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Can Crystals Be Programmed for LOA?

Awesome Dudette wants to know: “Today I had seminar on crystal healing and programming. I had a thought that crystals and stones can be programmed for LOA. What you think?”

I’d like to state that I’m no expert on crystals. I’ve never really been drawn to them. But I’m happy to give you my understanding of them. Crystals are like amplifiers. They can isolate and strengthen certain frequencies. This means that they are tools which we can use to help us focus. Always remember that the real power comes from our focusing, not from rituals or stones or artifacts. All of those things can be used to guide and strengthen the focus, and they can be very effective, but they are tools, pure and simple. Crystals are no different.

Can you use a crystal to help someone who is ill focus themselves back into alignment? Many people think so, yes, and I wouldn’t contradict them. But you cannot use a crystal or anything else to override someone’s vibration. In other worse, a crystal cannot heal someone who is not ready to be healed.

Keeping that in mind, could you use a crystal to help you manifest something into your reality? Yes, of course. And if you are programming the crystal for yourself, this could be quite powerful. The very act of programming it would cause you to have to figure out where to place your focus, or attune yourself. So, the process you have to go to “program” the crystal for financial abundance would cause you to isolate the frequency of it and focus upon it. After that, the crystal would actually be quite secondary. The programming itself would bring about results.

If you’re doing this for someone else, it’s best to offer guidance along with the crystal. Because the crystal cannot force your client to focus on abundance and if he does nothing to go there himself, the stone will be useless. But if he is attempting to focus on abundance, the crystal can help guide him to be more accurate. It can make it easier for him to do the work he’s already doing, but can’t replace the work itself.

Why are some Psychics accurate while others suck?

Awesome Jane asks, “Hey Melody, what’s your take on psychics? I occasionally see one who is so spot on I want to vomit πŸ™‚ Having said that, every other psychic I’ve ever seen hasn’t been even vaguely accurate. Do you think we find psychics as a way to deliberately receive? Kind of like a channel? If so why is this one so accurate when the others aren’t?”

Psychics are people who are more aware of their ability to read energy than the general public. They can often tap into the energy of others and interpret it back to them. I actually do this in my energy coaching sessions. But whereas I read the energy of Who You Really Are and how that part of you views your life, a psychic could potentially tap into any part of your energy. Some connect with dead relatives, while others attempt to read your future. This isn’t really possible (it would negate free will), but it is feasible for someone to translate the most likely future scenario that you are currently lining up with, providing you don’t change your vibration before the manifestation occurs. So, even if your psychic is spot on, the very experience of seeing them might change your vibration enough to make their prediction untrue.

If you meet up with a psychic, this person is absolutely a manifestation for you. No psychic, no matter how accurate, can tell you something that you’re not ready for. You will either not have access to the psychic, or what they say to you won’t ring true. I’ve had the experience many times of “knowing” exactly what belief a person was trying to shift well before they’re able to recognize it. Before I learned how to recognize their readiness, I would attempt to tell them what I sensed, only to have them look at me like I was bonkers. It just didn’t sound true. An hour later, after they were more aligned with their inner being, they suddenly realized that the original belief was, in fact, the problem. But even then, they didn’t remember what I had said, because when I’d said it, they couldn’t accept the energy of it. If I didn’t work with people until they got it, and simply walked away after their first rebuttal, they might then easily think that I have no idea what I’m talking about (thank goodness I record my sessions, he, he).

The point is, even a highly skilled psychic can’t give you an accurate reading unless you allow it. Of course, if you have beliefs that match you up with con artists or charlatans, then you can manifest that, too. But if you are currently aligned with clarity, you could definitely manifest that through a psychic, too. Just like you could manifest that knowledge through a book, a blog, or a conversation.

Go by how you feel. If what the psychic is saying resonates with you (sounds really true), then try to determine what it’s a match to. If it feels good, it’s a match to a vibration that serves you and to which you have access (otherwise it wouldn’t resonate). If it feels bad, well, you know the drill by now.

Is it actually possible to bless or curse someone?

Awesome Chandni asks: “About blessing and cursing: Do they in any way affect the other person whom we intend it for? People definitely change their attitudes towards us, when we change our inward feelings about them. I have read that when we thereby positively influence a person, it creates a domino effect and the positive vibes sent out to all others who are affected through this person will also return as blessings for us. If so, is that the case when we negatively affect a person?

 Religious stories talk about a person in trance, watching some intimate pastimes of Radha-Krishna (our Gods), instantly lost that meditation when he unknowingly offended and hurt another person. It seems this person, although hurt the other person unknowingly, could get back his vision of God’s transcendental pastimes, only when he went and asked the offended for forgiveness and got the other person’s favor. LOA and metaphysical practitioners all preach that what we wish for others comes for us. On the other hand, many many religious stories talk about stalwart devotees who were unjustly offended and who, by their yogic powers, gave ‘curses’ to those who offended them and those who were cursed suffered as a result.”

Ok, I’m going to just come out and say this: There’s no such thing as a curse. It’s a great way to explain how bad things happen, and an even better way to scare people into “behaving”, but it’s a bunch of BS.

Now, is it possible to influence people with our own energy? Yes. But you can’t cause the death of someone who isn’t ready (energetically) to die, or cause their baby to be born crippled (that baby has a lot more manifesting power than you do).

