Over the past couple of years, I’ve gotten quite a few questions about Astrology. I figured it’s finally time to write about it. As always, when it comes to subjects that people hold strong opinions on, I’d like to offer a disclaimer: I’m not trying to convince you of anything. I’m stating my views and you can take them or leave them and I have no issue if you disagree with me (as long as you do so respectfully. Otherwise, your butt is SPAM.)

I’m going to come right out and say this: Astrology can work, but it usually doesn’t. Or, to put it another way, it’s usually a bunch of BS, but not always. Now that we have the incendiary statement out of the way, let me explain.

The Premise of Astrology

Astrology is the “science” of studying human behavior and events as they pertain to the planets and stars in our Universe. The basic premise of this school of thought is that the position of the planets around earth (and beyond) have an influence on our individual energy and determine when which opportunities or challenges come into our lives. The planets also allegedly determine our main personality traits, strengths, weaknesses, potential and limitations. To this, my dear readers, I must say BS2 (that would be BS squared. You know, for emphasis.)

Why would an otherwise totally tolerant individual call something that so many people believe so strongly in, BS (and squared, no less…)? Well, let’s break it down.

Everything is energy. We are energy. And we are also like transceivers that can control this energy by using our focus. So, when we live deliberately, and we use our focus consciously to determine what we receive into our individual realities, FREE WILL reigns supreme. Nothing has the power to determine our reality except us, unless of course we allow it to by focusing upon it (and even then, we’re still the ones creating our reality through OUR focus). This works whether we know it or not (and most people don’t).

So, even if the planets’ magnetic pull could influence us (and I’m not saying that it can’t, I’m saying it’s irrelevant), it doesn’t have to. We always have the power to deliberately choose what we want to create and receive. The idea that anything outside of us could determine any part of our experience (as in, “we’re locked in to some kind of framework”) is BS, in my book.

Could the planets influence us if we’re not deliberate?

But what about if we’re not deliberate? What if the plants do have an influence? Wouldn’t we be subject to it as long as we’re not consciously creating? Yes and No.

Let me start with the “no”. First of all, what most people consider when they hear Astrology is complete and utter nonsense. The Horoscope in the Sunday newspaper, books on the characteristics of your star sign, and 1-900 call in lines have nothing to do with actual astrology. They’re fake, made up, utter nonsense. That’s why they put a disclaimer at the bottom telling you that the information is for “entertainment purposes only”.

Those who call themselves real astrologers will tend to strongly agree with that last paragraph. They often spend years studying their craft. Is it really all for nothing? No, but I’ll get to that in a minute.

So, when I talk about astrology, I’m not talking about your weekly horoscope. I’m talking about carefully constructed charts geared toward the individual by someone who has spent a great deal of time perfecting their craft.

The part that’s BS

Think about it: The idea that everyone who was born in the same month and year as I was will have similar traits to me, face similar challenges in their lives, or have their path influenced in any similar ways simply because of that moment in time, is a bit too simplistic. We humans are so much for complex than that. And the idea that the planets can determine when you’ll meet the love of your life, when you’ll get that promotion, or if you’re generally hot-headed or not is also disregarding the idea that you create your experience with your vibration in each moment. Even our pre-birth intentions can be overridden by our free will in each moment, never mind any path that the planets may have laid out for us.

If we are unconsciously influenced by any planet, we are influenced by the energy of earth. We are also influenced by the global vibration, which is a mixture of all the other humans here, as well as the animals, plants and the non-physical consciousness focused upon us. And of course, we are mostly influenced by what we focus on in our immediate environment (something we can deliberately change if we want to). If the planets have any power over us at all, their ability to do so would be ranked behind all of those other factors. So, essentially, the housefly that you’re watching buzz around your living room has more power to influence you than Jupiter.

The Part that’s NOT BS

Having said that, however, I will concede that some astrologists do seem to be right on the money. How can that be?

Here’s how: They are reading your energy (again, not the weekly horoscope in the paper). People can use all kinds of modalities to read energy, some simple, some incredibly complicated. But the power in all cases comes not from the tool, but from the person using it. Astrology can be used as such a tool, just like runes, dowsing rods, Tarot cards, crystal balls and just plain old sensing the energy through your body. All of these modalities can be utter BS or incredibly effective, depending on who uses them. Each one requires study and practice. And just because someone has studied and practiced something, doesn’t automatically mean they will be good at it.

If you don’t know what you’re doing, you’re not going to be able to create an accurate astrology chart – even if you use a computer program. Because the element that makes it accurate, the ingredient that makes the chart actually fit your specific life path, is the intuition and energy reading abilities of the astrologer. And when I say that they must know what they’re doing, I don’t mean that they have to be technically versed in all things astrology. I mean that they have to know how to apply this knowledge in such a way that it allows them to tap into the energy of the person they are creating the chart for. Some astrologers are very, very good at this. Some are not.

Also, keep in mind that if an astrologer reads your energy and gives you some predictions for your future, this prediction will be based on your energy patterns so far. You are never locked into this future, and can choose to change the outcome anytime by changing your point of attraction (your vibration). It’s always your choice. Always.

Even astrologers create their own reality

We all get to create our own reality, astrologers included. So, let’s say that you are an individual who has an affinity for reading people’s energy, or a desire to do so. Perhaps you don’t phrase it that way, but you want to help others and bring them clarity. Now, through the path of least resistance (whatever is easiest for you to accept and allow), you manifest a way to help you do that. For some people, this way will be astrology. For others, it’ll be therapy, or medicine, or teaching, or psychic readings, or writing books, or being a mother, or being an artist or coaching. Some will do this process deliberately, but most won’t. They will be intuitively following the path to their desire by doing more or less what feels best to them.

