. And in our non-physical state, we still want to play, only we no longer have any of our limiting beliefs or fears. We are completely and totally free and we fully understand our power. And we love nothing more than to play with those who are physical, especially if they are aware enough to realize it.

The dead are talking to you

Many people are convinced that their deceased loved ones are sending them messages. They’re right. But not because they NEED them to know anything (like that they’re not really “dead”), and not because they feel badly for you in your grief and are trying to help you feel better. The transitioned are in a very high vibrational place. They are, in the full sense of the word, HIGH. Better than the effects of any drug we can conceive of, or even of any plant that’s available to us in the physical, the feeling of being non-physical is pure, unadulterated, unashamed, unlimited joy. And from that perspective, a non-physical consciousness CANNOT and WILL NOT ever, and I mean EVER, feel your pain.

Also, they know your pain is not real. Not really. As you sit in your grief, lamenting that they’re gone, they are right beside you, shining their love all over you, dancing and laughing and sending out the signal, “I’m right here!” It’s like watching a small child, sad that it can’t find its toy, when the toy is right in front of them. Only instead of then becoming concerned for the child and feeling bad for them, non-physical will simply and lovingly and consistently point out that the toy is right there. They know that nothing has gone wrong and they refuse to ever take on the view that it has.

They want to play with us. And they are always doing so, but we have to get into their vibrational vicinity, we have to go to their playground to play with them. So, when you see something that reminds you of them, when you get a “message” of some sort, they ARE playing with you. It’s not a coincidence. And you can take the fact that you received the message as a sign that you, even if just for a brief moment, came into alignment with them to a sufficient degree to hear them. And when you do, boy do they do a happy dance.

But what about creepy experiences? Aren’t there evil spirits?

I’m going to say this once, unequivocally, and then I’ll explain it: There are no evil spirits. There is no such thing as evil. There is no dark force, no death star and no boogie man. There is nothing in this Universe that can assert itself into your experience unless you let it (and yes, you can let it without knowing it). And yes, I know that there are many out there who will vehemently disagree with me on this, but this is MY knowledge and understanding and I’m sticking to it.

So, how do I explain it when you wake up in the middle of the night and you feel some kind of presence? Or when several people have had eerie experiences in an old house? Is that all made up? Is it a group hallucination? Nope. That’s real. But my explanation doesn’t include an evil spirit.

What “ghosts” really are

While the undead (the non-physical, not zombies) don’t ever roam about in your attic, or run a cold shivery finger down your spine, this is a vibrational universe and there is energy all around us. What we perceive with our 5 senses is just a teensy fraction of what’s really going on. As Abraham likes to say, “every thought that’s ever been thought still exists”, and I fully believe that to be true. When someone has a dark, hateful or fearful thought, it doesn’t just go away. That person may cease to be a match to that thought, but the energy that was summoned is still floating about, ready to be attracted by the next dude in a bad mood.

And when enough like energy gathers, because some consciousness (like a human, for example) has focused on it long enough, it can become pretty palpable. It eventually becomes dense enough to become physical, but even if it doesn’t, it still exists.

So, let’s say that a woman with a very low vibration was living in a house. She manifested an incredibly painful transition, like say, a horrific murder. During this murder, and leading up to it, she would’ve put a great deal of focus on some very dark and fearful thoughts. And it’s very, very possible for that energy to still be hanging around in that house. Those who are sensitive to energy would easily be able to pick up on it, providing they had any kind of vibration within them that would match it. It would feel creepy or even scary.

But it’s more like a snapshot or photograph than an actual consciousness. The woman’s “spirit” or non-physical being is not stuck there and no one needs to help her “cross over”.

But what about if I talk to an evil spirit?

Again, it’s possible to have the experience of actually connecting with and having a conversation with a “troubled” spirit. Someone having this experience is actually connecting with energy (and they have to be a match to it) and their brain is interpreting this as a spirit. In any case, the experience is actually a manifestation which mirrors that person’s beliefs and is designed to help them overcome it. I’ll have to explain that further in another post, though.

So, if someone releases a spirit, that’s just bullshit?

Not necessarily, no. There are many, many stories of psychics and healers who have gone into houses and spaces and supposedly helped the trapped spirits move on. And the house or space did, indeed, feel lighter and better afterwards. I’m not saying nothing happened, and if they want to interpret the energy as trapped spirits, I will never stop them, but my understanding is different.

An energy healer definitely has the power to transmute the energy in a physical space. Shamans, medicine men and even priests do it all the time. I frequently open sacred space in my own living room, which has become such a high vibrational place that when I invite someone into my home they often have huge breakthroughs just by being here (no, you cannot all come over).  Just like an energy healer can help you raise your vibration, so can they help to raise the vibration of a space. They can literally change the frequency of the energy in a physical space to a higher one. And that shift will feel like a release, leaving the place feeling lighter afterwards.

This is real and it is helpful. It just doesn’t have anything to do with trapped spirits.

Ok, so what about poltergeists? What about when objects move?

Many people have experienced the movement of physical objects. I myself have an old CD player that likes to open randomly (or not?), even though it’s broken and not even turned on (bit creepy the first few times, but now it’s funny to me). And sometimes there even seems to be a message behind that movement. What gives?

It is possible that the “message” you are getting is coming from a non-physical consciousness who is playing with you. If it feels awesome, it’s a strong possibility. If it feels scary and creepy, it’s not. What the message means is only really decipherable by you because it will be perfectly tailored to you. For example, your grandmother will send you a message in a way that you are most likely to understand and in the easiest way for you to get it. Someone else would miss the message entirely. It would be meaningless to them. The non-physical don’t exactly hire skywriters to put smoke signals on the horizon. But they will send you a bird or an insect or the impulse to look at a billboard that stops you in your tracks. You just KNOW what it means, even if no one else does.

