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Visualizing When You’re Not A Visual Person

Derek asks, “I don’t have a visual imagination when I close my eyes, but your blog says to imagine what you want visually. I can only think with voice and logic; have you heard about this problem before?”

Yes, this is something that a lot of people grapple with and it’s not an issue at all. In the article How To Visualize – The Secret to What Visualization Really Is, I explain that Visualization is simply a tool to help us line up with the energy of what we want. The visualization itself isn’t that important, and it’s certainly not the only tool at our disposal. If “seeing” images isn’t comfortable or easy for you, that’s ok.

The most important thing is that you find a way to evoke the feeling of the CORE of what you want. So, let’s say that you want a new car. Why? Because you want to look cool. Why? Because you don’t feel that you are. Why not? Because you have a belief that you’re not good enough. So, you don’t really want a new car. What you really want is to feel good enough and you think that having a new car will help you do that. In this case, you’d focus on the core of feeling worthy.

Or, let’s say that you want that new car just because you think it would be fun to have a car. That’s ok too. In that case, you could focus on the car and WHY you want it.

In neither case would you have to “picture” the car. You could simply write out a list of what you want and why you want it. You’d want to choose words that evoke really positive and enthusiastic feelings from you.

The second example is a bit easier for me to use here. Notice that I’m writing this list in the present tense, as though you already have what you want. This is a good technique to use, but what’s most important is that whatever you write evokes the best possible feelings from you.

So, an example list would be:

  • I love how great the new leather seats smell.
  • I love how reliable the car is.
  • I love the sound of the engine. It’s so quiet. It just purrs.
  • I love the color (add adjectives to describe your favorite color).
  • When I see my car in the morning, my heart skips a beat.
  • It’s so fun to drive!
  • Etc.

Or you can imagine that you’re telling a friend about your new car – this perfect car that you love. What would you say? Tell him how much you love it and WHY. What do you love about it? You don’t have to “see” yourself talking to your friend, but you can have this pretend conversation on your own. Work yourself into a super enthusiastic state about your new car, and you’ll have found the vibration of Who You Really Are. Do this consistently and the manifestations have to come rolling in.

You could also use music to help you attain this feeling (an old rock song that you’d love to drive down the road to).

Or look at cars that you like and appreciate them.

These are all different tools that do the same thing as visualization. Choose whichever one works best for you – whichever one most easily evokes a FEELING response from you – and go with that. As long as you get into the feeling, you can’t get it wrong.

Why Do Manifestations Always Come In Unexpected Ways?

Max asks, “Every time I focus on something and want to experience that thought inside the physical, it won’t manifest, even If I keep a really clear image. A while ago I focused on a rat for about a minute. So I searched the street all day long to find one. It wasn’t like I deliberately went in search of rats, I just kept the picture of a rat in my mind throughout the day; but I didn’t see one. I checked the back alley of a particular restaurant which is always full of rats but even there I found nothing. It was just absurd what I was doing but I wanted to focus on something unique rather than a glass of water. So I came home, forgot all about the rat stuff, started to make something to eat, and went to take out the garbage. Then, in that moment, more than 50 rats were staring at me. I was speechless. I’ve never seen a rat in my neighborhood in the 3 years that I’ve lived there. When I got closer they ran away. My point is, it’s always like that –  you always get kind of surprised when you focus on something and expect it to come, rather than saying, “Ok, I knew it was going to happen like that.”

Here’s what happened with the rats: You focused on the rat in order to manifest it. Fair enough. But then, you kept focusing on it, trying to MAKE it appear. In order for something to manifest, you have to switch from the ASKING (asking it to appear) to RECEIVING (allowing it appear).

When you let go of the need to see the rat and just went about your day, the rats appeared. You made the switch to allowing.

Here’s another way to look at it: You get to decide the WHAT, but you don’t get to decide the HOW. This is because you don’t have nearly as big of a perspective and toolset as the Universe does. Could you have known which rats in your city were a vibrational match to your desire? Did you know which rats were willing to cooperate and show up just to prove to you that you can manifest? Could you have given them all the impulse to show up at precisely the right place and time where you would be sure to see them?  I’m guessing no.

But the Universe could and actually did all of those things.

Let’s say that you want to have a house built. You come up with a picture of the perfect house and have an architect design it. It’s gorgeous. You then go to the building site and start to tell the construction workers where to buy the wood and the bricks. You tell them where to lay the electrical wires. Only, you know little or nothing about construction, so they’re not inclined to listen to you. And even if they did, the end result would be horrible. It’s not your job to build the house. And it’s not your job to find the rats. It’s your job to figure out what you want and then trust that it will come. When you keep looking for the rats it’s like you keep interfering with construction workers, asking them if they’re done yet. They’re not going to get your house built that way. But if you leave them alone, they’ll get right on it.