When you look at someone in a way that’s aligned with Who You Really Are, meaning, you feel great when you look at them, you are projecting that energy onto them. If they are like most people and are more reactive than deliberate, if they simply react to whatever vibration they encounter, then your positive focus on them can influence them the highest point that they have access to. So, if you blessed a depressed person, they could surely get less depressed (they might get really angry, which is the emotion that leads out of depression). And if you continued to focus this way upon them, they might even find their way to happiness in time, as they were able to gradually reach for higher and higher frequencies. But you couldn’t get them from depression to happiness in one day, no matter how much you blessed them, because they simply wouldn’t have access to the energy of happiness from where they were. And if they stubbornly held to their depressed thoughts, you would not be able to affect them at all.

So, in a sense, you can amplify the most positive vibration that someone has access to, making it easier for them to align with those frequencies, but you can’t force them to do so. In the same vein, you could amplify the most negative vibration that someone has access to, as well.

If you “curse” someone, if you focus on them in a way that feels awful, with hate and malice, you could affect them negatively. You’d be amplifying the energy of their resistance, making it easier for them to manifest it. But notice that you can’t create resistance for them, you can only amplify what’s already there. Could this resistance then manifest as illness, etc? Yes. But again, it was there all along. Of course, knowing that you’ve been cursed and focusing on all the horrible things that could come about really doesn’t help, either.

Keep in mind that doing anything that feels awful to you is activating YOUR resistance. So, someone who “curses” another, is focusing in a way that’s going to manifest their own resistance faster, as well. This could be seen as bad karma or repercussions of the curse, but the curse giver is simply lining up with more of what they don’t want. If that person then believes that they must make restitution to the cursed in order to lift those repercussions, then doing so may well release the added resistance.

If someone unknowingly caused harm to another, how did they know who to make restitution to? You could, of course, see someone suffering, determine (or be told) that you must have unknowingly caused their suffering and then decide that you have to make it right before you can find your alignment again. Don’t we humans love our mind games?

Our beliefs in the superstitious used to be much, much stronger than they are now. And even today, I know shamans who are convinced that they can curse others and be cursed themselves. I know of one who experienced being cursed by a voodoo priest on request, because he simply didn’t believe that he could be affected. And yet, he suffered skull splitting headaches that very night. Why? Because almost none of us are so diligent in our focusing that we aren’t subject to at least some reaction to the energies directed at us. The cursed shaman went home and simply sat, waiting for something to happen, without directing his thoughts. He left himself open to being affected, even sort of seemed to expect it (waiting and seeing what will happen means that there’s at least some expectation that something will happen). I believe that if this shaman, who was quite powerful himself, had spent that evening focusing very deliberately on a high vibration, he would not have been affected.

If you sit in your house and the temperature outside rises, you will get warmer if you do nothing. But if you turn on the air conditioning and deliberately regulate the temperature inside, the warmth outside can no longer affect your experience. It’s like that. Only, most of us don’t realize that we have our own thermostat, much less that we’re the only ones that can regulate it.

Now it’s your turn: Did any of these questions resonate with you? Share your own experience for the benefit of everyone in the comments below.

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  • I’m a huge fan of crystals and the positive healing work that they can do. I do believe that the energies in the crystals need to be in tune with your own energy and that together great things are possible. Having a positive frame of mind and simply believing is the strongest energy you need, the crystal will help facilitate to make almost anything possible.

  • Melody! Don’t use time lines! You’ll reveal your age!

    A smart (obsessed weirdo) would just have to take all day writing this info down (ok I feel bored already by this concept) or have a really good memory. Then they match all the stories about when you worked here or there and how old you were.

    Then all they have to do is some math!

    From this comment alone you reveal you are older than 20! Now I have a word problem I can’t be arsed to solve!

    But a psycho would and then bang! Your age revealed! You know in a week I’m going to forget this.

    • Ah Alice. You’ve cracked my secret. I am, indeed, more than 20. Was I an infant when I did that Spell? You shall never know! Buwahahahahaha!

      Please don’t make a timeline of my life and then plaster it all over your room with pictures of me and stuff. Of, if you must, make sure they are sexy, sexy pictures of me. I want to look good on my stalker wall. And no photoshopping my head onto the bodies of animals or anything like that. Unless it’s funny. Then, send me a copy.

      Oh, and about your comment above: Not everyone appreciates free stuff less, but many, many people do (I think it’s about the exchange of value, and a general mistrust of getting something for nothing). I get tons of stuff for free that I appreciate the hell out of, and like you, I like what I like, regardless of price or brand. But then, I’m a weirdo… πŸ˜›

      Huge hugs!

      • Melody!

        That makes me wonder about stalkers. I’ve had 3 real stalkers!!! One was incredibly scary, the other was someone that had a crush on me. It’s really not fun when they want to hurt you and leave scary phone messages! The scary one appeared at my house at 3am… epp! Having an angry stalker bash at your door at 3am=not fun.

        But the one that had a crush…ok it was weird but very flattering!

        I have the evil genie belief so I think that was my desire for attention and friendship gone wrong!

        But yeah they would do stuff like that (make notes) it’s all flattering until they get angry and photoshop your face on a gorilla. πŸ™‚

        But I wish I had a fan! They don’t come to my house angry or want to hurt me. But yeah they sure are enthusiastic and like me! That would be great. Everyone wants a good fan!
        Then I’d have a friend that wants to see me alot! Yay! Also they’d think I was cool, so I could boost my ego!

