Awesome Brandon asks, “I love your blog and was especially inspired by “Why it’s not wrong to steal“. Lately I have been fascinated by the “New World Order” rumors. The rumor is that we here in America are slowly losing our rights, our government is corrupt, and that the U.S. plans to “take over” the world. I used to say that these were ridiculous claims but with the invasion of the Middle East to spread democracy, Obama’s recent mandatory healthcare law and the possibility of now going into Iran, I am wondering if there is something going on. My question is how would I use LOA in this situation? Am I just giving into fear of powerlessness by being concerned about this?”

I love this question. I actually spent a couple of years chasing and researching conspiracy theories, including the New World Order and I’m happy to share the insights I received as a result.

Are they trying to take over the world?

Ok, so do I believe that there is a group of people out there who have been orchestrating an incredibly complex, long term plan to enslave the human race? Actually, I kind of do, yes. When you go looking for it, there’s just so much evidence (well, duh!) that points to a rather devious plan to keep people afraid and controllable, and a lot of the events of the past (and especially those in the last 15 years) just fit a little too neatly into this pattern to be coincidence.

But, am I concerned about it? Not even a little bit. Here’s why:

There will always be those who want power over others

Throughout the history of humankind, there have been those who used any reason they could to gain power over others. Tribal leaders, Shamans and medicine men, religious leaders, dictators, politicians, micro-managers, overbearing husbands and fathers, teachers, the guy who manages the supply closet at work, etc, etc. Some exert their need for power in small ways, like the fast food employee who won’t give you a second catsup packet and some try to take over the world. But no matter what the scale of the endeavor, the root cause is always the same. What we have here is the age old phenomenon of the bully. And what lies at the heart of a bully? Fear. Plain and simple.

The evil genius who thought up the plan to create a “terrorist attack” and temporarily scare the entire world to such a degree that they lost all reason and allowed devastating political decisions to be made unopposed, is no different from the boy who beats up on other kids at recess. The first bully simply has access to a bigger playground.

Anatomy of a bully

Think about it: why does the playground bully beat up other kids? Because his father beats up on him at home. He feels powerless and weak and is filled with rage because of this. Taking that rage out on others, preferably those who are demonstratively weaker than him, makes him feel a bit less powerless. It makes him feel like he has control. This feeling doesn’t last mind you, because his actions can’t change how he feels about himself. And so, he has to find more and more victims, get more and more of the school to fear him. The more people fear him, the more powerful he feels.

While most bullies tend to choose victims that are guaranteed to buckle, those who are much smaller and/or weaker than them, and especially those who are smaller and weaker and also trigger the bully’s insecurities in some way (like nerds), those with the biggest insecurities, need to keep escalating their need for domination by choosing bigger and bigger targets. Essentially, like drug addicts, they need a bigger hit. Domination, inflicting pain and fear, and having control over others is simply their drug of choice.

And so, while most bullies pick on the weak and frail, some actually begin to choose tougher and tougher victims. They demonstrate their superiority by picking on the biggest, baddest mofo in the room. The added danger of going up against opponents who can’t be easily subdued adds to the “high”.

And then, there are the weakest bullies, those who feel inferior, whose rage demands an outlet, but whose insecurities keep them from stepping directly into the line of fire. These are the bullies who hide behind the system. They are generally intelligent and moderately successful (you’ll find a lot of bullies in middle management), but hardly ever in the limelight themselves. They love to stay in the shadows, like puppet masters pulling the strings. They exert their dominance in sadistic little ways, taking joy, not in physically beating people up, but in making people feel powerless in other ways. The main message is always “I am in control”.

The playground bully has grown up

Considering this explanation, why would a group of people want to take control of the entire human population? Why would anyone require that much power over others? How weak and scared and powerless do you think someone has to feel to actually want to enslave the entire human population? How much pain must they be in? It’s unimaginable for most of us.

Shouldn’t powerful bullies scare us?

Let’s face it. If there is a New World Order (you can believe what you want. This article isn’t trying to convince you either way), and it’s filled with a bunch of out of control, powerful, genius, raging bullies, shouldn’t we be scared? Can’t they do a lot of damage? Can’t we see 911 and the patriot act and the invasion of Iraq as evidence that they do have a lot of control?

There was a time when I thought so, but I no longer do. Why not? Because, I remembered that…

It’s still your reality

That’s right. No matter what happens, you still get to determine what does and doesn’t enter into your reality. The world is filled with bullies and stinky puddles and sickness and awful paintings that insult the word “art” and crappy food and clothes that don’t fit right, and snooty shop assistants and bad haircuts. So what? The world is also filled with beauty and splendor and love and light and happy shiny puppies and fields of flowers and food that makes you want to sing, and orgasms and chocolate and sandy beaches.

Now, you can focus on one or the other. And whatever you focus on, the more of it you’ll get.

So, the more you study conspiracy theories, the more evidence you’ll find that will scare the bejeezus out of you.  That’s what happened to me. I woke up one day and realized that I was having anxiety caused by my constant attention to these conspiracy theories. Even before I really understood LOA, I realized that focusing on these topics so intently really wasn’t serving me. I didn’t want to be afraid and angry all the time.

