Can the Collective Beliefs about Biology Influence My Body?

Shibani asks, “You recently mentioned ‘biological beliefs’ in a comment to my question on one of your blog posts. So, does my very own body function according to MY personal biological beliefs… or the fixed set of beliefs that work for everyone? Am I still breathing because I have decided to? Or is it because we have all co-created the scene where we need to breathe to be ‘alive’ and so I am merely complying?

I mean, we all co-create a lot of things. Have the biological beliefs been ‘co-created’ and thus apply to everyone? Or is it entirely dependent on me?”

While your reality is first and foremost created by you, you are subject to some core beliefs or agreements that govern the physical world. It’s possible to overcome these beliefs (that’s when physical “miracles” occur), but for the most part, you’re well served to just let those programs run automatically. Let me explain.

If we think of our personal reality as a computer, you can consider these core agreements as the basic BIOS program. Your physical body is focused into being primarily from the non-physical and is set up to keep running as long as you need it and as long as it’s not interfered with (by introducing resistance). So, you keep breathing because your body is biologically set up to do so, even when you don’t pay attention to it, because so much focus has already gone into the creation of your body that your conscious focus on it isn’t required.

These “agreements” govern physical laws such as gravity and the rules of physics. It’s why we generally all see a table in the room, all perceive a house as a house, feel the same physical objects as smooth or rough, etc. Our experience of our collective physical reality is still our own (whether or not you like the table or the house is part of your experience), but we all generally perceive the same physical objects to be there.

If we didn’t have these basic rules, this basic program running underneath everything, life would be very confusing.

Having said that, our view of our bodies and environment does shape them. And even though these core beliefs are strong and solid and nearly unshakeable, with enough focus, we can change them, or rather, discover and allow new facets of them (change our collective reality). For example, it’s possible to transplant an arm from one human to another and make it work. That’s just a pre-cursor to the manifestation of re-growing limbs and as our collective belief adapts over time, such medical miracles are becoming more and more mainstream. And yet, it still had to start with one doctor, tuning into his dreams and being willing to surpass his current reality, to even attempt the very first transplant and continue to try after it failed until he found success. One person’s focus and alignment can impact our collective beliefs about our biological world and over time, change it forever.

Can Transplanted Organs Carry Their Donor’s Energy?

Kat asks, “I recently watched an interview of an intuitive in Belgium (forgot his name) who was speaking about the energy we each give off and possess.  He mentioned that when someone is truly depressed before leaving physical and donates his heart, for example, the energy of his heart will be transferred over and would make the acceptor of that heart feel uneasy as well.  Can this be true?  Or could it more likely be the feeling of the new possessor of the organ, instead?

I think organ donation is great and saves many lives.  However, this factor perhaps needs to be considered. Does this apply to gamete donation, i.e., egg and sperm donation, as well, since the gametes are not fully formed human beings/souls have not occupied yet?  I’d like to think that the fact that these donations assist others in leading full lives would be an uplifting thing, regardless of the emotional condition the donor was in before leaving physical.  Also, once in another body, shouldn’t the organ take up the energy of its possessor, i.e., its new residence?  I am sure this is true.  What would LOA say?”

I love this question and it so perfectly dovetails with the one above.

Our bodies, at their core, are designed to function perfectly. And unless we introduce resistance, they will do so. So, if we are ill, the “cure” is not so much about figuring out what to do and more about figuring out what NOT to do, or what NOT to think. We want to figure out what it is that we’re doing that is keeping us from optimal health and STOP doing it. So, when left to their own devices, our bodies will naturally strive toward health and well being.

