Today’s questions are all courtesy of Awesome Chandni.

Do enlightened people lose interest in material things?

“Most metaphysical practitioners, I mean spiritual people, whether they know LOA or not, seem to lose interest in material enjoyments, like ordinary movies, discos etc, etc. I myself have a hard time connecting with any movies other than stuff like Jesus or something similar. Why is it that seriously spiritual people lose interest in what ‘masses’ consider as ‘entertainment’? Does this have anything to do with spiritual advancement?”

I would not say that all those who are moving toward enlightenment lose interest in material things. But our interests to change, often drastically, as we raise our vibrations and figure out Who We Really Are. If we were interested in material things ONLY as a way to getting  something that we truly want, then yes, the interest for those things will wane as we figure out how to achieve the feeling we were after in the first place. And then it can seem like we are shunning the material. But we aren’t. We’re simply figuring out what our REAL priorities were all along.

Our purpose here is not to transcend the physical and not enjoy material things. When we strip them of their false meaning (like wanting a new car so that we can feel approved of)  then material things simply become things to be enjoyed (a shiny new car is simply something fun to drive). We may then not hunger after those material things they way we used to, and we may well have a lot fewer of them (we’ll buy only those which we will actually enjoy using, not those which we think will make us look good or whatever), but this isn’t the same as losing all interest in the material.

Our tastes in movies, music, books, magazines and conversational partners will also change a great deal as we shift our energy. We won’t be as willing to talk endlessly about subjects that don’t really interest us (and never really did). We won’t resonate with the same movies anymore (those that make us feel negative emotion will be out). And sure, it may seem like we watch less movies, but that’s only because our choices are becoming much more deliberate. Instead of simply watching everything, we filter out all the crap that we don’t really care about.

We are here to experience the physical, to enjoy it and revel in it and material things are a part of this physical world. And when we no longer assign false meaning to those material things, we gain the ability to truly enjoy them. And those that aren’t truly enjoyable to us will lose their appeal.

Do fasting and solitude lead to enlightenment?

“We hear that Jesus was regularly traveling to the desert and fasting and praying in solitude. Is it that fasting helps us raise our frequency? Also, does spending time alone help in raising our frequency? I have heard that spiritual people necessarily spend time in solitude. So is it necessary? I myself got ‘accidentally’ introduced to LOA, IMMEDIATELY after I fasted and prayed for help. Does regular fasting help us connect to the Source?”

Fasting and spending time in solitude is a great way to raise your vibration, yes. Spending time in solitude does two things:

1.)    It shuts out “reality”. If you want change what you focus on, it can be really helpful to shut out the stuff you don’t want to give your attention to, until you become good enough at focusing to be able to choose your perspective no matter what is going on around you.

2.)    It forces you to “hear” your inner voice. When you no longer have distractions from the way you feel, you kind of have no choice but to notice your emotions and thoughts. And then, when they become glaringly obvious, you can do something about them.

So, spending time in solitude can be an incredibly effective tool to raise your vibration, particularly if you are deliberately doing so by meditating and spending time in contemplation (instead of spending the whole time on the computer…)

Fasting can also support this process. It’s a way of isolating the body from distractions and substances that may or may not be ideal for it. It’s essentially a physical way of shutting out reality for a bit of time. This is why fasting and meditation and solitude often go together. I would not recommend a total fast, btw, but am a big fan of juice fasting. Fasting gives your body a break and allows it to heal itself. Not only do you purge all of the “trash” from your system, but emotional purges are quite common, too.

Basically, both fasting and spending time in solitude are a way to eliminate triggers of resistance from you reality for a bit, allowing your vibration to rise (our energy is naturally high, so whenever we stop holding it down, it will rise).

It is not necessary to do any of this in order to find enlightenment, but many find it very helpful.

Is it a bad idea to be healed by others?

“I have personally healed myself from a HUGE illness. Jesus healed lepers and the blind and we hear of many intuitive healers who heal people. However, I’ve heard one very enlightened master say that he never advises anyone to go for ‘being healed by others’, as it only addresses the symptom; and people who get ‘healed’ will later manifest negative things, like accidents or something else. Master Jesus ‘forgave’ the sinners and also advised them not to sin again – their belief healed them; but did it completely uproot the negativity within them? What is the difference between the ‘healing’ done by ‘general healers’ and a ‘master metaphysician’ like Jesus? Why did that enlightened master say he doesn’t advise ‘healing’?”

Congratulations on healing your illness. While I can’t speak for the enlightened master or who said this or tell you exactly how Jesus healed, I can give you my view:

When someone “heals” you of an illness, they are offering a high vibration which you then react to and allow yourself to become a match to. If this is all they do, there’s a very good chance that your illness will return. Why?

Think of it this way: Let’s say that you have a habit of scratching your arm in one spot. You’ve been doing it forever and you don’t even realize that you have this habit anymore. You scratch this spot so often that you’ve actually developed a bleeding wound there. It’s painful and ugly and you hate it.

Now, someone comes along and puts some ointment on it and it’s healed. Hurray! You feel better and you consider yourself healed. But, because you were never aware of this scratching habit of yours, you immediately begin to scratch again and the wound eventually returns.

Your beliefs are just habits of thought. If someone takes away the manifestation of those thoughts without teaching you to think differently, you will recreate the manifestation.

