Ansesutaa asks, “They say that you “attract” things to you, BUT they also say that you “create” your own reality with the law. Soooo: is it possible that you “create” (from nothing, of course) things or events with the law or you just attract things like a magnet. Is the law “magic” or is it magnetism? I’m very curious! Please tell me your opinion!”

What a wonderful question this is. It goes to the heart of how we create our own reality. First of all, if you haven’t yet read my free E-Book, 7 Steps of Manifestation, you should do so. It fully explains the process of how we receive our reality, and in much more detail than I can do here. But this question is about the process of creation, and I’m happy to explore that further.

Do we actually create reality or just attract stuff that already exists? It’s both, actually. The Law of Attraction uses all available resources (and I do mean ALL, something we can’t even really fathom) to bring us what we want. Let’s break it down by using some examples, shall we?

Manifesting Thoughts

We often tend to forget that thoughts and ideas are manifestations, too. This is why it’s so hard for us to think happy thoughts when we’re mired in misery. We don’t have access to thoughts that have a vastly different vibration. We can’t attract them (this is the main reason that I always advocate moving up the Vibrational Ladder incrementally).

So, let’s say that you’ve gone ahead and gotten yourself into a happy place. You’re vibrating nice and high and you’re feeling good. Now, ideas and thoughts start to flood in. They’re awesome ideas, which open up possibilities to you that you’ve never been able to even conceive of. Were these someone else’s thoughts, or did you create them?

All thoughts that have ever been thought still exist. They are all available to us, when we attune to the frequency that matches them. And yes, this includes the thoughts of luminaries like Albert Einstein, Steve Jobs, and Nicolas Tesla. An inventor looking for a way to create an alternative power source could well manifest some of Tesla’s ideas as part of his solution, for example.

But it doesn’t end there. If we only attracted that which has already been created, the possibilities of what we can create would be finite. And they’re not. Here’s why:

The solution must be the perfect answer to the question

Think of manifestations as answers, and the problems that caused us to want those solutions as questions. We ask a question, line up with the answer and allow it (by not harping on about the damn question), and manifest the solution or answer.

Each question that is asked is unique. It may be quite similar to what others have asked, but like DNA, it carries the unique signature of the asker. Your questions are birthed out of your life experiences, your own struggles and triumphs and the conclusions you’ve come to. No other being has exactly the same mix of ideas, thoughts and beliefs as you do. No other being has exactly the same vibration as you do.

While you have to do your part – attune to the frequency of the solution that perfectly answers your question, the Law of Attraction must do its part, too. It must bring you that perfect solution. And because each question is unique, so is each answer. It must be created for you in each moment. This is where it’s going to get just a touch complicated, so bear with me.

[Disclaimer: I am not a scientist, physicist or engineer. I’m not claiming that what I’m about to tell you has been scientifically proven. But when you ask a question, I receive the answer and then translate the information into terms that I can understand. I apologize if the use of some of my language isn’t 100% scientifically correct (I am limited to my own personal vocabulary). My explanations are intended for lay people, like me.]

An example: manifesting an idea

Let’s say that you want to invent a new product. The first thing you do is to define the question – the problem or need that this product will solve or fill. As you focus on the problem, you are focusing on a unique mixture of frequencies. For the sake of simplification, let’s say that the problem you’re trying to fix has one frequency.

Again, this is a gross oversimplification, but for the sake of this explanation, let’s say that problems carry negative frequencies and solutions carry positive frequencies on a numeric scale (Problems are not “negative”. But this analogy should make the concept of creation clear).

Whenever you focus on and activate the frequency of a problem, the frequency of the solution is activated as well. So, if the problem you’re hoping to fix lies at -22.5 Hz, then by simply focusing upon it, the exact opposite frequency of +22.5 Hz will be focused upon and activated by Who You Really Are. While you are focusing on the problem, your inner being is focusing on the frequency of the solution. And while you may not have an easy time focusing on something that doesn’t yet exist, your inner being has no such limitation.

The more detailed you become in your dissection of the problem, the more you fine tune the frequency of it. So now, instead of the problem being at -22.5, you’ve refined it further to -22.54258. The frequency is more precise.

As you are defining the frequency of the problem with greater and greater precision, you are causing your inner being to do the same on the opposite end of the spectrum. So now, your inner being is no longer focused on the more general +22.5 Hz, but on the much more precise +22.54258.

Why every problem is unique

Now, one could argue that since you are simply observing something that already exists, its frequency would already be set, and therefore would not be considered unique. But your definition of the problem depends on your unique perception of it, which can be similar to the perception of others, but never exactly the same. Therefore, your personal definition of a problem will always be yours and yours alone.

You are focusing on something that already exists. Your perception of this situation as a problem defines its frequency in a certain way and causes your inner being to focus in a solution oriented way. But your inner being is attuning itself and focusing on a pure frequency – nothing that precisely matches it exists yet.

The Law of Attraction in action

But as we know, anything we (big collective WE) focus on grows. This is the heart of the Law of Attraction. Just as your focus on the problem brings more of it into your reality and in greater and greater detail, so will your inner being’s focus on the opposite frequency bring more and more matching energy together.

So, as your higher self focuses purely on the frequency of the solution, more thoughts, ideas, intentions and even people are brought together to form that particular, perfect solution that precisely matches +22.54258 Hz. The solution is formed without you ever having to do anything to make that happen. Your mere focus on the problem creates the solution.