At some point, they may become very accomplished at helping others and bringing forth clarity for them. And then they give all the credit to the tool. They teach others that if they study this modality, they will also be proficient at giving accurate readings or charts or healings, etc. Only, not everyone gets the same results. This is because the tool itself doesn’t deserve the credit. That’s like giving the credit for a gorgeous and well built house to the hammer. Never mind all the skill that the construction worker brought to the table. And never mind that if there had been no hammer, a good carpenter could’ve used something else to get the job done. A tool is just a tool – it can be effective when used with skill and it can make the job easier (like helping us to read energy through symbols and numbers instead of just being able to tap into it directly), but in the end, the real power comes from the one yielding it.

Now it’s your turn. Did this answer your questions about astrology? If not, feel free to let me know in the comments. Do you have different views on astrology? Spill! πŸ™‚

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  • I studied astrology for quite some time several years back. I see two astrologies that are only alike in that they use the same set of symbols. Astrology is broken down into two camps, modern and traditional. Modern astrology is what this post and the vast majority of the comments are about — how the planets affect us psychologically. Modern astrology has its origins with Alan Leo, in (I think) the 19th Century, when divination was made illegal. I think of modern astrology as a toolbox. You choose the moment you are born that best reflects the toolbox of personality traits you bring with you. But they are tools, not what you do with them. For example, I have a very debilitated Mars. I am lousy at confrontation. So that is a tool that I will strive to not have to rely on very often. My very strong Venus is much more useful to me and is my go-to tool psychologically. But they don’t predetermine what I do with them. They are my hammer and screwdriver and I can choose when and how to use them.

    The other astrology is traditional. This is a much more concrete astrology as practiced up until it was made illegal. There are multiple levels of traditional astrology and beginners are taught to read charts of the moment, called horary charts to answer questions for their clients. I see this as exactly reading the energy of the client at that exact time, though I had never thought of it in quite that way. For example, a client wants to know if she will ever get married. The chart is drawn up for that exact time and place (right down to the minute) and interpreted. This is the type of astrology I am most familiar with, along with event charts, which are taken for the time and place of some specific event (no question from a client is needed). I never mastered traditional natal astrology so I can’t speak much to that, though I can say that it heavily focused on concrete things in the client’s life, not psychology.

    Seeing horary astrology as a simple energy reading makes so much sense to me. I have always seen astrology as a tool rather than a map so I don’t see any conflict with LOA there.

  • I read into horoscopes/astrology what works in MY life. I believe it does have some scientific validity, but I think it’s not much different than any other religion. It’s all about perception & what your free will decides to do with it πŸ™‚

    Great article to make me think & see different sides. Thank you!

  • I must say that i don’t totally agree with this post.I am a student of astrology and also a student of the LOA.People are very complex,and all persons are different,even twins between themself have some diferences.With THAT i agree,but also astrology is VERY complex,and as a student of it i know what i am talking about.Only to make a natal chart,an a accurate one at least,you not only need to know the month,day and year of birth,but also
    the HOUR OF BIRTH,which in most cases is very dificcult to obtain,and some cases even impossible.The hour of birth is a very crucial and important thing to the natal chart,as the other things(name,birthplace,date of birth,etc.).Also when the natal chart is finished it tells to you VERY much about your personality,(also as of other ones),and your “powers”,if you have any,but of course that’s just “the tip of the iceberg”.Marilyn Monroe for example,everybody knows that she was a woman with a great power of sexual attraction and even magnetism,and i maid once her natal chart,and that came in her natal chart,off course,in a BOOK.I’m not even talking about astrology software,because i practily don’t even use it.Of course that everybody knows that,and don’t need to make a natal chart about marilyn to be aware of it,but what i am trying to say it is that there are things, special qualities,gifts,whatever you want to call it,that are borned with that specific person,and it’s a restricted group of persons.But only to be clear,i’m not here to offend anyone,just saying the thing as they are.Of course that we have the power thru the LOA to change our lives and obtain the things we want,and THAT we all have,and we should use it,but we cannot think that’s the only law that rules our life.I am saying this as a astrologer,but also as student of the LOA,and i truly believe in the both of them,equally.

  • As an astrology enthusiast for several years, I can say that I have had a love-hate relationship with astrology up until recently.I would go back and forth between whether I thought it was something worth investing my time on or whether it was total crap. I yearned to find the truth of the matter and to make a decision. After doing research on the history and purpose of the various types of astrology, as well as reading statements written by professional astrologists, I have decided that astrology is a misunderstood science particularly in the US. As westerners living in a society driven by scientific facts, we want consistent objective results that are measurable. Astrology is scientifically based in measuring interplanetary aspects during a particular period of time. These aspects are then spiritually translated to give a certain meaning. Due to this, astrology is often times discredited because spirituality does not fall within the realm of consistent objectivity.