I would not advise against getting healed by others. It can often bring you much needed relief from pain and suffering. But, just like with traditional medicine, if you don’t take care of the underlying cause, the habit of thought, you haven’t affected permanent change.  The best healers are also teachers. They help you understand how the healing took place and give you tools to use after the healing that will allow you to create new habits of thought and make the healing permanent.

Do the clothes we wear affect our vibration?

“I came across a very nice video of a beautiful lady explaining how the things we wear, the clothes, the accessories, etc., is all energy and they help or undermine our energy. It was on law of attraction dressing. I have noticed that after I started LOA, previous dressing styles of heavy skirts and heavy metals now feel like a ‘burden’ and instead I prefer loose flowing clothes. So is it a natural thing that when you change your vibration, even the dressing of the person changes? And how much does the energy of things we wear affect us? How can we use them to our best advantage?”

The clothes we wear can affect us, yes, but not because they intrinsically have a strong energy of their own. You have different reactions to different colors. While some colors are generally considered more soothing than others, this is actually a very individual thing. For some people, blue makes them feel calm, while for others red does the same trick. It comes down to how you feel about certain colors and materials. If you then wear the clothes that make you feel good, it can help to support you in your quest to raise your vibration.

It’s very possible and even probably that your clothing tastes and preferences will change as you move toward enlightenment. But not because some clothes are more spiritual than others. You will no longer be as willing to put up with discomfort for the sake of looking beautiful to others. High heels may become shoes for special occasions (without a lot of walking) instead of every day shoes. Clothes may become more natural and looser, because natural fabrics breathe more and feel better on the skin and looser clothing is a lot more comfortable than tight, constrictive clothing. As you figure out Who You Really Are, the clothes that matched your insecurities and were designed to hide them will no longer resonate with you.

It’s much less about the clothes themselves as how you feel about them. Wear the clothes that make you feel good. Choose your favorite colors. Don’t worry about what someone else says is the right shade or style. It’s all about how you feel, period. And only you can be the judge of what makes you feel good.

Now it’s your turn: Did any of these questions resonate with you? Share your own experience for the benefit of everyone.

If you’ve found this post to be valuable, I’d love it if you’d share it on Social Media or in whatever way you like. Thanks in advance for your help in spreading the Happy Shiny Puppy Energy.

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  • Hi Melody,

    Regarding the question about fasting and solitude, especially solitude, I can recommend the documentary series that the BBC broadcasted about a group of five people (only one of them religious, two even agnostic or atheist) who were introduced to the subject of silence by a monk. It shows very clearly what is happening to people when they try to spend eight days in absolute silence apart from a daily councelling.

    I have not seen all of it yet but I find it very interesting and inspiring. It was great to see the wisdom of these people who coached them. One of them, a monk I think, said in the end to one of the women, who was atheist: “The god you do not believe in does not exist. But in the strength and clarity that you found during this period, that is where God is.” No indoctrination or anything.

    Yesterday I checked on the internet if it is possible to view this whole series there and it is. You can find it under:



      • Hi Melody,

        I just saw the first part of the series myself which made me understand the rest better. The group was first invited for a weekend in the monastery of this monk in Wales and later spent the 8 days period of silence in a retreat in Wales that has especially been set up for this kind of thing. I was wondering about that because I had never heard of a monastery with monks and nuns at the same place. But this is awesome. This monk who started this idea with this particular group compared this silence with the 40 day retreat of Jesus into the desert to face his (!) demons. Not exactly the doctrine of the catholic church, nor that of the protestant churches. This was what I subconsciously expected from monasteries and convents and why I wanted to go there as a child, only, we did not have any in our church and the catholic ones proved out to be something totally different for the greater part.

        In my email I just got a link to a program from the Buddhist broadcasting corporation on the same theme according to my husband. I am going to check it out.



        • I watched that first episode last night (couldn’t wait) and this was a huge manifestation for me. It’s already led to some great insights (not directly, but indirectly, as I started to ponder some of the things that were said.) I can’t wait to watch the rest. I’m getting some answers here that I’ve been waiting for, for a while. 😀

          Huge happy shiny puppy hugs for you!!!


          • Hi Melody,

            I got some more homework for you. I just watched the Buddhist program and it is awesome. I just have to watch all of them again in order to let it sink in. Here is the link:
            I hope you do not mind the Dutch subtitles as it was broadcasted by our Dutch television but the film is in English.

            The subject is consciousness and meditation really but the set up has a lot in common with the other documentary. This lot works at it for 8 weeks instead of 8 days. It is complicated at times but I love it even if I see some things differently. I so love to see what we all have in common instead of looking for that which divides us.

            I cannot wait to hear your new insights!



          • Ha! Thanks Anny. I just finished watching the rest of The Big Silence. Man it was great! I especially love how several of them connected with higher intelligence and had a moment of channeling. They called it God, but so what?

            The priest was sad that they would not turn to religion. That’s the only bit that surprised me, since up to that point everyone had been so accepting of all beliefs. There are so many frameworks that these individuals can find their continued peace through. I wanted to introduce the HR director lady to LOA. 🙂

            Can’t wait to watch the Buddhist one. I’ll make time for it ASAP.

            Huge hugs!

          • Hi Melody,

            I am watching the whole series for the second time and I notice that now I notice things that I did not see the first time at all, or interpreted differently, just because there was so much unexpected but delightful material in it. It also serves to see how you (the proverbial one) often react to something that literally is not even there! At least I do sometimes.