Once you’ve defined what you want, back off and let the Universe do its job. And stop trying to control the whole process. πŸ™‚

Why do certain people catch my eye?

Ismael asks, “When I’m in public, certain people (male or female) attract me for some reason. Not in the “romantic” way, but I find myself glancing at them deliberately (more than twice). They won’t be specifically “attractive”, but my head will want to nod back to them. I won’t really have thoughts that come to mind about them. I’ll just keep looking (like how babies do). Has this ever happened to you and is there a reason behind this?”

Whenever you notice anything or become aware of anything, it’s always because on some level, it’s a vibrational match to you. The thoughts or feelings you’re having about these people may be very subtle, but there are some there.

The baby analogy is a good one. They are fascinated by their environment and they soak it all in. You are noticing different people and feel just a little bit drawn to them, enough so that you want to keep looking at them.

If I were you, I’d guide my thoughts and feelings when this happened. Why not deliberately look for what you like about them? What can you notice about them that you can appreciate? They are in your reality for a reason. Try to figure out why. They are mirroring something back to you. This could be something as subtle as giving you an opportunity to practice deliberately shaping your thoughts. As you become more and more aware of your world in terms of vibration, you may well find yourself weirdly fascinated by the most arbitrary things. Like a sunset, or leaves on a tree, or flowers, or someone’s laugh, or how people interact with each other, body language, a smile, a lady bug, etc. Don’t shy away from these experiences, embrace them and pull them into the most positive place you can. Have fun with this!

Now it’s your turn: Did any of these questions resonate with you? Share your own experience for the benefit of everyone.

If you’ve found this post to be valuable, I’d love it if you’d share it on Social Media or in whatever way you like. Thanks in advance for your help in spreading the Happy Shiny Puppy Energy.

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  • Melody,

    Thanks πŸ™‚ That does make sense, but, in that way, by focusing on ‘getting into the college’ I’ll be stuck in the asking state, right? How to line-up with it in order to receive what I want? I mean how do I act like I’m accepted to that college?

    (You might think that I’m not clear on my LOA principles, but I just couldn’t figure out how to ACT as if I’m in my dream college lol :D)

    P.S. I love going through the archives, I’m relatively new here (like 2-3 months) and I really appreciate the fact that the older posts are still present for me to read)

    • Hey Anurag,

      You don’t have to ACT as if you are at your dream college. Feel as though you are. There’s a difference.

      Think about the reasons you want to go to that particular college? What do you like about it?What’s so great about it? What can you truly appreciate about it? What do you think your life would be like there, in the most positive terms possible? Daydream about it, but only the really good stuff (NOT how you will get there…) Describe your ideal day there.

      Or, again, just focus on the end goal. What it is you want to be and do and leave the details of the college out of it altogether. That’s even more general.

      Just daydream about these visions in a way that feels good. That’s all you have to DO. πŸ™‚


  • Melody,
    Forgive me for revisiting an old post of yours, but, I always wondered how to let go of our desires in the case of a long-term goal? How to be in the receiving state for a long-time goal? Like, for example, I want to get into this college next year, so how do I stay in the receiving state, rather than being stuck in the asking state? How do I go in order to manifest it?

    • Hey Anurag,

      The best thing is to focus on WHY you want to go to college. Focus on the true goal. What is it that you’re hoping to learn and why? What do you want to do with your life? Focus on the essence of it, and you won’t get so caught up in the details (like how you’ll pay for college, will you get in, etc) that it brings up resistance. That vision of what you TRULY want should feel really good.

      I hope that makes sense. Oh, and I hope people are reading the older posts, lol. That’s what they’re there for… πŸ˜‰

      Huge hugs,

  • You’re welcome! Yesterday was a really great day. My first meeting was canceled because the other party had to reschedule. It worked out better for me since I didn’t fall asleep until late and it freed up most of my morning. And he’d already invited me to an industry event next week anyways. The second appointment went swimmingly. i kept affirming that the meeting would create a lot of momentum opportunity-wise and the discussion would go very well. That’s exactly what happened. I had never met the consultant before, had only exchanged a few brief e-mails. And it turns out he used to work in the same industry as I had and we immediately established a great rapport. He wants to collaborate with me so I can get in front of one of his clients for a potential contract. He also mentioned 2 other opportunities that he’s recommending me for. I just felt on top of the world after the meeting!