But while the non-physical can inspire animals and insects (they are much more connected than we are and often quite cooperative when it comes to playing with the non-physical. They are not being “taken over” by anything, but they are easy to inspire to be in a certain place at a certain time), they cannot and will not make books fly through the air. So who or what will?

It’s you

That’s right. It’s you. You are the one who is making a book fly through the air. You have no idea just how powerful you really are. It’s called telekinesis. If the experience is joyous, you may well be inspired by your dead grandpa, and if it’s not, your fears may have caused you to connect with some strong matching energy that was present in a space. In any case, it’s your manifestation and you are the one manipulating the energy, whether you know it or not.

Now, I know that a lot of you will want to know HOW we do this, and I have to confess that this is the part I know the least about. I went back to old Abraham tapes to see if they said anything about it and they did, but only to the extent that they confirmed that it is, indeed, us who are moving the objects around. Unfortunately, they didn’t explain the HOW of it either, and my interest in the non-physical lies much more in different levels of consciousness and clarity than in telekinetic phenomenon (I don’t really care HOW we are causing things to go bump in the night. I’m much more interested in WHY), so I really haven’t done much exploring here. I can speak and write at length about your dead aunty, but I really have little idea exactly how I’m making the turned off CD player open and close, other than that I know I’m ultimately doing it. Perhaps one of you lovely readers has spent more time on this subject and can add your thoughts and wisdom in the comments.

Whatever happens, you still have to be a match

The most important thing to remember is that whatever your experience is (which means, HOW you are perceiving what is happening), you still have to be a match to it vibrationally. If you’re not, you can’t have the experience. Physical or non-physical, you create your reality and every experience in it. So, if you have a creepy, scary night in an old house, that was a manifestation for you, just as real as if someone had been rude to you on the street. Notice how it felt and figure out why you had the reaction you did. What was it mirroring back to you? What belief is it giving you the opportunity to overcome?

We are so much more powerful than we can even imagine. I often get glimpses of this power when I meditate, and I fully understand that I am only feeling as much as I have the ability to, which doesn’t even scratch the surface (not even close) of what is available to us. The idea that there could be anything more powerful, anything evil that can come and attach itself to us and is beyond our control, or the idea that we are “gone” when we die, becomes utterly ludicrous in the face of this understanding. The only thing that can ever go “wrong” is that we turn away from Who We Really Are, and by doing so, create the illusion of pain. And we can give so much attention to that illusion that it seems incredibly real, incredibly vivid and even dangerous. But it is an illusion. And once we remember that, once we feel the joy and playfulness and giddiness and ecstasy of Who We Really Are and all those who have crossed over who want to continue playing from that vantage point, fear of death, fear of ghosts, fear of embarrassment, fear of things that go bump in the night just cease to exist.

So do Ghosts exist? Yes, but perhaps not in the way you previously thought they did. The truth is so, SO much better. πŸ™‚

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  • Hey Melody I recently discover that i’m audiovoyant . I discovered this ability when I moved from a city that was cluttered with static energies to a remote town in northern Ontario. At that point I realized that I was connecting with higher frequencies. It became apparent that these energies are lost souls (mediums) that refuse to let go of their lives due to dying before their time, feeling the need to complete unfinished business. I’m able to communicate with thousands of these lost mediums constantly. They channel my vision and see life through my thoughts. I’m surrounded by a lot of positive energies and negative energies. I figured out a way to make those negative energies positive by thought projecting positive images in my head . These energies can be very distracting at times and I’m not able to focus properly at work or during my daily duties. How do i release these mediums to heaven so we can all move on?

  • Hi Melody. Just read this great post again. Once i was watching MOST HAUNTED ( a ghost hunt TV show ) and i heard the hunt team talking about lost spirits being trapped for several centuries in a room they were standing next to, and then explained that if the y were to smash into this locked room, the trapped spirits would finally be free. Then the team of ghost hunters just walk off as if they had missed the obvious, that being to free the poor buggers. Then it hit me. Why would a spirit re-incarnate into a life where they stand a good chance of being trapped as a lost soul for seven centuries?…not to mention being ignored and left for dead (sorry) by a TV show who had just acknowledged their existence and need to be freed. Your post explains it way better.

  • Hey Melody,

    How beautifully you work all this out! I love it.

    I know I myself introduced this example of life as being an actor on a stage, but I suddenly tumbled to the fact that even though good actors get really involved in the part they are playing, deep down they still know very well that they are only acting in a play. Mostly living our lives on earth we still do not and we think it is all real. What if there are actors who have completely forgotten they are in a play and refuse to leave the stage as it were? In ‘real’ life they would end up in an institution. What would they do when they die?

    Another two cents.



    • Hey Anny,

      Well, again, this is my understanding, but the amnesia we experience is just part of the illusion. The decision of when to leave has little to do with WHEN or IF we go. Death is a way to manifest what we want. And when it becomes the path of least resistance to that, we transition. We don’t generally make that decision consciously.

      And regardless of how much resistance you have, when you die, you release it all. So those who really don’t remember who they are and have a ton of resistance, will have quite the awakening when they die. It’s a HUGE release. The ultimate quantum leap, if you will. You can’t get stuck here.

      Don’t forget that we have 2 parts – the physical and our larger, non-physical part. We don’t have to figure out the process in the physical in order for it to work perfectly. πŸ™‚

      Huge hugs!

