The stages of manifestation

Kat asks, “I would like to make clear the topic of driftwood in LOA.  Let’s say that after several disastrous jobs, you leave the industry which you had selected and take a course.  In that course, you meet not only one soul mate, a male you most definitely could have married, but also a female, who is a soul sister.  You have an incredible time, and vibe with cool people like you (no bozos), and it seems these exams are doable after all.  Also, you ask to observe future profession-related office scenarios, i.e., on the job in your field, and they welcome you with open arms, something that was not possible before.  You are even told you can work there; all you need to do is get a certain score on the exam. 

Is what I am describing various driftwood situations?  Basically, indicators letting you know that you are indeed on the right path, i.e. the one that matches your vibration?  With LOA, I notice things appear to me as I follow the path I am a match to and I am aware of the synchronicities.”

I’m not sure that I would use the word “driftwood”, simply because it makes it seem like these are just random experiences that are floating into your reality. That’s not the case. These are manifestations.

The thing about manifestations is that they don’t just happen all at once. In fact, if that happened, we wouldn’t be very happy. If you woke up in the morning with three more kids than you had yesterday, you might get a bit stressed. We want things to happen incrementally, that’s part of living and enjoying life. And, we want them to happen easily. Only, when they do, we question it. Isn’t life supposed to be hard? Are we going to have to “pay” for all this happiness later?

You lined up with the feeling that a different job experience would bring you. Now, more and more manifestations that feel like that, and which move you closer to what you want, are coming in. So, the course is actually easy for you. You meet awesome people. The job you want comes to you easily and naturally. You didn’t have to make anything happen. It just did.

This, my dear, is what life is like when you line up your energy, get out of the way and let the Law of Attraction take care of the details. You get everything you want and you don’t have to struggle for it. How freaking perfect is that?

Do stray thoughts cause manifestations?

Awesome Dude asks: “I still sometimes don’t understand this universe. My POV creates my reality, and that scares me. What is this underlying fear I have about my body… it’s this feeling that ‘something bad is gonna happen.’ Like I’ll be eating pizza and I hear that cheese can clog you up so I’ll be all like ‘shit, this could clog me’ and then I think ‘oh shit, am I now creating this because my POV creates my reality?’ I’d like to LEAVE MYSELF AND BODY ALONE and think about other stuff. It’s like I’m obsessed with myself. It would be so cool to stop wondering if I’m creating some problem with my body.

Another example: I’ll be driving my friend’s car and have a thought of ‘What if I crash and owe him money after?’, and then I’ll say, ‘no, I’m not choosing that’, but then I’ll still have this wondering of ‘What if because I thought that thought, it’s actualizing and the universe will bring it to fruition??'”

This is a question I get a lot. Do the stray thoughts we have throughout the day create our reality? If you think about driving off the bridge while you’re going over it, will that manifest?

Here’s the short answer: Probably not.

Need more? Yeah, I figured. So, here we go:

Your thoughts don’t directly create your reality, at least not in the way that you seem to think they do. You line up with a frequency, which elicits a certain feeling or emotion. Continue to line up with that frequency and don’t interfere too much, and experiences that match that emotion will start to manifest. Often, these experiences will be the ones that you’ve associated with that emotion. So, if thinking about Superbowl tickets makes you feel all giddy, and you keep feeling all giddy, then the tickets will most likely manifest. They will be the manifestation that will most easily provide you with that giddy feeling. If, however, there’s something else out that that’s an even better match to that feeling, that will manifest instead.

Now, when you have the stray thought of having an accident, notice how it feels. What you are thinking in that moment, may not even be about the accident, but rather about letting someone down or getting into trouble, or fears of financial strain. If this is a feeling you have often, then you may manifest something that matches that. But it probably won’t be an accident. It will be something that perfectly matches your fear of obligation, getting into trouble or financial strain. In that case, you’d do well to figure out why you often feel like that and deliberately shift your thoughts to better feeling ones. The more you practice this, the easier it will get, until thoughts on these subject are automatically more positive.

If it’s not a feeling you have often, then don’t worry about it. You’re not going to be sufficiently lined up with it to manifest it.

Would coaching kill the career of an artist?

Awesome Dudette asks, “Hypothetically, if you had met Marilyn Manson or Michael Jackson would your help have destroyed their music career? I.e., if they no longer had the resistance and differing world view that created this magnificent and strange artist-resistance and all. Would some artists actually be worse off (art-wise) if they were perfectly balanced “normal” people? Would people like Amy Winehouse have written pop songs instead of the deep and sad things she wrote about? Would the curing of some people actually be of detriment?”