        Well if I am ever that bored to make an entire stalker wall I’ll make sure to observe you with binoculars and take a photo just when you sneeze or slip on a banana peel or something like that.
        Then I could laugh at my stalker wall all crazy like and have fun. Noo, a true stalker would plant that banana peel just for you!
        Then jump in with weirdly accurate timing to save you from it. “Oh, I was just in the area, yeah, I come to Barcelona all the time!”

        Ah, that was fun. You can only hope one day you’ll find the stalker for you. For now just look out the window and sigh.

        • OMG that’s brilliant. And then I’d be all grateful to you for saving my life (Spanish bananas are the deadliest bananas), and I would become weirdly fascinated with you and want to braid your hair and stuff. In fact, I’d become YOUR stalker.

          I wonder what would happen if the subject of a stalker started stalking the stalker? Would that be like when you try to divide by 0 and you get a black hole? Would both stalkers cease to exist? Or would it turn into a stalking competition, a Stalk Off, if you will?

          • You can only stalk me after paying my stalking fee and bringing me a smoothie made from deadly Spanish bananas.
            My stalking fee is whatever I make up at the time. Right now I’m hungry, so the smoothie would be fine.
            Another time I might just take up that braiding offer, but feel very strange about it.
            It’s weird having people do such nice things like braid your hair, for no reason…:-)

          • What am I, your servant? No, no, no. The stalking would be done secretly. And the braiding of the hair while you sleep. So you’d wake up with corn rows one morning.

            I would insist on being a creepy stalker, with a weird, gansta fashion sense.

  • I have one daughter who always has a crystal with her in the shape of a heart – it is pink. Every year for 3 years in school the majority of the class would pick to study Geology which meant “rocks” …She got tired of this study, until in 3rd grade the science teacher shared with her crystals which were about story telling. She then did every study after that about crystals and enjoyed the project until she discovered MARS and decided to design a vegetable garden that would grow in route to Mars to feed everyone….the space ship was navigated by crystals and it turned out to be an award winning story.
    When we home schooled she picked Butterflies for her science study right away! No more rocks for her – unless she finds then on the path while hiking!!

    • Other new-age stuff:

      1) Is shapshifting real?

      2) Is Valeria Lukyanova really a lightworker or just a narcissist claiming to be a lightworker?
      Do you sense any magic in her?

      I couldn’t find an English copy or her opera tapes. Sorry. All you mostly see is hundreds of photos of her/modelling.
      She says she usues her extreme looks to get through to people, but then you don’t see the work.

      3) What is astral travel and can something steal your body while you leave it?

      4) Macbeth!

      5) “spirit dolls” and why the hell do people sell/buy them on e-bay???

      6) Healers that believe that when they take out sickness from another person they get sick themselves or put it into their own body.

      7) Can you manifest for others/spellcasters?

      • Ok, some of these will make good topics for blog posts. So I’ll add them to the list.

        1.) Theoretically yes, but I’ve never met a shape shifter ;). In more subtle terms, though, we all alter people’s perceptions of us by altering our vibrations. So aren’t we all sort of shape shifters?

        2.) Is she for real? I have no idea, but it’s kind of irrelevant. Do you resonate with her? It sounds like not, so you wouldn’t benefit from her. That doesn’t mean that no one ever could. Focus on those you do resonate with and leave the others to find their vibrational matches.

        3.) This needs to be explored in a blog post. Short answer – no, nothing can steal your body. Your body is a manifestation of your energy, not some empty generic vessel to be filled by any consciousness.

        4.) Huh?

        5.) I have no idea what a spirit doll is. I’ll have to look it up.

        6.) What you believe creates your reality. If you approach healing by focusing on the illness, you can actually retune yourself to the energy of that and get sick yourself. But it’s not necessary. Again, more on this later.

        8.) You can assist others with their manifestations but you cannot manifest for others. Often, the belief in a practitioner’s ability has more to do with a manifestation than the “spell”. But don’t underestimate the power of assistance.

        Huge hugs!

        • 1) You’ve met one now. πŸ™‚ I can’t change my body, but the shape and way the facial features look to the target, the energy blanket covering the whole thing.
          I learnt it off a very “generously proportioned” spiritual man.
          He projected the energy of the man I actually like over himself and he was still himself but looked much better to me!
          Subtle things changed as well like the eye colour (you can’t change but darken/lighten) and mannerisms. He really did take on alot of his qualities.
          It was amazing to watch.
          I’d love to be able to do it alot better though. I’ve been told I can do it quite well.

          4) πŸ™‚ The curse of Macbeth. Thoughtforms. Tulpas. Things gaining energy from global focus.

          • Wow, Alice. That’s amazing. So… you’re saying you have the power to focus in such a way that others actually perceive you differently? Why not use that focus to perceive yourself differently? πŸ™‚

            4.) Ah. WAY too big a topic to cover in the comments. I shall make a note of it and write about it when I’m inspired to. The curse of Macbeth. That could actually be really fun! πŸ™‚

            Huge hugs,

          • This topic is really fun. As you know I’ve unsubscribed from your blogs and constant reading of them.
            But certainly come back for a boost/old stuff and stuff like this as the topic is almost neutral.
            πŸ™ I don’t think I could ever totally go away. Well I could be taking drugs… πŸ™‚ But this seems less risky.