  • Hi Melody,

    I have long been thinking about this subject. You know you and I have already been playing around with concepts around this theme and that I used the idea of life on earth being a stage and that the actor who played the villain would not be hauled off by the police at the end of the play in order to be judged, condemned and punished.

    I still am of that opinion, only, when do we really leave the stage? Is that at the end of a physical life or at the end of a series of physical lives with periods in other spheres in between? I have started to ask myself that question as I also have read so much material about these other worlds that came from very high vibrating and loving people. And in those articles or books it was never about judgment and punishment but about helping people in lower spheres too.

    Is it possible to think about such a possibility when we leave out this idea of punishment and hell?

    Some days ago I suddenly got an idea. We as human beings do not solely exist as our physical body but have or are non physical bodies too. Well, the earth also is an entity and might also have non physical bodies or spheres. In fact, the kabbala says so. And as such, when we decided to incarnate, those other worlds or bodies would become part of our experience too. So maybe, when we die, we are not actually leaving the stage yet but are still playing our part in one of those other worlds which may give us the possibility to review our physical life and to choose what part to play next. All this are 3D terms of course as everything happens simultaneously anyway. We would still be creating our own world according to our vibration and if that brought us into a selfcreated hell, there would be those who could come to our aid as soon as we let them. At least, that is what I understood from these books.

    Maybe what you describe as happening when you die is what happens when you have decided that you have finished with 3D and you really leave the stage so to speak? Yea I know, you do not use that term.

    Well, it is just a thought because I find it difficult to believe that so many high vibrational people could all be totally wrong in what they experience. They also travel in those worlds.



    • Hey Anny,

      Here is the understanding that I have come to. We leave the stage when we die, but we don’t leave the theater. We still keep watching the play, even helping with the set and the props and the lighting and music. We’re still involved, but we have a very different point of view – much larger, less focused perspective. We can go back on stage anytime we like, but we can also be involved without doing so.

      We do not progress from lifetime to lifetime in terms of our single consciousness needing to learn or experience different things, like ticking off boxes on a form. We progress because the energy of everything is evolving, and when we “come back” to the physical, we enter the global vibration at that new, higher than ever point.

      We can “help” others whether we are physical or not. And yes, there is always plenty of help available, both from our own, higher selves, but also from everyone else in the non-physical. Because from the non-physical, we don’t really care if that’s my actor or your actor on stage. We see them as all connected and all part of a whole. It’s a fully cooperative environment and help is always being offered to all. Whether or not we (the actors) take advantage of that help is up to us.

      But when we change our focus fully back to non-physical, we drop all the drama and false beliefs. Our POV gets bigger, all encompassing and we move fully into love.

      My two cents… πŸ™‚

      Huge hugs!

  • “There is no judgment, there are no sins and you don’t need to atone for anything”

    I don’t mean to troll your blog, but that is just flat out wrong. Authentic psychics, and people that were leading selfish and egotistical lives that had near death experiences have said there are very dark planes of existence on the other side. I would recommend reading the near death experience of Howard Storm or the teachings of Edgar Cayce. They have all said basically the same thing, we are here to manifest the Christ consciousness in our daily lives, to provide love and be of service to others. Cayce also spoke of karmic debts owed by souls to each other for prior wrongs done in other lives. It’s true that nobody is inherently good or evil, our choices are. Reincarnation gives us an opportunity to get it right next time if we didn’t this time.

    You’re free to believe whatever you want, but to say that a person who commits murder and gets away with it on Earth faces no judgement or punishment in the world of spirit flies in the face of EVERYTHING I have ever read on the subject. Beyond that, its insulting to the person who was murdered and their loved ones who are left behind to suffer.

    • Hey LA,

      No worries. I don’t consider those who disagree with me “trolls”, as long as you do it respectfully and you did.

      I’m not here to convince anyone, so if this point of view doesn’t resonate with you, that’s fine. But I’d like to explain some of the points you made from my perspective, for the sake of clarity.

      If you’re leading an “egotistical” life, then you’re probably harboring a lot of resistance. A near death experience would be a powerful manifestation, brought on by all that resistance combined with the intense desire to feel better. You don’t just pop out of your body if there’s an easier way. But when you do, it’s still a manifestation – it must match the vibration you have going on and it will. So, if you’re in a dark place and you have a near death experience, it’s going to be dark. The experience will not only mirror your own (self-imposed) darkness, but be a powerful catalyst to help you release it, given your own particular belief system (the Universe doesn’t discriminate).

      I don’t really agree with all of what Edgar Cayce said (I’m not saying he was wrong, I’m saying I don’t resonate with his teachings). I do not believe that we are here to pay our dues and karmic debts don’t make any sense to me either.

      Judgment is an entirely human concept. Surpassing judgement isn’t easy for us. Neither is true forgiveness. And because we have these limitations, we like to impose them on God or the Universe or whatever. I don’t agree with that.

      People don’t murder someone because their soul has made a mistake. They do so because they are, in that moment, in so much pain that all can do is lash out like a wounded animal. They are willing to do whatever it takes to get relief from their pain and when you couple that scenario with limiting beliefs (which severely limits the options one sees), and learned behavior (that violence is a way to get relief), you can get some pretty atrocious outcomes. But these actions don’t come from the soul level. And no damage is ever done to the victim on the soul level.