This is a great question. Could getting rid of an artist’s suffering kill their creativity? The answer isn’t really simple. It depends on the individual. If an artist believes (as many do) that they must suffer in order to be creative, then yes, getting rid of the suffering would kill that. However, as part of the coaching process, this belief would be addressed as some point, meaning, the creativity would be restored.

Getting emotionally healthy and connecting with Who You Really Are is never going to be detrimental to you. Please note that I’m not going to defend all kinds of therapy and counseling or even all kinds of coaching. Certainly, people have been left worse off by working with practitioners who either weren’t a good fit, or didn’t know what they were doing (although, in that case, that would’ve been a manifestation of their resistance, as well). But when you truly connect with Who You Really Are, you don’t lose the best parts of you. You gain access to more.

When an artist gets into the zone, they are actually in a state of allowing. They are connecting to a higher frequency, often with tremendous force (due to tremendous desire) and allowing the inspiration to flow. What do you think inspiration is? It’s the energy of Who You Really Are coming through.

If, however, that artist has a great deal of resistance to that flow, feelings of unworthiness, a belief that they must suffer to create, that they should have gone to law school instead, etc., then that will introduce some obstacles to that flow. The flow will not slow down, but it will become more painful than enjoyable. If you drive down a straight road unimpeded, then going really fast is going to be fun. But put some gravel on that road and maybe a few potholes, and driving at that same speed will make the teeth rattle around in your skull like Yatzhee dice in a cup. Having a lot of resistance would be the equivalent of putting up a brick wall in the middle of the road. Slamming into that puppy at top speed isn’t going to feel good.

This is, incidentally, why many artists turn to drugs – it artificially and temporarily releases that resistance so the flow of that creative, inspired energy becomes easier. They then think that the drugs unlock their creativity, when in fact, it merely cleared the way. Meditation would’ve done the same thing. Maybe we could come up with a slogan. “Heroin: The lazy man’s meditation.” Yeah… probably not.

That being said, the subject matter and feeling of an artist’s songs will mirror their vibration at the time of writing. Their performance will do so as well (this is why artists often don’t like performing some of their old songs. They no longer resonate). So, it’s entirely possible that the music of a happy shiny Amy Winehouse would’ve been different. It may well not have appealed to the same people (the music you listen to generally matches your mood). She wouldn’t have been any less talented, but her music would’ve attracted a different group of people.

So, could my coaching or any other kind of therapy have ruined Amy Winehouse? Well, we have to remember that the word “ruined” is totally subjective. Happy people generally don’t make tortured music.  This doesn’t mean that a happy Amy would’ve sung about rainbows and unicorns, but she would’ve brought a different perspective to the subjects she cared about. And if you no longer resonated as much with that perspective, you might well declare her music “ruined”. That would be your call.

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  • Awesome Melody,

    ‘When you exfoliate, do you grieve for the dead skin cells you sloughed off?’ That is hilarious! How do you think of these off the wall, completely perfect examples?! Love them because they make me laugh while teaching me.

    I think its that gaurantee thing. I’m looking for that gaurantee that when I change, nothing will hurt me, and that I will stay safe. Which I know is a great big flag not just waving, but picking me up and flinging me around. And I’ve spent so much of my life not really being safe, and changing constantly. Why would I fear this?

    At first I was gonna’ say I didn’t know why I felt that way, but immediately knew better. I forget, then a little reminder is there, and I do know. I love, and hate the way the past can have such an effect on us. Sometimes just that sudden glimpse of a past event and how you felt, clears it up, which is lovely. Other times an event is there, and your aware of it, but you don’t see the effects as still being part of you. You think you’re past it, then reality taps you on the shoulder. That’s the love hate. You hate the tap when it comes, then you love the opportunity it provides to clear something.

    I still have a lot of resentment and fear and worry about safety because of a few years in my past. And it’s obviously still playing a large part in my life now, if I can still be worried that much about being safe. And it’s not my physical safety as much as my heart safety, or being safe with others. That fear of putting myself in front of someone, and being rejected or turned on in anger or being hurt by them. Having life turned upside down by those you trust makes you feel very un-safe.

    And I can recognize that I am more than capable of dealing with it, because I have dealt with hurt, rejection and not being safe, many times. It wasn’t just a one time thing because sometimes these things are just part of life when you don’t understand LOA. (I had to put that caveat in there.)

    It’s like that fear of having a foot hanging off the side of the bed. You know logically nothing will get your foot, but there is still that underlying fear from childhood. That lingering ‘If I have any part of myself hanging off the bed, it will get eaten.’ (If this is only me, I don’t feel silly. Really. Not at all.) 😀

    So how to deal with knowing you are quite capable of handling a/any situation, yet still being so fearful of being hurt/for your safety? Irrational and frustrating, even knowing the most likely cause.