The flipside of that coin is that the more you look for evidence of our freedom, the more of that you’ll find, too. And believe me, there’s plenty of it.

You control your own personal experience

Regardless of who might be out there trying to destroy the word, you still get to shape your own experience. Is it possible to live in a world where the NWO has no power over you? Of course it is. It all depends on what you train yourself to focus on. What about if they actually did take over the world? Could you still be a match to freedom? Yes. There would always be pockets of those who were not a match to being controlled. Some would fight, others would live in peace and harmony. But honestly, I don’t think it’ll come to that.

I’m not prone to making predictions, so please don’t take this as one. But, since you asked, I’ll give you my opinion on what’s going down regarding the whole NWO deal, as well as share the point of view that I choose to focus on instead.

Bullies can only control you if you’re afraid of them

When a bully rises to the level of someone who needs to control masses of people in order to get his “high” – relief from the intense powerlessness that drives him, he depends almost entirely on the fear of those he wishes to control. Using the right tactics, a very small amount of people can create the illusion of a much larger threat and therefore “enslave” a much larger group of individuals. Unless the individuals stop being afraid, that is. Then, it’s game over.

And that is what’s happening now. People are waking up to the fear tactics. They are no longer as willing to be scared. They are no longer willing to be controlled. They are questioning instead of blindly following. Is it everyone yet? Nope. But the numbers are growing. And I don’t just mean those who are willing to camp out in front of government buildings and corporate offices (you people rock!). That’s just a small representation of a much larger group of individuals – those who are starting to realize that they don’t want to be afraid anymore.

This is, of course, not the first time this has happened. Revolutions are part of our global history. And it’s also not the first time we’ve seen a non-violent revolution (thank you Ghandi). But it is the first time that the spirit of peaceful resistance has swept the globe. Occupy Everything isn’t just a US phenomenon. It’s showing up everywhere. And while not everyone uses those exact words, the spirit is the same. We just don’t want to play this game anymore. We’re refusing to give the bully our lunch money and we’re walking away. No fight, no big showdown, just a quiet unwillingness to participate in the game. And no bully can counter that move. Not when it’s one against thousands.

How Who We Really Are looks at this

Of course, this post wouldn’t be complete without adding the view of the non-physical, our higher selves, who see the perfection in everything. This is the point of view I’m chosen to adopt.

The attempts at gaining control and the subsequent non-violent revolution are all symptoms of the Awakening. More and more of us are waking up to Who We Really Are, and who we are, at our core, is free. But, there are different stages of awakening and everyone gets to have their own experience, which is governed, among other things, by how much resistance someone has.  Beliefs are often shared by large sectors of the population, which cause large, shared manifestations.

Negative manifestations always serve a dual purpose. They mirror the belief that caused them, and they’re the perfect opportunity to overcome and thereby release that limiting belief. Keeping that in mind, let’s look at what’s happening in the world:

There are those who are attempting to oppress others, mirroring the general population’s vibration of powerlessness. As that manifestation grows, thanks to an increased focus on fear, the public feels more and more oppressed, more and more uncomfortable. And then, just like with any personal manifestation, when the pain becomes too great, there’s a breaking point. This isn’t the only way to reach the vibration of Who We Really Are, but it’s a way that many will follow. Growth through pain is a pretty common way to go.

For many individuals, that breaking point has come. They are saying “no more”. And yet, because the global vibration is higher than it’s ever been, they are less inclined to pick up weapons and more drawn to peaceful resistance. Instead of blindly swiping at the dark, more people than ever are seeing the façade for what it is. They’re seeing the man behind the curtain. The fear has been orchestrated and we can simply opt out. This is the kind of clarity that floods in when we let go of the fear.

Growth through pain requires a catalyst

Now, there are easier ways to grow, but most people don’t know that and so the hard way is still the most common way to move forward. In our personal lives, we might develop physical pain or a situation so stressful that it causes us to break and finally let go. That would be the catalyst. It’s no different on a national or global scale. The catalyst is what makes the growth possible, it’s a necessary component.

Not only that, but the Law of Attraction will always make sure that each catalyst offers the perfect opportunity to cause the release of the belief that caused it. No matter how big and dangerous a threat may seem, remember that in energetic terms, it’s simply the monster we created ourselves in order to overcome our own resistance. In that way, the New World Order bullies are actually doing us a huge favor. They are giving us the opportunity to overcome our fears and stand up. And when we do, when we decide to be free regardless of the circumstances, then we are.

And yes, some people will hold out longer than others. The most stubborn amongst us might experience a great deal of pain. You can find people like this all over the internet in chat rooms, screaming their pain into the world, calling others “sheeple” and proffering doomsday predictions. But all we ultimately have to do is refuse to play that game and focus on what we truly want.

And as more people wake up to that, the day will come when we reach critical mass and this clarity will sweep the globe. Then, it’ll be easy for even the most diehard doom and gloomers to get this point of view. Freedom is not a privilege. It’s not even a right. It’s Who We Really Are. It can’t be taken away, but it can be given. We don’t have to take it back. We don’t have to fight for it. We simply have to stop giving it away.