Each cell in your body has its own consciousness. It’s not nearly as focused as you are, so it doesn’t get as distracted by “reality” as you do, but it’s there. And this consciousness is subject to your inner being just like you are. That inner being is always calling you to a higher vibration and your body gets that same call. But, unlike you with your powerful mind which loves to make up all kinds of rules and excuses for why feeling bad is actually a good thing, your body’s cells are more general than that. Animals are less focused that we are, so they have an easier time finding their alignment. Trees are even less focused and therefore have a more solid, stable energy. The cells in your body are much more likely to hear the call of well being than you are, but are more subject to your influence than a tree would be. The bottom line is that when you withdraw your resistant focus from any part of your body, its natural inclination to move toward a higher vibration will take over easily.

So, let’s say that you take the heart out of the body of a miserable bastard and put it into another person. Will the misery be transplanted along with the organ? Nope. Because the misery was never part of the organ, it was simply being influenced by it. Providing the organ isn’t rejected, it becomes part of the biological system and focus of the new body (or it would not be able to function). And therefore, it becomes subject to the energy of the new body.

How the recipient feels and feels about the organ are much more influential than anything else. But let’s say that the recipient knew the donor and worries about the fact that bad Juju could’ve been transplanted along with it. That could introduce some major resistance and could lead to all kinds of symptoms.

We don’t yet believe that we can simply re-grow or internally repair our own organs at will. But we want that to happen. So, we’ve manifested ways to bridge that gap which we can believe – organ transplants are one of those ways. How we feel about the manifestation shapes our experience of it.

This same explanation holds true for fertilized eggs as well. We don’t believe that infertile couples can simple snap their fingers and have a baby. So, we manifested a way for them to do so. The donor’s energy cannot “mess up” the energy of the body that a new consciousness is born into. This is not only due to the fact that the consciousness that’s born into that body has much more influence on the energy of that body (even pre-birth) than the donors every could, but also because the Law of Attraction would never allow a donor and recipient whose energy does not match the outcome to come together. Ever.  Even your genetic makeup has to match the energy of who you are here.

Do Trees and Plants Create Their Own Reality?

Shibani asks, “Do trees and plants also have ‘vibrational’ alignment? Can they affect their ‘reality’?”

Yes, EVERYTHING is consciousness and can affect its own reality. Not everything is as focused or reactive as we are, though. Notice that a dog will generally find its alignment much faster than a human can. If a dog has an experience that it doesn’t like, it generally doesn’t harp on it for hours afterwards making itself miserable. It moves on and takes a nap or goes outside to play.

Wild animals are even less influenced by us. This is why they generally stay away from us – they don’t match our worried, stressed out vibrations. Plants and trees are even less focused and reactive. You can be sad next to a tree and it will not be sad with you (a dog might). A tree doesn’t have the ability to focus upon you or your issues the way that a human could, and is therefore less influenced by you. It will hold its higher vibration steady, even while you’re leaning on it in pain.

But that doesn’t mean that there’s not an intelligent consciousness behind the energy of the tree. It creates its reality just like we do, just with a lot less drama. A tree doesn’t have to run around gathering nourishment, for example. It stays in one place, perfectly tapped into the power of creation, into the perfection of nature and the ecosystem. The tree experiences its reality with much more subtle nuances. It lives in a stable, high vibration and so there’s less contrast than for humans. It knows how balanced and perfect everything is and doesn’t stress out about the details. Its manifestations would be about growing, weathering the seasons, and responding to the overall energy around them.

Trees and plants provide a major stabilizing force to our world. Their high, stable energy is much harder to shake than our own, reactive vibrations. We can be easily distracted, but they can’t and that serves us all. This is why it’s so calming to walk through a forest or be in nature. When two different vibrations come together, one has to change to match the other or they have to get away from each other. Nature will never lower its vibration to match yours and it won’t move away from you. So if you stay there, your vibration will have to rise. This same influence extends across the globe.

How might a tree affect its reality? Well, it can choose to die at just the right time so that it dries out and becomes the perfect kindling for a cleansing forest fire (in nature, fire renews). Trees often comply with the energy of humans in property disputes (a neighbor’s tree just happens to always grow across the fence, giving you both the perfect opportunity to work through some resistance you have). Or, a backyard tree may respond to the love of a family and playful energy of the kids and grow large and strong so it can provide shade and a great place to climb. These manifestations don’t just happen – the trees are in on it and happily so.