            I do not have a problem at all with the fact that they call all this God. In fact, so do I. And that is because the concept of God for me always has been a very positive one. I just never bought into all the negative things that were said about it, not even as a child. I just thought, well, they do not understand. Besides, I like the explanation Deepak Chopra gives for the word God: Generation, Organisation, Desintegration/Renewal. It does not only give an explanation for the word God but also for the Trinity principle. Because of course trinity is not a person but a principle that can be applied to many things and has nothing to do with the explanation many churches give of it (three persons really being one person), which was so strange that some of them do not even use it themselves anymore. I discarded the idea of God being a Trinity until I discovered what the word itself really means. As far as the concept of God is concerned I have also heard it explained as Creator, Creative Process and Creation are all One, three different aspects of one and the same ´thing´. That came out of a channeling I believe, but I do not remember exactly where I heard or read it.

            I have heard someone use the word System and others Universe or maybe even Law of Attraction, but however much I believe in the LOA and that there is a universe and doubtlessly also a system, I do not have the emotional connection to those words that I have to the word God. So I still use the word God as the most familiar and beloved one I can find for a Principle that continues to have new meanings for me as I climb the spiritual ladder.

            I did not even notice that the priest was sad that they would not turn to religion, but I kind of understand it. To him religion and the church are very dear and for himself really created a new concept of it, I think. I am surprised they are even allowed to do what they are doing by the church. I checked this retreat out on internet last night and there are a whole string of these retreats all over the world. And the Jesuits are not the only ones doing this kind of thing. The monk who started this project is a Benedictine monk and I am sure there are others too in the contemplative orders.



          • I grew up with a notion of God that I couldn’t really believe in, so for many years, the word “God” brought up negative connotations. Then, I made peace with that, but really never used the word God. It was neutral to be. I find that lately, I’ve been using it more again, at first just with those who it means something to, but now my concept of God is becoming more encompassing. It has nothing to do with the God I grew up with. It’s just still the best word I can find to describe the grandeur and magnificence of Who We Really Are. Sometimes, no other word even comes close. And now, finally, I’m ok with that, too. It’s been a journey to get here, that’s for sure…

            I love seeing “religious” people opening up to include and accept those who do not believe as they do but are still seeking. The spiritual guides in the film were beautiful, evolved people who were truly connected. They were shining with light and it was gorgeous to see the love streaming from them.

            I think the priest was more sad that there was this blockage to something that he felt could help them. I think he just wanted to see them continue down their path in whatever way and since no alternative had (yet) presented itself, he was a bit concerned that they might fall back on old patterns. But there’s a little bit of discord in that, since the same “force” that guided each of these individuals to him and the monastery, will continue to guide them along their path. Call it God, or inner being, or soul, or Universe, it doesn’t matter. It isn’t religion that guides us to our soul. But our soul can guide us to religion. 🙂

            Huge hugs!

          • Hi Melody,

            If you really want to introduce this HR director lady, Helen, to LOA, maybe you can approach the BBC to pass the link to your blog or something to her. I am sure they have the means to do so.

            I myself did something like that a few years ago, after watching a television broadcast about people who are in love with people of another country and who move there in order to build a life together over there. They made a whole series about such people and followed them more or less from the beginning. This theme obviously interested me because we have such children ourselves, in fact three out of four, in all stages. So of course I watched this series in the beginning and in the second installment I recognized to my surprise a girl I grew up with but had not seen for ages. She was the mother of the bride who had moved to Canada. The broadcasting corporation was more than willing to help me restore my contact with her by providing this daughter with my email address.

            I think Helen might be interested in LOA.



  • Hi,

    Greetings from India. Love the post. Lovely words and advise. Positive and pure.

    I love that you bring the focus of these issues on where it should really be in the first place – on the feeling good.

    Take Care

  • A good natural healer will always be more of a teacher and i surely need them because they know so much more about the subject than i do; therefore i would hire a healer in the same sense i would hire a personal coach or a housekeeper, to do something for me i’m not an expert in or something i don’t like to do (housekeeping.)

    Even a natural healer for animals is going to change your life. For instance, my first cat was epileptic and none of the vets could really help his condition. Finally i took resort to a natural healer for animals and although this man made clear that he couldn’t remove the epilepsy, he would help us to live with it as good and carefree as possible. One of his lessons was that our pet animals respond to our energetic state–if i came home from work in an angry state, this would affect my tomcat’s well-being and could trigger a seizure. So who had to change in order to help avoid attacks? I had to learn to walk the anger out of my system before arriving at home. The healer also introduced me to meditation. At first sight this was meant to calm and relax my cat, but in the end i stuck to the habit even after he had passed away at the remarkable age of 18 yrs. and 8 months.

    From today’s perspective i can say that these experience have altered my worldview. Not only have they taught me a lot about the way we are energetically entangled with the living things we love, but also that healing doesn’t always mean to eliminate symptoms completely but find a way to cope with conditions.

    • Hey Brian,

      Thanks for sharing your experience here! I use healers and coaches myself when I get stuck. The assistance can certainly be invaluable and it’s great that your animal healer was such a great teacher. Your cat and you were certainly on a path together, that’s for sure. What a valuable teacher your cat was! 🙂

      That’s the thing, though, even though we each create our and only our own reality, we are also all co-creators. We are truly all in this together, playing off of each other, mirroring each other, making ourselves available to bring forth manifestations for each other (or be manifestations for each other). And how boring would it be if this was not the case?