    Later on I had dinner catching up with a friend who I hadn’t seen in ages. She didn’t want to go home bc we were having such a great time and a good part of our evening we talked about the wonder of living life and how we manifest things constantly w/o realizing it.

    I also saw 3 of the winning numbers for the latest lottery ticket I purchased matched 3 out of the set I had selected on a previous draw (its a 6 digit combination to win the jackpot). Even if I had played the same numbers again it wouldn’t have won the jackpot but this is significant bc before this I haven’t gotten as many as 3 matching numbers. In the past week I had consciously thought that I’d love to match more numbers and it’s exactly what I got. I was kind of surprised seeing that last 3 digits of the recent win was in the same order in my set from last week. It made the synchronicity even more obvious. I guess the lesson I learned here is to play the same numbers until I win! It just re-affirmed I’m that much closer to actually hitting it!

    I know I’ve written some winding replies on unimportant things, but I feel these are examples of how we manifest perfectly as you’ve been talking about. They may seem small, but its about how it makes you feel and the gratitude that seems to follow so naturally. I’m so happy because I”ve been consistently experiencing this flow that feels like new energy. I am so thankful and wanted to express clearly why I think this is truly palpable in our lives. Thank you for letting me share my experiences.

    • Hey Mimi,

      Thanks for sharing again. These incidents are not insignificant and your ability to recognize them for what they are and feel the empowering emotions is key. When we dismiss events as insignificant, it’s a judgment. Oh well, this tiny thing. That doesn’t prove anything. And then we keep holding out for the big thing that never comes. It can’t come because the moment we started to line up with it, the moment it started to come into our experience we dismissed the signs as insignificant and noticed that it wasn’t here, therefore blocking the energy of it.

      But when you rejoice about the little things, you attune further to what you want and more and more of it can flow into your experience.

      These are wonderful examples. Yay!

      Huge hugs!

      • I have another great instance of manifestation! One of the meetings I had those few weeks back resulted in my consultant contacting me earlier this week to set up an interview with one of his clients. The meet was tentatively scheduled early during the morning for me but I would accommodate. Its for a contract that would be ideal as work is based in the city I live in and requires travel and training in Europe! A few days later the consultant forwards my information over with the caveat that although his recommendation of me was glowing, he has no control over the schedule since the client ended up being very pressed for time. Sure enough I get a call this morning from him saying my meeting next week had been canceled since the Director is too busy interviewing other candidates. I thanked him as I already knew it was a tight situation. But I said to myself “it would be great if I ended up somehow getting the meeting”. There were no expectations as it seemed a done deal. I went for a walk to keep my energy level up and when I got back, I had 2 missed calls from the consultant. It turns out the Director will have an extra 2 hours and I got rescheduled to meet closer to noon! So not only am I back on, the time is much better bc I’d otherwise have to be there before 8 am. Talk about things happening with the right timing πŸ™‚


        • Alright Mimi! Way to keep your vibration up. This is an excellent example of not letting your reaction to something take you off track. If you assume that whatever is happening is for the best, you can see it when it is! Yay!

          Thanks for the update.

          Huge hugs!

  • I know this is a silly incident for me to share for this blog on manifesting. But a trip to the grocery store today made me realize that sometimes there’s more to what we seek and end up actually getting. I’ve been craving fig newtons for the last few weeks although I chose not to buy them whenever I was at the supermarket unless they were on sale. I know this sounds stupid. Why not just buy them? They’re snacks and don’t cost a lot of money. But for some reason I found myself playing a game. It wasn’t about the cost at all, I knew it was just a matter of time before they went on sale. Sure enough I’m at the market today and a 12 pack of individually wrapped newtons were discounted to $5. I have 2 meetings for potential job opportunities tomorrow and wanted to get snacks for the train ride. I pick them up and at check out the entire pack scanned for only $.69 cents! Abundance really comes in unexpected ways. Even though this singular incident would be otherwise considered so insignificant I was still totally delighted by it because I’ve been waiting to get newtons for 2 weeks. I found myself strangely grateful over the incident on my way home.

    My take away from this very small happenstance is there’s more than simply getting what we want. Sometimes its about the timing and opportunity that gets us something even better than what we could anticipate. I take this as positive momentum for my meetings tomorrow!

    • Oh Hell Yes Mimi!!!

      This small, seemingly insignificant incident is a perfect representation of how perfect manifestations work. And guess what: it’s the exact same process to manifest larger stuff, it’s just that we believe it’s harder to create big things, and so it is. When you allow the Universe to take care of the manifestation and the timing of it, it’s always better than we could’ve even imagined. I adore the perfection of the Universe, LOA and, of course, us.