How creations evolve

As the Law of Attraction brings together the perfect components to assemble the precise solution you’re creating, it will draw from already existing manifestations. This is why I said that you both attract that which already exists and also create it. Your personal creations are built from the parts of already existing manifestations and energy.

So, let’s say that while in the process of inventing something new, you line up with the ideas of a long dead genius. The unique blend of your questions would require a unique blending of answers. And while the dead genius’s ideas might be a close match, they will never be a perfect match. So, the old ideas have to be altered, added to, morphed, if you will, to fit the exact solution you’re after.

In other words, the ideas have to evolve until they’re a precise match. You may even combine the ideas from several dead (or live) geniuses to create your solution, and you won’t necessarily know that you’re doing this (unless you’ve studied the work of said geniuses).

Another example: Manifesting a job

Let’s bring this whole, very abstract concept into something a bit more physical. You’re trying to manifest a job. You’ve been defining and adding to the solution side – the frequency of your dream job – for years. Every time something about a job pissed you off, your inner being “took the bounce” as Abraham likes to say, and focused on the opposite frequency. Over time, the frequency of the dream job has become incredibly defined. We’re talking loads and loads of digits behind the decimal point.

Again, for the sake of this explanation, let’s pretend that you’ve never focused on the issue of a job and are starting from scratch. So, you focus on what kind of job you want. A lot of that information is going to come from what you DON’T want. Your higher self uses this information to find the precise frequency of the job that will check all of your boxes. It then proceeds to focus on it, unwaveringly, unflinchingly, with all of its attention. The power of this kind of focus is unfathomable for most of us. It’s the energy that creates worlds (quoting Abraham again). It sets the Law of Attraction into motion, a mechanism that has all the resources of the Universe at its disposal.

As your inner being continues to focus on your dream job, all the components necessary to create that job will come together. What might that look like in the actual world, though?

A job that is close to what you want could be changed through a series of circumstances to fit your dream job. A director of a company might be inspired to create the exact position you’ve been after. In that case, this position would not only answer your question, so to speak, but answer the director’s or company’s question as well (it’s always a perfect co-creation). This is how powerful LOA is. It can find that one director who has the exact question that will be answered by the creation and coming together of your solution and his. Not only that, but it will find that director who is also ready to line up with that solution at the same time that you’re ready to line up with yours.

Your perception and experience of this job and the director’s perception and experience of this job will be very different. This is why one event – the creation of one job – can satisfy more than one question or problem. Your solution (your experience of this job) will incorporate details and elements that the director is never even aware of, and vice versa.

What about big problems that involve tons of people?

So, now you understand (hopefully) how your creations come together. But what about when more than one person is involved? What about solutions to problems like Global Warming or poverty or crime?

When more than one person is focused upon a problem, it creates a collective frequency. Each individual person will still be focusing using their very unique perspective and therefore creating their very unique solution, but when more than one person is focused in a very similar way, it also creates a collective problem frequency and therefore a collective solution.

This collective solution then covers enough of a range of frequencies, so that it can satisfy all the individual questions that have been asked. It’s like when you’re looking at a kaleidoscope. Change the angle of the viewing just a teensy bit, and you’ll see a different picture. Manifestations have different angles or aspects. So your perception lines you up with a different view than someone else who’s looking at the same thing. One problem can be perceived in many different ways. It’s the same for solutions.

So, why don’t I always get the perfect solution then?

If the perfect solution is always created as soon as we so much as focus on the problem, why aren’t we always getting precisely what we want? Well, the creation of our manifestations isn’t our job. It happens automatically and perfectly each and every time. Our job is to line up with, or attune ourselves to the frequency of that solution. The better we are at this, the more of our solution we receive.

Using our first example, if the solution you’ve created and are attempting to line up with is vibrating at +22.54258 Hz, but you can only get into the general vicinity of it, say +22.6, then you’re not going to be able to receive your perfect solution. But, it’s not an all or nothing deal. The Law of Attraction will bring you what it can. In other words, if you line up with +22.6, you’ll receive whatever matches +22.6, which will be similar to what you want, but not quite perfect.

The difference between where you’re focusing and the precise frequency of what you want is a form of resistance, although when you’re this close, it’s really more of a process of fine tuning.

It’s all about attuning ourselves

Do you see now why the HOW is not your problem? It’s taken care of automatically. Do you see why continuing to focus on what you don’t want, doesn’t really serve you at all once you’ve thoroughly defined the problem? And why focusing on what you don’t yet have or how a manifestation isn’t quite perfect doesn’t actually get you any closer to what you want?

Manifesting 101

In very simple terms, it’s all about using the guidance you are getting from your inner being to find its frequency, which will automatically line you up with the frequency of what you want. Your inner being is like a homing beacon, always calling you to what you’ve created. The better you feel emotionally, the closer you’re getting. The worse you feel, the further you’re moving away. Thinking of this process in more mechanical terms, takes issues like deserving and worth and unfairness out of the equation. It levels the playing field. And isn’t that just the coolest thing ever? πŸ™‚

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  • The other day I was exchanging text messages with a friend. We are close and love each other dearly. She was expressing her thoughts about the depth of our friendship. I responded in one message with ‘La vita Γ© Bella’ (Life is beautiful). I’ve actually been writing that phrase a lot when journaling. Today I saw a commercial for a new perfume, which I’ve never seen before, and sure enough the slogan was the same but in French, ‘La vie est belle’.