    The main qualm that I stumble upon when discussing the validity of astrology is the aspect of predetermintation. People who casually read their horoscopes or have feign interest in the subject think that what they read about themselves is supposed to be directly representative of their past, present, and future. This is simply not true. Professional astrologists advocate that ultimately it is we who hold the keys to our destiny. Astrology is meant to be used a tool for introspection, reflection, and self-motivation. Not everything we read will be relatable because once again-our surroundings, the way we were brought up, and our experiences triumph over our astrological content. Finding connections between one’s real life and their birth chart is a prompt for self analysis. We are not always aware or objective about the issues in our lives, nor are we always ready to deal with them. This is where astrology really comes into play. If you read in your chart that you are prone to being passive aggressive and non-assertive, think of how it relates to you. If you agree with the statement, think of how it’s affecting your life and whether you are comfortable with these behaviors. If you aren’t and are seeking change, it would be beneficial for you to work on different strategies to learn how to modify your behavior in order to better your life. Granted that was just one example because there are too many too list. Overall, the main goal of astrology is meant to help up reach our highest potential as human beings. It is not meant to pigeon-hole individuals into certain “types”. No credible astrologist will ever argue that your birth chart is your end-all-be-all because that discredits the personal power which human beings possess within themselves to make change. In the end, you may take it as you will because it’s YOUR life and YOUR opinions. Astrology can be used as a tool to discover new things about yourself, pursue new hobbies, resolve conflicts, and to be a more understanding person.

    • Catie K.,
      I did not believe in astrology either…and have seen LOA work…but Saturn is in my sun sign of scorpio and this has been the YEAR from HELL…it is bad enough I was abused as a kid by a psychopathic father, who got his jollies by deliberately tormenting me for fun…and have had to deal with the damage of being raised like that my entire life…now I am going through a year where it seems like God/the universe etc is taking over where my dad left off.
      I am not sure what I am supposed to do with this level of pain except what I did as a kid…which was to stop feeling altogether.

      I don’t know if I am attracting this because the idea of Saturn in my sun sign is lodged in my subconscious..or if it is real
      My chart says I came in with no outstanding karma(supposedly)

      Totally confused..

  • Ive been studying astrology for the last 6-7 years, and i can honestly say its starting to really screw up my life. I was at the point where i would began to subconciously act out the negative traits of my sign or seek out and expect the traits in all the other signs in people and friends i met. it just isnt fair to be so judgemental and immediatly treat someone different based on their sign. it is kinda dangerous. If you are as obsessed with it as i was, you will start to study peoples moon signs, rising signs, mercury sign, jupiter sign ect ect and before you know it, you actually have all 12 signs in your damn chart!!! dont get me wrong, astrology is cool, fun, and its really hard to not see the characteristics in a lot of people born under the same signs.. but something about just gives me a bad feeling now… it took me years of obsessing over it to finally come to this point. From now on, i am going to do my best to avoid thinking about it, and try to change conversation next time some drunk asks me “whats your sign?!!”

  • If the average person is 50-60 percent water and the moon has so much influence on the tides, why would it be so strange that the planets have an effect on who we are?

  • I believe in Astrology when it says something good about me but then would turn skeptic when it says something bad, the same with psychic readings and tarot cards.. I only believe the good things, when it says something negative it’s a HOAX…. just my two cents. LMAO.

  • Hi Melody,
    Thanks for this lovely post. In my culture astrology plays a strong part. People often visit astrologers to help avoid the evil eye or to get success in certain areas in life. And then there are often remedies suggested to acheive the end goal. It could be crystals/stones or any other form to deflect the bad energy and attract/appease the planets. I also used to believe in all of this for a long time and I still respect the idea for the people who believe in it. But I think these things are more of what bashar says “Permission Slips” where you make yourself believe that having a stone or crystal next to you will allow you all that you want. Ofcourse there are both positive and negative experiences, which again I think is due to individual’s focus.
    But personally I thank you for this post. I have been wearing a ring for over ten years because of my planetary conditions. And today after reading this post, I just felt I was ready to take it off and exercise free will. I thanked the ring for being my permission slip for all this time and now I can do it myself πŸ™‚

  • I don’t consider myself an astrologer though I just know things… someone who was a sun in gemini tried to say he wasn’t a twin and I’m like…… sighhhhhhhhhhhh look this fool… If all gemini sun signs had to be twins one couldn’t deny the correlation… I do remember this though … When the Mars is in Gemini their is a seeming tendency for bisexuality or gayness.. when in Libra sexuality becomes their own physical body [ ie gay or lesbian if they are man or women ] … in Scorpio [ not sure yet ? ] … Mars in Leo produces better athletes… when I first heard this I did Michael Jordan’s chart and it was in there as I suspected… admittedly that’s my main sample size for that but I think it would be a safe assumption … At any rate I’m going to keep all my findings from now on Esoteric.

    I also realized while doing this that ….damn my memory just literally went to space…

    The sun is in Earth element or Fixed sign when they are highly anti astrology

    in this order

    Earth > any other element in disregarding astrology close mindedly [ which makes sense they are supposedly grounded, down to earth,vested in material security and security in general ]

    And in terms of fixed sun/moon sign … Taurus,Leo,Scorpio,Aquarius

    Leo seems to be higher though then Taurus in disregarding it completely

    I do also believe in free will and experiences transforming us… but in general a good amount can be derived from it

    I also realized I was able to hyper analyze a situation and come up with an accurate foretelling myself [ not based on astrology yet ], but it would be something closer to psychics but i don’t believe in many if not all psychics

    and I have honestly confirmed that a good bit of times.. and the situation I knew beforehand that would come to be was too damn specific to dismiss…

    Also saw a video about debunking of a psychic on youtube and then a link to a “REAL Psychic ” and then I Read “A real psychic just requires your name and birthday ”

    I was like hmmmmmmmm gee I wonder why…….