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  • Hi, thank you so much for this article… It’s made a complex topic a little bit more breathable, and it’s focused me a lot to my power – to who we all really are. Life really is an enigma, isn’t it? Power over others is really an illusion and the real power comes from inside a person..that’s amazing!

    Let me ask you one thing. You have cleared me up a lot regarding the following, but I’d just like to hear your direct answer if you would like to give it. Do you ever have the thought or worry that, ”what if I’m wrong about LOA, or that it’s just not enough, and I really should gather everyone up around me and respond with violence to the oppressors?” I ask this, because, in my opinion, there comes a point when non-violence no longer works. I look at any genoicde in the history of the world. At a certain point, violence had to be used to retaliate and intervene. I feel we’re are getting to the point of no return with the current psychopathic unelected politicians. What say you, Melody?

  • Just wait till they privatize education, then they can control what we learn at a very early age. Say Walmart buys your school, do you really think they are going to teach you the perils and conflict of interests of a corportocracy? Or rather are they just going to teach you how to run a cash register and be afraid of terrorism. I’m guessing the latter…

    • Hey Andy,

      So… you’re saying that public education isn’t controlling and training us from a very early age? 😀 Personally, if I had kids, I’d homeschool them or send them to a Sudbury or Waldorf school. Or, barring that, you can still teach them to think for themselves, even if they get trained at school. Kids can discern the difference between freedom and slavery if we give them a chance to do so.

      Case in point: I went to public school and I’m guessing so did you. And yet, here we are, non-roboty, questioning the status quo, thinking freely and deliberately shifting out of the old beliefs. Training can only do so much. Who We Really Are eventually always wins. 🙂

      Huge hugs!

  • I don’t even remember how I was first introduced to it but almost every day since April of this year, I’ve been seeking information on what’s going on in the year 2012 from the galactic/celestial perspective and what to expect by the infamous Dec. 21st date…which lead to uncovering the never-ending stories about the Illuminati and how it has apparently controlled the reigns of everything in our day-to-day lives for millenia (politics, finance, education, religion, technology and energy, food and health, media, history and even sports).

    Talk about synchronicity, because today I was really feeling tired of and overwhelmed with it all. It’s been like an addiction, me seeking out audio interviews of former military and NASA members, abductees, researchers and other experts like a drug. And I’ve only been at this for 4 months (which have gone by pretty damn quickly) while others have been submerged in this world for decades!

    I had just reminded myself again this afternoon to release this confusing and often contradictory stuff, go within and listen to my truth, and concentrate on raising my consciousness when I came across this post. Really, it’s the best thing I feel I can do to help bring about this golden age.

    • Hey Kori,

      Welcome to Deliberate Receiving!
      You manifested this post, when your own consciousness became a match to it. 🙂

      I’m coming more and more into the understanding that even if plots like this exist, and I do believe that they do, that they are unwittingly serving the greater energetic good. They can’t see that, because their perspective is too limited, but when you take a step or two hundred back, you can see that it doesn’t matter if someone is plotting. All that matters is lining up with the energy of what we want. Period. That is how we can “save” the world. 🙂

      Huge happy shiny puppy hugs (we do that around here. Just go with it!),


  • Melody,

    I, too, studied conspiracy theories. And like you, I found them to be true. The evidence truly is overwhelming. The important thing we have to remember (as you pointed out) is that we have control over our own destinies and we must be conscious enough as individuals to not give that control over to others through fear and unconscious thoughts. Thanks for the post.

    • Exactly Joshua. I think this is a perfect example of how we can shift our perspective off of something we don’t like, not because it isn’t true, but because we want to actively create and attract something else. Who know the NWO topic could be so useful, lol?

      Huge hugs!

  • Lovely,

    If you look for bullies, conspiracies, evil, terrorists, monsters, power mongers, letches, mean people, horrible events, world failure, etc, you will find it. And you will find all the fear that comes with it.

    But if you look for kindness, love, happiness, angels, world peace, freedom, awakening consciousness, etc, you’ll find that too, and all the peace, happiness and excitement that comes with it.

    But a change of habit to a new focus of thought is the key, and takes a little practice. When I let myself, I can see the horribleness out there in the world. I got to live with some of it while in the military. But I got to see some of the most wonderous and beautiful things that people are and can do, also while in the military.

    So which to focus on? If you focus on the horrible, you shut down. If you focus on the wonderful, you see a better way, and strive for it. 🙂

    So I still buckle under my unconscious focus and go charging out with fear, sometimes the bully, sometimes the victim. But now I’m starting to see it in action, and catch it more and more often. Like Kat, I hope to be that person who has harnessed her focus, and can face a world in my own bubble of idealness!

    Thank you to all the wonderful commentors who seem to just round out Melody’s posts.

    And Melody, words can never do you justice. So here’s a big fat happy vibration to your awesomeness!!!

    • Wow, thanks Nay! I feel all charged up now! 🙂

      You know, even in the most dire of circumstances, and actually especially in those, we see the worst but also the best of people. We can choose to focus on the worst of course, but why? Why not focus on the compassion and love and selflessness that are brought out by tragedy?