      Thank you so very much for sharing this wonderful example here! Woohoo!

      Huge hugs!

  • Hahaha! I’ve been looking for rats everywhere. Except I was calling them my next boyfriend. No wonder the universe hasn’t been able to help me out on that one. What a great metaphor for not allowing the universe to do its job- ‘looking for rats’ πŸ™‚

  • Hi mam,
    how to manifest for studies? i am not able to manifest correctly about studies please help me..

    • Hey Sam,

      Focus on WHY you want to go to that country, not the country itself. If you focus on coming to the US in detail, you’ll start to think “But how will I get a green card” etc. All these doubts and questions which you can’t answer will come up. But when you think of WHY you want to come to the US, how it will make you feel and you actually get into those feelings, the details of the HOW will come to you.

      Does that help?

      Huge hugs!

      • Hiii Mam,
        Thanks For you reply …..Yes Mam it helps me πŸ™‚ ..can you tell me more about it….How get into that feeling that im actually living in US.
        Have a Wonderful Weekend ~_^

        • Hey Sam,

          You’re welcome. Again, think of WHY you want to go to the US. You don’t have to think of it like being in a hologram where you are pretending to live in the US. The feeling of it is tied to the reasons why you want to go there.

          For example, you may love the idea of having so many opportunities open to you. Well, in that case, look for evidence that you have opportunities open to you at home and focus on the variety (if you look for the evidence, you will find it). As you do, you’ll lock into the feeling of having tons of opportunities. You can’t do that by focusing on LACK of opportunities.

          Huge hugs!

  • “You decide the what, but not the how.” This is a great statement and it explains so much. Learning to focus our attention on the receiving part by “allowing” it to happen is probably the hardest part of this process. I have often found that when I purposely focus on something else, the thing manifests in no time!

  • Hi Melody,

    Regarding the rat question, I recently saw a very funny clip on You Tube about a couple who sat watching a program about Uri Geller bending spoons with his mind. They too wanted to have a go and could not stop trying, soon even started cheating. But nothing worked. So they went to bed disgustedly and then the camera started going around the room. The spoon still had not been bent but just about everything else was!

    I just remembered the fact that I also experienced something like the rats showing up when they were no longer expected.

    I have always kept in touch with an old school friend, for over 50 years now, who lives on the other side of the country. I have always been the one who had to take the initiative but when we were together or spoke on the phone our relation was as always, almost like sisters (we are both an only child). This never bothered me very much until a time when I was not feeling very well to say the least. I still contacted her from time to time but got very worked up about the fact that she never did. Well, she had six kids and lots of problems of her own and she is the type to get really caught up in her family, so it had nothing to do with me. I knew that but for a while I could just not let go. When I finally came to my senses, I just decided to let things run their course and if she was not interested enough to take up contact with me anymore, okay, then she was not, so what. And I left it at that. And guess what, next day there was a letter. From her.



    • Hey Anny,

      I love the story of that Youtube clip. If you find it, feel free to post it here or send it to me.

      It’s always that way. The second we let something go (and yes, often THAT SECOND), we see results. I came home one night, quite upset about something. I was in the middle of a rather difficult release (I was being stubborn without realizing it) and my PC would not boot up. That was the straw that broke the camel’s back. I got very angry and just let it all out. The second I was done, by PC booted right up. The Universe if filled with mind blowing, utter perfection. πŸ™‚

      Huge hugs!

      • Hi Melody,

        I’ll try to get hold to the link of that clip again. I got the link by email and I already searched my mailbox for it but it’s gone already. Maybe my husband still has it.

        I recognize the PC part! They are very sensitive to our moods.



        • Hi Melody,

          I have tried to find that link of that clip for you but my husband also has not got it anymore and I have not the faintest idea who we got it from originally.

          I did manifest a rat however! In the kitchen cupboard. She’s my daughter’s pet who is allowed to roam free in the living room sometimes as she is old already and does not do damage anymore. She was one of two but the other one recently died and she misses her, so we try to give her as much attention as possible. She is still very curious and if a door opens she must investigate. It proved my husband had not noticed that she had followed him into the kitchen and had crawled into the cupboard when he had opened the door to get something, so he had cled the door again and inadvertently locked her in.



          • Ahahahahaha! You manifested a rat. Ooops! I hope all my readers haven’t manifested rats now… EEEEEk! LOL. But at least it was a friendly rat, eh?

            Huge hugs!