    Some people [esp in high ranks in the government] only have the year of birth available at most……. That and Aliases yield suspicion ….

    And a good bit of pure skeptics [or seemingly so ] refuse to give birthday.. If it hold’s no relevance you should have no fear am I not right.. You see how I bravely give you mine ? I am genuinely skeptical but also anti skeptical [ yeah a big contradiction ]

    I have more but yeah………..so sleeeeeeepy have to finish work…. that work…… arghhhhhh

    Ismail AR signing out

    follow me on twitter @IsmailARiley or @Ashmantwo youtube if my twitter is suspended.. I type a lot

  • In my ongoing independent study of astrology it seems to incline toward relevancy especially in the part of a fully accurate and realized natal chart and associated traits… I think it holds relevant place in psychology… I think I could even be a psychologist.. The strong points seem to be compatibility in a fully evaluated natal chart and tendencies … Like a True sun in Aquarius with a mercury in Aquarius and a moon in a non water and non fire.. but especially non water will almost undoubtedly bring about someone who is detached as hell aloof looking.. especially if a man and they are aligned within 0.10 or less degrees apart.. … I have even derived birthdays and moon signs and even time of births without a person telling me purely based on partial moons [ moon changes 2.5 times which is logical sense 12 X 2.5 = 30 … 30 degrees ] and even in real life have accurately figure out someones sun and/or moon sign and I suspect if it really does hold relevancy like I think it seems to… I will figure out mercury signs also.. I don’t think I’ll ever be able to get degrees.. specifically maybe if it’s close to 0 , 30 , 15 but nothing highly specific.. when guessing a correct sun/moon sign it’s all in the eyes and attitude.. Though I will say Aries women tend to be more masculine looking [when in the sun sign ] while in the moon sign they generally seem to look more feminine and sexy

    I was born on 2-3-95.. 6:53 PM @ Harlem Hospital NY

    • Interesting Vashikaran. I have read something like that myself, but more in terms of the symbology in many religions being based on astrology, not that it actually had any bearing on anything. Much of religion is window dressing (there are truths if you care to dig). The same myths and stories being retold and adapted and integrated so that new religions would be accepted. But these parts of religion have very little to do with Universal truths.

      Do you have more info? I’d love to hear it. πŸ™‚

      Huge hug!

  • Melody,

    There is a wonderful astrologer / author named Kim Falconer in Australia. She also practices LOA and believes the two work together. I’ll probably get this wrong, but the way I understand it, we aren’t who we are because, by chance, we were born at a certain time. We are the way we are because we CHOSE to be born at that time. My work computer won’t let me access her site so I’m not able to get the exact quote right now. She delves into a lot of astrology I don’t really understand yet, such as aspects and houses. I enjoy reading her material and it’s always been insightful to me, even though I don’t read her blog daily. But again, I know when I read something or happen across something that resonates with me, it’s a manifestation of something I wanted to discover.

    • Hey Christina,

      That’s actually an excellent point and I do believe that there’s something to it. Of course the place and time of our birth is perfectly aligned with the energy of our intentions. Could the exact date and time and place of our birth be used to determine some of those intentions? Yes, I believe they could (just as anything else could be used to determine that, it’s all energy). But we still have to be aware that these pre-birth intentions can be overridden by our NOW decisions at any time. Of course, for most people that’s not the case, and so Astrology could be very helpful in helping them find those intentions and lead them back to Who They Really Are.

      The astrologers who combine this knowledge with the ability to read where the person is at NOW are the ones that are the most accurate. The amounts of ways that we’ve come up with to find our way to Who We Really Are, are astounding. Isn’t that awesome?! πŸ™‚

      Huge hugs!

  • Hi Melody,

    The reason I have found that Astrology doesn’t work is because most of the timeβ€”it’s not really Astrology you are reading about. The horoscopes in the paper or on popular websites rely on the notion that you were born at 6am in Greenwich, England, on the first day of your Sun sign, THIS YEAR. You’re really likely to get vague and inaccurate information this way.

    When I practice, I require your date, time, and place of birth and I get really dead on results. Some Astrologers will use software with generic delineations as well. That’s can result in a generic type of reading too.

    I do agree with the energy. We customize our Astrology readings based on what we’re getting (whether we know it or not).

    What I have found in Astrology that is the most dead on are the Aspects in your chart. These are all of those patterns that change the flow of energy. An experienced Astrology will be able to give more of an accurate reading because they understand the angles of the planets in a way where they can see where the energy is influencing you.

    Great post Melody and I’m sorry I haven’t been around lately. πŸ™‚


  • Astrology has been helpful several times in my life…..Once I hired a young woman to come in and give 15 minute readings to a birthday party of girls who were starting their senior year in High School and my daughter was returning from a year in Denmark as a student. Each one of those girls found something to focus on to keep them interested in finishing school and going on to college or other study. It was a great tool for each of them and the Librarian who did the reading truly helped one girl not attempt suicide…and did share that she would be making a bigger sacrifice for others later on in her life….which she did=she stood in front of an Israeli tank in Palestine and stopped the driver from bulldozing a sleeping family’s house down on top of them – she died

    I had a very powerful chart reading for my 50th birthday that assisted me in separating from my siblings and understanding their abuse of me. It helped me prepare ( though not financially) for the last 3 years of my mother’s life and be secure in what I needed to do to cope with their attacks.