      I think that believing that a soul could be damaged by our actions on the human plane gives way too little credit to who we really are. If your child was in pain and threw a tantrum and while doing so knocked a glass on the floor, would you condemn that child forever? Of course not. And if you see a villain in a movie, do you hate the actor who played him? Nope. To me, it’s just like that. The viewpoint of our souls is often very different from the viewpoint of our human selves. And it’s this difference that causes all suffering.

      The information you have read will mirror your beliefs on this subject. And that’s ok. So has mine. That’s how it works. Finding something you disagree with can be valuable too. It can help you further define what YOU believe, which is perfect for you. Just as your disagreement with my POV here has allowed me to further clarify my thoughts. πŸ™‚

      Thanks for playing.

      Huge hugs!

  • No, you didn’t piss me off at all, just the opposite, i appreciate your point of view! No need to prove anything, i’m just trying to see many aspects as possible in things.

    You are right, when i think about it now, i have to acknowledge that those spooky phenomena were related to me. They occurred at a time when i was feeling extremely exhausted, drained energy wise, and kind of empty, running on reserve for years due to an extreme workload. I didn’t even have enough energy to meditate, let alone for hobbies or recreation. It was an insane and self-destructive way of life and the entity lurking in the corner mirrored that insanity and destruction.

    What you say about Hitler reminds me of an astrology book about Pluto qualities; the author (don’t remember the name) depicted by a horoscope comparison Hitler/”Zeitgeist” that the former was only a perfect energetic match for the latter, more an empty vessel than a villain. Or a pipe, channeling those qualities. Furthermore, i like the idea of overcoming the perpetrator-victim thinking you have kindled since this would open up completely new and broader perspectives especially for today’s wars and conflicts.

    Thanks for your response–i love mental chew bones!

  • Since i myself am not particularly sensitive, but on the other hand, a big fan of horror, ghosts, and mystery, i wouldn’t trust my own perception in this respect; it could just as well be my over active imagination.

    However, during the past i’ve seen a few times how animals, mostly cats but also dogs, have been reacting to “entities.” Once i was awakened around 2 a. m. from one of my cats growling, hissing, and piercingly screaming towards a corner of the room while her companion tomcat hid in fear. Of course i could not see anything in that corner though the room was not completely dark. But it felt as if a particular kind of energy was radiated from there, and it was sickening! Not a person, however, but an impression of really perverse, destructive, and mean impulses, approximately as one would imagine the mentality of Hannibal Lecter (in lack of a better comparison.) Although i really like gore stories, this impression was making me sick.

    Another time it was my cats and the dog of a friend, this time in broad daylight. Hackles up, barking, screaming, first i thought they were fighting but it was a particular place again that scared them. Animals have better senses than we, hence i’m pretty sure their strange behavior–you know how panicked animals are acting up!–had a good reason.

    Over the years, there were several such incidents, and each time it lasted for hours until they calmed down. Due to these experiences i believe that creepy ghosts actually exist.

    Therefore, i wonder, how can anyone state that the dead are always on a high frequency? No offense meant, but no one has ever come back from the dead, so how can we be sure? Although i don’t believe in the Christian concept of damnation and hell fire either, i find it difficult to imagine that a truly evil man like, say, Hitler, committed suicide and all in a sudden he’s pure positive energy.

    • Hey Brian,

      Well, I can’t prove any of this to you. I’ve personally communicated with non-physical many, MANY times and one of my greatest teachers – Abraham – is dead and being channeled through a person. So was Seth. And Odin. Two other favorites of mine. I’ve felt the energy of the transitioned, both just before and after they’ve died. And I’ve talked to a lot of people who have done the same. I can only give you my experience, but I can’t prove a thing to you. No one can.

      Animals are more sensitive to energy. But I’m more fascinated by the fact that you manifested these experiences into your own life. You woke up to see the cat hissing. You noticed the dog’s reaction. You could’ve just as easily slept through it or been inn another part of the house. You were there and you saw.

      Perhaps you’ve been asking questions and this was part of an answer – one that would lead to more questions and get you thinking in a different way. It’s all part of the journey.

      If God or the Universe or whatever is all loving, then it makes no sense that we would be punished. Would you punish the player of a video game for having an “evil” character? Also, Hitler wasn’t evil. No one is. He was a man with huge problems, to be sure, and he made himself available to mirror back some of society’s ugliest and most painful vibrations. But something that massive doesn’t happen because of one man. To think that would mean that

      1.) Hitler was all powerful and there was nothing anyone could do to stop him at any time. (um… not true)
      2.) The German people were all incredibly stupid, docile or evil as well, so they just followed him (totally not true)

      Consider that there was more going on there than we have the capacity to understand. This was a massive event, involving millions of people, all of whom had to be a match to their experience of it. You can’t pin all of that one one dude. Let’s not give Hitler more credit than he deserves, shall we? He wasn’t powerful enough to make that happen. No one is. But he was tapping into a massive and horrific vibration of powerlessness (which he was a match to as well, and rebelled against by becoming super controlling) and then he was, from that perspective and lining up with it, inspired to create the circumstances that mirrored that back to society.

      And as horrific as it all was, the events of those years did create enormous shifts. MANY ended up fleeing (an empowered action) and many others ended up coming to the conclusion that they would never allow something like that to happen again (again, empowerment). Everyone who came in contact with that war was changed by it. Many chose to be empowered by it. Some dug in and delved further into their pain. And some, like Viktor Frankl, had a moments of enlightenment and inspired millions with their words. This was not all the doing of one man. It was cosmic. And no, Hitler wasn’t punished for his part in it.

      Does that help or did I just piss you off? :o)

      Huge hugs!