      We never want to love as much as when we feel unloved. We never want happiness as much as when we’re depressed. And we never want safety as much as when we feel unsafe. There are those who can reach for the love and happiness and safety even when the conditions haven’t changed yet and find them. We call these people extraordinary and we assume that we can’t do what they do. But we can. It’s not easy to go against the stream like that, to defy the energy that everyone else is putting out there and to find a way to feel good when everyone seems determined to feel bad, but it can be done.

      One person, focused and aligned with Who He Really Is can influence thousands of those who aren’t. Kind of makes you want to get happy, doesn’t it? 🙂

      Huge hugs!

      • Awww,

        That second paragraph made me cry! Obviously something very important to me in there.

        Wanting so much of the opposite when we are hurting and unsure, yet not understanding that we can reach it…defying the energy everyone else is putting out in order to feel good when others are determined to feel bad.

        To be that comfortable in your own skin, in your own happiness, in your own control, in your own LIFE!

        Yeah, I want that!

  • Hi Melody!!
    Every time I read your blog posts, I heart you even more!!!
    I don’t have anything fresh to add other than an ‘Amen to that!!’ and how about a ‘You go, guuurrlfriend!!’ 🙂

  • Hey Melody :] it won’t surprise you to know that I was also an avid conspiracy theory follower. I was proud to be a ‘truth-seeker’ haha :] I’ve always been the kid in the playground standing up against the bullies regardless of who was being bullied. I continued that theme my whole life. I made it my public service :]

    Picture me, if you will, in my super-slick, figure hugging, super-hero costume, gloved hands on hips, standing legs apart, chest forward, shoulders back, chin up defiantly, flashing eyes that see everything……..:]

    That was me. Always ready to defend. I tell you what…..LOA didn’t half keep me busy! The conspiracy theories, the aggression, the oppression, the pharamceutical giants, the bankers, the war-mongers, the environment polluters, the animal abusers……..the list is inexhaustible, but I was at war with each and everyone of them in the name of JUSTICE and DECENCY and just what the heck was RIGHT. I realise now that even my calling to become a ‘healer’ was the perfectly shaped piece of the jigsaw that completed the picture.

    I read somewhere that when asked how one could contribute to world peace, Mother Teresa said, ‘Go home and love your families.’ And one day soon after that, after my fingers had worn to stumps from turning over every stone on my seeking quest and after the bit of freyed string I called my body had become so unravelled that even my three sizes too small lycra super-hero suit was too big, I put it all down. I let it all go. I gave up. I went home.

    I came to know my mind as a wrong seeking missile. I came to know that I could choose to follow or drop every single thought that came into my head. I came to know that I didn’t have to buy into it’s scary stories. I came to know that the power of Who I Really Am is infinitely more beautifully, clearly, powerful than the power of my mind. I liken it to plugging into the National Grid and therefore the collective consciousness or opting instead to harness the natural, clean, effortless power of Source, straight from the horses mouth so to speak :]

    My calling to ‘heal’ has morphed into one to enlighten. Only the sick need healing, the rest of us just need to wake up. And for Patricia, ease up on ‘working’ on yourself or you may just find your work never done :] There is nothing for you to do but allow, I feel you may be resisting your resistance. Round and round and round :] Soothe yourself and give it up :]

    ‘Freedom is not a privilege. It’s not even a right. It’s Who We Really Are. It can’t be taken away, but it can be given. We don’t have to take it back. We don’t have to fight for it. We simply have to stop giving it away.’

    Love, love, love this Melody. So true. It certainly came straight from the horses mouth :]

    Radiant love to all

    • Hey Dawn,

      I used to be much the same way. Always standing up for the underdog, even if they didn’t ask me to. Imagine the arrogance of it! He, he.

      I adore the metaphor of having the choice to use the general power grid which uses old technology like coal and oil, and choosing to plug into the newest, cleanest technologies. That’s just perfect!!!

      Even the sick don’t need healing, actually. They also just need to wake up. Because when you move truly into the energy of who you really are, the resistance that caused the illness drops away. All of this is just about moving closer to the energy of who we really are. Whether our resistance shows up as grumpiness or a tumor, doesn’t matter. At its core, its all the same. 🙂

      Huge happy shiny puppy hugs!


      • You’re absolutely right Melody, it is all the same energy. No matter how much is healed under the healers hands, you got to know it’s coming right on back if the receiver doesn’t switch up that frequency to match the transmitter – the transmitter being Source or Who We Really Are :]

        Healing – old paradigm – just like coal and oil.

        Love you

  • Wonderful insightful post Melody. And I’m absolutely with you, as per ususal. My current favourite expression with all the ‘stuff’ that goes on is ‘not in my world’. I choose to focus instead on my ideal world…of course it might not be everyone’s ideal world, but what the heck, it’s mine and I see myself living in it. 🙂

    • Exactly Elle. When I do that, I realize that for the most part, I’ve already created my ideal world. I live in a bubble, to be sure, but there is no racism or prejudice in here, so hatred, no nasty competition. The people in my world are all consciously doing the best they can, are self aware enough not to place the responsibility for how the feel on others, and are always striving for a better vision. The rest have pretty much all gravitated out.

      The day I realized that, I totally “got” the fact that no matter what’s going on in the world, my reality is mine to create and attract. Wahoo!

      I’m glad your world and my world overlap. 🙂

      Huge hugs!!