    I think it is rather an interesting way to assist folks in changing their thinking patterns and that feels very good to me..

    My youngest child really likes a good reading when she is confused about what she needs to do….it gives her some good ideas which are not from her Mother!

    So much energy…
    This post had a twinkle to it and made me laugh… another emotional release πŸ™‚

    • Hey Patricia,

      That’s awesome. You met up with some amazing astrologers! I think it’s apparent from your examples that these individual were great at reading energy. They just happened to use astrology to do it. But these are awesome examples of astrology done right. πŸ™‚

      Thanks so much for sharing!

      Huge hugs!

  • Sure, try having some of those Aries traits like I do and see how you like to create your own reality by fighting with everything from that fly in the room to the universe itself. Mars is a bitch… πŸ™‚

    Joking aside, this post was very helpful. Being a therapist I was torturing myself about my fickleness in sticking with a modality. I sort of like all of them in equal amounts (psychodynamic, humanistic, cbt, integrative etc.) and feel like one should just go with the approach that suits the needs of individual clients. It looks like from an LOA point of view, I was right! Phew! πŸ™‚

    • Hey Regina,

      I don’t consider it fickle. I think it’s great when a therapist has many different tools in their toolbox, instead of trying to apply one to everyone. You can’t fix a leaky pipe with a hammer. Having more tools (more modalities) at your disposal and knowing how to use your intuition to apply them at the perfect time, makes you a much more effective therapist in my book. Yes, you were right. πŸ™‚

      Huge validating hugs!

  • Hi Melody! Another great post and thought-provoking comments.

    You know how we can see signs? For example, when the wind chimes sing on the patio, I always stop and look around me (or inside me). They’re a sign for me. I think astrology can work that way too. We can see things about ourselves that we know but had forgotten that we knew.

    My favorite of these ancient sets of signs is the I Ching. I only flip the coins maybe twice a year, but each time I “hear” what my inner voice is saying. Just asking brings a little energy boost toward clarity.

    Hugs and wind chimes for everyone!

    Mary Carol

  • Melody,

    Astrology is an interesting subject, but I like how you place the emphasis on us, not the planets or stars. When most people get into their horoscopes, they are giving their inner ability away. I say most, not all. And as you seem to suggest, our own conscious focus far outweighs the forces the planets may have on us. Instead of worrying about the energy other planets have on us, we just need to focus in love and let our souls BE through all of the divine experiences we have every day. Then any energy coming in will be to our benefit!

    When I look at Jesus and his twelve disciples, it is obvious that Christ represents that which is in us and the disciples represent the Zodiac. But it is that which is in us, our being, that must balance that which the Zodiac represents. Therefore, the emphasis is placed, again, on us, even in religious text. Thanks for this wonderful post.

    As a side-note, I was just wondering what your stance is on Planets themselves having consciousness. There are many out there who seem to think they do.

    • Hey Joshua,

      That’s an interesting take on Jesus and his disciples. I’ve read that somewhere before (but more in the context of all religions following similar story lines and using the same symbolism, etc.)

      I do believe that planets have consciousness. Everything has consciousness. It’s not as focused as we are, more general, more solid, more stable and steady. That’s why I’m not worried about the Earth. It has its own vibration and creative power and it will take care of itself. But tapping into that energy is phenomenal. Creative, loving, caring, nurturing – there’s nothing vulnerable or damaged about it. And if the earth has this consciousness and energy, then it’s just plain logical that other planets and stars do too.
      That’s my take on it anyway. πŸ™‚

      Huge hugs!

  • Finally! I’ve been waiting for a post about astrology. Thank you, Melody! πŸ™‚
    I wholeheartedly agree with everything you said in your post. 100%. For years I’ve been arguing with people about how we are meant to pave the way to whatever destiny we see fit. Blaming the stars and planets for our setbacks just seemed like an easy excuse.

    However, just like you, I don’t think all of astrology is fake. It’s just another way to study and chart energy. Do I think the physical universe holds power? Definitely. The planets (even those that haven’t formed) could hold energy from future populations (if you follow the theory of everything that has and will happen is already happening). Or they could hold power as they are now, and that energy could have an effect on us…but not in a way that most people believe.

    In the end it’s all about gathering the right knowledge and taking responsibility for our reality. The planets didn’t lead us to failure, and neither will they lead us to victory. It’s all us, us, us.

    • Exactly Derrek! Sorry it took so long, but for many years, I simply disregarded Astrology altogether. I didn’t resonate with it. So, when I was asked about it, I had to give it some thought, let those thoughts percolate a bit and then come to my conclusions in a way that I could clearly and completely express. When I don’t personally care about a subject, it can take me a little bit longer to get to it. But the questions became too strong a force and that finally elicited the answer. (Yes, that’s really how it works). So, bravo you guys. πŸ™‚

      Huge hugs!

  • Hello hello!