      Huge hugs!

  • Hi Melody,

    Interesting topics again. My only problem with this kind of posts is that it addresses more than one subject and I always like to focus on one, so much so even that often I only comment days later after having played with the idea and different perspectives on it. So I only address the first question here: Do enlightened people lose interest in material things?

    I think that enlightened people do not (anymore) but people starting out on a spiritual path might (for a while). We live in a world of duality, of contrasts, of good versus bad and when we start out on our spiritual path we might have gotten fed up with the emphasis on the importance of all things material. It does not feel good anymore so it must be bad. Material things must be bad and most of all money must be bad. So we focus our attention solely on the opposite end of the scale, all things spiritual, which necessarily must be good. Of course when we get further on our spiritual path we find out that also there not everything is as rosy as it looked and also that not all material things are bad. For instance, we learn to look at nature with different eyes and start to see how beautiful it is. So we slowly start to bring some balance into our life and slowly material things also reappear but in a different way than before as you already described beautifully. I think that as we progress on our way our interest in both material and spiritual things changes because we will also not run after every ‘guru’ anymore.



    • Hey Anny,

      Yeah, it’s always a balancing act between answering just one question or several. The main issue is that I have so many questions to answer that if I don’t do compilation posts here and there, I won’t ever get through them. Otherwise, I would just publish one little question per post and add some longer posts in there as I go. And I may do that in the future… People do like the short posts, too.

      It sounds like we’re in perfect agreement. 🙂 The material is fabulous, but only once you see it for what it is and don’t tie all this other meaning to it. And withdrawing from the material for a while makes it easier for us to let go of those associations.

      Huge hugs!

  • I have fasted and prayed before and felt it helped the situation. When something happens to make your world spin out of control, you usually want to do something to get it back under control. I know now that I can only control my own actions / reactions, but at the time I was lead to fast and pray and believe I was told when to stop as well. Keep your eyes and ears open and answers will come. Follow intuitive action and results will come.

    I have also had desire for material things change. Now that things seem possible, it’s easy to let things go and not stress about. I even looked up a house down the street from us to see what the realtor wanted for it. $550,000 for a five bedroom, five bath house with the original carriage house from 1913, complete with upstairs apartment. My attitude before would have been, “That’s way too far out of reach.” Now my attitude is, “That’s a beautiful house. I thought it would cost more. If we bought it, I’d turn it into a bed and breakfast, rent out the bottom part for parties, and have an innkeeper live in the apartment in the carriage house.” This is a completely different mindset than my old “We’ll never have anything that nice.”

    • Hey Christina,

      I agree 100%. If we follow our intuition, we are led to the actions that will move us further along. So, instead of recommending fasting, it’s better to recommend WHATEVER YOU ARE DRAWN TO. The action is not that important as how you feel about it.

      I love your shift on your abundance! Bravo! Isn’t it wonderful when you realize that you have access to thoughts that you didn’t before? Your B&B sounds wonderful. 🙂

      Huge hugs!

  • As we grow spiritually, like you said we do not “see” material things as something that makes us “better” but as things that are useful and improve the practicality of our life.

    A spiritual person doesn’t need a sport car to attract chicks, but may still want a nice comfortable car to go around smoothly and in the best comfort.

    There are definitely things that used to interest us in the past, but that doesn’t interest us anymore because we’ve grow beyond that. We’ve moved on to what resonate with us better.

    Thanks for this great insight, Melody 🙂

    • You’re so welcome Sylviane. And thank you for your kind words.

      Personally, I find it so freeing not to NEED my material possessions. I enjoy them and appreciate them, but I could easily do without them. That’s a wonderful kind of freedom. 🙂

      Huge hugs!

  • As always Melody you’re ‘spot on’.

    Speaking for myself my desires are changing all the time. I experience what I want…I have a new desire…and on and on. Regardless of whether the desire is for a material object, a stronger body, or greater spiritual growth we’re all expressing ourselves in our own unique way. It’s all good.

    And as Maugham said “It’s a funny thing about life, if you refuse to accept anything but the best, you very often get it.” Whatever your best is. 🙂


    • Thanks Elle!

      Couldn’t agree more. It’s ok for our interests to change. It’s amazing how much fear that can bring up, though. But when we surpass that, we open ourselves up to a world where the adventures never end. 🙂

      Huge hugs!

  • Hello Melody,

    1) You repeatedly state on your blog from the oldest to the newest post that we are here to ENJOY THE MATERIAL.
    Some of those seriously spiritual people are not all that happy or joyful and may be giving up these material things out of obligation.
    I do agree that it’s individual and we would all react differently to the raising of our vibration. You’d know if it’s right or not if you felt happy.
    You might be giving up years of self-denial; therefore some people might turn into hedonists after raising vibration as that’s what they individually need to enjoy and relax.

    2) This answer surprised me as I thought food was a part of the acceptance of the material and physical world we are in. To enjoy the physical and material experience while we are in a physical body.
    To have JOY and ENJOYMENT of people, food and things. But if it helps it helps.

    3) Agreed. Get the help anyway that’s available to you at the time. Good=good. then build on it. That’s like your answer to my question on band aid solutions.