            Anyway recently for the THIRD time I was told by a respectful psychic (not my silly friend)
            that I have had the “evil eye” on me by someone else for a looong time. This is impacting my health etc.

            I laughed at the first two people, because I thought this was only for the superstitious and also I don’t pay for readings…so I thought “you get what you pay for”
            but the private things they said were accurate. Also the fact they don’t know me at all.

            This actually made me feel better in some ways as then it’s “not my fault” πŸ™‚ and continue to work the negative energy off.

            I do think in the past I had bad thing happen and there were many people jealous of me as a child because of the things I said long ago in the competition blog.
            And because of that sadness there would have been a hole for people wishing bad things on me to get through.

            These days I am now a believer in the evil eye as I can see that unless you are happy it would add to your sadness and cause alot of harm.

            Before you were a shiny puppy did you ever have someone/group of people aim a curse or similar upon you?

            What “removed” it? (besides ultimately raising your vibration)

          • Hey Alice,

            I haven’t, to my knowledge, ever had someone put the evil eye on me. I’ve felt like someone had, though. There was a time in my early 20’s when I had a lot of anxiety and fear and I got really paranoid. I actually did a Wiccan cleansing ritual, which was really elaborate and which did make me feel better. I had done something. And even then I knew that it was probably more my belief that would help than anything else, but it didn’t matter. It made me feel better and so I did it.

            Looking back, I can see exactly how I manifested those feelings.

            You know, it’s also possible that those psychics simply read your energy, saw the pain there and interpreted that as someone having put the evil eye on you. But if doing a cleansing ritual or spell makes you feel better, then do that. There’s no wrong way to do this as long as you pay attention to how you feel.

            Huge hugs!

          • Hmm. Well at least either way it’s negative energy that needs to let lost.
            Do you have a copy of the ritual you used?

            I used to like Wiccan things, but feel they can be wishy-washy if you go to one of those white-lighter types.
            I’d certainly give it a try seeing it helped you! I also believe old spells gain energy, like the thoughtforms.

            Hmmm. With things like this where they give you a free reading:


            I’m afraid they will spam you or guilt you into paying for it. Guess people don’t trust free help instead of just appreciating it.
            I guess that’s why some people get all weird with you sometimes!

          • Oh God no. This was over 20 years and three continents ago. The ritual I used was really irrelevant though. It’s only real power was that it made me feel better to have done it, but that was more than enough. I was just into Wicca at that time, to a degree anyway, so I had a lot of those books around. That’s why I chose one of those rituals. Doing it gave me permission to stop being afraid. It was a band aid, but it worked for some time. Then, a couple of years later, the fears came back and I had to actually deal with the cause.

            You’re right. People don’t value free help as much as when they pay for it. I’ve had to learn that, as well. It’s one of the realizations that helped me become comfortable with charging money for my services and turning this into a business. The people that pay for my advice actually benefit more from it. Go figure…

            Huge hugs!

          • http://sylviasky.hubpages.com/hub/Horoscope-Review-Shocking-Online-Horoscopes-from-Premiumastrologycom

            It seems my gut feeling was right on that one! The free service was a scam.

            Really???? I feel I benefit very much from free things! I must be an exception to the rule!
            I go from the person. Even if it’s expensive if it sounds like rubbish it IS rubbish. I do this when shopping.
            I don’t buy brand names. Not because I’m poor, but even when I can afford it I go for what I like.
            Sometimes the cheaper option is MUCH better!

            I guess my background influences this as I appreciate free things. Money is just stressful for me.

  • OK, let me just say that I love it when you say things like “There’s no such thing as a curse. It’s a bunch of BS.”

    Or, “There is no sin.” (That was in another post.)

    Yeah, straight talk like that just makes my heart sing. It also makes me laugh really, really hard. Thanks for that.

  • “So, even if your psychic is spot on, the very experience of seeing them might change your vibration enough to make their prediction untrue.”

    ha! So true, as I found out a year ago. I went to see a psychic who was eerily accurate in some things. However I had a major desire at that time, and I had just about given up on it happening. She told me that it would definitely happen. Probably because in giving up on the desire, I had let go of resistance towards it and so it would have happened. BUT when she told me it would happen, I got super-excited and a bit needy for it to happen. So lots of resistance again, because of what she had told me.

    It was an interesting experience at the time, but I have no desire to see a psychic again. And in all honesty, I’m glad the prediction didn’t come true.

    • Hey Karin,

      Thanks for sharing this perfect example, which so eloquently makes my point.

      There’s another possibility – if the prediction had come true, it wouldn’t have served you (seeing this in hindsight). When the psychic said that it would come true, you had a negative reaction to it. It’s possible that the resistance that came up was not to that prediction, but to what it truly represented to you, or what you had associated with it. You felt the discord of that. So, even though you thought you knew what you wanted, your energy was telling you otherwise.

      It always becomes so much clearer in hindsight… Bummer, eh? He, he.

      Huge hugs!

  • Hi Melody,

    Another interesting post and reader comments!

    My personal experience is with rocks, which do help me a lot. Long before I studied LOA, I carried a piece of petrified wood in my pocket all the time. I feel it grounds me. I also love the reminder of the thin line between life and not-life. I sleep better with my left hand touching a beautiful polished obsidian rock. It’s like I can let my monkey brain settle into the rock. I also have slivers of rock from Mt. Shasta that seem to amplify my ‘power’ when meditating and healing. I connect a lot to earth energy, which may be why rocks ‘speak’ to me.