      • I noticed the image change. It’s easy to think Einstein said this because of his ideas about the power of imagination.
        It’s a little sad he didn’t. I love that guy. 20,000 future being doesn’t sound right either…

        I’m so excited about finding the right frequency.

        For many years has been focused on the problem so my higher self must have a mind blowing solution!!!

        I write many sad things on this blog..time to put some great energy into something else!!

        Does this mean if someone has almost no friends when they tune in the power of the solution will be so great they get the opposite=being bombarded by company your phone battery will die!!!
        Your face would hurt from smiling!

        Ahh! My solution is so great! I’ve been in so much pain the opposite is just the best thing ever.
        Better than someone that wasn’t in pain! Their opposite won’t be nearly as huge as mine!

        Oh my goddness! If this is true…ooh I’m in for all this stuff-

        a crowd of friends knocking down my door, ringing my phone off the hook

        a sore face from smiling all day

        jumping out of bed with energy and so much health I’d be able to swim to Barcelona!

        I’d have the best work ever or just money flowing out of my pockets, just so, so much.I’d be like truckloads.
        I’d be just getting things without a blink of an eye. I give money to other people, just for fun.

        “Here!” I say stuffing wads of cash into other peoples’ pockets. I don’t need these peices of paper!

        I shout a large group of friends a large meal without blinking. Cocktails, coffees..fancy drinks..
        All easily paid.

        Whenever I go somewhere people smile “hey it’s Alice horrah!” everybody is glaaad to see me.
        And then I hand them money “here take this money…I don’t need it!!!”

        Every day is the best day ever. I go to bed smiling. I fall aleep smiling.

        My heart is light as a feather. That’s the best feeling. I wake up like it’s a party at my house.
        People eat breakfast with me. I have brunch. I have a slice of cantaloupe on the side. πŸ™‚

        I have to shoo people away because of all the friends it causes a traffic jam! People can’t get to the street because my friends just parked everywhere.

        But they are not mad, they’re like “what a worthy cause! visiting Alice, why aren’t I doing it, my life isn’t complete without her!”

        so I see them and have lots of hugs and I also have more money so I have to do the task of giving it away daily.
        “geez.. more money!!! here, I don’t need it, my wallet is too fat!”

        I loove going outside. Outside is the best! There’s so many friends out there and limitless ideas and things to do.
        I explore the whole world and feel great about adventure. I can do anything.

        What is fear??? I’ve forgotten what that is? Probrably got crushed under all the friends stampeding around.

        Ohh and romance is off the charts. I’m so loved that it blinds people. They have to wear sunglasses from all the love I have.
        People throw up from the sickly, love, love love I have it’s so shiney it’s sickening!

        In fact I’d need a crowbar if I wanted to get some privacy because they are always by my side just loving me so much.

        I had the best life ever full of abundance and pleasure. The cause of death was from laughing so hard after 300 years.
        The entire world missed my presence because I added so much value and happiness to the world.
        They sung songs about me. I explored space, discovered many things..just the best person ever.

        ahhh… that’s the frequency. It’s pretty high. πŸ™‚

        • YAAAAAAAY!!!! That’s it Alice! You decide to actually reach for what you want, even if you have to first create it in your head. Feel the relief of it and then do it again.

          And yes. Your suffering has created HUGE amounts of abundance, love, connection, etc. You do have to attune to it, but you are learning. What you did above is perfect. Keep doing that. The first manifestation you get is that you feel a hell of a lot better. The physical manifestation will be the last step, so don’t go looking for that too soon. Focus on the feeling. It’ll guide you.

          Oh yay, yay, yay! I’m doing a happy dance for you. πŸ™‚

          Huge hugs!

  • Nice picture of Albert Einstein on a boat but the quote (“Everything is energy etc.”) isn’t his.
    There must be hundreds of websites that have mis-attributed this bit of philosophy (’cause it isn’t physics) to poor old Albert, when the most likely originator is Bashar, an extra-terrestrial being from 20,000 years in the future channeled by ex-visual effects artist Darryl Anka.
    Still, maybe Bashar’s rght, who knows!

    • Really?? Awwww. I didn’t realize. Thanks for pointing this out Palmer. Oh well. I’m going to leave it up, since I really love the quote. I wonder how many other quotes are mis-attributed on a regular basis. But then, does it matter who said it? It could’ve come from the bum down the street. I still really love it. πŸ™‚

      Huge hugs!

      • Like you not many people do realize it’s not by Einstein. This quote often appears when a scientific explanation is attempted for a particular belief system or concept (usually something about consciousness creates reality, or the LoA) the idea being that if the great man himself also believed it then it must be scientifically true. However, whatever you believe in or personal insight you might have, incorrectly attaching a famous person’s name to your words to give them credibility is unethical imo. If you want to leave it up that’s fine, but you could add a disclaimer to your blog saying the quote isn’t actually by Einstein.
        I’m sure there are many other quotes mis-attributed on a regular basis (I’m aware of some of them). Does it matter? Personally I wouldn’t appreciate it if I was misquoted. I don’t think you would either Melody, especially if it went viral on the web and you had no recourse to rectify the situation.