  • Hey Melody,

    About the award for which you were nominated- A couple of weeks ago, I thought and deeply felt you deserved to be nominated for some kind of award for all the brilliant contributions you make as the best blogger and Voila! Here it is! I was actually going to write about this thought and feeling of mine, but totally forgot about it until I saw the most recent post! Hooray!

  • The rat question made me laugh πŸ™‚ I guess that’s because I would never in a million years ask to see rats, they scare me. I wonder why the person who asked the question chose to go for rats… interesting… However it did remind me of a similar experience.

    A year or so ago, I asked to manifest a specific type of feather on my way to work. It was one of these days when I was quite disillusioned and I guess I wanted to reassure myself. I thought this was easy enough as there is a river on the route and I was bound to find a duck feather during the 20 minute walk. So I kept holding the image of the feather in my head, all the while looking to see a feather even though I knew I shouldn’t be looking but hey it’s like the pink elephant dilemma. Of course, there was no feather. When I arrived at work (I was working with children with autism), I saw my gorgeous 3 year old smiling at me and shouting my name. I kneeled down to give him a hug and there he was holding the feather I called for…

    I guess it is the same principle as when they say “a watched pot never boils”, the phone call you wait for never comes etc… Letting go is important but not always easy especially when bigger life issues are concerned… A few tips on how to actually manage to let go when your heart (or body for that matter) is aching for something would be great Melody… πŸ™‚

  • Hi Melody,

    First off I’ve got to let you know that you’ve been nominated for the Sisterhood World’s Bloggers Award. Check it out when you get the chance πŸ™‚

    I love those questions and how you answer them.

    First visualization. It’s true that what matters most is not the visualization itself but the “feelings” you put into it, so if visualizations don’t work for you, what you need to find is the feeling.

    When you concentrate on something, it doesn’t appear when you are “looking” for it, it does when you have been asking for it and then released it. I love your explanation on that.

    When someone attract your attention more than someone else it really means that there are some type of vibrational connections. It doesn’t even have to be positive, unfortunately, can also be in a negative way.

  • Woah, woah, woah….hold on just one second! There’s another “Derek” around these parts? Well, I guess someone fergot t’tell ya’ feller…there’s only room for one Derrek in this ere’ town…and it belongs to the one with two ‘R’s’ in his name. Now y’git yerself two choices…a standoff…or a standoff….yer move,…pardner.

    Great question, by the way.

    Oh and also, I hate to be the one to correct you Melody, but you got Max’s situation all wrong. There’s a better explanation to the whole rat thing. Max is a superhero. He just doesn’t know it yet. I mean, anyone who has seen the two-dozen superhero origin movies would know that Max has somehow been infused with the DNA of a rat, and will soon go through a metamorphosis that is basically just a montage of sorts, and will instantly have rat-powers; that’s the ability to smell incredibly well, run really fast, become extremely flexible, and also contaminate food. Oh, he’ll also be able to summon rats…you know, in case his nemesis ties him up in an abandoned factory and he needs someone to save him. Who better to bite through rope than…’ta-daa’…rats!

    You’re welcome, Max. Oh, just watch out for a villain to show-up soon. He’ll probably have fitting superpowers as well. Cat-Man, maybe. Or The Human Owl. Stay safe, man…and thanks in advance for preserving justice FOR ALL *echo: for all, for all, for all…*

    • OMG, Derrek. Catman. I can’t stop laughing. I think Chris Tucker should play him, and he should do it really bitchy and well, catty. That would be too funny. Rowr!

      You may be right. Max is a pretty superhero-y name. πŸ˜‰

      Thanks for the comic relief, man.

      Huge hugs!

  • hey mell….

    i just love the analogy of a house.

    you should not interfere with the universe’s work.
    just find the feeling and let the universe do its job.

  • Hello Melody,
    Love the alternatives to visualization. I think in words and ideas, and hear a lot in my mind, but don’t really see much, and when I do, I have a very hard time holding on to them. They really just flash in my head and are gone in a second. I read, a lot, so that may be why. So knowing that I can think of the thoughts, the ideas, or write the words is a big relief. As long as I can create the feelings.
    It’s funny that so many of my previous years were filled with, ‘Ignore your feelings, go with logic, be tough, don’t get so emotional,’ blah, blah, blah. And now I’m working my butt off trying to create more feelings when getting extremnely excited or emotional was more frowned upon so I taught myself to repress them!
    And as to getting manifestations unexpectedly…what I’m finding even more amazing is being able to look back on life and suddenly, some of those ‘tramatic’ events in life pop up and I can see, I mean really see/understand, that I manifested them. I get that, ‘hind sight is twenty-twenty’ moment, and see what I was thinking and feeling at that time in my life and realize what I got was exactly what I was focused on. That’s the thing that has helped me to know how real manifesting is in my life.
    What I’m not so good at is manifesating the smaller or random things. I find trying to get excited about something small/random that doesn’t seem important to me just doesn’t work. It’s like, if I’m going to really get excited about it, it’s got to be something that’s going to make a big difference in my life.