    Letting go shouldn’t be such a bitch, ya know? It should be, ‘Hey there’s a problem from my past. Wow, that no longer serves me, so buh bye angst and drama from past! Now, where was I?’ That’s how it should be!!!

    Thanks for helping me get a little clearer on this!

    • Hey Nay,

      I love it. We all get irrationally scared sometimes. The last time my mom visited, she pointed out a big change in me I’d been unaware of. She’d come to visit me about 6 years ago when I first moved into this apartment. There are metal bars on the doors and windows because top floor apartments are prime targets for break ins. Several of my friends had had breakins right around that time and I was extra careful to lock the gate to the patio whenever going out or before going to bed. I’d lock up everything even when I was just going out for a few hours during the day.

      This time (it was last year) I didn’t lock up the gate when leaving the house. I don’t lock the gate when I go to bed. Whatever anxiety was causing this behavior just passed in time. I didn’t even work on it or dissect it or anything. If my mom hadn’t pointed it out, I wouldn’t have even noticed. Sometimes, just focusing on your growth in other ways lets all kinds of stuff go. Wait, not sometimes. Always.

      I would say, if you’re working on getting to the bottom of a fear and you’re all frustrated, back off and forget about it for a while. You can’t get there for there, as our friend Abe likes to say. 🙂


      • Gotta love Abe!

        I will definitely try focusing on my growth more when I start getting frustrated about getting to the bottom of a fear.

        And speaking of Abe, I will love it when I can spontaneously do one of Abe’s rampages and go from frustration to feeling like I own the world and can do absolutely anything, in thirty seconds or less!!! Those are awesome. 😀

  • Hello Melody,

    I think this ‘losing a part of yourself if you get closer to WYRA’ (thanks for the acronym idea Z!) through coaching or whatever, is very difficult. Just like the wonder if an artist will still be an artist if they change a fundamental belief, there’s this part of me that says, if I do let go of all this baggage, and start a new vibration, who will I be? What will I do? Will my family be able to handle it? How much will I change?

    Even knowing that moving closer to WYRA can only be for the good, there is fear. How do you reconcile this? I understand it’s an irrational fear, but I can’t seem to let this one go. What if everything changes, and then I fall back down, and my life is completely changed? What if all that I have right now goes away because I’ve changed and it no longer resonates, and then my vibration falls, and then I have nothing and/or no one that I had before?

    I know, all meloncholy and sad and pretty far from WYRA. It’s just something I’ve started realizing is running through my head, under the radar. And this post helped to bring it to the front, which I can truly appreciate…when I’m not annoyed as hell at finding another fear to slay!!!

    But I will say thank you, and please may I have another… 😉

    • Wow, Nay, I also keep coming back to this post to review the concepts covered!

      According to LOA, this scenario that you describe is not possible. I have heard that, when you do vibrational work, your whole world does get turned upside-down and inside-out (feel it much? 🙂 ), but, once you get to WYRA, then all is well and you are more than fine. When I was “there”, no one bothered me and I was flying. It is just recently that stuff bugs me, which is strange. I even dream of insects (as pests) sometimes. Never had such dreams. As we know, we need to be out of the zone to mix things up, discover what we want, and let the universe bring to us.

      I am sure Melody will expand on this. Just my two cents 🙂

      • Kat,

        ‘Feel it much.’ Perfect! Cause I do feel it. But at least now I’m not as determined to fight the fear. I’ll just keep trying to work through it and get the the next better place.

        And your dreams! You dream of pests while stuff in the real world is bugging you. It’s very ‘cool’ for me to know someone who remembers their dreams and to see how those dreams are reflecting your life to some degree.

        I expect you will work back into the zone very quickly and will feel awesome again! You are already so clear on what to do and how to do it. I’m sending love and higher vibrations to you!

        Thanks as always for your two cents… 😀

    • Hey Nay,

      Don’t worry. You’re not alone. I’ve had that fear myself. It’s a natural one to have as you really get into this work and you find yourself transforming. But here’s what I’ve discovered: Becoming WYRA isn’t about changing who you are. It’s about revealing it. It’s about stripping everything away that’s fake – all those masks and defensive mechanisms that you think you need to protect WYRA, but which you really don’t. So, the stuff that’s TRULY important to you doesn’t go away, you move into it further, you have MORE fun, MORE clarity, MORE joy. And yes, a lot of stuff just sort of dissolves, but trust me, you will not miss it. When you exfoliate, do you grieve for the dead skin cells you sloughed off? No. You don’t even give them a thought. It’s like that. 🙂

      You do not lose yourself, you evolve and become MORE of who you are. So, an artist who becomes happier would not lose their talent. They would just stop suffering. Their music would change, yes, and so would their audience. But their own experience of making and performing that music would only get better. The energy would flow more freely. There would be less stage fright. The audience would be in tune with the music and the co-creation and perfection of the live performances would me MORE apparent.