  • Lol! Wow! That actually answered more questions than I asked! Some that have been floating around in my head without me even realizing it. That also explains why Theresa Caputo on “Long Island Medium” is booked years in advance (and has her own TV show). She seems to definitely have a very high vibration. You rock, Melody!!

  • Hey Melody!

    I loved this post! I just have one question. You said that when people “talk” to “evil spirits” they have to be a vibrational match. So ok, say someone wants to be a medium. Would a higher vibration allow them to more easily access the energy of peoples’ loved ones that you said are here anyway? Or would something else have to be at play? Or both?


    • Hey Jen,

      The vibration of the medium plays a huge part in what they can access, yes. This is why some psychics will give you negative information. It’s not that they’re not getting anything, it’s just that they’re tapping into your fears (or theirs) or connecting with memories of yours (they are energy, too) or thought forms that are floating about. They are connecting with lower frequencies.

      The non-physical “dead” are always at a high frequency. A medium must be able to connect to that energy in order to translate it. Is it possible for a medium with lots of personal problems to do this? Well yes, but the abrupt shift in energy would cause them a lot of suffering. Generally speaking, you’d want to always look for a medium with a high vibration.

      *A happy medium.*

      I apologize. I couldn’t help myself. πŸ˜›

      Huge hugs!

  • Well Melody,
    I don’t normally read thru long blog posts however I did this time. My understanding of things ‘not of this world’ is pretty limited so it’s an experience to be introduced to your thoughts on this.
    be good to yourself

  • Thanks Melody, that helped. The Dalai Lama also always has a smile on his face and looks 30 years younger! Go him! The result of such beliefs and practices.

  • Melody,

    Excellent post. One of those posts that many, many people who are still so confused on the subject should read.

    One of the ways that religion is speading the beliefs that their is such things as evil spirits is that it’s one of the many ways they are using to “control” people.

    I have never experienced “visions” myself, but I have a grandmother (my mother’s mother) and aunt (my mother’s sister) who have, and I was alwasy convinced (way before I ever know anything about it) that such “visions” and “weird” experiences were created by themselves.

    Other than that, there not much to be added here, you pretty much clarified a lot of questions that people are having on the subject.

    Thanks for that, Melody!

    • Hey Sylviane,

      While religions certainly perpetuated the idea of the devil and demons and such, it didn’t originate there. I still know shamans today who are convinced that there are evil spirits. I don’t try to talk them out of it. Something I realized is that being a shaman (which is simply an energy worker) does not mean that you have all your own crap cleaned up. In fact, many of them have huge problems. They stream a lot of high energy, but if they hold on to their resistance, and many of them do, it creates intense pressure. So, let’s say a shaman is insecure and is jealous of other shamans (quite common apparently). If they then do a ceremony, and perhaps take some hallucinogenic plants, their resistance could very well manifest as a demon for them in their altered state, especially given their belief systems. And they could see other people’s resistance as demons, as well. I’m sure that in ancient times, as medicine men did ceremonies and partook of plants they saw dark and scary things. They had to explain them somehow. And since they worshiped Gods, it only made sense to think they were anti-gods or devils.

      I find this stuff fascinating. πŸ™‚

      Huge hugs!

  • Hey Melody,

    Pertaining to focus. I know that we must focus on what we want, not on what we don’t want. This way, what is unwanted fades out of the picture on its own, without us pushing it. Β Is there such a thing as over-focusing? Β Is this what masters and saints do to perform miracles? Β But what of focusing and then letting go and relaxing? Β I though t that is how LOA works or it doesn’t make a difference as long as there is no resistance and we feel good? Β Would you please clarify?

    BTW- Β ill bring the guac.

    • Hey Kat,

      No, there’s no such thing as over focusing. πŸ™‚ The masters don’t necessarily focus more than you do, they just focus more purely. They offer less resistance their focus, because when they feel some, they clean it up.

      Focus on what you want as long as it feels good. Now, if you offer a pure vibration, it’ll feel really good so you may choose to stay in that space longer. A master might do this. But we are not meant to spend every second of the day focusing on one thing. Once you feel like you’ve given it enough energy, you can go do something fun. Not all masters just sit in quiet contemplation all day. Some get out there and live life to the fullest. The Dalai Lama has a grand old time traveling the world. πŸ™‚

      The allowing is simply the state where you offer no resistance. You can do that while meditating, or you can do that while living in the NOW. I’d prefer to live in the NOW (and meditating, but not all day). That way, you get to enjoy your manifestations as they come in, bit by bit.

      Does that answer the question?

      Huge hugs!

  • Definitely using LOA is the quickest and most hassle free way to go. πŸ™‚

    Actually, although the energy was pressing down on everyone’s head, it wasn’t oppressive, more like the body couldn’t contain this huge energy any longer. It was definitely a sense of release. In retrospect there was a feeling of celebration (probably his because I most definitely was not feeling joyful at the time, just privileged to be able to be with him.)


    • That’s beautiful Elle. And it totally conforms with all the other accounts I’ve been told about. If you ever get to experience it when you are not affected by grief, you’ll feel that celebration to a much larger extent. It’s just incredible.

      Huge hugs for you!


  • Great explanations Melody ~ you really know how to cut to the chase. Sharing my own experience when my husband died, some years ago… the room filled with a huge energy, so much so that it felt heavy, as if it took up all the space in the room. I asked one of the nurses if she felt it too and she told me it happened frequently.

    And later I had some amazing experiences both with him and the Institute of Psychic Studies in London. Pretty cool stuff.