  • What a powerful post and I see by my inbox that tons of bloggers are writing about fear right now – 11 posts just popped up this morning all on this subject.

    I am working on releasing my anger – it is not coming big, but rather in little spurts, which is okay…like the draining cyst is healing in mm not inches…. The past 5 years I have been intensely releasing my relationship to fearful people – especially women.

    I am working on letting go of my feelings that all my efforts are being destroyed by these bullies….My lastest book review is about a woman who tricked her way into the Congressional Record with a book by artists and poets against the bully and saved 22 million acres of Utah Wilderness from the Bush Admin. purge’s to 1.8m acres….the author demonstrates an amazing freedom of experience.

    I am seeing clearly this morning how I have let other women bully me and how they successfully ruined my career and by being alone and being first I had no support. It was better to hide and just be my own person… and protect my children and teach them well myself

    Much to think about here and I am enjoying the dialogue from all the commenters…WOW Thank you…

    • Hey Patricia,

      it’s so interesting how the bully and the victim come from much the same place. They are simply having very different reactions. When you release fear (and the way out of that is often anger), you cease being a match to someone who is in fear, which bullies are.

      Congratulations on the insight! Keep up the great work!!!

      Huge hugs!

  • Melody,

    I just wanted to say that I enjoyed this post immensely. The part about the bullies and power resonated deep within me. It was great. Thank you! 🙂

  • Hi Melody,

    Powerful post. Thank you. In a not-coincidence, yesterday evening I manifested a bullying experience. A friend said something mildly ugly to his wife. I responding by defending her, not exactly attacking him, but in hindsight, a little too close. I see now that he’s anxious about losing his job and jealous that she’s manifesting a beautiful art talent. He’s a good person who is lashing out. I’m thinking about why I attracted a bullying experience. There’s something to release, though I’m not sure quite what it is.

    On the world stage, I agree with Philip that whatever will happen is already going on. I would add into the mix a level of species panic we’ve never had before. We’ve known for a couple of hundred years (or more) that we are fouling our own nest. We won’t destroy the planet, but we are making it less and less hospitable for our species. Whether the destruction itself began as a conspiracy or as individual blind greed, the species panic leads some people to cling more and more tightly to extreme religions that they believe protect them, which in turn plays into the hands of the global bullies.

    On the other hand, I totally agree with Melody that each of gets to choose our own reality. In fact, now that I think of it, my reading an article on Akin’s despicable comments on rape may have triggered (greatly softened) a personal experience of a bullying man.

    Just as fear has an accumulating effect, so does joy. Each of us can choose to spread joy, and enrich our own lives in the process. There’s an old Taoist saying that a tiny stream meanders around a boulder on its way to the bottom of the hill. One tiny stream won’t budge the rock, but the accumulated joy of many tiny streams will eventually dislodge it.

    Warm joyful hugs to all,

    Mary Carol

    • Hey Mary Carol,

      That’s an interesting point about species panic. But I see the panic about the environment the same way as the conspiracy theories. Are there valid concerns? Yes. Does focusing on the problem past the point of definition serve us? Nope. But sure, anything that threatens our very existence is going to be a huge catalyst for change – nothing can make us quite as afraid as existential threats, even if they’re only imagined (all threats are imagined. It’s a POV).

      But when we learn to line up with the energy of Who We Really Are, the fear diminshes and then so do the threats. And then, we get to see evidence that things are going so, SO much better than we ever thought. 🙂

      Huge hugs!!


    • Hello Mary Carol,

      In my comment right above yours, I suggested a novel (of course, it’s just a suggestion that I wanted to share ;)) that also reminded me of your comments, guest posts and your recent blog: The Island, by Aldous Huxley. I read a frew years ago, and some passages are still very vivid in my memory.


  • Hi there! 🙂

    And you, living in Spain, propably realized all the early begginins… 🙂 First, the “Arabic Spring”, then the biggest demonstration in 12th March 2011 that Portugal has ever seen. Then the Occupation in Plaza del Sol and near you, Plaza de Cataluña. It spreaded over Europe. The famous Occupy Wall Street and other Occupations in the US. The 15th October 2011 where thousands of cities made demonstrations on the street.

    It has been lovely to see (and participate when possible) in all this development. It seems in the present day we are still colectively wondering how to deal with the power that we just realize we have, and resistances (the ones who still are apathetic or afraid to go to demonstrations – cops included, neo-nazi cops, infiltrated… and so on). I think we are all realizing what is our part in this. Some people may ressonate more with social activism “tout court” than others, who may feel better to start being activists in bringing self-awareness and also a social activism that is different and complementary to the political one – like you.


    • Hey H.,

      The Spanish are avid demonstrators, so yes, I got a front row seat to all of those protests and more. I absolutely love it. It’s a testament to the human spirit.

      We all have slightly different intentions. There are those who will manifest their alignment through more direct action and those who will manifest it in more passive focusing. The important thing is that we manifest our alignment and not our fear. 🙂

      Huge hugs!

      • Hi again!