      Is it possible that you will lose some friends and even family as you rise higher? Yes, although it’s much rarer with family. There will be those whom you “outgrow”, so to speak. But others will take their place. And sometimes, those who left do come back after a while. But think about this: if you don’t grow just so you don’t lose anyone ever, that won’t stop them from growing in their own way. There’s never a guarantee that anyone will stick around no matter what. You really can’t control that. All you can control is your own experience. But I promise you, if you focus on your now and move closer to WYRA (keeping this!), your experience will only get better as you go.

      LOVE the Oliver Twist reference, LOL.

      Huge hugs!

  • Ii did not condemn or judge anyone. I was talking of my own personal biases. Was merely making an observation over how we all like such a huge spectrum of things. I am allowed to give my opinion here I hope? If not, I won’t. I love ur blog, amd I don’t wanna upset you.

    • Hey S,

      I don’t think Melody thought you were condemning at all! I know I di9dn’t see it that way. Your comment was great. I always see her replies as a rewording, affirmation or a different way to look at something that she is trying to get across to her readers, even when she’s answering something/someone.

      Please never stop commenting. I love reading someones comments and then the replies from Melody and others. It just broadens my perspective. Sometimes I agree with Melody and others, sometimes not. But I always love the comments. They mean too much when they are an honest opinion! Of course I have to admit, when someone is mean, I have a very hard time. (And you were not mean!) But I even read the uncomfortable ones, because I realize that if I see it as mean, ‘I’ have an issue ‘I’ need to work.

    • Hey S,

      I didn’t think you were condemning anyone. I read your comment in the way you have now confirmed that you intended – talking about widely held beliefs. And I answered from that perspective. You are always allowed to give your opinion, and it’s very welcome. Please don’t worry. You haven’t upset me.

      The blog loves you, too! 🙂

      Huge hugs,

  • This just made me realize that we all have such varied definitoons of the word ‘ artist’. According to me madonna would in no way qualify as one. She’s a singer, but only that. I think marilyn manson is an artist ion a raw raw way, but I guess he would make you cringe the same way madonnas music would make me wince.

    Damn. Melody was right. We all have such underlying biases and assumptions. 🙂

    • Hey S,

      Art is probably the most subjective subject in the world, or at least one of them. I’ve seen art that literally looked like someone had just dumped out a garbage can. But someone obviously liked it, so who am I to judge?

      I think it’s so easy to condemn those who don’t agree with our taste in music or art or whatever. “I can’t believe you listen to so and so!” or “I can’t believe you don’t know who that is.”, are commonly uttered phrases, and are usually said in a condescending way. Why not think of our musical tastes as preferences?

      I’ve given up on liking artists. I like certain songs. So, I love certain Madonna songs, but dislike others. I like some of Marilyn Manson’s songs, but not others. And, as I continue to change and grow, my taste in music keeps changing. So, I may have resonated with a song for a few years, but then suddenly, I don’t want to listen to it anymore. Right now, I’m swapping out my whole iPod about every six months.

      Just because you don’t resonate with someone’s music, doesn’t mean they’re not an artist, really, although, again, that word is subjective. But to me, it feels better not to judge, but just to think of it in terms of what I personally prefer. So, just because I don’t like a band, doesn’t mean they’re not good. Just as, if I don’t like a certain food, it doesn’t mean that the cook screwed up…

      My two cents. 🙂

      Huge hugs,

  • Actually, if you must know, Madonna said that while giving advice to other artists. I am not sure where this group was- in the UK or US, but she was explaining the creative process to them and it struck a chord with me. 🙂

    She was in the zone, connected to her higher self, which is what I aim to do again, after having lost it somehow 🙁 . And, she was always in the zone, so for me she is a role model. She always did what she felt was good or right, did not follow the crowd, wanted to spread positive vibes to the world and did not go along with anything that did not agree with her, and when she did not, she had no regrets about it- so for me, this is a key way to live. Not many people live this way, so reading about her life was a breath of fresh air. She was always care-free and uplifted everyone around her. Again, very key behavior. If more people lived like her, instead of bashing her, this world would truly be a better place.