    Thanks as always for such simplified yet profound teachings and insights.

    • Hey Nay,

      Isn’t it awesome how everything in your life starts to make sense when viewed through the lens of LOA (once you have a good understanding of how LOA actually works…)?

      Don’t worry too much if you can’t manifest details that you don’t really care about. Everyone is different and will get joy from different manifestations. Don’t worry about what others can or can’t do, just focus on what you want. πŸ™‚

      Huge hugs!!

  • Hi Melody!

    Lately, I’ve been trying to grasp the difference between looking for a certain manifestation to happen versus just being aware in general and paying attention to details. I’ve gotten much better at not looking for a certain manifestation. Yet, I find myself getting more excited than ever when I go out (which is awesome), but paying attention to everything and usually thinking of it in connection with what I am deliberately putting out there.

    So, it’s not me thinking “where can it show up here?”, but more so, “hey, here’s something interesting that looks like it could have a connection?” Sometimes, I can’t help myself, but say “I wonder if going here will….” Do you think these thoughts are still controlling even though I feel like they are coming more from excitement than being needy for it to happen?

    • Hey Mike,

      This is excellent! The perfect attitude, really. πŸ™‚

      You can tell if your thoughts are still controlling by how they feel. If you feel inspired and playful when you think “I wonder if going here will…”, then no, you are not controlling anything. You’re going with the flow and manifesting more thoughts that feel like that. You can get as specific as you want as long as it feels good. If you find yourself getting a bit down as you have those thoughts, they are not inspired.

      It sounds to me like you’re riding the wave of awesome, there, buddy. Keep up the great “work”!

      Huge happy shiny puppy hugs!


  • I believ in the LOA its kind of easy to forget about it. It amy be good to always remember it in everything, because I think that is how it works when you least expect it or maybe the smallest thing could be important

    • Hey Deb,

      Life does get in the way.. Often, we tend to remember this stuff when things get uncomfortable and we want to make a change. Then, when we get sick of feeling bad, we remember that we learned what to do already. I learned and forgot this stuff again and again for years. It’s a process of shifting out of the belief system that almost everyone around you holds. It takes time and that’s ok. Each time you remember, you’ll remember for longer. πŸ™‚

      Huge hugs!

  • Heading to bed- saw updates! Too curious-must read unopened emails. πŸ™‚


    The thing with visualization is very confusing. I’m learning more about LOA on your site & e-book; but also confused previous ideas too.

    One blog says visualization does nothing- it’s the feeling that attracts us the things from our general vibration-nothing specific. So feeling good may bring us some specific things we want because we actually want them. Other things we may not get but willl be replaced by some other surprise the universe thinks suits us better-what we really want deep down. Or something like this:

    How I’ve interprited LOA from your blog:

    1) Visualization is a tool to help us feel good or better.
    You don’t get the rat. If thinking about rats made you happy it would put you in line with more happy, unexpected things from the universe. So I could be imaging something that’s easy for me/one to feel good about- I dunno-let’s pick setting a bunch of caged birds free form the petstores and running around having fun breaking all the rules. That’s easy for me to imagine and smile about- maybe even laugh.
    So I imagined something imaginary-but the point is that the image made me happy.

    2) Now I’ve picked a happy image. It’s making me feel a bit better for maybe 20-30 mins at max. The longer I feel happier instead of depressed the better my life will get in general.

    3) If I felt good long/powerfully enough I might get some good things showing up in my life. More balance towards the positive. It’s raising my vibration or something.

    4) It won’t be caged birds being set free in a public place. My cool visualization most likely doesn’t come true. Why? Because of some deep meaning, like I am the caged bird that wants to be free.
    The universe doesn’t listen to request because it knows what I really want and some other deep philosophies.

    5) Some other good thing will happen. I’m smiling about rainbow birds but instead I get a friend call and invite me to the movies.
    It’s still something good happening as a result of feeling a little good.

    Alternative ending:

    6) For no logical reason the specifc image might come true. Maybe because we really want it.
    So I might actually get the rainbow birds busted out of their cages. In this reality I didn’t have any deep meaning going on like my own personal freedom- therefore the universe granted my specific wish.