        Your point about bullies reminded me some passages I read in a novel: Island, by Aldous Huxley (who is also the author of Brave New World). Besides, it is not the first time some of the things you say remind me of that. This is also a suggestion to Mary Carol, since she is more on the spiritual approach 🙂

        This Wikipedia link does no justice to the quality of the themes explored in the novel, but in case you haven’t read it, it’s good for a first peek:


  • Great post Melody! I have a story that relates to this that surprised that crap out of me just a few weeks ago.

    I was on a float trip with my husband and some family members. My husband and I drifted ahead of my family. As we were floating along a man on the side of the river pulled out a gun (a real gun) and was pointing it as another man. He sort of flung it around a couple times. I jumped in the water and hid on the side of the canoe until we floated far enough past into a safer area. When we reached our exit point on the river I waited for over an hour for my family to get back. I was worried, afraid, and full of fear after that moment. I didn’t even realize how deeply it affected me until…on the way back to the campground we were on a bus. It was just me and my husband and another friend and her husband. I never did find my family (until we got back to campground). Anyway, my friend was drunk and singing songs on the bus and acting silly and some gal in the very back of the bus started yelling at my friend who is really just the nicest gal and was having a good time. Now, keep in mind I am NOT a violent person, at all. Well, something instantly snapped inside of me and I went hopping over the bus seats like a spider monkey with a physical fury that was ready to clobber this gal who was “running her mouth” to my friend. (I’ve never been in a physical fight in my life).The gal’s boyfriend held me back and there were only words exchanged between us but because of my intense, violent energy (and I’m sure some of their own energy) a huge fight among the men broke out and my friend ended up getting hit in the face by a man, her husband got hit, a window was broken out on the bus, and some guy got cut really bad. It was a horrible moment.

    It was so beyond out of character for me I later spent much time reflecting on why in the hell would I do something like that? I soon realized that because of my intense fear, anxiety, and powerless feelings from the guy with the gun on the river, something snapped inside of me when I had an opportunity to “pick on someone my own size” and gain some of my power back. It was completely on a psychological level. It’s sort of embarrassing to even tell that story because it shows how silly I can be at times but it just goes to show that you were right. Bullies are just trying to gain their own power back because someone took it away at some point.

    • Hi Amber,

      Thank you so much for having the courage to share your story here. This is a perfect example of the bullying syndrome in action. I’ve had to really make peace with guns. I would get scared every time I went to the US, and especially if I saw police (I’m not a criminal, but they made me irrationally nervous). It was really only on my last trip to the states that I realized that I’d completely relaxed about it. People have guns because it makes them feel safe. There is so much fear underlying the need for guns, so much powerlessness. And this is precisely how those Jerry Springer moments happen. I guess that’s a whole blog post on its own, though, eh?

      Bravo for being self-aware enough to figure out the real cause later. This’ll make it much less likely to happen again.

      Huge hugs!

  • Brilliant post, Melody! The pics you use for each article are so appropriate! Glad you use them!

    This is a scary topic for people who buy in to whatever is going on and believe whatever they are told. They are helpless. But free is who we really are and thanks for the reminder. Yes, we really have to stop giving it away, but we do so darn easily. What is wrong with us? It is inconceivable how low we sink at times, but, for most of us, it is the only way we know how to stimulate growth and expansion, i.e., the very painful way and only in retrospect can we see what happened.

    As for the bully, I am so glad this issue is being openly discussed. Some parents even home-school their children to avoid such bullies. This is also a good sign of the awakening- home-schooling, for it shows that you do not need to send your kid somewhere to follow a system in order for it to receive a basic education. What I mean is, home-schooling is the “freer” way to go and this is becoming more and more popular.

    Indeed, bullies are everywhere, but it is not our problem and we should not make them our problem. It is their problem if they feel that powerless, but it is our duty to ourselves to remove ourselves from that situation and find a better one. People mistakenly think that they are stronger if they put up with a crappy situation that makes them feel smaller, yet all the strength lies in walking away from it and creating a better one. This is what masters, like Jesus, meant in that. That is what he did, after all. Better in the wilderness than in a crappy situation (the universe will help you there). I will never forget that statement I read in one of the spiritual books. 🙂

    • Hey Kat,

      Most people have no idea that pain is not necessary for growth. It took me years to figure it out, and until I did, it was my MO. I didn’t know any better and so didn’t even notice the suffering most of the time. It was a normal part of life.

      and you’re so right. There’s a huge misconception on what it means to be strong. The fallacy is that happiness isn’t really possible and certainly not orchestratable. So the goal becomes to be the strongest one, the one who can stand the most suffering. As if life were a boxing match. But again, we are waking up for that, which is just glorious to witness. Jesus did teach this, as well as Buddha. But we get to see those ideas take hold en masse now. What a glorious time! 🙂

      Huge hugs!