        • Ok, Ok, I changed it. πŸ™‚

          You’re right. I did a bit of research and as you said, it’s most likely Bashar who said this. Once I really thought about it, I didn’t want to leave it up as Einstein. It’s all over the net, but I don’t really like the idea of adding to a misconception (even though, I don’t think Einstein minds anymore, lol). You’re right that it sets it up as though we are saying that the LOA has been proven by physics, which is not yet the case. And claiming it has been, just gives fodder to the those who think this is all a bunch of fake crap anyway. So, I’ve updated the image.

          Thanks for keeping me honest, Palmer. πŸ™‚

          Huge hugs!

      • Wow, Todd, what a wonderful video. It serves as great review of all these fundamental concepts. It also answers my question of intent. The purer the intent the better and it should always be for the highest good. Other masters have discussed this aspect as part of the formula of creation but I was not sure if Abe touched upon it, rather focusing on pure desire.

        Just great! Thanks!

  • We’ve also had a perfect co-creation in regards to my husband’s job. He was hired part-time at this place and guaranteed 25 hours a week. When they said they were cutting him to 18 – 20 hours, as I shared on my blog, we refused to believe in the cut, and they kept him at 25 . When they said it again, he spoke to his manager that day and refused to be cut. He’d been guaranteed 25 minimum and that’s what he wanted.

    Without us being aware of it, something happened behind the scenes. The manager of store A was told to cut my husband’s hours again. Instead, the manager found out there was an opening at another of their stores, Store B, nearby. He spoke to the manager of Store B and was told my husband could be guaranteed 25 hours a week as they needed the help. All this happened behind the scenes. Yesterday, my husband was offered the position at Store B.

    No cut in hours, same amount of money, just a bit further down the road.

    I have more stories like this, where one person shifts so that we can move into their spot. It’s amazing how co-creating works.

    • Hey Christina,

      Thanks so much for sharing your wonderful story here! That’s an excellent example. I love it. There are a lot more cooperative people out there than we realize and the Universe can match us up with them if we allow it. But we have to be open to it. There’s always a Store B that we don’t know about. πŸ™‚

      Huge hugs!


      • I Have A Question about trusting “Instinct” and the view that it’s always right.

        Does this mean right-sided? which then leaves the UN-embraced left-side open to infection which is defined as { invasion of the body tissues by dis-ease-causing microorganisms,or in this case belief programs and thoughts}

        And what if the core (root) of our “Instincts” became infected , due to our one-sided- picture of the whole….how would we know?…..esp…if we carry on the thought that this one-sided view we’re presently entertaining IS the whole Picture? thus leaving us with a Hole in the WHOLE inviting infection to occur? (i.e. the other half of the whole picture we resist or haven’t learned to embrace yet, being left open to invasion on a sub-conscious level} Wouldn’t trusting in a one-sided structure be setting myself up for experiencing the collapse of it sometime in my immediate future. (i.e.physical pain or times when the “sh*t hits the fan” moments?

        • Hey there,

          I answered the second part of your question in the other post. But no, I didn’t mean right sided, although that’s an interesting concept. I do believe we need to find a balance between the right and left sides of the brain, between our spirit and mind, if you will. And being too focused on either will result in discord.

          I teach that you have to follow your intuition (right side), but if your beliefs (programs run by the left side) contradict that, you won’t be able to align with what you want. You must have a balance between the two. πŸ™‚

          Huge hugs!

          • Melody,
            you replied to me with the following β€œ Hey there, I answered the second part of your question in the other post”
            And Here is your reply: “to the other post”:
            β€œ Hey there, Yes, in a sense, I would agree with you. I would refer to this as having a limited perspective. At its core, this LOA work is really about gaining a broader perspective, seeing more sides, more aspects, more options. The bigger our view and the more points of view we can accept as valid, the less resistance we have (we can see the resistance as an inability or unwillingness to see certain points of view). Hugs, Melody

            I cannot seem to locate the answer to my question….about trusting β€œInstinct” and the view that it’s always right….which I stated as the following:..
            β€œWhat if the core (root) of our β€œInstincts” became infected, due to our one-sided- picture of the whole….how would we know?…..esp….if we carry on the thought that this one-sided view we’re presently entertaining IS the whole Picture? thus leaving us with a Hole in the WHOLE inviting infection to occur?”
            ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, in your response….could you show me which part is the answer to this question?

          • Hey,

            Well, to me, when you talked about the core root becoming infected, it means that one is holding on to one perspective and is refusing to see others, even though that perspective is not or is no longer serving them. That’s how I interpreted the word infection.

            A person that is doing that is not using their intuition, because in order to do that, you have to open yourself up to other points of view (if there’s nothing to choose from, there’s no point in using intuition to choose). The very act of doing that would heal or release the infection.

            I do not believe that our intuition or instinct can become infected. I think that we can stop listening to it, and we often do. Also, it can be misinterpreted. AS I’ve often said, if you’re in depression, the way out is often anger. So, your intuition may guide you toward anger. It will be your instinct. But if you don’t understand that anger is not a bad thing, you may resist and think your instinct has led you in the wrong direction. It hasn’t.

            I hope that’s more clear. This is a new and fascinating way to express these concepts. πŸ™‚

            Huge hugs,

  • I was a little confused, Melody, when you kept saying,”think about the problem and the perfect solution will manifest” Isn’t that lining up with the vibration of the problem. And also confused when you said the negative (or opposite) vibration will show up. I thought we were looking for “like” vibrations to attract?