Does this mean that you should never chop down a tree or eat a tomato? Of course not. Plants, more than anything, know that death is not an end, but a transition. So they have no problem giving up their lives to nourish us. In fact, it’s part of their intention. And we would not have discovered how to make things out of wood if the trees were not a match to that. But I do think that plants, animals and nature deserve our respect and appreciation. And I think that this is something that happens naturally as we raise our vibrations. We begin to see the perfection of everything and feel the wonderful loving energy radiating off of nature. And when that happens, we can’t be cruel or careless anymore. You wouldn’t pollute your friend’s living room or torture their dog. As you realize how connected you are to everything, including nature, you realize that it’s your “friend” too.

This, by the way, is what I consider to be an effective form of environmentalism.  Scare and guilt tactics don’t work. But when you help people to find their connection, it makes nature feel personal. When you become aware of this connection, you can’t destroy or abuse or waste anymore. It just doesn’t feel right.

Now it’s your turn: Did any of these questions resonate with you? Share your own experience for the benefit of everyone.

If you’ve found this post to be valuable, I’d love it if you’d share it on Social Media or in whatever way you like. Thanks in advance for your help in spreading the Happy Shiny Puppy Energy.

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  • Oh, and one more thing- this is all part of expansion, right? This donating and receiving of organs, etc. Must be.

    Sorry, forgot to add this earlier, but I think I know the answer.

    • It is. It’s a manifestation (organ transplants are a way to manifest the repairing of organs. We’re not ready to regrow our own yet, and so this is what we can allow for now). It’s also a way to co-create (the donor and recipient have to match up, like one person asking a questions and manifesting the answer through another).

      Of course, everything is part of expansion. 🙂

  • So Melody, couples unable to bear children with their own eggs or sperm should not hesitate to go the donor route since it is available to them.

    Some couples believe that it won’t be their child, but this really isn’t the case. Their vibrations will all match up and a “compatible” family can be born, right? The situation will be what they make of it. Since the woman will actually carry the fetus, the two will bond and it will be like her own. That is my understanding. The vibrations will match regardless of the different DNA. It is a little different than adopting a child which carries with it it’s own issues, as I’ve read on your blog.

    • Hey Kat,

      The vibrations will always match. If they did not, the child could not come into the parent’s life, and vice versa. This is actually true for adoptions, too. Yes, there are issues there, but the parent is still the perfect match to the child’s energy and the same is true for the other way around.

      You cannot get a kid that isn’t perfect for you.

      And, I would like to point out that even if you pushed the little sucker out of your own oven, the child is never really “yours”. No one ever belongs to someone else. You can allow a deep connection with someone, but you don’t have to be blood related to do that. Think of it as a divine connection. The perfect child will find you in whatever way you and it allow.

      Does that make sense?

      Huge hugs!

  • very good post here and question answering…
    I have a mediation routine where I do the tree pose with the sole of my raised foot resting on the trunk of the tree and my stable foot grounded in dirt…I can feel the energy of the tree.

    I also am concerned about a 100 year old western cedar that is tilting towards my bedroom and house – the last wind storm it truly pulled up the sidewalk and dropped 12-15 150# plus branches on the driveway…..the tree is also dying from the top down. Now my previous neighbors laughed about it being headed towards my house and I think about it standing straight or tall…but I know at night it’s energy is being drawn towards me… I can feel it…we have lots of wind storms…and that is when, of course, the energy is most intense…I have called a Forester to come and evaluate the tree…it is so loud these days.
    I have heard that folks who get liver and kidney transplants often crave foods loved by the previous owners!
    Oh this made me think

    • Hey Patricia,

      Why not go out and have a chat with the tree? If you’re able to feel it’s energy, I’d go and sit with it and have a little talk. Perhaps there’s a message there for you, and once you receive it, the tree won’t need to lean towards your house. Possibly, it’s hanging on just until you get it? Just a thought…

      Huge hugs!