    I only pay attention to the uplifting artists, not the dark ones. I have been through dark times myself, so I do not wish to be exposed to them too much, no matter how sexy or whatever others say they were. I just do not resonate with self-destructive behavior or the opinions of others.

    • Oh yeah, you asked about artists. Other artisits I can think of at the moment who have said this that are Johnny Cash, Michael Jackson, as stated in interviews and bios.

      • Hi Kat,

        I assume when you say “you” you are talking to me?? 😉 Thank you for the reply about Madonna. That’s a great example. Do you have the quote? I’d love to tweet that or something. Is it strange for a straight man to admire her? 😉

        Melody already answered: “I wouldn’t necessarily say that artists are more connected to Who They Really Are.”
        – thanks Melody. You could have a conversation for us. I often play chess against myself. It is possible! 🙂

        I also adore Michael Jackson just like many people. While his music may have been inspired, his personal life was not.
        I’d say he was very far away from WHRW because no-one that truly loves themselves takes such great issue with their skin colour. He was deeply unhappy alot of the time.
        He was a “dark” artist despite his catchy music.
        He lamented the loss of a hapy childhood, his face, his nationality, possibly his gender and manifested an unpleasant death.

        The same applies for the fantastic creativity of Madonna. She battles with self-image and age at the same time.
        Her songs are catchy, but we can’t say she is completely happy with herself.

        There are many people (not just artists) who are articulate and can sound rather compelling. They know how to parrot the words of the wise and they word things in a poetic manner.
        The mask they wear is elegant and strong, yet they are fragile and confused on the inside. They think that by displaying all this “wisdom” they will somehow be happier or better accepted/respected. They want so much to be like the people they admire, so instead of being themselves they try to “fake it until they make it” and put on this elegant mask of knowledge.
        They are gurus with a look of desperation in their eyes. Deep down they are a fraud and no-where near the thing they project.
        This only makes them miserable (perhaps create some beautiful poetry or art about the very struggle)
        In many cases they are not being honest. It’s all fancy talk of a creative person that is very wounded at the core.
        However, no amount of fancy/wise talk can fool the truly perspective. They can spot the discord and all the little gaps between what they say. It’s as obvious as the nose on their face. Nasty, perceptive people can smell it like fear. The nice ones only see the discord and sorrow.
        So I wouldn’t buy into everyone that claims inspiration. The more they try to sound like they know the more lost they become…

        I’m sorry if my reflections on artists was a little sad, but it is the truth behind many people.

        You might be more in tune with the dark side than you think. 🙂 As for sexy… no-one said anything was sexy.
        I do not think depression and raw, passionate self-expression is sexy. It is honesty.

        Something struck me about the last part of your first comment/reply. I am truly sorry to hear you have been through dark times.
        I felt is is importnat to say this: The person you were (or still are??) is no less worthy than any happy, shiny puppy.
        Dark and light are just different. One isn’t “better” than the other. Do not feel ashamed of where you have been.
        Your struggles are war wounds and not something to feel disgust for. I felt some self-disgust when you refer to those dark times and things you do not resonate with.
        Be proud of every part of yourself.
        If people only love you when you have a smile plastered on your face..they were never a true friend.

        • Hey Z,

          It is fine that straight guys like her. I had suspected you were a straight man, so, thanks for confirming! 🙂

          You are correct in your speculations. Indeed, many people philosophize their way through life and sell themselves as if they know everything, yet are a bit behind the program. I had a teacher who claims she is a relationship expert after one failed marriage, yet I can tell from the beginning she should never have married the guy. If she were more conscientious and trusting of her feelings rather than listening to the people around her, then that would have been a bad relationship to learn from instead of a bad marriage to escape. She did become more independent in the process, which is good; she would have known all that had she had more relationships and been more savvy in that respect. I’m just giving an example.

          And you are right about some celebrities. In her biography, it is stated that Madonna has an inferiority complex. But the fascinating thing about these biographies are that all these people followed their intuition rather than the advice of the people around them, despite the negativity around them. Some had no support at all, like Maria Montessouri, who even had a child out of wedlock, totally not proper for the times, yet she knew her method of teaching children was worthwhile so she went forward with that.

          There is a point beyond believing, and hoping and that is knowing. That is a great state to be in. These people just knew, despite the adversities. That is my point and I hope I made sense. To me, this is do vital, as here is where it all lies.

          Thank you for your input.

          • Hey Kat,

            I’m glad I’ve made sense to you.

            Do you see a part of yourself inside your friend? What does she mirror about yourself?