    • Hey Victoria,

      As you think about the problem, you are defining the solution, but it will not manifest for you until you attune yourself to it. It is created when you ask for it, when you focus on the problem, but you don’t receive it until you focus on the solution. It’s all about the receiving (the creating isn’t what we need to focus on. It happens automatically). That’s why my business is called “Deliberate Receiving”.

      So, focusing on the problem for a little while is beneficial. But we don’t do that. We keep on focusing on the problem WAY beyond where it’s helpful in any way.

      We are looking for like vibrations to attract when we are receiving. This question was about how we create though. So, you look at a problem for a very brief time. As you do, the solution is created, as described in this post. Then, you find a way to shift your focus to the solutions and use your emotions as your guide to help you fine tune your vibration to that of the solution so that it can manifest into your reality.

      Does that make more sense?

      Huge hugs!

  • Okay, so I really need a job right now. I’m in the middle of a life change and in order for me to move foward I have to have a job. Not just any job, the ‘perfect’ job. I want one that is close to home, the right pay, full time, and the type of work that I like to do. I have been submitting my resume to many places and found this one great company that I would looove to work for. I actually know someone that works for the company and he has already talked to the head of the HR department and she said she is going to see if there is a position available for me and if not she would note my resume as being recommended by my friend (the guy that works there). I sent a follow up email thanking her for considering me and yada yada. Is this enough? Do I have to take a crap job in order to move towards getting my ‘dream’ job or should I hold out for the one I really want? Thanks and great post!

    • Hey Amber,

      No, you don’t have to take a crap job in order to move towards your dream job. But you do have some resistance going (this is why you feel so unsure and frustrated and kind of needy about this). Visualize yourself working at this company and being happy. See yourself getting the job easily, the whole process going smoothly, with no big hassle. But then, also take the stance “this or something even better”, to take the pressure off of HAVING TO get this particular job. Right now, you’re sort of stuck in “This or something horrible”, which is why it feels awful. If this isn’t the job, it’s a precursor. To put it in the terms of this post, your perfect job might be at 22.5. This job might be a match to that, and you’re just in the process of tuning yourself perfectly to it. Or, this job might be at 22.4, and 22.5 is right around the corner (a job that’s even more perfect). In either case, your only job is to fine tune your own vibration.

      Do what feels best to you. If you tie yourself in knots over this job and if the fear of not earning money becomes too great, then a transition job might be the best feeling response. But in your case, I think you have the ability to tune yourself to what you want quickly. πŸ™‚

      I hope that was helpful.

      Huge hugs!

      • Hey Melody,

        I second what you are saying on this. Masters say never to lower ourselves for work, or anything for that matter, that is beneath us. It is better to live in the wilderness than to do this. I know this is contrary to popular belief and we are told by others that we “need to do what we need to do”, which includes taking on crap jobs, but, from experience, I know very well that the masters are wholeheartedly right when they say there are consequences when we do this. The crap job will not only lower your vibration, but it will also distance you from your IB to such a degree that you will feel it, have regrets, and then you will need to do the work necessary to get back to the level you were before you got there. And what do others know anyway? Their perspective is so limited because they are in those situations.

        I, too, rushed to get “jobs” just to make money, which I urgently needed, but this is the poorest excuse out there. Since the universe listened to the urgency, it brought the worst possible scenarios in a couple of cases, which was a reflection of the urgency. It was wrong of me to even doubt myself in this case and I lived a sort of hell (which is here on earth, by the way, nowhere else) and no matter how bright-eyed and bushy tailed I was, there was no changing it, since I was not even wanted there in the first place. So, I experienced that lowly level, which was what I said it was. But, you see, I “needed” the job. This is the biggie. You do not need anything but happiness and sanity. This is what one needs. Desperation leads to bad places and bad things. It may not exactly be the same as Amber’s case, but I had to express this somewhere.

        I know this sounds like an exaggeration, like BS or whatever anybody wants to call it, however, having lived it, I call it the truth. When people ignore the truth, there are consequences. Just my two cents.

        • Your two cents are right on, Kat. Thanks so much for sharing your wonderful insights here. Fear can make us to a lot of things. Often, we’re willing to sacrifice our own happiness just to keep a fear at bay. It can be so hard to see that those fears are really just made up by us. I was in the same place once, long ago. I worked three jobs, all of which I hated. I ended up passing out at work one day and really hurting myself. For many years, that was my body’s response to an overload of negative energy (something I didn’t recognize until years later). Too much resistance = fainting. I had never hurt myself, but my resistance was such that this time, I bashed up my face, broke my nose and skinned half my face off. The recovery time allowed me to rest and sleep and finally have a think, though.

          I don’t see those as consequences, as much as opportunities to find our balance again. Because that’s precisely what they are. πŸ™‚

          Huge hugs!

          • Thanks for the explanation. A much better way to look at things rather than label them as “consequences”.

          • Ladies you’re effing brilliant! I love you! I actually wrote a little post on my own blog yesterday and touched on my job situation. Meloday you are spot on and I realized this yesterday before I even read your responce today and you just confirmed my truth. Thank you for that! Here is an excerpt:
            “One little thing that I’ve realized lately is that I was getting job offers but they weren’t the ‘right’ ones. This is because I had my mind made up that I needed a job but it was coming out of a place of desperation rather than patience and trusting in God. This manifested jobs, but not the perfect one. I’ll let you know when I land the perfect job which I can guarantee will be soon as I am honing in on the exact frequency of my desires. For instance, I want to be financially independent. I want to be able to spend a decent amount of time with my daughter and keep things stable for her when I return to work. I want to be able to provide for my daughter the things she needs. I want to enjoy my work. I want to feel productive in society. I want to be able to afford to travel. These are a few fine tuned wants that directly link me to my ability to get the perfect job/means of income to realize my desires.”