    Or it just decided to be specific. Or something.

    To make my LOA understanding more confused is learning about resistance. You know me by now- I have tonnes of it.
    Yet unlike other readers- when I actually visualize super happy things- I feel super happy.
    I can easily see quantum leaps and the opposite of my situation. No increments needed. I can just see it easily, No bad feelings sneak in.

    – Bud I don’t do it anymore because I might be making things worse.
    I might not even be aware of my own resistance. (frog boiling water)So smiling away as I am, there’s secret dead birds (LOL) in my subconcious mind- there must be because my life is unhappy.

    So best stay away from visualization because the knowledge of resistance being able to give you the opposite scares me.

    But apparantly you are meant to work up the ladder. So I get lost thinking so is that angry birds> bored birds> hopeful birds> happy birds- yay I did it? Now fly free!

    Ok I mixed two different concepts together on purpose. The emotional scale differs from visualizations.

    But that’s the essense of what I’m getting. I’ve got a much better understanding of LOA than “The Secret” gives (visualize, feel good, pow life is better) and it explains why it doesn’t work.

    But also honestly I’m more confused in some areas. There’s vaseline on my lense.

    See I was paying attention but it’s all jumbled up in my brain filter.

    • Uff, ok, you’ve got a few things twisted around here.

      Let’s say you focus on a rat. If you have no resistance to the rat (like, it HAS to show up to prove that you are able to manifest), then it will show up. As in the example above, when Max let go of the need to see it (which was the bit of resistance present), he got rats galore.

      You can definitely create details, but most of the time, people aren’t just creating arbitrary things. They aren’t trying to get a car just because they think it’s cool. It’s usually tied to something much, much deeper. In that case, it’s advisable to get off the details and go for the core feeling. then, if you feel good, you are lining up with the energy of what you want and the details will come (like the car). You’ll have gotten what you really wanted (the feeling) and then all the details that you determined will fill in too.

      Focusing on the good feelings will not make things worse. It will make you aware of how you are truly feeling. It won’t create resistance, but it will show you the resistance that’s always been there. If you had a tumor that was eating away at your leg, would you rather know about it or would you rather ignore it? Sure, you might be happier in denial in the short term, but the tumor is growing. Becoming aware of your resistance is like becoming aware of the tumor so you can heal it. And yes, it might be scary when you first discover it, but then when you get rid of it, you end up feeling better than ever, because it’s no longer draining your system. You may not have realized how tired you were all the time until you’re not anymore.

      If you can focus easily on super high vibrations, you can do so. It won’t do any damage. However, that is more likely to trigger these fears than going incrementally. This is what I mean when I say that quantum leaps can be really uncomfortable. You get a chance to soothe yourself bit by bit along the way. Your fear of these shifts is not an indicator that they are actually dangerous. Like pretty much everyone, you may just not want to face 100% of your demons head on (and your demons are an illusion, but they can feel real to you, which makes them scary). It might be a lot easier to face them a little bit at a time.

      Does that make sense?

      Huge happy shiny puppy hugs!

      • Hi Melody,

        Yes that makes sense.

        But there’s another blog where you say people don’t get cancer by focusing on cancer..
        That’s true. I don’t have cancer. But I sure am scared and depressed.

        But then this says we get the details.

        • You can get the details of what you want (or don’t want) providing they feel the way you feel. Also, the intensity of what you get has to match your vibration. Cancer is a pretty extreme manifestation.

          This can get pretty complicated and it’s impossible to give you a generic explanation that will apply to all circumstances because it always comes down to each individual’s vibration, and that’s always a huge mixture of different beliefs.

          Don’t be afraid of your manifestations. If one comes up, you can evaluate your response to it (that’s the real manifestation), and figure out what you are thinking and believing that has caused this. But being afraid of what you might hypothetically get isn’t helpful. It’s just a waste of time. It’s kind of like being afraid “just in case”. Then, if nothing goes wrong, you wasted all that perfectly good worry… πŸ˜‰

          Focus on feeling BETTER than you do. You are noticing how you’re feeling and that’s already a huge thing (most of the population has no idea how it feels). And you are reaching for better feeling thoughts (and seeing some results!). Are you ecstatic yet? Nope. But so what? You are moving in the right direction. Stop messing that up by being afraid of what could happen. Maybe. Possibly. Maybe not. πŸ™‚

          Huge hugs!