    Put me on the list to visit you in Barcelona please. Maybe you could do it in shifts? πŸ™‚

    • Hey Elle,

      That’s beautiful. Did you feel the release, as well? The energy would’ve gotten abruptly lighter. Although it’s often hardest for the person feeling the grief to feel it, because they are only a match to the heavier energies at that moment…

      You’re on the list for sure. I think I will have to have shifts. Maybe I’ll install a rotating door and a counter. Then, when the limit is reached, one has to come out in order for a new one to come in. I’m sure my neighbors won’t mind the line stretching through the stairwell. LOL.

      Or, I could just let LOA handle it. Yep, that sounds like a lot less hassle. I wouldn’t even know where to get a revolving door. Sheesh.

      Huge hugs!

  • i like this post. and somehow i feel like i ‘get’ the whole energy concept better all of a sudden. it isnt sketchy like it wudve been a year ago.

    also a strange thing happened. right after i read ur blogpost, i wondered if my greatgrandmom, who had expired a year back was ‘thinking’ of me. im at work and my intercom phone suddenly rang a few mins after i thouhgt that. and when i picked up (expecting it to be a coworker) there was just static and then some random conventional on-hold tune started playing. which is wierd. cuz calls dont go on hold in our intercom system(u just get a ‘user busy’ tone). and even if they did, i was the one receiving the call, not placing it.
    i dunno. its a wierd thing. just…wierd !

  • Dear Melody,

    I would just be mirroring the previous comments. I think we all feel the truth in what you have so eloquently (though I know you may avoid this adverb) expressed here in language we can all understand. Well done and thank you….!

  • Hi Melody,
    Cool post! You said that the body begins to decay because we fully re-emerge into the non-physical. In the Catholic tradition, and I believe the Hindu as well, there is a phenomenon known as incorruptibility. Sometimes, saints bodies do not decay. St. Bernadette of Lourdes is a good example. The Church’s explanation is that this is a miracle left as evidence of the person’s sanctity. What do you think? I’ve always been really fascinated by this.

    • Hey Amanda,

      Well, I don’t want to take away the Church’s miracles or anything, but here’s how I explain that:

      The body is maintained by focus. That focus can come from someone other than the original inhabitant. So yes, if enough people were to focus on the body of a saint, for example, it would not decay. Especially if the people doing the focusing had no ideas about biology and therefore no beliefs that the body MUST decay. It’s a manifestation, pure and simple.

      It wasn’t because of the saintliness of the person whose body it was. It was because of the focus placed on the body after death. And yes, the transitioned could also be part of that focusing and intention. It could’ve been as simple as people wanting proof of something (saintliness, maybe) and allowing the manifestation of it in a way that could be believed.

      Does that make sense? πŸ™‚

      Huge hugs!

      • Oh, yes that makes total sense. In the case of St. Bernadette, who manifested a huge miracle during her lifetime, so huge that it had to be the result of a lot of focus regarding the repression of religion and spirituality in France at the time, it makes total sense that her incorruptibility was the result of others focus. Bernadette was always confused that other people saw her as the source of the miracle. She realized, in her own 19th century way, that she was just the crack of least resistance. It also makes me think about the process of canonization. In year’s past in took centuries for the saints to be canonized because there is a long process and miracles to confirm, etc. However, there has been an upsurge in canonizations during the last 60 years. The Vatican isn’t moving any faster, but the miracles are. John Paul II and Mother Teresa have both been beatified, despite only being dead for a few years. Due to mass communication, there is a huge belief in their holiness throughout the world which people are able to manifest into their own personal miracles. Pretty cool. Nice to know that even Popes and nuns are part of the awakening.

        Puppy smiles and panda dances!

        • “Nice to know that even Popes and nuns are part of the awakening. ” Imagine that! He, he.

          Huge hugs! (I love the panda dances. Is that what’s making the puppy smile?)


  • Melody, this is such an humdinger of a post! It’s up there with your best posts – you are probably getting bored with me saying this everytime:-)

    When my father passed away almost 5 years ago, even though I was not aware of his passing and I had just fallen asleep, I experienced the most intense and beautiful feeling of joy and love ever.

    I was 100 miles away from my father and it was only when my mother called that the ringing phone disturbed me from the blissfulness I was experiencing in my sleep.

    What you have said above about experiencing intense joy at someone’s passing now makes so much sense! Thanks, Melody:-).

    As for space clearing, I often do lots of rituals and visitors always comment on the great energy in my home.

    Finally, Melody, you do realise that you have just talked yourself into having all of us coming over to yours for a wonderful party! Your high vibration has created this possibility:-).

    Now we just have to raise our vibration to match yours…

    PS And Melody, you are welcome anytime to check out the high energy of my London home.

    • I shall never tire of your compliments Arvind. NEVAH! πŸ˜€

      Yeah, yeah, you can all come over. I’ll get out the extra chairs.

      And thanks so much for the invite (yet again!). I will definitely come and visit you as soon as my schedule allows.

      Huge hugs!

  • This is a wonderful article as always. This explains when I was deeply depressed and living with housemates. I moved bedrooms and no-one wanted to stay in the room I was in but they didn’t know why. They all claimed there was a “ghost” in there and it made them all cry their heads off.
    It was just my leftover thoughtforms. I guess that’s spiritual littering. πŸ™‚

    This is also positive as far as dead people. A psychic conforting the mother of a suicide son was convinced suicides get stuck in horrific pain and he was trapped and full of regret and hovering around his mother trying to hug her.
    Guess they were just lying.
    Should have told her this version. It’s better to think the dead are now really happy. “Who we really are” sounds like heaven.