  • Hi there! 🙂

    Near the place I work there is a normal urban garden with trees and benches and circuits for bikers and runners. My day in this job feels always better when I go outside and sit down under a tree reading.

    What makes the garden special is that there are spots with fences where the locals grown biological vegetables. I feel happy to see that none of then have been vandalized. There’s only a few graffitties in one of the fences.


  • Well, as someone who’s had organ transplants due to a genetic disease which started making me ill at the age of 4, I would be really interested in getting an answer to the question of whose resistance it was that created all that. And also if I became ill due to my parents’ resistance for example, how can I release the resistance that wasn’t mine in the first place to get my body back to my its natural state of health and vitality? It sometimes seems to me that whenever something contradicts with LOA principles, it is explained away by ‘resistance’ but no-one really explains what this resistance is and how to get rid of it when really, this needs to be the main focus if it is what is stopping us from being our true selves, vibrating in higher frequencies, being in joy etc.

    • Yes! “explained away by resistance.” *claps* Glad someone else had the guts to bring that point up!
      You can’t challenge the LOAers sometimes!
      Just like some religious explain away failed prayer with “they weren’t faithful enough” or “they displeased God” “bad karma” the LOAers feel they are very different to that and believe with unshakable faith that LOA is a Law just as valid as any scientifc law. It’s Law!!!
      If the law fails “resistance” was in the way or the person wasn’t visualizing right.. Excuse after excuse.
      Then when something happens to back up the claims of LOA they jump on that, focus on that and put that in the spotlight. (positive thinking)
      Totally ignoring all contradicting evidence unlike any fair trial or scientific study known to man.
      LOA is exempt to this because of resistance! It fool proofs itself along the way and if something breaks that watertight position–they’ll manifest some more answers that explain it all away.

      • Hey Trent,

        I’m happy to answer any and all questions that come up here and yes, I will generally have an answer. LOA makes sense of the Universe for me. But I don’t expect you to go along with anything I say if it doesn’t resonate with you.

        There’s also a lot of misinformation out there about LOA. I would never blame someone for their negative manifestations. Taking responsibility for something and taking the blame for it are two different things. Bad things do not happen to you because you weren’t visualizing right. They happen because there’s something in your vibration that you are not aware of that isn’t serving you. The bad events are there to make you aware of this something, not to punish you for not “doing it right”. Again, for me, this is a much better feeling and empowering perspective.

        I’m not really trying to explain anything away. LOA, at least the way I teach it, is more about broadening our perspective rather than narrowing it. If we can see more possibilities to choose from, we can deliberately choose the point of view that feels best, instead of just reacting to whatever reality happens to be playing out.

        I’m not here to preach or to twist people’s words until they fit my beliefs. I’m offering a point of view and actively encourage people to question it, so that they can find the point of view that feels best to them.

        And yes, when I have a question, I do manifest an answer, but not in an attempt to explain it away. I want to make sense of things. That feels empowering. I think that’s what everyone wants. And what makes sense to me may not make sense to you. I’m ok with that. 🙂

        Huge Monday Hugs,

    • Hey Regina,

      If you manifested an illness that early, it was due to resistance, but it’s not the same as when you manifest a disease later in life. You came in knowing what you were in for. I’d be interested in figuring out what the experience of the disease led to – what did it cause you want, to discover, to realize? Massive contrast early in life leads to massive growth. Given how we are taught to function in this world, that can be a very painful way to grow, but it’s not ineffective.

      All I do is explain what resistance is and how to get rid of it. The problem is that it’s kind of a personal thing, so one pat answer doesn’t apply to all scenarios. I can’t tell you without a bit of conversation what this illness of yours was about.