    Claire asked about the I Ching. I use it when I have a perplexing question that my conscious mind can’t seem to resolve. You write down the question, toss coins to select an answer, and then read the answer from a book. It’s always cryptic, so you could say it will always work. I find that being open to reading something meaningful, I often ‘see’ a path that I hadn’t thought of before. For example, I was trying to decide whether to start a new activity, and attracted a selection about patience. Okay, I got it! I think our vibration brings us the ‘answer,’ and then we get to choose whether or not to pay attention.

    Giant bear hugs,

    Mary Carol

    • Hey Mary Carol,

      I’ve heard you talk about your stones before and I am fascinated by that, I admit. But I, personally, don’t really resonate with stones and crystals. I’m not sure why. I think some are really beautiful, but I don’t even own any crystals anymore and am no longer drawn to shops where they sell them. Perhaps one day, I will be again.

      When I was on a retreat a few months ago, someone brought angel cards. I had undergone ceremony the night before and was still processing that energy. We were due for another ceremony that night, and I was looking for clarity. My angel card so perfectly pointed out what I was reaching for (not what I was struggling with, but what I was reaching for). And of course, that was a manifestation. I attracted the perfect card which would give me the clarity I was ready to receive. If you’re ready for the clarity, whatever system you use can bring powerful results.

      Huge hugs!

        • Hey Kat,

          Dreams are a manifestation, as well. Yes. Focus on how they feel and what they are mirroring back to you. This doesn’t just have to be a message of resistance. Dreams can certainly provide huge amounts of clarity. Shamans from many traditions rely heavily on dreams for their visions. πŸ™‚

          Huge hugs!

  • On crystals:

    I’ve never been able to get right into them either. They litter new-age shops and it’s annoying. I have quite a few because they are beautiful.
    Every single crystal is meant to have a property and of the many I have only two felt remotely special to me.
    I own an amethyst and it does absolutely nothing. My logical friend had one he used as a paper-weight.
    Now when I was looking at his paper-weight a friend gave him years ago…Oh..my..God! I considered swiping it many times!

    This changed my opinion on crystals. This amethyst was amazing. It took away headaches and I tried putting it on my lower back when having severe PMS and all the pain just vanished.
    I couldn’t explain it.
    It’s still a paper weight. My own amethyst sucks. It doesn’t do a damn thing. πŸ™‚

    No-one “programmed” anything. It’s a paper-weight and for some reason it has amazing energy.

    I was in a new age store and the woman sensed my sore heart. She had me holding crystals up to it and they did jack-all.
    I felt nothing. (except stupidity as the walls are glass so people could see me holding up rocks over my heart)

    So a paper-weight is more useful than new-age things! πŸ™‚

    If they all worked like the paper-weight I’d have a crystal problem. I’d be robbing people for crystal money…to feed my habit. I’d be robbing those stores and duct taping crystals to myself.
    Then I would be better! Sadly they don’t work, so my life of adventure and crime won’t happen.
    (I’d use the crystals to stop people arresting me too)

    On psychics: Yeah I learned to stay away while depressed. They just see shitty things. And subconsciously I believe them so that’s no good.

    On curses:


    I believe they are true unless you mastered your vibration. Most people haven’t. They can’t get out of depression to save their life.
    Even if someone put a gun to my head and told me to raise my vibration…I don’t know how.
    So unless you’re a happy, shiney puppy I think people are vulnerable to these things.

    As you said most people are reactive. They don’t have to believe. They just have to be less than perfect vibrationally and there’s your hole.

    People that “remove” curses aren’t always charlatans either. They raise the persons vibration so they are helping them in a round-a-bout manner.

    Also if you do have a “curse” put on you it’s incredibly hard to raise your vibration. The curse keeps it down. That’s why it’s a curse!

    I’d love to say they are BS but too many examples of how destructive they can be. Even my so called “evil eye” has leg breaking power and I’m not even trying!

    Imagine a concentrated effort from a powerful manifestor on an unsuspecting person?? Hell yes, they’d be cursed!
    Like the shaman said “spiltting headaches” and not everybody knows how to raise their vibration.

    So maybe he could deflect it, but a lower vibe person? Not a chance. Every single person that is not happy is a sitting duck.

    You wouldn’t be because you’re too happy. But you’d still sense the attempt if it were powerful.

    I think this is why celebrities have such bipolar lives. You have millions of people staring at their image thinking praise and also others wishing them failure, weight gain etc…it sure doesn’t help.

    If we were all bastards and decided to get your photo and every single reader stared at in thinking horrible things..you might be affected.
    Also the fact they had a nasty intention..whether it penetrates or not would be sad.

    But most of your readers look at your avatar in love and thanks. I think this boosts your happiness.

    In fact I’d personally love this, but I don’t want my photo on the internet/trust everybody.
    But damn I could use the help! πŸ™‚

    • Hey Alice,

      That’s really interesting about the crystal. You found one that helps you attune to more well being. Why not set the intention to find another? Or maybe your friend will give you their paperweight to use for a bit? πŸ™‚

      Seen from that perspective, curses do feel scary. But here’s the thing: You still manifest your reality. First of all, there aren’t millions of voodoo priests running around who are actively looking for people to curse. Those with that kind of power are relatively rare. Second, you would have to be a match to people wanting to hurt you. And your experience of that would mirror your vibration.