    4) 🙂 Looking fine! 🙂

    • Hey Alice,

      1.) Totally agreed. Many spiritual people still live by a strict set of rules which can restrict them from following their intuition. Although I would never say never, I’d say if someone turned into a hedonist, they were still working some major stuff out. Why? Because as you progress in this work, you find more and more balance. When you are experiencing extremes, it’s always in an attempt to find that balance (go to one extreme, then the other, then find your balance somewhere in the middle). There’s nothing wrong with that, but in my experience, the extremes level out the higher you go (it all becomes much more subtle).

      2.) Fasting is a temporary state and can be incredibly helpful. By withdrawing from food for a little while, we actually increase our enjoyment of it. I believe that food is here to be enjoyed, but we have so twisted how we look at food and associated it with so much guilt and shame, that it can be helpful to reset to 0 for just a little bit. Like going from one extreme (food as a compulsion with guilt and shame) to the other (no food), to find the balance in the middle (food that you feel good about and that makes you feel good, so that you can truly enjoy it).

      3.) 🙂

      4.) Psychedelic! LOL. Never heard of this. I’ll have to check it out. 🙂

      Huge hugs!

      • You stated……
        “1) spending time in solitude are a way to eliminate triggers of resistance from you reality for a bit, allowing your vibration to rise (our energy is naturally high, so whenever we stop holding it down, it will rise).
        “2.) Totally agreed. Many spiritual people still live by a strict set of rules which can restrict them from following their intuition. Although I would never say never, I’d say if someone turned into a hedonist, they were still working some major stuff out. Why? Because as you progress in this work, you find more and more balance. When you are experiencing extremes, it’s always in an attempt to find that balance (go to one extreme, then the other, then find your balance somewhere in the middle). There’s nothing wrong with that, but in my experience, the extremes level out the higher you go (it all becomes much more subtle).”

        You mean like someone telling and promoting that our energetic vibration needs to be viewed from a perception of having to be RAISED? While also stating at the same time we are high frequency Energy Beings establishing our own conscious center within a low frequency body form? …
        My Question to you is ,,,..If we are born of a high vibration …Then. why do we need to adopt the view that we need to raise it? If all that is surrounding us is at a lower vibration than ourselves. then instead of the view of “raising” our vibration… ..why are not endorse the view of “clearing” it of the ignorant misinterpretation of life’s experiences..both of which were labeled at the time in a dichotomistic manner.
        Then wouldn’t it be more beneficial for us to focus upon Learning how to accept BOTH Aspects of the “Dichotomist” space surrounding us? (i.e. our consciousness)…

        {I.e…..The. “Dichotomist Space” each of us has surrounding the “Monistic Space” in which our Consciousness rests inside of our bodies.}

        …. Instead of advocating just one side of the whole…ex. (promoting law of attraction, while at same time “deprecating” the Law of Resistance)……. Hmmm… doesn’t this fall under…..HEDONISM?

        These two “Forces of Energy” complement one another and an individual cannot obtain-nor tap into the privilege of applying the “power” of resistance for his/her benefit; if they are continuously avoiding understanding it, deleting triggers of it, and in essence seeking denying it’s existence, Instead of embracing it as part of the whole aspect of manifestation….{i;e; I don’t want this in my life why is it still here….requires tapping into the power of resistance,,,,learning How and When to engage it …not deny or ignore it, nor eliminate what you’ve labeled its”Triggers

        The focus of our attention selects the side of the duality that comes into life.
        We choose the duality itself~~ that is the scale, “Dichotomy” or opposites that Define the duality.
        We are taught to distinguish between right and wrong….good and bad~I’ve found these particular dichotomies are rarely paths to happiness. Such filters often lead to judging ourselves or others.
        I understand your perspective as it is a traditional point of view… do you understand Mine?…

        • Hey I Am,

          I don’t actually disagree with you. To me, clearing resistance and raising it are the same thing. I have said on many occasions that resistance is not a bad thing (which is why I often put words like “bad” and “negative” in quotes). To release resistance we must understand it and make peace with it. It is through this process that we see the value in it.

          I stand by the use of my words, though. Who We Really Are is of a high vibration. In our human form, when we take on resistance (when we continue to focus on what we don’t want well beyond the point at which it’s served its purpose) we actually begin to vibrate at the frequency of the unwanted. And if doing so causes negative emotion, then it means that we are matching a lower frequency than the one we want.

          The duality of the wanted and unwanted makes it a bit clearer than good/evil that neither side is actually wrong. It’s a matter of preference, that’s all. And yes, all perspectives are valuable, which is something I’ve written about many, many times.

          We may use different words, you and I, but I don’t see how our points of view area all that different. 🙂

          Huge hugs!

        • LOL.

          Your comment did go under mine. It was the second reply to my comment and so went under the first one from I AM. If it had gone under that comment, it would’ve been indented further. Bit confusing, I know.. 🙂


  • Hi Melody,

    What wonderful questions and insightful answers! I’ll follow Philip’s example and comment by numbers:

    1. I agree with your explanation that stuff just falls away. A transition that’s been a little hard for me is that I no longer like the novels I used to read, or the movies I used to enjoy, and I haven’t found a replacement yet. Which leads to…

    2. More solitude seems to be an increasingly natural state. Even solitude from pastimes.

    3. For me, as Reiki practitioner, I don’t feel people are healed by another person, but by “divine light” (for lack of a better word). The healer is just a channel. When a person is ready to get better, having the help of someone who can “boost” their energy can be an excellent jump-start. If they’re not ready, the energy work won’t stick.