      I’m not actually trying to explain away anything. I’m giving you a point of view that you can adopt if it feels good to you, or dismiss if it doesn’t. To me, it feels better to think that illnesses don’t just happen for no reason, but that there is a purpose. And I’ve seen that purpose many times both in my own life and the lives of others. It’s the best feeling point of view that I’ve found and the one that resonates the most. If that’s not the case for you, that’s ok.

      I hope that was helpful.

      Huge hugs!

      • Thank you for your reply Melody. I am not asking for an explanation of my specific resistance, it is just that ‘resistance’ seems to be such a big part of LOA that you would think there was some one size fits all process that would help people to ‘release’ it albeit in very broad and general terms. As it is, it feels like a big piece of the puzzle is missing and a time comes when you notice how often you hear the word ‘resistance’ which doesn’t mean a thing because it is just a dead end and this makes one feel powerless rather than empowered.

        I think LOA is a great tool to apply to projects, (be more successful, live in abundance, have better relationships, feel better in general etc.) and it can even be a great philosophical approach but I feel more comfortable with drawing the line there instead of making it into something that has to be able to explain everything in life and beyond. I just think admitting we don’t and can’t know the answers to some questions in life but that we know LOA works with a lot of people in achieving their ambitions and dreams is good enough.

        Resistance is a key term for my profession as well; if a client is not making progress or is withdrawing, it is due to resistance. However it only relates to how people manage their life situations and doesn’t attempt to explain how these situations came about. Also there is a well-developed theory on it as well as techniques to work with it which may be why I keep looking for something more every time I read the word ‘resistance’ in LOA related articles.

        I just think LOA is an extremely useful tool and can really improve mental health and psychological well-being which is why I appreciate the work people like you carry out. I guess my criticisms stem from my wish that LOA grows in such a direction that psychologists and counsellors can also make use of it and this is more likely to happen if it stays in the realm of the rational and be seen more like a tool than a deterministic universal law in the literal sense.

        • Hey Regina,

          I hear you. When I say resistance, I mean beliefs that are contradictory to what you want. Beliefs are just habitual thoughts. So, you could also call resistance, self-sabotaging thoughts. Or a whole host of other things.

          I use the language that I do because I feel it’s the most direct way to explain this stuff. But if I’m talking with someone who is not open to this language, I change my vocabulary to a more psychological one.

          There are tons of therapists and doctors who study this stuff. Many follow Abraham-Hicks, and I have received quite a few questions from these kinds of people as well (including a whole host of scientists). They may not all want to publicly out themselves, but they are interested. And they are finding ways to translate this information into terms that the mainstream medical and scientific communities will be able to accept.

          This isn’t what I do, but it is happening. And it’s a beautiful thing. 🙂

          Huge hugs!

  • Hi Melody,

    Sadly, no, there were no new livers on the cards for my dad. Much as we all would have loved to see him get better it was probably for the best really, he had been ill for a long time and I imagine it would have meant months or years more recovery time. I’m pretty sure he’d had enough of being stuck in a hospital.

    What you say about the organ having to match up with the recipients energy is definitely true, from a scientific point of view too. That’s why they have to find matching donors and recipients so that their immune systems are in alignment. Essentially the molecules have to be similar enough which is the same as lining up their energy/vibration. I’ve not thought about this from a vibration point of view before but it makes sense to do so.

    Yet more hugs!


  • Melody,

    Interesting post. I have always thought that trees have consciousness. I read about an experiment that a former CIA member did with polygraphs and trees. You can read about it in David Wilcock’s most recently published book. Anyway, in the experiment he figured out how to hook a common house plant up to the polygraph. If he poured hot coffee on the leaves, nothing happened. But if he was close to the plant and the “thought” about burning the plant, the polygraph actually showed a response. It was so profound that it changed his entire life.

    • That’s amazing Joshua! I love it. Plants have also shown proven improvement when given other stimuli, like music or being talked to. I’ve read many experiments where different kinds of music caused different results in growth rates or the healthy of the plant. There are studies that show that being kind to a plant has different results than being mean to it. And that makes sense from a vibrational point of view.