      So, there might be people out there that totally hate me, but I’m not at all aware of them, so it doesn’t really matter to me. They can’t reach me, as long as my vibration doesn’t allow it. They couldn’t curse me. The person who might be able to get through my vibration would not do so. They would either not be interested, or something else would happen. Even the experience of being affected by a “curse” still has to match your vibration. Just as someone being mean to you has to match. Just as someone being loving to you has to match.

      You’re so much more powerful than you think you are. πŸ™‚

      I do actually send you energy on a regular basis my dear Alice. You have a lot more help than you realize.

      Sending you huge hugs and love and light,


      • Melody,

        I’m aware of my power. I’m aware of matches. I’m AWARE. Many people answer my comments here like I don’t know these things.
        I know!
        But it doesn’t matter how much I know! If I cannot maintain a high vibration and find the solutions I need…I cannot!!!!!

        That’s like this Captain Obvious guy that told me “that’s no good for them” when I dropped my sunglasses.
        Oh man. I have the facts “dropping sunglasses is not good for them!” but that doesn’t mean I’m never going to drop them.

        That is thr frustrating thing about this site, ones like it and some readers. It’s like the person is a total dunce.
        That’s like telling the person “oooo if you just ran faster, you would have won the gold medal!!!
        Were you aware that running faster makes you win? You should try it”

        That’s exactly what alot of this sounds like ^^^ Noooooo. πŸ™‚ (You can laugh, it’s ok to enjoy my hyperbole)
        That’s not meant to be mean. Read it in the context of the “really shropshire” guy.


        Hoooow wonderful!

        “Second, you would have to be a match to people wanting to hurt you. And your experience of that would mirror your vibration.”

        good thoughts feelings =good things happening to you. Again Realllly Shrophire?

        I’m aware I’m in a low vibration and a sitting duck for low vibe things. I’m aware as the sky is blue.
        And my life is exactly the same as when I started on this blog. In fact many things are worse do to not taking any action and being clueless.

        Thank you kindly for the energy. πŸ™‚
        I’m not feeling it. Might have something to do with being across an ocean and all that.

        I think I’d need many, many people all meditating on me.

        • Hey Alice,

          I sympathize, I do. And, not to add lemon juice to your proverbial paper cut, but as long as you’re convinced that you can’t get it, you can’t. Try to at least open yourself up to the idea that it might be possible.

          I beg to differ. You are benefiting (I see it). It’s just that every time you try to acknowledge it or someone tries to point it out to you, you look at where you are and immediately become aware that you’re not where you want to be. You focus on the physical evidence as proof of your manifestation or lack thereof, instead of the feeling.

          And, you kind of see yourself as beyond hope. None of that is helpful. My advice? Stop explaining why none of this is working for you and try to look for even the teensiest reason why it is. It may take a bit of time, you can get there. You’re much, much closer than you think.

          Huge hugs!

      • πŸ™‚

        It’s impossible not to be in awe, in New Orleans, when we look at Mardi Gras Indians or vodoo priest(esse)s. I think it’s because of a “raw” love energy they transmit. It’s actually quite moving, and difficult not to feel thankful…


        PS – A clip from the HBO series Treme, wich unfortunately is not famous in Europe.

        • Totally agreed, H. It’s also fascinating. Some of those practitioners are powerful energy workers, and most of them work for the greater good. They often fill the role of shaman in their communities, and are incredibly respected.

          I haven’t heard of that show. I’ll check it out! πŸ™‚

          Huge hugs!

  • Melody

    It reminded me of how some people use Yi Jing (I Ching) to predict the future when I read the part on psychics. I wonder if Yi Jing also predicts a most aligned scenario assuming no major changes in a person’s vibration.



    • Hey Claire,

      Certainly. But the person doing the interpreting really determines what is presented to you. Whatever message comes through is a manifestation. So, you can use tools such as the I Ching to help you get clarity, providing you will allow that clarity to come through. The great thing is that, particularly with a high vibration practitioner, or if you get into a good place yourself before the reading, you will always receive the message that is perfect for you in that moment. πŸ™‚

      Huge hugs!

  • I went to a well-regarded psychic at a time when things in my life had started to take a turn for the better. The psychic said that she saw certain good things that would happen in the future. As those things have manifested in my life, I realize that, in fact, I manifested them; in retrospect, the psychic played an important role in the process because I BELIEVED her and treated everything she predicted as fact.

    • Hi Sunshine,

      That’s such a great point. The same can happen in reverse. i used to have a “psychic” friend who was a negative person and always saw the worst possible outcome for me.

      They’d cry and be upset that they saw this and it was true as I have depression so they are only seeing what my vibration is giving out.

      Other psychics not as negative as them could look past my depression and see alternatives if only I could pull myself up.
      They saw amazing alternatives, revealed some dreams I never shared with anyone and saw my deepest desires coming true…

      All that is available to me if only I could raise myself up. But I haven’t been able to for years.
      It’s frustrating to know my potential but not be able to reach it.

          • Hey Melody,

            I was using an example from YEARS AGO to reply to Sunshine. This doesn’t apply to me now.