    4. I remember twenty years ago when I got really sick, I decided to never wear black again. At the time, it felt like the light colored clothes helped me heal. I do wear a bit of black now, though not much, and as Philip mentioned, 100% natural fibers all the way. BTW 100% cotton bras are hard but not impossible to find. 100% cotton socks are even harder. Anyone know of a good cheap source??

    Thanks again, Melody! Another great post! Hugs,

    Mary Carol

    • Welcome back Mary Carol!!! Missed you chica! 🙂

      1.) You know, I recently read a couple of novels for the first time in over a year. Things are coming back in now, but I see them differently. They had to gravitate out so that I could change and now they are coming back. It’s all very interesting.

      2.) Me too. And pretty much everyone I know who is channeling or on that level. I’m also, for the first time in my life, thinking of moving out of the city. I want woods and green and trees in abundance. This is very strange for me, since I’m SOOO not a country girl, but I’m going with it. Let’s see where it takes me…

      3.) Totally agreed. However… as I said to Philip, it is possible to influence people who are really reactive. If someone manifests their healing through you, they will also manifest the clarity they need to make it stick. If someone has just manifested a bit of relief through you, it probably won’t. But this brings up a great point – the healing is ultimately not the healer’s responsibility. It’s the healee’s. And even if you just provided some relief, it’s still good.

      4.) I still wear black (love it), but one thing I noticed is that pastels worked their way into my wardrobe. I never used to wear pastels (NEVAH!!). But suddenly one day, I was compelled to buy a soft pink shift. I still love it. My whole style became softer and less severe and businessy. It’s interesting to watch the evolution. 🙂

      Huge hugs!

      • Hi Melody,

        I’ve had the same thought on #2: must move to the countryside! Have you figured out how to live in the country without a car?? That’s what’s hanging me up. So far, the best I can think of is to try to manifest a house in the city with an awesome garden and next to a beautiful park. I’m really curious where you’re headed with this.


        Mary Carol

        • I haven’t yet. This is totally new and so I’m just sitting with it for now, letting it define more. I want trees, and for some reason, I see woods. I love the idea of jogging through a forest (or it could be a really great park). As I was walking today, I noticed that I do still adore the city. So, like you, I guess I want a marriage of the two. I just need to define which elements I love about each. I love walking through the city, and having all the shops to look at. I like the convenience of having everything around me and being able to walk out the door and be somewhere (instead of having to drive somewhere first). But I also love the sense of community that you get in smaller towns (well, some of them). And I love the idea of having a house or really big apartment and a dog (although I have some more major traveling to do before I want to settle down like that).

          I’m open to changing countries, so the Universe shouldn’t have a hard time delivering… 🙂

          I’ll keep you posted. Hugs!


  • My tastes in material things (including clothes) have definitely changed and simplified. We haven’t had TV in years. A while ago I was in a waiting room where a TV was blaring (so obnoxious!). I couldn’t help but watch for a few minutes and couldn’t believe that people could sit and watch stuff like that for hours. I had to wait somewhere else.

    It’s true that so much of the stuff we have is to reinforce an image of ourselves that we want others to accept and believe. Once we lose those needs, there’s little that we want. The biggest thing on my wish list is to be able to buy much more high quality food for my family. Good quality food is so expensive. 🙁

    I also agree that others can’t heal us. I spent a couple decades and wads of money chasing that myth. Once I realized that 99% of my physical problems were emotional and learned how to effectively deal with those issues myself, I had “cured” myself. Others can make the symptoms feel better for a short period of time (love my massages!) but can’t ultimately cure us of our root problems. That’s our job.

    Great answers Melody!!

    Big, Big Hugs!!

    • Thanks Paige!

      While I do watch some TV shows, I don’t ever watch TV. That way, I get to see ONLY what I want to see and nothing else. But when I’m visiting my family in the US, invariably, there will be a TV somewhere, and I find it fascinating (like visiting a different civilization). It used to drive me crazy, but in very small doses, I find it funny. The incredible condescension of the programming, talking down to viewers as though they were idiots, and the commercials! I’ve honestly mistaken real commercials for spoofs. I couldn’t believe that anyone would believe the claims of a pharmaceutical company (they’re not even trying to disguise it anymore. It’s just blatant propaganda). It really is a little bit like being in the Matrix and seeing it all from the other side.

      You know, I had a massage during my spa vacation a few weeks ago. I had a knot in my back and had a terrific massage (she used a lot of energy) to release it. Afterwards, I took a nap and then I realized what the knot was about. I used the energy release to help me figure out what it was all about and the information came easily. If one could combine the massage with the guidance to help the client figure out what the root cause is/was, then one would really be on to something. 🙂

      Huge hugs!

      • ‘I couldn’t believe that anyone would believe the claims of a pharmaceutical company (they’re not even trying to disguise it anymore. It’s just blatant propaganda)’

        what does this mean? just asking cuz am curious. In my country pharma companies dont exactly ‘advertize’

        i opted out of working for a cosmetic multinational and joined a small pharma company instead as a sales person. i thought did the right thing by getting out of cosmetics..which i believe basically attacks peoples self esteem and makes them wanting to look like dolls. i thought pharma was tons ‘cleaner’ 😛

        am just curious as to what your comment might mean for me…keeping in mind that there are no coincidences 😛 the fact tht i read this must ‘mean’ something right?

        ugh. am i being too garbled ?