            I totally let go of where the job will be, when, and yada yada. Doesn’t matter! I’ve been doing this “focusing on what I want” thing for the past few days and what a load off it really is. I DON’T have to worry about the details AT ALL! Lordy, what freedom!

            Kat, 10 4 on the hell is here and nowhere else. I believe the same about heaven. We create our own heaven or our own hell. I intend to live in heaven! It’s like Jesus said, “the Kingdom of God is within you”. Basically, we’ve had the power to live in heaven all along. So thankful for you ladies and all your wonderful insights. I apologize for being so damn long winded though. πŸ˜‰ I have a hard time keeping it short when there’s soooo much inside!

            P.S. Melody you are a wonderful source of wisdom for me and you teach me and open me up to some pretty amazing things on a regular basis. For realz, life changing! Thank you for being you! You are a true leader of the times.

          • Hey Amber,

            Thank you for sharing your vision with us here. And thank you so much for your kind words. Remember that this is a co-creation. I may have gotten the ball rolling, but now, all the information that comes through is in response to the questions that are out there – both those that I get sent and those that aren’t expressed. The clarity is your manifestation. I just get the assist. πŸ™‚

            Huge hugs for you!

  • Like attracts like. Birds of a feather. liberal minded people attract other LIKE minded people. Conservatives attract LIKE minded people. What you focus on, you attract-that’s why you don’t want to spend too much time and emotion (fuel) on the problem. Rather, you focus on what you desire to happen. Okay, you don’t have enough $$$. End of attention. Now, what do you want? How do you want the situation to change or manifest differently. Your focus is what you attract. Just remember, as Melody said, basically, for every action, there is a reaction. In order to have ‘good,’ then the concept of ‘not good’ will arise as the opposite reaction. This is the nature of a dual universe, right/left, up/down, etc.The key is not to focus on the not good-the more you do, the greater you move away from what you desire. The not good will arise in theory, but if you focus on the good, it will arise in reality. Potential versus kinetic energy. Keep the negative as potential and the positive kinetic. What you are doing is polarizing your thoughts to the , thereby driving the – further away automatically. But if you try to drive the – away, that is your focus and the result is the opposite of your desire. πŸ˜‰

    • Hey Philip,

      Thanks for the examples. So, if we want clear skin, we should stop focusing on pimples, right? Just a basic example of how we can improve our health, since you brought it up- there is health and well-being and unhealthy states and non-well-being in existence in this duality. Of course, in this particular example, do we need to wash our skin and take care of it and not just focus on having clear skin, right? We are not at the master level to just use energy for this, but I have read about it. So, our focus should be on awesome skin while taking care of ourselves in the meantime to get what we want?

      If you can provide a better example, please do so. This is just the first thing that popped into mind as a question I could ask.

      • Exactly-If you check the mirror each morning to see how many pimples you have, you will always have some pimples. But if you think of what a miracle skin is and how soft and smooth and silky it is and you are thankful for having such a wonderful gift…And yes, the focus and gratitude for perfect health brings all things into play. It is worthwhile to spend a moment in the day being grateful for all body parts and their perfect balance and harmony.

    • Wow Philip and Kat,

      That was great! I sometimes get so caught up in analyzing LOA that I forget it can be used in everything, not just for getting to a level emotional place!!!

      And yeah, I do struggle with the focus on what you want, then forget about it. I sometimes get caught up in the questions of, how much should I do after I’ve figured out what I want.

      But at the same time I remeber some of the things Melody has blogged about this, such as: as you start lining up, you will be inspired to do things. Ideas and oportunities will line up with you. You will do what needs to be done, as long as you line up and don’t bring up resistance.

      For me, that can be the hardest thing, because I always feel like I should be grabbing hold, planning, taking charge, making sure things happen. And when they don’t…’What’s wrong, why hasn’t anything happened, what am I not doing?’ All these doubts and questions and worries come up, even knowing they are nothing but resistance. But I am learning. I am taking steps. I stop myself when I catch on, and focus again on what I want, and try to let go.

      So, I want this to be effortless and joyful, so therefore it is. Sounds good huh? I’ll just keep thinking that way. πŸ™‚

      • Yes Nay. Abe says that we should thank doubt for showing to us that we are facing the wrong direction. That is what doubt is.

        And Abe always says to chill and take it easy when going about things. No worries. Ease and flow are the name of the game. πŸ™‚

        • Remember, what you get in your life is the mirror of your deepest thoughts and emotions. Positive thinking is often too shallow as the thoughts are not filled with passion/desire-the fuel of creation. And, you even though you might say, I really desire for x to happen, and it doesn’t, then you must consider the possibility that your fear that it won’t or can’t, is stronger that what you think is your desire that it will. Many often give up when things don’t seem to go their way-but the truth is, it ALWAYS goes your way, the way of your innermost feeling!

          And thanks to Mel, she is an excellent and loving vehicle for all this wonderful information!

          • Yes, thank you for this. It even has been proven to me in the past so I have really learned this.