  • A subject near and dear to my heart. There is a false assumption here and it is easy to miss. The notion that a ‘group’ seeks to dominate the earth assumes that it doesn’t already do so. This is a myth perpetuated by those who do dominate the world. The NWO has existed for a ‘long time.’ Do you think that the American revolution was really started for political freedom? No, it was purely economic. What of colonialism, imperialism, recent wars-do you think these were deeply philosophical based events? Do you even still think that ideology runs the White House or other world events? Almost every war and all current conflicts are rooted in economics. The thing is, those with economic power never lose because they control the chessboard and play both sides. It is in their interest to start wars because no matter what, they make more $$$. It is a game and we are the pawns on the board. They are not trying to get control, they have control. Look at the fortunes made betting on the housing market crash. Look at the fortunes made in selling the weapons of war. Look at the demand for reduced regulations in the so called austerity programs. The world is in an all time mess and yet the market is almost at an all time high. Part of the game is even to start conspiracy theories, as this keeps people’s attention on what might happen, when the fox actually is sleeping in the coup. It has never left. Research Bilderberg, the Bohemian Club, Skull and Bones, to name a few. The world is and has been ruled by an oligarchy. It matters not to them who is in power, what party wins, they always win and even make money playing one against the other. Why do you think that Obama has not been able to accomplish even a fraction of what he sought to change? Even environmental destruction makes them $$$.

    The only way to deal with this issue is to recognize that what people fear might happen, has happened long ago. Remember the money changers in the temple? Do you think they ever went away? It is only by ‘knowing’ that you can create the new reality. But first, you must recognize who we have allowed to take our power and you must now understand that the path to change is in your own heart and mind. I was in a high school English class and the kids were reading Fahrenheit 451. They could not grasp the problem as they said that since all of the needs are taken care of, what’s the big deal? As long as people succumb to the power of mass marketing, fear that the oil may go away, or jobs will be lost to regulation and that we need to pollute to have work, you have lost. By keeping society in fear, which they have done for eons, they control the reality. They are, in fact, the best users of the LOA in the world. You might want to read Virus of the Mind by Brodie and about the power of memes. But understand this, there are those who, quietly and secretly, have and are working to awaken humanity. These groups, when found, have been persecuted, burnt at the stake, ridiculed and murdered. Ever wonder why secret societies are secret? So yes, it is time to awaken to your responsibility to create something new. While we don’t always have to learn the hard way, this has been our history. Harder ways are still coming the likes of which, well….Do YOU have to be affected? NO! But in this Time of Choice, only you can decide your future.
    In the Bonds I light

    • Philip,

      Yes, I was thinking the same thing! These oligarchies do use LOA to their fullest advantage and merely get rid of the competition. This has been going on with societies as well such as the AMA, but all that is changing now. Look at the Catholic church, which was one of the first corporations. It is losing its stronghold in society. If this is possible, anything is because the church held it for so long and was impenetrable. These are just a few examples from the top of my head.

      So, the next question is, how do we use LOA? I think we are on the right path.

      • Hmmmm, I must add and afterthought to this one. They have not been using LOA fully or properly. Otherwise, there would be no need to wipe out the competition because one of the fundamentals of LOA is that there is no competition. So, they have been operating under fear. Their need of control.

        Melody, if you would please clarify. This leads to another question I had about the Native Americans, which may be a future post. Did they allow themselves to be conquered? Of course, you will say that the conquistadores had all the arms, etc, but there is an LOA explanation to everything because the Amerinds were more spiritually evolved. Which begs the question, who is allowing all these things to happen? I think the suppressed as much as the suppressors. They are cooperative components, but I never really understood why? Is it to really understand what freedom is in this dimension? But it seems so harsh. I have always been boggled by this one. It does not make sense with LOA.

        • Hey Kat,

          Well, everyone “uses” LOA all the time. But are they in a happy shiny puppy vibration? Certainly not. They are creating from a place of fear (otherwise they would feel no need to gain power over others). And we can certainly buy into that. But how their actions affect others has everything to do with the vibration of the affected. Because only you can attract into your reality. No one can put anything there if you don’t let them. Most people are simply too reactive and not deliberate enough. They let just about anything into their reality. Those who are more deliberate will win every time.

          And I do believe that these NWO individuals have a very good understanding of LOA. They’re still coming from a place of fear, but they know the rules. One doesn’t contradict the other. There are tons of shamans for example, that end up killing each other because they are threatened by the other’s power. Being good at focusing and allowing doesn’t mean that you have a pure, happy vibration. Not if you don’t care about feeling good.

          Could there be a higher purpose at work here? I know there is. There is a pervasive belief of powerlessness in this world and almost everyone succumbs to it one way or another. The “victims” have it and so do the bullies. They just express it in different ways. But by playing that out, eventually the time comes when we’ve had enough. That time always comes sooner or later and then we rise. And when we’ve risen, we are always better off than we were before. We’re not done, there is always more resistance, and Global resistance is releases slowly and generally painfully, but we are moving onward and upward.

          Each individual can go through this cycle much, much faster, of course.

          As for the American Indians, I’ll answer that in a post. I actually already have your question on my list. 🙂

          Huge hugs!

        • Hey Kat,

          Was with you on this one, feeling like they can’t use LOA like that!!! But of course Melody cleared that up. We all use LOA, all the time, right, wrong or indifferent. Hard to see that. Even harder to accept sometimes ’cause I so bad want to make LOA the place where nothing bad ever happens, once I know how to use it.

          Hmmm. I said that and immediately realized, once you know how to use LOA consistently, then nothing ‘bad’ ever does happen, because you are living in your ideal world!!!

          So awesome!