        • Hey S,

          If you’re new to this site then I could see how this statement might’ve come off the wrong way. I think it’s truly funny now.

          I saw this commercial a couple of years ago that went something like this:
          “See Bob. Bob is unhappy” (Bob walking around with a huge exaggerated frown).
          “See Bob take a pill” (Bob takes a pill)
          “See Bob. Bob is happy” (Bob walks around with a huge exaggerated grin.)

          This was a real commercial for some new anti-depressant. It wasn’t meant to be funny.

          I have no problem with pharmaceutical companies. I used to, but not anymore. I see them the same as traditional medicine – very useful in helping us bridge the gap between standing in a place of resistance so great that we create illness and true healing. I also see them as a huge mirror to society’s views on illness and healing and sure, because people focus upon them, also the perpetuator of those views. But they are not the cause. They are a symptom, as well.

          I wrote a post about making peace with traditional medicine a while back that explains this further:

          Bottom line for you: if you feel good in your job, stay there. There is no “wrong” industry. Your experience is determined by your vibration and your environment will always match that. If you had the impulse to go to a pharma company, then that is the right place for you. And keep in mind, that your particular work environment, with your specific job and co workers and clients, etc. will be very different from someone else’s experience. So even if someone out there has had a horrific experience working for big pharma, that doesn’t mean that you have to.

          To put it more succinctly: You don’t need anyone else’s permission to like your job.


          Huge hugs!

  • Yes, this post totally resonated with me! It’s up to us to break our habits by feeling good. The rest is pretty much all intuitive. I, too, go for comfort and still get whistles when walking by guys, yet it’s the attitude, especially a smile, that stands out and not the clothes or shoes. A smile is actually contagious, must be felt, and raises vibration of everyone, a very good thing.

    Juicing is great for the body, as long as you also eat other substances the body needs according to body and blood type (some of us need more red meat than others), while eliminating the crap.

    Thanks for yet another wonderful topic!

    • Hey Kat,

      I totally agree. A smile can be a very sexy thing.

      If you find yourself going crazy on a juice fast because you feel like you’re not getting everything you need, it’s almost certainly a symptom of detox. You can easily go 10 days without eating meat (I wholeheartedly agree that some individuals need more meat, while others don’t need any).

      But if a juice fast is too extreme, and it can be, then I recommend going on a 14 day 100% alkaline diet. That’s meat free too, but you get to have solid food, including potatoes. It’s like fasting without fasting and is a great alternative for people who have to work a lot and need more calories during their fast.

      And as you point out, you don’t need to fast, to juice. Simply adding one green juice to your diet per day can make a HUGE difference in how you feel.

      In the end, you have to go by how you feel, not by what the most extreme option is.

      Huge hugs!!


  • Hi Melody! Looks like we’re on the same page again – I wrote about health too! I particularly like your response to this question: Is it a bad idea to be healed by others? When i first learned Reiki I had trouble with just the point you make – that if you simple clear the pain and the issue remains, you’re only creating a regular client, not healing. It’s a shame that something so potentially powerful as energy work would take that path, but I believe it is evolving on it.
    I mentioned the GNM, but I don’t know if anybody noticed :p I couldn’t help it.
    See you at the Hangout tomorrow!

    • Hiya Lori,

      I’ll go and check it out ASAP. It doesn’t really take that much to get people to understand what happened once they’ve had the experience. A bit of explanation can help a lot. What I find is that a lot of healers have no idea how they are healing. I know one intuitive massage therapist who is just excellent. She helped me when my right foot went numb for two weeks (energy blockage). She was able to physically work it out and knew exactly which pressure points to hit to release the blockage.

      However, this lady would do better to never really speak to her clients. Her explanations of the cause of the issues is actually detrimental to her clients’ true progress, which is sad. She has an ability, but not the knowledge of how the ability actually works. So, through her explanations, she gets the clients to focus negatively on their bodies. I found this rather fascinating. Isn’t that how all religious lore really got started? People experienced or witnessed actual energy work, but then scrambled to make sense of it logically, often resulting in twisted and inaccurate descriptions. To me, it’s kind of the same principle as discovering that a plant helps with healing and attributing it to the spirit of the plant instead of realizing that the plant is a natural antibiotic, and then concluding that if the plant didn’t work, that the plant gods must be angry or something (and not because not all illnesses are caused by the same bacteria). Understanding energy work can help us to utilize it more effectively. 🙂

      Huge hugs!

      • Hi Melody,
        That IS a shame that she couldn’t explain it. It sounds like she was wonderful at what she did, though. I don’t do a lot of healing work at present but I always felt my role was to be a bridge or an interpreter. I could relate to the conventional-thinking people and gently introduce them to the energy side of things. Mostly I believe in the power of the emotions to affect the body and in the body’s ability to heal.
        Of course, we all have our theories about how things work, don’t we 😉

  • Fasting: I’ve done a few juice fasts and healed something physical by doing it. My body was really toxic at the time. This was my real reason for doing it. However, I noticed I became much more attracted to subjects of the spiritual nature, was much more interested and drawn to them also. And it also drew me into learning more about food and that kind of health. I also noticed that (and this for me is most important) I became much more astute at knowing what my body actually needs. (Not that I always listen…cravings are alive and well and isn’t the same as letting you know what you need. I doubt that our bodies need beer or chocolate cake. Perhaps something that’s in them, but the alcohol and refined sugar might be the craving, but not the need.)