      And anyone who has ever actually connected with the energy of a tree or plant knows that there is consciousness there. It’s a beautiful, steady, light, subtle energy. Ahhhh. I have to go and hug a tree now. 🙂

      Huge hugs!

  • melody, i wan to ask you a question here.
    how to get rid of any disease using loa.
    see the problem here is that to get rid of the disease we would have to say this to ourselves:-” my disease have been cured and i am very healthy and i fell so happy”

    aren’t we focusing more on the disease this way. wont it only increase the effects of the disease.
    is there any other way.

  • Hi Melody,

    I heard about people who received a transplanted organ who afterwards suddenly had different tastes for food. One I think knew the donor (sometimes a live donor is also possible of course) and it was indeed his favourite food that the receiver now also liked but before that disliked. Do food likes and dislikes also have something to do with vibration?



    • Hey Anny,

      I do believe strongly that food tastes have something to do with vibration, yes. My food preferences have certainly changed drastically as my vibration changed. And I’ve witnessed this in many others. If the recipient knew the donor then it’s possible that he was focused upon him a lot during this time (who wouldn’t be?) and picked up on that vibration. That is much more likely than that he picked it up from the organ (the organ changes).

      It’s also possible that the recipient is a firm believer in phenomenon such as this and the Universe proved him right. Remember that your truth is determined by your beliefs. No matter what your point of view, the evidence exists to prove you right. 🙂

      Huge hugs!

  • What you said about trees hits home because of what’s going on in my local area. A couple of old oak trees – said to be 150 years old – were poisoned over a college football rivalry. The person who admitted to doing it is currently on trial for his actions.

    I hurt so much for these trees in a way that I can’t explain. I read about what the poison did to them, how it keeps them from making chlorophyll, so it’s like they’re starving. I even contacted the university to ask if anyone would be allowed to pray over the trees. They have them blocked right now so they can’t be touched.

    Instead of waiting on other people, though, I prayed over them. I prayed for them to be healthy, if they chose to be. I prayed for the scientists working on them and the soil around them to learn new things and gain wisdom. Every time I read an update on the trees in the paper I pray for them.

    Now, some will say, they’re just trees. You can’t put human emotion on a tree. But in deference to my thoughts this year – feel what I feel, even if it doesn’t make sense – I’m going to pray for the trees whenever I feel led to do so.

    It’s been over a year now and they’re still hanging on. I hope they are gaining from the energy around them as I’m sure everyone in town is pulling for them to live. For me personally, I don’t want to focus on bad news. I want to celebrate the good news when I read it. They sprouted green leaves! The scientists studying the roots and the leaves are finding less of the poison in their systems. Agricultural schools from different states are banding together to try new procedures – they used a solution to “feed” the trees through the roots, like an IV. These are good things, positive things that are happening. I believe this positive attitude can only help them, but I believe they need to want to be helped.

    I guess when it’s their time to go, they will choose to do so, regardless of what people do.

    • Hey Christina,

      It sounds to me like these trees decided to cooperate in a much larger manifestation – one that is inspiring tons of people to find their connection with nature. They do not need to be saved. They are, in a way, doing the saving. And isn’t it wonderful how, through their recovery, they are bringing people hope. All healing stories do, even when they’re about trees. 🙂

      Isn’t the Universe just so awesomely perfect? Yay!

      Huge hugs!

  • Hmm, some interesting things to think about here Melody,

    I love trees! They have a majestic calmness that I find irresistible. I’ve always given in to my urges to just sit under a particularly appealing one or to lean against them. I think sometimes that they make these cosy, safe places so that people will be drawn to them but I’ve never really thought about it in this way before, I just know they’re good for us.