    I think that everything may affect us in different, but all *important* levels, since all is energy – the planets, the bees… But we can choose not to go with the flow and just survive, but choose to find beauty and feel worthy of that and even more to come. We can choose life. (Wow that was deep :P)


    PS – I made a couple of days ago the question about astrology, since I went to a website that made a forecast of the next months (the feelings, energies, what I may be driven to do), with the data of my bithday, birth location and hour. Lots of things that were said only with these data made sense with my “interior changes” and challenges that I have right now. It didn’t felt like the generic stuff that the majority could relate, but as a message that tried to put together the energy vs. real life of a person my age may be going through… And it was from a website :S Maybe they like to offer some free but as professional as possible, insights… Somehow made me feel what I already knew, that i’m on the right way. It was strange. But I feel the same way about astrology as I told you… A slight distance, respect but don’t relate very much, but LOVE to take a peek a be surprised – like a wink from the universe. πŸ™‚

    • Hey H.,

      That was a manifestation for you. The Universe will bring you your manifestations (and clarity and a-ha moments are manifestations, too) in whatever way is easiest for you to allow. So, you attracted the info you needed via this website. I’d say, use it as long as it serves you. But when it doesn’t anymore, let the next manifestation come along. πŸ™‚

      Huge hugs!

  • What turned me off astrology is my own starsign: Capricorn.

    They are meant to be good at business, logical, strong-willed people with a no nonsense style. Pretty serious etc etc.
    Some guides go as far as saying they like the colour BROWN! Traditional squares in other words.

    Ok. All my life I’ve be illogical, terrible at maths, computers- anything logic based. I hate business, I’m terrible at finance.
    I LOVE art, comedy, am NOT traditional at all, listen to Marilyn Manson (another Capricorn by the way- does not fit the description!!) like LIME GREEN, PURPLE, unpredictable and zany characters, attracted to eccentrics and philosophers. Love anything bouncing with life, passion and most of all creativity. Conformity makes me feel like my feathers were pulled off.
    My hobbies are in the extreme sports category.
    I have some anxiety at the moment which is holding me back- but my true self at it’s happiest is the person you see that rides down the street in a trolley eating fruit. Because I wanted to.

    And if there’s something traditional I like such as reading real books (stuff those kindle thingies really!) drinking tea or anything else- I’ll proudly do it without embarassment.

    Now doesn’t that sound more like an Aries, Pieces or Aquarius or any other sign that has some SPUNK to it’s name?

    Case close astrology! πŸ™‚

    • Yeah, I think you’re in denial Kane. There’s a Capricorn inside you, desperate to come out and fill your wardrobe with brown (had to really laugh at that!).

      I read a book years ago that listed the main characteristics of each sign and which signs go together and which don’t. Well, there was a boy in my class whom I liked and the book said that we would not be good together. It promptly ended up in the trash. Had it declared him to a perfect match, I might have a very different opinion of Astrology today, lol.

      Huge creative, zany, non-conformist hugs to you,


  • Truly, we live and breathe and have our being in an interconnected sea of energy-the action of one, affects the actions of all. We are all affected by the bodies of energy in the universe-planets, galaxies, solar flares, black holes and starts at the very edges of this and all universes. But as the ‘cosmic muffin’ used to say, ‘it’s the fool who’s ruled by them and the wise man who rules them. Lacking intention, you ‘suffer the slings and arrows,’ but with intention, you takes arms against them, and thus end them.

      • I’ll say though, it’s very different than your take on it here πŸ™‚

        For example, I agree that planets do not DETERMINE our main personality traits. I agree 100% with this.

        “The planets also allegedly determine our main personality traits, strengths, weaknesses, potential and limitations. ”

        But is it not possible that these Law Of Attraction aspects apply in same way we may not be so ready to understand?

        -As within, so without, as above, so below.
        -Everything, and I mean *everything* is connected.
        -Some people receive powerful insight from a time in nature, a tree, a rock, a bird… why not the stars?

        And this:

        “everyone who was born in the same month and year as I was will have similar traits to me, face similar challenges in their lives, or have their path influenced in any similar ways simply because of that moment in time, is a bit too simplistic.”

        I agree as well. That IS too simplistic to account for humanity.

        But the ‘pro’ astrologers I’ve researched (VerDarLuz, Arroyo) explain that there are infinite number of charts, as there are snowflakes, or moments in time, and that’s where the complexity comes in.

        They also say that astrology is a tool for expansion and gaining insight. Perfect? No. The right thing at the right moment? Their well-paying, very-satisfied, sometimes-famous clients think so

        It may help to know that I don’t study Pop Astrology.

        I make it a point to research and connect with astrologers who see astrology as a path to the divine. They see it as an expression of the universe and a direct connection to law of attraction and source.

        Verdarluz for example, quotes Buddha, Jesus, MLK, Gandhi, Joseph Campbell and more to support his astrological stances.

        Anyway… I love this post, and hopefully I bring something fresh to the discussion.

        I share my own personal story with astrology in my post :).

        • Hey Jason,

          Thanks so much. I totally agree. Astrology can be a path to the divine, just as anything else can. But the emphasis is on individual finding his way, not the modality. Otherwise, everyone who studied Astrology would be enlightened. And that’s not even true for meditation, something that pretty much every spiritual teacher EVER recommends. πŸ™‚

          Off to read your post now.

          Huge hugs!

  • Great article Melody! So, again, the bottom line is it is all up to the individual and their vibration. some are able to “see” and “read” others and can use this skill to help out.
    I still think we all kind of have some of this power but, unlike a master, do not “study”, fine-tune and practice it. We thus seek it elsewhere, which is great, but again, we need to use our own intuition and judgement about what we are told.

    • Hey Kat,

      Yes, we can all do this. Every single one of us. I consider myself a great translator. I’ve always been quite sensitive to energy (kind of like having a natural talent), and I’ve been practicing deliberately for years now (full time…). That makes me good at what I do. But it’s not a special gift that only I and a few others like me have. Everyone can access the information from their higher selves and we often do, without even realizing it. Learning to do it deliberately takes some time and practice, but the ability resides within each of us.