    Also I was told those signs like the C.D. are your “spirit guides”. I had the same thing happen as the energy would choose to skip songs or play what it wanted to play and basically argue with my music choices. πŸ˜‰

    Well got to switch off phones and updates and head to bed! πŸ™‚

    • Hey Alice,

      The psychic may well have been tapping into the mother’s pain and guilt, or even the son’s pain PRIOR to death. The energy of his thoughts at that time are still around. They don’t just disappear. And they can be tapped into. There are a lot of people who can read energy but interpret it through the religious dogma they grew up with. Again, nothing has gone wrong. But everyone has to decide what they resonate with. If you don’t, don’t go that psychic. πŸ˜›

      The spirit of her son was not in a dark place. Suicide, murder, death of natural causes at 100, it’s all the same – we transition and then go dancing. Happy dancing. πŸ˜€

      Huge hugs!

      • This reply, and these sentences in particular- The energy of his thoughts at that time are still around. They don’t just disappear. And they can be tapped into.- just brought me more clarity on something.
        You hear how energy is neither created nor destroyed and *this* gives a clear way to see how this is true. I’d always heard and believed that, but now I can see a real-life application of it Good stuff!

  • Melody —

    I see you leading the next generation Abrahamites. What you do so (very) well is exemplified in this post. You bring that higher awareness into your existence here, and convey this from where you’re at. Meaning, you don’t slip away while a higher entity swoops in and delivers the message — YOU are the message.

    I can’t begin to express what a real and true pleasure it is to have stumbled across your site earlier this year — thanks from the bottom of my bottomless soul for the cheeky humor and great wisdom you shoot forth across the globe from that tapped-in, Spirit-tunneling living room of yours . . . . (though I’m hurt you haven’t invited us all over)–


    • Hey Evan,

      that’s just too funny. I was having this very conversation with a friend the other day. I do admit that I’m channeling, but I don’t go into trance and no one takes me over. I access information, though. When I coach, I tap into the higher part of the client and channel that. I’m fully aware and part of the party. I get to enjoy the wisdom as it comes through. I consider myself a translator, really, and I’ve been wondering if I should be more open and explicit about that…

      Thank you so much for your wonderful and kind words. I must be doing something right if I’m attracting people like you, eh? πŸ™‚

      Oh, all right then. You can all come over. Someone bring the guacamole, though. I’m out.

      Huge hugs!

  • Awesome! It’s amazing how different this view is from most everything you hear yet, it makes sense and feels a whole lot better. Just by reading this post & your other death posts has made any fears of “evil” stuff virtually disappear. I don’t think I can ever see one of those ghost hunter shows the same anymore lol

    I want to probe deeper on this line “It eventually becomes dense enough to become physical, but even if it doesn’t, it still exists.” I get that the bad energy is lingering & that’s what many think is “evil” so when you say it becomes dense enough, that’s when we see a ghost? And is this vision of the ghost the person who’s energy it was? Otherwise, we would be manifesting an image of a person we probably don’t know. Still a little stuck on the talking part too, but I’ll wait for your next post πŸ™‚ Thanks Melody!

    • Hey Mike,

      When you see, you are just interpreting energy with your eyes. So, when energy is dense enough, you can “see” it. Depending on how sensitive you are to energy, you may well be able to see more than others with your eyes. So, one person could see a ghost, while another can’t.

      You will interpret this energy through your own brain, as always. But again, if something is dense enough, and has had enough focus put upon it, it will become more and more physical and will be less and less open to personal interpretation (in terms of appearance. Your experience of it will still be yours alone). This is why we all see a table in the room, for example. Just like a photograph, if enough focus was placed on that energy, then it could exist in a recognizable form, even look exactly like the person it came from. But it’s still not the person’s spirit.

      Energy can be interpreted in many different ways. It can be seen, heard, felt, smelled, etc. So, consider it like a multi-dimensional photograph. It contains much more information than just the image. This is energy and yes, you can converse with it. You could “hear” a message from it, information that matches the energy that was left in that state. And if you changed that energy to a more positive one, you could “hear” something more positive. that’s when you might conclude that the spirit is at peace. Again, I don’t want to take anything away from any ghost hunters or people who do exorcisms or anything. Whatever floats your boat… But this is my understanding and interpretation. πŸ™‚

      Huge hugs!

  • Melody,

    I would love to attend a party at your place!!!!!

    This is one heck of a post. It explains SOOOO much! Wow! This senstence especially stood out: “But it’s more like a snapshot or photograph than an actual consciousness”. Physicists have recently noted that we are not part of a stream of existence, as in water flowing, but more like standing on a frozen stream, therby making it possible to somehow visit the past or somehow get to all those things that were experienced, seen and done. Interesting, right? So, yes, those places considered as “haunted” were usually the residences of crabby men or women of low vibration who were mean to others and even committed many crimes, including the purposeful taking of another’s life. This would scare anyone.

    Would you please explain resistence? I still have not grasped this term fully and I admit I really do not get what it means. If you would please explain a bit more, I’ll appreciate it.

    • Hi Kat,

      Resistance is when you have a belief that contradicts what you really want. So, let’s say that you want love. The pure desire of that is pure love. Who You Really Are then tunes to that frequency. But if you (little, human you) then have a belief that you can’t be loved, or aren’t worthy of love or some other crap, you will inadvertently tune yourself to that frequency. The difference between those two frequencies is called vibrational discord – the greater the distance between the two, the worse you will feel.

      The contradictory belief that you can’t be loved is what’s called resistance.

      Does that make sense?

      Huge hugs!