    With the organ transplant thing, years ago my dad was on a waiting list for a new liver (he had a genetic enzyme deficiency which led to multiple organs failing: alpha-1 antitrypsin deficiency for any medical geeks out there). A couple of livers became available over time and, understandably, they were given to much younger people. If I remember correctly one of the recipients had tried to commit suicide and messed his liver up in the process, he was given one of the donated livers that turned up. Unfortunately I think the mental anguish of being saved, given a dead person’s liver and the fact that he was clearly not very well to begin with, he succeeded in committing suicide the next time. At the time I did wonder whether this was what the guy would have wanted but maybe the doctors thought that a second chance would make all the difference. Anyway, not sure what my point is but I think it’s something to do with transplanted organs not necessarily affecting the recipients energy. Having said that, I have heard accounts of organ recipients taking on personality traits/characteristics of their organ donors but it could just be one of those rumours that gets passed around.

    Lots of happy tree hugs!


    • Hey Antonia,

      Was your dad eventually given a liver?

      I think that’s more of an urban legend. Personality traits aren’t stored in our cells, or at least not to the extent that they could suddenly influence the brain of the recipient. In order for the transplanted tissue to function within the new body, it has to match the energy of the new body. Remember that two different vibrations can’t be present in the same space for long. One will have to change to match the other.

      So, even if the donor’s personality traits was present in the liver (and a teensy bit of it is, as it will match the energy of the donor), what do you think is more likely? That the liver tissue will change to match the energy of the recipient or that the recipient’s entire body will change to match the energy of the liver?

      Having said that, people are often profoundly changed by the experience of being ill and then getting a donated organ. And of course they are. Overcoming an illness means releasing massive amounts of resistance. And that will change a person, revealing more of who they really are. It may also make them less tolerant to putting up with BS or things that they don’t like, which they put up with before. Some people may want to attribute these changes to the donor organ. it makes for a great story, but it doesn’t really make sense energetically. 🙂

      Thanks for sharing your story.

      Huge hugs!

  • This is beautiful, Melody!

    I hadn’t thought of the vibrations of animals and trees the way you’ve described them, but it makes perfect sense! Wow. My dog stays right by my side in a thunderstorm, no doubt because I’m not worried at all. In fact storms thrill me, and my high vibration is what she needs in that moment. Pretty much all the rest of the time, her happy vibe lifts me up. And no wonder I feel such a drive to live with trees. I love the image of the steady vibration of a grand tree. Yes!

    Thank you so much! Many happy hugs,

    Mary Carol

  • Melody,

    That was awesome! When I had anxiety, hugging trees really helped to relieve it, as did walking on grass and hanging out in the forest. I was so centered when I did those things.
    There have been masters who have cured themselves of liver disease and other ailments and have taken someone else’s disease into their own bodies to “work on it” and then transfer back to the patient all the health. The master did explain that the patient brought it upon himself by being angry, holding grudges and basically worrying to death, as a lot of people do, and myriads of other examples. So, there is so much potential to have great health if we just get rid of resistance and leave all the sorrow and crap behind.

    And thank you for answering my question. It is so clear to me now! Yet more examples of co-creation with which there must be a vibrational match.

    I wonder if you would please say a few things about the astral body? Masters have used these versions of themselves in various ways. Is it synonymous with the inner being? Sort of? Or is it another projection of our perfect self, the one unburdened by resistance?

    Thanks again!

    • Hey Kat,

      You’re so very welcome and thank you so much for your kind words.

      No, the astral body is not the inner being. The astal body is simply a shift in perspective, like looking through a different lens. You can still experience massive contrast in the astral. You take all of your resistance with you there. But you can also synch up with your inner being there and many people find it easier to do this in the astral. They aren’t as hampered by their beliefs. It’s already not quite “reality”, so making the jump to a different point of view (a more deliberate one) isn’t so far off.

      But I believe that it’s just a tool, not a goal. The goal is for us to marry the physical with the spiritual, not surpass the physical and hang out in the astral all the time. It can be a very useful tool, mind you, as can lucid dreaming, but it’s a tool all the same.

      Does that answer your question?

      Huge hugs!

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