    I’ve been wanting to do another all juice fast and have started a detox of sorts (3 week regimen) with the intention of eating only raw. But I found that with the amount of stress my body is dealing with at this time that it wasn’t a good idea. I could tell my body needed more. So I went off the raw and started eating cooked. This time with the intention of eating all vegan. Not long after I apparently was missing something. I could feel my brain chemistry wasn’t right, so I gave in and ate some…meat. Animal products are “forbidden” on this cleanse. But I felt that my bodies needs are more important than listening to someone else. I’m still taking the supplements and I’m still getting their benefit. I have learned from this that sometimes my body isn’t READY or equipped to be slammed with my will. At this time it needs to be built back up…with food and my acceptance of that of course.

    In the past I would be kicking myself for giving in, in these ways, especially to meat. But I do not feel that way this time. I actually feel physically/mentally/emotionally better. And I accept that my body just needs that concentrated protein right now, on a regular basis.

    I like Melody’s way: Intuitive eating. Sometimes you do have to clean house first to get there. 🙂 And your body will need different things at different times. Protein is in everything, but different types are processed in different ways. And one’s body will need different amounts and types at different times.

    This is going to probably be controversial here (I love a good discussion), but (well I’ll speak for myself)…I find that when I eat meat, when it seems to me that my body/brain is telling me it truly needs it, episodes of depression are diminished. It has also gotten me from deep deep depressions to out of them pretty much over night. To clarify though, I’m talking about steamed chicken mixed with veggies for example or even some ground beef with lots of veggies and quinoa…not a cheeseburger smothered in cheese on a white flour roll with ketchup, mayo and whatever else. Simple and basic is what I mean.

    Of course this won’t work for everyone. But it has proven to work for me more than many times. And I respect and honor anyone else’s dietary needs. I am not dogmatic on this and believe everyone needs to follow their own path on this.

    • Hey Laura,

      How are you?

      Don’t worry about being “controversial” about your personal eating choices. I LOVE meat and consider myself on a spiritual path. Feeling guilty or having to use smacks of willpower or force isn’t going to do us any good.
      If there’s anything I’ve learned from Melodys’ blog it’s that traditional human-made conceptions of what spirituality is- are often founded on false beliefs and obligation- what it really boils down to is being happy and enjoying ourselves.
      So if someone was truly happy in thier life eating raw I’d say great for them but if it felt like effort and a strain then it’s not right.
      If eating meat is something that helps keep us sustained and feels enjoyable there’s no reason to force it off the menu! 🙂
      And technically even beer and chocolate cake could do us good if eaten with the right spirit and without any guilt.
      It’s all what you feel HAPPY about.

      Hope this fast works for you and you keep on feeling great! 🙂

    • Hey Laura,

      I second what Alice said. 🙂 You have nothing to be afraid of here. I haven’t had meat in over a year and a half. But I promise you, if I want a steak tomorrow, I’ll have a steak. I wouldn’t go so far as to say that our brains need meat to function. Your individual body will tell you what it needs and if it doesn’t get it then yes, brain function will be impacted. We all know this – when we eat badly (sugar, high fructose corn syrup, etc.) we get all fuzzy. Often we don’t even realize this until we get off of that stuff. Well, LACK of good stuff can have the same effect as PRESENCE of bad stuff. So, I totally believe you that your brain functions were improved by you eating meat when your body asked for it.

      I do eat fish from time to time and occasionally eggs. I also eat quinoa frequently (the only grain that contains complete proteins), and lots of lentils and chickpeas. When I work out more, I need a bit more protein (not a side of beef a day, or anything, just a tick more. That’s when I have a couple of eggs, for example).

      And some people definitely need to eat meat, while others really shouldn’t. It’s a very individual thing and everyone has to go by how they feel.

      Don’t go RAW unless your body is asking for it. When I did it (I was 100% RAW for 4 months and then incorporated a few cooked things back in when my body asked for them) I couldn’t help myself. It was such a strong urge to eat RAW, it was ridiculous. If it doesn’t feel like that, don’t try to make that big of a change. Just incorporate more raw foods into your diet, drink a green juice now and then, and eat clean – no chemicals, etc. Above all, make sure you feel good about the food you eat and that the food you eat makes you feel good. 🙂

      Huge hugs!

  • 1) Agree
    2)Helps but not essential
    3)You are never HEALED bu others. Others can facilitate Your healing and open closed channels and that is so totally wonderful, but YOU are your own healer!
    4) Sure, dress for the ball and you feel the part. Dress for success and it adds to your mental state. Dress like a &*^% and , well… Above all dress natural fiber, the other crap material is like a short circuit to the body!
    Don’t worry, be happy…

    • Hey Philip,

      1.) Yay
      2.) 🙂
      3.) Very true. But it is possible to allow someone to influence you and not even know it. So you can allow someone to assist you with your healing, but because you were simply reacting to them, you may well then just react to something else and recreate the condition.
      4.) I’m gonna disagree just a little bit on this one. Ultimately, it’s not the fabric that determines my reaction to it, but my vibration. There are some synthetic fabrics that are just awesome. They keep you warm in the winter, dry in the rain, cool in the summer and all without being big and bulky. I love my Goretex trench coat, for example. And my exercise clothes are no longer cotton T-shirts. I was dying in those. If it makes me feel good all around, I wear it. If not, I don’t (anymore). I think it’s a very individual thing. 🙂

      Huge hugs!

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