      Huge hugs!

  • Hi Melody,

    I do not think astrology is nonsense. I think it is a tool, like you said, and a very specific one at that. When they make out a chart they need very specific information, not only about the month and year in which you were born but also about the date, hour and minute plus the place. It gives you information but whatever you do with that information is up to you. Well, that is about what I know about astrology. I think it is interesting but I cannot be bothered with all the tecnical details. It just is not my thing but that does not mean that it should not be taken seriously.

    I think there is a lot in what you say that a good astrologer reads the client’s energy. I know a woman who is a serious astrologer and who has studied the subject very intensively but she channels too.

    Of course there is a lot of nonsense around astrology, but then, there is a lot of nonsense about many other things too. And it is always up to us what we do with it, if we even want to do anything with it.



  • Sweet! Was waiting to hear from you about this. I’ve always had mixed feelings about it. My girlfriend & I always laugh about how our signs together (Aries & Virgo) aren’t a good match in like every astrology guide haha

    In college I got a copy of Sun Signs by Linda Goodman & read it for fun with some of my friends. I was actually very surprised how accurately it described people that I knew & how I saw correlations across people of the same sign in my life. At the time, my belief was that it had an influence on our initial personality traits upon birth, but they can change since we have free will & have different life experiences that shape us. That felt right to me. What never felt right to me were daily readings & such other crap. I only believed it had an effect upon birth.

    Overall, I never really cared about its validity though so it feels just as right to accept it’s all made up. I always thought of it more as “fun” than anything to take seriously & I kind of like that. If you approach it in a curious light, I think it can actually get you more in touch with your intuition.

    I enjoyed trying to compare different people with the same signs like an experiment. I can tell you of 4 people in my family with the same sign who do a few specific things exactly the same & it’s stuff that’s talked about in most astrological write-ups for them. Whether it’s for astrological reasons or not, it made me pay attention to people around me and I think that kind of had an impact on me since I am much more in tune now with my surroundings.

    I’m cool with calling it BS, but I think I’ll still enjoy having conversations about it just for the fun of it. I do like the essence of your message though which I completely agree with: do not think for a second that your circumstances are helpless because the stars have control over your reality & your ability to create.

    • Hey Mike,

      You bring up a really great point – astrology can help you pay more attention to the people around you and your own traits. And as long as it is opening you up more, it’s very beneficial (as Roxy described above, it can be seen as a different kind of psychology). But when we use it to limit ourselves (like if you and your girlfriend hadn’t gotten together because of your signs…), it’s not that great for us.

      I would never tell a person who’s having a great time with astrology to stop. Go get your zodiac on, I say. But for a lot of people, there’s more limitation behind it than empowerment, and this post was for them. πŸ™‚

      Huge hugs!

  • Hey Lady!!

    I LOVE Astrology, and you hit the nail on the head in saying all that you have here.

    When I first started studying Astrology, I did so with the intention of finding out the basic personalities as astrology and planetary influence will apply to them all.

    Intention, we find, is everything, and so, too, is it the same with all of the mystic arts and disciplines. To leave our fate up to and allow planetary climate to have the responsibility for our lives is irresponsible.

    However, to find out why a person is so much the way that they are? Yeah, that is your personality, and yes, that can be found out through an astrological chart. AStrology is merely a different type of psychology…some folks just wanna believe that somehow those astral bodies have all the power, but no, they do not.

    Those astral bodies only show us the facets of our personalities, but never do they guide our fate – that is left up to our choosing…do, or do not…there is no try (I Love Yoda lol)


    • Hey Roxy,

      Thanks so much for adding the perspective of an astrologer to this discussion. It was only really in this past year that I met an astrologer that opened my mind a bit to the idea that there could be value in it (there’s value in everything, we just can’t always see it). It was a revelation and I let that simmer for a bit. This is why I didn’t write about this topic until now. I was still formulating my own thoughts on it and had to wait until I found those thoughts that really made sense to me and made me feel good. This was the outcome of all that pondering and simmering. πŸ™‚

      Huge hugs giving you I am!

  • Thanks for putting dialog to something that has always sparked some eye rolling for me in the past. Granted as an Herbalist, I can attest to the pull of the planets/stars etc on the earth, tides, people etc. But to give over our power to the ‘stars’ as our media wants to portray – I’ve always cringed inside when I hear friends/family put so MUCH stock into it… I have a friend who wouldn’t drive her car for weeks because of something her stars said…(no one told her this, she derived it herself) I also agree it has to do with the person supplying the info- and there are those out there who do give ‘credit’ to the tool, which goes along with mediums – they are tuning in to you and your energy leading up to where you are now. No one can tell your life will play out – but depending on how much belief you give anything…much is possible to then give credit to such ‘predictions’.

    Anywho! lol luckily I don’t worry about it one way or the other…but I appreciate your take on it!

    • Hey Katy,

      Great point. You can, of course, make anything true in your life and that is always your prerogative. So, if it makes you feel better to read your horoscope, do it. But if it doesn’t feel so good, if it leads to fear or limitations, then it’s beneficial to remember that we are ultimately in control of our experience. And while I have no problem with people who read their daily horoscope, I teach full empowerment, and so can’t really recommend anything that takes us away from that.

      Thanks for your wonderful words.

      Huge hugs!