            I would imagine having an interiority complex at the same time as creating would be extremely painful.
            That is why I admire “dark” artists so much. For our pleasure and the sake of art they continue to create despite the extreme pain the must feel.

            They too are often condemned by society as being outrageous or as you say “self destructive”
            when in fact the poor buggers have alot of resistance combined with alot of creative force and they do their best to keep living under such an immense tear between the two.
            it is amazing the don’t go insane.

            Sadly society misses the point. They see the darkness, sometimes the drug taking and see the person as “bad”
            Yet they chanelled all this energy into powerful art that many people enjoy. They could have become a serial killer or chanelled the energy into something else but they chose art.
            Often art that helps millions of people coach themselves up the emotional scale without making Quantum leaps straight into happy, dappy land.

            A perfect example would be Daniel Johns from the band Silverchair. You can literally see him move into different states in each album.
            He literally works through resistance in his art.
            Not many people are aware of his story which is incredible. He spent some time in a wheelchair.
            He went through depression, anorexia, wheelchair bound and emerged as a completely different singer.
            His latest albums are very different to the ones created at different period in his life.
            I’d say music was part of his healing.
            If people shut him down as some “bad guy” he wouldn’t have an outlet. I personally love his older creations before the healing. But I am glad he is much happier.

            The fact that artists continue to create despite some being labelled as “evil” “wrong” or take the beating of every critic (and the negative energy sent) in the world is a mark of a truly amazing person.
            It is so much easier to create when you have no prior “demon” or resistance and you are a happy, dappy person with nothing to pull against.

            I think that takes true courage and people don’t give them enough credit, just disdain.
            The fact that some took their lives is just proof of that huge pain they felt and even then it’s not enough for some people that want to keep bashing even after death.

            I really hope you don’t dump your “old” self or “depressed Kat” on the side of the road and speed away promptly denying her existence!
            She was very brave and is a part of you that needs love too. She created who you are now. Never forget her.

          • Hey Z,

            Great, inspirational example with Daniel Johns. I have never heard of him, but will look into it when I have a chance in the future. Art, including music and literature, can definitely be therapeutic. There is an entire field dedicated to this type of therapy for which higher level degrees are pursued.

            I wish some of us had more time to just do that- listen to music we like and read the books we want. That is what the ancient Greeks did, along with frequent partying. The world works as a well-oiled machine which is rather inhumane, the essence of life is lost if we are not aware of it and pursue it ourselves. In the matrix, it is not a priority. Yet, things go awry in the matrix when merriment is overlooked. I hope I am not mistaken.

            Thanks again for your input on this subject. I really appreciate it, as I will all my “selves”.

    • Hey Kat,

      I think Madonna is a perfect example of someone who has followed her intuition a great deal of the time. She’ll be the first to admit that she’s not the most talented singer or dancer, but the woman is a marketing genius. She always knows where the music scene will head before anyone else. I love some of her music, dislike other bits, but no matter what, you’ve got to respect what she’s accomplished. In terms of reality creation, I definitely consider her a role model.

      I read an interesting account of how Michael Jackson would learn a new dance routine. He’d had the choreographer demonstrate it over and over again. Like 30 or 40 times. And then, he’s just get up and do it perfectly. He watched then visualized and his body (albeit a well trained body) just followed through. Another perfect example. 🙂


      • Thank you Melody. Yes, using and following your intuition is key and what has always drawn me to her story. It is not even about all the music, but the story behind it all.

        That is a good point about Jackson and thank you for sharing it. That is kind of how I learn, too! Good to know 🙂

    • Hey Kat,

      In the zone, then out of the zone…I keep jumping in and out too, and it just sucks!!! But when I’m in, man I feel great.

      I’ve started doing this little thing in my head, where I tell myself that I’m out of the zone because I’m manifesting yesterdays/my past intentions/vibrations. Then I try to focus on what I want my vibration to be instead.

      It ain’t easy, that’s for sure! But I’m starting to see, I guess you could say, a speeding up of the pattern. I fall down, then I get back up, but the time between seems to be much shorter compared to my past. Which gives me a sense of the reality of my control.

      I have a lot of resistance, and am starting to realize it won’t disappear in a day, unless I suddenly figure out all my little underlying beliefs that day…nice thought!

      Madonna was my hero as a young teenager. She was the sexy, glamorous, famous, beautiful woman, not afraid of anyone or anything! So opposite of how I saw myself! And people do so often bash that which they envy, don’t understand, or dislike, so she got a lot of bashing.