        • I thought that was Sunshine replying. Are you subscribed to my comments? πŸ™‚

          Really I think only Melody is the authority on raising up and even then this blog can’t do anything permanent.

    • Hey Sunshine,

      I agree with Alice. That’s a great point. Perhaps your belief in the psychic actually helped you to line up with what you wanted. I’d say that was a bonus. πŸ™‚ It’s important to remember then to only visit psychics that are positively focused. Every one of us has possibilities of darkness and light. And just as we can choose to attune ourselves to the wanted or unwanted, so can a psychic. We don’t really want to talk to those who align themselves with the worst of our potential. πŸ™‚

      Huge hugs!

  • Hi Melody,

    Love the thermostat! Easy to relate, easy to understand. And I have had psychics hit dead on and others soooo far off. Not too many readings but amazing how different they can be. Same with crystals. I understand how, because of their structure, they can amplify frequencies. We use crystals in electronics all the time, because they can hold a constant frequency. And I’ve been thinking about using crystals too, so this post is timely.

    But I also am starting to firmly believe that I need nothing to help me besides my own thoughts and feelings (and some helpful input from others πŸ™‚ ) so have decided not to worry about using crystals, psychics, etc. Which should hopefully makes things much simpler. And KISS (keep it simple stupid) is so important to me. I can wrap myself up in so much of the mechanics, and how to, and how not to, and what works, and how it’s supposed to work, and do I believe it or not, and am I being stupid for believing, etc, etc, that I forget what I’m actually trying to do!

    So I think I’l just work with me, myself and I, with a few helping hands here and there, and see what happens.

    And I just love how you see society changing. The whole idea that things are changing because we no longer find the way things have been is such a great place to be. Change must happen, and really, if you look at the past, things have improved in so many ways. Yeah, we still have many beliefs that we hold onto even when they don’t make sense. But that so many people are starting to question them, and/or defy them shows that shift.

    My son is slightly autistic, and at first, we had so many worries about how to make/help him fit in society. It took us years to let go of that!!!! He doesn’t care if he fits in! He truly is not interested in what others think about him. And he is a very happy boy. So we work to find that place where he is who he is, and figure out where and what he can do in society just the way he is. But we learned, trying to force him into the mold we felt was more acceptable to society just didn’t work. Sometimes it’s hard because of our own limiting beliefs, and other times we absolutely love that he doesn’t care. I would have loved to not care as a teenager! I crippled myself in school because I was so worried what others thought.

    Huh, so maybe he is a manifestation for me in more ways than I think? Maybe he is a manifestation that shows me how possible and wonderful it is to live without limits due to what I perceive others think of me. Wow, AHA moment! I need to really look at this some more…

    What others think is only important if we let it be. Only we allow ourselves to be affected by others, whether psychics, crystals or curses are in the mix or not. Their effect is only possible when our vibrations allow it.

    Now to just embrace this!

    • Nay,

      As always, your input is so insightful and includes such helpful examples. It’s great that you had another AHA moment. I am really glad! And God bless your son.

      It’s crazy the things we are exposed to in our early years and made to swallow until we feel it does not agree with us somehow, not allowing us to be who we really are. We are made to feel that are true saves are no good or shameful when the reality of the matter is that is who we really need to be!

      • Thanks Kat!

        And isn’t that the truth. So many things we take onto ourselves because of what others say, and we believe them. And then we feel horrible because of those beliefs. Now if I had just known/understood I felt bad because I was believing something that was untrue, I would have been a much happier child!

        Thanks for being here on this journey. It means gobs!

    • Hey Nay,

      I love how you bring the engineer’s view to these topics. Of course crystals are used to amplify and stabilize frequencies already. If I talk about them again in the future, I’ll have to remember to mention that. It makes the whole idea so much more tangible.

      For sure your son is a major manifestation for you, even more so than you are for him. Autistic kids are brilliant at teaching their parents to gain a much bigger perspective. You can’t control them (you learn that you can’t control the uncontrollable), they don’t care what others think, making it glaringly obvious that you do, they refuse to conform and still manage to be the happiest, most uplifting one in the room. I adore talking to parents of autistic kids. Invariably, they’ve figured out so much. Those kids are here to change the world by holding steady where they are, refusing to be influenced by others and providing a stabilizing force for everyone around them. They are powerful, powerful teachers.

      Huge hugs to you and your awesome son!


      • Awesome Melody!

        So true on his manifestation. He’s been the greatest thing for me and my husband and his two sisters. He makes us think, and question so many things we’ve taken for granted, or for the ‘way things should be.’ And yes, his disregard for others thoughts does make my own fears glaringly obvious, which has been great. Ha Ha! Cause you know how people stare and talk when someone doesn’t quite fit the mold… πŸ™‚ Seeing him get mad when someone is mean to him, then deal with it, then disregard it, and then move on as happy as if nothing happened, truly is such a lesson. How have I missed it before!!!??

        I have so much I want to learn and change, and like you said, he’s right there teaching me all the time. It’s funny/sad I didn’t notice it before. Forest for the trees…? But awareness can make all the difference eh.

        Thanks as always.

  • Melody,

    One more thing I wanted to add to this after seeing the picture again. A friend of mine recently mentioned that she had read somewhere about the predictions of the current social situation. She had read that there will be a time when, because of the parents’ focus on the material and the like, their children will be unable to function on their own and lose their minds.