  • So what I seem to get from reading this is that astrology can be used as a tool to tap into someone’s energy. Like a symbolic or metaphorical proxy; a way of putting it into words and pictures. Some are good at it, some are not. And it’s very individual- stuff like newspaper horoscopes are BS.

    Sounds very interesting πŸ™‚

    Am I close? Is that what you were saying?

  • Oh yeah, I forgot to mention the whole Mercury in Retrograde theory. Mel, you could probably do a whole post on that alone!

    Anyway, I always thought that was crap too as far as it effecting our lives here on earth.

    • Yeah… I don’t really pay any attention to that. It’s fine if people want to believe it (and several of my friends do, it’s ok by me), but I don’t give it any energy. So, nope, not Mercury Retrograde post coming from me anytime soon. just like you won’t find me writing about how great McDonald’s food is. The subject just doesn’t interest me. πŸ™‚

      Huge hugs!

  • First I just need to tell you your sense of humor is great. You shoulda used the tag line: “where a sense of humor and LOA come together.” πŸ˜‰

    OK so I’ve always been fascinated by different modalities of divining. I like the Osho Zen Tarot because instead of being a tool to “predict the future,” it’s cards symbolize where the person is NOW. This I suppose is in our power to change too I , but it’s fun to pick one card and meditate on that for the day.

    The thing is, with cards, I’ve always sort of believed that people can use whatever card(s) that’s picked to fit perfectly into what is going on with them. I’m not so sure that we’re “led” to pick just the right cards. I think it’s more like you can come up with different scenarios in your life and then make that card pertain to that event, person or whatever else.

    Last week I was also thinking about astrology/zodiac of birth dates, etc. I was always on the fence about it, but found it fun either way. But the more I learn about not just LOA but life in general, I have to agree with you. BS called here too.

    There are just too many factors for this stuff to be written in stone. First of all, one Libra could be born to parents who are nurturing and loving and supportive and another Libra can be born to an abusive couple who fight all the time, their financial status sucks and the kid gets no direction and guidance, let alone any nurturing of her talents.

    Sorry but I don’t think the stars are gonna have one little say in this sort of thing. Maybe the innate stuff MIGHT be true. But again, that is subjective and a lot of things like personality traits can be changed.

    I know this isn’t always the case but the kid born to supportive parents stands a much better chance in becoming a high functioning, healthy individual who won’t need therapy to function in life than the one born to the two who should’ve never considered conception. That being said, I realize that there are also people who rise above their adversities as well and this is where the free will part comes in.

    And one other thing about astrology/zodiac. If this were an exact science anyway, wouldn’t it be a universal way of thinking/symbols, etc. I mean there is the zodiac (Western) that says who we are by the month and date of our birthday and we’re given symbols from the stars to show what ‘sign’ we are, then there’s the one (Eastern/Chinese) that tells us our personality traits from the year we are born and we are symbolized by an animal.

    I don’t know seems to complicated and yes a bit bogus.

    • Thanks so much for your kind words, Laura. πŸ™‚

      We are definitely intuitively led to pick the card that matches our vibration – thesis why such practices can be useful. Your reality will always mirror your vibration back to you. Now, if you do something deliberately to do a vibrational check, if you will, your vibration will cause you to pick the cards that match you. It has to. You could say that any card you pick could somehow pertain to your life and that’s true, but you will always see it in the way that matches your vibration and intention.

      So, if you have an intention to gain clarity on a subject and you pick a card, you could well read that card in such a way that it causes you to “get” that piece of clarity. And LOA would make sure that only those cards that were able to give you that experience could be chosen.

      Not even exact science is an exact science. Otherwise, scientists would never disagree with each other and never perform conflicting studies. Yet they do, all the time. That’s because traditional science puts all its faith in the tool and disregards the scientist as part of the process (that is changing a bit, but for the most part, academic science still uses this model).

      Huge hugs!

      • OK yeah. I can see this. My skepticism is lifting…although there has always been a side of me that has certainly subscribed to much of it anyway. I dowse and pray and really have a knowing at times about things. I’m not as sharp as I’d like to be but it gets through at times.

        And as for the cards, your explanation brings me more clarity and makes sense. In fact what you say about getting clarity on a certain issue, is certainly something I’ve experienced using the Osho Zen cards on myself, but that piece of doubt would always creep in. Now maybe not so much.

        So thanks for clearing that up.

  • Hi Melody
    Great post. I have always been interested in astrology and things of that nature and while I believe that forces such as the ones noted in this area can influence us, you make an excellent point about us always having the power to choose and change our point of attraction. I used to enjoy visiting psychics and one of the things I would always stress to people about the experience is that the information they are giving you is based on your current energy will likely play out. If you completely changed your life the next day, the whole path would shift. Great post, I think you gave a very interesting perspective.

    • I got to tell ya, I love your posts….enlighting,funny educational,and
      Being a twin,[relax I’m a faternal twin ,and polar opposites so theres’ not 2 of us cloning around.]..He’s 3 min older ,i’m, aaa different from him and i have wondered how if you followed the star stuff, 3 min would of made so mch difference..well like your post explained it didn’t.I also loved the BS squared,yea i’ll remember that one,and I’ll give you do credit,keep em comming .Nice work stan [walks-a-lot]

      • That’s a great point Stan!

        Twins are about as close astrologically speaking as anyone could be. Same time (basically), same place, etc. And yet, they can have drastically different personalities and life paths. Thanks for sharing this great example.

        Huge hugs!

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