      • There is no competition, other than ‘gentlemen’ wagering on a horse race. They play the game among themselves, they have no fear, they USE fear to keep people in line and off centered. They have no problem destroying one company to the advantage of another-doesn’t matter if you own them both. We use it all the time, but it now must be done consciously. have you ever said, gee, I wish someone would make cereal with chocolate? Or, a GMO corn, pear, tomato…. Or, how about more cheap plastic toys to give to the kids? I assume not. Does your child beg for the latest fad clothing? Thought so. So the question is, rather than be manipulated, how does one rise above? Does anyone really have a clear understanding of what they want? Or, do they want what they are told/suggested they want. Time to clean house and for each to figure out what you really desire in life. If you don’t buy it, they won’t make it.

        • Yes, indeed Philip. That’s the thing. What is wrong with the populace and they buy into these things? Follow the flock. But others know better to actually manipulate it. So many thoughts on this one.

          By the way, I wonder what your avatar suggests. Did you deliberately choose it as a symbol, to “peak into the light”? It’s very nice.

    • Hey Philip,

      While I totally agree with you, this is the evidence I was talking about. Is it beneficial for us to focus briefly on the problem so we can define it? Yes. But after that, there really is no benefit. I could not have created the vision of peace that I have now without having researched and pushed against the NWO. The details of what I discovered fueled my desire for peace and freedom in a way that I hadn’t known before. But after that, I don’t think giving them or their strategies any power at all is valuable.

      When I hear about the banking crisis, etc., it’s like I’m completely aware that this was orchestrated. I have no doubt that it was. But it doesn’t make me upset (anymore). Because I immediately switch to the point of view of what I want instead. What I still wonder about is if it’s really necessary for everyone to know what’s actually going on. I believe it benefits some people a lot, even if they suffer for a while (having your entire world view shaken up isn’t comfortable). It can help them move into what they really want eventually.

      I don’t believe that we have to wake people up by force. I believe they are waking up on their own. What they then do with that info is up to them. Some will explode with rage, others will whimper in powerlessness. Others will find the vision of what we want to create instead and make it easier for others to find it.

      The conclusion I’ve come to is this: For me, personally, it no longer feels good to focus on the details of the NWO. I’ve done enough of that to understand what I don’t want and want instead. For others, it may feel empowering to spread this message, even in an angry way. They should continue to do that as long as it feels good. And even those who are pushing against and how are essentially increasing the problem, are only adding to the pressure that will the catalyst for more awakening. So, really, it’s all just perfect. 🙂

      Huge happy shiny puppy hugs!

  • Melody, thank you for taking a stance instead of dancing around the issue. A lot of people are afraid to even look at the evidence. It’s very simple; Life is all about energy. That kind of energy has only one way to go. Downward! It will burn itself out. As long as we keep the Awakening process in motion I think we are facing the right direction.

    • You’re so welcome Rose. I love to dance, but not around issues, lol. There, I’m actually very direct. It’s actually my pleasure to take on the topics that no one else likes to touch. 😉

      Huge hugs!

      • Glad to hear you love to dance. I’m a lover of dance as well. Not sure whether other people are loving my dancing, lol, but that really is not my concern. I love dance because it’s a sharing of energies, whether it’s physically or mentally, knowing when to give and knowing when to take. So, thank you for this dance and I’ll catch you in the next one.

  • There was a time when I was into conspiracy theories too. Let’s face it, it can be fascinating and very addictive! But at the end of the day, they didn’t make me feel too good, and so I sort of drifted away from them. Same reason I don’t watch the news – if I was able to watch the news without feeling negative about the world, then I would, as I’d like to know what’s going on in the world. But “good news is no news”, and so I stay away. My feeling negative is not going to help anything.

    I think ultimately, the best thing we can do for the world is to find our own joy. Actually, more than that – we need to take responsibility for finding our own joy (subtle difference). And that’s why the whole conspiracy theory thing rubs me the wrong way, because there’s too much of a victim complex associated with it. Sure, it might be true that there is a group of Big Bad people controlling us – but why make yourself more of a victim by giving your joy away to them? Why feed those destructive energies? It doesn’t need to affect your life unless you let it.

    Also, this:

    “Freedom is not a privilege. It’s not even a right. It’s Who We Really Are. It can’t be taken away, but it can be given. We don’t have to take it back. We don’t have to fight for it. We simply have to stop giving it away.”

    That’s one of the most profound things I have ever read 🙂 it’s perfect, and could apply to so many things.

    Awesome post Melody!

    • Hey Karin,

      Thanks so much for your kind words. For quite some time after I got off the conspiracy theory train, I still had some friends who would send me “news” on FB and the like. This was, of course a manifestation of my residual resistance. But I now see that their anger is just a reaction to the powerlessness they’ve always had. The NWO stuff just brings it out more. And sure, many are stuck there and are creating more and more pain for themselves. But the day will come when they will have had enough.

      And I’m also seeing more and more people like you and me who are leaving those theories behind and choosing deliberately to focus on what we want instead. And that is a beautiful thing. The more energy we give to freedom and joy, the more we not only move into it ourselves, but the easier it will be for others to do so. This is how we “save” the world. 🙂

      Huge hugs!

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