  • OMG, s, yes, I had the same thoughts about the topic. What gets me in this process is all the worrying, lamenting and yes, even crying about stuff not coming and us jumping to conclusions about them after a frenzy of all the crappy emotions we feel. Then, things settle down, we calm down, we’re cool, we move on and bam- there are the manifestations, making their appearance! The universe is at work and we are not to go looking for stuff, as it was so well described in the example. We just need to allow, after feeling the core of what we want (the rocket of desire). I have to practice this as well. I always think to the masters, who are always cool. There is a reason for this.

    Melody, is this what you wanted to add about “letting go and letting God”? This may be another topic altogether, as it is greatly misunderstood, but a glimpse of it here would help.

    • Hey Kat,

      No, the bit I wanted to add about “Letting go and letting God” is that this can often be an annoying and disempowering statement. When you tell someone who is in pain to just let go and let God take care of it, it can feel like you’re asking them to give all their power to some outside entity that may or may not take away the pain. It comes down to WHEN such a statement is used.

      Letting go of the process is a bit different. We have to realize what our job is and what we have the power to do – by focusing on what we want and lining up with it, we are putting some powerful forces into action. This is not NOTHING. Then, when we let go, it’s like the Universe springs into action on our behalf (like the construction workers). It’s working for us. We are not at its mercy,and not subject to whether or not it wants to give us what we want. It’s always giving us what we want. It’s up to us to let it in. We have all the power. We just have to learn how to use it.

      Telling someone to “Let go and let God” when they feel powerless can feel like the complete opposite – like saying that we have none of the power, and God has all of it, so just give it up and see if he is merciful enough to grant you your request. The statement can be perceived in an empowering or completely disempowering way, depending on where the person is that’s hearing it.


      Huge hugs!

      • Oh, yes, I see now. Indeed, most people think of it in this way, that they are at the mercy of God and He has their way with them. I wonder if the phrases “Lord willing” and “It’s God’s will” fall under the same category? I am guessing they do.

        But since practicing LOA, I certainly think of these processes in the former powerful, releasing and allowing context rather than in the latter, powerless, we are at the mercy of a judging higher entity.

      • Hi Melody,

        Can you also look differently at this saying: letting go and letting God? I prefer to look at it as: let go of your resistance and allow your higher self (or the universe if you prefer) take over.

        Why do we always look at God as someone outside ourselves? Are we not discovering that that is not the case at all? All is One. It may be difficult to wrap our minds around this concept but we had better try because that is going to be our Reality.

        Well, you know, I always like to look for another possibility of interpretation. I have noticed it with so many concepts now, as karma for instance, that it is being judged as the wrong (there is that word again) idea that has had its time but when you interpret it differently than it is usually done it fits right into LOA. And I believe that that is how it was meant originally but somehow we have always been able to mess things up and make something bad out of a good thing; in this fase it is time to do it the other way around and in this way integrate all things into the whole. End of separation. Oops, where did all that suddenly come from?



        • Hey Anny,

          I agree 100%. My main point is that when people who mean “Let go and Let God” as an empowering statement say it someone who is currently feeling powerless, it will feel quite awful. This doesn’t happen if people allow themselves to be inspired to help others, but usually that’s not he case. We try to help out of the goodness of our hearts, out of obligation or because the discomfort of the other person is making us uncomfortable (usually a mixture of all three).

          And yep, we’ve twisted quite a few phrases around like that. It’s time to realize that and deliberately choose the meaning we give to words. πŸ™‚

          Huge hugs!

  • i kinda understand the visualization part ! visualizing is a ‘chore’ for me as well. it feels like work so i figured i might as well drop it.

    and yes, i do agree with the the manifestations pouring in once you stop focussing on em. they usually come in right after i give up and ‘deal’ with the fact that i want may not manifest after alll..ever ! and that i might as well move on in life one day at a time. and when the manifestations happen, im like ”wtf..NOW it happens??! AFTER ive dealt with all the heartbreak?! daim. if only id known. i wudnt have bothered crying so much over things back then ”

    i have a question though. what if i find myself wanting to listen to a particular song again and again..is it because im a vibrational match to the lyrics, or to the energy with which the song was ‘created’..?

    • Hey S,

      It may be both. Sometimes the lyrics are written by one person and the music by another and the two don’t necessarily carry the same vibration. Then, you may love the lyrics, but the music kind of so-so, or you may love the music, but find yourself not paying attention to the words.

      the best songs are those where someone was in a certain vibration and was then inspired from that point of view to create music. Then the words and the music match up perfectly from an energetic point of view and just seem to support each other. And if you are then a match to that energy, you will feel drawn to that music, just as you can be drawn to a book, blog, movie, person or place.

      Huge hugs!

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