      • Hi Melody

        So are you saying….
        That ….As I tune into the Higher Frequency of “Pure Love”…It is at the same time flushing and replacing my old {lower frequency} toxic belief [i.e. I can’t be loved] previously unconsciously programmed/stored there… out of my system,…… to the point where my body feels Very Uncomfortable while this exchange/upgrade is taking place? thus creating a “feeling/sensation” we have traditionally come to label as “Resistance”?
        It seems “Resistance” can also be seen as a “Regenerative Brake”….a sort of energy recovery mechanism which slows the download of my new Energetic Frequency of Understanding down to the point where my Body form has the opportunity /time to integrate it comfortably….while detoxifying and replacing the old ……

        • Hey I Am,

          It’s not so much flushing it out (although it can, if you’re not holding on to it), as it is making you aware of it. The negative sensation isn’t because of the release, but because of the disharmony between those two frequencies.

          And yes, I totally agree with the second half. Resistance can be seen as a way to slow ourselves down when things get a bit too fast. Very well stated. πŸ™‚

          Huge hugs!

  • Hot damn Melody! I had been thinking about this a lot lately and was going to write in a question about ghosts and evil spirits and here you are with a post- awesome!
    If we are pure positive energy, I couldn’t understand the concept of an ‘evil’ spirit, cause why (and more importantly, how) could you be ‘evil’ once you’ve gotten closer to Who You Really Are? This post helps clear that up for me. If you are feeling creeped out, it’s not really an ‘evil spirit’ you are interacting with, but rather negative energy that you are, at least somewhat, a match for. I can work with that.

    Regarding energy clearing, I’ve sometimes used Sage to clear the energy of a space- does it really have energy-clearing properties or is it more of a placebo effect?
    This post was right on time…thanks!

    • Right on Jennifer. I’m glad this post resonated with you. It was a long time coming. πŸ™‚

      It’s a placebo effect, but a powerful one. Symbols and rituals help us to attune ourselves to certain frequencies. For example, when I open sacred space, I visualize a sequence of different things, like the earthly directions and their representations. By doing this, I’m not evoking any actual spirits, but I am attuning to very specific frequencies, and by doing so, I can affect the energy around me. Reiki healers do the same thing… Anything that helps you get into the feeling of what it is you want will help. So, for you, burning sage could be incredibly helpful. But it’s actually YOU who are lifting the vibration (or “clearing”). πŸ™‚

      Huge hugs!

  • Wow … thanks for some fabulous insight. Are you sure you don’t want to throw a party and let us all come bask in the energy of your living room? We might put together some wonderful plan that would change the world πŸ™‚

      • Don’t tempt me … I need to get away for a while and Spain sounds really good to me πŸ™‚ A big move seems to be in my thoughts — or maybe I just want to run away. One of these days, I’ll use the passport I have.

  • Now that was one juggernaut post. Such an interesting topic, too. I love your understanding of the supernatural. It completely makes sense. I wish you could tell us more about the telekinesis part though. That’s like the coolest bit in this whole scenario. God, the things I’d do with telekinesis. I’d pick a nickname, order a cool fabric suit off Amazon (latex comes off as way too kinky these days), wear a mask, and become the world’s first superhero. Someone has to use telekinesis for bad deeds too, though…because what’s a superhero without a nemesis. Plus, telekinesis means I’d never ever have to get off the couch to grab a snack ever again.

    Thanks for this post, Melody. I too believe that certain locations carry a certain amount of positive or negative energy, and that energy could impact the people living there depending on their state of mind.

    • Thanks for your kind words, Derrek.

      Yeah, I figured you’d latch right onto that. I have one question for you: If you use your superpowers to never have to get up from the couch again, wouldn’t you eventually turn into a fat, smelly dude in tights? Just saying…


      Huge hugs,

      • Ah, but you see, I have it all figured out dear Melody. I’ll only laze around on weekends. A superhero deserves to use his powers for pointless things as well. And on weekdays, I’ll lose all that extra weight by fighting crime and being insanely awesome.

        …. I just realized if I have telekinesis I won’t be doing any real heavy-lifting…since my powers will be doing most of the work. I’ll figure something out….eventually.

          • Derek, I suppose you could just use your superpowers to visualise any excess fat simply melting away. And you can visualise having a hunky body:-)

            I think I’ll join you and become a fellow superhero. Just imagine what an amazing world we can vibrate into being. Melody, please hurry up and become a telekinesis expert!

          • Yes! Arvind, we should definitely use telekinesis and form a superhero tag-team. And then slowly but surely, we’ll recruit others. A team of telekinetic superheroes who go around doing…stuff.

            And I agree. Melody, please become a telekinesis expert. Puh-weesee oh puh-weese oh pweety puh-weesee! :p

            Oh and *nudge nudge*….don’t mean to be pushy whatsoever, but there’s a comment I left in the previous post a few days ago that I’d absolutely LOVE to get an answer to. The question keeps bugging me…and I need one of your oh so simple yet oh so powerful explanations. Thanks a mil, Melody! πŸ˜€

          • I’ll see what I can do, guys. But when you form this superhero alliance, I want in. And I want that outfit that Kate Beckinsale wears in Underworld. It may take all of our joint powers to squeeze my ass in there, but that’s what you’re signing up for, just so you know.

            Duly answered Derrek. You’re welcome. πŸ™‚

            Huge hugs,

          • Kate Beckinsale in Underworld, eh? Rawrrr……. consider yourself a part of Team MondoAwesomeMindPowerFreaks : Saviors of The Universe!!

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