    Just the other day, I read an artcile about the pressures parents place on children and the fact that professional help is sought because the kids just can’t handle it all nor function on their own, even though independence is being taught at a younger and younger age with programs such as Teletubbies, etc. Never before was professional help sought to such a degree in early ages. With the kids still living at home, you would think there would be more support, but apparently not. The article questioned to what these kids would be like in adulthood with all that therapy.

    Weird stuff, right?

    • Uff! What a horrible thought! Children are not losing their minds. However, they are less and less able and willing to function in the current structure that we have, one that is built on competition, scarcity, fear and control. All these attempts at making them conform and the resulting stress on the kids and parents is leading to therapy, which is sometimes also an attempt to make people conform. This is going to get worse before it gets better, because the outcome is not that the kids will learn to conform, but rather that the system needs to change. It’s all part of the awakening. There are those who will fight for the old system, fearing anything new, but no worries. They’ll wake up, too, in their own time.

      It’s all good. πŸ™‚

  • Melody,

    Great, informative article, especially the last section. Β Very nice example in the end with the air-conditioner. Β So, the “evil eye” doesn’t really have the efficacy if the components don’t cooperate. Β In a certain culture, sometimes I am told not to draw attention to myself so as to not stir up jealousy in others, or when I pay someone a compliment, I am told to mock spit at them (in the form of my lips) so as not to give them the evil eye, even though my intentions are pure and genuine with the purpose of making conversation.Β 

    I have also heard that being born an a Saturday grants you some ESP, including the ability to give the evil eye, so others should not mess with you. Β But yes, messing with lower vibrations does no one any good, even if jealous at times. Β I always tell people not to be jealous or, I am often asked if I am jealous to which I respond no, because there is no reason to be. Of course, not that they would understand that the universe is fully abundant in all it’s infinity and expansion, but it all balances out when the Lord provides. Β So, even if jealous, it is always best to concentrate on higher vibrations.

    One thing I have constantly happen to me is when I’m walking along on the sidewalk or crossing the street, I know I am being watched or whistled at, and I misstep a step. Β I have always wondered why that happens.Β 

    • Hey Kat,

      It is our awareness of the “evil eye” that does the damage, if you will. Nothing more. Being born on a Saturday doesn’t help you have ESP. You can develop that no matter what day of the week you were born. πŸ™‚ And how is paying someone a compliment supposed to invite the evil eye?

      It seems that a lot of what you were taught has to do with having an extreme awareness of what others think of you and making sure you don’t do anything to incur their wrath. Wow. But when you understand that you actually attract their behavior and you can simply become a mismatch to their jealousy by becoming a match to a more secure part of them, you no longer have to fake spit on anyone, lol.

      You probably miss a step because you’re focused on what others are thinking of you and your assumption is that it’s less than stellar. This is resistance and it manifests (for you) as tripping a bit. That stops your momentum both in walking and in thought. Take the hint. πŸ™‚

      Huge hugs!

      • Yes, in this particular culture it’s all about the other people, the impression you make upon them and what they think of you (in or out, rich or poor, marriage material or not). It is deeply ingrained in the culture but those outside do not notice it much because they are not part of it nor are considered part of it, but known as outsiders.

        I get it. And thanks for the comment about the children, too! I sure hope it changes sooner rather than later. Not everyone can be on meds!

      • Hee hee hee. I’ve been told hundreds of times I have the “evil eye” and I say that’s not true but they don’t listen.

        I don’t blame them. All these things have happened around me or after doing the wrong thing to me:
        broken leg, severe respitory problem leading to hospital, splitting headaches, bad luck, losing, sores on face, illness…

        I didn’t do any of these things but they are convinced I did. Even non superstitous people get like that after spending time with me and seeing that these things happen.

        I wish I had more control over it as I really didn’t want people to break their leg…but sometimes a huge headache right when being bullied would be a cool way to get others out of my face.
        There seems to be a delay effect after the anger builds up so unfortunately for me they are not hit when I need it most!

        I was born on a Thursday.

        • Haha! Alice, some cultures are really into this stuff. When living there, one will notice they have nothing else to do with their time. This particular culture has been going through a severe financial crisis, which was an AHA moment for me that they are so full of BS, they deserve it. I hope it is a wake up call for them.

          • I’m going to have to sniper you right there:

            “This particular culture has been going through a severe financial crisis, which was an AHA moment for me that they are so full of BS, they deserve it. I hope it is a wake up call for them.”

            I’m not sure that’s the AHA moments Melody is teaching.

          • LOL. Now, now. All perspectives are welcome.

            But, since I heard my name, I will jump in and give my perspective (which is just one. Choose whichever feels best).

            I think the financial crisis really helped to mirror people’s deepest fears back to them. But it also gave many a chance to overcome those fears. By being laid off, a ton of people were removed from jobs they’d hated for years but were too afraid to leave. Many of them have now decided to work for themselves, causing a huge shift back to a more entrepreneurial economy. Of course, this takes time, but the outcome, I believe, will be brilliant. Less dependence on corporations, more personal freedom (make your own schedule, charge what you’re worth, work remotely, etc), more innovation (less red tape, natural collaborations, less bureaucracy), more creativity, as well as more personal responsibility and a major reassessment of values (what we really want). There could not have been a more perfect manifestation. πŸ™‚

            It is, indeed, a wake up call. But the very best kind. πŸ™‚


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