      I always wonder how someone deals with the amount of negativity they can get from others when they follow their own tune (pun intended). Which I also understand is one of my bigger fears. The negativity of others. Not that I can’t take it, but the fear of how bad it can get if I ignore it, or decide to still follow my own tune, or go even farther to the wild side, per se.

      Which takes us back to tortured artists. I wonder how they deal with their angst, and still perform and deal with criticism? I guess maybe their angst is in a different area than what others think, or their need to create is stronger than anything else.

      And I also think that I would love to have something that I was that driven to do. Something that I could get into the zone with and create amazing output. Of course, I do realize that the creation of my life is supposed to be amazing, I just haven’t gotten there yet. Just saying…

      All my best wishes to you Kat.

      • Nay,

        Thank you so much for this! You are getting there, dearest. It does feel great!

        As for the artists dealing with things, I had read the John Cash felt very unworthy and turned to drugs to help him perform in front of a large audience, even though he was very charismatic. It was his second wife who I admired, who remained his friend and helped him through dark times. She was a woman before her time, with one child each from two previous marriages, she thought she did not owe the public anything so she led her life with no remorse. Really cool way to look at things and a very inspirational person despite what she went through herself, both with and without Johnny, and the way she dealt with the negativity around her- with class. She never lowered herself for anyone or anything. Something to always remember.

        Here’s to being in the zone!

      • Hey guys,

        Saw her in concert last night. Good to be reminded of things she spoke about: freedom, not following social convention and concentrating on what you want in life -very LOA.  Just had to add to this. 

  • Wow, what a great post and examples given here! I get it now! Thanks Melody!

    This post is a great reference for future review of these concepts, that is what I love about it.

    So, the universe picks up on what you vibrate, not on what you think. It makes sense because thoughts go in and out all the time. They come and go. Our brain keeps working, that is what it does, so there is no possible way we can even mean all those thoughts. But what we vibrate is the essence of it all.

    Artists are connected to who they really are, that is why they are artists. I am not saying that the rest of us are not connected to who we really are, but when inspiration comes to an artist, it is expressed, even if there is resistance. Of course the rest of us get inspired too, but artsts usually say that they are the managers of their talent and that their talent/inspiration comes from the ether. The creative process is awesome because you start out with nothing and end up with something. True creation. 🙂

    • I really love Dudettes’ question and have pondered this myself.

      I think (only Dudette could truly say) Dudette was referring to the artists that kill themselves or are inspired by their resistance.
      Their resistance shows up in the form of deep lyrics, dark subject matter on the canvas and hard-hitting art.
      Not light and fluffy artists.

      Often musicians lyrics are raw and heartfelt material. Things that came from negative or even traumatic experiences in their life. This is a thing of beauty that connects with the audience.

      “Artists are connected to who they really are, that is why they are artists.”
      Traditionally “Who we really are” doesn’t have much of these traumatic experiences or unwanted events.
      They may be artists because they are NOT connected to who they really are (happy puppies, rainbow unicorns) and the discord is what spurs them to such gripping creations. The turmoil and separation from WTRA creates the anguish and momentum behind many popular artists.

      It seems to be more about the artists that are disconnected form their shiny, happy puppy inner self/WTRA and still create potent artworks.

      “artsts usually say that they are the managers of their talent and that their talent/inspiration comes from the ether.”

      I have never heard an artist say this, but would be interested to know which ones did. I’m sure their works are very interesting.
      Please link us to the artist that said this. I’d love to see what they have created! 🙂

      I think of the artists that died or killed themselves and if their inspiration really came from being connected to WTRA…why was WTRA so miserable?

      • Hey Z,

        I partially answered your question in my answer to Kat, but want to address some of the other excellent points you’ve made here.

        You can only ever accept as much energy as you are ready for, and as you can allow. So, when you tap into the energy of Who You Really Are (love the acronym WTRA, ha!), you’re not going to be able to accept and translate more than you and your resistance can handle. WTRA is not miserable at all. But the discord between tons of resistance and reaching for that high vibration will make them miserable.

        That being said, there’s tremendous value in the art that is created at every level of resistance, as well as every level of enlightenment. We are all where we are and different kinds of music will appeal to different people. Who’s to say what kind of music feels good to you? If all music was on the same frequency, then a small group of people would have something to listen to and everyone else would go without.

        Music made by someone with a really high, resistant free vibration, for example, would just annoy someone who is frustrated. And it would sound totally awful to someone who was depressed. But angry music is great when you’re depressed. You can’t have angry music without angry artists… So, it’s all perfect, really. 🙂

        Huge hugs,

        • EXACTLY.

          Therefore the coaching would indeed ruin those artists for other crfeative, depressed and struggling people.
          It would take away some they identified with and took comfort in.