            Also, trust in the universe is important. If we are in a jam, it’s better to give it all over to our universal manager to untangle situations rather than believing something won’t happen or the like. Keeping the fire of desire burning while the universe works on it is a good thing to do. If you do not have desire, then you really do not want it or don’t really have that dream.

            And God bless Melody!

  • Excellent explanation to a ‘rascally’ concept Melody :]

    I was trying to explain the very same thing to my partner the other day who is dragging his feet about changing his job from one 50km away, in the city we used to live in, to one on our new seaside home door-step.

    He’s a barber. There’s a barber shop in town and my partner learned from various random people (big hint) that one of the two barbers left town just as we arrived (big hint) three months ago. The remaining barber needs help but there are no other barbers in our small town of 6000 or so, except 1, my partner (big hint).

    My partner, who has been asking and asking for a local job but who is also very focused on bringing home $x per week, has been refusing to even go talk to the barber because he says ‘he already knows he won’t be able to get the $s he earns now.’ Hmmmm……..

    So……..he and the existing barber have co-created this opportunity. The barbers reasons are different to my partners and the two will match like a hand in a glove but my partner, who effectively has one foot on the accelerator and one foot on the brake at the same time, is going round in circles. He won’t allow himself to move forwards. His limited small self, is assuming the barbers perspective is the same as his, focused on $s, and he can’t possibly know that that is true. His small self is telling him scary stories about what will happen if he quits the dependable, comfy old Groundhog routine. His small self doesn’t have the back-stage pass his Large Self has and cannot begin to fathom the nuances of the ‘frequencies’. It observes it’s ‘reality’, has an emotional response to it, vibrates that feeling and creates that reality – welcome to the fair, ride the carousel round and round and round and round :]

    I know, that it’s not even about the job. I know, that my partner is being asked to step forwards. I know, that once he makes the decision, he opens a new door that was barred shut before and then a whole new reality can flood in. It’s just waiting for him to put the key in the lock :]

    It never fails to amaze me how much resistance people will put up even when a big chunk of everything they’ve been asking for is being offered gift-wrapped with a big bow :}

    Einstein also said, ‘Problems cannot be solved at the same level of awareness that created them.’

    Very, very cool :]

    • Hey DawnStar,

      Thank you so much for sharing this perfect example of how we resist what we want (that’s why it’s called resistance), even when it’s staring us in the face. Your husband is overcoming a fear of some kind and the filters he’s looking at this situation through don’t allow him to recognize the opportunity for what it is. Not yet, anyway. But he’ll get there in his own time.

      The best thing you can do for him is to see him as happy, and as having figured whatever he’s working through out already. That will add to the energy of Who He Really Is and make it easier to find his alignment.

      Huge hugs!

      • Hey Melody,

        I couldn’t help but notice this phrase in your response to DawnStar: “But he’ll get there in his own time”. It jumped out at me, probably because I am still struggling a bit with this time factor. Though I understand it and believe it, I am surrounded by people who yell at me because I am wasting time or not using it wisely, mainly parents and older relatives. The fact that this still bugs me means that I need to clean that up. Yet, this is the best way I know how to proceed which feels good and I know this is the right way in terms of LOA because time is not a factor.

        We need some time to get over stuff and re-align with our IB, if we had lost that along the way for various reasons. If we want a kid, that comes whenever it comes and we do what we need to do. A career can be changed, as we clearly see it happening every day.

        It is not like a clock is ticking against us, so I am not sure why older generations see it that way. I do not feel anything myself. I guess they have some limiting beliefs they are expressing.

        • Hey Kat,

          The older generations are worries about you, and they project that fear onto you. The more sure you are about what you’re doing, the more they’ll back off. I saw this in my own family. I moved away, which allowed me to drastically change my vibration. I’d only see them periodically, and so each time I did, I’d be able to witness the fruits of my labor. The more confident I got in my choices, the less they worried. And I didn’t stop living differently. I didn’t settle down and start living a safe life, which could explain the change in them. I’m just as spontaneous, alternative and black-sheepy as ever. Only now, they admire that, instead of being all nervous about it.

          Your experience of this has to do with your own insecurities (and there’s always some still lurking about. If there aren’t, you’re not really living). Clean those up, as you said, and your older relatives will back off. They have to. LOA won’t let it be otherwise. πŸ™‚

          Huge hugs!


    • Isn’t that frustrating? While you can’t “make” your partner go after this position, you can ask for a shift to happen. Don’t worry about the how, just ask for a shift in your partner and let him be him. You will be amazed at what will happen! Be patient!

    • Hi Dawnstar,

      β€˜Problems cannot be solved at the same level of awareness that created them.’ I was trying to remember this exact quote the other day, and couldn’t get it! So thanks.

      I’m looking forward to having more experiences like this. When things just line up. And it’s amazing how clearly we can see when someone else is resisting so hard. Too bad we can’t see our own resistance quite so clearly.

      I was reading Christina’s post below and loved that her and her husband help each other stay on track. Support netwarks are so awesome! Love that you are so good at supporting your husband so perfectly!

  • Love the frequency examples. It makes the process even clearer for me.

    I worked in electronic maintenance, and in electronics frequencies are everything. When a frequency that the system needs falls out of alignment, the system starts having errors and/or stops working. Sometimes the frequency only wavers a bit and, if the system was set up with a little leeway in the range of acceptable frequencies, say 5 to 10 hz, it can still find it usable and will continue to work, but you may start seeing problems.