          You just reinforced the point I was making in the first place. That is what I was trying to say to you & Kat.
          That if all artists were connects to WTRA and unicorns that poop rainbows they’d be a huge chunk of the population left in the dust.
          Some of the best art comes from those that are struggling, have struggled and away from WTRA.

          Actually who said WTRA is happy, conformists light radiating irritant anyway? 😉

          Was I so unclear that I needed paraphrasing?

          “There’s tremendous value in the art that is created at every level of resistance, as well as every level of enlightenment. We are all where we are and different kinds of music will appeal to different people. Who’s to say what kind of music feels good to you? If all music was on the same frequency, then a small group of people would have something to listen to and everyone else would go without.

          Music made by someone with a really high, resistant free vibration, for example, would just annoy someone who is frustrated. And it would sound totally awful to someone who was depressed. But angry music is great when you’re depressed. You can’t have angry music without angry artists…

          Is this:

          Their resistance shows up in the form of deep lyrics, dark subject matter on the canvas and hard-hitting art.
          Often musicians lyrics are raw and heartfelt material. Things that came from negative or even traumatic experiences in their life. This is a thing of beauty that connects with the audience.

          and basically my whole post….

    • Hey Kat,

      Exactly! That’s such a key distinction to make. 🙂

      I wouldn’t necessarily say that artists are more connected to Who They Really Are. There are a lot of messed up artists out there and many of them have massive amounts of resistance. That’s why they often suffer so much when the energy does come rushing in, as it often does when they do whatever it is they do.

      Let’s say that someone has a talent for playing the guitar. When he does it, he feels absolute joy. He doesn’t even mind practicing hours and hours a day for years, because he just loves it so much. When he’s playing, he feels connected.

      I totally agree that the inspiration comes from the ether, so to speak. They have found a way to allow that energy to flow. Top athletes have done the same. So has anyone who’s gotten really good at something and is in the zone when they do it. The activity itself doesn’t matter. Now, when you turn on that kind of spigot, and you have a lot of interference (resistance), it’s going to hurt. The discord between these two states can be incredibly painful. This is why some of our most brilliant people are the most messed up, so to speak.

      I love the parallel you drew between creativity and creation. I agree that it’s a perfect example of how we create. We don’t restrict our imaginations when it comes to art or any creative endeavor. We don’t try to be realistic. We actively think outside the box. And in that state, amazing things can happen. 🙂

      Huge hugs!

  • As always awesome Melody great responses to equally great questions. I especially loved the reply you gave to ‘S’ about letting the law work out the details and you’ll actually get what you want – so, so true.

    Love Elle

  • Wow I can not get the idea of waking up to discover you had 3 more children!
    I think this ignited a new resistance within me!!!.

    Great questions and answers.

  • Hi Melody, I’ve been curious about this concept of lining up with your frequency but not interfere too much with it as you told Aweson Dude. I’ve been listening to Esther Hicks these past few days and she said something along those lines too. But aren’t we supposed to be specific and detailed in our visualization in order to feel what it would feel like to have what we want or the experience that we want?. How are we supposed to do that without interfering?. Are visualizations supposed to be something like “sessions” where you line up with what you want and then once the session is over you let go and forget about it?. And if that’s the case, how in this world do you do that when this one thing you want is all you can think about?

  • Ok melody, so what ur trying to say is tht basically we all have certain emotions attached to certain outcomes ( giddiness and tickets, as in ur post) and THAT is why the manifestation might look very different in the physical world cuz its not the manifestation that matters anyway?
    In essence , we will keep getting things that keep reinforcing a certain emotion, until we change it from the inside – out?

    • Hey S,

      Sometimes, the manifestation we focus (the thing we think we want) actually matches the feeling of what we want. But other times, it doesn’t.

      For example, you may think that you want to move to certain neighborhood because it’s safer and nicer than the one you live in now. But what you really want is to live in a nice, safe, friendly neighborhood where your kids have lots of other children to play with and where you get along with your neighbors. Now, what you don’t know is that this particular neighborhood you’ve picked may look safe and sweet, but there are actually tensions between neighbors and all kinds of drama that you want no part of. If you now line up with what you really want, you’re not going to manifest an easy move into that neighborhood. Instead, something that actually matches what you want, will come a long.

      If you stay open to letting LOA take care of the details, you’ll get what you ACTUALLY want, not what you thought you wanted but which actually wouldn’t have given you the experience you were after, at all. And isn’t that better?

      Your last sentence is spot on. The only way to affect true change is to work from the inside out. Bravo!

      Huge hugs!

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