    So now I can see that in our lives, there’s a perfect frequency for what we want, and when we’re not in perfect alignment but are close, we get something that is almost right, almost works, but is just that little bit off. Sometimes it’s not enough to really bother us, but it just doesn’t quite match everything we were hoping. But when it’s way off, and we are not getting what we want, we need a frequency alignment! And we’re getting our own internal errors/warning, our emotions. Not a perfect analagy, but it works for me!!!

    And I can also see how this works in the process of our continual evolution/growth. We may match up to a frequency, get what we want and really love it. But then new ideas start cropping up. Little things we didn’t notice wanting before will come to our attention, and so the next manifestation begins, with our newest desire or want.

    Great way of representing this, once again Melody!

    Thank you soooo much.

    • Actually Nay, your analogy is spot on. I totally agree. And the cleaner our vibration gets, the more accurately we tune, the more subtle the contrast becomes. When we have a lot of resistance, we notice the big stuff. Our emotional swings can be huge and we get triggered a lot. But when we’ve fine tuned a lot, the distinctions become more subtle. I’ve heard Abe explain it this way: When we’re little, we want to play with the big Leggos. But as we get older, we want to play with smaller and smaller pieces. We are able to distinguish more subtle colors and shapes and details. It’s like that with fine tuning our vibration, as well. πŸ™‚

      I’m loving the response to this post!

      Huge hugs!

  • I don’t get it. Isn’t 22.6 better than 22.54258? It is a slightly higher number which means more on the positive thoughts side?? Does it need to be lower for some reason to get the ‘perfect’ solution or does it need to be exact? Because if it needs to be exact, well it looks kinda hopeless :S

    • Hey Regina

      The way I understand it, the level of the frequency doesn’t matter. In essence, there is no ‘better’ frequencies. One frequency isn’t more positive or negative than another. So a higher frequency doesn’t mean better, nor does a lower frequency mean worse. There is just the frequency of the thing you want, and you lining up with it.

      I guess this could get confusing because we always talk about raising our vibrations, which makes higher seems better. So maybe it would make more sense to you if you thought of it in terms of getting our vibration closer to the vibration of our inner being? Matching up with it, aligning with it, etc, no matter what that frequency is.

      Bet Melody will have a perfect answer for you!


      • Hey Guys,

        I’m just wondering if it similar to listening to the radio. You tune into the station, as you get closer to the station number.. Eg. 101.9 it all fuzzy until its precisely on the number to get that clear crispy sound that we enjoy. So it may not have anything to do with the higher or lower number on that frequency but hitting the right number to get the wonderful clarity of that station. Hmmmmm!

        I loves this post. Again just like Melody confirms, I’ve attracted what I’m ready to hear (we all are) I’m hitting my dials and tuning in. I’m feeling good and changing the vibration, less focused on what I don’t won’t and if that shows up I used it as a contrast, ask a few questions and flip it to the opposite. Now I am able to ponder what it may look like instead of focusing on what I don’t like.

        Nice one!

        Wow… This feels amazing! Love this station. Grateful as a pig rolling in mud πŸ™‚


    • Hey Regina,

      Think of it like a radio dial. In order to hit the station you want, you’ve got to get that knob on exactly that frequency. A little over or under, and you get another station, or static. This is how Abe explains it, if I understand it correctly.

    • Hey Regina,

      You’re right. It can get confusing. The term “raising our vibration” isn’t technically accurate at all. I should probably find a better way to express that. It’s easy to think as negative emotions as being “low” and as positive emotions as being “high”, and so when we think of raising our vibration, it’s easy to conjure up an image of becoming lighter and happier and freer. But it’s not technically accurate and that become apparent in a more technical explanation like this.

      It’s more about the purity of the vibration (i.e. less interference, or less resistance) and about how closely it matches the frequency of your inner being. I explained this in much more detail in the this post:

      Josie, Nay and Kat have explained it perfectly below. It’s like tuning your radio. A station higher up on the dial is not better than a station lower on the dial. It all depends on which station you want and tuning into it as accurately as possible. The more accurate the tuning, the clearer the signal. In LOA terms, the clearer the signal, the better you feel.

      So, we’re not really trying to raise our vibration, as much as clean it up, or attune more accurately. It might be time to coin a new phrase… πŸ™‚

      Does that make more sense?

      Huge hugs!

  • What a fab question and post! Really cool! Shot tingles down my spine and gave me goosebumps! It must have truly resonated with me.

    “Your personal creations are built from the parts of already existing manifestations and energy”- so we do use “building blocks” already out there in the ether to fulfill our desires for our own creation, as I understand it.

    So, our IB keeps tabs on us. Good thing, because, most of the time, our brains are jumbled up with thoughts and we go up and down the emotional scale- this entails our life, if we have no idea how to navigate it well, i.e., by listening to our IB and being in tune with it. That is where these teachings help. We learn. We are works in progress. Abe says better this than being born into a feathered nest, believe it or not, because this is the true way to go about it- via experience. πŸ˜‰

    • Hey Kat,

      I’m glad this post resonated so much with you. πŸ™‚

      The thing is that our inner being is always calling us, but it’s calling us toward what we have decided we want. We’re still in charge but the support we have is incredible. And it does explain why we might want contrast, right? The more I get into this mindset, the more I can totally understand why we’d be willing to put up with some temporary discomfort (and we know it’s temporary from that perspective) to get the gains that come from it. Wahoo!

      Huge hugs!

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